The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 10-17 CAB is Criticized By Investigator Republican Member On Probes Committee Hits Alleged Laxity WASHINGTON. Jan. 23. (UP) Hep. William J. Miller, R.. Conn., charged yesterday that federal aviation officials are permitllnp, a "known epileptic" pilot to flv passengers daily. Miller made the charge while J&ucsllouinK W. s. Dawson, direc- Wr of the Civil Aeronautics Board's ale .safety bureau, at a in iercslate commerce committee hear ine into recent airline crashes. "Would you believe that it i po.ssible for u man known to ycur agency :is an epileptic lo flv pas- scusnrs every day?" Miller assert. • Daw.son said it was possible that the man was not known as an epileptic. "1 kno'.v of one case." Daw.son said, •'where il took six 'months for the airlines to find cut about one epileptic." Dawson later told reporters that t!ie epileptic lie was referred to had been a co-pilot on a commercial airline. later hi.s malady was discovered and he was discharged. Tile epileptic later "became" a war hero" with the Flying Tigers in China, Dawson said. Dawscti said tlmt epilepsy is not'Chlnn where hi disclosed in the normal 'physical examinations. Miller charged that the epileptic hn referred lo held n private pilot's hccnse. The pilot was not permuted to land in Connecticut Miller said, but he knew the pilot I ew passengers from fields outside Becomes Secretary of State the state. Miller, a levies? veteran of the United Slates' Aviation Corps in the first world war. snid hn would .submit the facts in this tO a closed session of the committee. Meanwhile, CA13 Chairman James M. Landis said that a ground con. tro approach .system is bein ^.staled ill LuGuartfia Field. New ' m°'^ ", " C ? st Ol S17G .°M to aid i" o.ul weather landings Landis said that re-cm si. GPII. George c Mil hdl i K> yes.iidij lorK the oath of offlM us Secretary of Stalo i!! Pn-Md'-iU Truman's Cabinet, i.s :,howji hero wjtn Mrs. Marshall. lie suceccilrd james I-. liyrncs whose rcslunalion was prompted by his failing health. The photograph of the new cabinet member and his wife was windo In chji'iiqo curlier this wi-el; wlu-n thr-y boarded a train lo complete tin- last leg of an air journey irom served his lost Army a-,si|;!imrnf. IHEA Pliolo.) Bl.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUK1KK NKW8 Finland Gets Loan Of $20,000,000 Export-Import Bank Sanctions Deal to Aid Lumber Industry WASHINGTON, jnn. 'J3.—(UP) —The Export-import nniik yesler- rtny n\illiorl7cd a MO.OOO.CCO crodll to Pinlnnd lo iild In reviving thai country's lumber, pulp mm paper Industry. The bunt ;1 unnounecd two shorl-lenn loans ot 510.000,000 rmd J'-'.OOO.OOa for purchase- i, y nulnnii of foodstuffs and cotloii in this country. Repayment of tin- KO.OOU.Ofll) loon is |o bculn m |8M nnd Is to be completed four yenr.s Inter. The oilier credits will be repaid by Ihe end of Ibis ypjir. The bunk had extended a cotton credit of M.oao.Oilll to Mnlaml in December, I0«. it also mndi: J35,ooo,000 nvnlliHilo (o Pinliind a S'Pfir ai;o for purchases of mnterl- . lib, cnuipmcnl and scrvlce.s. The Finnish import proa • m en Us ror of $2:10,000 o(>n of K'wris dm Inn 1DJ7, more than'half U> be .supplied by United Stales and other western Hemisphere .sources. PAGE SEVEN MAKE THESE MARVELOUS MUFFINS WITH THIS NEW de from only (he hearl of the, wheat .. .for only rh* heart has the uniformly superior qualities' thai help moke home baking jp tucceiiful. Look (or Iho new hha and white Kroger label. . . lh« lyinbol of qiiolily and value! NO FINCH ALL-PUKPOSE OUR AT ANY PRICE Joan Allen's MINCEMEAT MUFFINS Vet With