The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 5
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THUKSUAV, JANUARY 23. 19'IY Bl,rrjIJ3VJLUS (ARK.)'coUUJKK NEWS Much-Wanted Burglar Slain Missouri 'Officers Shoot Man Sought By Iowa Authorities Othman Discovers a Paradise Arid Flock of Happy Laborers ST. LOUIS, Mo., Jan. H. (UP) —An vUraclive, 19-> ear-old bride ol less than u year was held as a HV l'IU:i)KltlOK C. UTIIMAN United I'ress Staff Correspondent WASIUNUTON, Jail. 23.—J. P. Grumllni;, assistant salesmnnaiser of the U. O. Colston Co.. says lie lias noticed that everybody 'mentioned in my Hems lor the paper lately has been sore at somebody else. Why not, he asks, break the 1110- matcrinl waiic.-is toihiy folloivliiff notony with a story nbotn some the fatal sliootliiR of her ex-con-j f? lks «'lio aren't mad at any one, vicl lituband. who WHS slate killed by' 110 means Ihe 400 employes of Hie violent BUU Colson Co.. In Paris, ill., who whl.s- tle while they w ork. Tliis, lie sny.s. U tiiiusnal; it is news. Dnrned If I don't believe he's right. The hapi)y o nes In the i'aris paradise iiianiilnctiirc fans miri fly-swatters lor advertising purposes in lite summer and line ol ealendars wllh pretty pictures on ,,,.,, , winie for vi'ni'-round usc. These in- iil and led h.phv.-ay patrolmen | elude the. usual babies, puppies an euUi'.-mile, 30-miniilc ehasc t 5now sto| . mSi blll | linB Kirh '!,„,, what ^Rc just eotildit'L uive himselt tip. Jle was wanted loo bad,' 'Mrs. IJcloves Paulson sotbimtly told police. Laurel J. Paulson, '2!!. who ;:oHc? said had n loiv^ record of theft and Inirrjhir,- conviLainus in Iowa and Nebraska, rosisted arrest last of on before he was foiled inlice bnllcls. " '• Morgue attendants said Paulson ha<i been shot live limes in the head, neck and rk-,hi arm. Mrs. Paulso.i. a nftitc bnniette. carried a loaded .:)li pistol in her purse throughout the battle, but told police, "I just couldn't .shoot anybody." "I'm glad it's all over," she said. Paulson, and lin wife were .stopped (or qucolioning about. 10 miles west of here Ins'. ni;;ht by State Patrolmen V. E. Maxcj and H. A. Kllenbcrt:cr. '1'he patrolmen said they recognized ihe car as one described iit a broadcast as "wanted' 1 by lou'a authorities. The pruro] car police! up against the fvont. 01 Paulson's automobile, and the two patrolmen nabbed the coup!*.- ;j.'i they attempted to get out. of their car. "I give up." Paulson called out. Bill, seconds later, he pulled a ^•UD from the wai-stbRiul of his trousers, niessed it lo Mnxoy's side and jiulled the trijucr three the trade calls risqnes. The ii.witie lor 19-18, wlilcli voti'll be sce- int! about n year from now, is a nearly nakerf culie wilh a feather duster under her arms, .she ii'Ciirs H four-incli ruffle to Indicate that she's u house maid. That's the business. There are no labor problems in Paris, according to Gramliiig, because of a [ew strictly enforced rules around the plant.' No worker is allowed t o have it baby, for instance, unless he ticeepls a war bon<| from the company to help out with junior's education. The company frowns on head colds. It gives every employe a cold treatment each fall ant) pills thereafter, if he insists on gcttinp sick anyhow, then he's got to accept from the boss a bouquet of Mowers delivered to his bedside. All hands must lake -two-week vacations. The company prefers (hat they have their rest, at Twin Lakes Park, because here it maintains collages furnished automobile. Any worker wljo Hies lo work till the lime is mulled gently toward one of several recreation rooms. These Lire equipped with pianos, soda pop, candy, books, mayatfines, and easy chairs. If an employe wauls lo build a house, ihe company Insists on advancing half the down payment. If he needs a new refrigerator, furnace, or front room sola, Hie boss