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Los Angeles Herald from Los Angeles, California · Page 3

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1879
Page 3
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BUSINESS ENTERPRISE. rTHK HERALD STEAM PRINTING House makes a specialty of Legal i Printing. Briefs, Transcripts, etc., printed at low rates. ' 1000 People Wanted Immediately • l AT THK CENTRAL MARKET, No, 37 SPRINO ST., To buy Sugar-Cured Hams nt 12J0., Sides at 10 ■~ aud Ba»f at 4} , Mutt ton, do. Tbe Highest Market Price paid for Besf Cuttle, Mutton Sheep, Hogs, Calves, eto. mb2B lm i Rubber Paint! Rubber Paint! The undersigned offer tbe best , rubber paint iv tbe market, mixed ready for use, all shades and colors, nt the following prices: * 'White a shades In 5 cal. cans,tl 60pr gal 7 •• i i.»j X «' 1.70 •' .i .1 }/ 1.80 " t Wagon Colors ln H " 2-60 " Bought direct from the raauufacturers. ■9*Partles will do well to cull on us before purchasing elsewhere. Harper, Moore & Co. H J The Best is the Cheapest. f' Averill Mixed Paint; mixed |j ready for use. White and all shades and colors, in auy quantity Universally ucknowl edged to be the best and most durai ble ln all climates. The genuine to be had in Los Angeles only al Harper, Moore & Co.'a Agents. O. S.ORRICK, Gen. Agt., j» San Francisco. !/ Merchant Tailor. Mr. F. Veyessett, No. 7 Spring street, calls the attention of the gentlemen of Los Angeles to his large stock of fashionable goods, comprising the latest styles of English and -Scotch tweeds, French and English j diagonals, broadcloths, caslmeres, , silk and silk velvet ve«tlugs and all 4 tit her lash ionable goods. 1 Mr. F. Liodquist, one of the most experienced and artistic cutters, is - connected with this house and will guarantee a perfect fit in all cases, Jan. 5-tf. [ To the Ladies. • I would inform the ladies that I am prepared to execute hair-work with neatness and dispatch. Orders Uom the country promptly attended to. Satisfaction guaranteed. i Mrs. J. S. Hewitt, Near new depot, San Fernando j street, Los Angeles. febll-lm The Ladies' Candy Factory And lunch room has been removed 'two doors below tlie old stand on Spring street, where we are now prepared to furnish hot lunch, tea, '.poffee and chocolate at all hours; also we keep constantly on hand a fine assortment of fresh candies and cakes of our own manufacture. Remember the place, No. 13 Spring street. Mrs. A. T. Beeler. feb2tf Gentlemen, if you wish a .good fit and good goods, please call at 38 Main street. JThe Russian Eleotric Baths of It. tftghesand Wife are located at No. 15 Main street, opposite tbe Pico fHouse. Gentleman aud ladies will be waited upon by persons of their own sex. novl4tf Re-Upening. V E. Nellzke, the pioneer undertaker of Los Angeles, has re-opened ' the establishment at No. 3 Spring street (the old stand), where be , will hereafter be found in readiness . to attend to all business In his line. She finest hearse in tbe oity is connected with this establishment. SATURDAY MARCH 29. 1879 Herald Steam Printing House. The facilities of the n nu.u.n .steam Printing Huusu for doing Job work are not surpassed ln California outside of Ban Francisco and Sacramento. All work entrusted to us will be executed with neatness and dispatch at the lowest living rates. N?K(IAI. NOTICE. Hereafter notices ot companies, socleties, churches, etc., will only be inserted In the lIEKALnas paid advertisements. We reserve, for Places of Worship, a gratis directory, which will appear every Sunday morning. WAR DEPARTMENT, SIGNAL SERVICE, U.S. ARMY. Division of Telegrams and Reports for the lienefltof Commerce aud Agriculture. H-eport of observations taken at Los Angiles, Cal., March 18 1879. Maximum Thermometer, 80.0 Minimum 550 J. M. Frantz, Sg't,W|g Corps TT. 8. A. LOCAL BREVITIES. There is a telegram at the Telegraph office for Rosa Serrano. The Signal Service thermometer registered 00.10° In the shade yesterday. A large lire was reported to be raging ln San Antonio Cation, back of Pomona, yesterday. "Corporation moonlight" began la9t night at 11 45—about the time every one bad gone to bed. The children of the Presbyterian