Unwanted Checks Can't Stop Disability Payments NEW YORK, Jan. 53. (UPI— Jolin lien which Scott sniii he had bc- O. Scott, the veteran who has (ore i;e entered the occn trying wilhoui sitrcess to net When he wrote n service letter to the the government lo tnkn buck :i pilciVA mi.ving '-c tikln't waul (Uo clis- o! uiicnslircl clisahility clicrks aiul flilit sending him more, suid today that he believed the Veterans Administration "hus a |J!K titfice crasbcs SOII1C of the micht have ' cr lailriill e aids a ''" 1Cd /orccs News Want Ads. . t*ra ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., inc. checks the result were raised from in- I to pay out dough, nnd (Hey don't have a very bit; office to 'receive Scotl said his eyes don't baHicr him a bit in his civilian job ;>.;i mnnascr of the Mmmtttm Valley Water Co.. although the VA .says (hey are bad to the point \vhorc they can be classed as a disability. '*By my .standards, my eyes arc perfect." Scott said. "I don't need the checks." Ho said the liou'o'ie a; I started when he was asked upon discharge whether he had ever been in an army lio.spital. Tic had bern, and had to sign a statement to that e fleet. Then last May the unwanted checks bewail to pour in fur a disability of the iii;ht eye—a condi- Rock, Slide or Slip? KASTEETH, nn Improved pow- iler to be .sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds fn] s e, teeth more firmly In place. Do not Elide, slip nor rock. No gummy. tJoocy, pasty taste, or feeling. PALSTEETJJ Is alkaline (non-ncld). Does not sour. Checks "plate color', (denture brenlh). Get. FASTEETH at imy sibilily pension was that thcs S35 to $42 a mouth. I:i desperation, Scotl appealed to his consrc.'.sman. u»p. Frederick H. Coudert. Jr., K., N. Y. lie sent (7 C'uudert a pile of monthlv check.s totaling $34t and asked ihe con- •^rr.-.'iinan il he cnn.dn't do .some- tiling to i;ot the VA to "mm off their .spigot o[ j^old.V LES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Ihousanrla c lorn "GO groans to grins. Una r ii <• -----;""' "> rcllflvn illacamlail '.'< » u . e -\ dnissisi, by notc.l Thorn- tin i A Minor CIlnTc. Surprising QUtOlC millinllyi! relief of pain, llcli. irriinllon. cri'lB to snftun. shrink swulllni,'. U.-a '{'.'(•'"". »'i>y. •i'!! lulm Thornton .«= NOW SHE SHOPS CASH AND CARRY Without Painful Backache Many BiifTcrera relieve nnRBlng ImcViuhe 'inlckly, onco llipy discover tlmt tlic rcnl cansn of Ilicfr Irmiblo mn>- hn kldnrys. 'DipUJilBoysorcNnlurt-'H chit'f wnyot l»k- inij Ihe csetss ncMs uml -vvustc out of llirt Mornl. They hclji mnat jR'Oiilc l>asa aboiil 3 liiufi n ilny. w hen *li sonic r of liiilncy function per ml 1% JXibonous nmttcr to rcniiiin In your Mooil, It Tnnyc.inaoniiBRiiiBbncknctic.rhcumnticiialni, let* T'lins, loss of \>ci> nnil cncriry. BCttlnir uji nigM.i, ewctllnf;. rnft5r\t'fft >in«tpr Uic cyc.i, ncrnlachc.s and (.liTT.incss. Frcmicnt or Bcunty rn^nn^cn ivith suinrtin^ nn«l nurrlrin BOinr- tirnca tjhou'a there h sometbing v-'ronf{ with your kidneya or t>lr.d<lcr. Don't wait! Aak your ilruKtrlst for Donn'» I'lllj*, ft stimulant diuretic, ;i*cil Fll<•ce^^f^lHy t>y tiiillion3 for over BO years. Doan's BIVC hnin>y rcJicf nnrj u-ill hel|> tho IB mll«a of didncrtalica flush out imisonoua waste Crum %'our blood. Get Doan'a 1'ild. ARMOUR'S OR PEVELEY'S MILK sine!! 5fi - - - large •^ GRAND PRIZE OR BLUE PLATE WE DELIVER PHONE 501 EE - - - - Ib. 35? IT'S WONDERFUL HUMKO - - - llb.pkg,39<z GRADE A FRESH dozen Swift's Brookficld 92 Score i era BACON COUNTRY SAUSAGE Li EMC ~ Frc * h IIL'U Dressed GROUND BEEF CHUCK ROAST CHUCK ROAST COTTAGE CHEESE ROUND STEAK LOIN STEAK Lb. Lb. Pure Fresh Grade A Grade AA Pure Pork Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. 