The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1947
Page 3
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.__ SATURDAY, JANUARY 2C, IfKIT Some Rents Due To Go Higher Announcement Made Following Meeting With President WASHINGTON, Jan. 25. .. —Sonic rents are cm (lie way up. How many, and liow far up, Ol'A was not prepared today to say. The boosts will come under new. liberalized "linrdshiif provisions nnnouiiOTd yesterday by Maj. den. Pljilip B. Fleming, director of ttte Si'ice of Tcmixirnry Controls. Y'leming, making his rmnoimco- ment after a conference with President Truman. tumped the s'J" on OPA rent officials. Price Chief Max McCullom;!i Mild the new regulations were si It in Hie mill. Tie said they wouldn't bo ready until next week. "We aro simply broadeni:)R somewhat tlic provisions umlw. which landlords seek rent increases on account of hardship," McCiillough Porters. Other OPA sources indicated that the small operator — with .-icr.t- lered • or single npnrlmenls or houses— may he the man who g'Hs the new break. Herbert. V. Nelson. exccsitJvo vice-president of the National A:-r- soeintion of Deal Estate Boinls, believed the change "won't nuke much difference." Nelson said liis group would continue to fight for an ncvoss- tho-board IS per cent increase hi rent ceilings. Fleming, who. with President Truman has called for retention of firm rent controls, indicated that the new liberalized ' policy was no break in the line. Bin, hereafter, he said, reasonable doubt will be resolved in 'favor of the landlord. (ARK.) iCOURIkR NEWS Buddies Take Charge-. financial told re- Wouse Group To Make Study Of Trade Pacts WASHINGTON, Jill. 25. (UP)- ChuiniKtii Harold Kmitson, 1C., Minn., said today that he would call his House Ways and Means Committee cjriy next week to act on a resolution to suspend the gov- crnment's reciprocal trade program. Several House resolutions have b^en introduced to icqiiest President. Truman to suspend tile program until it C 2n M studied by the Ways and Means Committee, or the tariff commission. It. r.ppcarccl that .supporters nl such a | resolution 'had enough strength' to push it through both the Ways and Mean's Coniniiltee and the House. R would h= merely nn expression of House sentiment., however, and would not 02 binding on the President. The Ways and Means Committee temporarily sidetracked tax legislation to take up the reciprocal trade issue. 4-v — State Hospital Investigators Take Long Recess LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Jan. 2:).— 'UP)—The joint House and Senate Committee investigating s.ffaiis at the State Hospital for Nervous Oisenscs was .111 adjournment today for the week-end. Last night's proposed thi'.'d hearing was postponed because of the illness of Bcnton Publisher L. B. White, a member of the hospital board and one of the main witnesses. In the two previous hearings, testimony was heard from tiie. Rev. Harold Sadler Of Rison and C. E. McSwain of Little Rock, both j*,onrd members; w. H. Lan^y, farm H.'ifperintendent; a m! Dr. Chauncey H. Graves, psychiatrist at the Bcn- ton unit. Wisconsin produces bctw.-en 30 and 40 per cent of the United Sta'.cs' harvest of canning peas. t Phone 2882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Owner . CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Buy and Sell GOOD USED CARS BIH Chamblin — Lex Chamb'iin Railroad & Ash Sts. Phone 2105 An nnsdicdulcd part of the Inaiigurallo,, of the new Governor ol Texas, Beanford Jester, took plucc. (lirei'tly aflei- tli c oath of office was Biven lo .Ir-ster. when nieniburs of his old World War I comp-my of the 9tlh Division hoisted the new Governor on their shoulders -niu ""-rlcd him mto the Mansion at Austin. Texas. INEA 'IVIophoio.) Indians Join Economy-Minded Lawmakers in Sensible Move Hy FRKDKKICK C. OTIIMAN (United Press StalT Carrt-siiaiulen') I WASHINGTON. Jan. 25.—Da not, | gentle reader, be discouraged, like : Sen. C. Douglass Buck. This «li!.