Sunday school give a concert nt Good Templar's Hall on Sunday evening. A chestnut sorrel horse strayed or was stolen from the residenoe of Mr. 8. M. Perry, Boyle Heights, on Thursday evening. See advertisement. Mr. R. R. Unities, of the Western Union Telegraph Company, went down to San Diego on the steamer yesterday for an official visit of a lew days. The Board of Public Works was authorized at the last meeting of Council to complete Ihe drainage ofthe frog pond at the Intersection of Olive and Second streets. The Committee of Arrangements for the Odd Fellows' anniversary ball intend that it shall eclipse any terpsiohorean entertainment that has been given In Los Angeles in a long while. The Young Men's Democratic Club meet in the Couuty Court room at 7J o'olook this evening. A full attendance is requested, ns business of importance will come before tlie meeting. The Committee on Lemons of (he Horticultural Society meet at the Society's office, No. 5 Odd Fellows Block, (over the Postofflee) at 11 o'clock A. M. to-day, to test, tho various specimens submitted to them. Death and taxes aro supposed lo be tho two prime evils from which there is no escape. And now there 1b a third, fortunately not so permanent lv its character, viz , the discussion of tbe new Constitution. The copartnership heretofore existing between S. W. Craigue and C. C. L'ps, under tho firm name nf S. W. Craigue & Co., n-proprletors of the St. Charles Hotel, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 27th Inst. See notice. Through the kindness of Dr.Widney, Chairman of the Meteorological Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, our Public Library is now regularly In receipt of the Monthly Weather Review and the accompanying charts and Signal Service maps. To day and, at the most, to-morrow, is the duration of the warm spell. Heaven be praised 1 It is not generally known, but it Is a pleasant fact In the perspective, that April, In Los Angeles, is almost the pleasantest, because the coolest, month in the year. In our notice of the Old Fellows' approaching anniversary celebration, yesterday, we erroneously credited Mr. D M. Adams with being Secretary of Los Angeles Lodge No. 35, when we should have said Secretary of the Committee of Arrangements for the celebration. By advertisement elsewhere, It will be seen tbat tbe famous Hutchinson Family will give a grand saored concert at Union Hall on Sunday evening. In order that every one may have the pleasure of hearing this veteran troupe, tickets will be sold at tho moderate price of 50 cents each. Mr. F. J. Barretto, in our New To-Day, oilers a reward nf $250 for the return of a thoroughbred Jersey cow, stolen from his farm, and the oonvicllon of the thief. It la supposed that the cow has been driven to some distance, as, on account of her diminutive size, it would not pay to butcher ber. We hope he may recover Ihe animal and, If she has been stolen, that the thief may be captured and receive prompt aud severe punishment. The many friends of Mr. Mendel Meyer, who proposes to leave Los Angeles to tnke up bis residence in Arizona, on the 20th of April, will be glad to learn that he will give a grand faiowell concert at Turn- Vereln Hall on the evening of April Ibili, at which be will be as-1 by the best amateur and pro>nal talent of Los Augeles. programme will be one of tbe , varied and ontertaluing ever jtiled and we have no doubt be listened to by the largest ci. ever assembled ln tbis c havo been permitted to see bill of fare and programme of Thirty-Eights' bauquet, which - place next Thursday night. It la elaborately and artistically gotten up, and, we havo no doubt, will be preserved by all fortunate enough to be present as a souvpnir of tho banquet. Of the menu we are not at liberty In spenk in detail, but we advise those who hnve received invitations to prepare by an abstinence of at least twenty four hours for one of the i idlest feasts ever served in Los Augeles. On Wednesday, the 2d of April, at 2 o'clock P. m , there will be held a general meetiug of tbe vine growers and distillers of the State, under the auspices of the State Viniculture! Society, at the rooms of the