The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mitilmum ob*r» gn c i um. c« UL. ..::::::: -------- Hi 2 tlBMi tn line p.r a»i___"""I 1'Jo 3 tim«« per lie. per &„ _ ...... * ec B times jier line p«r diy 7c 1U llme» jjer lln« per day _____ "" 6<: Montb per lln« _________ __ 90c Count (lye «»erig« words to tlii Uu>. Ad orderftd for three or fcU tiniea and •topped before expiration will t>« chirg- •d for the Miimber of times the »4 AI>- ptared and adjustment of bill made. AU Classified Advertising coi>y dob- Ijilltcd by persons redding outside or the city juust be accompanied by cash. Rites may b« easily computed from the above ^ab!«. W) Advertising order lor Irregular luser- ^lons takes tlie one time rate. No responsibility will be takes ror more than one incorrect Insertion or any classified ai ). For Sale Cnal! 100 Lhs. or Carload. We deliver. Phone .TO!). Wheeler Coal Co. ''/„ Cop- pcdge Gin. l-S-pk-2-S Btcel otl barrel men. ll[,i»»'"lo M» elinb Skol>. Call 2828. llllBca-tt lilMe Buyer for your home. II. O. Campbell. 1'boue 4lA — 2930. Ulrica 1UO Bootk Hecoad. 10|2-ek-tf Ifere'fl a tip — cur titi!ir»lst«ry cloani Umililiilly will, ibe new Kina Hunrn. Ile»l» Taint & \Yalljil|ier O 12I27-CV-1IS1U7 8f> acre level farm, near ParaKould on hi way. Improvements worth price asked. Price $8500. J. C. Chapin, Miinilii, Ark. l-lO-pk-2-t Onp Minnie (.'.if... On-ner in ill lipnlth. 422 West Ash. Phone 078. 1110 |.V-24 j; room »ol. 5 or II room Khisi-r srwlni; inv J.tMi |.i},lft sn .l .-hairs-- liiibl iti.nif. 701 \V. Will 117-i-t-2i7 _ flno.l nsoil army conihnt eliocs Wl :iiul IlnUnnl's Slulp S 10IJ S. Sneoml. llS.|,li ^IDE! SITE! Corner lot, .100 foot frontng» on Highway (51, located just north of lilytheville Compress. Has a depth of 400 feet. Owner, 1 F. E. Illiick, 2057. l-M-pk-2!) COM, at Blytheville Gin Co ISO. S21 S. I.jllj- Klr.'ct Cnll t 1 1 nnrt :i o'clock. .1. W. .-stmirnnt c.vrn. Ninv Smillil.i'uil dual lUbiTshnw oven, $-2(10.00. Mrs. liar- ol.l (Jllisnn. 1' 1(2 I'. O lltix -170. , chair, jitmost . .loltn M Fj.rmnl! n.-u --II F:uin?ill- It r .'.II IIL- II. ,,.1. I : Cillliv:ili.r \vilh I'.usl 'L'nriior. ."> -IT Snuffinl's St Vrin, 3o:i Senior Hr.-ike I'* n l.:ill.e -' inimlhw ..Id. Will sell n .• .^-e or rail Wilson. Davis, plioi lir.7-\V. IKorslntvK, Term. 1-21-ck" Cr: BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS for Safe lUlfi ClicvroU'l Irutii 'two inced axln, '(.sliiifljouse braJirs. »c»- lirt'j U'flli •! fnul Curler trailer. 52.000 urlni:. 'lmiii' 12g, Slcclo. l!18-|ik' v !.S 1 :i-bottom twelve inch Case breaker. I ;!-bot(om M" oil lif( breaker. 1 I-H-C two liolloni 14" breaker. 1 Ford tractor - cultivator middle huster — roiid slip.. Dub Wiclner, Yarliro, phono _««•>• l-2l-pk-2.J ' •ry tl:l- t yci mil Ho.'..,-, V,, ' ,,„.>: I Ins prop.,,, is on il.'ross trail, ,-,,„.nlM.'ll- 'le nil.I .iili Mtuinl. \\V1I I,,..,[l,| !>"' iloini: fouil hiii.ii,,..., ()„„s M-ll nil furniture. s,,,,.V „,„! •-. il» a »:i!k o.ii M..1M,,,. „„ 1 .if ill li.altli. I knmt tin- ly. The lion.e »!lli,iui an) . ,.„, ip« nii'l kl,.r,. is „„,,,, ,:„. ror i[li]rK urtli'. .f 17.',0 t}d i-;isl.. SK. 111!;' Is .!„.. "I!f" ,(!"' «'V"'.V' 'II 1 ili.ur Mi'i 10!) Din, CN.I. !nw mill,..,.. IVrffft mi- iiiillion. I'rli'i- .VSM) ltn\ 3171. l|2^.|,k-2.-. '.<• l«n Army Drnlte k „,, , Tu el:. *7:in. C.1,,11,,.1 IllyH.nville Curh Milr 'fSliCK FOR SALE:—liltv Heavy Duly 1 </ 2 ton Chevrolet. Tip (op condition. Cheap for cash. Call 811 or 2M7. 1-22-ck-l,- nvi-rliiinli-il. K im.l ^ „,.„• h,,-h Ijri'akiiiK >v and' i-nlli \\nli lifi. l, t ,i!j rn-vv Cnn di l 'J.riiw l.isll-r |il:iol|.| ,,,-s :li!.VJ nr writi- 1'. l>. lli'.i K'J villn. l!?2-ck.! liahy Chicks! <0'.iailru],lo A. -?H.Or, per 100. .Mm I'.K.wn'* Store. i[li"-el;-lf I —Hill model H Farmall tractor. I—11)-! :l model H John Deere. 