The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 5
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^FRIDAY; JANUAKY 24, 1947 Suggestons For Better Funning 'Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK;> COURIER NEWS FARM NEWS-PEA 7 URES PAGE Published Every .Friday im the Interest of Farm Families of Tfcis Agricultural Section. Egg Production Shows Increase Teen-^ge Group Begins Course in Livestock ^Raising in Bank Average Per Hen Jumps from 96 to i 118 in 12 Years j US j Iwns are layinn more eggs now i than they did a lew years ago. at 1 - ' (wtltiiK l<» Miss Cora Lee Coli-- I Wan, county home demonstration Psent. 1 j "Twelve years auo. (he average |:cr 1 Jien per year was an ecus." vh« said ' j'Tlic year before the avcrn^n | Was 118 CUBS. Last year Ihvy fell buck 11 tou])le ol egy.s. but the U S pejiarlmcnt of Agriculture exnccls i^moiican hens lo leacli even a higher rr.te tit laying in the years I , 'I he home demonstration nt>enl gave several reiisons for the increase in eaiis per hen. In tlie first' place, she .s:ikl. Ihc shift from farm i liulclifny lo eoninicrcinl halvhiag • has had n ,i;reat deal lo do wit!) the increase. This year, for insumv ilearly nine-leiiths of all chit-kens raiseu in this country were com- I luercially liatchpd, compared v.-llh l 11) less thini half of them years ago. '; "The National Poultry Impvove- rnqnt Plan has also been insirtt- rnental in increasing CBB prudift- lion," she declared. "Bui th?iv is |till much room for further improvement, as less than hull of the- hatchery capacity is now inc-l'.ni-d in that plan. More hatcheries Inking part each year will furlh-.':- improve Ihe iiualily of chickens raid Increase the number of fggtt per ; Pullets Jiest Layers « trend toward all-pullet ilnc!<s eiven as another reason for s laying more cggx. 'Thy h'«<e neinonstration agi!nt said that since pullets ordinarily lay 20 per cent {uore c|!j>s than hens' a year oid or plder .Ihc gain there is very rip- parent. In conclusion she mid- i'More lavers and more chickens bred to lay together with b-ite'v feed and reeding practices, and improved poultry houses, are the :,-2- cr«ts of why our hens are lny'n > more eggs psr hen." " : The meaty observation Kliouid settle the question in favor of Ihe All-pullet ilock of ey{? layers :s phrased Ihis way by T. C Byerlv or the United States Dop'art.iVn'l of Agriculture: . "It lakes 25 pounds of feed to develop a pullet lo Ihe laym-; sla^e It takes about four-fifths ss "nnii-ii feed to carry a hen through Ihe three months usually require;! for I the,•.moll,... In...the. old..hen; yoiuget only a new coat of feather.!, while in the pullet you get five ysiinds of poultry meat." Taking into consideration the added fact that pullets lay more es^s tlian hens, this choice bst'vccn a serving of chicken feathers and a serving of meat should settle con- 4 isively the preference for pullets ,1hc laying house and hens in the ttle or roaster. All farm families should stud'- culling for egg production. Cotton Variety Test Results Announced by Burdette Grower 11V G. A. IIA1..A. Afti'omimlsi Burili'lte plnnliitioii is »miin in.ikiiu; llu- rosuUs of Us cotlon variety lusl nviilliibk' lo ihc rentiers ol tlic- Courier News The UiMo Dolow slvns UK- vjoUl data for liMli mid llii- ; ,v m8 ,. |i m ' V 1,.UI 5 tor IIH!, VAHIETV— liuidelle Sloneville 22 Stoueville 41! Kmphe Paula BLiidette Uellapine 'IK liurdctle Uowden SI .. Deltapino H DorlL'h 10 787 in a •I'M n« 7117 138 731 lOlfl 1030 10M (IX, •Jan 2841 35 1 ! Mii am SH)j M'J KM 2421 3fi 41) 30 1 3 32 1 1,1(1 I l.lli i i Hi I1 lu i iiitt 11 flu K) (14 611 (H (IB Tlie 'Durdette vavicliesuwerc <le-, veloped from individual ">lnnt so-, leellons made in )9J2 and the .SPOI! supply of these new callous Is only enough lo piant the 'ISurdelte 'Plantation cotton acreage this year. Colton growers and others intor- csled in cotum Improvement live inviied lo see these new, slale- n'Ki.Mcird vailc'iles, which have •lieen bu'd ., for local condlllons, Krt:\vnii; with other lending Kinds aiul in increase fields at Hurifelli! dtiriii:; the coming urowing seusim. Banker, teachers and a, prospective cattleman check ofer -\ bus ncs- proposition. Lefl lo HE lit, Uoyd Mikkolson, Fullerlon bank manager llerberl. still and R. n. Wilteniw-k, Inslructors ol Pullcrton School, and Dill Roscdale. whose financial olid farming future with this calf. Iligii \x?ti\s Light From Death BY PATT WATTS NEA Staff (;orrcs]inmleiit PULLERTON. Calif.