Merchants' Protective Association, 123 California street, third floor, Suu Francisco. Important business is to come before the Sooiety, and it should he the duly of every vine-grower to be presem. The business of the meeting will be: Tho Proposed Frenoh Treaty; Free Brandy for Sweet Wines; Bonded Warehouse Regu bilious; Wines for the Australian Fair. I'be meeting will also bead dressed by several prominent men upon wine maiters of iuterest. If the testimony given by Mrs. Kelley before Justice Carrillo, yesterday, Is lo be believed,we have iv Los Angeles, in the person of Mr-. Ann Smith, one of tbo most dextrous women in the world. The suit was for assault ami baltery. Mrs. Kelley, in detailing tho mode of attack, said that Mrs. Smith caught her by the hair of tho head with botli hands, in which she hud two rocks, with which she b-»i her and placed one of the hands, rock and all, into her mouth, all at Ihe suiuh time. The fact of the battery was oorroboiated by other witnesses, none of whom, however, saw Ihe multiform use to which the two bauds were put, "all ut the same time." Mrs. Smith wus mulcted iv a suitable I'm >. Tho Fort Street Methodist Episcopal Church was crowded last night by a large and fashionable audience to hear the famous Hutchinson family. These taleuted pen pie have been celebrities for so lona period that they need but littl, commendation fro .i in. Wo were especially pleased by tlie Freedmen und camp meeting feature* o tlie programme. In addition to llue, mellow voices, tlie Hutchinsons are artistic in the widest appreciation of the word. The printed programme is frequently departed Irom, to the decided benefit of the audit no •, for they got more than was iniuiiu ited in tbe bond. Several line recitations varied the vocal exercises. They will sing again to-night, in the same place. The clc&ing exercises of tbe High School yesterday afternoon were of a most Interesting character and exhibited a degree of culture and information highly croditable to both teachers and scholars. They consisted of essays, declamations and music, closing with two debates—the first between members of the Junior aud Middle classes. Subject: "The Chinese must go," which was decided in favor ot tlie negative, Which was argued by Mis Kite Urous-eau au 1 Master Thendoiu Savage, while the ntfirmative was maintained by Miss Birtlie Cannon and Mister George Hoc, land. The next sul j-ot discussed was, "Is war ever justifiable?" This question was debateii by Miss Mary Foy ami Mastei Artie Bent iv the affirmative; Miss Nettle Moi'ey and Miss Jessie Overman iv the neg tti tre and was decided in favor of tue former. The promoters of tho new enterprise for building a wharf at South Sauta Monica held a meeting yesterday afternoon at a room on Riquena street secured fur the purpose. The meeting wa9 organized by the elude ■ ol Mr. W. H. Periy for Chairro.au am! Messrs. I. W. Lord aud [. A. Weld for Secretaries. After some spirited discussion the Canvassing Committee was In creased by tbe following appointments: W. H. Perry, L. Mesmei V. Hoover, t. W. Lord, G. W. Gep hart, L. Lichteubeiger, A. H. Denker, C. C. Lips, J. H. Seymour und A. Briswalier, The original members nf the Oooniulitee are I. A. Welti, J. D V iung and D. Freeman, who still remain in charge of the eubscrip tions in their respective seciions. The new membeis of the Committee will soon begin uu active canvass of theoity. This movement means business. HUNTING IN THE MOUNTAINS. Aa Immssga CsliforaiaLloaO'iptured, Mountain Home, Mar. 27th. Editor Herald : — Yesterday evening a young man (Antonio Smith) wbo lives with me.wentoui with ray hounds to have a cat or fox ohase. In a short time the dogs opened out and very soon brought a huge California lion to hay. Antonio then gave three blast 9 with his horn, which is tho hunter's signal for assiotanoe. I immediately made my way to the foot-hills ami in a small oafim found Antonio nnd the degs still holding his lion ship ut bay. In the meantime Anlouio, who had a small shotgun charged with bird shot, fired Into tbe lion with but little damage. Another short race and the dogagaiu brought hlin to bay, and Antonio, witii his gun In one baud and