The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1947
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER WKWS High School Girls Honored With Tea Mis. R. H Klrby and Mrs. tx K Old were hostesses yesterday afternoon at the Klrby home, au Chlckftsawba, at a tea sponsored by members of Chapter N ann ' Chapter D, PKO sisterhood, complimenting 15 girls of the sophomore, Junior and senior classes tt Blylljeville High School. Occasion for the tea wos tec visit- of Mrs. Pat Maxwell, reprc- sentiitive of Coltey Junior colleen for Girls. Nevada, Mo., which is sponsored, by the National pno Sisterhood. • Mrs. Maxwell presented slides 01 various buildings nnd scenes at the college which is considered one of flic outstanding girls' schools' !n the United States. Refreshments were served [n,,,, a teji table In the dining room, decorated with spring flowers. Presiding nt , arrangements 'o tlv>. refreshment. table' were Mrs. Charles Crigger, ,1r.. Mrs.) William H. Pease, Mrs. Free- niaii; Robinson Cunningham. . and Mrs. C. A. 20th Century Dance Is rrlekl at The Hut ............... Tile Hut was last night tor 'a 20th Century. Club dinner dande at whlcii' •..-' Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Blttner. Mr. nnd Mr.?. San- Frisco to Add Special Coach to Take Book .Lovers to Memphis vcnlure" program .sponsored Memphis Junior League will liters. Tiia central group win be made " inberg, — enter the contest. They will attempt to surpass tiieir record in previous contests when ihey carried away high houoi Sim ley Wade, Jeic Powlcr licbby Joe M:liiide. Nancy fitovall Johnny Lajjgins. Hobble Jean Byrd' Patricia ilu-nry, Rhonda Kulon! Charle.'j Hoovci 1 , Geraltiine -Nnrtiinn' „' ~ "" are.'j oovci 1 , Geralti Co-oporallng with teachers and Elizabeth Uoa.k. Billlc .UnPlltS. I>111 l.^r iufn Unll.. nn .t »._.. llnfl .n_\., .,..- . students, Frisco Railroad lias a spe.-icl for the _. , tt i, , UA L | lt , Blytheville students, leaches ano mothers. During the "Books 'Bring Adven- luie" series broadcast each Saturday from The Commercial Appeal Station, W'MC, students have been encouraged to listen and write loiters telling how Hie story appealed to them. The stories ure taken from outstanding children's bocks. Saturday's elimination conlcsl A'lll begin at b:30 o'clock and be,,.,,., broadcast from WMC.Tlie winner's n'", bo el, ,not 0 y MeFarlnijd, Johnny Halsoll, Mary Riyc Wren, Howard Jtsginson,, Tommy JFairlson, Ann Illndmun, Iic«u: vVylie, Janet Dickinson, Bill Cornier, Ernestine Holi Cecil Giuves. Jack Lacknmnn, Kay Illiuhmui -Bobbie Ann Gregg, Mary K,iy Craflon, Manila Ann Poster uick Foster and Oiiil .wiiltsilt;' leathers, Mrs. Lillian Prank -UK Miss Sunshine Knight and mothers I/JBglns and Mrs, bi' ani)oimred at name will Volo-k. Pi-oin Huge School. Sanara Long vlll be n contest entrant. She plans o accompany Hie Sudbury slu- dciits. Sudbury students to attend are M rs. j. diaries Students lrom' who will enter are joe -Bynun.. Charlene Joe Alice McGiilrc, Linda . James Allen Walker, Charles Jo- HO!™ W1 ! tlelpr -°™™y, Sammy Patsy Vaivjro. ----- ,,.j ..^m.