The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 23, 1947
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VOL. XUH—-NO. 258 BlythcvlUe Dally Ne«c Blylhevllle Courier BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS —: -.. 4_J^?. DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHEA ST. AUKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST Missouri! ^ S *, Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley 1 Curb on Special Labor Privileges \dvocatedbyGOP fc Senator Ball Points To Arrogance Shown By John L. Lewis WASHINGTON, jail. 23-(UP) — Sen. Joseph H. Hal), wlio Is quar- U'lbiickinjj Republican senators' drive for new labor legislnliun, suiii today lhal a solution lo labor problems u to eliminate or curb "Die sppoinl privileges and legal mniiuni- tiet; and irresponsible power which can corrupt even the best of men. and union leaders are guile human in lhal respect." Ball said that tile "arrogant de- iiance." last months of John 'u- Lewis, chief of Ihe United Mine Workers (AFL), was the "logical culmination or that development." Ball defended the Ball-Taft- SrnHh bill, a rewritten version of Ihe Case bill vetoed last year by Prcsidcnl Tr'iman. it now curries iiualilied approval of the Republican leadership. Ball said Ihe tjovcrnmcnl had strengthened the pov-'er of unions and I heir leaders while decreasing their legal duties and responsibilities. "The sound and liberal solution of this "problem of paralyzing Industrial strife." Ball said, "is no! to delcgaio vast arbitrary powers lo Ihe executive brunch of government to deal with crisis, but to correct tho law, applying equally to * ail. the underlying causes that • • breed llic crises. "Our approach is to eliminate, or condition the special privileges and legal immunities of unions, to make their vas~, economic power rc- spDiisiolc to lhc public interest and to prevent • those monopolistic practices which clearly are harmful lo tiie public and dangerous to freedom." Hall, who has proposed outlaw- inii closer! shops and industrywide bar^nhun;; in oilier bills, said he thought outlawing the secondary boycott and jurisdiclional strikes wil.s equally important. "II the- Tiresenl trend continues for iinolher 10 years." be sail!, "Ihe average American workers will have no more freedom than did Ibc ivorfecr in Nazi Germany.'* Unless secondary boycotts are iprohftited. he said, commerce in lhc united Stnlcs may become "at .completely Ba.lkani7.eri as.R_was it Europe before "the War:' Ball's views were given as the Senate Labor Committee startcc on what promised to be the mosl extensive congressional review of national labor policy since the Wagner Act was passed in 1935 Hearings will continue for sit weeks. AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI THL'USDAY, JANUARY 2:1, 10IY ' , Industrial Production, Foreign Trade Can Solve Many U. S. Problems WASHINGTON. Jan. 23—(UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Clinton '. Anderson said today lhal the price and production problems of f-overnmenl and Ihe ..'.inner could be .solved by maintaining hirjh industrial production and increasing foreign trade. Under such conditions. Anderson said, federal price supports on agricultural products would ije needed only (n good yield years. In years when production is .small, he said, the dis]>osal of surplus auri- eulinral slocks conk! maintain price stability. Anderson testified before tho reorganized senate Agriculture Commit lee. Anderson told the Senate committee that good farm prospects for 1317 "underline and emphasize the importance of maintainiiiK maximum employment in this country and of encouraging lorc- [gn trade." Jaycee Distinguished Service Award for 1946' Presented to Otho Stanfield at Annual Banquet Koi- oiil.sliimliiiff .service i-ciulercil lo tho uimmuilily itunn K i<),|i; ot) U) Slim field WHS .wealed »s BlytlH-yillo'., Yonnjf Mm, of ll.o Your and nre,,.,,lo<l wit h „IJistinKuUhca btivicc AWitrcl asl mghi. at ]t KoimiUVs Day biimiucl nt UK- ll ( >u-| ,\ol)|i- i-limnsiiH' -vt wiutl JiiMiiM- Ohamljcr of Commerce \Vook. Mr. Stiiiifiol.l^va.s iirosonted with „ K M kov X>«»iw! awaS n ' y> dmmn "i! 0 L Uu i" ) ' )lmitU '!ll h 'l^ U " i UH< wi '" lcr '>'' lllis Jnyroc- AS the young man judged ;o have : >mv [llls <,,„„,„„, SINGLE COPIES Legislators Taking it Easy House Members Meet At 10 ond Leave on Tour of Hospital. LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Ja-l. 23. UP)—The Arkunsas Senalc \vas idjonrned until 2 pin. loda;, in a ei;islalivc linfr over delay in Gov. Ilcn Lancy's proposed revision of he revenue stnfciliraliou net. Rolliiii; along smoothlv thrangh his seeoml week. Hie House v.