The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 3
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FU1DAY, JANUARY 2<1, 1947 Sugar Rationing May Be Extended GOP Policy Committee Chairman Supports Administration Stand 'WASHINGTON', Jan. 24. (UPI- The aoinini.slralion's fight to beat down :i challenge lo its sunar rationing prosram K ol :i boast today from Sen. Robert A. Taft, n., O. Tafl, chnirnum ot the Semite Hfipu'r/lican 1'olii-y Committee, said '•ftbelleved it would be necessary liTf'XtPiul Ihc Kovcriimenl's authority to ration and allocate Doth sugar and rubber. These powers now are due to expire on Marrli 31. But <i direct challenge lo tlic sugar rationing program is contained in an injunction being prepared under direction o! U. s. District Judge i-'. Dickinson Letts. I-otts ruled earlier this week that OPA's mctiioc: or rationing su^ur lo industrial users-im the basis of the amount ti'.ey used in previous years—i.s unlaii 1 a:ui illegal. Ofliciiils said Hie injunction, M upheld, woiiici disrupt the entire sugar rationing program. Presumably Congress would be asked to make the present, mcthoit specifically le[;al in tiny extension legislation. Tuft said his committee discussed extension of the rationing powers at ii meeting but reached no decision- He said hi.s personal opinion was (hat it would be necessary to extend the rationing and allocution authority for a whiie. The food investigating committee already lias begun hearings on extension. BLYTIIUVILLR (ARK,) COUK1MU NEWS Return from Japan Peanut Vendor •-j. France Wants Federation of German States 11V DAVID I.OK1IW1NO United 1'icss staff Correspondent 1'AIUS, Jan, 24. — iUl 1 ) — The French government proposed today that Ihe allic.s set up n peiin.nieiH federation of German stales, patterned in mniiy respects after the United stales. Tlie French plan, disclosed by tlie foreign ministry, will be put 1'efore the 111 u l-'oiir foreign mln- I Islcrs when they meet in Moscow lo start work 'on (ho German peace Ircaly. All powers not expressly allocated to the centra! Huvernmenl would be reserved lo tlie states, (lie nuni- luer and boundaries of which were lett open for inline decision. j Tlie 1'Yeileh siiKitcsted that undl t the occupation ot Ocrtnnny ends. ( the ccnli'nliitatloti of certain lunc- , „.., ^ui.-... "ons of the government remain General Wainwright; S-Sergt. William U I'rimin, Lubbock, Texas, isi . >UKlt ' 1 allied control. Cavalry (Cavalry Troopers) Division, Japan- T-Scr«l Forest c 1 -iw 'i| A lol ' cll! " offlec s l'" k csmi\n said son. Moorland, ?owa, 1H1, Airborne (The Angels) Division, Japan/aiui !•the con.'olidiiUo!! 0""^ ,'",1 Oer°- T-Scrgl. Robert L. Phillips. Tanglcwood, Texas. These men will con- man .states under !>rus s l'in rule, lact former members of their units in th c recruitlni; program now under way for replacements 1,, these organizations. Five of the six enlisted men just returned to the United Sti'.ica from famous divisions now stationed in Korea and Japan, and now touring the Fourth Army Area are shown here with General Jonathan M. Wainwright, commanding General of the Fourth Army. From leli lo right (hey are: T-Scrgt. Jinnes K. Wilson of Cincinnati, Ohio, wtlh the Clh Infantry iRccl Star) Division in Japan; T-Jjevgl. 1:11111 Rogers, Jr., owingsvillc, Kentucky. '24th Infantry (Victory) Division, Koiea; rgc R. Cauthon. a -W-year-old ihoma City peanut vendor, is being held on a vagrancy ch"i!,'C; in Oklahoma City, pending hives-' tigation of lib debts for jewelry amounting lo $34,000. His indebted articles included everything from diamond rings to a grand piano with neon lights, which was found in the living room of his Oklahoma City home. When Ca.v- thon was picked up he had assets of S1.47. (NBA Telephoto.) Suspect Held In Muider of Elderly Man HAKiilSON. Ark., Jan. 24. (UP) —Troy Lee Dclnncy was back in Ihe lioonc County Jail today—mil not as a guest, Delancy. wanted in FayettcviUc for questioning in connection with the murder of 75-year-old Uavitl Gaugh. a cemetery keeper, called on Boone County SheiilT Roy Jo'in- son here Thursday night, j-ui. 10, The sheriir was an Army buddy, and after listening to Dcla.'ity's story of no place to spend the nl^lit he put him up as a guest in the county clink. It wasn't until the next dny, after Deliuicy (hnnfce.l Sheriff Johnson and left. tha'. lioonc County authorities found out he was wanted for question!]