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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 56
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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 56

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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Nets sitings Tired of just i -Waitiilg By Joe O'Day Kevin and Sheila Loughery have two boya, Kevin, and Steven, 7, and as parents they know how nerve-wracking it is to have energetic boys around the house on a rainy day. Kevin Loughery, coach of the Nets, and his assistant. Rod Thorn, have 11 even more ener getic young men hanging around awaiting the outcome of the Utah Stars-Indiana Pacers series and are they ever restless. Emotionally and physically prepared and at the top of their Cclts-Buchs III on TV Walter Kennedy, commissioner of the NBA said that all games of the league's championship series between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks will be televised by CBS-TV. The opening game of the best-of-seven series will be at on Sunday. Game Kama after sweeping the Ken tucky Colonels, the Nets started thinking Stars and with good reason. After all, Utah led the Facers. 3-0, in their series to What's Going On Here? NEWS ITEM: Oakland Pitchers Criticize Al Dark. Lord knows, I'm no protector of the Dark angel, nor am I intent, for one moment, on muffling pop-off ballplayers. On the contrary, if it weren't for the Vida Blues and Reggie Jacksons and Bobby Murcers running off at the mouth occasionally (a moment of silence, please, for Ron Swoboda), life would be pretty dull for us wretches hauling around typewriters. What I am trying to say, though, is that criticism is a two-way street, and if Alvin Dark is going to get blasted for things he does, then he should be able to blast back, and without facing charges of bigotry if his blast happen to be directed at Vida, or one of the brothers. Similarly, if players can put the rap on Charley Finley, then Finley or any other owner should feel free to speak out about the deficiencies of ballplayers, and whatever became of Ray Kroc? I'm assuming, of course, that reasonable grounds exist for such criticism, and that it should not be abused promiscuously. Only a fan has the unmitigated right to yell that an umpire is blind, or that a man picked off second base must have had the past, especially a couple four-day v'ations in late December and mid-January. Getting back into action after the Christmas layoff, the Nets were ripped by Carolina, Utah and San Diego, all on the road. They even blew a 21-point, half-time lead to the Conquistadors to spotlight their futility. After another four-day layoff, the Carolina Cougers clawed them, 131-105, to hand the Nets their most humiliating setback of the season. They Were There Julius Erving summed it up for all his teammates when, after the wineout of the Colonels last Saturday night, he said: "Let's hope the Stars get their series over with pretty quick we just don't play well coming off layoffs." Meanwhile, both Loughery and Thorn, flew out to Terre Haute to scout the Stars and Pacers. A week ago, Kevin had every reason to believe new life to the Pacers and George (The Body) McGinnis, the man Loughery and supply the ultimata survivor for the ABA Championship play off before some very unfunny things started to happen. time is 2:,10 p.m., EDT. OAMI Tuasuay. April Jj, at Mil- Loughery. in fact, was even May 1, at Botton OAMI J-Friday, there a week ago to see the strange happenings start when he scouted the Stars against the p.m., EDT. OAMI Sunday, May at Boston flma to ba announcad. OAMI Tim-day, May 7, at Mllwau-kan. If naeded, tima to ba annuoncad. MV.I a Friday. May 10. at Boston, If naded, tima to ba announced. Csv.l Sunday, May 12. at Mltwau-kaa. If rwadad, tima to ba announcad. facers, who overcame a 15-point lend In the third quarter to stay alive. Stars Lout Beaty Zelmo Bcnty of the stars suf- ft' red a groin infection and was coaches and players worried. However, it Utah ends it in six the Stars and Nets would open at the Coliseum tomorrow night. Alternating light and heavy workouts, Loughery earlier in the week started to have his doubts A BUM, UMP about the ultimate foe and the declared out of the series, so the Tacers were definitely alive. Taking advantage of the absence of Ik'Hty, the l'acers won in Salt Lake City on Monday night, and with the home-court edge (they met liiHt night in Terre Haute, I the Hooisers were expected to send the series inta seven games. If that happening, the Nets then wouldn't get into action until next Tuesday night at the Niihmuii Coliseum and the long layoff, of, has the effects