The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 5, 1992 · 27
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 27

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Sunday, January 5, 1992
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The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, January 5, 1992 D5 XELE V I SLLflLM TODAY CHANNELING By Steven Mazey v .. x if, -A, - " --- ----- - Stacie Mistysyn and Pat Mastroianni in episode from Degrassi High series Closing chapter in Degrassi story has typical honesty School's Out, CBC, tonight at 8 About half-way through School's Out, the special two-hour film that follows the Degrassi High students through their summer after graduation, Lucy shows Caitlin how to properly use a condom by unrolling one onto a banana. 1 For viewers unfamiliar with the teens from Degrassi, the scene might be an eye-popper, but for long-time fans of the show, it will be just another example (if a particularly graphic one) of the bluntness and honesty they've come to expect During the more than five years they were broadcast, the 70 episodes of Deffrassi Junior High and Degrassi High won devoted young fans across Canada and in more than 35 other countries for their frank and sensitive treatment of issues that included teenage sexuality, abortion and teen suicide. Along the way, Toronto film-makers Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood also won an armload of Canadian and international awards for the program. When Schuyler and Hood decided the program had run its course, the show went off the air in the spring of 1991. In the final episode, Degrassi High was closing and the students were sent to various other schools to complete their educations. In School's Out, Schuyler and Hood (she produces, he directs) have brought the series to a real close, as they look at what happens to members of the gang during the uncertain summer after most of them have graduated. Young fans of the show will probably be pleased, and the film's better moments have the blend of drama and comedy and the refreshing honesty that marked the series. Schuyler and Hood's interest in this film is the maturing process the students experience. As they're about to go their own ways, they begin to question friendships and relationships they've taken for granted. Like the Degrassi series, the movie reminds viewers that not all troubles are solved in the happy, rosy manner that too many American programs aimed at young people would have them believe. An honesty in the closing that's rare There's an honesty in the melancholy closing moments of the program that's rare on television. But School's Out isnt entirely satisfying, and some scenes feel unpleasantly like badly-made American teen movies. The film suffers, for example, from concentrating on the sexual competition between Joey (Pat Mastroianni) and Snake (Stefan Brogren) at the expense of developing the rest of the characters. Much of the film is spent on Joey's complicated romantic entanglement When Caitlin (Stacie Mistysyn) says she isn't ready for sex, he continues dating her, but he starts seeing Tessa (Kristi Bourne) secretly because she agrees to go to bed with him. Meanwhile, the film goes for easy, cheap laughs as Snake, who is working as a lifeguard, spends his days leering in frustration at the attractive young women all around him on the pool deck. The film takes an interesting turn when Tessa and Caitlin learn what's been happening, but it takes too long to get there. As a result, the series of calamitous, life-changing experi ences affecting Snake, Wheels (Neil Hope) and Lucy (Anais Granofsky) are rushed into the film's second half and aren't fully explored. The mature performances by Mastroianni and Brogren help compensate for some of these flaws, and there are more than a few charming, affecting moments in School's Out But if Schuyler and Hood had done a better job trimming and shaping Yan Moore's script the closing chapter on a remarkable series could have been genuinely