The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE .(ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DftlJj r*t« f«i Una ror conaicutlT* Ueertloni: Mini mum Ob*r(« ___... , BOc 1 tiojo per llu* JBo 2 times s»r lln« p«r diy J2c 5 ttsnti per lie* per dij 8c 6 times per Una p«r diy 7c J'J lime* per Una yer day Month p«r Hoe , I Couiit five average word* to tii« 11 Ad ordered for three or six times »ud E topped bcTore expiration will lie cliarg- • id for tfc« mumbet ol tioie& the. «.d *V' I>cared »ad ndjuBtmeat of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sub pitted toy persona residing out side of tlii city must be accompanied Ijy caflfc. Kates may La easily computed from ike above table. AdteiUslng oidet tot liteguUt Inser- tiOQs takes Hie one time rate. sibillty will be taken ie Incorrect Insertion o( auy d. ILUUS lanes L S resiioii: thau on Ified ad, For Safe One Muliru- trurtor, Urilversu) X. cutli- vnfor tiiid Urult'm disc. A-l ron-Utlou- I 1) J<ilm IK-i-rtf trtKiur. l-~:i baUum ] I" hrt-ukirtK i-[mv. Si**,' l.<-o . Don- iMT. rSuuih Munilji, AlK.. m. 1. - iVi> fine n'KisU'rv.l Ihiroc llrr.l Kilts ni miukvt itr lii«s A. 1., WUUllo. Kim' . . ow »n«l Ark, Hiihv ChU'ks! .lo A. J1I.90 100. .Mm l!'J2-ck'lI Personal I--*.. * liiforVnli For Sale Conl! 100 l,h.s. or Cartoart. We deliver. Phone 37W). Wheeler Coal Co. % Cop pcilge Gin. l-8-])U-2-8 Klecl til k«rrr! r«e»i. nlyU'eillle Mi dine Kkoii. Call 2828. llllS ck-li Te borer for your aoue, H. U. OmpteH Plione ilfl — a»aO. Office 120 Houtk Sccoid. 10|2-tk-tf It i onm i-linl iliiiiiiK r0f>ni set. ^ 'illi'rl ra.lii>. Killer .' Kilr-lu'ii t:iljli> anil Imn^'linlil ili'in (11 Wai fk-2|7 (! i nnrl I O'l y cnmlint Blioca. KliOCR H.iUor.1'1 Shoo Sriori 1. l[8-|.k-2|S ml,I,-,„ in . Wrili- W. I'2 |.].k-'J« For Rent -'l room. ii.lj..liiln- Ulli K117 Wiiluul. lllRtk-t Wanted To Buy DONT TAKK A LOSS. Ge the top price (or your or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOU CO. Today. 0-3-ck-tf DANGER! A shaking, wobbling car means danger* to those who drive it and to the pedestrian that crosses its path innocently. Services ftrnlly (vnsliln^. rough <lrr, Al*o ijullti iiii.l liUuki;.. Mr». 0. S. \Vi'l,V>. "Vl )-. Humi Si. rimiiu 3I55U. l|22-|ik-^U tl *1m-,. rUarilrij; «n»' rrpslr. Al! work B\jnr;inu\.l. \\\, sluo liny yU oil ttovui. _Vli._3KJI.^ 1|0 |ik-2|l) lilil>i'r ln>i'1«, o\-L>r4lioci. fclut K 1 ^** 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ( nn !-,- r. [i.ilrcj will] nolon ftrul lict'll*. Lln'fr,-, m.nlrj, Ili-.lforJ 1 . SIKIO Hhon. 100 K i,,,i. l|S-i,li.2[H Tractor repair* Mid serrice, Electric and acetylene Hlackamlth work. Implement Co. Phone 864. . 8-15-ck-H TDK A I, COMMERCIAL SITE 1 . Corner lot,.300 fool frontage on Highway 61, IwiUcd just north of Ulytheville Compress. Has <i depth of 400 feet. Owner, F. E. Hliiek, 2957. l-M-pk-2'.l COA1, :it Hlylhcvillc Gin Co. Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come nn<1 get it. AV;idc Aiilo Salvage. North Hiwy 01, phone 3785. 12-26-pk-2-2G C loom IIOIIKO. S21 S. Lilly Ktrccl. Cnll AifUv.-i'i, II arid '.< oVlnck. .1. W. f%Uo.O<>y. I'linno 0^7 l!30-i>k-28 M [•iirnmll irrt^lnr: El l-'iinii:ill: H K:J All lali- liio.h-1 II- T>*I>1« l>.'i'r. 'ianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 207!—night'2059. l-17-ck-2-17 Wanted to Trade nnd [lotililc 8»r» K c. i-t i:iyilif.villc Curl) •1 room residence, nice lot with chicken house, ofhci outbuildings. Owner uicv- ing to Missouri. Price S2.