The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 4
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'PAGE TWO Tennessee Votes To Levy Sales Tax Legislators Agree on T>p Per Cent Take On Retail Purchases E. Teiin.. Jan. 23. (UP) legislators settled clown lo sioit • jrealljcr sessions" today jKf ihej mailed Gov. Jim M:- Cprrt's .signature on life U'o por cciH retail sales tax siitd fhiul pre- [•.&rall<m.,of oilier ninjor sulmhiis-! isalion bills. • ; j >Thtt governor said other measures vita) to the administration, In- ctuJIr.g the eduction, appropriations mid • oilier revenue bills, willj lie realty for submission lo llio legislature by the "first ol thn week." His : legislative lieutenants said OieV look for "onli 1 routine matters" to come Vjsfore the I wo houses until finishing touches mr> jil'.KTrt on Uic bigger faills, wlik'h h&vc bfen held op pciidini; |)as- s:ige of tlic sales tax measure. 'Among administration revenue 'pjlls .soliedulccl for. early Intraduc- tU/ii .ate I hose lo 'double llic present Uixes oil bcor and liquor. 1 Meanwhile, there is ample legislative fodder for the lawmakers to mim.-h .while-' nwaiting the other Administration bills. Ready lor final action, in cither house are shell °:onlrover.ijliil' measures to free 'the stale's c-l|>ht remniniiiK toll bridges and to call a limited' rou- vention to amend Ui<! .slate's 70- year old constitution. t Thp attiiiinistmtion won a week's bitter battle lo keep Uie sales -lax nt two per cent yesterday when the ; . House concurred. 6.1-18, li> amendments the Senate talked to tlic mcjiiure adore passing it 21-H earlier in tile day. A slroiiR nir.U i)loc, •'.Twill;.)! 'had fought to have the lax rtUc set ;u three per cent, with the'additional nn« per rent to KO to. counties, succeeded in p'HIni:' c< compromise that rjroti- nbiy will give them sonic cash to take->ba;k home. Holds Laws Won't End Hotel Fires HARRISBUKG. I'n. <UPl— Laws nlmcd at Die prevention of hotel fires are "silly." In the opinion O l Franklin Moore, president of Ihc Inter-American Hotels Association. ;He' snys you can declare ft illegal to smoke in bed, L-.ut "thai won't keep people from being neu- Mooro .said aillicrenci 1 lo Ihls Pattern is more likely lo do. Mi* Itlck: 1. Education, throng), effective publicity monns, 01 Motel gue.sis nol to smoke In bed niitl nol to leave tnelr rooms unless instrucu-d, in ease oi/.ire. 2. A well-run .system to patrol every linll several limes an hour. 3. A properly I rained' hotel s tafl " f'n''' !lt tlr '"'' '"'''I' ""•'" i™» tD.eailln,. wilol) ,ii, COV wod. and la Mma EUI;.M. S «, ,),,, i:k , os ,, r uy nvoi<linj> panic. ; COUBIBB NEWS Atheist Loses in Appeal To Illinois Supreme Court SPKfNGHEUJ. Ill, Jan. 23. (UP) —The Illinois supreme court loday nnhcld the licht of Illinol.s public schools to leach religion on a Mexicans to Play Loyola NEW Cltl.EANS. .Jail. 2.1—(UI'J - Unijtctbnll goes ln;n national here tonight when the University of Mexico moves in lor a name «Kh Loy»l.i or IhB South. The game will bring the Mexico l-Mtf)e.<; close to HIE: end Of an 18-Kiinie swin.. throiiRh the U. H. awl Ir, rx|ieetc,j ! 0 draw .several (limisiind fan.s thi'tuigh the iiovelly if |>i-esontnl[; a lorcl^n tram. Late to Classify , Arkansas (n Ttenttll ' Aikunsns officials i,vcrc looking forward today to at least some bencfils from Tennessee's notion in lepvlng a two per cent sales tax Arkansans buyiny in Tennessee have been depriving this stale of revenues which would have been rccelud had the pi.jchascs been mi-He in lAikfuisns. Lavying of the Tennessee lax will remove some of Ihe clamor tor a Wo pei cent use lax in this state, which wa.s proposed to offset the loss tiom oiit-oNstale ]>u Chases ire use trv wautd n( .y |y to m]t , ol . riile purchases In the same inaii- ucr lliat Uie prcscnl Arkansas lax applies lo purchases mndc at re' ' Hill in Ihc stiue. nty Man „ . ., Jan. 23— fl)! J ) — Ftlneral-sservices are beinf plaiined lodaji-76!- Henry L . Thompson. ,^- jentold farmer or near Vlohila who binned to death Tuesday vh-u his-honie w«s destroyed by fire Tnompson lived alone In 'his faim home '•• Rlcjiaid Barard. neighbor, saw thii .names a nti round (lie body of Thompson He lokl officcft that iibparentlj a ..tove exploded :,s attempted to slnrt a fire School Bin s of the United Slnlrs ipproxlmalely . two t)lllioii doljar, innually 1 0 provide public •clool racillties for Iheir 30,000- UO j?n!s ^nd ixiys. For Sale f.ost •Sni.ilii y 1 ' full ::'n:j ()r ;]|t,j ft,.. w:-nl, (.1..!,. I-:, llrfnllr-y.; w. Will- For Rent ,,i»li,.,l l,..,lr.