39* S2±r tb Grade AA Lb. Grade AA Kicmcuiou SLICED PINEAPPLE N "- c ; n 32 NO SUCH WHOLK l!NI > KKl,KI) APRflCOTS NC: !: DCKAN SI'RAY CRANBERRY SAUCE lUCHKUKl; FANCY NO. 1 SIHVK SWEET PEAS I!;,,' JUMBO PEANUT BUTTER )a( SHINT'S YKI,I,0\V CI,IN(J REACHES s l^ KXTUA KTANOAItl) NO. 2 CANS TOMATOES ,L I'HILMI'S VEGETABLE SOUP NO. 2i/ ? (;AN IN MKAVY HYKUI> R80HEL5EU F!GS •CllKOUl MAD) 34 s 33 32 29 34 36 12 41 18 Cardan Fresh Fruits and Vegetables , At All Times TRY OUR FROSTED FRESH FOODS C L NABERS & MARKET 70S So. Division 2 ' f///>j sifted Kroyr Ffour l}^ te,ijf>ootti itvnlft ,i(fion } i feajpoon jorlit 2 i I (u[> nntk I Iff, Ifllt bttlltll 1 tirbltJ[>00HJ jlltJlttHtHf,, Wf/tftl 7.i n//» Dtilk MttiKiHttit Sif< niciiuicit ilry inc.rcJicmt inpalicr mm liowl. In another lunvl, runthmc I'c.iicn ep,£, null; Jml mtltc.l sliniiciiioK- I'our lu|uij jnj-rcilienik lino dry iujjic- ilicms. Siir i|iikl.l)' ami ]ust cnoiij;ti co wet IIIUH of Hour. Quickly >nr in iiiinrcnicjr, being orc/nl „„! in oi'ciiiiix. I'lll IxKfcrrJ iiniirm pain iwrviliiuli full, lljfccin lioc oven (-lii"J ! .) W 10 J5 iniimccj YieKI: 12 to 15 uioliuin-MKi! iiHiidiu. For ANY recipes or lood tafarnultai, write: Jw Alto, mi Stile AM, Clwtowll I, Stilt !&&t™< Ib. bag, 10 (b. bag 77c; 5 Ib. bag OMEGA 25 Ib. bag o in. Mixing Huwi I.-HKK with K u,. or r,o lh , 10 I,b. Hug Klk 1 — 5 \,|), iJatj •) 25 2.03 PILLSBORY'SBEST- id 1. 1.. s;ic __ itii K Values In Better Baking Supplies! Shorteninc I'oiuul 37 COCOA Cure While •1 !.b. Si/.o {'iiiintr.v Club .'i 'I'dll Cans Kpitre SIiiinji v.-iJid. fiMi. Hi V" r 39 SYRUP VANSLLA Our nlotltci's I l,li. 1'1<V;. Jeffrey's (,'itiic NIK 10 Si/.o C«' • SSKIHG SODA MYLES SALT liiik. Pound ;t for 1'kg. I'mvdt'r RAfSBKS 1C PEACHES 5 FSSS .'J ()/. Hoi. Ami l'l|> Smimnid 15 O/. I'kK Kvuporatcd 1 1,1). Pktf. Dried CIGARETTES Popular litand;;. Cln. . . 'SAI.AD DRKSSING KmliasRv. 1'inl Jar . .. TOMATO S()lll> Ilt'inz. 2 Cans Km- TOMATO SOUP Campbell's. Can TOMATOKS No. 'i Ciin Kxlra Standunl 15 (CANS Van Cuni|>'s. No. 2 Can PKAS Green (jinnf. No. 2 (,'an KKAUT Avondale. No. 2>/ £ . . . . UK AN SPROUTS Dinner No. 2 can •r 25 HI tie Hose 'i (Mn. I'winul Hutter COUN'I'KY CI,UH • PAPSCaKE FLOURro 2 25 C AUNT JKIMIMA PAICAKE FLOUR - P J5 C SWANHDOWN 10 CAKE FLOUK , 1K 31 ,,. HKADY TO EAT n >ISQUICK ^ 25 C 3?c KROGER EGGS 15 C 25 C Medium Carton Dozen 520 CRACKERS 19 19 21 15 r 19 Couiilry tluh 1 [,!>. Hox Connlry (,'lu!). ! (juiok or 'IS On. l'k K Kroner Urand .No. 2 Can Kroner Packed Diamond <> Hoy On. •10 oi-'fiO Watt Bach Clollic-s •10 H. APPLE SfiUCE NAVY BEANS MATCHES LIGHT BULBS AVALON IT 18 43 29 12 35 CUTS OK C1IOICK FRYING SIZE CHICKENS WIMiH n,. ,|.-, c BREASTS i;,. 8Sc LEGS anil 1'IIIGIIS Hi. «^ r , NKf:KS and HACKK . 111. 'JHc MVKHS 1!,. Mr , IIKARTS and <;IXZ<\RI1S Ib, 3jc Amei-iom <ir Vclvccia CHEESE Amcriciin, 2 l,b. ij ox . . 9;;, Velvet fa, 2 I,l>. liox . . llllc Krogcr's Fresh Clock Bread 2 Large Loaves anges IIS 39c Teiuk-r. Smoked, Mellowed in Kicli !''till flavor. Conks Quicker—I.CSH Waste. Holt or Whole Lb. 57c ORANGES California 1,1). Mesh Hair Klnridii Swcel & .Iitirv. :! I,])s POTATOES OREENS Hi Mis. Fancy I''rej«li Hunch Fancy IJnd liuncli GREEN ONIONS '* nd ^ PEARS GRAPES Pound Fancy Kcd Knipcror I'd nnd SIRLOIN STEAK PORK SAUSAGE PORK LIVER HOG LARD SALT MEAT ir CHEESE 20 PORK CHOPS Top Quality Western Beef Armour Star Young Tender Lb. Lb. Lb 6S£ 10 5^ Pure White Streak o' Lean Daisy Hoop Center Cut . 29? 29? . 32? 53? 5 r if Lb Lb i

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