The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO lennessee Votes To Levy Sales Tax Legislators Agree on Two Per Cent Take On Retail Purchases NAE'HWl'LE. Teni)., Jan. 23. (UP) —Te>]iie*see legislators settled clown lo <>:ort "-oreather sessions" todayj as thej rivalled Gbv. Jim M:-" Cprci's .stgmluro on life t'A'o per cent retail salts tax and final pre- firatlon, of other major lultniuls-! Igation ' -bills. | • The governor sairt other measures vital to (lie administration, in-,' cliiJing the education, appropriations and other reveiuie bills, will lie ready for aubihhslon to tlie| •'.|pgls!ature by tho ."first of th«i week," 'His . legislative lieulencnils! .said tlic'v lock-for "only routine! matters" to rome before the two' houses until finishing touches ore] yV-Wecl on the Mggr-r bills. whbhj luivc b?en held «p pcmiinj; ]>xs-1 sage o! the sales lax measure. •'A:«enj! administration revenue hi!lf, . sHiciluicd; for. early Inlroduo tion are Iho'se'to double, the pro- sent taxes on beer and llcmor. • Meanwhile, there is ample legislative fiKlder for Die lawmakers to munrh while-' (waiting the other nclmiimtrnllon bills. Ready for (i- na; action In either house arc shell 'controversial- im'asnie.s lo Jri.'t. 1 tlsr- state's tight rnmuinint! loll ibridgc-s and io call a limited «>n- venlion to-amend • the slate's 7U- yoar old constitution. .. Ti»! fldininistration won a wei-k':; bitter 'battle to keep the. snlcs .tax at two jjer cent, yesterday when the ..House concurred, 63-18, lo amendments the 'Senate lacked lo the measure before jmssinx it 21-8 earlier • in' the day. A strong rural "oloc. • •'whteh had fought to have the lax riile sol at three' per rout, with'the':iiddlllonal one per oent to KO lo counties, succeeded in r^ttlnK ';i compromise that probably will. give them some rash tn tnfce »)ack home. Holds Laws Won't End Hotel Fires HARR1SBUUQ, l> n . <U1>>—Imvs aimed at Ihe prevention of hole! ffH>s are "silly," In the opinion 0 I Frnnklln Moore, president of the inter-American Hotels Association. :He says you can declare It Illegal to smoke In bed. but ••tint S' 0 "' 1 . ^i' pcop1 '- froi » bd "K '">»" Mooro said niihc r c :u:,> | 0 this l>nltcj-n J S more likely (o <lo thf 1. Kduoalion, through effective publicity means, of hotel KUCSW not to smoke in bed mul not to leave their room* unless ins!i uctcel in case or/ire. 2. A well-run watchman system 'mliou. 01 eV! ' iJ ' ln " 6< ' VL '"" l '""' s 3. A proncily irainc-d' hotel s tafl 'I''",'™ 11 »'•"••. -l"-ci> them iron, when discovered, and to Atheist Loses in Appeal To Illinois Supreme Court SPIilNOFlKMI. Ill, Jan. 23. (UP) —The Illinois .supreme court today unhetd Ihe litjht of Illinois public schools lo leach religion on a f.ost For Rent l'..r,,i»l,,,| ],,..] r .,,,,,,. „;,), l.ii, I,,.,, , it'V*. Kiln llrnlii, l'l,,.h, 2H III TOO • . Arkansas li> Ik-nc fit A'kansr.s officials 'A'cie looking forward ; today to at least sonic benefits from Tennessee's aslton In k-pving n two per cent sales lax Arkamans buying In Tennessee nave been depriving tills slate ol revenues which would have been received had the purchases been mi-de In.lArkR'nsas. Levying of the Tennessee lax will I remove some of the clamor for a two per rent use ti* i,, this sloio. which, was proposed lo offset Ihe loss fiom out-of-state purchases •rtxi use- tr> would niwh, lo onl-nl- sl.Uo iiurohases in the same manner that the present Aikansas tax . apnlies to purchases made nt re*•'•.'