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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 79
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 79

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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The Citizen, Ottawa, Saturday, Nov. 26, 1983, Page 79 "1 Mutual funds Gold's performance boosts markets vOn Id 6 PaDer eain on the Antrot Can SKurirr Wtlt TOMKTO ra tints kuoac Ttc funt ibbui if Ctna -o TIki art a Big wi if mi iMVPS) as arca- i tcca-anx is raw nan okhh Heart 4ti 254-9470 gained ground. The golds group was way ahead, followed by real estate and construction, up 64.35 to 4653.83 its highest closing level since Sept. 13. cuete, r-ettrta loucs, I t.

Fats week amounted to $2.9 billion, bringing the total value of TSE-listed stocks to $169.4 billion. On Friday, 12 of the 14 stock groups ainti FM it AI AN( fuwcmsk CltMtl irvww fa us us rwwmi tr French Instruction lit 5 to WNnaM 33-3 lm tsrai tAMaa UT CM Sncmtsl 1H U4 Tta Hf turn mm tj Sec -Cjr TrusKee 4.K i rm 5J nOn font in. autv 10 Ear 3 n't fl Hcwat ta iter tn T- i Vb 'K I BUS 3pw Etui! 1 rSt Dn ft il) Unlisted mines 4 WW Tumwii Regular Terms 2 10- 3 YEARS 10 4 YEARS 11 5 YEARS 2 YEARS 1 YEAR 10 Special Terms 10 26 MONTHS HO" fM tiH Rs 6w 'km 4 Te MM 4r 4 Crtte J1S I C.f tarn ID Tr Catt'tl 6rtat (mm mt Start for its largest weekly percentage gain in three months. The index rose 141.92 to close at 3784.08 on Friday its strongest performance since early July. "Gold has exhausted itself on the downside," said John Ing, a vice-president and portfolio manager at Pitfield Mackay Ross Ltd.

of Toronto. The demand for gold generally picks up in the fall as manufacturers increase production and with the drastic drop in price over the last few months, they've been buying more strenuously, thus driving it back up. Ing said bullion now trading in the range of $365 (U.S.) to $375 an ounce is much more stable than it has been in recent months. And with the expectation that the U.S. Federal Reserve Board will ease up on its credit policy and keep interest rates down, gold may regain some of the strength it lost to the climbing U.S.

dollar, he said. With interest rates high and the Fed's policy uncertain at times, the dollar has been gaining value at the expense of the precious metal a traditional hedge against inflation. Ing also said "we've seen the best of inflation now behind us," which means investors may turn back to gold. In London, the price of gold bullion closed at $375.50. down slightly from $375.75 on Thursday.

Other strong performers at the Toronto Stock Exchange this week included metals and minerals, up five per cent for its best weekly showing in five months. Transportation gained four per cent and industrial products more than three per cent. Financial services and consumer products were the only losing groups of the 14 in the composite index, falling two per cent and 0.5 per cent, respectively. Both lost marginally on Friday, with Financial services closing the week at 1770.93 and consumer products at 3116.89. Onra.

lit tn a i 38 MONTHS By Andrea Gordon The Canadian Press An enthusiastic per-formance by gold stocks and revival of the Christmas spending spirit sent stock markets higher this week with a particularly strong showing Friday. The Toronto Stock Exchange 300 composite index closed at 2495.41 up 16.24 from Thursday and 42.23 points or almost two per cent from a week earlier. Friday's close marked the highest level in more than six weeks. Volume totalled 8.3 million shares and advancing issues shot ahead of declines 353 to 251 with 282 unchanged. In New York, the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials inched up 1.83 to 1277.44 an increase of more than 26 points on the week as 57.82 million shares were traded.

