Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on June 3, 1933 · Page 1
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 1

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 3, 1933
Page 1
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A* ·» prfbv t*M b faM b VCX. LXJ NO 24 FITCHBURC. MASS., SATURDAY. JUNE J. I W J -- TEN PACES TWO CENTS Civil Service Commission Criticised By Taxpayers Body IMlluM In Opra Lrtter IVrUre* India* «lrm" Lu \ccord H i t h Strirl L«-g*lm But "Sadly I nforfunate" IB I poetliug Plan To Provide Work hi · tlalcfarn« flten uui tm publlcaHon ihK naoratnf Fnwdrm Frrd fMk* iwrrd ihr M-nitnx-nU W the Htrhbuff Taxpajrn auoculMd IB il to )ir uUv unfortunate that th»_|iyi.j; yt)|J MITVOT fl M lU» «?m* upMl · yian of work trader wtttrb the 4rp*rtnteni of thu rity KM been pmcrtmiin with gTorrml ««tfcfa- tioa. rn*id?nt lAllon udd M*vor Carrier* and Commu- «tor*r Peiroe of the public works , . . i i . j ui dn»-TM-nt ha-t »iih ctttunemUble consideration of th* rwssity ol economy p^t into operation a plan of 'daggered wrrk' for 109 em- p loye , ,. 0-« dement By thU program, eafh man was given » «har* of th* work and the wages paid thereof vrruch was as much to the .dv*^ of the ,,£*, as ,, Jbe city itself. Tlus method of diw- son had been voluntarily accepted by public works department workers m many places and ecorvmi- caUy it has not developed a weakness - -J protests to the state civil service board which resulted b the official '. order of discontinuance of the plan | hew, ?uch protest was not m the pel iif interest a"d 15 greatly to be d^oud It Jlus'rates arew »ome ' '^e. 1 seritrnatorv aspccis of the e(vi , ^.^ reRU , atloIU Ch lt h were' m^o^aij buih up 10 serve aJl «m- j i_ot«« -n common and not a few n particular This association does not th . necesSitv f o r makm* it under the emergency conditions now ex- irtinft It further aggravate* a general merits of aucvsce system "For the Fitchburj; Taxp«ers association, I would express commendation cf the mayor and the commissioner 'of public. works for their efforts to solve a serious situa- MHt H *4Mt_- F _wpwi^i0tf t "'^^ v 'the? spmt of the public -works department employes who accepted the operations of the program until the state board put an end la it" Increased Wages For 650 In Two Citv Textile Hants * Became Effective Thia Week Fiirhb«rf Yarn and hirr*ff H'oc»trd Co. Employe Brr^rfil; Thrv !M«nuf«rlnHn# At Capacity Due to Iurr««Mxl Entire Spanish Government Is Excommunicated, Vatican State Department Announces thr in wife* tor (iiO *rn- Hjmptioti uf h r i \ y (^»rationa it ,n twti lextii* pi»i:L , thu w**k Th. amount r -r Shirrcn Wir»t*d Cu TTw »djuM- rwiej WM not Mn'.uriwl . ^.^^ ^ .^^» thefv ^(^t, |ot p,,,. «.»!· of w*f«« paid iut year p|«, Charl*« E Ame» MIC) today Pw wu rratored it ihe fitchburg Yim pla/it it runmif or full t_m* iched- ' wh ch u nww running »'. capa- ul* ert Tr»nk w Lyirtan, pretider.t and »]»o beiiig rfflected at the Fred it H. ftorer, said that hi» company i Sprafue Co Inc^ which 15 now run- "ha» gone back to last y««r'» wage j ning at capac'ty. That company em- i schedule The in-r*a»e follows re- ploy* about 80. i Machine Guns to ^Defend" " AirporlTrom Diving Planes; First Airmen Roar In Above the roar of diving planes i machine guns will sound their] venomous rat-tat-tat at the Monta- chusett regional air show at the, airport -this afternoon and tomorrow - j Under the command of Lieut ; Edward J White of H company, 181st Infantry, two «un crews wifl "dsfend" the southwest comer of the big field from the diving *bombardment" of th« national guard IJov.gIas bombers The aenai attack units will con Schedule of Events Parkhill Mill C Lease Is Taken By New Concern Saturday, 2 P. M. Parade cf Peaks. Ten ships will cover Wachusett, Wata- tic. Monadnock, - · Exhibition of tactical ma- --neuvers by U. S. Army- Air Corps Reserves ol Boston, Capt. Salisbury commanding. Bomb- dropping contest, open to all amateur pilots three Connecticut guard ships. All} f are powered with exceptionally -, | heavy motors and their roar, as they || dive at their almost invisible tar-1 § get will be heard for miles. Special j f blank ammunition, the reports of | which cannot be distinxuhdied from j the genuine article, will boused. | Ocean Hopper Coming j| Fitcbburg will get its first sight j| of a trans.