-as •ailed to order at 10 a.m. In pointed comment yesterday, President Pro-Tern of the Scna'.n 3lydc Byrd of iEl Dorado said. • 1 ;ee no point In the Senate stayin:,' in session and wearing out Ihe Sec LEGISLATURE oil I'arc fi. French Reject ROW Proposal U. S. Wants Germans Held in France Freed To Rehabilitate Reich contributed the most to Ihe eon i immily in advancement, leadership nnd service. Mr. staniield was selected on Ihe Imsis of nearly a ilo/en aspects of his work lo further niylheville and vicinity. Accomplishment and community .services of the 1045 yomnt Man of the Vear Include solicitation ol luiuls for last year's Infantile pn- ralysls drive, assistance In promol- inv! the 191(1 Uenuly Pafjcnni, so- llcitiillon of canned frxids for UNRRA nnd boosting of youth wclfiire activities. Mr. Slaiiftclil Have aetivc nsslslaiice in proniotlni; the fievenlh National Cotton pick- Ins Contest. He focused much attention on Blytheville with the construction of a Iniae plywt-ofl mn|) of Arkansas which was displayed nt the national Jaycee convention In Milwaukee last summer. This map brought attention lo Ihe stale, showiiij; its cities nnd industrial nnd agricultural pro- dnet.s. Active in many community and civic organiy.ntioii.s, Mr. .Sliinfield is a member of the Jaycees. tlie Dlythevillc Chamber of Commerce nnd the Mississippi County I-'urm Bureau. A national director of the United Stales Junior Chamber of Commerce, he Is also chairman -of the committee In chnrse of the Jiiycee stale convention lo be held Kollowlnj; presentation of the Distinguished Service Awnrd. Mr. Cherry Introduced the other members ;if Hie Clttrcns Committee which selected tl.e YOUIIK Mai) ot Ihe Year. They were Zul Ii. Harrison, circuit JmlKe: J.itnes L. Verhoeff, editor u f the cornier News; Ihe Rev. Harvey Kldd. pasiir. Of Ihc First Presbyterian Church"; ai|(i Mrs. James Hill. Jr. Six "Key-mnn" awards were presented by Jnycee vice-President Elbi-rl Huffman to J. T. .sudbury. Jcnninss lialley. William WyHlt, I .'.-lines .Sunders. Roliuid fliKl .Mm Smolhermon. These men were volcil by fellow Jaycees ns purllcl-' pallni; most acuvelv III the orRtt- niyallon's work dnrliii; the past year. Jayecc president dmini! Hie past fiscal year, Mr. Snnders received hJs key-mnii award for his H'oil: oil the Benuly Puge-ma project, the solleitnlion eominitlee of Ihe Nn- Cotlon Picking Conlesl. nnd the comnilllec hiindllnij acqulsl- tton of Ihe Municipal Airport. He. was also nellvc hi (he Jnycec-Kt- wanis Christinas party for undcr- prlvileucd children and the Inlnn- lile paralysis and Red cross dnves. He Is co-owner of the Pepsi-Cola HolllhiL; Co. For efficient work as chairman of the 'Bounty I'a^ennl eonnniltee, Olho StauOelil Mr. Bishop was named n key-man. He WLIS vlcc-|lresk!ent ol Ihc Jny- ci-cs ihiriiif! inis and 10-16 and was circled lo the. Hoard of Directors, tills year. Mr. l!lshe;> Is associated witli Mir S« p ift OH Mill Co. Termed the club's principal pro- inolcr, Mr. yiuKiury was muster cif cerniionics at the'Uenuly Pni;eant nml e.irorled Miss >nr-ckv McCall to See JAVCKK on i'a|;e :t. WASHINGTON. Jail. 21. |UP>- I'Vancr iii effect, has rejected ; Unitril Slates retinesl that she re turn rM.OOO German prisoners o war lo their homes vilhout dclas it wa.s revealed today. The French made a coimlcrpro posal dial, a third ]:arty-prcbabl.\ a nnii-i-overnmcjitai agency— tie asked to study the problem and prepare a hum-raimc plan of rep- alrialion The French covrrnmeill's posi- linn wr.s that, manpower shorlapcs m.