The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 3
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TI1UKSDAY, JANUARY 23, 10-17 BIA'TJIUVJLLK (AUK.) CoUHlKU NEWS Much-Wanted Burglar Slain Missouri 'Officers Shoot Man Sought By Iowa Authorities ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Jan. 23. (UP) i —An t'.tractive. 10-year-old brirto „• of less than a year was held as a' " ">' material witness today following, the. fatal shooting of her ex-eon-1 vicl husband, who was killed by I slate police ill lei- a violent rjun Othman Discovers a Paradise Arid Flock of Happy Laborers I1V riti:i>KI!ICK <'• OTHMAN | automobile. Any worker wl|0 tries Press Staff Correspondent j to work nil Ihe time is nudged gently tuwnril one of several recreation rooms. These, lire couinned with books, WASHINGTON, Jan. l>3.—J. 1 Gramlini!, assistant, salesmnnascr «f Ihe U. O. Colston Co., says he has noticed that everybody 'men- lloncd in my Hems for Ihe papcr lately has been sore at somebody ^fe just couldn't ^:ive himself up. Jic.' was wanted too bad." 'Mrs. nctorcs P:iulson sotbinsjly told police. Laurel J. raulson. Hi), who ;:olic» said had a Ion:; record of ilicfl and buiiihiry ronvjciions in Iowa and Nebraska, resisted arrest lust nisht and led highway palrolmen on an eight-mile, 3G-nnmue chase before he was feited by a hail ol police bullets. Morgue attendants said Paulson had been shot live times in the head, neck and ri^lit arm. Mrs, Paulson. :i petite brnnetle. carried a loaded .38 iiistnl in her purse throughout the battle, but tolri police, "1 just couldn't, shoot anybody." "I'm glad it's nil over," she said. Paulson and 'nis wife were sto;>- pcd for (ruc.iliuning about 10 mites west of here last night by State Patrolmen V. K. Miixc;.. anil H. A. Ellcnbci'Kcr. The patrolmen said they recognized the car as one described in a broadcast, as "wanted" by Iowa authorities. The patrol car pnlicd up against the front of Paulson's automobile, and the two patrolmen naS'ood the couple as they attempted to gel out of their car. "I give up," Paul:;on culled out. But, seconds later, he pulled a ^un from the \vaistbi:nd o( his trousers, pressed It, to Mnxcy's side and pulled the liisycr three times. The Run die: not "fire, how- t ?r, and neither did Maxey's. ,n was empty. The two slruR^led briefly, until Paulson struck Maxcv r.:l ran ii-hind a I ' ole, w!it re lie attempted ' frantically 10 uiijain his gun. accept, a prize. Meanwhile. Ellcnbsi-Ker. llsinc Paulson's wife r,< a siiiekl. ob- lainctl an amomati:: rjf!'.- from t.'ie patrol car. He lnul lived thrc-j times through the. pntro! ;s\r window at r.iulson Alien Kirk\vo3rt Police Ser- iiol. lie asks, break the mo- y with a story about some folks who aren't mad at any one. Ife menus Hie 400 employes of the Colscn Co., in Paris. III., who whistle while they work. This, he says, is unusual; it j s news. Durncd H I don't Ijcllcve he's right. The happy ones in the Paris paradise manufacture fans and fl>-swatters for nclvcrUsinu pur- l>osiv; jii the summer and line of calendars with pretty pictures' on same for year-round use. These Include the. usual baliics, puppies snow storms, bnOiliig Kii'ls and what the trade calls risqitcs. Tlic iis<mc for 1048. which you'll be scc- ini; about u year from now, is » I'.curly jiakc t | ciilic «lth a fealh- er duster under her arms. She wears a four-inch ruffle to Indicate that she's n house maid. That's the business. There are u o labor problems in Paris, according to Grninliug, because of a few strictly enforced Jules around the plant. No worker is allowed t o have a baby, for Instance, unless he accepts a war bond from the company to help out with junior's education. The company frowns on head colds. It gives every employe a cold treatment each fall and pills