The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLJG COURIER NEWS •05 •£' "na COURIER NEWS oo. ^ K. W. RAINK8, Publisher •i . JAMES L. VERHOEFP. Editor ^ PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager " r>oto Nittonal Advertising Representailves: ' "•• Wttmer Co, New York, Chicago. Be- Atlanta, MemphU, ^ fvUUbcd Every. Afternoon Except Bunday -jfinteted «s second class matter at the post- Ittlee »t BlyUievllle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES - By terrier In the city ol idythevllle or any suburban town where carrier service Is msin- I, 20c per week, or S5c per month. ly mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4-00 per ', $2.00 far six months, $1.00 for three months; 11 outside 50 tnUe zone, $10.00 per year ible In advance. i latest incidents of Amcv- Eon troubles in (icnnsmy, me, is reported by :i Mow -^'ork Times con'esi>oiiilctit and coii- Ibenis a foiirth-griklp reader used in ,.schools. Tile book, iiresumiibly by our military Kovemmein., [pictures of IjaUle-lilooily (ier- prliers marchiiiK, rofercnciis to :"lloly German Soil," and I ho follow- IIIK c|iiotation, attributed to .fastis: i-. "When outrageous wantonness scok.s jo enslave you' and destroy what you jha've inherited from your fathers and Tilled as something God lias lent you, .•then shall your plows become swords until the Holy Mother Earth is clean." r Protests against this book, the cor- rrespondent says, cnme not from'Amer- ican authorities, but from Germans a Tjchool superintendent and a group of •writers. :: As sucli incidents multiply it l>jj- .Comes . more apparent that perhaps an Investigation of our. whole occupation BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ooration is needed. • Congressmen who have suggested it have been told from on high (hat it might damage our foreign policy. Yef it would seem that it would be worth the risk of embarrassment to try to kill the sprouts of second-growth naxism, and kill them quickly. VIEWS OF OTHERS Taltnodge Climbs Down IK-iman TalmiuliT, out! of I lie two contend • i).', fur thi> f>tivrrnnr!;hli> of (ictinOn, lias an- liotir.r f:d itnil ll<> will abide by lh«> derision of Uu' Mvmt.s. Iti >;o dijjDjr. he also climbed dO'.yj' fidjn uii rxc:(M'iliri|>]y hljili horse, lie mouiilcn wiji-ii hi> said (hi' miirls had no jurisdiction. nrr* fihul TjtJjnarl!:*' ]i;ts rhaiwd }ii,s mind .'or v. jiii'.cvcr!i, H dur.s Mimol hin^ lo red'Lv I hr explosive tfimhllcs »f a bad stale n[ affairs. .In.'il wliy Tiiliiiiieli:* 1 iilleml Jil.s- front is nm clear. It may hi' lln-l Hie oldi-r and wiser hcn:i s prevailed on him. II is a fuel, however, in.n •'J'uliniidfjc'.v nlilliidi' ;u)d lactira IHIVC prodm-cd mi unfavorable ivarlum Hint is widespread 111 Cii'oritlii, a'i well as Hillside. Even In the small riiiiral roiuilips thru. l; ivr Tulimidw; his nmr'i :lieiiiilli |!fn|>li! li:ive bulked tit hi s maneiivi'is anil the niHiiiK'r in wiii.i-li [hoy were (jiil. Protest imivenninls o( .several soils arc under way in Clem-gin, us, in fact, we believe, they oiiRlil to IK-. TalimulKi; look aclvantngo ;>f a lerliulcjility hi oiferinn himself lo the Leiji Hire. Kefanlless of wlml thn letter of the Inw inny be. H ncvi'r Intended Hint any m«n should I'.oi'eni a stale for Imn- years on the strcngi.n at 1175 write-in ballots in n general election hi whleli lie was In no sense 11 eandidale. In any ease, dcmocritcy and orderly ROVOIII- nii'iil were consinned to the junk heap by Tni- iiiaclBc when he said lie would not rospeel (>v ruling of the courts. He has been well ndvls-ii to make himself nmennble to law, as he