The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1947
Page 6
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_ SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Ml'lOl!™** *" "** "* «»»»«»«»« 1« BLYTHBV1LLB; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Minimum ObUft -------- .. t me p«r llu. ------ 1:." ------ jj, HUM p«r lint p« d»y__ ----- }°o tines t#r lip« ser dij ...I Jc tlm«s pet- line jwr d«j .. . " 7c 11 UttM par line p« r d.J _____ ;" 60 Moiitu p.r lias ____ .. _ e'oc Count rivo «v«t« 8 « word! to llu* lint. Ad ordered for three or six times »uj .4 topped before expiration will ba a for tue »irabcr of tlmea tlie .. eared and adjustment of bill made All Classified Advertising i-.ouy ' sub- iiltted by persons residing outslio of the :lty must be accompanied by cash. Kat«s '^In e * sl ly computed froai the above Advertising' order fur Irregular Infler- loriB takea tb« out time rale. Ko responsibility will bo taktu for or^Vian out lncon«ct Insertion of any "•dM «d., I For Safe For Safe ii-tf 5 room I'.ucco liousa on 2 l»rao lots, lias store connected to honso. lii* placo is well lo-ateil In a fcood Kinall town at ^SKOX Mo. HaK ru 1 ^' Imrn anil ullier uut bilLlillnxii. I'i'uil IrceN, Krujii's. (..uo&ebprr)' vines, lius nl<-o filiniMjery Htnl l[y^Y(•rs Lii yaril- ilviiuliful tri-'is. 'j'lifB |irn]i|.rty !*• im nirru-f n^ross J>(rntt friinl I'unsoliilnt- ..1 i:r:ul(. BII.I lil c li Wi'll l,..-alv,l anil tilnro rloinK |;ooil Ijiislnr^F: Ovi tier f.IK nil all fillnllur,., Mi.rk Hinl funjrts, HS :i walk out. S.-llijtK uu aMco>iiit of ill lu'alllk. I kntitv llil^ |iro|it.rty. 'Hip hrnisu vi'ltliout any «nl biillitrni;!* anil Btnre l& ivnri}k tli? tnoni'.;.. For i[ulck calo. ?l7fiO.OO raxh. Jf yoit \viuil u ljuoj ]ioini> tnul a nic» Ijiislnc.^s. llii.s Is inn- »f (lie [eu- up- ]ioj-lunitio«. l.iiltmr firnv, Ku\i< nxi'nt. lli.«. pliuiK! ,fiin. Otficu will: M. Wll- liatns. . pliyric :!7r.]. l| a inn kci! Arjny C'ruitu 'I UiyUii Coal! 100 Llis. or Carload. We deliver. Phone 37S!). Wheeler Coal Co. % Cop- __pe_dge Gin. l-8-pk-2-8 chine ii«op. Cell 2828. Illlfl-ck-lf kujor for yo'ir kotin H O ptall. I'liooe 4&0 — 29BO Oficr tiouU Becomd. 10|2-ck-t> ji a tin — car upliotslory cleani ntifiilly win, t),e nmv Klna Tuain. !> Taint i \Vall|iS|.<,r Co /'i^-ce ilinini; rofini Kot. fi or (J riiont nil lii'ati'r; radio. Kinder stwitii: tim- ctilnn. Kitchen InbJe and cliairB — Ollinr l.misi-liiilil itonls. 701 \V. W»l- J^i". m-ck-217 '"'1.1 useil arm anil i.sdinln 10U R, Sconi conilal E>IOCS. llallurd's Slini- Klioea Hlion. flDEAK COMMERCIAL SITE! Corner lot, 300 foot frontage on Highway 61, located just north of HlytheviHo Compress. Has a depth of •100 feet. Owner, P. E. _niack, 2957. l-M-pk-2!l at lilythcvillc (lirTc 821 S. I,illy,6trr I 3 ,,-d.H-k. . Novir. .SrHithlinnd ». ?200.0(1. Mr«. "1C If2 I'. 0. HHX illinl Iliir- .17(1. •retnry. Duncan rfiyfe snfai nnvv. Plinne l!20.