-ike it mandatory- even 20 months after V-E day-.from France to retain I'ne German prisoners and use them on French farms and factories. The United States is concerned because the Germans actually are 'American prisoners of war. They were captured by U. S. forces and turned over lo the French for custody in the closing days of the war. French unwillingness to return these prisoners make il difficult foi the United States to press its rase with Russia on the following issues: 1. The 80D.COO Jjfpa.'iesc prisoners that I lie Soviets are still using at forced labor in Siteria. Tlie United Stales and China have repatrialcrt several millions and considers Ihcir job completed. •2. The undisclosed number of German prisoners that the Russians still hold. The Russians have never Riven an official accounting of these. . Need Enrollees For AU Classes New Semester Starts Feb. 3 In Blythevilie Branch Of University , The fall semester of Univcrsilv of Arkansas branch nl Dlylhcvllle. Kii>h School eluses Hie week of Jn;i. ^i;_ Pcb. 1, wilh llic spring .senic'ter~tn begin Feb. 3, w. H. Nicholson «n- permlendenl of Blylhevillc sellout said today. All prospective suulcnU an;! nih- ers inlereslcil should contact "iiivr Mr. Nicholson or Miss Opnl Wm;d- eock at lhc Hieh School for p-ir- ticiilars. The present classes will continn, 1 if enrollment is lai-Re cnmii-h' 10 justify them. Th c University nn- Ihonlie.s liuve fixed :i iniiiiinit.-n of 10 enrollccs in any class for il u, be authorized to continue. "This means." said Mr. Nicholson, "timi the enrollment will have to be i'i- rrcascd in some classes or it will i,i necessary to combine Iliem." Tentative jjlans nre boini- ina'ic for an additional elass in Coinrie- cial I,«w with another inslruci':r"io he added. Oscur I-'cndier will Vnn- liiinc wilh his ]>re.sent elass ii itr enrollineiil cunlinnes lo be as lariir HS it now is. in jliscussins Ihe cU-- sire for an addlllonal class in Law Mr. Nicholson pointed out th.u i 1 hns H si-cat prospective vniue | 0 business and professional people -.vh may not be interested in ncqniiiii- collcpc credits. Mr. Fendler win ciis- cnss lhc merits of the class wilh anyone who will contact, him. A representative of Ihc Uiuver- ., •-.- - . sity was in Blythcville this wc<-;< < ( i | Mass. "" HouseBankOpens Despite Shortage Justice Department Makes Investigation Of Cashier's Accounts WASHINGTON. Jan. 23. (UP)-The non-profit house bunk, with ?o.5G3 shortage, reoiiened' for listsiness today b'Jt no congicssmoii ivere in line to withdraw the V.i tents on a dollar lo which they arc entitled. The first business actually-transacted nt the cashier's window was to provide change "-ior" n $100 bill presented by LJyc Snader. secretary to Re]). Leo Allen. R., 111. He warded small ehiinee to pay for his The bank was closed on Jan. (i while an audit was made which showed a shortage of $125,563 in former sergcant-at-arnis Kenneth Homney's accounts. When l!!c bank's iloors opened al !l:30 a.m. today, a number of bank-ninners presented for payment cheeks written by members on I heir accounts. Tiie only house member who appeared near Ihe bank a I. tlie opening was Republican Floor Leader Charles A. Hailed:, of Indiana, who dropped by lo sec "what WHS jjoiug on." Si-rgrain-at-arms William Russell said lie was Rc:ireii lo bundle anything from "a trickle lo » rim.' 1 As sergeanl-al-arms. Russell Iws jurisdiction over the cashier's office which serves as Ihe house bank. He hul refused lo assume responsibility for the cashier's office until completion of the official audit which showed the $125,563 shortage, in lhc accounts of his Democratic predecessor. Kenneth Homncy. The jnsti:c department's criminal an<; claims divisions, meanwhile. went on with ils investigation ot the shortages. The department WHS n.--kerl to laf.