of the competitive layoff. the Nets fear the most in the league. It's tough enough getting prepared for one team but is even more demanding. Loughery and Thorn had spent the better part of the week studying game films getting game plana together. They are holding off putting any plan into operation until the Western playoff is settled. hate to think we won get started until next week," Loughery moaned. "and I'm starting to think that other series will go seven games. Loughery remembers layoffs in Rules Open M1FL Offense (Continued from pago 37) nlng of th panic. First team to get on the board wins ami if the 15 minutes Is scoreless, then the KuI1 goes Into the books tis a tie, It Is believed a full over time period would take up to 40 fight with his wife this morning, or that Joe Robbie is pretty cheap because he didn't lay out five million to keep Larry Csonka, or that a fighter being counted out on his nose is really faking it. If, on the other hand, a ballplayer gets thrown out stretching with his team five runs behind, why shouldn't an owner be permitted to say it was pretty stupid baseball, without risking union action? Granted, the shock of Ray Kroc grabbing a mike in San Diego, nnd denouncing his players to all within earshot, was a bit extreme, but only because it was unprecedented. The next time, it won't b3 so alarming, like the 99th streaker. Marvin Miller, head of the players' union, protested Kroc's conduct, and added that he would take the same position if players were "insulted" in statements to the press by an owner. That's going a little too far. It also raises the semantical question: If a man makes a stupid play, is it insulting to call it a stupid play? What is stupid? The more important issue, is thist Why don't the players police themselves? If a ballplayer blasts a manager, or an owner, let Marvin Miller, righteous man that he is, come out and say that the ballplayer, shouldn't do that. The absence of such moral posture infers that only ownership is to be chastized for overt conduct. Manifestly, Miller and the players union lose credibility. In the absence of any plugged-in microphone, and in the interest of free expression, I herewith invite Ray Kroc, Charley Finley, any owner, any manager, any player, to phone me anytime he is gripped with an irresistible urge to call someone stupid. With proper substantiation, the Daily News will print it. Promise. minutes actual time, NFL Owners Sccte Huddle With Federal Mediators NFL owners yesterday asked for a federal mediator's help to resolve their contract dispute with the players. The two sides have not met for three weeks and an NFL Management Council spokesman said, "We thought a third party would be helpful getting both sides back to the table." In calling on the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service In Washington, John Thompso, executive director of the Council, said, "We did so because we believe the Players Assn. does not fully understand the seriousness of the issues it has raised." Larry Fox Last season were seven ties played In the NFL, the year before five and a total of 29 in the last fotiur years. In the past, sudden death hu. been in effect only for playoffs. There have been four such games in NFL history, two requiring more than one period Bill Arnsparger, new coach of Ban Abhaf iello the l. Hints, said he was not that concerned about changes involving the defense, "but we're really going to have to study the kicking game to see what all this NEWS ITEM: Woman Golfer Raps Gossips. means." start from the beginning however much later in the night is necessary. Bill MacPhail, vice president of sports for CBS, HAD MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THE SUR PRISE OVERTIME FROVI "It has plusses and minuses," he said. "It's a plus because it will make the games more exciting, but the minus is that it will create problems for us on double-header dates if they go into regular scheduling. I don't know if According tj JoAnn Prentice, members of the LPGA tour have it rough, socially. If they go into a town and happen to "This really puts apremium on punt returns. it means For 45 Days Freehold, N.J., April 25 Anthony Abbatiello, owner-trainer-driver of Colts Neck, N.J., was suspended 45 days in a ruling released late yesterday afternoon by William J. Quercia, Freehold Raceway presiding judge. The 45-year-old Abbatiello, however, ap meet a nice young man who takes them to dinner, then the locals turn up a lip and say, what kind of tramps are these? If the gal resists the invitation, stays in the motel and orders you ve go tto have apunter, too," he added. As for the overtime and Am room service, then the townsfolk wonder