demands Ihe Hglu lo lend him the full price without (merest Anyone (setting married must accept a wedilinu [>m. Nobody has to i;o to the company's parties, but it insists on lossliiB them regularly. H also insist on paying hall the workers' insurance premiums and slipplni; them a share of Ihe profits annually. They cam help whistling; soft music u[ their selection is piped throughout the plain. You think I've dreamed this? "Maybe we are crir/y," Gramling wild, "biii W o think It pays, if few more concerns would trv there mi^ht be a better understanding between management ant! labor." That docs ii. Breaks the monotony. Tomorrow, buck lo the batlliny lawgivers. H. Butter Price Softens Again In New York Curbs on Tariff Cuts Advocated Republicans Seek Legislation fo Prevent Reductions HV JOHN L. STi:i;u: ll : uited Press SlafT Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Jail. 23. (Ul 1 ) — Senaie Republican leaders are pt'e- parin:; legislation lo curtail President Truman's power lo nil lai- ills. it was learneti loda.v. A hiisli ranking iteimblican said •a bili would b: introduced soon to resirict Ihe administration's present authority lo slush larltl rates up to 53 per cent. lie did not specily what the restrictions would be. but s;iid they would not huun the administration's untiinace r.oal ol promoting international economic collaboration. Secretary of Htale George C. Mnishiil! will be nsked lor his views mi the proposed revision on Ihe reciprocal trade aiirrcinenis a<-i. His department is now considering lower-tariff ngi cviueills ivllli 18 nations. H"pu'olican sources expressed hope that revisions in ihe Hade program could bc> worked out iimier tho so-called non-panisan approach to foreign policy. Sen. Claude Pepper. U., Pla., us- uully a stauiU'h iiijiportcr of administration lnreii:n pohcy. told Hie I governmental committee on reciprocity iniormalion yesterday that Can Company Operates Big Arkansas Unit SMI'l'll. y\ik.. Jan W. tUP)- -'I'he American Can Company's new $1.500,000 plant was in o|ieniliun here today turning out 700 cans a minute. which lias delayed olx-rattons loi .sovcial weeks, plant officials said Unit tall production of 2.100 cans a minute will |,,. .eacheil by mid- I'Vbrn.iiy. (.iiipioyinu 'iPO persons, PAGE THREiE : P<ont to Rebuild MKMI'llIS. Term.. Jan. an. cUI'i — Fh.-Jicr i,|jiii' and t-eineiil Company will beuln rcbutldlni! inuue- dlntel, us ofllces and warehouse •which burned Tuesday with damage I'S'iuialeil al $350,000, company ofllcial.i said toilay. "Tea" Money Tea Is consldt'rcd .so valuable In some pails of the world Dial It Is used lor money, it Is an accepted ciirrencj fur everythinc from wives ID i-cnlral Asia. tariffs on citrus fruits Imported to this country should not be cut. Pc|)|;er MI Id reductions \iomd be "disastrous" because of heavy citrus cni]is this year. Instead lie a'skeci Dial steps be laken. lo net Cnnini'i u, low,-,- Us ritlfs on u. S products, i-'rancc to remo\'e her ban on American fruits and the Ilussi.ui nuirket "opem'd tip." limes. The Rim did not °Hre how- ,\ « oll "6 c s furnislicd complete« it. and neilhe- din Maxcv's His ? 1<llsllc s and calendars included) n was empty. The two si'ru°->led : tllclr frce usc - w Hh the cot- liricfly. uiiiii Paulson .stru.-k Maxey i ti>8cs B ° 35 frec uo «ts for fishing on the ai-.(L j)ole, \vhevc ran r.L'hiiKl a telephone pel?, \vlAc lie attempted fr;inti,:allj to unjam his sun. Meanwhile. Ellcnbsrger. "sing Paulson's wife ;. i a shield, obtained an atuoniaU? rifii- from tiie paUol c«r. He had tired three times UiroiiKh tile patrol ::?.