-e action by irons? Spej.J:cr Joseph .W. Martin, Jr.. R., Farm Bureau Leaders Meet In Jonesboro ^om- BJvllu'\'ille niembrrs of the Mississippi County Farm Jjnrean are. altendliii; a district mr-clln.!; ol the Arkansas Farm Uurcau today in Jonesboro. \sherc pliins arc hc- in<; outlined for the 1047 membership campaign. Tlicy are Kcilh lillbrcy, county agent; Holaiici c:recn. coiu>ty jndce; Chester Caldwell. plnntei' and sinner; and Paul Foster, col-' lop broker. ; ; Discussion of issues rucliiR Arkansas farmers In lf)41 Is also cd for toclny's mccllns. P Voice r of Russia Denies Distortion Pravda Says Bcvin Has Denounced / Anglo-Soviet Treaty IIY KDWAHl) V. ItOlIKKTH (llnltcd press Staff Cm TrspmuU-iil) LONDON. Jun. 23,—T i ]io Moscnvi, nrws])apcr Pravcln imswovcd I.I i British goirnuncnt'.s not lo Premier Jtisef Stiillu today b> rraf finning ll-s ronlrntlon lhi\t eign Secretary KrncsL Jiovln Im ounce^ llic Ar.glo-Sovlct Ircnl "Mosrow brnn(lc:a.*;l Kiuri^Prtxvtl Iho text ot llic BvUl^K note Sank Recognizes Thompson As Head of Georgia Aroused Citizens Of State To Hold Meeting In Atlanta ATLANTA, Ciii.. Jan. Kt. (UP) — A«llii(! Qov. iM. K Thompson siild today Hint the Atlanta bank hand- IhiK most of the slate's business lias reropnlzMi him as nctlng governor and Is honoring checks drawn liy him on a $100,000 executive de- P'lrliur-nt fund on itepo.sH. Thompson siiiit Ihe bank nccept- O'l a $50 check lor slumps loitay. He win drnw his own sularv i'is governor from the limit HiUu'nlnv, he Miid, Tde Kovernor i;; p.-ilil »750fl year. The controversy between Thomii- >n mid ciov. llerimui 'I'liltiuulro over the office will be nlrcd Monday when ii new civic group culling i'si'lf "the united rlll/.;nr. of Oeor- Hlii' 1 holds a slnlc-wlilc Hireling on the issue. Tin- grout), which Halms u non- piiiUinn atlllude. seeks un early s"hillon lo tlie niibernulorlal muddle. ' Miyor If. ,;. Kennedy of <ttame.v vllle, C'.a.. nnr of uii. ornnnl/.ers Invited all OeotRlans "Inlerrsted In :ioit" |[> attend llic lecllnr. In „ downlown hold. Now 1,i Hie lime lo arouse unit niilfy efforts o( Georgians who ooposc the present shameful "i.lon conrcrnlni: nin- Kovernorshlp." Kennedy said, "f,ei nil Ocoruh meet niul express conUmii'it Ind ntillim nl strung armed methods - .- - t of the "off-campus" plan. Following in. s mveslieniion he said that of all silcli work brim: done in the stale, lliiii here was outstanding. .Homncy tleclined any comment i i.lic .shortage.. He .sent word lo telephone Inquirer!) thai if and d:>ncjwlicn he bad anything to say. lhc press would be notified. Blytheville One of Three Cities Named on Map of Four States N. Y Stocks Quotations: Ward 2:01) n.m. A T am; T .. Amcr Tobacco .. Anaconda Copper Bc5h Steel .... Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric .... Gen Motors Mnntpotnerv N Y Cenlr'nl Int Harvester ... North .Am Aviation Re:iu'3lic. Steel ... Radio Socony Vacuum . Stndt'baker Standard of N J, Texas Corp '. Packarc.' U S Steel 172 . 80 1-2 .18 . 91 3-8 . fO 1-2 . 1S8 . 31 1-4 . 55 7-8 . 57 1-2 . 10 1-8 . 72 1-4 . 10 . 27 1-8 . 9 . 145-8 . 21 .1-8 . 67 3-8 . 58 3-8 . 6 3-S The larpest rake ever baked if Ulylhevillc advertising the largest cotton-producing county in the ccunlry was sent on its way today to si. Louis, where it will appear tomorrow at a banquet of fans of the largest. though mythical, character in the world. The banquet is lhat of the Paul nnnyan Club of St. Louis, an adjunct of the I'aul Bir^an Club of Bcmidji, .Minn., home of the mythical Riant and his kins-sized blue ox. TJnbe. An anticipated attendance of nearly 300 guests will .sec this cake, 40-pouncl .specimen turned out by Tfarl's Bakery here. The cake Is two feet Ions, IB Inches wide anct eight inches high. On the top is drawn in Icing a mail covering the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and Afinncsola and inchuliii!? the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Three towixs ai'C desi[;naicd on past two weeks, will present this :afcc nt the St. Louis banquet. Hfr Ityrsc recently presented honorary memberships In the t'.'iul Bunyan Club to several Ulyllicvilic men. This cake wa.s baked lo help pill; lielzc both Blytheville and Bemidji. linked by the Mississippi Rover, ns vacation spots. Several Blythcviilc. vacationists have f 1 o w ii their planes from here to Bemidji. 1 landing on Ihc new- $'1.000.000 air- ; (~)f port there, for hunchiK ,<nd fishing ^ ' tilps. Mr, Rocse said. He regularly sends gifts of fisii from Bcmiiiji New University President Named Native of Nebraska, Noted Educator, to Succeed A. M. Harding PAYF.TTEVILT,K. Ark., Jan. ail. 