what those girls are doing back In those rooms alone together all the time. I rather suspect that JoAnn Prentice is becoming slightly sparger was involved in pro football's longest game, Miami's double OT playoff victory over we would pre-empt, pick up shows in-progress or start them paranoid on the subject. In the first place, practically nobody-gossips about a girl's conduct anymore, because nobody is surprised by anything anymore. In the second place, if they talk, honey, let them talk. Who cares? all later. ivansas nty the new coach pointed out one malor potential MacPhail said ot in the first game of a doubleheader would trouble for the Giants: "We don't have any lights at Vale Bowl." The next time the phone in your room rings, JoAnn, why create no such problems but in not take a chance and say you'd be delighted. And good luck. (The Giants said they may the second game it could run into NEWS ITEM: Judge Rules for Girl little Leaguers. the networks highly successful Apples Way, whi.h will be on Long before there was a Little League, little girls played next season starting at 7 on Sunday.s pealed his case to the New Jersey Racing Commission and will be permitted to train and drive until disposition by the State body. The ruling by the presiding judge stated: "A full suspension for 45 days, including all horses owned or partially owned or trained by you (Anthony Abbatiello), beginning April 24, 1974 and ending June 7, 1974." The suspension was "for trainer responsibility insofar as the horse, Bachelor Frost, winner of the 6th race (April 9, 1974), resulted in a positive test disclosing Oxyphenbutozen andor a derivative thereof. Purse to be forfeited and redistributed among hall with little boys in the streets and lots of New York. We called them Tom-boys, and they wore the name with pride and honor. My mother tells me she was a Tom-boy. She also became quite a lady. ABC, pointing out that there never has been a tie game on Monday Night Football, said it If a girl is good enough to play with boys, and if she wishes, then by all means she should be permitted. I gay, if she wishes. would carry all games to their conclusion, which really isn't much of a scheduling problem except on the west coast. you AJVK COULD Kwbank was especially pleased Hit with the rule cutting out crack-back blocks below the waist, spit spit-sal eligible horses. Joseph W. Greenberg, New VJCM( nave in consider an earlier starting time for late-season games.) The possibility of overtime will require some programming adjustments by the various TV networks, who were causght by surporse by the NFL action. However, fhet Simmons, vice president fpruiliiction for NBC Sports, greeted the proposal enthusiastically. However, '('het Simmons, vice president of production for NBC Sports, greeted the proposal enthusiastically. "Great," Simmons said. "It will odd a dramatic climax we've never had before." NBC Is the networ kthnt once cut off aexeiting Jet-Oukland game to show amovio version A spokesman NIK. Is the network that once cut off an exciting Jet-Oakland game to show a movie version of Heidi. A network spokesman assured that this wouldn't happen again would be shown to conclusion anil subsequent programing woull that is Jersey state steward, issued the 1 ting out the names Onkotz, I'hil-bin and Crane, three of his players who were disabled by them. following memorandum this, morning regarding the appeal by Abbatiello. "The suspension of 45 He added that he thought re strictions on cutting down wide days imposed by the judges has been stayed pending an appeal receivers with a roll-block at the line of scrimmage would make it easier to attac ka zone defense. but Arnsparger pointed out "You can't cut the good receiver sat the line anyway." Some fthe new rules may make i ttoughter before the state steward. Prior to the rulings by the presiding judge and N.J. State Steward, Abbatiello, his assistant trainer and groom submitted to polygraph tests administered by the New Jersey State Police and were found to be free of. any guilty knowledge. because no lib-minded mother should force her daughter into something like this just to satisfy her own vanity, or to prove a point to a husband she is sore at. Using children for sociological p.twns is cruel and very unmotherly. Once a gir' enters puberity, then I would advise against mixed athletics, on the grounds of jeopardizing future female functions. Age is not the precise criterion. The judge who says there is no difference between a boy and a girl of 12 can' be. very wrong, to play man-to-man pass defense and Arnsparger was only con cerned that the zone not be out lawed.

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