>• ivindow at Paul.'ion ,vheti Kithv, - oi;d E ; olice .Sergeant Kenneih I 3 cek arrived and Firc<i another shot. At this pyiiu. the woman began lo stnl^sde, aiu. Maxey looV: the rifle front EUnnberiiei ;intl shot Paulson ;<aain. tilliin: him initautly. Picket Line Steps Aside WASHINGTON. J.iii. ?3. (UP) — A picket lijie in Ircnl of the National Theater sl-'ppe:! aside last nishl shortly iefore President Trn- maii arrived to -see a performance of SiKinund Hombcvg's operatta |4!os.som T'inic.' A throns ol spectators gathered around \vhen police ami secret sev- \ice men lined up in front of the National and the ei[;hl pickets, who are protesting the theaters ban ayainst Netro puircins. -.vcrc lost in the crowd. There was no indication thai Mr. Truman was av.are of the picketing. He was accompanies, oy Mrs. Trntnan, llieir rlau^ht ( .'r, Margaret, and three of her friends. The pickets, rep.'csenliny the Committee lor RL .-iat D?nio:ra"y. resinned tlirir vi;;ii after the presidential ])ar:y entered ihe theater. The picketing 'u:'L;an 10 days ajio. purposes. The fellow who catches the blygcsl fish of the season must accept a prize. Most o-' Ihe 400 fortunate ones drive to work in their own automobiles. The company maintains a parking lot for them, with lhc name of each motorist on his private stall. His windshield Is washed daily in summer; the ice is removed in winter, if one! of his tires goes flat while he's at work.-! he must not protest if the compa- n y has it repaired gratis. Anybody who thinks up a good idc a to improve the calendar bus- NEW YORK. Jan. 23.—(UP! — Retail butter was selling lodav in Metropolitan New York at the" (ili- ccnU per pound price it brought before OI'A controls were removed. Three leading chain .store systems announced that lhc a:i-eenl price and other chains were expected to follow. The new price represents a 2-cenl drop from the present level or 05 cents a poumi. Allcr controls were lifted, chain store butter prices rose to % cents a pound. n»d .smaller stores charged $1 or more. iness accept a free "Axis Sally's" Rc-arrcst Is Ordered by'U. S. Agents WASHINGTON'. ,J,in. T3— IUP^ —Juslice Department officials said ^)day they had ordered the rc-ar- '•tpt in Germany of the American M>:is Sally'—Mildred Gillnrs. formerly of Portland. Me. — pending I Hither study of her alleged treasonable activities. Miss Gilhir.s luis been in protective custody since she was released from an Army prison camp at Fmnkfoi't Christmas Eve. She lias been under orders to report to U. S. Army authorities at, Frankfort every two weeks. Capudino relieve; l\c.:d~,'.r,~ lit! bcc.'Uio it's liquid. II-, j,-' E'Cdicnlinc ilicidr dis»l-»l —all /cady lo tcgin ejiirig lhc pain. II also IQolhci nerve rcn- ion dut- to ti-e p.iin. Uis lyaidircclcd. I0c.30c. 10:. LSjJ YOU'U PROBABLY NOT ^ LIKE All THREE BRANDS • /ytt Ijwttmreli/ ' ftreferme That's because they are blended to suit ililTcmu wstcs. Try all three, and you \vlll pick one as the finest coffee yiiu'vc ever tasted. mm ; MIS' JULIE'S APPLE PIE J M'tll turn out better than ever with J Mis' J Nile's Pic Crust. Package i nialccs double crust for 1. or pintle • crust for 2 pies. Just add water! *, PIE CRUST ^ WITH A . ERRLY BBERKFRS Crisp, delicious, extra "short."— real deep South pastry! Mis' Julie's contains a generous measure of pure shortening— that's the Southern secret! Just ndd water for gnldcn-coort pastry that never gor.s wrong. Get Mis' Julie's at your Grocer's. EVANS GROCERY MARKET Try Our Delivery Phone 2597 Scooter Service 211 South Firsf Street REb'pOTATOES 5 „, 19 16 o/. ran JUICE 20 l eaii KKO KIDNEV BEANS 16 C PUREX 14 N'o. 2 can O7.ARK VAU.KY GR'N BEANS 25 -SPICK AND SPAN box KAHISHIiS an< ONIONS GHKKX bch. A CI.UI5 STEAKS 49 I'AItKAV. Ib. 8LEO 34' BACON 58 r:tn OitA.VGK JUICE 23 C .IACK Kl'KAT No. 2 can CORN DAISV CISKAM HOOT CHEESE ,„ 59 2 cans S n:ONf;m:AKT OliKAT \OKTIIKI!N, II). BEANS 16 ( TUHNII'S AM), bunch TOPS WILSON'S I'ASTEL'KIZEI) MBLK (|tiarl 20' r.UADE A C:IIU(,'K, 11). ROAST I'ICMC'. II). HAMS 4S l BUTTER Pound 74 Nazis Secret Records Soon To Be published WASHINGTON. .Inn. ti'.l. Ull'l- Tin- Uin'UHl «l:iii-N ami 'llrllnlu hnvo avlt'iTtl !