^i.L., tk/ iivnuiu mi? tjv \^|t fictty Jean Johnson. Hetty David- 1 Mm i\» son ' . son. Jimmy nwffliiBton, John Au- Ircy, Britt, Owens t Kesslei 1 , h'™ 1 ";../'^ *'" b11 "iompanlcd l:c Miuie Ross and 'Miss WMS Meet Begins At Manila Church Women representing vnrioii/ Woman's Missionary Society 0 - xanlzntioiiii throughout : the conn ty gathered Ilils morning' «t Mn nlln Huptfst church for their tint qiiaitcly session of the Misslsslpp County Woman's Missionary Union Mrs. Howard King presented tin program as clinlnnnn for Nine church. At The Hospitals Klyihevllle Hospital Admitted: Mrs. ,1. L. Martin, Deil. Joyce Brawn, city. Mrs. Charles Howard. Manila Dismissed: Mrs. Jack Newsom, city. Mrs. Paul jobe, city. Charlotte Davis, Manila. Linda Lon Wall. Manila. I- osier, teach and Mrs. cnaries Bittner. Mr. and Mr.i. San- trey, Britt Owens. Stanlev Zell er vJr, 'v, °'' 0 ' M '' s ' °- V. Graey foi'd ; Boone, Mr.- and Mrs. Dale Ronald Phillips, Marforie Pa."KM' ! 11UBB alul Cl "»-les Yar- BriBKS, Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks Gloria TOM ,?.„„..., ^..L} i,...' 1 ' l '°' imreiits. , . . Bnp, Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks nnd j Mr. and Mrs. Mel Brooks Jr., \verQ hosts and^ hostesses. Tirtjles were - arranged in a large E with an unusually attractive centerpiece In white and crimson. The three-fool long arrangement of white nnd jcrimson gladioli trimmed with white chrysanthemums, centered witlt glowing' red and white telrcd candies. - - . T)!e serving table was bunked with Greenery nnd white candles burned in triple crystal holders. The nun- tic yras decorated with two large containers filled with greenery. Guests included Mr. nnd Mrs Newton Whilis. Miss Mary Adah Robinson and Bryan Miley, Mr. mid - !'"> *»J."iJW*lL p I-illl] Glocm Tntc, Eugene Cubic, Bc,^ Henson, -Martlia Simpson. Marilyn, Diaiahorly. Bonnie Nell McCorrnlc ' Norman •-• • • • Einadcl Daiiglierty imVr'HIi'an. ^,^u B . US s. Going wiUi tbem will be Miss Ha?.el I 'I'lie following -win pnlcr from 1 Jiiriior High .School: Millie Ann . Lornu Hori-cr,' I sinrle'v' .M^""J'M M°" Sno "S™-«, ,, s ^ ei &..^^-^ ^ r iva,r wr° u ' rom Knight teachers, Mrs. nnd' Mrs. P,v Jess Hori^r Cm Ron pstniecl Meetings Sword of Bunker Hill of Masonic Lodge meeting tonight, 7:3u o'clock, at the hall to elect' r.l Bits of News P&tio+tat tinker, mother. il*. Will 'Whltncr. Rupert Mr. ami Mrs. J. c. Roach and ai\d Larry Baker, accoin- daughter, Carole Kay, Mrs. L. M. '!>y Mrs. Elizabeth Lack- Knit/, and Mrs. Jennie 'Wc>>'iti>r teacher, and L. H. Club Is Entertained By Mrs. Robinsons Mrs. Edwin Robinson and Mrs Freeman Robinson were hostesses with a luncheon yesterday al the Freeman TicMnson home to mcm- , . --— .......... ------ u, ,. re i,i- Mrsj Eugene Teaford of Osceola, i " ers of ll >c Octette Club and One Miss Lynn Jackson and Joe Me- ot ,', B T Buest, Mrs. vv. c. Cates. Hanpy, Miss Jane Branson [jiul Hcu- ,, ' rfti>le centerpieces were Valon- inpy, Miss Jane Branson aim ..L-IJ- r—.... ..^n.- yuiun- ry IJavis, Miss Virginia Martin nnd , ne nr ™"Bemenls with decorations Leonard Oldham, Mr. and Mrs. c;uy , carr V»iB out ihc Videntine Ben,Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. James m<u11 Terry, Roy Halsell, James Vest, Mr.! '" artcl 'noon bridge games, high nnrt'Mr*: wnrtH uni^*.