would have been made by others if the final test, WASHINGTON COMMERCIAL By Irene Lonnen Ernharf JT was just like Mike not to let '--her know he was coming. Not ' that there was nny definite reason why he should. .'Cassie Fletcher folded the evc- nihg paper carefully and put it (m the worn step beside her. Her hands were trembling a little. • "Mike Cargill, once reported missing, prisoner in a Gcrinar. ^3'np, long hospitalized, due home tv. Town prepares wel- for one of its heroes." That the paper had said. The last streamers of August sunlight lay across tho porch Pungent smoke from Pnpa's after- supper pipe floated from (he porch swing where he lay reading the want-ad section. Mama rocked placidly at the other end of the porch, making a loose board creak rhythmically. From indoors came the sound of Sid and Leni's quarreling as they coped with Ihe supper dishes. "Leni!" Mama's voice rose petulantly "Lei Sid dry if he wants to, this time. He washed last night!" Leni came to the screen door It rums rny hands, Mama It ..simply ruins my hands." Her voice as .tearful. "And I just got fresh ohsh on! He's doin 1 it a purpose! nd anyway, it wouldn't hurt him do the.dishes alone!" Mama got up, sighing hcnviiy, and lumbered inside. .Cassie began to think about Mike Cargill again. The day he'd left. She could slill sec him, com- iog along the plaiform, his small cpmpact figure swinging along, his Jhair almost blue in the sun, , cjcstnai oncer electric w£at never fades, nnd with t of hardness in them. Yet IpiWasn't hard. lT«|lo babyi" he'd said, his deep WJIfting a inflc, os if he hadn't (Wlf* she'd come down to see off: "Well, I guess this is it r-i , 6"viia tills is u, _ C .^1 , be .1 n - a Iiulc Id-down at Other couples 'ther, kissing, d there grin- lall boy olt on .le'd smoked a ind had nothing much to il when the Irain came s:-nn:.32 to a slop he grinned at nguin and kissed her, a hard, '• ^itny kiss that she could slill 1. sue remembered it so well ':**<> -letters had been few and lo lose pay. H wasn't exactly Papa's fault thai his rheumatism bclwccn ilnd hccn oonc. . ! «ny- between them, any s s i = was ' m >°v c «-i»i She'd had dates with - -- s but thcy hadn ' 1 .'- ; -. ;i ;, l m ,,e. There'd been Mike n-r h«.-S, ill.'ing it complelelv :t:l;ino jimo. •-'*•'>• _-K:r,,x rD :t t: C ' d be home! Cas- .-.:.v,-|.c;:,rl skipped a beat. -•ppa rapped his pipe orl the railing and cleared his liuOBt. "You goin' to the depot toratjrrow, Cass?" "<-pui ::K;e pronounced it "dee-pol" -Csssie sl >°ok her head. "I ooulpn't get off," she said. » ;JThey're goin' to have quite a irV -for that Cargill fella . might ask off and ' l docked; for a whole and lose my time and ?* turday? " CasEle = '-aid She ;-»jid started inside, Hinging the paper into Mama's rocker. She hadn't meant lo sound rude to Papa, and she hadn't meant to let it slip out about not wanting kept him from-working regularly at anything, that most of [lie financial burden of the family fell O n her shoulders. She went out to the kitchen smoothing nt the wrinkles in Ihc front of her yellow linen dress S>hc tried to take Ihc dishroc out of Mama's hands. „, "Thai gnexl-ror-nolhinE litlle l.c-iii!" she said. ".Mama, how many ti mcs d o 1 have lo tell you not guoil lo yive in to her like that! "Oil go on, Car.sie, I'd as s oon wash 'cm as not, and you'll spoil your dress," Mama whined liolp- pssly. H cr b |,, c pycs u , 1(ci . cdpa httle Anyway. Leni's got a dale with the Cavendish boy again." "Tho Cavendish buy!" Cassic echoed. She readied for the apron thai hung in bach of the door. Kirh' ""V 10 ™' 1 him out Vf 'tile Mittien, Lciu certainly is eoinr up m the world' Bui she'- t young to have FO rnanv dates Mama. Yon ):nou- lhal. And especially with older fellows." "I fried to lelt her" Mnirn Iswrf-' « BUt >OU ^"""'now'sho 1 ^' 1 c;imc out ot tho liny bedroom oil the kitchen. She £ f 23 ." 