-Atlantic ship when Assra ' | Jbrdanoff, Austrian war ace and ^ | aviation authority, appears in his - Wasp-powered Belanca, specially fitted with extra gas tanks, in which he plans to hop the ocean. Before noon today the following j fliers amv«i ior the meet' i A. jAUmfa and W". RuiMiiicb ~or f Norwood in a Commandaire: Sergti G. T. Layman of MitcheH field. Long f Island, in a Curtis Falcon; Charles I Cowan of Providence in a four-place ! Stinaon cabin plane; Capt. T; K.' Berry of Skowhegan, Me., in -a Trayelaire and Larry Thompson of Beverly in a Spartan biplane The local ships include a Moth, a! Stinson cabin plane, Sikorsky am-j phibian, an American Eagle, a Bird, a Wacco and a little Cub. This schedule will be adhered to as closely as possible. Charges for parking will be made, but admission is free. Donations wJl be taken in exchange for tickets and programs. Ttw airport was a scene of great activity this morning as tbe members of the Wachusett Airmen's Press (Underwood) WILLIAM MVLDOON . i .1 --~--~--~--~*~-~ Wm. Muldoon, Sports Veteran, Dies, Aged 88 Athletics World's Grand Old Man Was Expert On Health Methods PURCHASE, N. Y, June 3 W)-William Muldoon. state boxing commissioner and grand old man of athletics, died today in his Kfth year. , * The veteran sportsman, a noted expert on health methods, originator of the "health farm idea"* and intimate of leading sports figures fqr half a century, suicumbd shortly before 4 a. m at his estate here. Only nine days a*o he celsbrated his 88th birthday. His first expe- Louia Sehleifer Says He Will Sub-Let Entire Fae- lory Space Articles of incorporation of the I Upstar Holding Corp. of Massachu- I sett* were filed at the State House j this morning. Louis Schkifer of quired a 21-year lease on ParkhiU j Mill C from "the General Luggage ] Corp, will assign. Ihe lease to the new corporation. | Mr Schleifer. who has been in - Fitchburg for a few days on the ' development of that property", will^ i»^ --*·· ^-- r_*^K. --*-- -- ^ J^TJ.i'_T. «'__*.""_j" *£r^ b* ·prestSeaT and new c^sporaitori. Miss Ruth I. Wil- HaHis of Leomiijsler is secretary- The corporation -will have 750 shares of stock of no par value. ^ Mr. Schkifer announced today that negotiations are underway for Mattern Off For Solo Flight Around World Texan Heads Plane North; Parir Goal For First Stop on Way to Moscow CORK, Irish Free State, J W) _ Weather conditions aff the Irish' coast, on tbe transatlantic flight course of James L~AbBA^^^^^^MI^H^^«*«MrtMV H "iB1^ w TI H was raining and visibility was poor. Then ww little wind. HALIFAX. N. S., June 3 W --Brilliant sunshine and a brisk southwest wind prevailed along UM Nova -Swtifr^eeMt -tetter to aid Jimmy Mattern in the early stages of the first leg of hia round-the-world flight. By RAYMOND CBOWLEY NEW June 3 OP)-- An. £ncrikal r ortttei* K tnf Alf O Audience With Pope . Jui* 3 *J* --Toda) i turpriw encyciiral by P«pe Piu». in which a« 4e- clarvd tbe B«W Spwuah religious law wac an attack on religion and on the clmreb, follows an audience of «ae hour which former King Alfonso had with the pontiff May Tl. Alfonso attended Ascension day ceremonies at SC John Lateran a* an honored guest Officials Are Automatically Cut Off Bv Catholic Church M For ^ j » . j q . B . f T f nt iVo Official Proclamation Required, It Id Explained; Pop* Piut, In Surprise Encclical. Denounces Spain'* New Religious Lavs; AwerU They Constitute Grievous Attack On Catholic Church Pope Accuses Spain; Grieves Over Situation VATICAN CITY, June 3 (A P.)