The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 10-17 Eight Violent Deaths in State Accidents, Crimes Take Heavy Toll Over Weekend (Bv United Press) A wave of tragedies swept Arknn sas over the week-end lenvSng nl least eight persons dead In its woke. They included one ns-yel unsolved imirdcr, two burnings, two ilcucl from nn airplane crnsli, two from nutoinobjle accidents and one miscellaneous death. Little Rock detectives today were still without clues in the brutal murder of 57-year-old Percy Wallace Hill, a SI. Louis railway mull clerk whose battered body was found near the Missouri Pacific station in the capital city. He had been struck over the rlijIH temple and left eye with a brick which was found nearby, mil died in :i Little Hock hospital without rcgainins; consciousness. Robbery was the apparent motive, detectives said. Jerry Merle Marktim. a'.-j-ypai- old-soii of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Mar- kiim, was burned to deutli when the family's farm home in the Him- ney community near Jouesboro was destroyed by fire. U". C. Phillips o! GriffllhviMr di?ci In a Searcy hospital from burns received when he attempted to stnrt a five with buel oil. His wife suffered minor burns but her condition was not regarded as critical. A man identified as Wallace M. Dahlquist of Houston, Tex., was killed when his heavily-loaded truck crashed through a wooden bridge 011 the Picron road near the Little Rock airport. Dahlqnisfs body was removed fro» the telescoped cab after a trailer had pulled the wrecked truck from the creel: l>?d. Hifcli School I'upil KilliH] June Clark, H-yenr-old Newport High School student, died of injuries suffered when the car in which she was riding figured in a collision with a truck on the Jnchsanuorl- 1 Bergen Lake road. She died in a Newport hospital without regaining consciousness. Bonnie Robert, an occupant of the truck, was knocked unconscious, but the driver and four occupants of the passenger car were uninjured. Thomas C. Billups and J. Harris Hardy, both of Columbus, Miss were killed instantly when their plane crashed near Lake Village. Investigators said the two apparently were lost^in-n fog and crashed when the plane ran out of gas6liii5. Billups was'president of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. A. w. Friend. 52, died in a Magnolia 'hospital from injuries suffered when an emery wheel exploded. He suffered a fractured skull and an eye injury. And meanwhile, just across (he Texas- border from Texnrkana. one man was, killed and another sen- onsIjF"injured when their light plane crashed.--The victim" r was •E-.v.-RcetT 20-year-old World War II veteran and co-owner of a motor company in DeKalb, Bowie Countv. Tex. Seriously injured was 30-year-old Roy C. Anderson, former combat pilot, who was flying the craft. • -Which Is Grandma? That's grandma—on the rielit, holding her grandson, Joseph Wayne Clarlt, born on New Year's Day. Grandma is Mrs. John Maycs, .31, of Wichita, Kan. Her daughter, IG-year-old Mrs. Joseph B. k, left, is the baby's molher. ' BI.VTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Missing ' N Heavily loaded Plane Crashes Prince Gustav Adolf, And U. S. Opera Star Among 22 Victims PAGE iTHREK , Candidate Who Failed Telh Of FDR's Jim to White House NEW YORK iUP>—ilow Franklin Doiano 'Roosevelt f;ol his slart in lli» pre.siilcnlial Political scene through. Jninvs M .Cox. Democru-; tic nominee who needed a running mate in 1!)20. is recalled by Cox In his autr.biography. i 'At dawn on July (5 .1020. Cox writes in his "Journey ThroiiRh My Years," just published by Simon & S-hustcr. he received a lele- phone call nt his home in Ohio asking for his recommendation for the vice-presidential nomination.. Cox had bacn -.lominated for president at the San Francisco conven-- lion the night before. ] Cox said he wanted Roosevelt. He did not know Roosevelt "and so far us T knew, I Imci never seen hlm " He gives three reasons for his choice: ill Roosevelt met the epofirauhiea.1 requirements:: i'2} he was an independent, and <2/ lio bare r. well-known political name. The mananer of the Cox campaign consulted