1 ', 1 tho door casi "B for '"stout, her blue eyes half shadowed with incredible dar lashes, her small, full fit-tire !<x-k.- ing voluptuous in the tirjh* black skirt and the blue sweatcr Ihal matched bur eyes. Her bri?>>: hair was caught lo Ihc lop of h»i.- head and held willi Ihrce or fr.i;. blue daisies of tlic same shade < as Ihe sweater, S'lo loik'd clefianlly at Cassie, her fn',1 Iw,":lip shick otit in a po^'t. Cassie laughed sudden'.;'. "Oh all right, Leni," she ?;-jd. Rh: turned around and began r.',r.ok:m the dishes. Leni pranced out, slanimini; Vro front screen behind her, and !!i?ii- was Jhe sudden /loot of R c.;r horn in front of the house. That would lie the Cavcn.-'.i:.'. boy. A (iny icicle ot warnin; traced ils way vip Cnf;,ii»'s i-piiio' What did Lou Cavendish so'<; i.-. Leni'.' He usually ran ,-novnd wif, the crowd up on Ihe bill, Tre Martin girl, Bryn i\!;.,wr .-,:. . Country Club, mink coals ant! , :•:. pearls, was his urua\ ;:[y',o. When Mama finished or i* •sink, she limped out to I'ne f:i •; porch again. The rock«.v ncqan ' - crenk. Papa turned en <hc • u-:-i< porch radio and the sound o( ;i.i- music came faintly to C;if-ic .,• sho walked back ;.;-.ri forth -:.i:ling things away. !i f r.i b-jr •, thinking about Mike ngnin, about '.lio limes when ll-.oy us<-:! lo go out lo Joe's I3arb'.-L;'f? nnd put nickels in Ihe ji;ku L-JY :,:,.) dance. Joe's Barbecue v,\s;n i even there any more. "Mike'll phone me r,', !)>.-. office lomorrow, I'll bet ten <V.'.!ars," she thought. Hcr heart lurched, and a hard ball of excrement rolled itself up light inside i.-cr. {To Be Continued). FRIDAY. JANUARY 24, 1947 • ••••••••••••••••i • IN HOLLYWOOD I'E'IF.K, EDSON NHA Washington Correspondent 'WASHINGTON, Jan. 24. INBA) —It's still impossible to tell what the new Republican Congress is .. lo be like, in ils first two weeks, it barely sol itself organized, ft sill 1 , hasn't worked out all the quirks and curlicues of the Reorganization' Act. Congress, in brief, isn't used to being efficient. =* t * Receiving the Presitlcnt's three messages took most of the first week. Tlie Congress listened lo the .irsl one. The olhcr Uvo were just filed and printed in the Congressional Record for future reference. Most members probably haven't "Ciitl them yet, and never will. In the Senate, when •Prcsitlln-*' Officer Arthur If. Viinclenberg an- loimced that Ihc, rending of the "0-page Budget Message would be dispensed with. New Hampshire Sen, Charles \V. Tobey got up and Icclnrcd, "I might say with Shake- pcare. Tor this relief, much thanks. ' H was one of the shortest slieeclic., ever delivered in Congress. At the end of Hie firsl week louse Democratic Minority Leader jam Rayburn of Tcxtis rose to in- liihe what the second week's pio- eram. "if any," would be, rjepnbii- ^nn Majority Leader Charles W inllcck of ludinnn had to tell him -here wouldn't be much of a program. ' JOCKEYING FOH POSITION Gelling everybody placed on coin- ill ttces was a major chore. Party carters now feel they have this job lone lo Ihe saiisfaction of most Ihc members. Freshmen congressmen didn't fare too well on he really important committees out they never did. either, undo! the old set-up, when there were a lot more committees. After committee membership assignments were announced all Ihc committees had lo hold meetings to organize. Rooms occupied bv old committees abolished or merged un- Jer the Reorganization Acl are bc- ng vacated. The hulls are piled ugh witn oltl papers bsing thrown •way or sent to storage. Clerks secretaries of the old commit- crs are .