- «•-— ** —I score prize svft.s awarded Mrs. James nnd'Mrs. Worth Holder, Miss Mnrj .To Hall, Ben Hall, Mrs. Viritlnia Smith. Bill Godwin, J. T. Sudbury, Mrs! Richard B.. Logan of New Or- lean^^BIll Byrd and Bryce Layson. Mri W. J. Wunderlich Hostess to Her Club •Hunter SImms and Mrs. , I," niul Calcs ' to -Mrs. Mrs. Chiiwood Hostess To Holland, Mo., Lodge a soslnl the Second Member Chosen for Life Membership r •!'r i "! <1 " 1C J " ITCU In hn 1IV »> llie Ulytlw i selected lo life membership Young Wo.Den's Society jf (]„'. at the wc<-k;y Nuzai-ciifi aiiureh meeting at u, P c i, Belly Jo Klllp])! from the third Limp- or , .John, and r o ]lo liiess session. Mary Ix,u dismissed the gran,, W | lh „ brief Officers installed r Dogwood Group held Vcdnesdny aflcrnoon ,,i tile Jerry Poo played bridge with mem- loss .Ihc WBA Lodbe Camn 77 nt A ~ '' ° rncera *° serve are Mrs E berst of the Wednesday Bridge Holland. Mo., w - as enieilS,! r'h? £' ?™' B ' vlcc I'fosldcnl, M« li i • ' Hist Scott, secretary. Mrs. Charlie'Lutes' LEGISLATURE Continued from Vase 1. recommended Increases In both those revenue sources as a means of raising $100,000,000 for highway funds -for the next 10 years. , ' The measure went down in defeat, 12 to 8, with Senators O VV Freeman of Ozark, E/ra aanie- of Magnolia, cuiy H. Jones of Conway. O rover C. Nance of Newport Brady l>ryo,- of Ft, Smith, J. 11 Smith of Ueyno, and L. Wecms Tmssell of Fordyce upholding Lookndoo. One ui the most spirited statements against the resolution came fi'Oni «e'). Ernest Manor of Hot Springs. "When we come i n h^ e n , u | ], y resolution bind ourselves, v e're uo- Ine pretty far. u could well menu that teachers would receive no increases in salaries; inmates may continue lo starve at tin? fitjile Hospital; and mads would conlinue in (heir present deplorable condition." lie dcclurcd. *etiimf»i|f in mid-afternoon from it tour of the IJentoi! uiiU of the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases, the House first ofl decided to keep (he ofliee of state revenue coinml.sslonr appointive, A negative vote of 08 to m defeated a bill !)>' Hep. Russell Roberts or Faulkner county tlmt would have made the Job elective. 'Mil- House also turned (hilmlis down , m -j measure (o r;ii s e Arkansas Suiireinc Court justices' salaries from $7,'<!OD a year U> 510.0UU. A vote of ,)» I,, 4n | (i || ( . a a lull introduced by Hep (ilciui ,\V:illlier of I'lilaski Coilnly. Ill other action in t )i c House- Approval was Blvoi ,1 Senate concurrent resolution direct!))); Ally. Gen. Guy E. Williams to tonally protest the proposed aban- lonmeiit of the Missouri and Arkansas liailroad. strlke-buimd ilnce Fall; ' A bin was tossed In the „„„,_ scuiig up a Division of 1/osnHals i" the state Health Department. I presented by Rc p. Wallhcr of I'u- S and Re "- n - ''• Crlner of Miller County; measure directed at the take at Oaklawn Race- ill JTpl Onv.1. FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 104': spent, yesterday In Memphis as BuesU of Mr. Roach's mother. Mr.-s. C. M. Todd Jr., nnd Mr. Todd. Mr.s. K. p. Dede of Cape C!I- rnrdeau arrived yesterday to spent) several days as the guest or her daughter, Mrs. W. VV. Ncbel, at-.d family. Mrs. R. R. Meuel of St. ^ ^,1,. j- ui me wciiiicouiiy lariUgO J*UIJIUKI, A1O. \VflS PlllPl'ln Lnn I I" : Club: when Mrs. W. J, Wunderlich '" Blytbeville by Mrs E n r-hif entertained with 'a bridge luncheon wo °d ' ' atjifer home, 820 Wesl Hearn. Attending from Holland were Mrs nussell Little. Mrs. t. Berry. Mrs. . The dining room was decorated ijj<= uiiiujB room was decorated ""«>.