The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1947 Hospital Inquiry Bears Little Fruit Joint Legislative Committee Questions Governor's Brother LI'ITI.E ROCK, -Alk, Jr.ll. 23. I UP)—The Joint House and SIMI- utc investisjatinf; c-omniittee planned today to Lontinue its thus-far I: tilths sean-li for dissension union!! board members ef the State Hospital lor Nervous Diseases. s, }-'oii;- vviu' have been Qite->'- ftioncd in the two open hearings, and (•;>;• ri _has steadfastly denied knowledge of any ill feeling amons; hoard member;.'. Testifylni? last niqht were C E. MoSwam of Little l?o:-k, a member of the- board; \V. Ji. I,:i nf ,y, hospital farms manager and brother of Oov. Hen L-iney; an<! or. Ohaun- «v it. Graves, psychiatrist in the G^n. Manor of Hot Ejiriiitjs, c-haiimp.n of the cointnli- (ee. announced tile third hcarin" will be hold loniKlit \vitli 1, n White, fier.ton Bu'oli.shpd and board men-opi-, and Mrs. Prank Dodge of Little Hoc-k as -.vitnesses. The PtiJa.sfci Colinly Gland Jury's )m,b:' of. th- hospital was injected into tiie hearing 0:1 a (|iie.stion by •!- P.-im-ii K. Lon;> of Wood- County. Swain. :i mei^cr of the board foi'.,Jiv<? months, sairl the i;rand| jiryH-inve.itisation Im.teb'v -wiisj made!because of publicity given a! murder at the hospital.' Disriissi-s Kcsimiation "1*> you thin); il mi.;!,! also have i her n carded by Dr. Kola's resigna- lion as superintendent," I.on- asked. -Onlv fmofar ns Kola's rcsmna- tion stirred the puhli,. Interest." McRwam replied, -i received n personal calls am' 32 telephone calls vv.-icn the rc-;-.ii;nalioii was announced. The iipople appeared to be up in arms about it." In later testimony. McRwain sn id he ' thought" the Piilnskl County Grand Jury inspected the Saline County unit, and added that in Football Pro Circuit Pleased With Acquisitions CHICAGO Jim. 23. — (UP) — The National Professional Football League, flushed with pride lt t H c- (Ktisitloii of Charlie Trippi. liob l-'enimoio and Clyde I.e Force to confound the rival all-America circuit, opens its animal winter meeting today with n routine docket apt to Interfere only slightly with the owners' cheering. Trippi re.-ulily agreed to sign the Chicago Cardinals' offer of more than SICO.^UO for a four-year contract, while Fenlmoie took an undisclosed sum lo play for the Chi- c-ngo IJcars for three years. Lc Force, another star passe,- from Tnlsa University, signed ivith tho Detroit Lions. _BLOTHEVI1LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Onc-Armed Athtcte Dies KOME, Cia.. Jan. 23.—< UP)— W. 1>. (1111!i white who ;>i\iued a(h- Iclie fnme in (lie South as n one- nrmecl ball player died yesierdny In his 51th year. He wsis a former University of Georgia baseball mil M: criminal charges. M-£wain .said the frealest need of the hospital WH.S for move pcl'- soniiL'l — adclilional .dO'.'iors., and attendants. '1'lle .second must important need is lor more build- inns. Ixine.v--t)ic farm manager told the rotmnittee that the i\vo hospital (arms produced an estimated S3CO,(M3 worth ol food last yenv. slaughtered POO hogs and J50 head of cattle. Most of the produce went to the Bctiton and Little D'.'. Graves denied knowledge of any <llssension amons board members, bin recalled a personal "feud" between t\vo doctors at the Benlon unit who carried on their communications through a third pert:mi served at the son He said meat is served at the Briton hospital almost daily and that he knew no cases of malnutrition. couch nnd football scout. White lost his right nrm in a shooting nccideht when \\a WHS 13. Thej-eu.ter )ie learned lo throw as a southpaw, plnylug (or Aimislnn In the Georgia-Alabama U'anue, Charleston in the soulli Atlantic and managing Columbus in the Gcoryla-Alnbania over a two-year period. There arc 12,000.000 acres or for- Iniid in Arlxoiiti, with imich of it abounding In e«me and uood fishing streams. LlGiMlfRT Continued