-. patch yets livelier as you go alone,; "Here we have been invL'stiyiiMna the fndian Bureau for two whole days," Ihe morose gentleman fr;iin Delaware began. "Accomplislic'd nnthing, Discovered no possible way to cut its S-Hl.OOO.OOfJ apprcpriii- tion." Tiie cellophane on the unlit cioav clamped in the mouth of Ren. \Vi!- liam Laiigcr of N. D. rattled. He is chairman of the Civil Service Cominissioii, he wants to fire ns many federal workers as possible, and he said he begged to dillcr. -Wo have got inrormatiun which will allow us to (Jump this Indian Bureau entirely." he shouted. "And save the taxpayers $.10.000,000 a year." The pink face of William Zimmerman, Jr., commissioner of Indian Affairs, grew pinker sti'.l. Iii •i minute it was lo turn scarlet only' he didn't know it. Sen. Langer siid if liis fellow lawmakers needed a-iy further proof of Ihe iisclessnes-i of the Indian Bureau, he suggested they listen to a Mr. Crawford, w!io had rushed here from Oregon. A solid-looking citizen in eyeglasses and a handsomely tailored suit identified himself as Wado Crawford, a Klamath Indian. His voice was as cultured as his words were bitter. He said in etlect that if 'Hie Indian Bureau managed tiie ' lives of Ihe Klamath Indians an- I other 10 years, they'd be bankrupt 1 for Bcncrntions to come. "The Indian Bureau seems to pic-1 lure us wearing mocassins and fanciful headdresses," lie testified. "The Indian today is a man like myself This generation of Indians has been to school; it can take-care o! it-i self." He went on to say that the Klamath Reservation contains seven tunes as many white men ns Indians. Thc Indians send their children to public schools. They earn their own livings. "The Indian Bureau docs noihir.i; for ns," he said, si ill not raisins his voice. "Yet upon our reservation there arc 100 white men employed by the Indian Service. They ildc in «0 cars and trucks and in two airplanes. "The superintendent plays around In thc- planes. When he smashes one. he rides in the other. He claims lie is using them for law and order, though how he is able to see. the difference from the air betwen'n a while man and an Indian on the ground I do not know." He charged /J.mmerman personally and in .sj> many words with Uccping the Indians in bondage. "He is the dictator," Crawford added. ••Gentlemen, the Indian Bureau will last another 100 years if you listen to fellows like him." Crawford reached into his brief Hospital Fund Faces Further Investigation U'lTLK HOOK. Ark., Jim. 23 <U1')— The Joint Budget Comnnl- lee of the ArfcmiMis Leslslmui'c ycilerday deferred action on iin appioprialjon designed lo administer a five-year. $30,CUO,UOO hospital construction program. The i-ommitlec declined to recommend the budget, wliicli iifttl )-i-u presumnl by State Henlth O.'llccr T. /r. Doss, iniii! a study "as b.-cn made uf a House Will set- tiny up a Division 01 ffospil.uls in the Health Department. Koss requested $16..r.'o unnualty for the divvlslon Including a salary oJ Sti.OCu u -year for a. director. liosi cxplnliifti' that the Hospital Division would je necessary if (lie slate is lo receive $2,030,1)00 annually in federal luncls for hospital construction. Under !he pro- srnm. communities desiring liospi- tsil'i would be rc(|inred to mil up *'2 lor every $| ol federal limds Him said tlnit fedecul funds would tie KvnflulhV lor I'onslnicliOii at Die Slute Hospihil for Nervous Disci «-s. YfAA Offers Huge Supply Of Double-DeckBunkBcds UTTI.E ROCK. Ark., Jan •»> (U.JM-Sealcd bids on more 28.CCO used double-deck bunk boris will lie opened by I lie Little Hock RcBloiial office of the War Assets Administration Feb. 14 H C _ Sional Director C. S. Christian -111- nounccd today. The beds cost the K overnm°r,l an estimated $243,000. The offering Is part of a national sale of 450.CGO bunk beds which WAA is making O u a .'lealeo bid basis through its a:t regional offices. Those located in Arkansas- aro at the Arknnsas Ordnance l>l;mt, Camt) Cliaffcc, Slntlnnrt Army Airfield mill Walnut nidge /uun Airfield. Other large inventories are located in the St. Louis, Dullas .HID New Orleans WAA regions. Maine (lets Sun First MILLINOCKET. Me. (UP1 — When the sun rises each morning, Hie first American soil bathed bv its rays is the summit of Mount. Katuhdin (altiliiite 5,207 fceti, Ihe Inchest peak in Maine. ease Ihen and said, by the WAV~h~e had a little pamphlet. li» w.uitc.l to hand lo each senator. lie did <uj "Yes." cried Sen. Buck, "but lh!