-ii i-iitie, Mrs. 'L Berry Mrs with- bouquets of cut flowers for the f- K - 'Harris, Mrs. Clara Edwards Occasion. T.nn^liortn „•,.., i.».-irii-i «. Airs. iMnll,. n->ni~,... ^. .. i occasion. Luncheon was served at the dining room table. Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard won high scorji prize in afternoon games and second high went, to Mrs. F. E. Black. • + * • Mrs. Homer Hostess To llicJWeek Members . Sprays of japonica were arranged in l-iie living room and dining room of tlic W. L-. Homer home yesterday to torin an "altractlve setting for member.? of the Mid- Week Club when Mrs. Homer entertained with a three-course luncheon. T«e members, all of whom were Present, were served at small tables When bridge was played, 'Mrs. Harry Haines was awarded high Mrs. Duvail Hostess To:AvalonBuncoClub mM ?7- Geor J: c Duvail entcrtafn-d members of Ihe Avalon Bunco Club Wednesday aftirnoon with a party '• nt Irer home on Division I" games, high score prize wf.s riwai-ded Mrs. Duvail, Kunro wn to ,1,-s. Paul Mahon and 1 3 , ,£ Mrs! C. T. Shamlln. The hostess^ served a salad n! ;1 | e . Juriior C. of C. Plans Fat Dance in Armory Bebby Meeker and his Orchr-s- Blytheville next Play for a Ju », of Com m<=rce spon- . dance at the Armory Han -i ti» a l. c « stra ' s "PPeorance here ..t the Cotton Ball in 1945 drcw Methodist Officers VHI Be Installed Ofrbers of the Youth Fellowship group of First Methodist church will bs installed in i\ candle light "orcinony Sunday night at the Officers to be installed are P D Faster Jr.. president; Joan Shanks'. Jiw president; Miry Morgan, secretary; Jim oates, treasurer, ami •"mission Chairman Thomas Bell nmunitj service; Owen Harrison rut friendship; Nancv Partlow. recrealion; Batbarn Culliso and Rum seay, worship. I' See DiSPLAK of TROPHIES Souvenirs - Clipping* : . of 'Miss America Runnerup' Blytheville's . BECKY McCALL ; Atlantic City Beauty ' Contest Winner SAMUEL F. NORRIS TyporriUr, ACTOM from City Hall Molly BDoke ^- ip^nmia > < nnnie cm and Mrs. Pierce, district door Sikeslon. bad charge of , ogram and business meetini' I he liostess served refreshment''! '" a salad plate with pie and col- . - —•„•• "^IL->. i_/jjEiriie L ill' treasurer and Mrs. Jim lf r,\", repi-esentntlve. ' Mrs. Uurks' 8 ave the .)- v after whlcli the fronp saiu- r,.,^.. llnciiu werc served I Osceola Pastor to Be Coon Supper Speaker I-. T. Lawrence, pastor of td,> rr"i bylci-liin Church at Osccola wit:'be yuesi speaker at the annual Coon' plr-bvin 0 - U "L Me "' s Club ;J f First Hii.obytejiiin Church here r,ro- "'Sht, 7 o'clock, at the church el^^^^uo^r, "I ' ntleml, the IJev. Harvey T' K pastor, snid. addin t . tlial ' or Harmon Taylor shoul Incted for reservations. ... ' • •" *r*tjf f Missouri Man Feb. 14 LUXORA. Art:.. Langslon Louis, who has been Ihe guest pi her son, W. W. Nebcl, and MIS. Nubel. returned yesterday to her home. Condition of W, W. Shaver, who has been 111 for some tirrie, 1 improved. .lerc noid. son of Mr. and Mir Max B. Reid' is home between semesters' with Ills patents. He Is :i sttment at Hendrix College, Cri'i- C. A. Cunningham is ill nt'iii? home. 905 West Hearn. Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Spradley returned last nighl from Rochester Minn., where they spent two' weeks while she was undergoing a checkup at Mayo's Clinic. Her condition '" very satisfactory. •Mrs. Cieorse W. Sevier of Tallulah, La, the former Miss Edna Ciarrcit L- b:.vlhcvi!ie. underwent 11 major operation Wednesday al Mercy Hospital in Vicksburg, ji | Her condition -.vas improved > nisht but she is still critical ATtirthn Grichficlcl x*mm t tier of Mr. and Mrs.'Bill Crichfiel I underwent an operation last nighl at Memphis Baptist Hospital lol- lowing admittance there V/cri- «« Stlny - Hcr c01UI1tic >n is improv,,d VVilli Martha are her mothei last y ill Fritzius anno 2-1.—H. c. the Bayd, night. l »r mec;ings of tbe organi- flionsorcd by -Miss Bett> will be heid eacii Sundav 6:30 o':loc!t "" ^"daughter'''.^'^^""'^ 0 " f to Leonard Bcttv nllcl Mrs J - !eu> Missouri. Tl _, — ."^J.VJII Whson, son of Mr • Ellison, who lii/-; j-,i the largest aticndanee of 3ny aawf ever lipld in Blytheville. ' Courier News Want Ads Clothes That Sparkle! ins to inatci-i-i! «m last much Part of our expert handler" " lven °" r CXCl " sive C """«»B S)>ecinl consideration acconl- ", 1 -, TV' 8 lnCnllS your Ctathra ltclllulncss alul carc on «« NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220N. 2nd Phone 474-475 Blytheville's Baby Headquarters! The.. Tot Shop NOW or— Liberty Cash Grocery Downuf/oke i»on UTS li:.'cn Moml If Junior won! diink h;, mill •iy bnbing him willTo DOWNYflAXE Do»u- -gaod ond good lor him) E oly ,„ Digtn' inng him Olountt and lei him ice ihe donuh nod. b r lh. OOVVNVflAKC moihinc' Vlwoyl Ircih) Plain Donuls Bozen .... Sugared Donuts Dozen .... Glaze^Kor Frosted Dozen 30 35 C 40 trundmother, Mrs. j. o. Bar irs Miss Maudie Modingcr. stud^'.i at S(. Louis University, is spending several days between semesters heir with ;:er pin-cuts, Mr. and MIS. Cornelius Modinger. Tilt; Rev. and Mrs. Harold ilonro of SI, Joe, Mo., are the quests ol her parents, Mr. and Mrs. union Holmes, and his. parents. Mr. ana Mrs. Circcr Moore, of Huffman FROM ME TO YOU Harry Frit/ins On This and That "A prophet i.s without honor—; el;. Molliin' truer. As an example consider this "From Me to You" column. While I realize as well as anyone that it is far from perfect, I keep writing it simply for the reason that people, or some of them, seem to enjoy reading it However, I nm up against this problem. Having lived in Blyiheville almost nil my |He, T quite naturally 1 now and am knovn by many or it's residents Not a few of t li e in were my c -hool mates in the Biytheville Public Schools; others are business acquaintances, and still others are folks that P . I just happen to know. Now tlie painl I'm trying Lo make is this. Were I n resident 01 Podunk or Walla-Walla, or Kalamazoo, and were 1 to send to the Blyiheville Courier the same weekly letter for publication, ii woukl •to read by people who would' nc L-Hogctlier strangers. If a mistaSe in spelling, punctuation, construction or whatnot were to appear in the letter, it would hardly be noticed and would he re-ogni?.ed