—(NBA). — Tecn-aye youths in southern California's, rural communities are gel-ling practical training in cattle and credit. When the boy.5, all members of the Future Farmers of America, become full-fledged cattlemen 10 year.s from now they will have a thorough grounding in bank credit requirements and the real problems of raising stock for profit. Today, a group of 3 r > youths are investing in baby beef, averaging 375 pounds each. After a year of feeding and care (in niter-school hours) the Aligns Feeder calves will hit the .scales at, an estimated 950 pounds eacn and will be auctioned off. Fullerlon High School agi\;ul- ture instructor Herbert Stilt arranged financing with Uoyd Mlk- ^kejsoii, ^nanager of the Bank of Ah5crtca"T6rancH 'aT~FTi!lstT6rf r ~i-';il individual financial responsibility remains with the boys themselves. Mikkelson talked to each of the bo.vs. explained bank interest rates, procedure on notes and gave each an explanation on bank regulations. Together the banker and the prospective cattle buyer went, over ! the plans for cattle raising and ' discussed ho w large a loan Ihc boy needed and could carry. The youthful cattlemen signed individual notes for $110 for each -•alf they bought. There were no co-signers. Mikkelson says the bank is interested in seeing that the boys buy belter slock and understand hoa- banking 1.5 done by cattlemen. In addition to the cattle loans, money has been advanced tor raising chickens, rabbits and other slock. Not all the boys gel loans, and those who do don't always get as much money as they want. The prospective borrowers must prove to the bank's satisfaction that Iheir plans are good financial risk*. So far the bank has loaned a lo- lal of S!.5-millif ln ( () teen-agers interested in commercial ranching. The average loan has been $44, and every loan has been repaid. Read Courier News Want Ads. Too Late to Classify For Sale Cr.rmirl, l)ni>rin <-iiii,l!li<iu r", '• ' Meat Shortage Continues to Plague British LONDON. Jnn. 2-1. <Wt— TJic governmenl served police on the diet-jaded Uritish i».'Ople today Ihsl their meager ration of fresh meat was being cut. olher reductions were likel. niidy an iicule shortage of basic foods would continue. Pood Minister John Strachey announced a reduction in the 'fresh meat ration from one shillinu four pence (28 cents) worth a week Per person lo one shilling worth. The canned meal ration was increased from i\vo pence lo tour pence worth. SlKK'hiy Mild there' was no cluniro of Increasing (he bacon lation liom the present two ounces weekly, anil in fuel it inlfjbt be mrcviiiry to reduce It (iirther. lashinn bark at Ihe labor |..ov- cminenl. Lord Woolton, wartime food inlnl.stcr, declurcd: "This lontiinieil slringenoy "I fooil is liiniuiiing production' and causiiij. harnssini! unhappiness to Die lioii.sewlvcs of the nation. H Is high time we had a break In Ihls riebillluilni! auslcrlly." Come in and See How Our^tfbdernized Service Shop Is Equipped . L ... . to Take Care of Your Equipment More ScientTficallv' You owo it' to yourself to KIVO our modcrni/.cd Iraclor scrvioiiiR facilities Hie once-over. Slop in tliu next timo you're in town and look over the coin- pli'lc set-up of cquipniaiiL we IKIVC, all specially desigue.l for scrvidiiK John J)cero tractors. H's one reason wliy it will pay you to h;ive us do your service work. Tallc willi our factoi v-(raiuc<I »';rv- Klnjj's rlsii The stiiriicon is known as 111" royal fish, because, since the lime of Edwmvl H, the reigning kiiii! of England may claim any .slnr- geon caught. Missco Implement Co. ice iniin, Let him show you how we can keep your trriclor in first-class condition. We'll grind the valves tiftlUcH all parts . . . clean the cnrburctor and oiling system . ,. give the engine a thorou«li tnning-n;> . . . or handle 'any other servicing job your tractor may need—aft «| « price Hint will surprise yon. See us now you'll (iiul it well worth your while. JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS Lost rmUl, , ,,;,. l"v'"' ''''"'"• l {l ' w ""l. \Vrilc \V. .11 Wanted to Rent ,y r nvi'< !'