The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 14
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TWKLVE GOP Will Check On Americanism -; House Committee to '-~ Check Communist ^Influence in Films ' WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. (UP) The House Committee on UiYAmcr- Ican Activities organized under Republican leadership today and vol- crt to investigate Communist influences in the 'Hollywood film colony. Tile committee also clodded (o "expose and ferret out tlie Communist and Communist sympathizers in the federal government." j. Chairman J. Parnell Thomas, R., N, J,, said after the first commlt- fcc meeting that open hearings will be held lu the Investigation of Hollywood. He would nol say when or where the hearings will be held. " The committee's vote on authorizing the investigations was imnn- Imous. Thomas said • Robert E. Stripling was .npuolnl.- td committee clerk and chiei Investigator. He succeeds Ernie Adani£on. who had been chief investigator and counsel of th ccotnmlt fee In the last Congress. ; Thomas said lie intended to "make this the most nelive year in the committee's history." 4 Asked whether the committee would confine itself to invc.stl«a- lion of Communist activities, Thomas said: ' "We are soing to let the chips fall where they may—whether they fall on Communists, the Ku Klux Klan or the Columbians, We are £oing after all subversive influences »nd elements." i In a statement lo newsmen, Tlio- nias said that as chairman of the eonunlUoc "I can promise that the JommiUcc-s investigations will be both intensive and fair." • To Shun Partisan Politics It is my opinion," he said, "that (he committee should be free of any partisan politics, and that nil ?. artl ?* n . Potties or expedients should be put aside in the common lnteresl.5 of the committee's Important work." • The committee approved in full the entire program previously proposed by Thomns. it Included• 1. A promise to' "spotlight"' Com- iTninlsts controlling and dominating 'some of the most vital unions in American labor. ..which are now being used a.s Moscow paivns. 1 2. The institution of a counter- educational program by the committee against "subversive propaganda." 3. Assurance thnt the committee 1*111 give its "undivided attention" {o those groups and movements who are "trying to dissipate our Rtomic bomb know-how for the benefit of a foreign power." , 4. Establishment of a reference service for members of Congress on .all subjects relating to subversive or unAmerlcan activities In the •United States. 5." Making the committee's files available to'all investigative units of the government and Die annc'd .services. ' Stripling, the new chief tnvcslt- cator, previously had served as chief investigator of the committee Irom 1340 to Jan. 3, 1345 when iie entered the Army. Rally Speaker (Municipal Boards Urged to Hear Labor Disputes WASHINGTON. Jull. 23. (01')-Tilt Unltcti Etntrs Conference of Mayors yc.slriflay tinrnilniou.sJy Wtf- etl comimmilii's' ID set up cily- S|>«HS3!-C(1 local hiboi'-iiiiinuceincnt ijoai'tts to limn la-jor liisjnitos. Tills Inbor |;io|>i>v.U u-?.:; mad" i>y Myoi liuliert H. llnmiilii-ey of MlnnrnprvlK. H was iimont! 