The Courier News from ,  on January 24, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from , · Page 7

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Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 2-1, 1947 U. S. Grand Jury Indicts Garssons Former Representative, A. J. May of Kentucky, Faces Charges, Too WASHINGTON. Jtlll. «-<U!>> —A Federal Gnuicl Jury yeslcrdiiy iiccuscd former IJcp. Andrew j. May, v., Ky., or corruptly receiving at least, $10,000 for his aid lo the Garsson intiniUons combine. The fai'iiicr clinirmnn of Ihc House Military Affairs Committee ^wns charged specifically with ac- W!' 1 '"!.' $16.000 ana agreeing to i-e- c'bivc an additional $53,000. A four-count indictment by tlie jury also named the Garsson bro- Diers, Henry M. and Murray, and Joseph F. Freeman. They were former officers of Eric Basin Metal I'rocliicls, Inc., Elgin, ill., and ot "atavia Metal Products, Inc., B:i- tavin. 111, Those \voj-e the companies for which May allegedly used his in- liucncc in gelling war contracts— wlilch totalled $18.000,01)0. •May Denies Guilt I'liKSTONBUHG, Ky., Jan. 24 — 'UI'i — former Rep. Andrew J. M '«y. Jr., accused by (lie federal Brand jury of corruptly receiving «t. least 510,000 lor his 'aid to the. Garssoh munitions combine, said: "1 am not guilty, i |,ave done notliiiit; wrong and have nol violated any law. i w jn appear in court and ask for n speedy irinl at which I will completely vindicate myself." May refused any further comment. IEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Just Friends/ She Says Carsson Attoinev Comments nOII, Ja'll. 24— (UP) — Charles J. Margiotti, attorney for Dr. Henry nnd Murray Garssoti, made the following statement in connection with their indictment in Washington: '"Hie indictments returned WBiiinsl Dr. Henry Garsson and P Murray Garsson by the Federal Grand Jury in Washington gives them nt last their first real opportunity to present at a public hearing, before an unbiased court nnd jury the facts <n this case "The trial will serve a dual purpose. ft will not only vindicate Dr. Murray Caisson and Henry Gars- ••>0n of the false accusations made against' them, but it w il| also present to the country the record of the outstanding achievements of themselves and the corporations with which they were associated in the production of war material that contributed so much to our vlctorv." Romanco-sechcrs saw significance in recent twosomiug ot actor Gary Grant and Belly llcnscl, pk-lurcd above at Hollywood night club. But later, in St. Louis. alllio»;;h admitting she wears Gary's ring, tlie ex-morlel said, "lie is just n very good friend." Grant's second wife, Barbara llutton, received a divorce IaM August. Doctor Soys Hansen's Disease Still is Health Problem in U S. ISY I'AUI, F. iaus United I'ress Science Writer NEW YORK, Jan. M.—It's not leprosy. It's Hansen's disease. i Leprosy is an "odious word," and j should be replaced, IJr. G. II. Fa get suggested today, i He is a medical director of the U. S. Marine Hospital at carville. La. This is the nation's only hospital, reserved exclusively for persons suffering from the oldest disease of the human race. Dr. Fauci made hi.s suggestion in a report of the Cnrvillc liospilai. in which he disclosed ihnt nan- sen's disease still is a health problem in some states, but that, the "danger of exposure, to leprosy is slight and not sufficient to warrant the widespread terror of car- iicr times." The Carville institution hns been in operation for 51 years, and under federal supervision B ince 1021. In all those years there have been 1,517 patients admitted. Berths in the hospital totalled Cilfl, 5-1 were, deported to foreign countries, and :<5I were discharged with the dis- .. nirrstcd. Of iliow ,..