thereafter, if he insists on gctUii s s ick anyhow, llicn he's got. to accept from the boss a bouquet of flowers delivered lo his bedside. All hands must take -two-week vacations. The company prefers that they have their rest at Twin Lakes Park, because here it maintains cottages furnished complclc- and calendars Included) .or their free use. With the cot- I'lBes go 35 free boats for fishing on the her.:l ar.d, ran ii-hind a I '""'I'oses. The fellow who catches telephone pole, where lie attempted '' e W Sires t fish of the season must geant Kenneth Peck arrived and fired another shot. At ibis point, the woman began lo struggle, «•::: Maxey look the rifle from Ellcniirryrr and shot Paulson a;;ain, killing him instantly. Picket Line Graciously Steps Aside WASHINGTON. Jan. ?3. <UPl— A picket, line in frem of the Na- lional Theatrr steppe;! aside last ni^ht shorlly belorc President Truman ovrived to see a performance of Siijjr.iind Kon!ber;;".s operattn ™ -A Unom: ol spectators gathered •bund \vhcn police and secret scr- ee, men lineri up in front ot the ational mid the eight ;:irkets. who :c protesting t.he theaters, ban gainst Nc^ro pauons. were lost, i the crow d. ,Thcre was no indication that Ir. Truman was aware of Hie [rs. Truman, their daughter. Marnet, ami three nf her Iriends. The pickets, representing the nnnnitlce ior R. jial Di'mocrury. \ !smucd Ihrir viiji after the prcs-1 lenlial par:> rnlered ihc theater, he pickctm;: b::;an 10 clays ago. 'Axis Sally's" Rc-arrcst s Ordered by'U. 5. Agents WASHINGTON. .1,111. '3— IUP> -Justice Deiiartmcii-L officials said t-)day they h,if! ordcj'cd the rc-nr- ^^>t in Germany of the American A>:is Sally"—Mildred Gillars. for- icrly of Portland, Me. — pending Jrlhcr study of her alleged trea- jnablc activities. Miss Gillars has been in pro- ?ctive ctislo<ly since she was rn- ;a.scd from an Army prison camp t Fraukfop; Christmas Eve. She as been under orders to report 3 U. S. Army authorities at Frank- Drl every two weeks. Most 0 : the 400 fortunate ones drive to work in their own automobiles. The company maintains n parkin;- lot for them, with the i name of each motorist on ht s prl- I vale stall. Hi.s windshield is wash- \ planas, soda pop. cundy, imigsiziues, and easy chairs. If an employe wants to build u house, the company insists on advancing hnlf the down payment. If he needs a new rcfrlaeruior. lurnnce, or front room sola, the boss demands ihe right lo lend him the full price without huercst. Anyone getting married must accept a wedding gi:t. Nobody has lo i;o to the company's parties, but it insists on tossing thcin regularly. H also insist on paying halt' the workers' insurance premiums and .slipping them a .share of lite profits annually. They can't help whistling; soft music of their selection is piped throughout the plain. You think I've drrniiird this? "Maybe we are cru/y." Giamling said, "but we think it pays. If u few more concerns would try It there uji^bt |,c a betier wider- standing between management ami labor." That does it. Breaks the monotony. Tomorrow, back lo the biiulinc lawgivers. Butter Price Softens Again In New York NEW YOHK, Jan. 23.—(UPl — Retail butter was sellini; today in Metropolitan New York at the (>:i- ccnts per pound price It brought before OPA controls were removed. Three leading chain .store systems announced that the 63-cenl price and other chains were ex- peeled to follow. The new price represents a 2-ccnt drop from the present level of G5 cents a pouiui. Alter controls were lifted, chain .store butter prices rose to OG cents a pound, and smaller stores charged $1 or more. ed daily in summer,- the ice is removed in winter. If one 1 of his i ires goes flat while he's at work.