'UP) - 'Board Chairman Ileibrll L. Thomas today formally nnnoiinceil Ihe appointment ol Dr! Ix-.wis Webber Jc.nes. presidcnl, of Bcnniug- lon College. Beiininglon. VI.. as nrr.sirieni of the University of Arkansas-. Hn succeeds Dr. A. M. Huriiins who resigned last .June 30. The appointment will become effective before Kepi. i. 'ilinmas said. The 48-.vear-olrt Dr. Jones joined Iho Vermont college facWl.v in 1912 and became president in Ift+l. fBoni in 189!) ;it Emmerson. Neb., he wfls reared near Portland. Ore., ami WHS uraduatrrl from Reed College al Portland in W22. J!c did graduate work al Columbia University in New Yorl; and received his doctor of philosophy deprce from the Robert Brookinps Graduate School ui Kconomics in Wa.-liiiif:- lon. Ij. c.. in i!K!7. He did additional graduate stnrJy at SI. John's College. CnmbridKe.' Krujland, and nl Geneva. Swilzclland. He is married nnd Ihe father of two small children, a bnv nnd a girl. A member of President Truman's Commission on Higher Education. Dr. Jonc.s is considered one o[ the iiiil.iorr.s- antslnmline economists. Dr. .HardiiiK. v.-lio succeeded J. William Fulbriqlu. had been president of Ihe universilv since Iflll. He resigned the SIO,OCO-a-year Joi) because of ill licallh. but ac;ree;l lo continue, with Ihe universilv in n capacity rcqnirinc less of his time. Slan W. Barlon Sells Trailback Plantation; Plans New Enterprise A StHitliciwt Missouri mil estate deal involving.«i>nroil- nntriv ?BOO,000 nnd Iho 8000-Hcrc TriilUmck- Plaiitatibr, VH.H: (lisclawl lodny i,, the Courier N CW a hy tile purchaser Al. Itiirlun, who IIIIH !ic(|ulreil Ui« planlntion, h ?75'OOU Kin, «_$125,000 alfalfa dchydrntlntr mill and also a m hit) .son Stan W. Burton, who has owned and the pi'oiicrtifs for the past eight years. :: * Stan w. Hnrtoii plans to nAvo to Lincoln, Neb., where he J* now complellng construction O f a *200000 dchydrntliiR p i nn t which will ninko use of piiten'tii held by the 1)11 Ider for innklng alfalfa meal In bricks and eliminating t|, 0 necessity for .sticking.Ihe meal. Principal feature or <h«'-new. • |:inccss, Iniwrvcr, Un In the fad Iliul (lie rnf»l In brick form will rMaln Its (ull ftcd value for an Inrirllnlte rrrlod a nrt' eliminates' (lie deterioration which Ii ex- iirrlrncrd will! s , c kcd af- l*r » fen- rnonthii. Stun nurtoii , f nK In St. Louts 'on Red lop Gin Sold Toll. Ward, Jr. Russoll Barham to Sell Other Business Interests in Blytheville. Russell Hiirlmni today nnnouiw- 1 Ihe isntc ol the Red'Top Cotton Clln on .Highway 61, North, lo Lloyd I, .Winit of the Wiird nionl. Coiupany nnd disclosed Hint iracl In Inking OITI- . crnnipnl." , I'liihiianls to Ihp <!rnoi'.\lil|) Herman TulmiulRc Mclryn K . Tlininpsnu— were c "' " ° 1 "' 1 L.OV- "rr- ' Thompson fnrcrs .scn.<;«<| a resslon" of TnliiinilKr strniRlh' In Mm gciicriil iisscmbly iiflcr Tnl- inndge-.siioiisdird inoasiire.s Including th<; wliite prliiuiry ti-inpoi-iuJly pul. aside. Jury to Settle Dispute Over Farm Tractor Kcnl lo fitnlln wcrkcud. In accompany I UK rnininrnLnry Pruvd drnicri Uio HrlLish cliur^c.s Ihiil il hud distorted iin i.soliitrd .scnLcncc from a r.pcccti by Bovin. r., wns icpoilr.'l yeslci'di'.y Dint the British government JKI.S })crn aw.ilUut: n reply from SUiHn. An iinntJU'iiil srnirCe Jiaid tliiit. Sin I in had expressed yomn iinxlety over the * Brit is!) atliiiutri townvtl Iho piicL to field Murslinl Vl.s- connl. "Monl^onicfy, who him thiit the nrltish fully honor tho treaty, A Hndio (Mo.vxjw coninirnlitlor Nimultrinroii.sly denounced Winston Churchill's nmipiiiiin for n United by "men ot gotnl will." Under the pion.