• "" r>rs|,,.riil,.lj- .„'• , Mr,. I'-iry Smith. <ir;iti,-r's Stf>r*' " With n cornea transplanled lo his own sightk-ss eye from one of Ihe eyes of <in executed con- vicl, father Edmund Boyle, formerly of Pawluckel, li. I., converses willi a well-wisher while convalescing in a Reno, Nev., hospital. Father Boyle received the cornen from Paul Skatig, put to death ri Nevada gas chamber. CATTLE GRUB AND WARBLE fc CONTROL Wf/ke's GRUB OUST c I (Contains Cube Resins 1 including Rctcnanc. 5%) A scientific preparation nude according tc the latest recommendation of the U. S. Dept. of Acrieuliure in the control of Grubs in the bicks of emit. Controlled cittlc jjraie more quteily; make faster ind mor< profitable ^ainj, Carton sufficient 01 OH for 25 head $liUU For Sale by Woods Drug Store UIILKC Dependable ANTI-HOG CHOLERA SERUM * VitEJlINARY PRODUCTS • PLEASE don't put off this important job nny longer. You're going to want all of your equipment in good shape when field work slarts. .It's our job lo put it in condition. We'll handle your repair jobs the way you want them handled if you'll let . us know in advance. Slop in now, or phone us, and get your work on our schedule. Then you're sure to have ihc machines when you need them. You know our reputation for repairing farm equipment. That's our business. We have expert mechanics apd a well- equipped shop. And our bins arc loaded with genuine IHC paris-iho same parts lhat arc built into the machines at ihc factory—and you can't beat them. Take one day and go over every machine on youc place. Tag each onr. wilh the things that need lo be done. You can count on the same service in our shop you g« from McCormick-nccrins equipment in the field. Say when and we'll get busy, DELTA IMPLEMENTS; inc. 312 So. 2nd St. Phone 863 BC WISE-DC AN Early Bird-ORDER NOW We hove if in stock now -NEW rat killer Here's a new rat killer that does „ , x a bang-up job. H'sAnturat.'aDr.Hess product. It's tasteless-rats can't'detect it in baits. They cat it without beingisuspicious, . Anturat is more poisonous to rats than oilier animals. It's more effective than squill against the Norway or common brown rat. It's been thoroughly tested-idea! for farm use. Anturat is least poisonous to chickens-it is not dangerous to livestock or pets if used properly. Anturat is an entirely new rat killer. We feel certain it is the best type of rat killer for every-day farm use. Get Anturat now. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 \V. Alain S(. I'linn WATCH THIS PAPER! MONDAY, JAN. 27th FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING THE WHEtt-liS* IMPUMINTS -— AND THE RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY DOUGLAS LAWSON, Mgr. BLYTHEViLLE, ARK. handsome, sturdy KITCHEN UNITS .... to get that Built - In Effect There's a size for pr.ictiotilly every space in Lliosr. handsome, sturdily built cabinet units wilh sink. Sparkling; white enamel covorino; wood construe! ion, wilh inlaid linoleum t<>|>. Deep double sink. ^Standard 30" height. For every kitchen purpose. Units may 1)0 purchased separately, if desired. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY 0. 10. Ivlccfric Appliances—Hendix Washers 2 Doors West of Hubbard Kiirnilurc Your G.E. Store in Blytheville 30 Gal. Oil Water Heater You'll bo trcaled lo plenty of hoi wn(cr by installinp; lliis snionlh opcralhiK water healer. Finished in sleaminur white. s 11Q r>() A vaiuc a I 110 40 GaL Electric Water Heater Now is (he time ID install (lint now electric water healer. This beautifully finished •lO-gallon unit will do tlu- job. In while Knaincl 12 Gal. Electric Water Heater .lusl' plujr i( in and ins.lalla- limi is complete. No extra wiring or extra meleis;. Operates wilh or without plumbing conned ions, wliilc enamel All Metal Wall Cabinet finished wliita cnnmel all melal wall cabinet lo add convenience a n (1 brightness (o your kitchen. Easy lo install in your kitchen

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