memorable instead of just a pleasant goodbye. (Steven Mazey is a Otizen entertainment writer.) HIGHLIGHTS Sunday Arts: CBC at 2 p.m. R.H. Thomson is the guest host for today's program, which Includes a documentary portrait of violinist Yehudl Menuhin and a look at the Montreal Yiddish Theatre Group's tour of the Soviet Union. Also featured are recent productions at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre and Winnipeg's Manitoba Theatre Centre and a look at Shawn Wallace's play The Fever, as produced at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre. W5: CTV at 7 p.m. Tonight's program includes segments on false refugee claims and on how to make more effective use of leisure time. School's Out CBC at 8 p.m. A special, two-hour reunion for the kids from Degrassi High. Ifs set in the uncertain summer after high school graduation and follows the kids as they start to question their friendships. See Channeling column for details. The Curse of the Viking Grave: Family Channel at 8 p.m. A new adventure film featuring characters created by writer Farley Mowat Set in Canada's far north, It revolves around 17-year-old Jamie (Nicholas Shields) and his friend Awasis (Evan Tlesla Adams) as they discover a Viking grave. It turns out to be haunted by the Viking's spirit, and he's not happy at having his grave disturbed. The film was produced by award-winning Atlantis Films Ltd. and Winnipeg's Muddy River Films Ltd. The Class of the 20th Century: A&E at 8 p.m. The first instalment in a new documentary series that presents the 20th century as seen through the eyes of 100 prominent Americans who share their memories. Among the interviewees are Bill Moyers, who talks about being in Dallas during the assassination of John F. Kennedy; Mike Wallace, who talks about his friendship with Malcolm X; and film director Billy Wilder, who recalls the beginnings of the First World War. After tonight's program, the series continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. To Catch a Killer CTV at 9 p.m. The first instalment of a two-part Canadian-made television movie about John Wayne Gacy, the respected Chicago businessman and community leader who murdered 33 boys before being arrested in 1978. . -- i. Dennehy Good moments The film avoids sensationalism, concentrating mostly on tenacious detective Joe Kozenczak (Michael Riley) and his exhaustive search for the evidence needed to arrest Gacy. But the whole thing feels like too many other similar television movies about blandly heroic, obsessed detectives who work 16-hour days, missing out on normal activities with their (always understanding) families. As Gacy, Brian Dennehy has some good moments, effectively capturing the murderer's surface normalcy and charm and his increasing panic while under constant police surveillance. Margot Kidder makes a brief appearance as the psychic who helped a skeptical Kozenczak in his search. The conclusion airs Monday at the same time. Warm Prairie Night Global at 10 p.m. Folk singer Connie Kaldor sings songs of prairie life in this one-hour program, with guests "Fiddling Bill" Prokopchuk and family group Hart Rouge. Steven Mazey MOVIES 11.00 a.m. O "With Six You Get Eggroll" (1968, Comedy) Doris Day, Brian Keith. Despite the fact that their children don't get along, a widow and a widower decide to marry. (1:35) 12.35 p.m. O "When the North Wind Blows" (1974, Drama) Dan Haggerty, Henry Brandon. An old trapper accidentally wounds his friend's son and flees into the Alaskan wilderness where he forms an unusual friendship with a family of Siberian snow tigers. (1:53) 2.00 p.m. Qf 20 "Stone Cold Dead" (1979, Mystery) Richard Cren-na, Linda Sorenson. A cop and a small-time crime boss join forces to find the man responsible for a series of prostitute killings. (2:00) 21CJ "Dr. Who and the Daleks" (1965, Science Fiction) Peter Cushing, Roy Castle. The absent-minded genius travels to the future to free enslaved humans from their robotic conquerors. Based on the popular British TV