-.tijl hanging around, honc- Jilly. Most of liicm came in wHh he Democrats, however, so they il probably lose their jobs. Post-election talk by the Repub- icans made out they would cut the Poncral Biulget to around S30 bi lion, or less. When the President asked for a $31 billion budget it was a terrible shock. Republicans began to doubt Ihcy could cut that *olal by S7 billion.'Rut now House Appropriations Committee Clni-- man John W. Taber of New YorV says Ihc Prr-siriwiTs budget i s a ii wrong. It tlocsn't call for appropria 'ions of S37 billion, says Taber It falls for appropriations of onlvVil .iil.ion. Tabcr .vays he'll h.ive no rouble cutting this figure to $->s billion, whir), is the ligurc he has be-on insisting u|> 011 a |( n ioii" .\f> rroriA AFTKK AM, " '"dividual congn>s.smen with pet causes introtiuced a lot of bills in tlio opening days of Congress ' but most of them \vcnl ufft. The whole "J8i.slt.livc picuir e was pretty confused. Republicans haii stailetl out talking big. Thrv wcrr- roin ,,| to .a) redncc taxes. < b > reduce "x" peuscs. , c . curb labor. All were to be done quick. , B ut a.s the first two weeks of Congress camo to a dose, all three programs were bring rapidly deflated. Instead of a tax cut it serins thai the- first tax action will be to continue in effect the high war . lime excise tax rates on furs. J PW . eh.v and such luxuries. House Wavs and Means CommiUcn Clmirman t!ix r .°cut maTf his"' "" ' ilUe ™" 1 '' itlon severai times, and noioriv knows now Just where he stands ' * * * Labor reform bills (lower, inlo the congrcsslonnl hoppers faste- than nhy olhcr kind, but fast action on any of them seems unlikely. In Hie House. Minority Leader Hal- leek suys hearings will |,nvc to be held, to convince organized labor leaders the Congress isn't just trying lo hamstring the unions. Haileck. Labor Committee Chairman prcri 'A. Harllcy.'ffr., of Ne\v Jersey, and other Rep»blicnn leaders have been talking about bring- or Detroit who had hi head bushed in during slrike vio lence. Or some middle-west tarn implement dealer who hasn't beei able to got plows, tractors or com bines because of strides in "• farm machinery plants. Heavy bombing planes are bull lo withstand temperature ehaiiRp- of 200 degrees F.—from the ISO-degree heat of India's runways lo the 70-below of the .upper air. "THISCURIOUS W0fti£ THESE RX'R /.SEN LIVED ON Ey©fl«ag sas NORTH OF ALDEN, NB.VYORK ste FEMALE t-4AL.IS.UT Wel6HS ABOUT 7£M ZWIfS AS Alt/C/S AS, HER AWTE. ANSWER: A pipe wUh ]ong sl ^ i NEXT; A cockroach iiy any ot'ier na SIDE GLANCES !T2(* ?IS ke u° Vlr Cn g a g e n iel1t again tonight—this time ha -1 the perfume ads and I was wearing what I thought was my most alluring scent!",^- •-" PY ERBKINE JOHNSON NKA S(aff CorresimnieiK HOLLYWOOD - (NEA)-Clark Gable Jin s just started his second movie since his return from the service. This one had better be good ("Adventure" wasn't', or we suspect The King v,.|li grab a shotgun and blow the head off Leo the M-O-M lion. 