The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 24, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA BT AKKANNAR »MM an,wt,*,*.,. ..,oo~ ^^ VOL. XI,III—NO. Blythovlll* Daily Newr lilythevlile Courier Crop Insurance Plan Discussed In Osceola Meet Growers Ask Better Basis for Determining Rate for Coverage The Agricultural Conservation Administration's answer to farmers' compljints of inequitable crop insurance settlement;: due lo Ilucuia- lions in the price uf cotlon is the new stabilized 'j-isis for policy purchase and benefit payment included in the 1947 crop insurance program, it was pointed out at a mccl- IIIK yesterday in Osceola of the county committee for conservation payments. Under this year's program, crop insurance will be sold anil payments to farmers from it made using a cotlon price based on 00 per cent of the July market. This revision was insdc lo meet Ihc fanner's chief criticism of the 1016 crop insurance program. i're- viously, it frequently occiiired that crop insurance premiums were assessed on Ihe basis of the cotton price at the time of tbe policv purchase. Later, payments on claims were made Recording to cotlon prices when the claim was filed. Many farmers purchased their pr.llcics under high cotton prices and suffered .1 loss when payments were made based on prices fullmvinj; November's break. This was one of the objections raised by farmer.? nUcucliiiK yesterday's meet ing in Osceola in a discussion of the small amount crop Purchased last year. Only Key Men in Wai- Profits Probe Plead Innocent WASHINGTON, ji\n. 24.--(Ul>> — Former Congressman Andrew J. May pleaded innocent today to charges (hat he and three key figures of the $78,000,000 Ciarssoli munitions combine entered Into a corrupt conspiracy lo defraud the government in war contracts. Tile three other kingpins in the fiiliulcus Garsson "paper empire" —Dr. Henry M. Garsson, his brother Murray and Joseph K Freeman, also pleaded innocent bcloic Federal Judce Holitha J. Laws when arraigned on Ihe cliarncs contained in the federal indictment. (Sec early story on Page 7.) Hlyllieville Herald Mississippi Valley lander Counties Press Claim for More Road Revenues Legislators Told Funds Arc Needed For Secondary Roads KItlDAV, JANUARY 21, 1<M7 Move Renewed to Have Highway Re-routed Through Blytheville SINGLE COPIES FIVB CENTS of S)0 policies were sold in Mississippi Counly in 104G. The committee set 200 policies as the goal for I'M of this year's Senior C. of C. Plans Banquet Projects for 1947 Studied at Meeting Of Directors Tentative plans for 10M activities' and projects were discussed al a meeting of the Hoard of Directors of the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce yesterday afternoon >n Ihc Clly Hall office. Other plans remain io bc ,r.,ide, Worth D. -Holder, secretary .viici. pending further investigation and announcement of a definite program will be made at a later dale. Following the meeting, it was announced that any pcrs:>n who has come to Blytheville since (lit last annual banquet of the Chamber of Commerce in a bus.'lie.s.': or professional capacity will be invited as the guest of the Chamber to the current banquet Feb. m. A new business man invited to such ;i meeting will be the head of the business he represents, cliiit-r as owner or manager, the ani'.o'inte- ment stated.' All new business, owners jr managers have been requested to sciul the Chamber their names niv.l addresses so that there will bc no oversights in the Invitation:;, Mi- Holder said. They will be prcsentc-l at the banquet as a form of welcome to Blytheville, he added. On Feb. 13, H. .1. Dolliimcr. ns- sistnut manager of the Southwest Division of the United Slates Chamber of Commerce, will present a program on education al the. notary- Club meeting....A. Nelson, J. w. Adams) McDaniel and James Hill J W F were m their discussion program. •Plans were made to concentrate Ihc 1947 sale of policies to farmers working -low-risk" farms. These are farms on wind, no losses have been recorded for the past 10 to Io years. William Hurt. Osccola administrative assistant. O T fch*' ACA. explained. Hales on such policies range from lour to 12 pounds of lint cotton usually a dollars and ccnLs basis, according to July market, per