a lighted candle in the oilier, approached within twenty or thirty feet of Ihe iiou and 11 red, the whole Laid entering his breast; then another short rue, when the doira attacked and killed him outright, hie measured 6} feet from tip to tip. We have lately boon having a jolly time catolilng cats, foxes, coyotes, etc., but this is rather the grandest viotory of al l , anil An tonio is certainly entitled to wear the horns nf our little hunting band from San Gabriel and Pasadena. I only regret that it was not daylight and our whole party„es»>eoially the Indies, were not present to enloy the fuu. Yours, Ac . \V. W. Edwards. A large and coiuij el* assortment of the latest Improved tru«-ea Juitt received by Helmt-man & All la need of a truta Will do well to call oo them. The Proposed New Constitution. No. I. Copiea of tbe new Constitution have vow come to band, aud the people have au opportuulty of nr riving at come conclusion as to its merits. It is by courtesy called ■ Constitution, but may more properly be styled a Code of Political Law. The Constitutions to which the poaple of tbe several States have hitherto been accustomed have been concise, well written, terse and clearly expressed instruments. The draft presented by the late Convention will All a large pamphlet. It Is full of ambiguities of language, verbose, involved and often uiigraramatio-.il in ex pression. Some few of its incongruities aud gross tjo IL Li i-iil fallacies, I propose to point out ln as brief a manner as thesubjectwill permit; and,with a view of making tlie criticism In some degree methodical, shall ad dre,smyself tolls several artioles in their order. DECLA.BA.TIOS OP RIOHTS. It has been usual iv all American Constitutions, under tbs name of a Bill or Declaration of Rights, to insert a catalogue of certain universally admitted popular rights which have beoome sanctioned by time and the practice of free countries. The usage is a good oue, but the Bill of Bights oug!# to be confined to the declaration of the dearest and most generally admitted axioms of free government, lest tbo people be robbed by force of construction o( the very rights ititaoded by it to be secured. Id this respect, the Bill of Rights of our existing Constitution is a model worthy of perpetual imitation. That proposed by tho late Convention Is a repetition of the old, with certain additions, which tre by no means improvements. The first of these additions (Sec 3, Vrt. 1,) relates to the status of the State of California towards the American Uulon. From what source did tho Convention get the power to deflae the relations of tho State to the other States or declare it to be "an inseparable p»rt of the American Union?" That body was -dected to revise the Constitution of tlie State of California, nud for that purpose ouly. The relations nf a Stato to the Uuiou are fixed uud regulated by the Federal Coustltution, and are not, aud cannot become, subject to State control whether through its legislature or through a C invention ropresontiug its sovereign will, The Convention, however, goes much further aud, In thu same seonou, declares that "th-. Constitution of the United Stales is the su preme law of the land " Here is State's rights with a vengeance. No oue over before doubted that lho Federul Constitution was the supreme law of the laud, but the' extremest Stute's rights men, the Mucous, Randolphs aud Calhouus ot the past, supposed tbat tbis was so, became that Constitution de alared it to be so, and because the several States, by ratifying it, had agreed that it was so. It remained for the statesmen of tbe lute Sacramento Convention to li-oiver that our State was uot uu inseparable part of tlie Union, aud tuat the Constitution of llie United Slates was uot tbe supreme law of the laud unless, and until, so declared by the Coustitutiou of the State. For surely such must have beeu the conviction of the frarneis of the seotion referred to. We cauuot ln any fairness presume that a bo ly of men so able, patriotic and eoonomioal would havo consumed time and the people's money iv preparing and digesting a useless section. They must have Intended it lo serve some purpose, and, if so, what