--The entire government of Spain has been automatically ex-communicated from the Catholic church for signing anti-Catholic decrees, the Vatican state department announced today after Pope Pius had issued i a"surprise encyclical declaring that new Spanish religious laws constituted a grievous attack on the church. The department explained that no I at the nunciature said these ru- decre* of excommunication will be mars w./re premature Unheralded Encyclical Pro* nouncee New Law An Attack on Church VATICAN CITY,. June 3 _P)- £ope Pius unexpectedly Issued an important encyclical today on the situation in die Catholic church- in Spain. Re expressed his deep love for that nation but profound sorrow 'or the wrong and injuries ne said proclaimed because the acts committed by come automatically under the provision of canon law. President Alcala Zatnora. members of the cabinet, and all deputies favoring the new religious congre- | ^ was gat ions law were excommunicated, dreds. The excommunicAUfln^waa.iatae It WFS learned that a church legal au'.hority, Father Isniafl^Rod^, "tKPexcomnTuri,- cations are ipso facto end apply also to those who contributed to thj formation and approval of the rev The total of persons af- was not known exactly, but at several hua- sententia, which, under canonic law, means that it was imposed against the church and its'rights. The excommunication becomes effective immediately. The new Spanish law which -was the basis for the action made civil 'leasing "part of the factory to'out- """ . ^"T ,,"""." ","'!", were done the church. l?^** °* r fi Igi ° USIr Onter * | of-tov,-n concerns. Representatives | » enal Jack-of-aU-work with six No advai - l0e notice wag given ^ j 38,000 nuns and monks as « nf several concerns have inspected I pranges* in his pocket and a grin | the pope's intention to publish flie' fTM tH nwa over to me state an *·- property which contains about} on his bps hopped off from Floyd ' encyclical until the secretary - * ·' treasares worth millions. The Jaw . It wax reported that- the pope mrf excommunicate each person directly when data have been compiled, but this is not necessary, as the excommunication is automatically' eifec* tive. Because high officials are in» '330,000 square feet ol unoccupied floor-space, (Continued on P*Kt Ten) ,1, h,.,l I (Condnwd on f i f t Ten) National Guard. Formation flying, pick up messages, radio control. Stunting exhibition by Lt. Harris, M. N. G. Speed exhibition. Parachute jump. Night flying exhibition-^ Dance at Monoosnock Country clubv Sunday 2 P. M. Exhibition by M. N. G. Spot landing contest Participants will stop as close as possible to a predetermined spot. ""HxhTbifJon by Joe"2ilck--· man of mystery. Race--Open to planes powered with an engine having not more than 5.45 cubic inch piston displacement Chinese Flying Club exhibition by Rose Lok, the only Chinese woman pilot in the country. Auto Gyro exhibition. Speed exhibition by one of our best speed pilots. Race--open to pilots flying ·ny ship powered with an OX or OXX engine. Stunting exhibition by Lt Harm, M. N. G. Race--Fret for all. Parachute Jump. Bennett field today in a handed try at the globe-girdling record office announced that it was this" morning. religious congregation law Now Horseless; years ago when he fell from a horse Later he recovered and announced he would "live for mar.j more years," but the tell-tale ail- J closes this afternoon, menls of old age began to take their toll and on his last birthday lie was confined to his home i Muldoon died a few minutes be-; lutcly horseless, fore 4 a. m. (eastern standard tune). A year ago he underwent an operation for an abdominal disorder. James Joseph Martem of San «« puW*hed. m Madnd today Angela, Texas, who has done all I changing rehgwus orders to cwl kinds of flying, chores, "from to ting i socielies and ruining art treasures iced meats to Mexico to hopping I worth millions of dollars over (o the Allanuc, roared down the mile- | *e s* 3 ^- The Spanish bishops and long runway in his "Century o f ; archbishops called the new law "jn- Progress" and got away at 4.20 The record, eight days, seven "ree"' ponurT hacT'ffiadir representations to the Spanish gov- ______ _ = . _ hou s and Sl^nunfites, was s?t "two , eminent because of "the error oi The horse barn at the city yards : years ago by Wuey Post and Har- I its course in wounding the dearest . . t » . T . ) I ^ I . . U _ I ___ 1 . - - . «. J -- .