acre of insured laud depending on the risk area in wlilcl, it 15 located. Seek Total Coverage Another objection raised to the crop insurance pragrani was- Ihat- a crop must be insured in its entirely and not just the bad portion ----- „.. ,, tlt: ol it covered. In connection with I appointed by Farmer England pr."i- this-. it was pointed out -by farmers dent, as a committee to dire-t ti"ku and Business men at the meeting "~'~ *~" " a man owning a number of farms' on which he took crop insurance did not receive collective coverage bill tnat payments were computed individually. Met tine with the coimtv group were state and national' leaders m the program. They were Lee B.lrnes of Washington, b C representative of I h c Federal Cron Insurance Corp.; c. s. Duprcc of Jacksonville, state director of crop msimmec: and Ho.vt Rowland, dis- Uict supervisor for 'Northeast Arkansas for t] lc Purchasing and Marketing Administration. iim'' 1 ^" 0 ," 1 '" 1 '' lilc " orl11 entl °l he fount)- Here Fielder Perry a!- r ..ale niemlier of the county com- R IN v c "" sc "'«tion paymenls: Rul.m Neivson. member of the fi'r"""-'.'.'^'/ *?' ?' : H ot> cson .senior ' " and HV IIOII ItKOWN I'nltei) sl«ff Corrcsjpondciil I.I'IT-E ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 2:1. — iUP)—The clamor for more money for county roads swelled In the Arkansas legislature this week, and indications were that Ihe funds would be made available. Numerous measures providing for greater allocations to county Judges already have hit Ihc hopper. Others are expected next week. Chief ainoni! them is a use tax measure l )v jmij,,, Cv , loml o[ Crltlendeji Counly, president of the Arkansas County Judges Atwcla- lion. A use lax bill has been Introduced previously, but Judge Hond's measure would distribute the ben- eflls differently from the mcasr.-e no<,i- before the House Committee on Taxation. He would divide the revenue on '< SO-50 basis between the counties and cilles of Arkansas for roi purposes. Tlie measure previously introduced provided a spill between the University o f Arkansas and counties for roads. Bond expressed himself today confident that counties will receive more road money. "A great many of the legislators have expressed themselves as favoring such an allocation." he as- serled. The counties contend l\,,,, "icy do not have enough money lo match available federal funds. The Criltendrn C'ounCy judge opposed a measure whirb would permit tbe slate (r, rcfulltt 5'.T cent* of Ihc gasoline lax now collected from farmers for non- hiehway Use. "Such a move would mean » 1i per cent reduction in gasoline revenue." he asserted. "Tlie law coult no'- bc enforced, and pretty soon you'd i,ave most o f the farmers <-•>• eratlng Uicir private vehicles or tax-free gasoline." General lilll Prndinj; Cov. Ben Laney'.s Highway Ad visory committee has recognize! t-he need for more county funds And the general highway bill, ask ins for increased sales'and gnso line l«.-:es. -.will-ptn.Yidc Ihat one fourth or the amount, collected bi fice- here; and w. O. Ha- county agent. Tax- Assessing Period Off To Slow Start " c "dcr&on, , The assessment,-; not later than Apri be made "> In order lo .. penalty for non-asscssmem ''^•^^''^-''e.iYhc Work on the tax book's for 1917 „ 'cing rushed in the office r, VK- H.zabclh Dlyibe. coiinlv clerk ioT- Miwiwippi county. lo -iiavc ,|,em loady for filing will, , hc CO || cr ?r' ^"""L^^-'^P'Shcnrf-v^! not later Uiar. liam Derrynia Feb. 17. The lax books arc beinp- nrcpirerl <"' Ihe basis of Ihe alsUinic'-' ™«dc in ,9,6 by Mr. Hcml on' oflicc and approved by the Count v Hoard of Bqualization: J Three Firemen Killed In Minneapolis Fire MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 24. (UP) ' °'° :0 ., fir<! "' WhlCh tnr ^ fl«their lives and eight ot'i- were injured was traced today pamt si.op in the basemenl of agency garage. in auto In," in the t of the .slriietiiri>. inle.s fot- the banquet. It was also announced that Mi- Holder will attend the annual session of the Arkansas Association of Commercial Organization Scerc- taries in Little Rock Feb. '( and 3 GOPMaySeek Closed Shop Ban WASHINGTON. Jan. 24—<UP> — Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R., Wis.. today proposed legislation .serku;^ to eliminate the closed shop Issue as a call^e of strikes. Tills was the latest In a series of Republican labor propo.s.iIs. Republican lenders are determined to write <>»n labnr Icgisla- tion, going beyond P'resldeni, 'fru- mau's limited recommendation for a labor liivcstlgation commission. They arc. ready (o lay aside this proposal at least until March !. McCarthv oiicred a series <]l r,mcn<Jmcnls to the Wagner Labor Relations Act setting Ihcse standards for a "modified" closed shop: 1. The closed shop would b c unlawful unless two-thirds of the employes favored it in a secret vole conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. 2. It would be maiidalorv for an employer to grant the clo.sed shop If two-thirds of hl s employes voted for It. 3. No employe could be denied a Job if he were denied membership in n union. He could not be d i- chargcd if expelled from the union, except for refusal to pay dues. 4. Jt would be. unlawful lor any union lo maintain a "permit system," uiylcr which closed shop unions would deny membership to nn employe but allow him lo work upon payment of n fen. rc-allocaled to the counties. Another proposal would re-cli.- Iribute prcsenl county t-lm-.i funds to give smaller counties inrgcr share. Tills move lias bee approved by the House Roads and Highways Committee. Another possible, source of rev- j cnuc Ls the privilege tax on .wholesale liciuor dealers by Rep. Car-oil Hollciisworth or Bradley Counly. He would allocate 30 per cent p r the lake to the. state Hl»hwnv County Aid fund. Still a not her bill, which failed lo pass the House Committee. wouf'J provide thai all gasoliiin money be spent in the county where it'was collected. Hlgiuvay commission Counsel Neil Bohlingcr. however «'.vs lhat the Highway Departm-nt "•'s no way of delciminlnc how TOi'inl ." 1 °" tly wiis C0 "cc-Lcd in one . Other pronosnls are sure to be . roduced be.-r.rc Ihe .session , ; cls nidi older. | )U[ (he conccnsu s Is li lf ,, ninl ' c money | s mal i c avail- •il'K 1 . the counties will got their MI a re. survey of notary Club mom- for ideas lor possible Chamber of Commerce activities for llils rear was conducted by Fnrnier [Cngliind. pre.sidi'nl of tiie Chum- ;er of Conimerce, at the club'R weekly ineelhu; yesterday noon ill the Hold -Nclile. Possible tirojocts for the considr eration of tlie Clunr.ber of Cpm- nerce centered about ImiuovcmcntS 'n school equipment, roads and he tiaffie situation. Ideas for proposed prnjerl-s list; ;d ye.slerdav were ticrepU'd -by the Chamb.i of Commerce as sn«- Kcslions. O.'linile plans have not >ccn aimoiineed as lo the actual program lo !n: undertaken by the Chamber thi.s year. The Rev. K. c. Drown, pastor 01 the First Hapilsi ciuireh, MIMKCSI- il Ihe improving ol life and business opportunities here and pointed out Ihc need for bel- ter school:.. Improved school equipment and increased pay Kir tcarh- ers. Would Ke-llimlc Highway '- M-iyor K, u. Jackson slaled his ae.reement wllh tne Rev. 'Mr.-Brown conrrriiniB .siiKKcvlcd .vehool, Im provenienls. Re-roiilini: of Illglm-ay Gl frof North Division street to enter Hie present highway in ibe vicinity o (be fil.vtlieville country c hib M t safety measure to relieve traffic coni;es(lon near t|, ( . Hlsih School wns Miggcstod -by c. w. Affllrk. He also pointed oul tliiil u new bridge was badly needed on ti, c hlKhwai' lo ii'plnce llic present strusUire between ihe (jolf course and Yai-brcx J. lx>uts Cherry, Insurance ngeiit, lecoinnicnded Unit resuifiiclmj of Iliilhway 01 from Osceola to -Blyvhc- vllle be eoiithiiied nnd agreed wllh oilier suggestions given concerning • hat highway. Cotton nuyei K. Ci. West pro. i^ed six projects, recommending Ihal in .streets be widened; C!) nfflc laws be enforced fuiiher; i large trucks be prevented from liiiiking on ..Muln Hlrerl and bloek- iim truffle, unlondlng; i-i) kiiiK melhods be revised to Include aiiBle-paiklni; oii one side ol Minn Slreel and parallel patklnn on the r.lher lo relieve congi'.sllou; and ])>lnlini; out lhat I5i u locally financed mixed feed mill and Ki'i •uinlhrr soybean jijll) would help f.inners and indusliy us well a.s 1 e* 1!. A. l.yneii, piisl-presldent ol I .... Ihe Chamber of Commerce, tut- ' *e.Hled that Ihc; Chamber educate Ihe iicoplc. of Jllythevllle In |he "enl :ind Imporlance of siippurtlnn worthy causes such as the Coin- iimtidy Fund, pointing out that !)M per cent ol ;tie burden is being borne by 20 per cent ol the population. (iiiesU; lit the Hireling ft re Worth Holder, .serrelary ol the Chamber of Commerce, Frunk J. Huffman of Sleele,-.Mo.. Drure Ivy of Osce- oln, Herbert Weathers ot I^ixoiu and 1)111 Williams, Junior Roliir- inn. Autry's School Measure Given House Approval Two Education Bills Get Attention of Arkansas Lawmakers urn/.