purpose? Answer: the purpose expressed by tho seotlou itself,viz., of malting tlie State an inseparable part of the Uniou, and the Coustit ii ion of the United States tho supreme law of the land. If, then, the Convention bo right, our State is not now uu inseparable part of tbe Colon, aud tbe Fed eral Const! to lion is not tbe supreme law of tbe land. Nay, If tbe proposed Constitution should bead ipted, any futuru amendment of tbe iustrument,by omitting the section referred to, will, if the theory of the Couveutiou be sound, destroy the inseparable tie which biuds us to our sister States, and abrogate tbe supremacy of tlie common Constitution. It may be nlalmoil that the section, if useless, is also harmless How do wo know that? Constitutions are made for tbe future, aud how do we know what a future generation may think, and hoy. they may reason on tbis subject? If a body of tbe ablest men iv California should at this day doeui the adoption of such a provision necessary to bind California to the Union and givo supremacy to tbe Federal Constitution, what Is to prevent tile people some years hence regarding tbat provision as the sole tie uuitiug us with other States, and tho sole sanction for the supremacy of the Federal compact. Aud when they, following In the foolsteps of tbe < 'onvein ion, come to so regard it, what is to prevent them, by its abrogation, inaugurating separation and secession iv their worst forms? Part of section 14 of the name article ia objectionable for several teasous. It provides that "no right "of way shall be appropriated to the use of any corporation other than munic"pit until full compensation be "made ln money, etc., irrespective "of any benefit from any improve' ment proposed by such corpora"lion," etc No one doubts that the subject of this clause Is within toe scope of ordinary legislation, and cau with safety be left to the discretion of our law-makers. But tt contains, by Implication, tbe recogultlou of a dangerous principle. It ha 9 been usual with legislative permission to Invoke the aid of tbe sovereign right of eminent domain in aid of enterprises of a public nature, though carried on by meaus of private oapital; but tbis is probably tbe first time that tbe right of "corporations other than municipal," that is, private, to tbe exeroise of so extreme a power bas been conceded by a Constitutional provlsi in. Nor is there any limit to tbe concession. Its terms evidently embrace all private corporations, and hereafter, If this Constitution be adopted, every man will hold his en tutu sutjeOt to the power of lime corporation to appropriate it upon making what may or may uot be compensation therefor If. San Francisco Markets. Correoted every Wednesday afternoon for tbe Herald by Spear, Meade & Co., Commission Merchants, 316 and 318 Washington street, San Francisco. Business continues quiet for this season of the year, very little activity being found in any quarter. Barley aud corn are held firm at our quotations and very few sales are made. It is doubtful whether concessions in prloe would lead to auy largely increased business, tbe state of trade beiug such that purchases are chiefly made to supply present needs. Barley—Coast feed. 6i@850. Beans—Lima, $4}@4}; pea, $3® $3}; butter, $2i®24/ small white. *ti®V, red, Slit(a)li; bayo, $160 (oil 75. Corn—Large yellow 92J@95e; small yellow, $102J@1 05; email white, $I.oU@l.u2}; lurge white, 95@97J. Jiitgs—Receipts are very free and choicest sell to-day at 19c. per dozen. Onions—Scarce, 10©l2Jc. per pound. Potatoes—Early rose, choice, SIJ ©l|; early Goodrich, $I|@2; new, SMMo. Butter—Choice Point Reyes, 21® 22c, outside brands, 14@170. Hens, 16@8 50 a doz. Ciiickens, StifeU 25 a dnz. Rye—sl 00® I 05. Alfalfa Seed, 12@13c. Lard—South coast in tins, 7@7ic; tierces, 6}@7a. Ham—south coast, 6J©7c. Bacou—South coast, Be. Hops—Very dull; 4@03. Honey—Market well supplied and prices contlnuevery low. Beeswax—24@2sc. per pound. Dried fruits are exceedingly dull ami with heavy stocks here there seems little hope fur improvement. Apples—lv sacks 4nV)4J Peaches—ln sacks, 7J®Bo. Grapes—ln sacks, 2i@3c. Orauges—Receipts continue very Heavy and prices for this fruit ami all other products are low. Small oranges are very cheap; and with the ne i r approach of the strawberry season, which always causes a decreased demand for oranges, we have little hnpe for higher prices. 