>.,i,i. niih I:t1,-l,,. iv l.V".. HiUT ll.-nrn. I'liniiv in III ii'j:i I,!..i _ On 'CERTAIN DAYS' Or Monlh? Tlim grrnt medicine !.s /aiui>ui itj rcllovu piilnfnl illsircM inul MKI| ncrvona, lnltutjle /ci-lini(a. ol sucli u '»ys wlu-ti ftxie to f»-m:i!u IIIIK-- tlonnl Kinntlily disturbance I UtBIA£.PMt1M'S Refrigerator Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. \V, Adams. MIM Phono ZIIJ) <!ll.-ux W. Mali "voluntary basis." The court In a unanimous oDlii Inn rejected the appeal O f ' Mrs Vashtl MiCiillum. un uvnw'ed ath'-' clst, wlio had jwtllloned to ban Ilibje classes In the ChampaiKii 111., schools. Mrs. McCJullum. 38, wife of -\ University of Illinois horticulture professor, argued that )icr son James, 11, was "embarrassed" because he was the Only pupil j,, ; .lass not taking religious instruction. Ttie court's opinion, written »v Justice Charles U. Thompson upheld the Illinois sixth circuit court's denial of licr petition. "Su:h classes;' the court found •do not violate, the freedom of conscience of any individual or Kroiip sn long as the classes are, ronc..i;at'cl upon a purely voluntary! ciisls." • •• - -±. mm' Former AOP Employes Plan Hew Litigation LITTLE nOCK, Ark., Jan. 23. — <Ul'i —Arkansas Ordnance {'lant employes, seeking rcclassilita-ilon to come under provisions or 'Hie Fair Labor Standards Act, :>'c-pai- cd today to begin another, suit before Federal Judge I.emtey. Yesterday a federal conn. Jury held Hint 103 former employe.; of Ihe plant were nol entitled to ri'- cover payment for time spent In going from the "clock house" to Ihc maintenance unii where ihcy vvoiked. The jury also yd'ascd to Ki-ant back pay for time allCHCdly denied workers tor a lunch period, THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 1917 Two Die in Crash BEARDBN. Ark., Jan. 23-<Ul?> -Mineral services will |,c held here Uils afternoon jor two Heardon men who w ere killed In „ collision W'ltt'ccu !m nuio , m d n truck on u. -S. Highway 79 near llarlow •luesdaj. niglit. Two others were injured In the wreck. The d.wl are Hubert, Heeson, 22. nncl Klmor Jones, 20 All over Arkjniif. Iioulcwivcs wl.o know biking besl ye IvvlnElng to THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR. Baking Made Easy! For all-round bjking succciv you'll (Ind THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR Ihc most reliable. Also, you'll b* d«- li£lil«l \vith the many handy things >txJ can make from Ihe coiorcd print sjck. '» flyuig, n. decrease in sound '«P' means.;.lhe plane, is cllmbin B , «n«c. higher-iiltci, mealls clescenu MASIC Eifi E5T Vewsf Modem Seamless AI * Bin • AiumEnum yf@iisiis with Mothers @nfs! (A/ami.ium Pactogcl ONE UTENSIL IN EVERY PACKAGE! m Scoep-Funn^Sftcme, Cemfcinolion . . . Hst,,- . . . |con mst lime m years we've been able 10 offer .aluminum wilh Mo.hcfs Oa,s! Fr<m ,hl world'* l.rgesr makcr-ex.ra-hatd, poTt-wir quality-jeamUsj, l as ,i ng | v bright Col ecti Mother's Oats fW»7W Alt/JWfWUMi \VAK\INU ORDF.K In (He Ohuiuery <•„„,.(, riiirl<.i- sawba District, Mississij>|,l fiuunlv, Arkansas. Oscar W;!llii)(;r;fort!.... Plntni'ir vs. No. 0912 Annie V/allinuslord DjfnuU.ut The dofemliml, Annie ford, Is hereby warned to ippear within thirty days In Ihe court named In tne caption hereof mil answer the complaint of the plaintiff Oscar Walllngsford. Dated Ihls H day of January, 1347. HARVEY MORRIS, Clevl: By Belly Stnllli, D. C l'IC-2:i-30-2'C WHY! Mountain Valley Water " Is Recommended for Arlhrilis. Ki<incy ji n <| JJ); 1( lclor ConclitJons from 1. Kllnilihle Kidney nine. 3. Neutralize UrIc-AcMily 2. Vloo.b, B,a lW « lrr.U. '•$$£'• Sjr " t ' I1 "' ! lieu Cali or Wrilc for liooklcl CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Mulii and nivisinn Uiytlicvilli!, Ark. 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PALMOL1VE or CASHMERE BOUQUET METSOAP bar lie 4 Lb. CARTON $1.25 PURE LARD, 8 Ibs. $2.45; SOIb.can - $13,9$ Canova, Maxwell House, Admiration, Folgcrs, Old Judge COFFEE ib.49c WALDORF TOILET TISSUE ...... 650 sheet roll 5c. FELS NAPHTHA LAONORY SOAP 12 oz. bar lOc SAILOR MAN HOMINY ......... Mo.2canl2c STRONGHEART DOGFOOD 14oLcan12c roll 15c . SCOTT KITCHEN TOWELS LIBERTY CASH GROCER

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