|.k'-27 l Kiirinill tractor: A nioih.l .r.jliu Oci'r II Farmall; II rVm.nill: It John Her -Ml kite 111."I.'1 1,a.-l,,r.; L'i.n.1 us lin I'liltivatnr \villi t'ach ti-nctnr. Sou .lul I'.iul Turni-r. S miks M-I »t of K nt Sfinrorrl's Ptori'. i:2:s-r>k-:io Bink — drain vv. 211 South Kranklin. ••!'• Cli.-vrnli.| hnsinc ,ni,.1ili,.n l.ovv in ILi.l,., aii.l L.nlvr. Oil 3S7 Osr.-i.];i. ii|ic. Ksrl'llrnt ,-ity .lri> ].r use n nl ivni'k, Mur- n Wi.r.lS- Kra I mi.] u[i]tri>vi'il Clnl. ol Amrri- nliti t>«l Mnr iingirovn- yiur jin-nlrr |.U-nsiir.-. :t.:t «K:!.KII. i.lniiiiui .|..»n>ii).. Ward. l:S.|-.-k-»(| Mi by 1 room, residence, nice lot with chicken house, oilier outbuildings. Owner uir.v- in<>- to Missouri. 1'rit'e §2,000. Terms. See II. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 s! 2nd. 1-2-1-cfc-lf in- Jlniill.' Irnrlnr, Unlvfrsiil •/. ,.,>|ti- vnlnr nnd tanilcin ilisr. -A-1 roiidiiloji. 1 1) .liihn ll.'i-rc Irai'tnr. 1—:l linl loin I I ' liri'ikiiii: i.lriw. K,.,. . |),,,,. urr. .S Ii .Maiii|:i. Ark., lit. 1. 1'air of 0 j-|.;ir olit nnili-s anil (-•all Alflnn l)rn K Klorl-. Manila. Ark. Ii2:t'|.k-'.!ll »n film r. ^'isti.ri'il ]>uror lioars ' (!li..nn llri>d icilts nl nmrki'l |irici>, son- nnd |iii;s. A. I,. Wliisll,' llnsilanil. Ark lt2.|-|nV28 Haliy Qnnilrni !lr.i» Chicks! tin A. $H II'R Slf.r^. inn. .Tfin l!22-ck-if Personal III! A nyonc' Walli.r I'.iiiK-li. • \hirLMrr-l Slnnkn mil -S". C. H,-i< i i,iiu- to s>-ltl|.|in Lost For Rent Coinfji I'lin DANGER! A shaking, wobbling car means danger to those who drive it and to the pedestrian that crosses its path innocently. BOSS?? if your car wobbles, it may mean that unsuspecting accident is just ahead! Don't take chances. Phillips specializes in body and chassis work. You'll find a skillfully trained man for every bit of work to be done on your car. Don't leave your car to guess work elsewhere, bring it to Phillips to be sure! PHIL LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fiflli—Blylheville, Ark.—Tel. 453-3721 Help Wanted •t.lliln I.P.l roDin, adjoinini; linlh. i inn 2516. 1017 Walnut. 1118-cli-lf shf-«l Itp.lrooin \vltli kiti'hpn ])riv- :i'». 1007 Hcf.rn. 1'honn 201(1. Alovio ,Mi!ri In shmv InlkTim in IlidilrC!- IHAS trm-ns. I'lrnSBIII \vork. Itoslitni, S:iO ijirrick HUB.. Jileninliiit Wanted To Buy the top price for vonr car or <rurh from PH1MJPS MOTOR CO. Today. S-R-ck-U Cliii-k. Nice 4 room plastered residence and 'bath, in neighborhood, on Holly Street. Owner moving to California. Price $4,200. Shown by appointment. Uave exclusive listing. IP. A') Campbell, Realtor, 120 H. 2nd. 1-2-1-ck-tf nor, 110 \V, Vim-. t!2:i-T.k~-'JO ('(I.M. nl .-ill limes. Cotnpli-ln linr. <if I'OL'l.TliV I'KF.n. \V.. ildivor. Duick F.'rviri- I.i-Mi« I'onhry -11^! K Main. T-l,urn- 9-10 l]21-[)k-:irj Cash for wrecked or junk „ automobiles.. .AVeJH. .come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy 61. phone 3785. 12-2G-pk-2-2e On. ('!!=<• 2.14" l.r.'irkiu'.,' T'l"iv Hmnf! nfiv Chip 7-tl 1-HC ilisr. On«! 1-1), 11 n<vri> ilisc. On.. 1 — H-C :•!