The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT GOP Senators Upper Branch Agrees To Continuation of War Profits Inquiry •WASHINGTON. Jan. 23. (UP) — nepiitylca'n Senators won tl»lr first test of .strength with the Democratic- minority yesterday when the Benatc voted to continue the War Investigating "Commutes ; for another year.,... The Republican .victory was scored by i\ final vote of 49 to 43. ' De.ixjciiUs and p.-|ew Republicans hart ' opposed. .continuation of the fptda! committee, once headed l>y Fiesident Truman, on Die grounds that doing so would violate the M'Wt.of the congressional reorganization act. The a?e reduces tlie nunuer of committees in both the House and Senate. DcinosrsUc defeat was foreshad- owcd. when the Senate voted 1 47 to 45 'abumsl a proposal to turn ail war Investigations over to the regular Senate committee on executive expenditures. Republican foes of this proposal contended that the special committee, which Mr Truman headed'before lie became BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COUnimn NE \VS Byrnes Signs Treaties As his hist vice president i,f 19« was better " Ct " C ' (< "" ' U " n " UB " 1C Sl!llc I: =I'«'"»«>1 »vcr t equipped by experience'to carry on ' llis s »w™<»: Sfcrclaiy «f Stutc Jntnes Uynies is shown Mgnlni; th wonl^hl "'"" thC rcisul1 "' (!roll|) PCaCP l '° lUy Of Il: " y Wil " U ' ralleK fov HmnanlH, Hulguriix and Huiv/nr rtUUltl 0^. _ • n\i'-i4l \n rl Lit- .,L,. .,,...,.... n.j. .. would Hiving voted to continue the War InvcsligHtlng Committee the Senate; turned its attention to a similar, OOP proposal to eontiime the Special Small .Business Commit tCi-. A leading opponent of this move was Chairman Charles W Tobcy H . N. H., of the Senate Banking committee, who contended that his Krou,, has .jurisdiction over small business matters. • Tcbey tried to forestall his party colleagues by appointing- a sub , o <r cnl his .iinuntnrc. Wilne.s.sinj- the signing or the first i> treaties of World War H «ro He,,. Arthur VandL-nbPrg , R ' M 'c,, left, and sni. Tom o.n.nilly, ,n. Tex.), rluht. Th t - All-Mnerlcan •,[•.,„' took plm/e in the Stair Uepurtmenl's Coiiferenc.- Room (N F.\ Trlr walked the earth, the prejudices of 1°; V™ " ay havc ofu ' n somd bas ° s There were real differences re- llBlously between Jews and xl mnrltnns. The religion of the latter wns a corrupted form or Ju- dln.sin, ant! Jesus unhcsltatlni'lv expressed Ills conviction about. The difference saying, "Salvation Is of tlie Jews." But differences did not prevent the Master from actinc In the spirit of love. Heal differences of race , lan . gufigc, color, un c | opinion divide niPii. It Is useless to ignore them. H Is natural that thoughtless JUKI evil-spirited people should be IJlKotcd. but thoughtful a,,,! t . dn . ratcrl j)co|>lc. aim above all those who Christianity onKhl, to he quickened with n spirit of ijood will that can rise nuove prejudice where differences are found. Cloori w lll adjusts differences nnd errors, and effects mutual understandings. Jesus has set an example for us all, imltlni- into practice Ills teach»il! about brotherly love, it ( 3 j )os _ sibie for u.s to overcome an,. iiv( . above our prejudices. know n man who so overcame what he confessed ( 0 m e was n .';lroiii> prejudice- affninst tlie Ncaro that lie became a life-long prominent worker for Negro education That Is conscious Christianity -1 divine Impulses coiuiuerlng human differences nnd dislikes, we nncit KT: .more or it. Civil Aeronautics Board Seeks to Prevent Crashes WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.— (UP) —Chairman Jame.-i M. Lajicils of Ihe Civil Aeronautics Hoard srild today that some of the recent alv crashes might Iv.ivc been prevented hy the Installation ,,f bad How To Relieve Bronchitis THURSDAY, JANUARY 23,.iO'l7 FARM DITCHES •Ion relieves promptly bc- >Jp loosen and expel ----- "•""••nnnjii \n u, in f p%.-..» juu\iii f j ilcE'ii, und nlcl nature weather landing aids devr-lopcd by i K "ootho ana heal raw, tender, in"•" - bSl^T^l^Ji?^ mem- HIP ;irine<i lorrc.-L during I hi' I.niuUs, testifying before- (he Mouse Interstate Commerce Committee, salci ihi- devices urobably will lie installed i n the near Inline. But he K iiii ihcir JiuiiKllailon Is lie-Inn Jiotil up teisiiioiarily be- i-ause Ihcy m-e nol rcudily available and because they , ml st be t<".t(-'d fir commercial use. GREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis . * R « ad Courier News Want Ads. J. LOUIS CHERRY lleprisentlnr New York Life Insurance Co. KlyUicvJIfe, Ark. ANY jSUNDAY SCHOOL BV WILLIAM i;. CtLKOV. r>. I). The story of the meeting and '_ conversation between Jcsns'nml'the CamnrlK at Jacob's Woman Well, near the city of Sychar. em- ems of small business. H C said the subcommittee "is go'L o ----- — ••- - operate regardless of what action l >nnsi ™5 the attitude „(' j e .,, ls to _ the Senate takes." | ward the prevalent prejudices and «„; „ subcommittee chairman is soclal customs of His time. This Se Homer E. Capchar!, R., I JU |. attitude was one of coiiragtvn,., dis- Br rl., n !r A Rre SCI1S - John w - " ei "' d ° f b ° th l>™J'«Hccs and ciis- f'"rtl.J'B \£'' J ° scp1 ' ^ iMc - ,,° ms which uc ^ e ftt variance with bank y 'i) ' q ViS rV ^ r "", 1 R MM '~ Ul " SIllrit °f '« vc and kindliness Tavlor-D Ida : < "" i °' fin H -f ..^ »">»""> "'Klerltaed the fact ™ '- Ida ' tllnl ''O"!' prejudices existed with iJic war iiwesllPtiting committee ' llc r surprised statement "The Jews S °" VCn , Brewslcr ' '""'V'Y'caling-wllli "ie Samarll P™nlnent Re- , ans, when she found herself be- P fl ? 1 '"ve.ll- "B treated courteously „„,, k ln ,uy Son, the gations, however, im-T been Homer Pergusoii, R., Mi c |,. I» debate over continuing tnu cominitWe. Ferguson declare,! that thc^cqimtry would be iorever prevented ..vttom finding out about - and chicanery in connection If some bigots hud their , ra y a i,r American cniiUiient would soon do turned into u like sccn L - of mullal- ly iiastllu minority grnujis. Like thc fooling thai, separated • and Sninarltniu while Jesus by a Jew. This hostility' between Jem H ,ul I Snmarltans who should havc been ' good neighbors wns nf tb c same ' sort tliat hn.s kept peoples apart the war effort unless thc group .was permitted to go on with i'ork. Death Tlie ^hog-nosed snake shams death ®/faking.a death scene and then rqUing over on 1U back, if it is turneti; over on its stomach, it quickly turns over ri n its back again. Phone 2882 'for a Toxi O. K. CAB Jack.Marsh. Owner In mutual nnd hostility. .: .—' /"vjuwict- ana nostnttv, throughout the apes. U has kept Europe lor centuries erounrt of W nr s and violence, and — CHAMBL1N SALES CO. Sales — Service We Ruv and Sri! 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