The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 19-17 (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS PACT Subversives Face Army Dismissals Secretary of War Issues Directives to Commanding Officers WASHINGTON. Jnn. 21. (OP) — Tin Wur DciKUlmcnl today stcp- \Kti up Us drive to puree subversive civilian employes ircin Army posls. In a directive to all su'iny Installations, Secretary ol War Ro&crt P. Patterson ordered a new method of procedure under \Uiicli com« wUuii officer's are given bi'oad cretionaiy powers in initifitius dismissal action. Under the new procedure, even in doubtful cases a coimnanclinfi officer may suspend an employe lor f<0 days if Me thinks the employe "Jeopardizes the security ol the installation." After suspension w:ts ordered, the case u'outd be uirnecl over to Army intelligence officers who would investigate and report to Patterson. If they recommended dismissal and Patterson concurred, the employe would ue rcmoven. It found not guilty, lie would be restored to his job. Patterson stud an accused em- ploye would be £ivcn ample opportunity to state his side of the case, both during questioning by Army intelligence and later before a review board. Dismissal of Artny and Navy em- ployes for subversive activities is authorized !by Public Law 808. Grounds for removal are: 1. Acts in the nature of espion- Students Demonstrate Against Talmadge -louse Group After 'Brass Of CoastGuard Fiurcoss story _ • Douton tnxlcnh driver. He retired DOSTON (Ul>) — Jimmy Hucco, Iroin the ling In 192&. foinu'i- I'ndllu coast lightweight _____ _ nnd welterweight boxer wlio wound ~ " ui> broke utter mnklng $100,000 In YU- \ntn 200 iHori'sslomil (lght.1, 1» now n od horse with." i I There's one Mire wny to nuikc ' tlie const Kimrd' rrituce Its officer n from them." "llislil now," he went on, "the Coast Guard Is asking for money for 2.31)2 officers to so with nboiil 23,000 enlisted me.ii. This Is a ratio WASHINGTON. 'Ian. 21. IUP> — liiiirmiin John Tabi'r,, It.. N. Y,, f UK- House .Appropriations Coin- .ff. warned the Coast O\l»vtl od.iy to ti^tn Us KOM UruUI or repare to set alone on less money. ,,Uc^rc"«nl W *:««>• »*>""" the Anny^n., Nuvr^ •JOIIIR ol Its brass he ncreoiuvhy wovilii lend a tlBhl lo withhold part i jf Its personnel fund. I ; raked the C'onst Guard over the coals last ycnr lor having too ninny admirals and oilier litgh- snlinied officers, mil. Tuber said, the Const Guard had pairt no heed, and Unit Is "Indefensible." "I. lor one," he sftld, "don't Intend so itnvc Die government plny- Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCI CO., Inc. J. W. Phimti 2071 Mft. :«».«» W. HUB FWLf Thli fr«t pudlein* t» rtUfevf ptto* acrveua wetk cnnkr,'dractirf or «uch <Ur»—wh«n <UM functional monthly •>.*• JSUU& Fistula May Often Result From Piles VKKK HOOK — Gives Oiv Associated AilmcntH" As Acting Governor M. E. Thomas refused lo dull His post. 1200 .students stntjed :i dcnionstratlon on tl grommds of Georgia's Cupltol in Ailanla Hgnliis; Herman Tnlmailgc who now occupies Hie governors chair by oiit-iiiancuvcrins retiring OovcruoV Aniai: last week. The .sliul(>nls Imnisecl Talinadec in clliui' on thc'cnpilol grounds sliovtly after Uc announcc'l that the controversy over the «ovcrnorshi|) should b« decided in a "Democratic, white primary election." (NEA Telcpholo.) with spies anci age. 2. Acts in the nature of sabotage. 3. Association saboteurs. 4. Affiliation witli any orgaliiza- lion lhat seeks to alter our form of government by unconstitutional means or sympathetic association with such organizations or their members. 5. public statements and writings Afriiicli are intended to encoura ^Seditious o or actions. O' Daniel Terms Portal Pay Suits Legal Hi-Jacking WASHINGTON. Jan. 27. — (UP) —Sen. W. Lee O'Daniel. D., Tex., salrt today thnt the "Icgali/ed high- treasonable opinions jacking" of porial-to-portal pny and wage G. Affiliation with any foreign or domestic totalitarian 'organization or association with it or its members. 1. Being influenced by. or bein subject to, the dictates of any fo/eign power to un extent detrimental to Ihc interests of the U. S. government. 