!;;. Yesterday, however. Delancy was picked up on a construction ioi> at Colter, Ark., using the alias of Mclvin Lee Delaney. Baxter Countv Sheriff Q. E. Wyland became suspicious and called Sheriff Johnson who identified his Army "frisnrt." Questioners said Delaney lias denied all knowledge of the brutal slaying of Gaugh. whose battered body was found last week in his house adjoining Hie Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville. . Boone county officers will take Delaney to Fayetteville today. Three Yolithful Liquor Store Bandits Arrested 'MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Jan. 21. (UPi —Police threw, a clog into the oul- brcak of liquor store robberies by teen-age boys with Ihe capture List night of three youths as thoy attempted to rob a liquor stole. Police had been watching: the liquor store for four days in hopes of capturing the youths, who dropped (heir guns and surrendered wilhont resistance. A fourth bandit escaped. Police had not released identity o[ thc three youths captured. Entomologists Elect Arkansas Man President FAYETTEVILU5, Ark., Dvvight, Isely, professor Jan of iiiini ind at Ihe same lime provide the eenlral Government with enough strength to give Getimmy n national identity. Ultimately, under thc plan, thc Germans would have a single national assembly comprised of four representatives from each state, They would be chosen by slate presidents with 'he consent of Ihe -slate legislatures, and would serve four-year terms. mology at (he College of Agriculture. University of Arkansas, and associate entomologist of the Agricultural Experiment Station, was dlcci- ed president of thc Cotton States Branch or Ihe American Association of Economic Entomologists at their meeting last week. The Cotton States Branch <s marie ip of entomologists from 11 South- in .states. As president. ProjWs-n- sely will direct the affairs or 1 the roup during 1917 and will preside t next year's meeting, The meeting of the associali-in was pnrl of the -Mill annual cor.'- •cntion of the Association of Goiilii- •rn Agricultural Workers hel-1 in Blloxi. Miss., Jan. 1C to in tn-U.- ivc. Taking part in Ihc confe-'-crcc ,'erc dsnns of the Land Orani, eol- !gcs. directors of Auriciillural iv.-- )erimcnt Stations and Asriciiltuuil xtcnslon Services, workers in vn- ious subject matter fields in tiie Read Courier News Want Ads. olorisls Beautiful Cannon & Dundee towels, Toilet Soap, Super Suds, Glassware, etc. ASK ATTENDANT FOR DETAILS 17c Tax Paid thc New and Improved > 6UIAR 16c Hi-Test Anti- Knock These Are (he Finest GiisoHncs Money Can Ui:y Quality Oils and Greases Don't Foi'Ket lo AsU for l-'vcu Premium Coupons They Arc Valtiiiblc Company FORMERLY H^UNSDALL STATION U.S. 61 Ark-Mo. State Line Missco Third In State License Collections MTTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 2,'J. CU.IM—A total of 3-I3.H20 motot vehicle licenses were sold in Arkansas in 13-10, bringing In $4,J47.- 887. the Hlnhwviy Department, ic- portiMl today. Meamyhile, Hcvcnuc Commissioner Olho A. Cook I'Sllinatcd thru year Ihc recird-hlBh registrations of thc past 11! month*. Thc deadline mi sales without penalty for I9'I7 license Iocs Is midnight, Jan. 31. The lliuhway Department r port showcil that the state rc'^'i tcred a^-l,G02 passcnser vehicles liist year. 94,0-11 trucks and trntlor trucks, 1.002 mnloi-cyclcs. 