- 000. Terms. See H. C Campbell, Realtor, 120 S 2nd. 1-21-ck-I NOTICE DELTA VALLEY fc SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY hereby gives notice that on tlio 13Lh tiny of .Iiui- uary, 1947, it filed with tho Inter- stntu Coininerce Ct-nniuission at Washington. D. C., an aviplic or a certificate of public con ence and necessity permitting aban- loninent of tliat portion of i>s line, railroad extending Troni a poinl in its nglil-of-way 1320 feet wcs of the point nt which us rlyht-r>(-. way intersects-the section line b'j-1 twocn Sections 2G ami 21, Township I 11 North, Range 9 East to the western terminus thereof, near Demvoud, :i distance of approximately 11 miles, all in Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. Finance Docket No. 155TD. DELTA VALLEY & SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. li20-27-2'3 . K. M 1123-|,t-ilO If your car wobbles, it may mean that unsuspecting accident is just ahead! Don't take chances. Phillips spcciaHres in body and chassis work. You'll find a skillfully trained man for every bit of work to be~done on your car. Don't leave your car to guess work elsewhere, bring it to Phillips to be sure! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut nt Fifth—Ulytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453-3721 Agents Wanted 'llfUn .line. Olio kirn ).!.>«-. All i nil Aliliolt. Viirl.r ol.l . fuvnili v ' Huiilli. Kdisnn Hoi Point Electric (Jritkllc, 2-1 x 20, perfect shape. SI00. Hronks Grill, Slcclc, Mo. 25-cU-2il X<i ri M.-Ciinoi.-lc llri-rin^- lirciikinir iiV.w. A-l cnniliiiiin. C-.m In- M',-H nl V. 11. 1'l.ivv -ITS. Vnrl.pi. 1 2.l-|ik-2--< lintK* wlrli Local & Long I>islailce Moving Competent • Help and xialpnicat. A.dc- Quatcly lDsut«d Contract Ilanllug and &11EC. SerTlccs. Home Servlco JE StDrage Oo. Phone 2501 Aril' L-nhcr FARM LOANS J Low J Lonjf Term / Fair Appraisal J Prompt Servlc* RAY WORTH INGTON Serving Tliis Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Blythcville, Ark. Aaltterlu M Prud* D lilt H SeficiTer /*r pio; *1 AoMr !_1fl.M model H Farmnll tractor. 1—1!VM model .Tdlin Dccre. 1—19')fi mm 11 .lolm llccre. w t; can furnish cultivators, miiltllc busters, planters, disc, ami breakers with these tractors. They are priced lo sell, ('all or comn in, if we don't have what, you waul we'll jjel il f( " 4 >' ou - I5i'ow" Motor Co., ManU;>. Ark. I'iioiic .-?!. 1-23-ck-3(J Tune in Prudential Progi-nm Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREC Refrigerator Service Fred l.a»!i'r ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. i. W. Adams. Mfr. WITH Sl'Alil-: ll |-|.M|,:,1, III ,,,r, «-l,:il ll..-)- . Hie h«M full 1. lir,-j 111.l,r. ' V "' u, k The bazooka gun is not so nral- rn in design,-being fashioned somc- vhat nftci 1 tlie hand gun of .1 15th cuUu-y SfiUlior. The olivc-bntkc-il (bnisii rcpcn it.s call .soveriil Ihotisund limc-.s da ly. ^e i\>i>nir til tT|iei W rrj;»rdlo,, „[ kluj o ( uuy «rnl itill. iilnliuli lkL^iLk Mnrkliie tiu blujc n oruUtlu SEAT COVERS MONKV Tl> IX)AN )o you iiueil « lonn <o repair or reimxld? No down imy- nivs\t,no morlKnge, no red (ii]ip. Ii'HA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Mai I.iitfun, R«nltor, phone 2034, Lynch KUlg., Hlythcvill*. 9-28-ck-tt Venlhor slrippinf;. S;ive by having doors rind Windows woatherslripped. C K. WiffKins, 512 N. l«(li Pliniic 2203. 12-31-pk-l-3l 'o huy and sell \ised tcac.lor nnd oi[uipm«n(. Uussull IMiilliu's 'rrucloi- Co., H. Hiway (>!, phone 2171. Business Opportunity Help Wanted WAXTKD . . . KAr.CSMAN CAl'AllI.I 1 . or }:AIININO KHAL HIGHLY I1AC1! WKRK 1.II.MI ..'