-; t,'i|k nhniil Iho Testimony \y,vj nooiV lodiiy-'-ifiitl.' ... ,,- • -• - —--,-, today nnd-It was' dlsclos- wl dispose o other Inleresl.s e,l that he hns under consideration -.' ni lllylhcville and move to the possibility Of scUliie un n fne- Ooorado Bprinijs. Cola, iibont June : lory In B|, Xoul/j lo bo used evcl«i- r,r^'re^^h^aU^ >^ I]I in incul In tho brick form.' . ' Mr. Thulium's Interest In the "fit Implement Romunrty, iidjiicent to if Kin, Is to h? completed soon. Mr. llnrham's hiimest In Iho Im- i>lcinent firm Is to he purchased by noli Lee smith, wlio bus been IIR- soplnieit will) 'Mr, ISnrhnin for I'bnul elijlu years In llic operation of the cotton i$rn nnd ahe. lhc linpleineiil business. The Inventor nf the - nl jiriwc.n ma<1e his own machinery which Is hfliij InsUllcit In , Lincoln, Nth.,' i)l»nt, whlrh th , ., , r Is bcllevrit to he Ihc first of its type In the United Stales. The elder Mr. Barton sn ld today Hint the Vlncoln mil) ohoiilrl bc- firm will-, Mr. Durham, will rclnlii his present holding. Mr. Hnrliain <-nmi; to niytlwvllle In ID;i8 from Little Rock nniV'pur- chuseil the cotton cln frnm a i-o'r- liorallon which Inul been foitmlcit by the lale Juke Vagrr. Mr. Barhum mm Mr. Wallace u short' lime, laler fouinlod the lni|ilcmcnl busi- nos.s. Tim (Bin-liiinis nlso plun to sell Itieir liinne on Weit Ohlckasiwbn tiefore knvliiK for Colorado rhej nave u daughter Wanda, who Ii a senior In Bl.vlheylllr- High School "ml plan lo !cn>e -ioon «(ter tiio .presented before sclipor term ends ..— ,v, u ,,j „,,„ iirgumciits lieiiril f" '""'. "Wnrrt hnfl Deoh tn^tllargc o; flur(iiR Iho nltcrnnon In a civil lie- (operations, lit Ihe Red Top Qln lion m Mississippi Comity Circuit i y| ' Ul<< •'"nuiiry 1 He laid that no Court here In u ease In which !•:. I 'hniu'.cr, In personnel were mrulr E. Stevens is sulnc Odell and ntl>rr "'ah lo add J W Shotise a-, Unrt Wrl(!lil over llio cllspulrd own-1 n bookkcc|)rr. At least one other ershlp ol n tractor. ' \ new employe may be lidded, Mr. The ease IK being irled before n Wfird snid. In cxpniirllnn tlic oper- Jnry, nnd JutiBe Zal n. Harrison nl| ons nl lhc gin. presiding •-.— f^..i~.,, tt i.,.,! [jilulml Ul^Mr. smith will acquire a hnl/ 8l " operations w'thjii the next two interest jn the innehln'ery firm. o.| w<lcks "»il present' "plans call lor II. Wnllnec, who Is co-owner of Mir, M'l'ernlion ' on u ycnr-aronnd bnsls since the menj can be inailo from eiired nlfnlfn i, s well as tho green alfnlfn tiliret from the (Icid. Much of lhc proauction on the Tnillhuck plnntatlun. will he shlricd tnls ycnr by the pew owner friiii "Ifnlfn ami soybean's lo cotlon (ho elder Mr Baiton said today He. lilain lo move his heq'iquaiters f'om cation, NC-* Madrid count\ wl)C)c lio :io» opciate- 4000 acre of i k|i MlswUrl [arrtjl(tnc! to Trnll- hacK HO will continue to operate the c»,tron fioyteifcL <\ this map, Blythcville. St. Louis and riients l n the 40-poutid. cake' Bcmidji. Next to the name of Blytheville Is the lattcring "Home of the National Cotlon picking Con- tcsl." The airpovts fit each of these ihree towns arc <jesien,ited by miniature DO-3 transport planes. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ruese of visiting for me to friends here. Tomorrow's banquet will precede Ihc opening of the Sportsman's fhow Saturday' in St. Louis, al wlileh manufacturers exhibit thciv .'•ports equipment. L. S. Hartzoc. owner or Hiirt'.s Bakery, and C. B. Woods Jr. plnn 10 attend this show. Ambitious housewives will be Interested In the quantity of ingrc- It ATLANTA. Ga.. Jan. 3:t— L. Egaii. {-.resident ot Wrs- | Bemidji,, who have been 71 -8. their many friends here contains six pounds of dried cee-'- 17 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds ot Hour, ftvenpounds of cake shortening one pound of powdered milk (equivalent to one gallon), six lern Union, said today lhal his company would have Its new nirlh- ] od Of transmission completed in the. 1 United Stales within four \cnrs. The Western union head, lirrc onjin Inspection tour of Ihe nna- nlzaton's Southern Division, said the new method, including the use of rartio-bcam nnd facsimile mess- acfs. wlil cost opproxlmalelv S70.- 000,000. pounds of wal(* half-pound of About six pound iveic required. . (sis pints) and linking powder. of Icing material Cold Wove Moves On Minimum lemneratiire record,- k during last night stayed slislnrj above the freezing point !<s the mercury dropped to 35 decrees. 