-' is a formal report bv the U. R Senate Committee on Indian A (In Irs in It certainly is. Crawford sni-l. lie pointed out wliere ft. recomm.'ni! ••;• that the Indian Bureau be chopn'd to a fraction of its sine and 'that most Indians be given immediately I lie rights of American citiwns. "Of course." Crawford said, ••iiiis report was made lo Congress four years ago. I do not know what happened to its recommendations," ^"Including." growled Sen. r,.mgcr. "its final recommendation, ;-ayiii; the Indian Bureau should not vi-i $-10,000.000, bill at most, $5,000 1)00 " "H-m-m-m," said Sen. But*. In dian Commissioner Zimmerman laughed. Sounded nervous. Today!. AND LOWEST-PRICED LINE IN ITS FIELD! Yes, Chevrolet prices start lower—and finish lower—than those of any other line of cars in the Chevrolet price range. For today, Chevrolet has the lowest-priced car as well as tiie lowest-priced line of passenger cars in its field—with exceptionally low gas, oil and upkeep costs as well. And, of course, when it comes to quality-\vhen it comes to Bi£Car beauty, Hig-Cnr comfort, Big-Car performance am! dependability—Chevrolet ami Chevrolet alone brings you . . . BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST! LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Wolnut and Railroad — Phone 578 Vots Split Madison County GOP Mctvibe? of Mouse Wants 2-Party System «v mm PAGE r -'P Klhoil 1,. Mitchell of Madi- vn\ Couuiy announced he will sul:II « proposal scUlnit »P a funnuhi "lulrr whloii the Uepubliums won.'.) 'riv,- a proportionate share of the- Mili-ntlal electors based on 111" «[<iil papular vole casl. Under his VMan i he Dmiocriits would have had 'even ( .|;-rtors (wo years aijn. i|, L ' lU'|»ibll.-an» two. hrli Is one of three liepub- ,n the AlkmiKas lluvisn. :icl would amend present K ( ,r selectlnu Arkansas's nine lo the ccl- i'»o. Milchell insisl.s the n^HSure is nut i-mlrcly a party move, even though it was prepared by Icatlitr" rliasivas liepulillcans. "Ki>»i-tmB| 1( . of this imivlile I'linnnous barnidnlnif p'.w.'r lor Arkiinsiis in \\ u . iisilluinil poliri- •"' :u:-n:i." | U . S :ild. •'"nicndlni; Hint Ijnih political \>iinus ink,, ii,,. Arknnsas vole lor 1,'iiiiitcd. Mitchell asserted (lint "con- «e:nicnUy our clnlmt, however inerl- lorlmi'i. HIT Ignored." Silys HlnlK Would Krnelll The Madison Connlv HenubliiMn Insists that passage of Ills lillt would menu active cniiipiili-nli^ l,, A,.. hnnsus by presidential candidate! of both p:irlics. "We will linvc mi opportunity lo present our views. Our ttovornor mid memocm of the Congress will have Hint priceless bargaining pow- thf W l lkh '"" ;y '"'"' '" lc l >re ««uU!B "Arkansas Is n member 'of Iho 'mlnn. There i^ ,„, | >a | nl !n , f , m ncwpllrur reiliuicd federal Iwiiellls • . lolemlliii: frelElil. nil,, Inlns- ccs . . . rc.'ilsftilni; ourselvos to bd si in i-omnailsoii with sister slides] "Slnles Mint' cnniwl. !)•? <'oti"in<i In 111' 1 h;\K In presidential elections ijirt all Ihe cabinet members, ,|| i! u . •ittfiiliiin possible to their ])robl"in-t Mie iirnsldentiut nominee, and rciil) cnurmoiis l>enetlts from tlieir posi- Uon where both purlics »r c com- Piiiicd to (jive them favored consideration." Mitchell said. •Sl.ilc 11 us Nine Vatrs Uncin- tin- present Arkansas law nine deletes to th,- elcclornl eol- leye — which selects tiie president Power To Produce Electricity Soon SAN TOANCrSCO, Jim, lift, (UV> —A Bfneral electric engineer said today Una ihe first atomic power plant will bo (jcneratiiiB eleeiri;ity • • lurk l?ldi;e, Tenn.. !;; Die end of next year. <• I', C'bill. enrujjeO In atomic energy project* itt