'It's "The Hucksters," which should turn out to be the celluloid "Front Page" of the radio Indus- Ivy. Clark Gable .has (wo leading ladies, Knglfai, importation J»e- borah K«rr and Ava Gardner. His lovo scenes with Ava, who plays (he night-club singer, are reminsceiU, tliey say , o f his prewar tussling with jean Harlow. And (hut's what the Gable fans want. . y . Sample Dialog: Ava: "Now you know you're not lo pick" up anything belter han me tonight." Gable: ' "You're not kidding, >nbe!" SHOOTING THE WORKS '•Tlie Hucksters" also, ijoasts a igh-powereti supporting c ast—Etl- nrd Arnold, Atlolphe Mcnjou Id Kcr-mm Wynn. They can'l af- •I'd to let Gable miss this lime, id they're taking no chances, llul Gable «.,, s noiicoiniiiilal 'I'm making 1,0 prcdiclions this me." he Krlnned, ' Adolphc was raving. "I can smell a good'picture 300 ^iiles away, and this is it," he It's a reunion for Onble and Menjou. They worked together in "Tlie Easiest Way" 17 years ago. star, and Clark ••••• ••• ••••••«.* Adolphe W as the played a milkman. Keenan is Buddy Hare, tho radio comedian. Instead O f being a lias-been comic, us In the book, he's playing the role as n never- hns-been. a fellow .funny but W ||li- out good taste. It's only a one-day job, but Kec- nan took it "because I'd rather Play a good bit than a .starrln" rote." He also wants to prove that he's a character comedian, not a comic. "If I'm a comic, imitate me!" he says. Nobody can. He's played 18 roles at M-G-M. and all of them haw. been completely different, .* ALF, BY irKRSEI.F We saw a preview—well, a cou- lilc of scenes, nnywnj-—of the new Katip Hepburn-Paul Henreid movie. "Sung of Love." which isn't completed yet. Director Clarence Brown was showing the scene Ui Katie and Bob Walker on tho set. Katie was sitting on the floor cross-legged, in front of a ijttln movie .screen, and talking back to herself. "Katie," director Brown said, '« Die only .-it-tress I Itnow in Hollywood willi whom I c :m I|C myself. I can tt-ll tier sninrlliin- slinks withtiu( getting my head etiewfj uff, an,! w |u>n K | u . i,.|| s . me somethiiiK s i it ,u s , kl)(> sh( ., s right." Brown, wlio should win an Oscar for his direction of "The Yearling," w anls to quit directing and produce after this picture. 'I'm yetting old, r can't take it anv more." he saiti. He's 5C Eead Courier News Want Ads. Political Leader HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured . political leader 13 Bird 1-1 Edit ) 35 Baby sheep JUE.Ntrnt It) Great Lake 'JO Consumed 21 Impresses •- - •' -!i Compass point •24 Negative 25 Slreet (ab > SfilliRher 28 Abraham's home 29 Dismal (poet.) 31 Mirror '•'•I M'inglikc part :i-l Fish 3.") lie licads the Socialist . 37 Come in 40 While , ,•*• 41 Biblical 3t pronoun '-i 42 Steamship (ab.) 43 Symbol for . v "odium -14 IVonoun ' : 4ti Abandon i Til Urge 52 Woody fruit (plO 54 Part 55 Small branch 56 Warehouses 53 Placid . fiO Corrupt til Tormented . VERTICAL 1 Tasmanian bay 2 Speaker 3 Hoar frost 4 LTnruly crowd I> Morindin dye UTiciy 7 Snare ?ft&2 H Him / jSJUJji ! '•> Poem . " J 10 Female horse 11 Grape seed \ 12 Guides j 17 Sun god . J 18 Type measure 21 Wandered 22 Pro'pose - _t 25 Briny • 27 Projects ' ; -!9 Hebrew deity 30 Hearing orRan 50 Repose T 51 Female sheep (pi.) • 53 Watering -J place £ 55 I\*t;slcal *% .syllable ' S7 Plural ending 32 Craft 35 Hurt ! 36 Clever 3« Motor 39 Tailored 45 Pierce 47 Gaelic 48 Thus 59 Eye (Scot.) Our Boarding House with Maj~ Hoop eSjM3,VJW_DO PARTING VOlTK eeuce PLUCKS ATMV HEARTSTRINGS X'LL 6L1T T \MlGH1 BOARD HIM SOM6PLfM:& Ko^^^-r^m A wSSSl B^a^i^ Trt w ^ 1S^ MA ^ Wlpes TMfCT P6D1GR6EO WOULD BE LIKE [ M AfJ a \MAR .' CHANGE OF ADDRESS= Out Our Way ByJ. R. Williams A'LAMPPOSI WAS ALL A TOW M CUTUP EVER NEFDtP FOii A DRESS1M 1 ROOM--THEVLL COME OUT FROM BEHIMD THAT COLUMM LIKE BUSY LIKE A LOT OP PLAY WHAT GOE CM BEHIMD TH 1 SCEMES IS CLEVERER THAN TH' SHOW.' ' \ <'-Z/-\ .'*•

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