100 to 125 to box, $20@25 per M; 125 to 150 to box, $12@17; 175 "> 200, $10@I2 50; 21010276,5b@ J7; 300 to 355, $5®5 50. Limes—s3 to $4 per box. Lemons—ss®lo per M. Raisins—Dull and slow sales. Riverside, $1 00@1 25 pet box. Council Proceedings. Cuuntjr Court BnrUHl, J. Friday, March 28. Peplo vs. Welch—Sentence to pay a fine i f $10 or ten days Imprisonment ill llie county jail. I, is Amteles City vs. Heck et al. — Extension nf Seventh street. Commissioners appointed. SET FOR to-dat. Flood vs. M ore • t at, You can trade off your old clothes for new ones at No. 8 Aliso street. n7tf Old hats re-made at No. 8 Aliso street. n7tf Notice. i The Ladles' Oyster Rooms, Re- I'queua street, near Main, opposite I the Uuited States Hotel, are again Uopeneti to the ladies aud will be ".arrled on in a strioiiy respectable I way, so tbat all ladies, with or kjyithout escorts, may feel at ease ( and receive prompt and respectful ' attention. Oysters in every style, k shrimps, tea, coffee, etc, constantly f on hand. Jon Bayer. pot 4 tf I Second hand olothing bought and I ..ild at No. 8 Aliso street. n7tf I Joe Bayer, of Congress Hall, has iliust received a cousignmeut of i boca lager beer. It is a superb artiole aud cannot be excelled| at a draught beer. Oysters, f shrimps, hot and cold lunches of all i kinds, constantly on hand. Give I him a call. Comer Main and Rejuena streets, opposite tlie U. 8. Hotel. o9 No. 130 Hill Street. Nicely furnished rooms with first "class board, use of parlor aud piano. ) Beat locality In the city. Terms I reasonable. Mrs. J. M. Carey, No. W ISO Hill street. 0012 t ßazors of every make at Sutherland's gun store, 75 Main street. 2 Get your old clothes cleaned and dyed at No. 8 Aliso street. n7tf 1 Cheap prices at Sutherland's gun store, 75 Maiu atreet. 2my7 ! k luvalids wlio are suffering from ohronio kidney and liver diseases, i rheumatism, dyspepsia, scrofula, p- and all cutaneous affections, should [ goto Fulton's Sulphur Wells, lo- I oatod thirteeu miles from Los An f •«ri les, on tho Anaheim railroad. V This water Is, beyond a queetiou, I flue. °° mt s I a p NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. The Hutchinson Family WILT. OIVB TWO 0» I'll Kill GRAND CONCERTS At the M. E. Church, On Friday & Saturday Ev'gs, MARCH 28th and 20th. VF THIS WILL BE THK GREAT EVENT OF Tan SEASON. ■VraiOM REDUCED SO ALL CAN 111.Alt THEM. aar Admission,soc; Children, 26a.; Reserved seats,7Sc; for«aie%t Lewin * Co's Book.tore. mhMtd For an Invigorator, Damiana Bitters. MICHEL LEVY, AGENT. A PHYSIOLOGICAL 7iex7 of Marriage! ■■■■■isai A. Outdo to Wedlock and •V ▼ f/.V 1.-onndviitiKl Trcetlee on tltr y IP,TV, D ' tnarrUm end lh» -rWnMIMWi' 1 "' Piaeeere of Women. < gM. <| m ~m ■T7TJ A Iwuk lor private, ronsid- Jfll.lfc^f^VfcH 8 «te reading. 2HU ptjrea, [wio; ADVISER! m , .in nil ilmordeno( a Private) Nniure enimg trom Sail '-v.so, Excoeoes. orSecrat XHaeaaea, witii the t*ai itniiaofrnra, !M4. In Teniae*. pricfiOcte, A CLINICAL LECTURE on the diatitei andj io» uT the Throat end Lunga, Qatarrh.Ruptura, the )p umHablt.Sc. price 10 eta. U>herbook arnt pottpalton receipt of price i or an three, NEW TO-DAY. DI^FFKmALY T S SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED $50,000 WORTH OF THE NEWEST AND MOST STYLISH Dry Goods & Fancy Goods EVER IMPORTED TO LOS ANGELES. This entire line of goods has been purchased under the present depressed state of the dry goods market. We are therefore in position to offer most extraordinary inducements in every department. BLACK SILK, COLORED DRESS SILKS, TRIMMING SILKS, DRESS GOODS, SHAWLS, SHEETINGS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, NAPKINS, TOWELS, QUILTS, PRINTS, SHIRTING, LADIES' & GENTS' UNDERWEAR, HOSIERY FANCY GOODS, LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, ALL OUR OWN DIRECT IMPORTATIONS. WE INVITE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO A LINE OF 3200 Yards stefano Suitings at lOots., 4100 Yards Maltese Mixtures