-^ _ -_«H4«KJ K«*vMvv« M%4 *». rtt For the first time in its history the highway department is abso- Five years ago when Joseph M Peirce took charge as public works. there were 23 horses in the highway department. 1 from exhaustion brought on ~ warm, weather and arthritis. by 88th birthday last week Muldooit slowly weakened. Early last evening his adopted daughter, Each year since has seen a gradual reduction, in the number The I motorizing process was speeded up i this year a* the result of recom- 4 mendations by the public works- which his doctor, Henry T. Kelly, described as a heart attack. The veteran gladiator of the ring passed into a comatose condition, occasionally regaining consciousness for a few minutes at -a time. Realizing that the end was near, Mia» Farrell and Dr. Kelly remained (Continued on Pafe Ten) Company a Day Takes to Woods From Deveng department Five years ago 12 teamsters were working and four bam men were steadily employed. Many of these men have been shifted to other era- A Savings Program: Systematic »ccunxDlation it made poMibl* by the adoption of · definite year-.'n and year-eat Mvingt program. Thw Co-operative Bank offers a definite savinfB plan. W« are always glad to explain the operation of m* plan. Fidelity Co-operative Bank ·75 Main StrvH WE 3 E L L T H £ N U r N E SWISS CHEE5E1 FRESH Limes Our Own Brand of Chocolate* Pretzels 50c * 39c rEpeciat to The Sentinel) FORT DEVENS, Ayer, June 3-The C C. C. training school at Devens is rapidly gaining its stride with * company a day taking the field To date 3381 men, trained, equipped and ready for work are living under canvas in state and federal forest* where thpy are hard at work on the national reforestation program The 116lh entrained this morning for Wendell; the 115th left yester-I day for Windsor, and the 117th will' go to Tamwortb, N. H , Monday According to army officials, discipline arid training come readily to the new recruit.' who are anxious | to get to work in the woods. There j (Ccnttmwt MI ftft Three) I Tbn«) Expl old GaUy. and most deep-seated sentiments of As to Mattefn's first stop on the ] the people ifi disturbing mutual ternfic grind, there were several ' union and harmony, while assuring versions and much confusion First [ his beloved children of the clergy he was represented as hoping to get to Moscow without a stop Later it was said that Berlin, more than 4000 miles from New York, was his first aim After he soared away, however, Jack Clark, II, his personal representative, announced that neither (Continue* on P«E» Ends His Life In Jail Cell By Hanging and laity how near his heart they -were in the course of persecution." After approval had been giv-an the law concerning religious con- (Continoed on Page Seven) Seven Killed By Oil Blast, Fire in oson Razes New Haven Home NEW HAVEN, Conn, June S W --An explosion early today rocked a New Haven residential section, destroyed, one home and damaged two others Two men are in a hospital, suffering from burns and cuts, as a result. Police said nothing remained In Ihe ruins of the structure where the blast occurred, to indicate its ceuse. The force of the explosion blew off the roof and fire, which followed, completed the destruction. Mariano Remandin of New Haven, who was severely burned about the face, amis, neck and leg*, was arrested after pawers-by §aw him running from thr house. Gaetsno Cuno, 35, was treated for lacerations Using a stocking and handkerchief as a rope, Levi Provost, «ged 47 ' years, of 20 Winthrop street, a World War veteran, strangled himself to death in a cell at the police station last night The man was SIGNAL HILL, Calif, June 3 OW --The "richest httle city in the world" today appraised the cost ol its first catastrophe, an explosion and fire -which blackened an area of four square blocks, killed seven persons, sent SO more to hosoitals and caused damage of several hundred thousands of dollars. Zamora, a devout Catholic. It was understood