8. Advocacy of revolution or use of force to bring about political economic or social change. suits is staBnatinj; industry delaying negotiations of new contracts. He said the agreement yesterday by the CIO and the steel industry to extend present contracts Explorers Eat Locusts When Plague Descends CHICAGO (UPi—Some explorers partially solved the locust iiroblcm in the Philippines. The leader of the expedition. Capt. Harry Koogsiranl, told about/ it in a letter to Col. Clilford C. GregR, director of the Chicago Natural History Museum. The locusts swarmed upon Da- vno province in such numbers, he wrote, that their weight literally broke off the limbs of trees. So the explorers ate Iticm. May 1, was not inspired by any on the part of Sleeping Juror Gets $10 Fine on Contempt Charge BIRMINGHAM. <Aia., Jan. 27 (UP) —Judge C. B.-Smith,'presiding over a $50.000 damage suit against the Birmingham Electric Company kept turning toward tile jury box until iinslly he rappecl his gave and halted testimony. Smith sent a court attache ti node one of the jurors who Itai been snorii:^ and mumbling in hi tsiccp. Upon further investigation Smitl leviel a S10 fine against the juro —•A. D. Hopping—who was officiall charged with contempt of cour and intoxication. The trial then continued wit an 11-man jury. reat generosity" the union, "It was absolutely imperative that they be extended because the ncertainty over porlal-lo-porlal is great that no agreements could entered into now,' 1 O'Daniel aid. Testifying before a Senate J»- liciary Subcommittee, O'Daniel urged adoption of two amendments ic hns introduced which would w pending suits to collect such ray. and impose a 100 pur cent tax on nny money unions might collect under suits decided in their favoi 1 . He said his legislation would "discourage effectively riling of now sviits or prosecution ol ones already nding." ' • ' • The subcpriimittee IK considering various l)iils't'o' - 'Tr u nsh]>6r limit" th^ suits. Early action by Congress is deemed a certainty. : . 21 Times Around the \Vorld FERGUS FALLS. Minn. (DIM -— Lewis F. Tomhave, a rural niai carrier ror Ihc past 40 years, has retired after traveling a distance equal to 21 trips around the world iness in California after crossing the continent. Established here in the early 1800's. the store was • bought by John shanley Gilrain, taken apart and transported, piece l>v piece, to Los Angeles. There Gilrain now operates it as an old New England drug store—no soda fountain, no lunch counter, no cosmetics. W.J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. & t hohi 3545 It-Year .Secret Leaks Out NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (U!"> — tier 1-1 years of married life, linrtCK T. Matthews obtained nn nnuhncnt when he learned his ifc hud not been divorced Irum & rcviouii husband. rt, ^i w. THE QUINTUPLETS •Iwayi UM thl* grtit rub tor COUGHStCOLDS CMd. Mild PERSONAL LOAN SERVICE On Autos, Trucks, Furniture and Equipment GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE COR 1 P. 122 West Ash St. 'hone 4(it—Extension 147 Blytheville, Ark. A new. lllnsl rated 40-i)n(!C bnnk on Pisliiln, Hcclal Abscess. Piles iwul oilier reclnl anil colon disorders Is now KHKE to nil sufferers. Writ'! today—n cnrrt will do. Thornton ft Minor Clinic, Suite 1312, 920 M«Ocn 8L. Kntunn City, Mo. From where I sit... by Joe Marsh Mystery of the Rocking Chair Mn Hnxkinsfhas a favorite rocking cliiiir (hat's worn and shabby, with a noisy creak. I'a llo.-ikin.i lias listened to that squeak for thirty years . . . anil Uc decided to do somellniiK about it. So he bought n new rocker, and hid the other in the barn. Ma allowed as how gr.itcfut sho •vviis . . . tinf, when Pu missed hoi' one af tevnoou, he heard u f iinillinr tinnut that led him to tlin barn. There was Bla rocking happily in her old chair — siuicuk ... scnicak. No need to tell you how Pa felt. Quick as a wink he hiit the new rocker nnd then brought M«'« old chair hnck tn the house. Now when hi' hears that squeak, he look* at the mclluw glass of lx«r he's drinking and says to himself: "She'd juat as entitled tu her small pleasure* as 1 am. u From where I fit, that's one of llio Vcasons the Hoskiriscs arc the happiest, olilcst-mflriicd, police- ; fulc5l