as proof-readers oversight or jusi n typographical error. Ill my case however. I huvc lo j2 doubly careful for the simple reason that it is a natural human attribute to be critical of the man whom you huvc known p»rso:i- ally for years. Yen don't take this attitude purposely nor with malice. It's just natural to sav "Oh. oU! 1 told you so. Listen tii this. Poor old Harry doesn't even know iiow to spell so and so." : A week or so ago, there werc two. rsithcr bad errors in one of these letters. One of them was the use of the tille "Captain Coura- geou.';" when anyone who :ias read tlic book knows tiie "Cajiinin" lo be p'.ura! or "Captains Courageous." I'-he other was the incorrect spelling <J'f "pH'AMELO.V (A color changing lizmU f ha:l looked this word up to be SUIT of the spellin t ',' but. someone had unconsciously, changed the spellim; to "CHAME- 1 LION", adding an -I" which didnl' celong. Well, believe it or not these were not my mistakes, although 1 ini a notoriously bad .speller. Ncv- er-thc-less. I had four good friends call me to enlighten me us to Hie proper title to Rudyard Kipling's' lovel and two who had noticeo ind were "kind" enough to tell me ',iow to spel! "Chiunelon." In llv; .arne article tiiore was anolher ypogr^pliiral error. The wovd 'mine" was spe'lrrl "mince", i suppose my friends thought llialj even "Harry" knew enough to spoil' 'mine" without making mince meat) out o( IT. I Well. I've talked more than 1 lad intended in proving how care-| vil the home town boy must be al ionic. I'll jusl have space to pass on to you one oi iho most •quotes" I have ever seen from a laturally cynical i;rai)>. Reporters. >nd especially those with the larger papers vvho cover such crimes is murder have some very dry vays of describing their gruesome' lories to each other. Anyhow this reporter was 'phoning in to Ins editor a suicide which he hlmseii iad discovered when he broke into a house where too many milk bot- les anrt newspapers ha'd accumulated at the front door. Said he: "I found this guy. Sam Pitcknlk, hanging around ir, his closet Dy his neck!" • ' o W of ,,, . C ? unt >'- » would raise the Mate.,- E l,ave from five to seven and onc-hal; percent- Hep. Lloj.<i E. Darnell o'f Garland •ouiLy .sent „ bm to tllc , l 4n 1I,, W ° U r. * 6t "" a Memorial nrovi'" , Coml " iss '»". and tlmt l-iril, I 0 '' co "«'w»on of a ita ' «m when fund* arc available: l,v I' i', 80t m " lests werc '" a " e on/ r ."l™ H " t;get Committee, f ml, M ?" W0 '"" "IWoprlate i iimis for the executive nidir-iil I"",' legislative brmH-li<£ of ate Kovcrmnent for the next two yea,s wi-U !",; ""'r' 111 " em «*««y a p|S£ pnation O f $4.000,000 for /ede-al trfd funds for highway maintenance and construction was asked In another request, still a third budget request sought $3,010,000 In supplemental appropriations to cover funds already set aside for teachers by the State Education Department. FUNHY FEELINGS MIDDLEAG£ There's Beauty f or y oa al 'fllK HEAUTY CLINIC 1st Nafl. Bank B l,) ? . r !lo ,, e .,„., The Beauty Bar "your beauty Is our duly" Helen Curds Colrt Waves OgHvle Sisters Hair Preparations Zulus Imperial J20.00 Zunl Null Polish f.'lencoe Hofcl Phone .1202 GOSPEL MEETING ul the CHURCH OF CHRIST l:!0n U>. Main St. niytlicville, Aik. Daily Radio fjc'rvU-e.