<• riilviiM i>ub!u*;iUnn ol K\\/.\ tori'irii ollk'c n^ouls lt> ''t'lii- incut hhlui u-;il scholars, 1 ' H \vus announced uuluy. lu (i Ji>lm sUitemcnl, ri-U-nsc'd lu'i C it ml lu I,:mtlon. thf Jlrllltfi Koivtun OIl'uv ruul tin- StuU- OL- ,i;u inioiH ivvi'iilcd tlit'ir uluns for _mhlt slit tut '>vi t-l (Jmiirm it-i'oL'ds which will liu'luilc IhoM? concerning .SnvlH-N;i/.1 iH'uoll-Ulous In lliSU. John W. WJia'U'v-lliMiiu'M of Oxhivii Hnivor<iK will \\f\\A lhc uuuip ut HvUish s^holai's nut I Hiiyimmi: J Hnnl:»n of the Unlvor- slly <'f 'C:tllfocnl:( will head the ALiU'LU'uas \\iu> \vtll do tho work. Southern bcnwcrats Assailed by New Group OHIOA(U). ,i;ui. x\. (Ui»>.-'r:»y IK'hKKTH'.tr »mny was advised lo- diiy by :i rpokt-siiiun lor I lit* ni'W- Iv-liirnuul rnnnvAslvi* CilU.?ns ^f A mi-1 it':i to 'read I In- liouthr'.'u DnnuKTids tmi ol iho p:u't\" ul lhc 10IH im-sidi-iHinl ronvrutiun. (*. \\ IViUUvin. PC A cxcL-ullvt 1 v !(••' -rh ill v»i mi, i)l fiTnl I ho suu- Kt'sllun to ih"' first tor^l niroliiu! of. ilu- iK'\v lilicrnl fvi'tuip since It/i ftiruKvlitiii U\ NI-W York lusl month, As mi ultci'MiiUvo U> tmsllni; tin; .S-nithcni Ocmix-Mls, Dalctwln KUK- Ki'fdrd thul ihi- piirty loiuii'fs "adu))l ;i .stL'oiu; pi'oisx'ssi; 1 !' prnuvaiu which \vtnild fr.iivi* llii'in r.hno'y lt> walk otit." "The pirly eattnol .survive It does noi curry die Issues o[ the day to UK- people," he said. Rush Wcc/c in Britain liY'THK, 1','nnlaml, Jan. 'a. IUl'1 TI'iTe i)i>»i>]i! were killed hi a mnrder-.suklde uHair In a buny.i- luw here Hits week. Mon; limn 'JUD person.', applied today to rent, the COMING MJOMlMllS K1UST ICK SHOW A. . B. \ C. D. PRISCILLA" CURTAINS tli"'- arc sensational 1 valncs! Lovely and full (oaeli side is <U" liy 2'/z Xils.), will, fi" ruffles in 2-to-l fnlhiesf! Dolled marmiisc.tlc! c on nr. ,1 J.TO '.i ! "TAILORED'CURTAINS "(rnn-si qnaiity not- ,leil or fi^tiroil ivaslialjlc mari|ni»clle, inadi: "illi ycncroiia Jicms anil headings! Tltey arc. really wonderful buys at 2 98 !""• CURTAIN YARD "GOODS. Kinrat" •|ualiiy inarr|uiscllc in wliit'r, or colorcii dols and nrcs! Ilcmmc'd on two fides so llicy're easy as pic to make!, . *j yd| :• ir —. DRAPERY AND SLIPCOVER FABRICS-m sloul dohhy weave, thai will inn last your strongest fahrics! 47"-t8". wide—in distinctive new Tiatlerns!'"^. " . ».« , yd. Towncraf t Shirts 2. Solid color woven Cham- Droy. Nt:-crall colors, full;, sattfortzecl. Mens Dress Sox Rrruilni 1 lcn;;i|i or slacV. sox in j-.iain color Hayons :uifl «p.y cottons, i/viu wcannj construction.. .pr. 39c Captain "Marvel" Sweat Shirts Good heavy, warm garments. White and pastel colors. Sizes 4-12. 98c Rondo Deluxe Prints on cioth •1C. ill liuve better 3c Chenile Spreads Full tied Have lot^ ;iz?, cill colni 4 :. dMMi Semi check ur money uriln |i ay a Ii lo i u MK.MriHS AUDI- TO1IIDM. KntloNC self - a il dressed stamped* envelope, (JIVi; I'lHST AM) KKCO.M) <! IIO I (,'K (»' DATl^S IJi:- smrn. PRICES I'lenty of C'.iolcc Sruls ArAilablc for All l'crfi>rinanc:cs. S.'i.OO . .'. . .51.81) MEMPHIS AUDITORIUM Fri. Feb. 14 thru 21 H NiKblH H::JO illal. Sun. 2:.'iO WHILE my LAST o real walcli value for tho mnnwho profors a pocket limc- pioco. Handsomoly »tyled ... at a smart, low price that holies lie quality. Tlmoc! for ac<ltracv. A distinctive v/ofch that wi!l bo sjivon and v/orn with p;ido. A timopiccc of precision priced Ihrillingly low to mcke this an unusual valiro. USE YOUR CRIDIT MEN'S WATCHES GALORE GRUEN BENRUS BULOVA LORD ELGIN WALTHAM GOTHAM and many other Nationally Famous Brands of Watches From 42.50 Choose Now - Pay Later Easy Terms at No Extra Cost All Prices include Federal Tax n il. T»'^'Sr4ivf."i** BEIMIS i\ti>r.l 31Ii WESTdtfAIX ST fj^r lliumnuils Acrn?s tlic Slrccl from G

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