folks in our town. NOTICE TO ALL AUTOMOBILE OWNERS Join the Arkansas Automobile Club and enjoy its many benefits. Membership affords you extra protection, savings, convenience, comfort and nation - wide travel service. We also write PULL COVERAGE INSURANCE to our MEMBERS at 20 per cent discount from Arkansas manual rates. COMlMtKHB^SlVB 1'imUC U ABILITY ' IT COhUSON PAYS TO BELONG Smart Motorists Drive (he OFFICE NOW OPEN IN JACKSON BLDG. 204 West Ash St. Phone 2341 r, 1917, United Sltites Ureu'erj Old Yankee Drug Store Mores to California . TJENNINGTON. Vt. (UP)—A Vermont [Iruy store is''now doing bus- Deafened People May Now Hear Clearly Science has now made it possi foi !-ic c'^nfc^cd t<_> hfnr 'i i<,:j:i6s. It is a hr.r-ing device so -iii'.rdi tl-at it fits in t,h c hand and B^nablcs thousands to enjoy sermons, "music, and friendly companionship. Accepted by the Council of Philsicai Medicine of the American Mcciicni Association. Tills device does noi require separate battery pack, battery wire, case or garment to bulge or weigh you down. The lone i; clear and ixwcrful. So made that you can adjust it yourself to suit your hearing a,s your hearing changes. The makers of Bcltonc, Dcol. 4268, 1420 W. 19th St., Chicago 8, III. arc so proud of their achievement that they will gladly send free descriptive booklet and explain ho* you may get a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing device in your own home without risking a penny. Write Bcllone today. HOW IT WorksWhiie ChildSleeps To Ease Distress of Colds During Ihc Nigh) PENETRATES tnlo upper tion- ehial tubes wnti special soothing medicinal vapois. STIMULATES chest and hacfcinr- facei like a v;aiming. comlorlitiE poultice. A s soon as you mbVapoRub on throat, chest and back at bedtime it starts to work instantly to case mis- pries of colds. It invites sleep and works for hours chiring the night to relieve distress. Olten by morning most mis- cry or the cold is ROIIC. Only VapoRub gives this special penetrating-* §t^U C stimulating %*I\*B\«* actlon.Tryit! W VAPORUB JOIN PER TON ALABAMA RED ASH SAHARA COAL $9.75 per ton. Phone 5ST E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. if you're sharing a telephone parly lino, you're helping someone else here have telephone service now. Otherwise he'd likely be waiting his turn for service. Party-line service is one way of stretching the telephone system here — to serve as many people as possible now instead of asking some lo wail until we've had time to put in the wires and cables und switching equipment needed to serve everybody who is waiting. It's a big job—catching up with four years of backed-up SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. demand. Bui we're hard at it. As soon as possible, we'll bring service to everybody who is waiting for it. And, after thai, we expect to be able to furnish one-family telephone service lo those who want it. HART'S BIRTHDAY CLUB And let us wish you a "Happy Birthday oh Hart's new program, brought to you over Station KLCN each afternoon at 4:30 P. M. There will be lots of fun and interesting contests in this club so fill our the coupon below and mail it to us at once. Notice - Change of Time In oixltr lo give ;il! children ;m opportunity lo hour HART'S HIKTHDAY I'AKTY over KIXJN each day, the time has been changed lo >\:',Vti I". M. This will allow lime for children to be home from school. "HART'S IfANI) OK THE DAY" will cop- tiniic (o lie presented at !>::!(> A. M. 'GOOD NEIGHBOR" SUGGESTIONS for party-liners Before calling, please listen lo see whether Hie H"o is in DSC. If it is, hang vip gently and try your call again a little later. When talking, remember your party-lirtc neighbor—he may want lo make a call—so please be reasonably brief. Bclwecn calls, Iry to allow a lilllc time so the other people on the line may have the opportunity lo uso it. Ask the childrou lo follow these good neighbor suggestions, too. Thanks a lot. Mail This Coupon fo HART'S BIRTHDAY CLUB Blytheville, Arkansas «* Box 404 or Box 426 Sikeston, Missouri COUPON NAME AODHKSS PHONM'] NO BIRTHDATE PARENTS' OU GUADIAN'S NAMK

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