19 resolutions CKlopiod unanimously at coiicliKlliii; session of thu tl'in-e- VOU'l! to HSK •i :1 Congress to minium; "adequate •'„!,: fair rent controls mnil I lie cm: Read Courier News Want Ads. BABY'S rnmc UJLUd Hlsliop Pan) K. Mnrtin o f Liu to Rock will speak at a Mctho.lisi Youth Rally f 01 the Joncsli,,™ District, which includes Mississippi County churches. In [he HI-SI Mclhculisl church, Joncsboro on Jan. 29, 1 p. in. Other speakers will Include: D:. Malt I.. Kills, of Comvay, prcsitU-jH of Hemtrix Ctillcgc, and possitily Lieut. Gov. Nathan Gordon, n! Monillon. Emphasis will l>e placed on an- livillre in (lie phtireii school wliere a $1,000,000 (und-rnlslng compiij'tu is under way for expansion of tl.i' coltcec. The Hev. J, Allwrt C,.i°i,i of Joncsboro has announced in-ib this district already has cxcc:([»d its quota for the campaign. Announcement of the plan wiiii made by th e Rev. Charles W. Lewis, pastor of the Luxora Methodist Church, who is district youth director tor the church. Read Courier News Want Ads. MONARCH /5^fr JUICES Al TOUR DEALERS TRY MANHATTAN FINER COFFEE FIRST LADY CANNED FOODS Found at PICKARD'S Phone 2013 1044 Chickasawbs . • »o>" -without "dastng?' FOR SALE All tin- fbllowinir equipment is in good condition ;m<l available for inspection at the Luc Wilson & Co. Store at Armoi-el, Ark. 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K«lk' of Chicago ns conference president Mayor w. Cvopcr Green of Birmingham, Ala., was named vice president and Mayor A. p. Kaufman of SI. Ixntis was named ad. vlstory boiiI'd chairman. The conference also urged congressional action to meet the country's long-range housing needs continuation of the federal control' KIKI public power policy together and Immediate completion of the government's, emergency housinj! ft;d Congress to pass promnl legislation ID turn over •fedoral- owncd or controlled surplus a'lr- port.s and facilities to municipalities, countle.'i, and states 'free or Girl, Accidentally Hit by Ball Bat, Dies of 'Injuries FORT UVUIDERDALK, Fla . Jan 23.—(UP)-Cynthia Fay fc'aunders. 17-year-old high sclionl student, died at her home hero yesterday after beln(s struvk In the forehead with a toaimll hat i,y a school friend. Police rcpor.ted that Miss Saiin- deifi was nccidcntariy struck while I watching a girl's softijali game with two other K |rl friends. She complained of a headache and vra<. treated by a school teacher and later examined >>>' the family \i'i\. on maximum discount baste TI1URS1MY, JANUARY 23, 1917 «t?lnri. CAKD OF THANKS Wc wish (o ihnnk the many STARTS RElltVINQ AU COLD MISERIES-IN JUST 6 SECONoFl r»j' I'or t . ries ; (. au . COLD PREPARATIONS TAB1ETS OR LIQUID "l'»<i»iiikJi«i. tiful floral tributes din-ing our recent bereavement in the loss of Can't Sit! PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AND THAT AWFUL ITCH Onoof IKe warning tiiin.i of rin.V.'ormi ii " IIHBBIIIB racial itch which ofl, ti czv-ci fijjrttme a ,,,i l,,,*,,,, Blcft> anii . a/ , j lo even moro tcrlova Jiacress. Ih, i ".".'""f" '"'cegsury lo put up wilh , P-W rfejlinc will, lhl» URI, Inffclin'n'TleVni P-W labM, ort m a a ,.cciul , VB y ,„ j^rvy J in-Wcmis. P-W n.eana rm-Wonn relict 1 our mother and slsler. Loininc and Floyd Smith Mrs. K. w. Chapman "xlornnlly i;aiiK»il nldn c . 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POCKKT KNIVKS §1.25 ( o (.'animillus Fine Quality KRAUT CU'ITKHS ' Double iiladc 1CL1CCTRIC HOT PL.VTKS 1 Hurncr N KLKCTRIC HOT PLATIOS 2 Htirncr F)c Luxe GARDEN PLOWS All Steel CAKPHNTKU'S I.KVKL Mayer ,Sn inch SPIRIT LEVKI, Pocket Sixe CLOTHKS LINB r>0 Kt. Heavy Wire KRYING PANS 12 Inch Heavy Steel C.VNK CHAIRS Sj)ccial WAYNE in Prinr Bag Growing Mash. 100 Ibs. $4.65 WAYNE in Print Bag Scratch Feed.. 100 Ibs. $4.25 WAYNE Poultry Faffener 100 Ibs. $3.95 WAYNE Rabbit Pellets. 100 Ibs. $4.75 WAYNE— 10 Ibs. 98c DOG FEED . . 25 Ibs. $2.25 5 2. 98 11.85 i!so 75 e A <;OOD ASSOU'I'MICNT OF MKN'S AMD OVKUALI.sf' SANKOUI5!E1) TUI ' N«-'T ARMY CLOTH 1'ANTS SO En Men',': f)ir!vio U>3U liOY'.S HICAVY TV.'ILL 1>\\TS A\D SII1HTS. Hach Meivs C'arpcnlei" OVIOHALLS. §O Pair U, 1'AXTS AXD SHIRTS Hoy's Army Clndi CANVAS GLOVKS ileavy 10 O/,. 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