^ „ pili 'II wllh relapMVi hnve rctuvitoitj l*milslium, \vlil> our' nilnilsslonsi li'iuls Ihc IKI, Onllfornlii ttllli »TJ Is socoml: Texas, 22G. Ihll'ili '.Nc«l York, 131. fourth; ;m<.l Florliln 80.1 In all, put louts have (iron rceelvu'l from 11 .slates In uiltlillon to Ilio Philippine Isliiiuis, District of CO-. linnWii, nnwal; mill Zone, i Tlie Cavvllle patlcnls llvo In i| cily i»[ Uielr own—a inocli'ni clly< with Its own power plnniK. modonl "hole!" roams, first c-lus.i latxl, (h<\ iK'sl of inedlrnl i-ure. n i(0lf course',tennis cwn-ls. niolloii plelviro house, fiance halls nvllli swiiiy bunds l)c- ins! lmix>rle ( | iroin New Orleans Jind Union Doiniel, anil jusl uliuul eveiythlni; the ordinary community enjoys. The patients may hnve visitors from 7 a.m. to 7 pin. mid under cerl'.Un conditions they muy .sclves leave the liospHn) for visits nt home [or 10 days U> t*rt weeks. CoiTrspomjeiH'e is no" re- strlclril nllhoiuh all oulROlni: mail is disinfected. Nearly nil the palli'iils undergo li'calment durliiK I lie year.' Tim medical selenltst.s are 'constantly on the alert for a speclfle curt!, j Tliey have tried peiirillin, vnceluft and serum therapies. Inn no ivorth- H'liiic effects were recardeil. Ur. Facet reported I ha I the mi'i.t promise seems U> lie from the sill-, fonc (Ii-ii(;s, liicliicliii. prumln. <tlu-\ sonc and jM-omi/olc. in Hie last year. :|| patients have Ijeeli dl^-, eliarged with the disease arrested. Expericents now are BOiUB on wltli slrcploiiiycln. f» making ills report. Dr. l-'nsel t'l'isert a belter cdiiuiUminl progriim, especially for the nubile. In kecphiB tills disease under control. "There is need for rcpliiecmtmt of the odious words 'leprosy' and 'leper' which are usually unjustly associated In the public mind with "unclean/ The patients prefer (0 mil their niiilady j!(in.icn'.i disease." New Fire Starts In Ruins of Big Chicago Hotel CHICAGO, Jan. 34--IUI 1 ) — KilT- »»'n quickly extinguished n fire iiy In (hr i n Bailc Hotel Bi per.-ions dlert lust, June 5 in Ghii'imo'n worst hotel fire. Hie fire, which was put out with- 'n 10 minutes, apixu-fnily wns •stmli'd by the blow torch o( a workman who wn» reiwiriiiR the dinniiKe from |ho lire Innl June. Rseepl (or u few snlU'S, Hie hotel Ims been closed since the dls- nslroiis fire, 'J'hn Ibme.'i broke out In ,, 100111 °n Hip third floor mid shot ui> an clwiilor -dinfl for three floors. No one w«s liint, nnd tlie dntnuce Former Peace Officer faces Charge of Murder Ark,, Jim.2-1. (DIM — TuiiKMen iviro, iiiiiinifiicluivrt for use In Uirce-xvaU Ininps, Is drii>^n so lino Hint a pound would reach 2(12 miles. Arab Realtor, Making-Sales To Jews,, Killed JERUSALEM, Jan. ?A. (Ut>l — iMoliaminad Nnscr -Eddin Bashity. nn Arab land broker, was slain to- ••tday in Jerusalem's old city. Police rrsaid the assassination resulted from the bvokcr's selling land to Jews. Several previous attempts had been made on his IHe. British troops, meanwhile, discovered a tunnei through which Jewish underground rneiv.bers planned to escape from the Latiomi Iiitcrnmctit Camp. Bolli ends of the tunnel were scaled. Commanders of the Najada and FtiLnwa Arab armies prepared to leave for Cairo to meet representatives ol the Moslem brotherhood, and nnolher Arab delegation was enroulc to London to demand Arab Independence in the Holy Land. Read Courier News Want Ads. IF BACK ACHES DUE TO KIDNEYS k Flush Them Out This Doctor's Way /'/• If excess ncitJity of your urine ir.n'Kri your hack Rchc so you groan ... so you tct up 3 or 4 limes a night to pass v.