-: ROCK, Ark,, jnn. 24 (UI'1-.'Pwo educational proposals wore approved In the House llils moriiliiu bfloro udj;>urnmcnl 'ut noon milII a p.m. Monday. One n[ the measures wouiii allow ;-rhotil dish-lets ID Increasn I heir bonded Indebtedness beyond Ihc present seven per cent of' assessed valualton of properly m Ihe district. The other would per- ml', M-huols lo employ rnllrcd leachri.', (l.inni-. the pyrscnl short- Utility Executives Hold Conference Ark-Mo Officials Discuss Company's Program for 1947 , A meetiim of the manaj;cr.s, jlrc foremen, plant operators and other key personnel of the Arkanhai- Mlssourl Power Company la bdnu conducted al Ihe Noble Hotel here, today and tomorrow for discussion of problem:; rehitini; to the eloa- tric company's business j,nrl pl.rii for malntainiiif; n )il|th standard Bi service in Ihe 05 towns and communities served. , An annual affair, the program has been so arranged ns to covs!i all phases of Ihc company's opei- nfions. Including- finances, construction, employee benefits, pu'nllo relations and personnel work." Appearing on today's proifwn, which was ojiened this inorni'ij, by James Hill Jr.. president of tlui - company, who welcomed oir-o''- C0il5cnt of tlln Htlgaiifji, The ;ilalu- - - - - ""is were represented Two Plaintiffs Get Judgments Circuit Court Trials May Continue Here Into Another Week. .'tTlal of civil cases In the Ghlix- nsawbn District of th ( , Mississippi counly circuit Courl continued today wllh prospects that the session would coiilliiiie Into next week. Judge Zal jj, iianlsiin "it presiding. A jury yesterday aflenioon n- turned a verdict awarding JMO.y, I" K. E. Stevens from Ode,. Wright in a suit Involving a farm tractor. A $1200 Judgment was witcroii m.fnvor. of Oscar Alexander auu olhcra. and against arover niuub'i n.1 the result of a highway Irall'i. fatfdlly in which Mattle shall, WIIK fatally injured in July. |o|r,. The Judgnicnl was entered hy Weather Moderates Warmer wealher yesterday preceded a light rain which br.HKiU only a trace of moisture In Ih- carly hours of this moniiii'.'. The mercury .settled to a low of -n degrees riurfii" last nichi. ac-nrd- ing to Robert E. Blaylocfc, oflioi..] weather observer. N. Y Stocks 2:00 p.m. Quotations A T and T Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen F.lcclric Gen Motors N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Studcbaker Si.nndo.rd of N J Texas Corp 38 3-B 02 15R 37 3-a 56 1-4 19 1-8 72 1-H 10 27 0 1-8 15 1-1 IT! 3-8 EB : Fun ils Badly Needed Additional road funds are l>;,dlv needed in Mississippi County and i" an effort | o provide at least temporary relief, the. Mississippi County Quorum Court in a sl)cc ji, session recently gave it.s proposal to a voluntary tax levy of three '"His on the dollar against B li rerl nnd personal property in the This voluntary tax. if pa i( , ,,v m " f , lhorlnx riaycrs. .should yield upwards of $40.000 this vcar'-nic voluntarv levy Is In addition to the hrcc-mill tax which has been levied f or m(my yc(lrs by th( , vQl _ cr.s m each general election County Judge Roland Green recently expressed Ihc belief lhat nearly all taxpayers would pav ihe voluntary lax, but added that Ihc receipt., will not bc available until late in the year, and of little benefit In (he effort to relieve present emergencies. lown visitors and inlroduced „ were Charles R. Ncwcomb, lr:rs- urer. who led In a discussion ui company finances; W. W. Austin, who discusc'i the employee bcnc-' fits offered by the company in the form of accident and hcal'.h insurance, retirement, annuity, aim group life Insurance. Miss Clara Ruble, pure.havng sent, for Ihe company. rliscii.M'CI problems relating to uvalllbility ol nialerials. the shortage of which during Ihe past year has hampe:eci the company's construction nn:i service extension progratn. "Delivery expectations for irHT" 0:1 certain scarce materials was ll'.c subjccl of Miss Ruble's talk. Tiie subject of wodernizing- Pm operallons was discussed by D. T'ollock jr., rlilef engineer, wl'.o explained how Ihe complclion ol Ihc company's Inific conslniction program. launched Immediate!