Activity was listless Friday as many traders took the day off after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday the previous day. Twelve of the 14 stock groups in the Toronto composite gained ground over the week, led by golds, up 5.5 per cent In Guaranteed Term Investments paid annually Rates subject to change without notice. Ottawa: 141 Laurler Avenue West (613) 238-6084 Toronto 363-2261 Kitchener: 745-1101 London 679-91J0 rCyiawm lid nrt( IJU Kit nSwfw Ik tE V1I0WO a at ta Gn Cm Cjh II Onm IM I I CMKt 4t Cn It Mat It JS On IS It (atmtr rto Ew 4M fw Ml 44) 441 4.0! tw atl! i tiwemae a1 yMi a a nunut is a MtI IS 5 ttrar 0 itimt a a Nvnaaj a Cmi i a Cwna Cnn IN rm a a lit El iMcal a icmj a sum on Sj Urat Smt SS ti Stml at a a smmn a a Ttnw a Tu 31 a Trio II 57 Tn a rM i a mm in la tmm a a lm? 4S Ih fmim a 0 iKii 37 C5 "to tr nara Owr.C 44! Can (rw EPSON RX-80 lit ItuMi CM Hit 41 CM a HliraMI an 18 ITS low HIK I utm a a In i I tt-tu a a UM tS UMM 41 lw I a a rv. tit.

Fl "fcuctw ft CaMitl wiM-Aim 13 ritcm! Hit 11C Cmhhi (r Dmtmc Cm ruimto -j. rOmm lt 5 4 is mOrt nan SH IIM 6fMf yrt, LOGIC 100 CPS, BIDIRECTIONAL SEEKING PRINTING 1 Donds II 3K DtMrtim (r it fl6 Out'Mrty TmH Cr fjot TORONTO ICP) Swcw Innd ojrrm ItkM nun Friaw, ro It Kwumtnt Dttan As-uca'nn ol Own tv Oormnan Star-Ais Ames Lie Price rmepoml Btrwew It at it tuotttatL run Tiea'it COVEDHMEIfT OF CANADA a TWO 96 CHARACTER ASCII SETS .9 INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER SETS 128 TYPE STYLES a FINE PRINT MODE FOR SUPER AND SUBSCRIPT .6 BIT IMAGE MODES UP TO A RESOLUTION OF 240 DPI HORIZONTAL a ONE YEAR WARRANTY mw mom Ir" Trial 1411 I YEAR? IS 11 Special Sale Price LIMITED QUANTITIES SALE ENDS DECEMBER 3rd Marat" Eamuftt ctCrtaptrt Undtrwur 'it mm i Hi 71 Wlilll IIIOOW HI? 1143 Nssoua 11 32 It M71IM KUI13 It CvwU Pt Fit 111 Unea Jut l-U Ctwa 13 I- CtnMt IS Mar IH? Ctwli Wi Mir IS a C4IW1I II Ftt 1-1) CtflHl 13 Mar HI CnMt 11 Oc( HI Ctnata Die H-6 tm ll Fit 1-03 CinMt Km fm l-U HtTittjj 424 E-W IS) Domu l)! GrtuM 5SS EltCUW BUI II Crti KMnfH Cw i HHI IB Anr 7ficsr. FurK ttt Cjntlr. SI? Mtrrrl It3-STW le 13 ion5 Eowtt S.H tajmirai tnmttrt 6rt nw 5J; 4B WOL Dit om ite En Mtj Mm frr. 1SI 4 73 hcofl lit UM Mju (W td! IRVING RS RIVE LTD.