at lOets., 276 STRIPED SHAWLS at 88.75. DILLON & KENEALY, : : 86 MAIN STREET, LOS ANGELES. mhlg-im $3P,000 WORTH ....0P... Furniture, Carpets, Etc., TO BE CLOSED OUT WITHIN ONE WEEK. Commencing Thursday, March 6th, TO MAKE ROOM FOR new stock: AND REPAIRS ON BUILDING, AT THE OLD STAND OF DOTTER <fc BRADLEY, 80, 82 & 84 MAIN STREET. TESRMS STRICTLY CXAJSXX. nutu CALIFORNIA A'jalone Jewelry ! R. W. JACKSON Has arrived with an immeme and elegant selection of ABALONE JEWELRY. The material for the manufacture of this exquisite and beautiful Jewelry la found oulv upon the Faclflo Coast, and at wan Francisco la the only extensive nnd artlstto manufactory of It In the world. Mr. Jackson in the sole proprietor ot this extensive establishment, mid is here for a few days only, with a selection oi his choicest work for those in Los Angeles wbo may destre to obtain specimens. The ladles and gentlemen of Los An«e-lesaro cordially Invited to call aud examine the beautiful display of tbese elegant goods at the bookstore of LOUIS LhWiN A CO., Nos. U and 16 Spring street. Mhuufactory—6l4 Market St., San Francisco, facing Palace Hotel. mft-lw NOTICE. All persons having claims against the late firm of R. I). WILSON A CO. are hereby notified and requested to present the same at ouce to the undersigned, at his residence, at San Marino. Los Ange- I6h county; and all person-. Indebted to said firm are hereby notified and requested to settle their accounts without delay. Dated April 17th, 1878. ap!BU J. DE it ARTFI RHORB, Per T. A R. GEORGE R. STARR, [Suooosso; to Starr A I4ttl*J COMMISSION MERCHANT FOR TUB SALS or fruit and Produce, Potatoes, Grain, Seed, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Hides, Tallow, Lard, Wool, Hay, Cattle, Hogs, Calves, etc. No«. 803 and 810 Washington St.. between Krontand Baltary Sis., SA. N FHANCIHC O. aw Consignments solicited and enters promptly tilled. mhlSdy For an Invigilator, Damiana bitters. MICHEL LEVY, AGENT. FOB AN INVIGOUATOB, Damiana Bitters. MICHEL LEVY, AGENT. FOB WALE. By lho Lake Vineyard r.Hinl and Water Associa' lon, lba best Orange and Beml' Tropical Fruit Land iv tlia mate. Water rinO: c vv ifi tne land. Apply to the oinoeot l- Beaudry, No. 81 New High at. >•!>!«i F. W. WOOD, (secretary. DAMIANA Is a Mexican Herb and Cornea from La Paz. CIGARS! F. M. WULFF, (SUCCESSOR TO HUGO KKKMKH.) PKOPKiwroa or tv KEY WEST CIGAR STORE, No. 78) Lanfranco Block, Main Street. NO CHINAMEN EMPLOYED. Mr. WITLFF MANUFACTURE*:HA; V/fNA TOBACCO Into cigar, of approved brands. He alio deals In all Ilaei ol Smokers' Article.. Give him a oall. nvHtr GRAND FORCED SALE LIQUORS ! IN CASES, BOTTLES AND OABKS, Together with SALOON FIXTURES, One Elegant Eight-day Clock. Thraa Chromos. One Mirror, and a la.ge assortment of Glasses. Rule will take piaoe on tho premises, oorner of Couiraeiciul and Loa Angelas .treeta, ON MONDAY, MARCH 84th, AT TEN O'CLOCK A. M. P. r. CUSICK, Owner. E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer, mnaa-it Hay and Feed Stable, CANAL ST., opposite the Fortoffloe' WILMINGTON. arSADDLE HORSES AND BUGGIES FOR HIRE. Hone* gentle and wall broken. Charges moderate. WOOD FOR SALE. fell-lm PABLO RIO*. DAMIANA Is a Mexican Herb and Comes from La Pax. THE BEST SUITS MADE TO ORDER IN THE CITY AT The Woolen Mill Store, Downey's Marble Front, opposite Coemopoditan Hotel, Main (treat. SUITM of KT«ry Description from tea to $es. I have constantly on hand a large and selected stock af the moat 'lagan t cloths, of the latest fashions, and am enabled to furnish tho moat stylish suits at tbe low* estjrlces. A GOOD I-1 r always gnaran- Blankets and Flannels Said Cheap. Everybody who wants to have a ooat. ▼est or pantaloons made to order, will Und it to his advantage to call on ma. laStf LOUIS PFKIFFENBERGER. NOTICE. To whom It may concern: All persoas having any goods aa collateral security at R. B. Da BARB'S LOAN OFFICE, DOWNEY BLOCK, opposite Oomsaeralat street, will do wall to oall and redeem tbem, aa they will be sold within twenty days from date. B. B. Da BABE. M.rohanU' Loan Offloe « Money Broker., law Angela*. March It, 117*. JtittMßl

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