* after the war ended, will material ally improve clertric service In al. areas served hy Ihc company n:-u add new sources of power fo. nearly all lowns .served. Aid Induslrial Development _ by a. \V*. Barhaui, and the. defendant by the law firm of Buck A: Sudbury Oilier cases which have bi'r-n disposed of this week include: Alvln Wiinderllch agalnsl. w. c. Cntc.s; ronllinicd for Ihc court term. J. K. Parish against Fannie Wallace; appeal from municipal enuri. dismissed for lack of prosecution. Martha Chester against AMn Banks; dismissed on motion nt the plaintiff. Plaintiff Takes Non-Hull Troy nnd Jewell Mayo ag.ilnxl Fabrr While and others; non-sntc entered on motion of plaintiff niter a jury had been selected In try the i.-nse. 1. f5. Duncan. administraUii others, agiilnst J. n. l.arnb others; dismissed for lack of ceiillon. J. C. Ellis and others jig O. S. Rolllson; coulinued foi court term. R. A. Adkins agiilnst n. c. I.atul Co; |>cl.|tion for wrll. of cerffornll granted sending the case back lo common pleas court. F. C. Ryals. n minor, etc.. vs. Pnt Henderson; ;m>llon lo make more specific; nioll'jn . and and .,10:1- (he oducliiu the IiHlelitcdnesMiica- MIIV, Ilcp. 1, H. Auliy ot Hurdetle Mississippi Ciuiuly. .said I hi' movi was ni'ces.iiny bormisr; of high con- stnirtlpn costs and Improved financial condition;) () f most district.! AuliVs bill sel up " Hllcllni; scale thai would allow .the Indebtedness to range horn seven to in p,.,- r( . n t of the nssesscd valuation, bused 01 the inteicsl rale obtainable ill bonds. A dislrlc', sellini: iiondi bemlni; l-hier per {;ent f .Intele^t or lesf could Its bonded Indebtedness to as much a.s 10 per cent 'Ilie rate of Indebtedness would <lciieai.e as the InlcrehL rale Increased. Would i:\leild Kini'l'i;riley The oilier ediii-alloiuil measure iviu Inlrodurcd by Rep. 11. a. May •if Nrvudu County, it was simitar In a war ernrrgcnrv law which expired automatically' when il'rea- idenl. Tinman dei-lareil rciisiiltnn of hostllllles. Under Way's Proposal, retired leachers may be employed until the Stale Hoard of KdiiCiillon de- cliireit Ihc teacher emergency ul an end. Meanwhile, Jhe Senule wont Inlo cxecullve .session and approved -III si Hie bourd aplioliilments submitted earlier Ibis week by Oov. Hen L'uicy. No objection was raised lo any appointment.. The list, -iicnveve: 1 . did not Include the names ol men-.Jers ol Ihc Stale -Hospital fioiird. Tlu- Semite iidjaurned ut \2M p.m. unlll Monday. The HOUKO received a recoiumcn- dallon from the Oonenil Welfare CmninlUcn tlml. ll,.|jii% t a bill to Rep. J.'C. Caller of buonc. Couilly provldlnc thai pallents at tho Stiile llo.'pllal pay (heir own expenses If they have an c.iUL, : , -^^. which relieves relatives of liability of the expenses. A recommendation was made bv the Judicial Committee, Section Ji, thai Ihe pav of jurors be raised from $:i to $5 a day. The. Him>ic also received a recommendation from the insiiriuieo committee thai, two Insurance lulls written by Insurance Commissioner •lark MtKcime to augment, fi | ]lto :ontrol over Insurance companies approved. After convening ut ;> p.m. yr ii- lerduy, the. Scnale Immediately look up a resolution by Sen. O. W. lookadoo of Arknd'elphla lhat would hiivr- placed the upper •hiimhcr oti record as opposing'any ncieiiKi's in the ^ales and i;»m- llue luxes In Arkansas. In ellcct, woultt have amoutilrd [o ri dl- ccl rcpudliillon of ciov. lien |,un•y's highway group, whlrti had Sec IJXJTSr.ATDIti; mi IMRC :; Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Jan. 24 —(UPi —IUSDA) --Livestock; Hogs 7.000. salable ft.500; uneven; "arrows and gills mostly Me higher than average Thursday. Spots up 7»c; so-,vs steady to 50c hlgiier; ou.K good and choice 170 to 250 Ibs 24 lo 24.25; practical lop 24 25; few ,small_ lots 24.50; 250 to .100 Ibs 23.