series. (1:30) 2.28 p.m. a "The Silver Chalice" (1955, Drama) Paul New man, Virginia Mayo. A freed Greek slave designs the chalice used at the Last Supper and incurs the wrath of an evil magician in the process. (2:32) 6.00 p.m. SOSI IS 34 "Babes in Toyland" (1961, Fantasy) Tommy Sands, Annette Funicello. The villainous Barnaby uses a Toyland invention to come between young lovers Tom and Mary in Walt Disney's live-action adaptation of Victor Herbert's operetta. (2:00) 8.00 p.m. 5081 P 34 "School's Out!" (1992, Drama) Pat Mastroianni, Stefan Brogren. Premiere. Summer signals the beginning of a new phase in the lives of a group of high-school graduates. Based on the "Degrassi High" TV series, rj (2:00) 9.00 p.m. Q O Q920 To Catch a Killer" (1992, Drama) (Part 1 of 2) Brian Dennehy, Michael Riley. Premiere. An Illinois detective embarks on a relentless quest to bring a suspected serial killer to justice. Based on the true story of convicted murderer John Wayne Gacy. Q (2:00) O "In the Arms of a Killer" (1992, Mystery) Jaclyn Smith, John Spencer. Premiere. A rookie detective's search for the truth behind a brutal murder case takes on a new meaning when her lover becomes the prime suspect. CI (2:00) B "Diagnosis of Murder" (1992, Drama) Dick Van Dyke, Mariette Hartley. Premiere. A freewheeling physician with a nose for a mystery turns amateur sleuth when one of his patients is suspected of murder. Q (2:00) 14 m "Three Fugitives" ( 1 989, Comedy) Nick Nolte, Martin Short. A desperate but bumbling bank robber complicates matters for an ex-con trying to put his criminal past behind him. D (2:00) 1 2.00 a.m. "Ruggles of Red Gap" (1935, Comedy) Charles Laughton, Charles Ruggles. After winning a British valet in a poker game, a man brings his new servant out West develop. (2:00) 1 .00 a.m. O "The Fallen Idol" (1948, Drama) Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey. The son of a diplomat tries to help his idol, the family butler, whom he mistakenly believes has killed his shrewish wife. Based on a story by Graham Greene. (1:54) KIDS 7.00 a.m. Q Return to the Magic Library 1 Kidstreet fj OWLTV O jj Magic Garden 2HH224) Pinocchio 7.30 a.m. Q Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show Q fl Marie Soleil CJ Calimero Q (J6 20 Jungle Book 8.00 a.m. Q Polka Dot Door CS Wind in the Willows 0 A la claire fontaine 8730 a.m. O Long Ago & Far Away The Man Who Planted Trees" 9.00 a.m. Q Sesame Street 0 L'Avenlr de I'homme dans les yeux d'un enfant 9.45 a.m. HJ Parcelles de soleil g 10.00 a.m. 0 Join In! 1 0.30 a.m. Q Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 0 Le Vent dans les saules 1 1700 a.m. Q OWLTV 0 Tom Sawyer 1 1730 a.m. Q Heidi 1 2.00 p.m. 21EQ224 Puttnam's Prairie Emporium SPORTS 7.30 a.m. FpySI) Goals (R) 8.00 a.m. BEIuSD SportsDesk Q 8.30 a.m. gEluS!) Motoring '92 (R) 9.00 a.m. gOluggj Transworld Sport 9.30 a.m. Q Rod & Reel Stream-side An overview of this fishing show's sixth season with host Don Meissner. 14 O Bowling Tournament of Champi-ons. B3flS3 Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship (R) IHEII Simply Fishing 1 0.00 a.m. Rod and Reel Host Bill Saiff begins a seventh season of fishing shows. E30S2) Canadian Sportfishing (R) 10730 a.m. EJuSD Rugby Special Game of the week featuring teams from Great Britain and Europe. (Taped) 1 1 .30 a.m. O This Is the NFL BEfOSD SportsDesk Q 12700 p.m. H NFL Live Plu33 NFLGameday 12730 p.m. B NFL Football AFC Playoff Game Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills. (Live) Q (3:00) BEDSD Speedweek NASCAR Year in Review. (R) 1.00 p.m. Winterspeed World Cup luge from Altenberg, Germany. (R) 1.30 p.m. O Outdoor Sportsman 2.00 p.m. EEluSTJ Cross Country Skiing World Cup Championshps. Women's championships from Silver Star Mountain in Vernon, B.C. (R) 2.30 p.m. Le Magazine du ski Anime par Dominic Laroche et Michel Ferval-Larose. E0Kj33 U S. Air Force Air-to-Ground Competition (R) 3.30 p.m. Q Q NFL Live Post Game m NFL Today rj EEliMZI Goals 4.00 p.m. 0 B NFL Football NFC Playoff Game Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions. From the Pontiac Silver-dome. (Live) O (3:00) HIilKil For the Love of the Game The Deal Makers. The world of sports agents. (R) 5.00 p.m. O MotorSports Hour EEliED PGA Golf Ben Hogan Pebble Beach Invitational. Final round from Pebble Beach, Calif. (Live) (2:00) 6.05 p.m. luBSI WCW Main Event Wrestling 7.00 p.m. fPjPH SportsDesk Q 7.30 p.m. EluSa NFL Primetime Scores and highlights of today's NFL playoff games. 