ANNUITY BROKERS MUTUAL FUND DEALERS 2M Albart St, Suit 403 Between Bar and Kent) Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G8 rtMu "Jjjwta i he 111 IE 33 Eq 404 14 tttwoug ICC I0VINC1ALS ANO CUARANTEED AM Ol OK Vr9 I71 6C hy i3-i ji is-ii Man lit Mar 15-13 USD HI) Hi II FH 1-13 H00 11 13 1JI Aw t-B NS Ptm 133 Dk 1-0? HJ151117 On( Ftt I N7SI0P OH Mv 171 Mm JCHJi MCI? 17 13 Mi Ti ll I8j)17tfl Atr 713 KS0i2a umk 13 Ar 7-0 W0t7 1711 Sw Mar a Jmm Hmri Or djtruKB wjh F-jtd St3 tanml Trmt Cr tit PHILiy MIGNON' North America's ladtrg ctin of Sliced tftk'h rptaiirants now of'r-m franc hi-s tn select markets to Quai-'ifd Pnme locations cditi inw-titnitiit. Call Collect (201)879-4818 or write including your telephone number to; PHILLY MIGNON INTERNATIONAL INC. PO Bo 577. Chester, Ne Jersey 07930 Kit wEoaiK re1" T' 1SS) vnliKoml minvart litl Hmbtrlai C0OtATES lit Jul MS BILLINGS BRIDGE TERMINAL SK 10 75 17 23- It 15 75 17 11 'rwclBtl 6r 4.1S Ml 11 Oct 15-t Can Utl 17 Jit IS- IM0 Mar 31-13 Sntl lilt Jan li 238-8899 J( cc US J) M0 371I13 107 7511 05 WHERE TO BOARD YOUR BUS The sketch of the terminal shows the bus stop locations and how to get to and from the plaza The following lis! shows the bus stop assignment for your route from December 1st to the 10th. and.

smce the service will be changing on December the bus stop assignment is also shown for December 1 1th and following "WW trail Trtmtlta 13 Dtt lt-17 107X11341 Fiitv IfSF til wal 171 tr 1-13 100131743 rGrw 1,0 If80fl IK rial irn RE-OPENS OC TRANSPO INFORMATION BOOTH An OC Transpo information booth will be located on the second level of the Plaza from November 28th to December 10th to provide information aDout OC transpo service to the Shopping Plaza and information about OC Transpo service change which takes place on December 12th The Bilimgs Bridge Transit Te'minal is reopening on December 1st All OC Transpo service at Biilmqs Bridge will be returned to the terminal, where convenient and comfortable transfers can be made among the 20 routes which serve mat location For pedestrians and shoppers, a covered pedestrian bridge connecting the second level of the Shopping Plaza to the Transit Terminal will be opened on that same day A ribbon cutting ceremony, officiated over by Alderman Brian Bourns, will De held at 10 00 a on December 1st, Coffee and doughnuts will be served following the ceremony After November 30th there will no longer be buses the B'Hmgs Bridge Plaza Parking to! CO Transpo I i I i I Waj I LkJTI A BILLINGS BRIDGE afa 7- BUS STOP ffc stsaa, ARRCr MJTOBUS 2 ar tiBvm.ii y.t, fttv.f. Tf $,200 I $98,400 $94,600 Tiffany Tudor I Bonnechere Colonial I Oeauville Colonial I Em" I Latr-. 1 ,1 v. am I f-L rt, j. I -r-- r-r I 1 It" I J'' "5 I 111 I IViA kMmA I 1.1 i- a' 4 i 4 i i i i 'ii i i ii ik i'i tr i i jt.

5TO ASSKJWdEWT dec to oec 11 4 rrXLOWPWG route cmcurr WOUt CCUtT BtnlBHaiasiiaaaHBaaiiBaaaBKaaaHnaaBBanajBBa DC 1 DEC IB OtC 1 1 RXLOWWG 1W-19C '1iec ctparaprtH $94,600 Deauviile Tudor $96,400 Bonnechere Tudor $95,700 Tiffany Colonial Gft i SEE "CXn -VOCCUiT 35 St WOU 30'VO CCU-T re M-I" SC Gloucester Gc jcew 96 GKKrtr 96 C-Onattcevrtej Ca'Wicrr. TEMPO SERIES SINGLE FAMILY HOMES 0 c-" GKwcest- AU V-S11 Gouc- Oouoes Gaaoie' vstMt 53 Received with overwhelming enthusiasm in Convent Glen, Costain's Tempo Series Singles continues to provide one of the greatest new home values to be Check these features and see why! I Gil ft 1 3 Gftl ft i 8 etj sj bu ej A A ft see cxrr -uvoo ccjrf 1 "S3 Cron joksW "S2 CW'Oesc-tS fireplaces dramatic stairways beautiful bay windows cathedral ceilings Yi bathroom available in handsome Tudor or Colonial enter iora Price anal ecifical wbftrt ta change. EaOC t7 vtvsK 4 I 3 COSIiiij LaaajZZ.

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