^0 lo 24; odd lots 300 to 350 Ibs M to 23.oO; most 130 to 150 Ibs £2 lo 23: 100 lo 120 Ibs 10 lo 2150 Cattle 1,100. salable 1.200: calves COO. nil salable; light Friday receipt of cattle comprised of about CO per cent cows and very few steers. Market slow, but mostly f'bout steady with Thursday. Odd int., and Individual head of light steers and heifers varied from 14.50 to 20; these mostly medium to S™<J- A few medium cows around to 12.50; common beef type The industrial development assistance available to all lo» 1 :is j served by the company, was di",- complaint, cussed by Karl Thomas, assisl;i:it. denied, to the president, who is in charge I Ix-e Wilson A; Co. against ti\. of that work. Mr. Thomas reviewed t.ouis <fc San l-'ranclsco Raihv :<i accomplishments in this field dm- Co. nnd others; dismissed as in Ing the previous year and 'pit! the railroad company, and c'in- how Ihe company had worked '.viCi j Ihiued as to other defendant towns and communities in tho.Utp. court lerm. area lo secure factories and pro- mole, other industrial dcv-;lop- menl.s. "Effccls of New fnduslry" in a lown was discussed by Ciiiy E. I'axton. manager of the conipiviy'.s Piedmont. Mo., district, in who:.': territory one of tbe factories whim the company has hcl|icd secure has been located. The electric company's farm clcc- t trification program, which has undergone considerable expansion duriiiK Ihc past few years uno brought electric sen-ice to several hundred additional farm homos in Ihe area, was discussed by Jliniriy Htchardson, head of lhat dcp.i'.l- menl. The. company's exlcnslvc ;.,ife^ Program was discussed b>' Jay Al.ui Reid, the conipan>-'s safely ul- rcclor. Power service and olliri Phases or indusliial service !'i::i- ishcd by Ihc company was covc.'^o by Glenn o. l.idd, rale CIIEUW.I,I for the company. Today's session of Ihc two-day meeting will bc concluded i>y a banquet tonight honoring the managers, line foremen and plant operators and other field representatives of the company for outstanding work, The meeting will be rcconmenccl tomorrow morning at which tlini a discussion of the compi >nv!- advertising and public program, new business and merchandising aclivities, and person G 'Ml'cows around n.50 lo 10.7"). , nel selection nnd training proreri- will be ili.wussr-d, , Jir In the matter of Drainage Di:; tricl No. 1C. Chlckasawba nisi.ri ;i. Mississippi county; motion pranu-i dismissing appeal from County Court. Bold Gunmen Get $55,000 In Robberies NBW YORK. Jan. 24. IU.1V> Two masked men held up liir cashier of Ihc Hrooklyn Daily Kagle today and escaped wilii $20,000 payroll. The holdup look place in tho cashier's office on the main floci or (he Eagle building in downtown Brooklyn. Second liobbery Reported WESTFORD. Mass., Jan. 21. (U.r.) — Four masked gunm?n held \i|> the cashier of the Abbot Worsted Mill in Forge Village today and escaped u-itlt the weekly payroll of about $35.000. Weather ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy to cloudy, occasional light rain hi East and extreme South ;»rtlons todav. Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. I.IItle ehanp.e In lemperaluivs. b:- Many Missco Men Active as Scout Leaders J. IMVIS Cherry of Hlythovlllo was ileslgnaled yesterday ns one of tho vice presidents of the Eastern Arkansas Hoy Scout Council m uw »K which In being hold In Ma- rliinnn. A. Carlson of Truiiumii was elected president, and tho now ofllccrs were installed following nn address uy Cio\'. lien t,iuioy. H. A. DiHHck of niylliCTllle. and Venum James of O.iceola, imlMant Seoul executive for Ihn council, were, sclecled as rcpiewnlnllvi's on ll,e Nalional lloy Scout Council, Uriel chnlrnien Includi Nobl" »f Hlylhcvllle for North Mlr,- slsslppl County, nnd i^ s || n s ,, rch ()f Osceola for H on 111 Mississippi County. .'iniilvi! hnind meiiiuer.s !;r Ihe council luclndr Uussell Phillip, of Hyllievllle. J. n. Crnln of Wfton, Harold Ohlendoif of Osreoia I, o Mush of Illythrvllle: Klevc Riilpli of o.M-rolii. Nathan Weluberi; of Os- eeola, C. li, Young of Osccola ni'id Henry Ifnyi ( ,f l.eaelivllle, 1'hlllp Deer of Rlythrvllle •,»!,.. flt . lecled l<i serve on the Advancement Committee for Ihe council. Pnber While of Oseeola wii» iiuincd as a council trustee. CilyfoTiriance Malaria Control Mayor Says Funds to Be Provided