22.135 iouthcrn states, and representatives'trailers and l.OliO dealers. of various industries related I.) ilg - i 1'illnski County lopped the ; iciilture. | M nmoul ,i collected—SG30.0M on Representing thc University ol 4-1.BOB llrcnscs of nil kinds. Se- Arkansas at the convention were.; bastiiin County wns second will Dean Lipperl S. Ellis, Dr. R. p '.liolomcw, Professors V. H Yjuni' Warren Gilford, Kyle Enulcr, T i'i' Hedges, and Dwight- Iscly: a:i.l Dr W. H. Tliarp. Representatives of the Agricultiirnl Extension Service also attended. S220.981 on IS.iilO vehicles, Mississippi County was third $159.175 on 13..510 vehicles. Free Dealers Charged With Selling to Minors Courier News Want, Ads. HOT si'KlNCiS, Ark., Jan. 24. - MEN'S Yellow Gold Filled Pink Gold Filled White Stain/ess Steel .Federal 7"«x Included JEWELRY STORES lilythevilic, Osccolit anil I'aragoulil, Ark., Sikcston, Mo. tmphasis / on Speed PAGE THREE Two Dimes, Not Just One, Weeded to Speed Fight Against Dreaded Polio WASHINGTON, Jim. :'f (Ul 1 ) • Miri. rriinkliii 1). Horwi'Vi'lt opcnetl the mim;:il Muri'h of Olnics cnin- inisju \iltli 11 Miitltm-wldt! rnrtlo ijiiioiil j'l'sli'fdsiy I or "(wo climes In- itnul of i)ii(>" lo nrlilcvu tlic IW Html ot $'M,t(00.0;iO to tliuincc tlic li;iu iiKiiliist iniiuitllo |>nriily.sts. Tin- liirini'i- lirsl liul\ wn» Inti'o- liTil on 11 siHH-iiil 15-inlniilc nxllo ronriMii lAUCi by Mrs. 'I'riiiiinn. lic iimkk- on liuliiill of Hie Nu- lonul l-'uiiniliittoii ' for Inliuiiiie I'.ivnl.vMs. louutliHl by tliu Into iiros- ' l)ol> Feller stiinds 'Avsidu the small plunc he llc\v over Wich- itii. Tlie Cleveland spceillijiller jjluccd iin order for ;i like plane to coiilimic his private llyinc, . i inlenuiHcd Ijy win . _ UP) — Two Hot' Springs llrpior Icalers. C. n. Cox and William M. llcnson, tiiday were free ol charges o: sclllne H(,uor | 0 inlnors, iiflrr iiimlclpal court action here yester- lay. The men were booked alter Ihc iejith Jim. 17 of is-year-old Atiell. A .. Jet coroner's verdict l llu> liul lincl Hied of Milfnc'ii- i niter fond locked In hl.s ivliul- . iiiicl .several tccn-nt>c(l IISSH- clnte.s told mithorttics they lind put to bed »ftcr u p»r- In nninlalpnl co url ycslordnv Ht-nson drew „ $100 ( I MC ,,i lls uoll ,., cosls. Although there W ii s „„ m- Uoii Hint ilic Hecnsfs <>( Cox i licuson would lie revoked smiliin; Attorney Sidney S McMnlli slated ho would ,o-o|,• ntc with any suggestion mnde !>j' He hlotc Revenue Drunrtnieiit .Ainciicu world's naval stores. iclcnt nine tin- id -Mrs Tinman enterlaliied at limrheou lor Mrs. Roosevelt and p.utlripallng in the'uroad- Find New £lew • In California Kidnaping I-.O1H, Cnl.. Jnn, 24. — lUi>) — Secret evidence, uncovered 17-year old Alice Dcvlnc led sheriff's deputies to Ihc lonely lane where she said she was overpowered and kidnaped, wn,s under laboratory exainlimllon today In hopes It would yield a clue to thc identity of her abductor. Authorities declined fo disclose Ihe nature of Ihc new discoveries except to say they were "important." Chief of police Mlllard pore Her examination and record- Ijc urcsciit- her pai cuts emphatically staled that sljeltoi) was ,-iot the man who kltinriiwd the pretty hljh »chool girl Monday and helrfW for »10,000 ransom; •>' 'flie new evidence apparently wns the only lead that the pollc* hnd to the.trial of the' weU-dreii!- whcn ! £<!• smooth-spoken "talent acout" 'who vanished from a Sacramento hold where he held Alice, bciiind and gagged, Monday night.throligh. Tuesday afternoon. I \ .,.,. .; K ' ' L V ' ° llunllnutim is I lie largest, city In Virginia. cd to the district attorney. The police chief said thai with (he exoneration ot Eurl Bhclton, San i-'ranclsro "charm school" operator, there were no suspects In the case. At a lonely, pre-dnwii . rcndewloiis yesterday, Alice nnd A New York corn farmer rigged up an exploding scarecrow—every three mintile.s- n carbide' gas blast crow-proof within a 10-acre r«- dlus went off, Local &. I.onc Distance Marine Competent Help lad •^alpacat. 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