trum 1'asc 1. Mute's furniUii'c. Earlier he had remnikcd that noliilni; could Do done until L'.iney presented his plan, which the governor had described as the kr-y to his enure IC-paint legislative progi-iun. Liniij- told Hie United Press thul he might have same sou-lions ready lor tlii' legislature today, but lie expressed doubt that iijs entire plan would b? completed. The ai..nlnlsltailor, was schedule:! to face the lawmakers again in the Semite today In whin has been interpreted us n direct lest of Hie itillueiU-e of the governor's Highway Advisory Committee. The Senate will take action on a resolution by Sen. G. i\V. Lookiulou 01 Arkadelphia that would place I hi! upper clmmber on iprnrd us o|>- ;»»inK all increases in salt's mid Kasolino taxes. Such u move by IliWuntr would lit In direct contrast V i-ocominon datlons ninilc by the Wliwiiy nd- visory Bfoup wh'ich InsUvec): sim- lie.-ited raises in both thVe levinnu' sources us a means ol rimiiu $100,000,000 tor Arkansas ImWuys In the next decade. In action yesterday. ilA Senate, received n bill authored V Sen John W. Cloer ol KLirinj;di)p that would revoke the license of' nWlvor unable to satisfy judgment V involved in a wreck, an inJiA. or a death from a (raffle, wi'idi ii\ The house of reprefeimtlvesVas set for a inid-inoinlim Hdjoiiiii- niont ill 1C:30 lo tour thi BeiVvn unit of the Slate Ilo.sp'iul fir Nervous Diseases. Tin- to\i- W u\ In connection with the eurrcXt len- isblive Invesllijutlon of the\hos. l)i[al which already has InvVlveri two open lieai-inns in l.lttle »ock this week. \ in an nlCernocn session yestV- day. old n^e pensions brought oV Ihe li-MKiltv dcbalc in !!«• House The (iiiesllon came ii|j liV consideration of a motion by 'Rep. 1 Walter W. Jackson of Haiidolph Comity opjioslns; (lie transler ot stale wclfm-e funds to .other slate Institutions. The motion was prompted by u leromnieniliitlon of the pre-session budget connnltlec thai S2.500.C03 In welfai-o funds be transferred lo the stale hospital. Hep. John C. Cai'ter of UoDiie County favored the motion. He advised the House Hint n spedid las l::ul I,,.,.,, S(M ;ls ii||. , |or old ami iiuli'.- u persons. '^uiii old UKV i-onslltuent.'i are WiUllIK', 1 0 st . t , \yjjjn y (1( , 1(lE , ^, 0 j||^. to (i» lor i)n>lr r«re mill jiroicctlon." ^''^'liin'd. I'astponint! action. i-i. the lowej- chamber voted 'tuin tin- ri'solnUon to the 1 (•'imimi.tuv on Kesolutlons. InjiiM' miproved u bill Intio- by Ho|).' l.loyd K. n.irm-ll ill (lu fii" land (Miinty u,:it would allow i io-1-.'iilim; Attorney Sidney S. Ml;- "rig" ADK« Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, MJT-. rhone ^071 206-08 W. Mala Men, Women Over 40 Don^tBeWeak^Old Feel Peppy, Vears Younger '' . -W - t.y IM» Iran. l!,.t r. ' ' 1 0 .. Al«u r »t all ,\, ..1,1 M ,K.| V ' DT'S GATEWAY Phone 3161 STORE Highway IB : ,y<T x rr-^^vX Celebrating Our Newly Redecorated Store! Extra Standard No. 2 Can HUHT'S PEACHES 31 L & I? S OZ JAR PIMENTOES 32 '/'! OZ CAN_ 23 44 .l.;i,l, HOUSK CCFFEE ,,, IS'O. 2 CAN J»Kr»K OF ILLINOIS CREAM STYLE CORN 17 <>50 SHKK'I 1 ROLL TOILET TISSUE - 7 CORN Jack Sprat No. 2 Can 1ft .IACK Sl'ltAT NO. 2 CAN QUARTS JJOTT'S APPLE JU8CE NO. 1 CAN MACKEREL 25 20 KITCHEN TOWELS SCOTT'S 12 KACJLR RUAND CONDENSED MILK ' "1 29 NO. 2 CAN HOMINY COFFEE £2 .JACK SPRAT NO. 2 'CAN TURNIP GREEKS .^101-' KUEIO WITH QUA IIT GLOCCAT JOIINSON , S HIKSH CRISl'Y CARROTS Htmtl> 11 98 10 RINSO OR IHI/ WASH. POWDER "1 C 37 CELERY WKLL ULKACHKI) s ,, llk WASHICI) HED TRIUiNII'H POTATOES ,,„„, 12 4 PEAS Jack Sprat No. 2 Can HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE ,„ T.ARSRN'S No. i' CAN VEG-ALL VIENNA SAUSAGE 17 No. 2 1-2 Can OKI, MONTE PEARS AlI-XtUIAR'S M-oz. ROTTI,E TOMATO CATSUP NAWSCO I'RK.AIIliM CRACKERS pound 42 l 20 ( 24 ( F! 01 ID f^" osno *' Bother's Best, Jack Sprat, White Dough $4.85 ILUUK King Biscuit 25 Lb. Sack \ THREE PIGS PORK SAUSAGE PORK CHOPS ROUND or T-HONK STEAK 49 C Mi. KRKSII MKATY NECK BONES KRKY'S PICNIC HAMS FRESH COUNTRY EGGS Lb. Lb. Dozen 39 ( 55 C Bronchial Coughs! Due To Colds or Upper Bronchial Irritations ( oi o bonfc of tucVlvr'i CAFMOIOl MUlwr* t u<ling]. tuV« a COURl* t,t ltp» ol t, f,,\ ||, Utlonl pgyftrUI •R«(ll,. OC- i [read ihiu I hi o or. h«ij unj (jiornhlol II ll.,,., ,| C K1 o*OV 19 looi.n up Ihltti. 