! within Ihe state On 'CERTAIN DAYS' ol Honlh? Tills grcnt maHtlnc is /am.r.i, u, rcllevi) paliifii] dlstrosia -nul ilr,-<l nctvoiu, IrrlUiUlo fcclinija of iiicli UM-II--when (In,, to fi-muiu n tlonal mimuiiy Mlnuii-banceKi 23_rupi — , ^, 1V!cas arc ^'"S Planned loday.fdi Henry r, Tliompson Sl- J'eacrDld /aimer or neai Violnla who-burned to death Tuesday wh-u liis^homc w«i destroyed by fire •Thompson I, VC (t aioiie in his . Riehnid Barnrtl neighbor saw the- flames and round Hie body O r Thompson. JJe told officers that apparently n s to V( , exploded as riiompson ntteniptccl to start a fire - bchoot Bill Taxpayers of the United Stales IA|»1U1 approximately . iwo hlllion tlolAis nnnualh to provide public cnoqi fRCllilies for their 30000- t( 3 -gills ind l»ys. In flying ^ decrease in sound lc\el mi,,,,., the plane is cllmblne, while.higher pitch means descent. Rcfrtgcrotor Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. W. A(!:im.s. Mut <nl,-HH VV. All over Arkansas, housewives wlio l.noxv baVing hen ^r« iwlogl ng to THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR. Mexicans to Play Loyola NF.W CHLEANS, Jnii. 23 —(UP) MflMkvtball isocx iMicTiialloiinl here tonluht when the University of Mexico moves In lor ;i name v.'ilh Ixi.vola of the .south. 'ihe gome will Ijrlnjj Ihe Mexico Rn«le.s to tlie end or an l8-K:inift swing ihroiieh Ihe U. S. and in expected to draw several thousand fans through 'the novelty <if prc'sontnli; a ron.'lmi team. "voluntary basis," The court In a unanimous ouln'- lon rejected the appeal of ' Mrs Vashll MiCullum, an avowed all"-' t'lsl. who had |*tHIoned lo ban Mrs. McCullum, 38, wife of i University of Illinois hortlcullurc r, argued that ),cr son 11, was "embarrassed' 1 because lie was the only pupil In Ms Has* not taking lellulous in. structlon. . The court's opinion, written by Justice Charles H. Thompson m> held the Illinois sixth elrcult oourl's tlenial of her petition. "Su;li class-es." the court found, "do liui violate the freedom of conscience ol tiny ludlvldiui] or Biotip so Irjiiu as the c-lasses ure to!j[,.H-lcil iipoji a purely volutjcary ca.sis." - ..- \ C M Former AOP Employes Plan New Litigation LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 23. — "J 1 ''—Arkansas Ordnance plant employes, Necking reclasslflt-aiion io come under provisions "f 'the Fair l.nbor fUanrl.inls Act, I'l'cpar- ed today to bceln another suit before Federal Judge I.emlcy. Yeslcrdny a irderal couri Jury held that 10:) foirner employe.; of the plant were not entitled to recover payment for time .spent In going from Die "clock house" to the malntennnco unit whore they woiked. The jury also VeliiMHl to grant back pay for time allej-edly denied norkpi-.s tor ti lunch i>;-r- iod. Two Die in Crash THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, HEARDEN. Ark., Jan 23-<UP> — Funeral services will be j u .ld here this afternoon for iwo licnrden men who wc re killed h, a collision W-Uveen nn auto mid a truck on u- S. JJlshiv.iy 7<> ,, ral . j|., r | ow - 'luesdas- night. TWO others were Injured In the urock. The dead are Hubert Hceson, 22, aii«i rimt-r WA11N1NC, OltDKft "> (he (!hun<-ery Couif, riijck.t- sawba IJIslricl,'Misslssliiiil f.'