The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 11
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JKSDAV, JA.XUAKV 23, i. May Lose :h in Taxes ployers Promised osure of Relief if •tal Pay Required UNO TON, Jilii. 2.1. *UP) - ?asury Dc-pnrlrm'ni announ- ay that employees \vlio pay o-|:ortal W.IR-.' claims may ax relief for the year. [jj,>.vt's -.vho ir.'iu-e such ' ts. the uc'iism-y :d at current interne BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS will tax Governorship Claimants Meet .avy of Trrasury Joiui Sny- usct, to cstinmic wlial the lUid be to i hi 1 •>i:vvi i niiiciil refund it jiejuiiny portal ilaim. tuinlin^ nearly S5,- OD were i,;ud in lull, roiiltl tri'UMir;- ofliclnls guess iroponicjii of thcss chums inlly ho paid. •ess. iiicrtmvliile, i.s ronsidoT- slaiioii io ilircjw tlie pem!- o out of conn. ?Ral authoriti.'ii crmmncd — lent, industry, LVoor—a^ree K' of »-iiui Coti!; vtal iK'.y clainis iiUimiilc'lv v.'jll be u small frat-lion ol units IKMV aslic'ci. from lax losses on siifh as are allowed, the Kovcrn- .so stands to lose money in T adjustment* of war eon- . Government officials have I :d that if tlie total amounts were paid, the . resulting ent could \vi|ie out the on- .000,000.000 saved >jy the lent. thMjtiKh rene^olialion COHtritelS. Navy estlm.atixi that pcnd- ial pay claims nainst rosi- iitn'cUn.s could add $720.- io the Navy's wartime bill In a face to face encounter across (he executive 1 lei man Talnmdge (left) refuses to yield tlie governorship, of Oforyin lo M. Uov. M. E. Thompson (right) who has the suppon of former Governor An.all. They agreed to leave settlement ot the dispute to the OCH 1141,1 courts, and later Talmadue told members or Die legitinlure Iw'ii |n> and Thompson should resign and permit Georgia voters to ele^ •, governor. Talmadgc's rather died after |,nviii 8 been elected, bill b^c.-'- the date for his Inanjjural. (NEA Telephoto.) 'Missing Link' Discovered in Kenya Colony , on Honeymoon, n Auto Accident 3KIA. Va., Jan, 23. (UPi — lymoonins 20-year-old Now bride was killed jind lier :1 seriously injured v.'hen utomcbile eoilided with a Hir miles no:t'! of here. Vir-I ale ))nii;fj reported loclav. Carmela Gardner. 20 of •Id. N. ,(.. was killed in- Hcr husband. Joseph J. r. 21. was t;4:en to a rionn- ipids. N. c., hos]:ital Joint alter the accident yes- ne\vlyweds wei-c cnroulc or a honeymoon. cd along strikingly Iniman although the crenliirc's u appearance was apelike. lines Four Health Measures Get Committee Approval LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 2S _ <UP)—Five bills, one of which provides for pre-marital examination for syphilis, will be reported lav- NAIKOBI, Kenya, Jan. 23—tUP) —An ancient skull found In the. Kenya colony just before the war orably out. of the House Commit- was described today as that of one tec on Public Health mi ( | the JVac- of I ho "missing links" in the chain ticc of Medicine today Thev were of human evolution by Prof. Wil- triti E. Lc Oros Clark, authority on man's early ancestors. Woman Held In Probe of Black Market ADJIiHQUKliQUH. M. M., Jmj. 23—iUI'1 — u. S. Attorney Kvoielt Urnuthum disclosed loilay Ihnl Mrs. Trudy Kdwhrds. [ormor Hobbs. N. M, bank clerk soiifilil In connection with a black nuivkel siigiu 1 I'lni;. IKIS heen aPlH'eliended in C'o- Kmibln, Tenn, Her arrest ends