liie llnnford.Kn- cii" -r Workers,- said prpltnilnury work on such n phinl Is MIIK eon- I'uc.tcd by Ofj ui'd tl"> MoiiM>nin Ciiemlcat Cij. ut Oak Rldye. Tiiclr mvcsllniUlons are ijelng made »;i- i,e.r 8ove:nr;: t -ir. contract. b.'ll told I ho Sun Francisco and vlce-presldwil—arc chosen by '.he voles In euch presidential elec- Uon. in an overwhelmingly Democratic .state, only Democrats enn bo elected. First reacitbn of leading Denn- ci'iits was that Mlleheirs proposal would violate the U. s. Constitution Secretary of slate O. O. Hull insisted n slalo cannot split its electoral vote.. Oilier Dqmoeml.s a«reoi!. licpubllcim Nallunul Commit liy- mnn Wallni-i) Townxend, wlio Iv'liwtl draw up Iho bill, mulnlaliicil Its eim- stitutloniiHty. To hack up his ,-Uiile- inenl he pplnlecl lo past elections As late as lOlli, he said, Wcsi Vlr- Uliila cast sovcn votes for tho Ue- imblicun eiindldate and one for Ihe Democratic eiindldate. California split Us vole 11 to two In l»ia. while Mnryluml cast split voles In 11)01 u nd Iflim. "Such a move Is extremely unusual." Townscnd -admitted, "out plainly constllulloniil." Meanwhile, Mitchell continued his plans to Introduce the bill, "It does not affect state races In nny manner." he said, "and would t'lve every of Arkansas participating in the presidential election the- aallsfacllon of knowing that his vole would count. Tlv> bill Is democratic In principle," Arkanson .Sells His For • NEW - O. /u, M K-nnon, middle-aged A'kaiisas cclton plnhler was minus liis 164'i cotton crop today bin. rliiiosl $l,tCO,CGO lo i.hc soo't. M K-.'iinoii Jnfoimed filoiids at the I'olton exclinnge' here thai Ids film. C. R. McKennon & Son of riimns mid- Watson, Ark,, hnd sold C 3iO Iji'lcs u> (hj> lAndi'rson, Cluy- ton and 'f.'ompjnys Pino Bliilr Urnpoi for JS83.821 M in cpot casji. Cotton buyers suld ;imt ihe sale' wiw posslbiy the largest cotton' tninsucllon on record. , M.:t-.'iii!oii sum that tlic cotton' was avidlnw for delivery. .After the sale the plnnlcr spoilt a lel- erect a one story concrete cret« tile buiWta* on, on n)e ^n the _,„„ Clerk Any pr^««t sftoujd^ to'ijr WrlOnit and filed in'th« offloe of tall City ClerU t ,, , ^ f , r ^ JOE CARNEY, ' City Engln',er', IN THE CHAUCERY COURT, k^« TUB CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COCNTY, AB- KANHAH , ' In the Matter of ihe Eiiafc at M«M Smith, Ucc«a«e<l,' Percy A WrJiht, ExecuUr. No 17M NOTICE TO CKLDITQRS OF • OBANT QF LETTERS l "•'• TESTAMENTARY;! STARTS RELIEF IN OUST 6 SECONDS COLO PPEfAKATIONS 1AMEIS O» VIQUID Head Eii«iiieerliin Councl! lust, night that utiinili' i]n\vi>r plants n:hinlly cnn is more economical limn conven- uonal tyiics. •Kvcn toiluy." }jc miij, "boioru tn«- iirst u[ tin. U |,[ lsS ls (j u u ti cnru . lul KludUvi show that iitomb Dowor null:, uri! linrdly morn r\x Jenslvn l HUM cunl .burning plants," He add"'I Hint us more unll.s arc ijr'otlnccd me cost of producing 'electricity would conlliuic lo ditcrense. ' Chancery Court for the Chlcka<iavi.- '" HlstrJct at MlsslssJppt County, Arknnsas, A( l Dcrsons having claims AjaCnst sold- «aUite we required to exhibit tllem . propcily authenticated for al- lowaiice, to the undersigned as Ex- ""lor of. said estate, before the end of . slx months from thc date of Ihe granting ot the Letters Teatonwn- larjr "I" 011 sal<1 estate, and U such claims ha not so presented, thr-y will lre forevei baried . PERCY A WRIGHT Executor ven M. lias i,,,, (ll . np|,l| C (o l|2j-2(1.8 BABY BEAR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 31/2 Gal. 5 Gal. 7Gal. ALV1H HARDY FURNITURE in Main Phoiie 2302 PERSONAL LOAN SERVICE On Autos, Trucks, Furniture and Equipment GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORP. 122 West Ash St. I'honc <!(M—Extension M7 . v Blylhevillc, Ark. Got Something to Sell? or Do You Need A Second Hand Car? Advertise In Our Classified Ad Section . . . RATES ARE LOW-RESULTS ARE GOOD! Phone Your Order In Today The Blytheville Courier News

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