.iunlv, Arkansas. Oscar WjiHingGford Plaintiff vs. No. 99iy Annie V/allln K sford l^fuulaul MID ticfcndant, Annie \vai!inj(s- ford, is hereby warned lo ipuear wllliln thirty days In the court named In tiie caption hereof unii answer Ihe complaint of the plain- liff Oscar Wallingsford. Daled this 14 day of January, 1047. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Belty SinUli. D. c l!lC-23-30-2'Q Mountain Valley Water " Is llcconi mended foi- Arlhrilis, Kidney ami Hlmldcr CondiLidits T heJ,,™i^" '"'" C " 1 "' n ' er fl '° m ""' S " ri " ss ' A "'- 1. Stimulate Kidney rune. 3. Neutralize Uric-Acidity Call or Write for Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Ulyllicville, Ark. Baking Made Easyl For all-round baking s>iccc«. you'll find THE MAGIC MILLER'S OEST FLOUR the mon reliable. Also, you'l! be delighted with the mar.y handy thingi you can mike from Ihe colored print sack. MAGIC Great News! Modern Seamless Aluminum Utensils with Mother (Alar.hv, n p rc ?H E S< U " NSIL ' N EV£RY PACKAGE ' . . . ttcm j first time in years we've been able to offer nlurmnum «-i«h Mother's Oa.s! From the world'* largest .naker-ex.ra-Wd r°oTt-»ir quahty-scamless, lastingly bright Col cct " . Mother's Oats «. fops with overyi/ii<i'(/f .Jierc ii/i'r O mtdl or on licul ol Hie tiny ll.ol ion'l be giv>n a ::'! p, DOWMYflAK: . t lo ii-jtil. Tl.j COW|.'.:rCi:-'£ ino:hi>,c i 'tm Iretl. U'i_' 1-c.ft Plain .... doz. 30c Frosted . . doz. 35c Glazed . .. doz. 40c Chocolate doz. 40c EGGS fresh country- PEVELEY OR ARMOUR'S MILK - - - - case ADAM'S 46 OZ. CAN ADAM'S NO. 2 CAN dozen 5 46 Oz. Can ADAM'S BLEND ORANGE AND 23 No. 2 Can 9c ORANGES Y I ONIONS GRAPEFRUIT Texas for Juice York or * Delicious Red Triumph Crispy Iceberg Heads Crispy Jumbo Stalks Large Fresh Yellow Spanish Marsh Seedless Texas Green Heads Garden Fresh Florida Fresh California Emperor Dozen Pound n 100 vr 5 12< 12* Large 64 Size Each Each Bunch Pound Each Pound Bunch 4f\ Ib. Mesh -%t IU Bog j] Pound PARKAY OLEOMARGARINE CHOICK CUTS BEEF STEW MEAT FKKSH NECK BONES CI.UH BEEF STEAK SI.ICKl) RINOI.F'ISS t'nnncl Pound 14 Home Dressed FRYERS HENS Leg O Lamb-Lamb Chops and Stew 1'oimd I'tTRK FRESH GROUND BEEF BACON SQUARES 58' 1'ouiul 30' Pound 30° Short Shank PICNIC HAMS " 38? PURITAN — y-i Lb. PACKAGE MAR5HMAUOWS tOc PRIDE of ILLINOIS CREAM STYLE CORN . ..... .,„.., ....' No.-2can1.8c OLD TIME ' ' ' ' CATSUP - - - - - - 14 oz. bottle 18c QUAKEil HOMINY GRITS. . pkg.JJc BLUE ROSE R!CE - - - - --- . . 10lbs.55c GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 25 Ib. bag $3.75 SNOWDRIFT or CRISCO ---.... - 3|hj $119 •J \UJrn \f I c t f PALMOL1VE or CASHMERE BOUQUET TOILET SOAP bar Ik 4 Lb. CARTON $1.25 PURE LARD, 8 fe. $2.45; SOIb.can- $13.95 Conova, Maxwell House, Admiration, Folgcrs, Old Judge COFFEE |b.49c WALDORF TOILE1 TISSUE 650 sheet roll 5c. PELS NAPHTHA LAUNDRY SOAP 12oz.bar10c SAILOR MAN HOMINY ......... No.2can12e STRONGHEART DOGFOOD 14oz.can12c SCOTT KITCHEN TOWELS roll 15c . If you haven't visiled our fr««l«i food dcparCmenl, you're n,is,sin K „ „„ tr«a(. Kvcr.vll,in K is f mzcn frcsh from ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ mam. o,,l of season trcM, (h«( yoHr f llmil , wil , cnjoy „, ;[ ^ llian fees], or canned froods you buy every dav! CASH GROCER

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