-! he must not protest if the compa- ' ».v has it repaired gratis. Anybody who thinks up a good idea to improve the calenda incss is forced to accept a free MIS' JULIE'S APPLE PIE vdlt lurn out better than ever with Mis' Julie's Pic Crust. Package makes double crust for 1. or single crust (or 2 pies. Just add water I PIE CRUST WITH A . Crisp, delicious, exlra "short" — real deep South pastry! Mis' Julie's contains u generous riieasure of pure shortening — that's the Southern secret! Just ndd water for golden-Rood pastry that never goes wrong. Get Mis' Julie's nl your Grocer's. YOU'lL PROBABtY NOT LIKE ALL THREE BRANDS prefer one That's because they arc to suit Jiderent lusics. '1'ry all three, ;ind you \vili pick one as the linesr coflte you've DRflnD PHIZ EVANS GROCERY MARKET Try Our JJclivcvy Phone 2597 Scooter Service 211 South First Street U. S. No. 1 RED POTATOES 5 llw . W 37 C •1C o/.. ran GKAI'EKRUIT JUICE 20 2 ran KKI) KIDNEY BEANS III.EACII, Qt. PUREX ^n. 2 ran OZARK VAU.KY GR ? N BEANS 25 STICK AM) SPAN 1)O.V i;Ai)isnr:,s nni ONIONS GREEN l>eh. GKAIII-; A Cl.Ul! STEAKS ,,,49 I'AUKAV, lb. OLEO 34' SMOKI). II). BACON o/. ran OltANGK JUICE .TACK SIMIAT No. Z CORN DAISY CKKAM IIOO1' CHEESE ,„ 59 2 cans S'I'KONGIIEAKT FOOD 25 C GREAT NOKTIIKKX, 111. BEANS w 1 URNII'S AND, bunch TOPS WILSON'S 1<ASTEUKIKK1> MBLK <iuarl 20 ( Curbs on Tariff i Cuts Advocated Republicans Seek Legislation to Prevent Reductions HV JOHN i,. s'ri-iai: lljniti'd I'lcsK Stlllf (.'orri'siiiinilenD WASHINGTON, Jim. 13. (UP) — St'iiiUc neini'Jllc;iii lenders me |>re- i;:irjn;; h'^ishtlum t(i etirtnil i'rcs- lilent Truman's i>mver to eut t:ir- ill.s. il \vns le;irneii today. A hii'.li riuikliin TU'lniUllrnii .siud a 1:111 would b> tiHi-oihirril .soon It) restrict the udmiiiistrathm'* presetu aiillinrity lo slush tarlfi rates vi|) to 53 per cent. Hi' did not ,s|ierily wlut the re- .strii-tlons would be. but sal<l tliey wntilcl tint harm the adminixlra- lion'.s imtlniiiie i;oul ul proiiioliiic internal ional roonoinle eollubora- tjOJl. Secretiiry of State CieorKe C, Marshall will lie'il tur his views on Die ;-,ro;:o;ed revision nji the. reciprocal trade aniTeinenls HL'l. His department is now consktfr- iin; Inwcr-iariH asreciucnts with 18 nations. H"piiblit'an smui'i's expressed hope that revisions in the irade pronrum could li:> worked out under the so-called iion-pariisun a|i])roach lo foreign iifilicy. Sen. Clnude I'epller. D., Kin., usually a .stauir.'h iii]ipi>rior ot adintn- Islnitioii [nreii;n jjoliev. lold Ihe KOveriiincnlAl coinmillee on rcclp- rovit.v iniormalioj) jeslerdiiy Dull Can Company Operates Big Arkansas Unit OR AUK A ROAST 35 C PICNIC. 111. HAMS 45' KM;-l>il. Ark.. Jan. '». iUP>- 'I'hi- American Can C.'uin- puny's new $1.500,001) plant was in operaiinn heir loday turnlni; nut 700 can-, a mnnile. Uesiuif a tin plate shorlaw which has delayed operations fin seveiul weeks, plant oflldiils said Ihnl (mi production o( 2,100 cans a minulo will !,(, reached by luiil- Fobriiiiiy. emiHoylnn 2Co pcr.simv BUTTER Pound 74 PAGE Plant to Rebuild MPME'lIIS. Ti'ini.. Jan. -a. iUl>> —Fis.'hfi 'l.ime iiml Cement Company will br-Kln rclnillilliiK tmme- illalH, us oUlt.'es and «-<neliuti:,i' • which Imniecl Tuesday wilh dum- llKC osMmal.'d ill $II30°0(K>, eompany ofllna!., said today. "Tra" Mom-y '1'ca Is considered fjo valuable in some ii.irts of (he world that H is used lur money. It Is 1111 nccriitctl cnnciio for everything [roin wives In central Asln. Inrllfs uu citrus fruits Imporli'il tu this country should not be cut. Pepper Mild rcdlK'tions would be "dlsii.snous" bc'jaaso at lu-nvy citrus ciojis this year. Instead Me n'skcd thai stops lie tukciii lu net Cimadn tu lower Its rules on U. S lirathii-l.s, France In remove her ban on Amcri.'mi trulls and the R(I.S,M;III market "ojic'ncd tip." Nazis Secret Records Soon To Be published WASHINGTON, ,/an. Bit, <VJP>- The United .S. .'