13 dCBrecs above yesterday's low. :»:- eordtni! to Robert K Blaylock. nt- fiein! weather observer. Hol- ideals of Christianity lnrk.s tlie will to enslave tlie world of l-;nvopr ...Ihe men ol unod will Intend to boss the people of Kiivope," Radio Moscow ^r-serted. The argument iirlween Prnvda nnd tiie IJNIisli Iorr]t:ii oEfice over the 20-year Irealv ''enlerett around one senletH'e of u recent speech in whiell Devin r.:ii(l. "Britain docs not tie herself to an\body except in regard to her oblii;ut1ons under 111'- (Unilerl Nations) t-h.-irler." Prnvrla interjlrelril Ihi:; ID iiienil Hint Britain no longer hrniorod the AiiKln-Soviet irmly. The British note said Vravda lind llfleil the senlnice from il/. mrili-xl anrl 1 jiiib- llshed it In "oi)Vinli:;ly ir,is!»-ndiJiK form." •Rrilain reassured Klalin Ihril. t:ir from renoimriiiK the treaty, i'. wished tn extend it. Dnnyin" lhal. it ha>l ini.'.inlcr- prelrd nrvin. Pr;ud;i .'.airl: "Hevin rerallrd Ihe labor opi>o- sition's nct-usal ions tlial IJritiiin WHS foo closely connected wilh the United Slate:, nnd relations with Russia were not as close a thev should he. "Answcrinc these charges. Hev in could ])j,ve asked his accusers 'How cnuld >-nu make such eharge when -Britain is connected with the Soviet Union by a Irenty of alliance?' mill, il was jnsl ihis lhal Bevin did not say. while lie did say the opp.wile—nnniely, what was eitetl bv Pravda and \\luit cannoL be rlenied... 'Whal olher rxpn:.illon t>f Itiis senlence could b? tziven bv Trnvda, which t!ocs not encage in uuer^iiiK what Hevln wauled In say but icqnainls tlie readers with what he did sny, with the ineaninc. This Is tlie duty of the press,, and I'rav- da dl.icharsert il." Weather ARKANSAS—Fair nor.h, partly cloudy lo clinifiy in south. Warmer today, slightly warmer tonight. Occasional light rain in cxlrcmc Sonlhwest portion loiilRht, and In Ronlhenst nnd cxlieme South portions Friday. Little change In lem- neralnrc Friday. N. VTCotton open hUth low 1:30 Mar 3075 3015 3045 3073 May 300G 300G 2D76 3003 July 2853 2853 2S18 28-16 Ool. 2(i20 203:! 2M7 2632 Dee 2S(55 251r> 2,i-l2 2,i7.i -,, over the. court land and Taylor represent tin- i'liiinllff. and Cliiude F. Cooper represents the defendants. Yesterday afternoon Ihc Jury In llic eonsollitaleci cases involving nn accident. In whlrh u taxh-ab nnd nn automobile were dnmngeil, rc- lurned vcrrilcls for I lie. defendants. Roy O'Bunnon. Ihe cab driver. n:-l:-d $3000 ns damnges lor personal Injuries from the Sliindiml Oil Cornpati.v of New Jersey, owner ot Ihc automobile Involved In the accident. Thc oil con-puny hud sued lhc 100 Cab Company, nnd Lawrence nssell, operator ol Die i-ompiiny. seeklnc J320B'J nu tliiinaRr:, lo Ihe oil company's automobile. Also rejected by the Jury was tlie cross compliilni ol llic oil company in the suit brought by O'Dan- non. where the oil firm soiiKhl lo •«'t for damiiKos lo llic automobile. Theaters to Aid In Collection of Polio Fight Fund Collections for the Mnrch of Dimes polio relief drive will tio tnk- i'ii up lii-lween shows nt Ihe Rlt7 niv.l fio.vy Thciitets here heijIniiliiK tomorrow nnd conllni|lnB ilirDiigh Jan. m, lusl day of lhc CiimpalKD: Girl Kcoiil.s muter Iho direction of Mrs. Glenn J,nrld. rhiilrrmin of the Girl Bi-otit I./>n- Troop fts.vjetq-| tton. wi)l hniKlle collecllons nl Ihc iidernoon .showi;. At cvcnlnc per- /orinniires, Boy Scouts under uic direction of Wnrrcn Jnckscin Seoul- master of Troop 31, will inaXc' the: collections. In last yciir'B drive, approximnlely JfiOO was n<tded to Ihe campalgn'-i' limits through lliese collcclloni ' plantation *h* 1$ oncoTlhemost hljhly rnrchinijfd ftrtn «nler- frl%tt, in Iht area. The plantation Is Ioe«t4d about nine mile? Bonthnest of SUeston In addition to Iwlng highly mcch- nnl7i>d tho plantation hai inoUern tcimnt • houses, each with • a tile, bath. Thc Bartons are widely known in Mississippi"'County. .And. Mrs. -Stan w. Barton is the former MIPS Hetty McCiiloheii of Blytheville. diniRlilcr of Mr. and Mrs. b. W. MeCutchen. Mr. McCutchcn is owner of lhc Rllz and Roxy'thca- lers here. ' ' . Seven Business Men Arrested In Surplus Property Scandal WASHINGTON, Jim. ,, Jii-ssmcii wH-0 i n t | u , | KmdK „,- (Tie K|{ ( "i 0 Vlny for K^K^oTnTuS SS'u- "" " li;kC " COLUMBIA, K. c, Jim. 2:1. --* '-'UP) —Federal ngenls today credited an unidentified War Assets Admlnislrnllon official «ho rcluscd to be bribed wilh breaking up a scheme lo purchase government surplus propcitj'. .A wnrrnnt wa.s i.ssucd by U. -S. Dislricl Attorney Clauile N. Snpp naming lour men who sought to Influence. Ihc WAA reprcsentiiMvc killing btisi- on tn revealing low bills lor inerenan- ilise. 