for Control of Mosquitoes Ciirrylni; out of the mnliirln control, liuvaclde prouriini In Hlyllu-- vllle diirlnit ID-n was assured lo- dny wllh the announcement by Mnv- or E. H, Jackson thai appronrU- lloiK of doiri taOM lo $2600 will bt made by tin; City Council lo al< the. operations This money, taken from Ihn clly'- vennral fund, will nay for Ilia t'll) ploymcnt of a nvc-mnn crew whlcl will carry out the lurvnc-lde proiirar here, under ihe supervision of tin Malaria Control Unit, Use of (hose fuiuis was iippnivci by city council members. conUc.t« yeslerdiiy by . Mayor Jackson, Tin money will • eohie from nyallabl fuiuis mid will entail no nddUlonu taxation, ihe mnyur cmplwalzed. The city will provide only tho 1ft bor for larviiclric opci-nHtiiis, n m the ^tnlarla Control Unli ;>c:-- -vil 'urnlsh tlie trucks, equipment, jitu nipervlslon, lie .said. . This progrjim. v . hlch covers tin >llltiK of all and itoten tlally mnlnrlal bodies of y.-n'er li n area within a one-mile rndlis ci lie clly's cenler of popuiai,, , condiicled by Ihr. Kovoniineiit wh 1, forces were m nl,,l rt | IIB( , nt „ BJ, thevlie Army Air Field. S " 0 «,, deacllvallon of Ihc base, howcvir the program Is now up lo n, 0 city Mnyor Jackson Bald. County Gets High Quota for Farm Bureau Members Goal of 4200 Given Missco, for Campaign' By Arkansas Federation Goals of 4200 member*) for Miat*in.s[|>|>i County and .41;~>00 for Arkansas wore an- iioiinccd yo.sterflay w he it Pnrm FJurenu membera from .ho .nine First Congressiorif District countief! met « /onoshoi'o to lay plans for Llie l{)47 civinpiiign to • (Win l'ol>. 7. . ' ."' ' - •*'••• AceordliiR to membership figiircj iitromiced at Uio meellng, Ml«- sh:slppi County led la'.t year'B county loials with 4151 members. I ho nine counties In this district inve u toln! membership of well over 12.001). leading ,i, ; 600ut 3m) <•••<• next IniKPSl district In the II Georgia Tangle Stymies Spending ATLANTA. Oil.. Jnn. 21. IUI'1 — Cieorglirs financial picture became, us confused loilny ns ils dual Rfiv- rriinr repjinn. Both clnlnumij to the covo rn orslil[) -.. Herman Tnl- mmlKc and Melvyn K. 'l'\mm\wm~ found new biirdens lunnpri'lng simp Kovernmcnl (ipcralinns. Tnlmadqe, in execuli.'e ofll7e.< ';ll Ihe first floor of the Stale Cupltol. and Thompson, in second floor chambers, smiphl to operate wiin- oul funds. .Several payrolls were reported due. On Ihe heels (if :i Mate onii-ial's decision l.yinc up revenue and highway depailment. funds. 'I'homiis-'in learned Ihal ; $100.000 crcd; ileil to (he executive department in an Atlanta bank would remain iula'-l until courts del'rrnilnc the lefal jMArrnur. Kornirr Ciov. Ellis Arnall who rrlintiuir.lied Ihe cxTrulive posl. to Tli'inijiMin had fell Ihal Ihe bank would recognise 'I'hranpson's slcsiii- lurc. The bank did for a $r,o ,-heck for Ihr. purchase of .stamps, hrinc,- ini; jubiliilion from Thoinpse-n. Ijitler. howrver. Krie Cock". I lie bank president, .vild llwt IIITPII!- tinre of Ihc check was a nvsl.ik? lhat Ihr check was cashed "lli.o.igl error wilhonl knowledge or oppro- val of any officer of the bank." Talmadgc Is understood lo have sought means of HcquiriiiR the fund which arc used specifically for oils lodiwl payrolls and incidenlnl ex poises In the r.veciiflvc department N. Y. Cotton Mar May July Oct Dee high low open high 3072 300-1 2R46 2633 2581 3032 301 1 2<)51 2&'>1 'A->95 M.shrdlul low I 3037 21)60 2801 2602 2o40 BOli 2990 2S3U 2flfta 10*6 >nci»ber«lilp of 3P ranked louith an-ong soil<n" « S n' tc3 Nort)l Carolina led vth 55080 members, followed by bonhirifnlr"' 1 !! 1 CC "" >t> ' 1947 mcm " Pliiniiccl nl n county F Rrm nurcml directors mcetl)iK tfhjch w l^ h. aniioiincud Inler - Nnrlh-Ml-(tc» Dlrcetore to Meet O'airpal^n wokers for the north linlf of the county «|li r 0 || ow thl) d rectors' mcuthuj with a. "push- off meeting ut Charles -Rose's plantation at floscland. Stale Joe Hnrrilh, Orady planter, .discussed reasons why the Farm nurenu must organ- ao JUr mcn:b2rshlp.'. - : : '••• Ho pohilcd out Lhal 28 of the M newly-elected RapublicBn congrcss- mcn are from territories of over 500,000 pnp.ilutloi, -which arc -con- similng.vnoL.proUuBhig,. areas^- . Slneo fanners icnresenloiuy li per cent of the population,Ihe:said; this shows that they'-nre in- th» mlnorliy nnd must organize for their common good In" the'pussaic' of R|jr|cuHgral legislation. .