!•:. .Hid -HliLltn llaVo agreed ti. cutiiisi pub!lcalimi ol Na/.l lorriyii oMikT rerovds lo "eminent liisunU'al .-I'liobirs." il wa> anncnini-ed loclay In a .(;iiu1 statement, releasi'd heiT and l'i l,'ii»lon. Ihe l!ritls!i I'oreluu Olii'.v ai-d Ihe Hlale Ue- Knlinent i.>\i-;iU'(l tlu'lr ulnns foi" iiiWishini: '.'cut (icrin.'ui nv'onls whli'li will Im-lude tlui'-.e coni'ernln't Soviet-NM/.I nnioiLiiions In man, Jol-.n \V. Wlu-eler-lleiinell of Oxlord UniveiMtv will heiul (In ,',to\ip tn llritish scholars anil IMymunil .] Si.ulai; "f (he University »l •Culllmnbi will dead the AmiiM.ans nh<> will dii Ihe work. Sont/icrii Domocrots Assailed by New Group OlIlOAlU). .Inn. 'J.l. (Ill 1 )- 'l"u l)emci:'ni'lr uarty was advised <l:iy lj>- a finiki-v.niiui Uu llu- new- ly-lonueil I'riii'.ri'^sil-e Cili/.v-ns c Ami'ilL:! lo "n-ad Ihe Jionthevi Di'tuo'.'iuts mil nt (tie p.nly" ut tin 11118 pri'sidi-miKl (.•nnvenlion. (;. II, M:ililHln, I'CA exi'fiith'i \ - U'i'-i'liitii nitni. olleri'd the sui; -estinn ir. Hie llrst inretbn nl (he new Hbvial urinip slnre U foi-matitm in K:-w York lust month As mi aHevniHive lo nnstini; Uu .Southern DeiiKTi'aii. ll.ililwln su^- Me.slecl that the parly U-aders "iidnp a sli'oni; iirofursslvi- jiro^ram wliirl would for;v Ihvin simply li) walk PRISCILLA" CURTAINS lliut are. sensational ' values! Lovely and full {each siilc is 44" liy 6" niffli-s in 2-lo-l fnlliiess! Dulled inar(|nisellr! r QQ ;|ir, --^ TAILORED CURTAINS of finest i|naliiy ,inl- or figured washable inarrjuisclle, ith generous lu-ins and hcailins! T wonderful Iniya at CURTAIN YARD GOODS. Finest "qnalily inart|uiscltc in while or colored ilols anil figures! llciinncil on Iwo sides so they're easy as pic lo make! DRAPERY AND SLIPCOVER FABRICS stout (lol)Iiy weave, lliat will onllast your strongest fabrics! 'IT'-W_ wide—i live new Towncraf t Shirts 2. Solid color woven Cham- l>rny. Ni:-Cro.U colors. Hilly sanrori/.ed. Mens Dress Sox Regular length or slack sox in i/iiiin color Havons and (r«y cottons. Lvm wearing const-action.. .pr. 39c Captain "Marvel" Sweat Shirts Good heavy. While colors. Sizes '1-12. warm i;ar- mul paste! 98c Rondo Deluxe Prints Ciay S;.L .nu' jvittri ns ni c Oil Cloth -ifi inches wi(f»\ linvr ton roll> : JjrMrr )u;r:.v. ui 3f *J\t Chenile Spreads Full be.d Have lots six^, all colors, or Clieiiille. ,90 u. "The pirly cniinol survive 11 II ] , t ocs not curry Hie Issues ol thei'V '" to the people," he said. us/i Wccfc in Britain HVT11K. l-:ni;land. Jan. 'a. IUI') 'I'l'iee people were killed tn a luriliT-sulddc allair In a •bni)y:i- nv line tills week. More Hum 'M» fr.sons applied loday to rcnl the iinmilow. RUBOM , -"TO'HELP, EAttOMMHIItt, TKJHTCHEST 'MUSCLES' COMING MKiHI'HJS KlltST !Ci; SHOW Send check or money urclcr p a y a b 1 c I u iMKMI'lilS AUDI- TOUIIJM. Iliitliisc self - a d il r c s s u d stamped \ cnvcli>po. (ilVH I'lltST AM) HI:CONI) c H o i c; E <)!•' I) AT US l)i:- SlitKl). PRIQS t E iciUy uf C \\ 0 i i' <; Snils AvAllablu for All I'ciTorjiiiincos. SIl.DO ..'.. '.n.HI) S2.0II $l.'.ili (Inc. Tax) MEMPHIS AUDITORIUM Fri. Feb. 14 thru 21 WHILE r/tty LAST Hor« i a raa! wulch value forlho mcin who profers a pocket limo- ploco. Handsomely ttylod ... at a smoit, low pilco that hallos itc quality. Timed for accUracy. *"*- \Ks* f. ym A clislinr.livo v/akli thai will bo given and worn v/ith pride. A limopioco o[ precision priced tlirilfingly low lo mcko thi» an unuiuat value. USE roils? CRtoit MEN'S WATCHES GALORE GRUEN BENRUS BULOVA LORD ELGIN WALTHAM GOTHAM and many other Nationally Famous Brands of Watches From 42.50 Choose Now — Pay Later Easy Terms at Ho Extra Cost All I'riccs Include rcderal TJIX Iliamnnils 3 fi'WEffTVMAW ST. Mrnl HOB($ IN Across the Street from Grabers

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