a nlne-dny <i-aivli winch siuru'd on tlie West Oust, shifii-d lo Tennessee, niul Ihi'ii iiu-iii'd to Alnbnmii find buck lo Tennessee ai;aln. Ciraullmm said Mrs. Edward.s was ordered under (cmiiomry $15,000 bond until a hearhij: Saluitlny to determine her return to New Maxim. She was charjicd in connecliou with falsltyini; «ui>iir ration roc-, ords of A. M. DartleU. lloblxs Ilot- tliiu; I'liini owner, \vlio Is iacinit I'liurges ill [lie case More limn one-million jiounds of suuiir were Involved. Spy Names 'Boss' As Real Slayer of French Countess PAGE''NIflE UOU.M. <UI>) — .. . , . — The slayer of pretty young Countess «.-nity de cirilon, whose nurte botly was found neiiv here Nov. 20. 1045, was 11 spy named "Die Mon- BOlian", who was after atomic Iwinb d<x-umeii|s lie believed she WHS earryinn ».« an American coiui-;\i;e anenl, l.con Meinant, anolhri spy. clutmed today. Aecuxed of kll\li\K the countess himself. Mrui-iint lestlfted that he was only -Ih,- MoiiKollnii's" assistant who was instiucteit to keep her under scrutiny, Memiim wtts arrested shortly nfler Ihr oouniess' body was found when her elolhhiR was disclosed In Ills abandoned car, Under prolonged (ineslloutni; lie admllled lie killed her but later retracted Ills confession. His nineiuied testimony was i;lv- en Im Hie first, lime today in a Douai ecnitt. Meinuni, scU-s'.yled spy "for a forelsii power" said he ' met llic countess in « lirussels hotel. His boss, "the Mongolian," told him to watch her, he said. Wyoming enacted I lie voice law in 10:15. 00-day <li- DRUG STORE OWENS DRUG STORE Read Courier News Want Ads. CAU!) Of THANKS Mi to express ottr slnccrost to oar Ivieiu-s and ncigli-, 5r their many kindnesses Js at the time of the death young son. All your acts ol s, the. beauiifnl floral of- and nl! other expressions of iy will never be forgotten, and Mrs, A. D. Priest After an intensive study of tlic skull and the area of its discovery. Clark, or Oxford University's anatomy department, said the importance of the fossil was such that many present, ideas of evolution must be radically revised. The skull w as u n c a i t n e d by South African scicntist.s on a farm at Sterkfontein in an area wU re there arc signs or semi-human or 'ape man" habitation dated at about 250,000 B. C. by experts in tl:e science of dating prehistoric events. The StcrKontein remnants constitute the earliest evidence of village life ever found, Clark said the creature whose skull is beini; studied had a brain only one-third the size or modern man's. He said it walked upright and had anatomical features—especially teeth aiid limbs—dcvclop- • Plirovcd last night. The other measures would: Set up n State Mental Hyrjicnc Clinic under the> slate Board ol Health; Provide for pre-natal syphilitic: Wood tests on request of mothers; Amend tin earlier bill brinume, unregistered nurses under the board Of nurses' examiners; And remove nil excise and privilege taxes from oleomargarine Boos* your Budget over the With FRANKFURT QUAILS Even Better when you use M&YRGSE Pinner-Size PRANKS PER TON ALABAMA RED ASH SAHARA COAL $9.75 per ton. Phone 551 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. • lit May rose Oinncr-Siic •ranks Icnytli wist. Fill with i ?4 -inth tliick stick of cheese. \Vt;»p c.ifh frankfurt ( f;ishi<>[^ witli ;i ylicc of 1 M.iytoiC D.ICOII. Kistcii cacli | end with a toothpick. Place in n baking dish, split side up; Bake in ;> hot oven (125'F.) or htoil uiuil bacon is crisp and cheese is melted. Turn if to cook the bycoll thoroughly. Cooking time alxjut 10-15 minutes. ' IT, o boost your budget over the rough spots ... to pivc your famil;- a ih.mjjc tbat's swell ... serve M.iyrosc Din.ier-Si/c 1 rinks. They're all meat . . . no cereal filler: And their iKHurnl casiiigs b.ivc been tenderized in pineapple juice. Ask for^MAYIUXSI; Ilrand Dinner-Size Franks by I name at your favorite Market. i U.S.Govcmmenl Inspected Meals DINNER.SIZE FRANKS co M P A H Y BIRTHDAY CLUB > And jet us wish you a "Happy Birthday on Hart's new program, brought to you over Station KLCN each afternoon at 2:30 P. M. There will be lots of fun and interesting contests in this club so fill out the coupin below and mail it to us at once. Notice - Changs of Time I;i order to give ;,ll diiklrcn :,n opporttinity lo hoar IIAUTS HIirn.DAV IMHTY nvor KI.C.N end, tlay, the time lias bcon ch a n BW l lo .1:30 1>. M. This will tillovv fi,, lc for chiWrcnlo he Home from sd.,,,,1. "IIAKTS Ji.AM) OF T»K WAV" will con- (intie lo be presented ;it !)::!() A. iM. Mail This Coupon to IHDAY CLUB Box 404 Box 426 Btytheville, Arkansas or Sikeston, Missouri COUPON NAJIK ADDKKRS M) IllKTIIDATK j I'AUK.N'TS' OH GUADIAX'S ! KAMI' 1 , ', . '. . remarlo lovely Ann Hording .•„. gs -slio tmoothj o bit of daliW *<** Slltiuo Hand Lotion on i.'fut hands. "Silque it ldeol,'toe, ni on all purpose lotion to over--*.! .•como Hie lictrsh, drying effect pt'',*- wind ond weolhor withou|\votl« ", < Why not fry Silqi/a on your '^ hands . and lips, too? 12 Of, Soltlo-$!.M Vnlvit foi tiinfttti rJm« Onfv KLENZO HAND BRUSHES Fine brushes lo koop your hands and nails imniaculalol Nov/ syntliolic bristles sturdily mounted in a choice of two slyios of wood blocks. 6 rows wide; 15 rows long. Choice, G RADIO ADVERTISED! Rexcilf Purctcst PLENAM9NS Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and G plus liver concantrala and iron, A potent source for essential Vitamins. 72 PLENAMINS, 2.75 Size. .2.59 1X4 PUNAMINS, 5.00 Slic, «.79 • 288 I'LCNAMINS, 8.25 Siio, 7.?S WARNING! "" , Jimmy DURANTE & Garry MOORE Aro On Tlio /Vir for Koxoll fRIOAV NIGHI ON CBS K/, Prepare to laugh! YOU'LL FIND THEM ALL AT LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC. IPANA TOOTH PASTE. LADY ESTHER 4-PURPOSE . . . declares Viclor Moore as ho inspecls tlie SPECIAL TRIPLE COMBINATION package of Aspiroids for Ilio relief of discomfort from couglis and colds; Quick-Rjb, tlie efficient counlcr-irrilonl and liexil- Jano for soolhincj relief from coughs due to cola's. Imagine T.48 value of ftno Rcxall Products for on)/. . 98 VICTOR MOORE, starring in ROY DEL RUTH'S "it Happened On FiftI* Avenue" ... a Monogrom Rc'catc Rcvotulionory diicoyc/ici ol medical a new ficcdom ^^ ALWAYS ALERT TO KEEP YOU WELL! ^^ o( „„.„,, Pcni(l ,, !n , ilrepTomycTri and orhcr wonder-wooing drugi ore brilliant vidonej in mon'j end fen fight ogolrut ilfncn and infection. V/c p/oudfy ^a^t ^c^c new drugi Qnd the poil priermacy ployi in l>ieif development. Roxolt PhormacUtj arc rcoJy lo fill your doclor'i prcuiiplion colling for new diugv of proven medical value, FOR RELIABILITY OWENS DRUG STORE Blythe.ville, Arkansas

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