8.00 p.m. BODES Hockey World Challenge Under-17 Tournament Championship. From Sudbury, Ont. (R) (3:00) 10.40 p.m. IHEII Instant Replay 10.50 p.m. Q Sports plus weekend 1 1 .00 p.m. E3u23 SportsDesk Q 11.10 p.m. fQ Les Nouvelles du Sport 1 1 .30 p.m. 0 Sportsllne Q EEliED Motoring '92 (R) SUNDAY PRIME TIME AT A GLANCE m dm mi -B -a m m:, m a m if m-i fl TVOnlario24 22 Le Match d'impro jCholsistonmonde Science en Images Carte blanche "Napoleon Cinema le Jour se leve" (1 939, Drame) Jean Gabin. H GLOBAL 6 12 60 Minutes Q Murder, She Wrote 'Pause Diabolique" Married... With Alfd. Hitchcock Warm Prairie Night . Q WNPE-WNPI (PBS) 18 16 Austin City Limits (R) Nature 'Horse Tigers" Q Masterpiece Theatre: Parnell Mini-Dragons (R) (Part 2 of 4) Q ; Q QuatreSaisons49 5 Camera 92 Cinema "Cousins" (1989, Comedie) Ted Danson, Isabella Rosseliini. I Le Grand Journal ! CHRP 5 6 W5Q Down to Earth Funniest People Movie 'To Catch a Killer" (1 992, Drama) (Part 1 of 2) Brian Dennehy. Premiere, q D CJ0H(CTV)13 7 W5Q Home Videos Funniest People Movie "To Catch a Killer" (1992, Drama) (Part 1 of 2) Brian Dennehy. Premiere. 0 O CB0T(CBC)4 2 Movie i "Babes in Toyland" (Cont'd) Movie "School's Out!" (1992, Drama) Pat Mastroianni, Stefan Brogren. Premiere. Q CBCNewsQ I Venture B WHEC(NBC)10 9 Eerie Indiana (R) TorkeisonsO Hot Country Nights rj Movie In the Arms o( a Killer" (1992) Jaclyn Smith, John Spencer. Premiere, q 13 CHOT(TVA)40 10 Celebration '92 Cinema "Un Violon sur le toil" (1 971 , Musical) Chaim Topol, Norma Crane. fJJ CB0FT(CBCFr.)9 11 YvesDuteil:Blessuresd'enfance Les Beaux dimanches "L'Homme de reve" Beaux dim. Le Telejournal q Scully rencontre E TVO(Fr.)39 Persp. Paradise Quest-Answer Hands Over Time (R) Prisoners of Gravity For the Whales Lonely Child: World of Claude Vivier . (B WR0C(CBS)8 21 60 Minutes q Murder, She Wrote "Danse Diabolique" Movie "Diagnosis of Murder (1 992) Dick Van Dyke, Mariette Hartley. Premiere, q ; 14 2D WOKR(ABC) 19 Life Goes On 'Struck by Lightning" q Home Videos Funniest People Movie 'Three Fugitives (1989, Comedy) Nick Nolte, Martin Short q OS 20 CFCF(CTV)12 33 W5q Home Videos Funniest People Movie To Catch a Killer" (1992, Drama) (Part 1 of 2) Brian Dennehy. Premiere, q 22 Rogers Community Bulletin Eoard (Cont'd) Community Bulletin Board gj Maclean-Hunter - Community Bulletin Board (Cont'd) Community Bulletin Board 0j CIVO30 8 Cinema "Lucky Luke" (Cont'd) Spectacle Henri Pes 0 j Cinema "L'Atalante, le chalan qui passe" (1 934) Pita Pario. I "Capitaines" 43 CFTM10 27 Celebration '92 Cinema "Un Violon surle toit" (1971, Musical) Chaim Topol, Norma Crane. gg 50 CKWS 11 - Movie i "Babes in Toyland" (Cont'd) Movie 'School's Out!" (1992, Drama) Pat Mastroianni, Stefan Brogren. Premiere, q CBC Newsq (Venture 0 jjl34 CBMT(CBC)6 - Movie "Babes in Toyland" (Cont'd) Movie "School's Out!" (1992, Drama) Pat Mastroianni, Stelan Brogren. Premiere, q CBC News Q Venture q 1H'I?I Ncwsworld (CBC) 26 World Monitor Newsmagazine Medicine File (R) Workweek At Issue (R) 2HH!g4J YTV 24 Wonderstruck q Black Stallion Fame Gang violence erupts. Wide World of Kids JZorro "Tease" I Smith and Smith j Wild Side "Goldfish" 24flH3Q Vision TV 14 Day of Discovery Ralph Martin Places of Worship Peter Youngren Bernice Gerard Ministries World Religions Door of Hope miu MuchMusIc 23 Backtrax Cliptrip VJ Michael Williams Blue Spotlight Power 30 WHJI TSN 28 SportsDesk q NFL Primetime Hockey: World Challenge Under-1 7 Tournament Championship. From Sudbury, Ont. (R) 33 MP MusiquePlus 20 Transit 'Les B.B." Muslque video Musique