The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1947
Page 7
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, .JANUAUY 22, 10-iV iii ^u Muzzle Clamped On Army Officers Not Permitted To Discuss Publicly Army-Navy Merger WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. (UP) — The War Department has prohibited army officers from voicing pub- lie crlt.ici.sin of •Army- Navy unification plnii, service sources said today. Some high ranking; officers are known to lie far from satisfied ihnt the plan would !)Hn>; effective unification. They iaid in private thai it was merely a "small step hi tlie risht direction." Air forces officers Were pleased because the plan would create the separate air force they have sought, for yours. They said, however. thai the plan would do little to henrfii the ground forces. Some Rroiiml forces officers said l!)(>y ; hoped Congress niiRht revise the plan to eliminate some of their objections. While the plan proposed a single Secretary of National Defense it would not actually merge the Army and Navy into a single, department, a feature that marked a victory for tho navy. The army, navy ami air forces would have wjnnl stiitii'i tmrier Hie secretary as separate departments. Army officers said the compromise »:is iinf-stisfactory to them because it would not: .si -iff Ploviclc for a sil> 6lc chic! of 2. Turn over all land-based aviation to the air forces. 3. Establish a satisfactory de- msirkutloi! between military and naval aviation. ( 4. cut (lie Marine Corps down to its pre-war level. 5. Coordinate supply, procurement, research and development under unified departments. These army officers said the compromise merely superimposes another layer of command over the existing departments. BLITHE VIU,K JAR K.) COURIER NEWS Tennessee Senate Favors Two Per Cent Sales Tax NASHVILLE. Tenil,, J:in. 22. (DPI —Aii'minlslrntion forces \vcn » 13 to 13 victory over Die rural b!o= •rucsclny when [he Senate approved :in umciulinrnt to tli c house rctnll sales lax bill (<> act the tax-rate nt two per cent instead of the Housc- apiirovcd tlircc per cent figure. Perkins Gets Okay WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. (UPl — Tht: Semite Civil Service Committee today approved the nomination of former Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins 10 be a civil serv- Jcc commissioner. Represents U. S. in Mine Appeal Attorney General Tom Clark, right, and Asia Attorney General John P. Sonnet:, look over briefs shortly before entering the Supreme Court where hearin B s urc bc-hif held on whether John L . IjCV ,; s nmj hls UmU . u Mine Workers were c-om-ctiy held in contempt of court for carry,..out November's 17-day coal strike, chirk wil, head the" osa, council in the before the ,;. s . Sll|WIIC c , mrt ?„ w ^ ton. (NEA Tclcphoto.) Oh the Carpet Food Prices Decline But Living Costs in Nation Still Climbing WASHINGTON. Jan. aa.— iui'i —Food prices dropped one per cent between Nov. 15 ;ni,j Dec. 15—their first decline In more thim :i yc;ir. the Bureau o: Labor .Statistics reported today. NcverlhclCNi. the overall cost of living rose one per cent during the' same period because other Items increased in price, Preliminary BLS figures showed the biggest drop in rood prices |Wns ii 15 per cent decline recorded lor lard, shortening and m;ir|':iii;ie | Meats were down 2'i per cent. j fresh fruits f md. vegetables, one per cent, and eggs, le&v than one per cent. Other food prcies went up about two per cent. Wheat Laden Freighter Wrecked; Crew Rescued 'ASTORIA. 