Charles p. Mur- ph'y. heart of the New York delegation and a Tammany man. Hoose- vclt had foiiRht Tummiuiv in the ^late sennte. IMurphy's Keartion Co>: reports -MuiDhy's reaction ,as foilov.'s: ' "I cion't like Roosevelt. lie is not well tiiicw!i \ n tlin country, but Ed 'the 'Cox manager) this is the first time n Demo-rnli? nominee for lhc presidency has siiov/n me courtesy. That's why 1 would vote for the devil himself if Cox wanted me lo. Toll him we will nominate Roosevelt on (lie first ballot ns soon as we awmble." The cciMvcntloii did. Thai i s only one of the political rnd personal bits of history in the •147 , v \gts of Cox's book." Half of the volume ov more Is devoted to Ccx's building up or his newspaper system. Starting in Dayton on a shoestring. Cox now owns newspapers in Miami, Atlanta. Springfield. O.. as well as his original property. He went into politics early, leaving a jC'u a s . a reporter in Cincinnati to become secretary for n con- crc'ssmiu). Eventually he .succeeded the congressman and after was governor of Ohio -for three terms rinriiiK World War I ami rmrlni; the disnsfrnus flood in Ohio in 1913. Ai'iiniisal of 1932 liaci: After his defeat for the presidency. Cox devoted his time to his nf.vsyR.pcrs, hut kept an eye on polities, especially Ihe 1932 campaign of his former running mate. Of lhal )u; writes: "The Mi;\v DM! was not tin; aeatiire of an; one man or set of men. It. or "its equivalent, was natural and inevitable. It presents. sL-ira-fidally. a striking political paradox, if its measures had oeen specified in the Democratic national ]:!atform of 1031!. it is douotfu! whether M.\ Roosevelt would have h:'en elected. And yet. as the major, if not the only, issue in the cam- Denmark today clumped n lowvi limit on the loads Dakota" transport pi u Mrs can curry in this country which took (he lives of Ornrt MJOIV, American opera star, Prlnn Giistav Adolf of Sweden, and W Jlhor persons. Danish air traffic authorities nil noimced that elfeclive now no m kohl will be allowed to leave an ilrporL in DMimaik with u load 01 more than 25.103 pounds. The l):ikntn which crushed and aurned on a tnkeoff from Knsini[> Airport here yesterday was iviJOil- xl to ba car:yln K 28.C'.'t) Pound:, Tile previous Danish ceiling weight had been '"Mil) pounds. The ill ated plain' was well wllhin tht .imit ol 27.94D pounds sel by tin Dutch. u was opcratcil by the 'Juloh KLM line. Even U'lore the air authorities owercd Ihe miixhmim !o;ui ivpx-;i; lad circulated that ovcrloaduu; )"Bht have been a factor hi (lie jrasli. The ship took oil, climbed about ir,C feel l,l:)ped over nose- lii'sl, ntid fell. Seven Dutch civil «i r trail 1C authorities arrived at Oastnip »l noon to hivesli 8 ate (he crash wim Danish mid Swedish officials The wreckage wns i,, sucll (,„,, s|m|)| . trn . . l "' omlsctl tpw clues to the M-llly Undies Not Identified Off -,als still were trying u, identify I he manned bodies, and s n f.U- the next of kin who were here bodies' 01 bl ' PU " lto ' A ''' d ' tu scp »'« Miss Moore's husband. Valentin Pa cm, ef Cnnnes on the French sat, n ,"r y " >r c °!'?»l>»Ben. He •V ;.*}•?• s-+ >" t^S^N^ h\f?& *", ^ ;,^f i^ 1 treasurer; nnd Keith D.'V/ r- vi/ /-\rr- •" t llernlc-, Soulhpnst, Mis- V . t~. W , UttlC IQl ' county chnlrmcn'. ! lO M6Qt With City, Mo., ti Hwlm of Hen Eourl thnli Tlie Arkansas , ether limn Miss Overtoil, are: Guy i-> i i .11 i i M. TUompsos, circeno OoUMly;' D VrnGVl 6* Unit Jlinmlc Mooneylmin of City, L -"y 1Ilcvll| C WI1H r'lu'f^ 11 ,.?""^'^?'" 1 MlKS Ehnu lv ''• Elwln ' ni>ll °'"" cxUnsloSSJ Click or J'lBBOlt. Cl»y conmy. olllcer. Vnteruns of Foreign Wars, i , „ „ X Sm ""' iu ' 'WMr.u- nrparlmcnt of Arkansas hu.s on- ! ' nl Harding College, has \,nn iiounceil « special meetlliz In the diosen sDoiisor of the ii.sspd.ulou. j interest of all veteran* nnd their nr. Hunmiltl was formerly JIMIII families at 7:30 p.m., Thursdny In ciiKlwoll.jNio. ^ j 11,0 court House here In Blwhe- Ncgro Dsoths • I.'""