that the president signed volved in this case, only high church officials, it was said, can eject the persons affected from churchei or prohibit to them the benefits of the church, such as the mass, holy com- munionj confession and other sacra^ ments. The Vatican state department, in tain the approval of Parliament There were persistent reports today that the papal nuncio would be withdrawn from Spain, tut officials not admit that the papal nubcio, Archbishop Tedeschiai, would be recalled. But it was remarked that (Coatlnned on Page Three) Expect Roosevelt Appeal to States To Ratify Amendment Repeal WASHINGTON, Jane 3 «* -- President Roosevelt is expected by Democratic kadeo to make a direct appeal to the states to ratify the repeal of tbe l£th amendment. Members of Congress from doubtful and dry states have urged the chief executive to make a personal caJl for action, and they have 18 Alabama votes, the first south* em stale to be heard from. Speed has been urged on the pres.dent because on Monday Ilh- I Mid-western Democrats are anx- i^,, t J Signal Hill, adjoining Long (Continued on P»ge Three) House In Revolt On Roosevelt Economy Plans lice were called. He was booked as a drunk and placed tn a cell at 6.15 o'clock- Before being placed in the cell his beh, necktie and anything the police thought he nvght use to injure himself were removed as is done with ell prisoners. He was seen at various periods during the evening and talked with officers in regard to getting bail. About 9 o'clock he asked Patrolman Walter E. Holden to try to get in touch with his brother in Ashburnham to- bail bin About 940 o'clock Lieut, A R. WASHINGTON, June 3 C*) _ Speaker Rainey told newspapermen today the "House is in as much revolt as the Senate" against Presi- campaign, and would stress the importance, already mentioned by the president in a message to Congress, of obtaining additional federal revenue from liquor taxes. Mr. Roosevelt had obtained a provision in the tax program of the industrial recovery bill permitting him to remove the increased levies in the event of the repeal of the 18th amendment. '4L k Furthermore. Postmaster Ger? James A. Farley, who is chairman of the Democratic national committee, has already launched party drive to speed repeal. But all this is not regarded as enough by many of the congress- , mert who have shifted their votes I from dry to wet in the past three j years. They are insisting that more j persuasion is needed to win the. ' necessary 36 states. 1 Voters in eight states now are on ' record for repeal. Eigh* more t states vote this month, and on July ; MG, LUBCICRS Roosevelt would be all that is necessary. Southern Democratic wefs are as equally anxious for him to speak before Alabama- leads th» way in Dixie Speaker Ramey said experts already had figured that in the event of repeal $100,000,000 in tariff revenues would be obtained annually for three years above £he anticipated $450.000.000 from Internal revenue liquor taxes. had tied a stocky handker-' hii family were «b«nt when the explosion occurred. t One of the finest and safest things that anyone can do is to start a Savings Bank Account and add to it regularly. It's what you save, not what you earn, that counts. Aar^k^iK 4 FAtR 745 MAIN ST. 14 FAIRMWNT ST. (ConttnM4 on Ttt* Thre» "accepted by the House" ANNOUNCING McCann's New Instant-Freeze Ice Cream McCaifn BTML ajnui tod in brine the nr*f dealer* In Manaitiiialli to ia*tafl thb new ·wd«rn mtMmiry. OHier* will nmtr Mhw. RESULT A SMOOTHED. RICHER CREAM! onvoMicroav OFFER rod A LIMITED TME-- 1 Pint lOc at J. D. GUENETTE iM md i« FAnwtoiT*rr ST. rrmmuRC. MAS*. STRAWBERRIES 2 qts. for 25c ( to » r M TONITT By -Grade Fruit Store AMTJUCAN HOtSE BLOCK I llfMfitfrfnrt f i Cooked While You Wut 1 Ic lb. A Responsible Institution To Execute Your WU1 of ovr or- Tni»t Depart- TW ·npiriaimi mn mitinuout f«tii«tiari wni ttt* ip«ciai »erric« of nwt «r* «mplny«J m UM mtmntto M*k* th't bank your Executor. THE SAFETY FUND NATIONAL BANK OF FITCHBURG

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