'Hie name, of lhc WAA man W.TS not disclosed. He i.i rcporled lo have immediately communicated with Ihe Fill. The four. F.dwjirtl T, New York. George A. Hteln, Atlantic City. N. J.. and Charles Kessler and Rudolph SliliT- er. of Philadelphia, were nppie- hendcd. BoiVI was set at $10.000 each pending their 'trials possibly in the march term of the federal court. The seven were charged wilh offering a War Assels Administration <i:flcial In Columbia, S. C., $23,000 'to make it easy for them to buy surplus strcl, textiles nnd shoes. Their icheme fell nparl when the WAA man called In the FBI. Four of the men were arrested Chnrles Kc.islcr, Identifier) as president of lhc Spec-nee Products Corp., Philadelphia, Rudolph Shllf- er, Us Ireasurer, Edward .Stege) of New York, nnd George A. Stein of Atlantic City. N. J. Arrested h, Mew York were George j. Aaronson. president of. lhc Ocorge j. Aarsonson Co., cash buyers of general merchandise, and nls two sons-Myron and At Columbia It was reported Unit Ihe four arrested Ilicre would be broughl lo Irial in March. FBI snld Ihc WAA official rejected all bribery iHlrmpls anrt worked to help break the catc Irom the start. His Identity was not disclosed Immediately. An KBI .spokesman said thi Aatonsons were interested In buy- Ing shoes, while Sclgel and his three cohorts were In tho market for steel products. It was their plan, the. KBI said, lo have the WAA innn open up Ihe sealed bids anil Icll them the lowest bid ncc- c.wary to gel the gbods. Sclgel allegedly first approached the WAA official on jjcc. 21 anil final details were worked out last- Monday and Tuesday. At that lime. London Plans For Olympiad German and Nipponese Not to Get Invitation To Enter Contestants LONDON, Jan. 23. (UP)—The or- Knnlzing committee for the 1018 i Olympic Cimuos today made tlie first | official announcement that Geri many nnd Japan will not take part 1 in the 14th olympiad. The committee details .in its decision to exclude the defeated nations. Thc announcement sstd merely that "Invitations will bo sent, out hy the organising committee to participate In the 1948 games early In the new year. Germany nml Japan will not be included." Releasing for Ihc first time Its prcpnralions for the. games, the groirp named July 29 ami August H, 1948, as tho dates of the opening nnd. closing ceremonies, and list- er! n athletic events. The events arc: equestrian, yachting, fencing, shooting, boxing, swimming, cycling, football, rowing, canoeing, basketball, Reid hockey. wrestling, weight lifting. _ modern pentathlon, athlellfo. and gymnastics. . No decision has been reached en whether to build an Olympic vli- Ingc but the committee Indicated Hint il Is considering choosing rv hymn which would, be sung ot the opening ceremony V>y n 1,200-voire choir. King George VI Ihc patron of tl^c games. in Columbia yesterday and mime-' $22,930 in checks and cash were rtlnlely were arraigned on charges handed oyer to the WAA official, of bribery and attempted bribery. He also was given $662,419 In or- Tlic others were seized In their ders for steel and there was dls- New York homes last night. I cnssion of $217.200 shoe rteal. It- Those nrresled in Columbia were was then tlie FBI moved in. Vocalists on Program At Kiwanis Luncheon Members of the Kiwanis Club held their weekly meeting yesterday noon nl Ihe Hotel Noble. Mr. and Mrs. Worth IX Holder presented a vocal program, each stnglng two numbers. They were accompanied by Mrs. Karl Waiien- pluhl. Quests at the meeting included W. c. French ot Memphis, Horry Rocsc of Bemidji, Minn., and J- P. Idarrott, secretary of the Blytheville "Y".

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