1-—19-1. mudcl H John Deere. We can furnish cultivators, middle busters, planters. <!isc, anil breakers with these Irar(ors. They are priced to sell. Call or come in,.if \ve don't have \vhai you want we'll jrcl if for you. Brown. Motor Co., Manila. Ark. Phone 31. l-2;!-ck-:iO DANGER! A shaking, wobbling car means danger to those who drive ir and to the pedestrian that crosses its path innocently. If your car wobbles, it may mean that unsuspecting accident is just ahead! Don't take chances. Phillips specializes in body and chassis work. You'll find a skillfully trained man for every bit of work to be done on your car. Don't leave your car to guess work elsewhere, bring it to Phillips to be sure! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ulylheville, Ark'—Tel. 4f.;t-.-,72i Wonted to Rent 10 nr up to 200 lures of taml Suit- aMf. for Irnclor farinin B . Wril» A. J. '/,. Courier -Nuws. ]|17-]ik-21 fnrnislici] npt. or house. tj.''i-ii S n.m. nnil 11 -:ifl lll'l-l.k.21 fall "•'"• jb^-;!.,^. ii ^'^^i^M For Rent 4}>) '—' liilr-l.en — dnnl.le .Irllin e\v. 211 Koulh Kr.nililin. Grocery store on South Franklin, waik-out proposition, immediate possession. Nice 5 room house with bath two Mocks from Main Street. Owner leaving town. Can give possession within two weeks. i^icc 5 room house on Cherry St. Immediate possession. Owner leaving (own. I'hosie 3G3S. David Real Estate and Inv. Co. l-21-ck-2il ifi mini] house Chick. i:7-'ck-2;7 One late model Moline (vac- tor with starter, lights, power lift and road gear. 'i row cultivator with rubber lire gauge wheels, two bottom slat wing breaking plow, and (andcm disc. One two-bottom Massey-Harris breaker. One two-bottom 12" John Deere breaker. Sec Paul Abbott, Var-'' bro road, phone fi50. iptl r-n'riTroi! .Iftn X llrnaihvny. 1 |2l-|ik.'-M Heilrnom or as A|inrlnipnt. Oulsiilo en- franco. 817 C!>ickaFan->>ll. l|17-l>li-24 ik' HOD Cliirk.isawl.a. I'll. 2R7a. Cnniforlalilr lii-il rnoin. a<tii)inin|: liitlli. I'linno 2f,l(i. 101J Walnut. lll-Sck-lf Wanted To Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Gel the top price for your cat or truck from PHILLIP? MOTOR CO. Today. 6-9-ck-tl Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy Gl, phone :J78I). 12-2G-pk-l-2fi 12 26-pk-l-26 Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 20.1!). l-17-ck-2-17 SALESMAN WANTED VKTKItAXS LOOK IIKUK1 «7n "•••>' 1 '« Sinn in ImsinfMi on .mr jniiiMl. SVII snmi- VOn Furni-llninn I roilnri, i,, Knolli .Misnis-iitiil anil .\«rll, CHKvnil.'n rmnuiM. Tl.nnsaiiil, i-iir ilpslcrn n.i.v mnkn i,nicfc s.,l«. Me l.rnrils. tor |,arlii-iilnrs urilo Kan- li'ifli s. Drpl. AKA-™7.|D3. Mi-innhi". 1fnr '. l''Jl-.k-.2i Help Wonted BJIIOI-I I:.II, III Mi-1 A Navy blimp set a record by flying for a week without stopping PRESCRIPTIONS Preah Stock Guaranteed Bast Prices Kirby Drug Stores without refuclliiB, licnting Ihe slan I'ct-ord no.^ lioiii's In 130. LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 46 OIIKV. « DKSOTO 41 CltKV. :is ciiuv. ,,,|,. uvi.r.iinm. .11,1 i.,l,,,lim. n-iml,,.,! vrlih Kiiln, „,,,! |,.,,,|,. i.'|.:,|r.l.> Mi,,,, Mb,,,.. ' • n d a\c«tylrnr ,. RUcknmUh work. "'•'I* ImplraiPiit Co. Phon» S-16-ck-tt 'Mn« Mlrlcr-— • II Irpi'i n.lliln, naralnx nf Lin.l lit roikilltU.n AUu • i-ll. lilrkiiyv anil dflln-r. ^Uraluv MM>(I. VIY-ca-11 Ml-.. 11..y Snillli. li'.'l -|ik -'I We ..... .,11 y,,nr |,,.,|.eHy j'.iii. ell) I...I..-KV nnil fan.I liiml«. Mil i imr l"-l--i(!- u ilh live. O-.-nr ,\1 •viunl.'r I 'T \\\ Mnin. plum.. Sllil I'L'I , I. 1? I MONRY T Hn yon need n loan to renttlr or remodel? No down piiy- ment, no nutrtiiiiKe, no rwl t:ine. F1IA approved nite r.