. ....... , I,, .,'11 '..lir V-Lll.'l: ill'' 't-Kty. l!lli>. -. — SIZES and PATTERNS FOR ALL CARS— "QUICK INSTALLATION" L oTTTc H CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W, Walnut Phone 578 PRESCRIPTIONS Freeh Stock Guaranteed Boat Prlct« Kirby Drug Stores LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 40 CIIEV. •n DKSOTO '11 CIIKV. M CHEV. 37 UIJICK OTIIKItS TO SELECT FIlOM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER, STATION Phone !>2R 111) K. Main Courier News Wnnt Ads. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious ^ . • BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 \V. Main St. . Phone 3<><I7 Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters S:iv« Mnnty TuAay, Any |)u STOP AND SWAP ELISEKT HUFFMAN'S WAP SHOP 401 K. Main Fhonc 859 Ton Must lie Ilnppy or No Dntl Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Siscmorc HOW'S THE TIME! RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model 1 to 2 Days' Service We Call For and Dellve PHONE 2642 Fred CallihaiV RIOTOnOI.A Sales ahrt Service 106 South First J. LOUIS CHERRY Ilcprr-sentlng New York Life Insurance Co. nijtlievlllc, Ark. WHY' Mountain Valley Water v «•••';"•• Is •Uccoinmcnded for; Arthritis, Kidney and lilndder Conditions • This niiliinil liilnuriit w.llor friiln Hal SprhlRs, Ark., Iu.|]i3 In— I. .Stlmiil.ilo Klilnoy rniic. .1. Noiitrnllzo Urlc-AcWllj lioii .}. Dincliargo Hystcnilc r '!.. ,Sonlli« Bhriiler Irrlti- Wastes Uon • •• Cull nr Wrllc fi>r Itiinklct CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main nnil Divlsiiin UlyUir.vllle, Arli. . . . . RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Types F.xrepl Cancer) DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic RU Alain, Illyllmvllle, Ath., Phone ZtU Phone 2071 206-08 .W. Main WASHER SERVICE rhllllp Frd T«cm»'ol«»nrT8. Fins. Irons »•• 8«l ApplUnccfl I'cr-»irCd MADAMS APPLIANCE CO., inc. J. W A.OAMB M«J. I'lont 1071 200-08 W. Hula Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality- HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANVT.MB 2089 Day or ANYTIME Day or Niglil 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Your Source of Dependable Sertlce PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office RR at Cherry Bad weather and constant driving are the two things that contribute most to the wearing out of your car. It's a good habit'to have your car checked more often now, during bad weather than at any other time. Have the hdsc connections to the radiutor checked, transmission grease for proper level and oil for proper weight or mileage change. You'll enjoy a smoother running car in return for the little time spent on this check. LANGSTOH-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 DON EDWARDS "Tlic Tyiirwrllcr RIan" KOYAI,. SSIITK, COUONA anil IlEMINGTOS POIITABJ.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3302 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands N T E R' S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HRR BNTHOMV VOU MERM TH£bt- »)H(\-V Vit'Rt TO or COSTUME BRU-1 Hook, I.ine and Sinkci 4.N1J HIS FRIRND3 (v)o THANKS ! I we've GOT POP WORRIED ALREADY.' LETS SEE: . WHAT HE DOES NEXT.' I'LL BET THATS YOUR. FATHER, SNAPPirJ<5 AT TME BAIT / THERE GOES THAT CAR AGAIN, FRECKLES SOWEBODY IS HAVING A / DEMONSrRATlOM/ RECK: MAS HIS RE&UILT CAR OM A USED-CAR LOT AND POP IS INTERESTED IN BUYING ITHE DOESN'T KNOW 15 THEOWMER,

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