'Ore., Jan. 22 ari>(— I The freighter Drexet Victory, bound for Japan with a full load of •.vncKt. was wrecked on (he Colum- uia F!ivor bar last night, and the Coaot Guard reported todny thai i lie ship was considered a total loss. The freighters 49 crewmen, who f.bandonr<i .ship as rescue croft ap- ui-oached. were picket! up in their open boats b v three vessels. None of the crew was hurt. llalley's comet hnd a short tall, compared with many others, yet If «-HS 50.000.000 miles lone. V^k JJainiy COOKING FAT It's Wonderful! Behind closed doors, Chairman t James M. Landis, ;ibovn, and other Civil Acronaiilics Board members wore questioned by the vC Senate Commerce CommiUee on *j_ i-ctcnt v.'avc of aviation acci- f dcnls nnd involved finances of f aivlino co.npanies. Observers ' Jiix-diclcd congressional probe iincl possible formation of a BOVI nrnracnt air safety board sepa- ; rate from tlic CAS, whicli nov; fe investigates craslics. Weak, Watery Blood Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Feel Older THAN THEIR YEHBS How do voti fcrt at tho enrl of A d*-? IF thai olrt timr pep find drlvr Ucklnic? Have you chrrkrrl-iip on your blo^l Ktrru^-fh lately? Tliou^nds now rrEiin- Inc plowing cood look- 1 ; nn-1 viiaUtT throuph \l\o rdrn?c of vibrant energy to rvrry mii-'clr, flbrr. celt. Bvrry day— every hour— m»llon« "f Uny Trrt-htood-ccH? mxist pour fortb ^frnin thr marroiv of your honf,«; to rr- V/»lflCn thc--r tiiat, nrc "'orn-out. A low 'blood count may afreet, yon in sacral ways: no atiprttT?, unri<T7.TlerH. no cner- py. R Rrncrnl mn-rfcrvn com] I lion lack of rrslstanrr io infrcMoji flnd disease, To cot real relief you must krep up rourblooTl Fircntrth.M'-clicftl jiuthorltlc." by ftnftiy5ls ot Hie bloort. ha\'c by posfc- fiVfi proof fho-vu thnf. SS5 Tonic Js aniAzkii?]? cflfcllvn In h;iltdln^ «p lo^v blood Mrcnptu in nnn-organic nutritional aucmlH. Tbls 1^ due to Oie PSS Tonic formula v>-litrli ronf.iln^ fpccl^l aurl pofri. artivattnjr Ingredient?. Also. ESS Tonic helps you rnjoy ihr. foot] you rat by increasing the saMrir, oftc.Mivr Juice v.hrn It, 15 iion-oreanl- raily too or scnutv— Thus Ul" slon\- arn win Iwvc JUHe r.iiisc to cet, hslkv «'lth RSS. bloat and give oft that, sour Tonrt tast P. Tpon't wait! Kncrclr-? your body with ricn, rrrl-Woocl. Stnrt on fiSS Tonic nor. ^s vigorous blood .--urcrs tlironqhout your ^-txolp body, Rrratrr frfsiinc.^s and Mrcngth should ninkc you rnt b"Ucr sleep hntlcr. fcrl better, work hcHrr\ play brttor, have a br-Tlthr colnr plnw in yowr Pkln— nr:n nc.«h liil out bolto'v l>l.TOP5.'MlllLoiis ot bottle* sold On ! 30 f' le J rt ?P 1 >' mu * tiriii ? Rt " ATTENTION OUR SPECIAL OFFER TO YOU; t s )3uUtl Sturdy . SSJ9 Tonic BUY STORE IN OUR OR MORE PAY DOWN BALANCE Stalin Asserts Fear of New WarUnfounded NKW YORK. Jan. 23. — (UI'> — Premier .fosef slnlln believes (hat "the dnnuer of a new vmr Is nol roil." Klllott Roosevelt s »ld today In n copyrighted dispatch In Ixxjk Mngnv.lnc. Hoo.sevell. In his account of «» Interview which look place Dec. 21 !n Stalin's offlee In the Kremlin In Moscow. K ald (hat (he Soviet premier nuponred lo be In pood henllh. Although ihlniicr than when Hoose- velt had tost seen him three, years previously. Stalhrr, comments on \vnt' we made when Roosevelt nskcd: "To what do you nscrlbc the lessening in rrleiully relntlons and imderMnndliiB be'twecn our two countries since ihc death of IVii.ik- Ilii KooswcH?" St»!lu aiiswcred: "I feel Unit, If this qiic.itlun <ir- Intes lo relntlons and undcrslmid- 1)18 between ihc American nnd Husslnn peoples, no deterioration has taken place, bill on llin contrary relations havn Improved. "As [o relations between (he Iwo Koverninents, there have been ml.v underslnndlngs. ccrtnln delcrlora- (lon lias tiikcn plnce and thru Rrent noise was raised Hull their relations would ,.vcn delerlornti; still Itirlhcr. nut 1 S cc nolliliiK frlKht- iw about tl,] s In the sense of a PAGE 'Sings'His Own''Commercials' v •! Amho ** ado 'Appointed