- Il!tb the ; .r- flnP1 :,- . • Large Sums Claimed for Conservation 'Hie flr:,l, lot of sn Mississippi Counly upplirnlions for conserva- 11 mmlslnncr pnymenls was ^cnt today lo Ihc Men- Oilcans district office of the Aortculturiil conservation Administration, n. E. Robc- •on. senior field assls^ftlll. of the ACi\ office here. :;a|rf this morn- As lionii as Ihe applications t rninpuled liere they arc selil , New Orleans In lots of 50. Whll> Ihe exact tola] payments applied Tor by Mississippi counly larmers '"s not been computed as yet, Mr. RnbOTOii estimated thai, aniounl would run between $'«5,000 and S250.0on for conservation practices ill 19-IG. Gosnel! Woman Dies in Home of Son', J.M.Frankum Mrs. Louise Franklim. 75. died this momins at 6 o'clock «t the home of her son, ,J. M. Frankum, near Gosnell. l-'uneral son'kes will be held tomorrow- afternoon. 2 o'clock. In Holt l-'unrral Home Chitpel wilh Ihe Hcv. Arnold Clayton officiating. He will bc assisted by 'Mitchell Houston, nurial will follow al Elmwood Cemetery. Pallbearers will bc Carl Lcdbet- Icr. Ho;.s Caldwell. Johnny Wagner. Ira Oiler, Johnny Hocolt »nd Lcc Hill. Mrs. Frankum had made her home here for 25 years, having moved from Hayli, Mo. She. is survived by Mr. Frankum, a daughter. Mrs. BI!'. Davis of Dell, and Iwo sisters. tho sloagBli Amendment elective . In retaining price, supjxjrts' al. 90 ' "«pS^- b ^'°^ lon " '"«i i" sllor '' state: Farm '/hiir-?u to.mrct in f?» "nhiw. Mr. ir^rdin" wL";"p: uohilcd n member of Ihji comin|t- OaV 'i*x Kefiinet Sought Aipong- bills that thh committee will study Is IcBlslotipn for the refund of 'five mid 0110 half cents per gallon of motor filer taxes on fuel purchnsed fo)- non-hlghwfty uses. Till:; would liuve'a strpiis of- Icct ou .fnrmers I rogardihg .-the amount of tractor fuel <i?"< '— them, R wns pointed out. SVIIh tip such law yc-'. gassed for Aikaiisas. thb cornmltlCe will 'alii, sliiriy proposed • legislation <•-'•"<"•Ing grading nhd labeling of Arx^n- AnotheV l!cm this grov . v lll li>- vesllEntc Is the' Uiilyrrr-'. y of' Arkansas budget, Issu-'u but not- broken down Into-specific approprla- lions as yet. This , ,idgei Inclu'd'srt lund.s dllocnleri '. o extension nervier cfflccs nntl personnel. The comnilUee will be directed to check on ' > allocation of »H equitable f.hare c,f ih c budget for extension Altrnrllng. 'this' meeting train J iytllcvlllc mill vlclnlly were' harles nose or Roseland, n slnte Farm Burein: director; Chester Caldwell, planter and glnncr- Roland Oreen, county Judgo; p, D. Foster, cotton broker;' Fred Fleq- man, planter; and Keith Bilbrey. North Mississippi coiiiity agens. Bight other district meetings of this type have been held this week. Fire Damages House I-'irc yesterday gulled n four- room Negro residence at 625 South Franklin and damaged the side of nn adjacent two-room house.. The blaze was caused by a two-burner coal oil hcntcr which flared Up and Ignited surrounding wallpaper. Open windows In the house caused .1 draft which rapidly spread flames. Hie property ir, owned hy f,. Fowler. Pay Increase For Teachers UrgedbyP.T,A, UTfLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 24. (UPI -A minimum yearly salary ci S2.400 tor nil Arkansas Icncli'n with four years of college creaii. today stood oul ns the N'-.iiiScr-' 1 objective of the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachtr.< Mcciinp here yesterday, the group adopted n.resolution to that, end. and also ftdvocaled a gradually increasing wage'curve tapering off at H $5.000 to $6,OCO level lor, cflicieni teachers of long experience. The -Arkansas Education Association has already announced a campaign favoring a minimum of $300 as a raise for all leathers in tho stale. Another development came from Hot Springs yesltrday, where a petition for tt'ffi percent salary' hike was filed by a committee from the Hot Springs Education Association with Board 1 of EducatiPn President George <P. Collier. IA1I faculty ineiji- bcrs In the Hot Springs schools signed the document, which asked thai the raise ixs made effective this month.

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