-'.,iv i . i!;os ?. of llic »'"oting IB E, Manasco. V.F.W. Ark^OM* Department chief of «**«.?fr^r Lit-'tie Rock will, be preserft 1 the general jniblld , tsjR; Malewiito riulio appt^al was iMili'ji:-t in California for news svri-en Slav Vii^iniu Mayo, m\e. unheLird It'om ye\ F eral ivs aflt'r le;u'in(^ her swank 'iMywoud hotne oti Jan. 17. I'Hwyn studio spokesmen ond i'i liance. itelof Mii.'l;ael CVShea, ml pullco scartli would bo ic- nv^ii.Hl if r|iL l did not reappear. Former Harding- Pupils, Organize Delta Alumni Unit -I. Woody Rtovnll, mlnlsler , of lhc Cniuciii's -c; Christ at Muiilin niid Doll, luis been.eleet-vl Korih- , nisi Avknnsna .elmilmnn of thf Delia Aluniiil Association, nn HI- of iihnnnl mul ex-stu- The courts o. lands; were in deep nuniVnin^' Authorities revealed that tho ctls- ?oiHrove C ra'. ,.'" lhc " lktsl ° r " ove?u-L! >r - 1B , 33 nntl 1!)J0 ' ll was ovenuielmmijly indorso.l.- reren~i.r"h f™" 0 ""- ^elute. nif- oelv/ee] denis of Iinrt!lii|{ CollCKe in Scarcy. , Mls.s Oatl Overton of Uoselnnu I has teen named us the r.i.-.OiMa- lifin'!. t-liairman for Mlss-.s^tppi Cflimly. The Dell, a Alumni As-sucuttlnn ' wlili'h has Jjust been oru.tu'/u-.i. [inc'luilc.s 1C(5 former Harding sui- ctcnts from n district of r.lno Noithcasl Arkansas and Southt-asi Mi:s:ourl counties. The group will lie aetlVD ill sponsoring llnrdinp ; Colk'Kc scholarships;, awards, nnci jotlirr pvoJecLs.' ' ' Hubert. F. Lawyer of Kciiliftl 'Mo. has ijeen elected president ol r uhc oruanl?.ution; Vance Oreenway Mo Pafiigould. vlci'-presldeut; mar- rvln Ilowell cf Kennett, Mo., scc- ri'lury; Miss I'ollv llox of lirnui! --- - ' I President wtjilK- ;.<:: the Senate for pov.c'i-s nrcessiu-y to implement; the iAmeiL'iin ciiu:>.i'. Luler, Roosevelt tO':bl'.'i! Hull I hat he would not ask 'the t'lecial :io.vr:r:;. A Hull speech back by cable from the White 1 radically ehungvil. As the .;.-,.. t of 'lhc whole affair. Hull [{threatened to resign, lu-Jnif dls- •'Sniided by Co: and Mrs. Hull. - for Mary Hiu'npll, 'IB- year-old Ncstvo woman wlio 'diotl "'rlday ino^nlnu at her home on Smith Ir.ike. 1'. f). Davenport, paslor, oflitlat- etl. riurim services were held nt Uurton simr Cemetery. 3he Is survived by a son and five daughters Caslon Funeral Home was u ihiugc. FILE FOLDERS f, LETTER 8I2B $2.45 per Hundred PROMPT • ATTENTION TO MAIL OltDF.RS ' r - »» ' or , "'* i .H, and other Icgls-11 | Intiva bllh whlclv ore now iicndfnir. I It \viis also iinnounced tlmi Fred Fire Halts Air Service rnacd tho control lower nnd radio equipment Sunday. SAMUEL F. NORRIS 122 Nprth : Second Acran Prom' City H.-.U , s. c., juii. :>? — (Ul'i-.Eiistcni airlines sittd lodiiy nil Its rllchls to ouliniiblii luul been cancelled for an Indc'linlte pnvlnd because O f u '$100,0(11) lire which Relief At Last For Your Cough "ntiiro , n hv l h le , nl n " v> Minncd bronchial niucouK m n hnlf I' T ?n y0 " r Cl1n ,' e(!lSt "° s «» f\ bottle of Crcoimilslon wllh tho iin- ou cW? d nnf W L lmlst "^ tllc w »y ' quickly nllays tho. cough or you lu-fl to have your money back CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchiris GOSPEL MEETING at (he CHURCH OF CHRIST I !l)ti \V. Main 8(. Blylhevllle. Ark. Duily Itadlo Service—12:15—12:30 Niglil Service—7:30 P. M. Sundiiy Service—10:55 A. M.—7:30 P.'M. Joe llliii-. Sitlrni. Ark. Wi T shelto.) llvniiBcllal ' 8onB Dirwor. E. W. Stova'l, MJnlstcr f All cotton | things cost more now- H'S IMPOSTflMTTO BLDACII THFM SAFELY FOR LONGEST LIFI The car that is really new; leads its field in: sales and demand. Smoothest performance in history. Lowest priced car with Fluid-Drive. ———— • • • • i •i FLOATING POWER • AIL-FLUID DRIVE •FULL-FLOATING RIDE BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. rt! Don't bleach HIG IIAflSII V/AV with nnccntrollsd Llcaclic.^ An unniriTiolIt il I.Icacli. lli^l v: r In -Mrca^lli. ;n;iy c.itr.c yin; 'I'liis osl'di/cs (jlnii: ilitc.x.Is. T; wcakc-ri 3nil s<:oa fr.iy out. /,! Bleach the C^JTLr WflV witFi ContrcltcLj'Aclion Purex! LvcT 1 , 1 'itJttlc of Purcx ftar; tlicsunc siicni-ili, same correct hlc.ichiiTjj action. Used as .met tcJ, I'nrcv t;tt'tr ovcrtilcathcs. It provides Coruiollcii Action bcc.ui^c it's pu- tifjeJ -ind subili/cd by die lnrf-iTiI Process, exf/Nsii't with I'urcs. 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