tobcrt Plunders, ChlrnKft war vclornn. wnnls n job „, ,, slnffcr ,„ lie rodo thvouHh ll,<. city's downlown wllmi I , , ', e | Sl^ r-w,y, <is pictured ,,l,ovo. II,- Xl y. s , n -ll ,-,„((,„,<. I Is (", - s Z S "«umi>l<\i" unlil ho oljluins a job. t.'vni|. Shoe Prices to Re mo in Hiyh Another Two Years I'HILADKI.PIIIA, .inn. aa i Ul'> — film,, prices will ri'iiiiiln nt tlieir I'iOM'til levels fdr nt | r ,,.r,t i wo years, Hcrontlni; lo Irvlnn eiiLss, nctuns vice president ol the 'I'nn- violiUldn of ])c;ice O r ;\ inllltnry conflict.." Mi-ib' Council ol Anierlrn. ri!:ifs lold thn aanl iinnuul meet inn ol the Midclh- AUnntic Blmr Hi'Ullfl'.s AiKiu-lnlliin jrsleldlly Hull "likili (jn'ili' shrxMi <'iui nol lie ri'durcil ln'cuuse the Kovcrnnicnt Us foiiiinlileoil Ui sliiipovt Iumi I'll- rr.'i lor two ycnr,, ndcr Ihe war. nnd Inliur costs jirocllcnlly huvr (lonliled since the stnrt of tho " BRING YOUR CAR TO US WHEN YOU GO TO WORK PICK IT UP LATER! RIGHT The First Time! SIT BACK IN COMFORT- LET US TAKE WORRY OFF HANDSI SHELTON MOTOR 121 W, Ash St. COMPANT PHONE ...438 Best Selection SIMMONS COUCHES In Fine Tapestries, All Colors All Steel Frame Coil and Sagloss Springs to 89.95 Hide-A-Bed Couch Somelhtiig ncir .ind different! folts inl full sire bed. willi BEiMlTVRK.ST m^l Iross. yiif of Dm- hcvl coaches. Iron Beds A ioni|>Ir(r new sctctllon Jiisi icrcivr.J. All htnr Hie (.minus .Slinniam Inbrl (nr Alexander Smith AXMINSTER Rugs New Shipm«iU jusC nrrivcd. Fine f|uality 100'c wool nigs, in die new basic home furnishuiRs color.s. SiWH l^xlS, !l.\ia, i!7x4), RD FURNITURE CO. WASHINGTON, Jail. 22. (UP)— Die While House luday nn.iouiiccd the resignation bf Htanley K. Horn- neck ns nir.bossador lo the Netherlands mid the appointment, o( Her- niiiii n. Bariich, now ambassador to PortUBiil, as ills successor. lcsKl Courier News Want Ads. I CHILD'S • MBHpMlMIM" COLDS • _ Relieve i_ spasira, muscular <onnew or ness A> most mothers do. At bedtime, rub on time-tested Visas FOR SALE All Ihi! following equiptnont is in good condition and iiyiulablo ior Inspection at tho I,ee Wilson & Co Store nt ArmoroJ, Ark. 15 (i, H )(l \Vftlkinx Cultivator* a Single Row Fertilizer Distributors 1(1 One How Cotton and Corn Planters 2 One How Stiilk Cutters ( horse drawn) 2 Two How Tractor Stalk Cut (cm 1 A very Two !{««• I'ltinter 1 Oliver Two-How Planter 1 Moline Two How Planter 'i John Deere Two How PJan1crn k 12 10" Middle liuHlers r. «" ftll.ldle Hunters 1 Inleriiiiliohal 'i'mclor Mowing Machine I International Side De-livery Hiike 1 Tniclwr Section Jim-row 'i Section Hiirro.WK '1 Coot! \Vnj;<>nn with 2-hale HerlH 1 Oliver .Miiie Mowing Mnrhinr I l)uni|i Hake 1 2. Turning 1'lowH (nil nixon) .'(0 Ketn (Jowl Leather Ha mow I Shop Outfit Complete 1 Used Case Combine ( KO(M J condition) ' I Used AC Combine (Rood condition) 1 New International Combine Number 62. We lire now offering thin ct|ui])t-,iuut for tlio fii^t :inic and if Intwalcd it will pay y(ni to • net ipi- ncdinU'l.v. I'tionc SJOH8. LEE WILSON & CO. Armorcl, Arkansas 10 QUART WATER PAIL 10 OT. Here's n burplti In a galvaiilzcd rnsl resisting, easy to cle&n. Hi rlshl thing nt the right pHw for nil your household chores^ Only 49c SPECIAL THIS WflK .ONLY MIXING BOWL 6 inch diameter, made of ovenproof earthenware. Afso can he used for storing left-over*. lUCTRIC TABU STOVl Double burn«r, three heal •—low, medium and high. Attractive design. See it today! ELECTRIC <•• 7 e TOASTIR f * Oven type, toasts two slices of bread at one time, Non-automatic. With cotd set. PLASTIC FLASHLIGHT EXTENSION COM Only 57* « ft. I«njt* of rnbhcr Mrd wilk S-w.y tnbtUp.. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. •J 126 W. Main St. Phone 515

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