•• lin-iikins T,]i«v. All in piincl nililinn. 1'anl Alilxill. Varbro. ArV. in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2059. Refrigerator Service Fred Lawlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. W. Adanu. MKT. on« 2071 ZOC-08 W. Malr Arkansas Hatcheries Producing Fewer Chicks LITTLE 'ROCK. (UP) — The Ark., Jan. 25. of commercial „ .. „ . „ - , ,-,,,- — luhson Hot Point Eicclric h oU-hcries in Arkansas last Dccem- Griddle. 24 X 20, perfect . b3r was approximately 106,000 rets shape. SI 00. Hrooks Grill, | "inn tlic chicks raised in the cor Sleelc JIo nicLit, niu. -'i-ck-9'l responding month of 1945. ,, c«. -.1 , 1 t MrConnirV. IVi-ri .w. .A. I!ii.n. Car H. Hmvcrt. Yarlirn. mlinp i ' kil.-lii- rftif. '. Now*. . ticrfcrl . Twn i~k nn.l ' front iino.lo«.. l.nth- linusc \vi(]i Mnln Wtri.|.t . \Vritr Hn\ ^ K-.I,":: Arm*- >io« Army L-nbrr.tinr nrnulK: flvinc hcln :tftrl Knst M:iiu. linv. I'lmn' l!2.Vi>k-2!2- Wonted to Rent •|Vn illiriirnisliril rnniil, Ijy i>iii|ilnyril "'nninil. l),-s|,.'rnl..|y lu'.-.lnl. ^lr«. - I'l'lTj- Kinilli. (irnhor'ji Sinn'. PRESCRIPTIONS Freeh Stock Guaranteed lUat Price* Kirby Drug Stores An nirplnnc wlni! mn«!c of fiber nnd rcslh hns'mcL ntn test i-equlrenienl.?. LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 4G CHEV. 42 DKSOTO 41 CI1HV. :is CHEV. 37 ISUICK OTHERS TO S!-:r.ECT FROM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION Phone !)28 119 E. Main "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main St. Phone 3047 also 181,000 less than a five-year December averaec of 1.149,OIK), according to a report released r>j the Arkansas crop reporting service. The December figure was 1.125.- OCO. The report service attributed the lower production to some hatcheries that were idle in the Summer and Fall. The village of LauTorcl, England, elected women to nil offices In 1931, but voted them out in favor of hien in 1932. T 1 I Fnnnnll Ir.Trtnr. 1—if).11 model H Farmall (metor. 1—l:)-!n model H John Deere. I —liMfi mortal H John Deere. We can furnish cultivators, middle busters, planters, disc, and breakers with these tractors. They are priced to sell. Call or corns in, if we |ljn'l have what, you want we'll jr C i it for you. Rrown ATotor Co., Manila. Ark. Phone 31. l-23-ck-30 Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ANYTIiNIB or NM.c;lit "The Old Reliable" ANYTIME Day or Night G. O. POETZ Yonr Source of PETROLEUM D«pind»h] K Sorrlce PRODUCTS Office RK it Churj HOW'S THE TIME! Bad weather and constant driving arc the two things that contribute most to the wearing out of your car. It's a good habit to have your car checked more often now, during bad weather than at any other time. Have the hose connections to the radiator checked, t:ansmissi6n grease for proper level and.oil '/or proper weight or mileage change. You'll enjoy a smoother running car in return for the lirtle time spent on this check. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BijICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 "i'n. 1 | y ^"'.'''"ioutli <lrr. At.o ,,ulll t"V •T l| ' 1 i Sl "' °' "• W'vlib. 1>l I'. Ku>« hi. Phong 3050. lUa.rik-aO ll ° bu >' ulli »» «»"»• ___ _ li».jik.3|U r 'i 1 ! 0> ' "KI~K.lo.IHl - and acetylene weli'.ing. Dlftckamlth work. l»elt» lnipl»-m*nt Co. Phone . ""'• 8-lS^k-tf Wo i.M.iilr ill t,'^,., * w ,,t7n« nacklno reirarJIni u( ,l,,j 0) wujltlun, iUo bur and ,,,||. pluku,, ,, ul af ||,^ r , Mlj'lii^lUtt Marblne BtiO|«. lllT.rk-tt ^or KOiiil k.nlnk iilctnr-s. HI.nil v.iur fllin« mi.l ui.fillr,.* n, T|i,. M,,,|,.| hliidlo. :, III WaVi.ln AVII. SI l.nnla TU LOAN Oo you iH'cil n loim to rcpulr or remodel? Nn down |)H.v- mont, no morlKajfe, no ri^l ,t»!ie. I'll A approved rnte r.%. Ask for detiiilri. Ms« I'OKfin, IfrnHor, phone 2034. I-ynch I!ld e ., Hiythevilte. 9-2»-ck-tt U *' /I**" SEAT COVERS Weather stripping. Save fuel . by liiivinjc doors and windows weutlierstvippcd. C. 1C. WiRRina, !>12 N. 10th. w e buy and sell used irnctors «nd c<|iiipnienl. Kussoll Phillip's Tractor Co., H. Hi way (ii, phone 2171. K- There Is only ono mnrsnplttl [inl- nml, out: which cnrrlcs Its young In 11 pmtch, In Ihc United Hlt'ites— Ihc o])osstitn. , Fire losses In Ihc Unllcd Stnli'.s (Ini'Ini; 111 11 ainnunled in MJ3,-" 538,000. nml lnvt;ely bcctuisc (if man's cnrelc-ssiicss, SIZES and PATTERNS FOR ALL CAf^S "QUICK INSTALLATION" W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. . j Phone 354i 10Y EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Gateway |ervice Stcs. i V ' ' Builders of Guaranteed Generators Save Money Today, Any l»ay STOP AND SWAP KI.HERT HUFFMAN'S Starters Phone 983 J. 0. Lcntz Dub Siscmorc 401 I'. Muln Plicne 8JO You Must lie Happy or No Deal RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model 1 in Z Days Service We Call For and Deliver! PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan! MOTOROLA Sales anrt Service 100 South First J. LOUIS CHERRY Keprtsentlnf New York Life Insurance Co. Hlytlievllle, Ark. WHY!. in Valley Water ocommcndei! for Arthrilis, Kidney «nrt Uladder Conditions. "«« Spring Art, "' ! "" Ul M. Kltlnoy n.ltc, 3. K»t»Ui. TTrle AeW.. «;«!•• BLdte • irrlli- 4 ' wS«c'. r *° Sjf """° Call or \Vrile fqr Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main mid iHvlslon Uly.lhcvillc, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ItOYAI., SMITH, CORONA anil KKMINGTON VOIITARLF. 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Trftnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The v • : •Home of Famous Brand* PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. !2fi West Main St. BOOTS AND HKR BTinnTRP Criticism RY EDGAR MARTIN TRUCK. VJUrt THt BOSS KNOWS ' "*$!&:.&£# <~ I DUDLEY! W " p ^^W<i6/v, '—T:^^,~,T; „—. V'OM^m^'' . ;.v.-t^M^:.^'..v FRECKLES ANO HIS FRIENDS H's ;i Campaign Mouse T SMART KID. ELSE HMMM.LOOKS UKE ; FRECKLES 6 PAVIIOG yen. FOR DOIM& THIS i

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