%. Ask for del nil*. Mm l.onan, Healtor, iihone 203i. Lynch lildis'.. niythevilte. __ 9-2f5-ck-U Wciillier slripoin^. Slice fuel by having door^ and windows wi'it(hcf5jlrii>|>cd. (J. K. WiKKins, 512 N. Hllli. w e buy :»nd sell used tractnrs and eiiuipnu'iit. Kussoli I'liillip's Tntclor <'o., S. lliway 111, phono 2171.. l-'J.-dc-'JK OTHKHS TO SEI.KCT I'KOM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION Phone !I2R> llfl E. Main "Elat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEF BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G W. Main St. phone W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Glr.ncoe Hotel Bldg. Phon« 354S SEAT COVERS —SIZES and PATTERNS FOR ALL CARS— "QUICK INSTALLATION" i oTTTc CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Nice 4 room plastered residence and bath, in pooil neighborhood, on Holly Street. Owner moving to California. Price SJ.200. Shown by appointment. Have exclusive listing. Jr. f , C. Campbell, Realtor, 110 S. 2nd. l-li-ck-2-1 Klnrli'UnLrr — 10-10 mn.ltl «id, • IIIMV I'lll motor. CI...I.I lire*. Overilriv^. r.n.Iio. lient. r. seat r.ivrrs. I'nil r.Tsd. Ten |i.-><-lilen1>. Call lie seen .11 AT- niory. :iOll S. ^n.l S(. from 0 to Give Your feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 \V. Main St. \ KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME Day or Night "The -Old Relial)le" AISYTIME Day/Jr Night 2089 •Old Reli^... G. O. POEElZ Tonr Source of Dependable S»rT!«e PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MOWS THE TIME! Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Siscmore Mnnpy TiXTny, Anj STOP AND SWAP T •HUFFMAN'S. •101 E. Main ri, ollc 8ri8 luu Must Be Happy or No Deul RADIO REPAIR SE'RVICE Any Make or Model 1 1 to 2 Days Service We Call For and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihanl MOTOROLA Sales and Service 100 South First Bad weather and constant driving are the two things that contribute most to the wearing out of your car. It's a good habit to have your car checked more often now, during bad weather than at any other time. Have the hose connections to the radiutor checked, transmission grease for proper level and oil for proper weight or mileage change. You'll enjoy a smoother running car in return for the littfe time spent on this check. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U - S - Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone fiS.1 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tj pus Eicepl Cancer! DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic Ml njnln. Illydiprlltr, Ark., Phnnr Z911 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOV,ll., SMITH, CORONA and REMINGTON POKTABM-: 110 N SECOND ST. PHONE 3M2 (Every Transaction MUST HE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12fi West Main St. Everything You Need! ;• | When you're in doubl ;IK to where you should look for something for the home or car, try our welt-stocked' store . . . you'll find many things you want right at; your fitifccr lips'. Don'l wnsfc time just "shopping" else-;, where! | Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 BOOTS AND 1IRR BUDDIIOS " WJ. -iURt ' GRtfiT -- - ARt.sooirail NOb'Rl -" Y"«««. 419 West Main St. i J •FRECKLES ANU HIS FRIENDS Apu'RE SL.T-J IT VVAi My ....... CAME MERE '!D LOC«C AT" MY CAR r YOU'RE NOT KIDDING ? ROD BONJU?> to NOUR COKXRftCT i BY MERRIIT, BLOSSEr REMODELED 7 WHAT? AMD GET STUCK WITW A CRATEfl --- SORRY. SOM .' I'M DICKERING RIGHT- , V X,'£5 A ? AR THAT WAS RE&uw-T BVAN' EXPERT/ r-j?^^.^, J, mff^J. /^v^^i; ^ Wf\AJ^\ hf^4i iC, T. X HtC. U. S fAT. MF. | I Q /-13 ' J V Tt- - - . ' . t. i . if-'

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