9 Dl.'c 0 r.», IBOlh* Irlllalril m.wblorlii QrtJ J°y" J "r '• <° |J > '»J imiur'i i"i"»i o»id '»i'»i)ioi"tti','i»I.-°i",ii U.l»~,",'.,'^.', k Jdo,'. \WOOD'S nilllC KTOHI-: ItO't'llHOCK UHllfiS ( ITV ll|[(l(! STOKK Muth a second deptity proseculor III aai-liuid County, and received » •bill n'c'Oiiinii'ixlliiK -pensions for air Mule ami county officials and-em- ployes ui a.) years' standintt ulte: 1 (hey rciii'li 05 yeais of rudratial FARM LOANS / Low Int*TMt / Long T*rtn J Fair Appraisal J Prompt S«rvic* RAY WORTHINGTON Sei-vliiR This Section f or 21 Ypam 11!! So. 3rd Hlylhr?IItr, Ark. TUIIP in I' ProRrum Suiulny ul 4, over IVKKO FINE QUALITY Klccr, Sheer 2-thrcad SILK HOSIERY Regular Price $3.15 only $1.69 WEAR- SEALED o lifu, lJU, Fuuii Cliiiissnci-'s-slylc 150, Ulcer, s!ieor 2-dirciul silk hose, all silk with re-inform! hot'] ;tnd (no. Hixi-s S'/j (o l<)'/ 2 . A I-CKII- Isif value at S3.15, nn sain for <,nlv $^69 Same in Irregulars $1.10 — 3 Pairs for $3.00 CLAUSSNER 7 S NYLON Beautiful (deer, sheer hosiery. Tailored for Ions swvicc, an,l they always g\\c Rood appoarsmec. 51 K , u , Ke ml | ov , 20 dcr.icr sixes S!/j lo 10'/i 45 Gauge, 30 Denier, aY 2 to lOVi — $1.55 $195 FINE RAYON, 51 GAUGE Here are Raynn llnse Mini are sheer indeed! Tine qu.-ililv • r >I R-'HiKf, .'10 ilt'iiirr. siv.e.s S',i lo \(IV 1 N $135 FINE RAYQN, 45 GAUGE With coHon well :iml rc-nforccd life). ()np of our host values. Come in Ki/.cs S',i In Ifl 1 /^. ^ ? f^S@l GOOD QUALITY WASH CLOTHS .», |Q C Coloilul plcildi and plulni lit io|l, obiorbeut l«ny clolh, Closely wovtA fcr lilgh obiorbency, CANNON TURKISH TOWELS .«* Cannon—a name tndicalive o( excellent lervice. Abiorbent while terry wllh colored borderj. buy now ... ai these great savings Roller Skates for the Kids A nice (umllly steal skate, nail Ijwilni! construction— -j *r well mode for rouuh use /I4.) Warm Flannel Gowns for Winter Your Insurance tiRnlusl cokl win- let' nlKlits! Of lino cotton ilnnnel. Till) cut for j ng comfoii. 3a-<a. I.TO Reg. 17.95 Leather Jackets Reduced OuUUmlliig vulue for men. KimioUi cnpe.skln Jas)cels. wllh nipper- from,, ad- Beautiful Nylon Hose 1.35 liankeLs i-ednortl :e. l'\U Kh.i-. In pink with Haul do- A liiced trai\ M.DS Oi ^ '\ Fine Pebble Dat Priscillos '•' Tiny, llutry dots on hlnh count Option Marquisette, 'i Encli side 11x90. ^ HOUSEHOLD FOOD CHOPPER 3.89 3.49 Grfnds meat, vegetables, «tc; Ruii-rcslslinp cast Iron, frame; Coarse, medium and fine grEnd. get ready tor spring now, and save 9.98 PRINTED TWILL DRAPERIES Oulstnndiin; values! Clcnr, fresh-looking pin stripes! 4 pleat lops! Nicely tiiltorcd. fio.tfli) in. MEN'S WORK SUITS REDUCED A tine duality combed cotton F.ib.irdlnc A MMV- Iccnblc, color-fust work suit In blue nnd tan . Khrlnkniic less than 1 per cent. Reduced from 5 00 BOYS ALL WOOL SWEATERS REDUCED A nice nssorlmcnt of nil wool sweaters in [jvcy. maroon nnd blue. Pull run of si/es. reduced from 208 to TABLE LAMPS REDUCED For efficient light. Hnndsoniely styled bnvi. Nlee for lounge. Hcdn'ccd from 1605 to HOT PATCH TUBE REPAIR KIT One of our fastest selling items. Complete ivltb patches nnd holder. Priced nl only MENS REGULAR $5.98 PAJAMAS REDUCED 2 47 097 Look nt this snvlngs! Well tailored pnjninn;, fine qunlity combed cotton. Popular button Jacket style. Sizes complete. Reduced to only YOU-SEW- IT-YOURSELF Dress kits nt n real buy. Color-fust print-,. AH ( complete with buttons nnd trim. Ready to sew. Reduced from 1.19 to 398 50 C

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