—!2:I5 \2:M Nigki Service—7::i() I'. ,\|. Sundiiy Service—10:55 A. M. 7 : ;{i) ]>. j|. .Toe. Blue, Salem, Ark. .,, .„ u . ., U'. r. Shellnn Hv;!H(;eIIs( c . Son^ Director E. W. Stovall, Minister HARRY FRITZIUS' HAT TOO SMALL FOR HIS HEAD (IN OTHER WORDS YOU'VE GIVEN HIM THE "BIG HEAD") WANT TO KNOW WHY? Our big elBht day sale has been a tremendous success (think-. to you. i And any lime anyone can put on a REALLY successful Kale in January, just aftsr the holiday season, — well any merchant will tell you, you've got to have something on the ball! bcriously. this has been one of the most responsive sales rve'cver had I believe the reason is that nothing was misrepresented No high pressure tactics were used. We simply UAI) THE r.OCJUS A>,I) rm-. VALUES. When the people learned that, (11 staged oir rather slow) the word got around somehow, as it always does when there arc rpnl null-gains and real savings and scarce m-r- chajidisc to be had, - anyhow when the folks learned about it they came from far and wide. They came .they saw and they Cnesar ' °" "* llni ' nyhrase - Mr - Shakespeare, an'l Mi. BUT ENOUGH BRAGGIN' — HOW ABOUT TOMORROW? We// (as if you didn't know) Tomorrow's Another Saturday Saturday was to have been the clay of the -ale and really still IS. However (for the benefit of our nn'al i fiends who will not get this paper until tomor- ' 0 ' CaVC ° llr Sil ' CS P '' ices stilIKl llu ' ol ' h If you, for some reason or for no reason at all have •nn, C n.L U H '""•' lo ^ C iulvantaffc of these really £5 isssn - these bargains before it i.s too late II I were giving awily ten (loM . , , n , Boy's Long Underwear. 9a 9CnUine $ , , ''Gold on Su ' Rayon H«.. We oiilv li-t t },PS,. i . lh«l oven U o n'os »ot replace is on two items, the jfrculci- inr -such as tl, esc do ot , t' Accept this invitation »olf if you C ar c tr " vantage O f this sale priee - l ° remi "'"' von n which wc can° 1 "' ? lllcr « ° VC1 ' y c!< ? Se lo O r you shown " ,° Ur F ofi: - And ' nc ? s to sel1 vn a T" d> wait on ' '"' tlme ' 1>ut l =>ke FRITZIUS Your Dealer " On West Main Across From Rice-Sfix Factory Continuous Shows Kvcry Uay 15ox Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KI.ON 8:00 a.m. rt:tr, ji.m. 4:30 p.m. Last Time Today No Leave, No Love with Van Johnson * !>at Kirkivu.jd rararnount News & Shurls Continuous Showing Kveryday . Saturday uti CH»RtES ST*itJtn as ifc Olinngo Kill Serial "Hop Harridan" No. u and Shuil Conl'd Slinws Sat. l^::tO-l I :.10 Sunday nnd Monday i . ---- • — "n GARFIELD GERALDlWf Wfl FROM WARNfRS I BRENNAN • EMERSON ! • GEOR Ct COjJLOURIS ;I3EORGE TOBIAS. Setecled Short Subjects Continuous Showing Sin. 1:15 to 11 Boi Office Opens G:45 Saturday, Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:13 1 Continuous Shows Sal. aim Hun. i Bargain Nighl Every iN'jyht Excrpl No passes honored on Sunday it the Koxy. Last Time Today State Fair With Dana Anilrews anil Jeanne Craiji ALSO SHORT Saturday GENE 9 •/" ant/i SMILEY BURNETTE JOIIOTHY Din . EAKE HODCIKS Serial: "Sc.irlct irorsein.-in" .\t>. Jl and Slmrt ConlM Shows Sat. 12:30-1!::)0 Sunday »nd Monday i.? l ^l * nd Set « (ed Short td. Snows Sun, 1:15-H : (K)

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