-atcr. uow be of pood cheer. Tlircc cciicrations ORO a famous doctor noticed hundreds of his patients tind tins backache. He developed n medicine tnntic of exactly the rtRht amount of 16 hcrljs, roots, vegetables, balsams—truly Nature's own way lo relief. Now millions hove used it. The m?di- cine is I>r. Kilmrr'a Swamp-Root. In- Klanlly you take it. it starts to work flushing out those excess ncidi that iiifly J>c causinp your backache . . . incrrasi[tK the flow of urine to help ease thnt burning ccnsilion when you pass water . . . nnd bladder irritation that makes you get up lu'phti. Caution: take R? directed. You'll • ay it's really marvelous. FIT free trial supply, send to Dtpl. W, Kilmer & Co.. Inc.. Box 1255. Stamford, Conn. Or—pet full-sued bottle of Swamp- Root today at your drugstore. STARTS RELIEF. JUST 6 SECONDS Fuitrtittat FARM ffl9 LOANS / Low J Long Terra J Fair AppraJaa! / Prompt S«rvic« RAY WORTHINGTOH HcrTins This Scclion for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Dljlhcvillc, Ai'k. ;„ Tk. r.»;il Iniurlnn C»r»; >l Anwlet Tune iii IPriirtcnliat ProKrum Sunday at 4 j).m. over WliEC COLD PREPARATIONS : IABLEIS OR LIQUID PER TON ALABAMA RED, ASH SAHARA COAL $9.75 per ton. '" " Phone 551 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. K(lniun;ii>n, a lornier lluivliion e officer, wits ehai'ged yt'Kter- wild first degrcp murder Joe ilny Wr<lncMl:iy . Klone. 31-jYiir-olcl (.(-1101:1! eim- Inirlor. win. Mini hi lliu nlxlnuioii Insl Oct. 5. Hclimm:,nn luul hccn fire on S&.dOO bond on clmrKffi of ,is.s:niH wIMi In. lenl, to kill, 'run <-nsi> lm<l IHTII ».i'tir<l»lcil l»r thr .liumiiry Clveiill Conn, Imi It wa s ii pt'lUllllli (lie i)u|nillW of tjtUllc':! (()!'- illllon. .Slonc wn-i shut wlmii llir 'wi mni Ililll till liriillllK'llt III Illl itllt-y Ju',1 oil Ihc lliiiTisoll :;<iU:uv. PAGE'SEVEN £ It wits Miiisliall's llrst icguiiir conference wltli (lie Prcsiilfini New Secretory Confers With President Truman WASIirNCiTON. Jan. 'Jt (Ul>> — KiTiH:uy of siiitr Clcoruo c. Mn> f.tinll <'0iiferml wild I'rr.sliic il Trimum for 'M minutes yi'sUTcluy In \vh«l In- ili'.scrlljctl us u vouthio (ti.sriis.'.lim o| stiitp I)r|)nrlmcul cunUiinnrlly ticcs Uto I'icBlclcut M Mon<lny nnd Thunsclny. Sonerte Committee Okays Harriman's Appointment WASHINGTON, Jnn. 24. (UP) — The Senate Cojnmere* .. yesterday unanlmoiuJy the nomination ol, W. A»«reU JUrrl- man wrcretary of comaxnc *(«• he denied allegation* thtt'lM t/x>k part | n s r*Ur<w4 freifftt. rat* "conspiracy." . ••• • ,n ,«- Harrlmin has be«n *enHn«->B .Interim appointment a* tuenwiir to Henry A Wallacf who ntaitM after criticizing. U. B. 'l«r*li5 7 r«r Icy. • ', GOOD FOOD QUIET PLACE GOOD SERVICE T H A T' S THE DELTA CAFE \Vlu'li yuu sil down to cut in n cafe, you expecl fnucl ttiul good .service . . . thill's whiil. you (jet nl Uto !Jelt;i Cafe. Not, only that, you'll find it, quiet, and :omfoi'tiible there, tool C'omo in Tor n dinner thin weekend IUK! enjoy our famous flnvor I'ood! —SfZZLING STEAKS— C>1 South I'lioiic ;iliS. r > l But1«r lti«y won!, ll'i o good, wliolciomo (ood mods from frejh Voaited peanuti. CURTiSS,j FOOD CHRYSLER 13i E. Main MOTOR CO. Phones 21, 22 Blythcvlllc Brighten That Corner ATTRACTIVE 5-PIECE DINETTE SUITES Vou'll find llic'.sc colorful KtiiU-a «ru ideal (o lii'i'iflitcn tip youv kfa:U room. Muyln; you prefer it suite with OH It lop table, with l«lf.s and Iciillierellc chairs, or a Kulid oak model with Kmuut elLc trim, or your choice could be: a solid iok suite with at over while enamel finish. Wilde's have Ihcni ail in sparkling design. See them today. $7050. 4Q50 . A050 mU JF H £ ^^ gf BUDGET TERMS AVAILABLE WADE FURNITURE CO.

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