video NuMusik(R) EaA!a TVS 15 Nouvelles euro. Vision 5 7 Sur 7 Caracteres: Sortir de I'ordinaire Champs magnetiques H3 Arts&Ent A&E Air Combat The War Aces" Class of the 20th Century "1 901-1929" David Steinberg Year-End Special Comedy on the Road CNN CNN World Today Sports Sunday PrimeNewsq Week in Review (R) World News 12m Family Channel FAM Don't Eat Pictures: Sesame Street Movie "Curse of the Viking Grave" (1 992) Nicholas Shields. Frank Sinatra: Sinatra In Japan S3 First Choice F C Movie 'Vital Signs" (1990, Drama) Adrian Pasdar. Diane Lane, q Movie "Edward Scissorhands" (1990) Johnny Pepp. q I "Predator 2" SO Headline News H N Headline News (Cont'd) Headline News I Headline News 9 Super Ecran SE Cinema ti Cane verte" (Cont'd) Cinema "Alice" (1990, Comedie) Mia Farrow. Alec Baldwin. Cinema "LeSeultemoin" (1990) Hid Learning Channel TLC Everyman 'Killing Priests Is Good News Human Rights Jimmy Carter. You Must Remember This Ten Great Writers "James Joyce" ilia WTBS - Movie i "Critters 2: The Main Course" (1 988) Scott Grimes, Liana Curtis. National Geographic Explorer Um Nashville Network . American Sports Cavalcade (R) NHRA Today (R) Inside-Racing I Bill Dance Outdoors iBassmasters(R) I Road Test Magazine IWB WGN Movie Treasre-Zephyr" (Cont'd) Star Search (R) Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (R) Newsq Instant Replay 7 WWNY (Air Only) 60 Minutes q Murder, She Wrote 'Danse Diabolique" Movie 'Diagnosis of Murder" (1992) Dick Van Dyke, Manette Hartley. Premiere, q P Closed captions O Both Ottawa cables O Rogers only Q Maclean Hunter only Monday Murder without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story: NBC at 9 p.m. This made-for-television movie looks at the controversy that erupted in 1985 after Perry, a promising black student from Harlem, was shot by a white police officer 1 0 days after graduating from a prestigious prep school. American Experience: PBS at 9 p.m. Tonight's program presents The Quiz Show Scandal, a look back at the 1950s scandal involving several popular television quiz shows that were providing answers in advance to some contestants. Three shows were cancelled as a result and there was a Congressional investigation. Tuesday On the Road Again: CBC at 7:30 p.m. Host Wayne Rostad profiles a Whitehorse graphic artist and a Newfoundland man who collects miniature trains. Musicworkss TVO at 8 p.m. The first of five instalments of Maestro: A Musical Journey through Venice, which looks at the music, art and architecture created in that city over several centuries. Among the composers who will be featured are Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Rossini, Stravinsky and Bartok. The series is hosted by the amiable John Julius Norwich, with assistance from musicologist H.C. Robbins Landon. Man Alive: CBC at 9:30 p.m. Host Peter Downle offers a look at Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that helps provide affordable housing for the poor. The program focuses on two projects constructed in Winnipeg, and looks at how the projects brought together volunteer workers from diverse backgrounds. Human Edge: TVO at 10 p.m. Tonight's program, The Shepherd and the Bomb, looks at the deadly effects of decades of secret nuclear testing In the Soviet Union. The documentary includes interviews with scientists, who discuss altered medical records and the breakdown of villagers' immune systems. Trie program also looks at the anti-nuclear protest movement that formed because of the tests. Wednesday Urban Angel: CBC at 8 p.m. Victor (Justin Louis) is taken hostage along with a police officer after a THIS WEEK fundraiser for the black community turns into a riot. The episode was inspired by the tense relations between Montreal police and the black community there after several controversial police shootings. Common Ground: TVO at 8:30 p.m. The first program in an 1 1-part look at world environmental issues examines preparations for the Earth Summit, to be held in Brazil in June and to be attended by representatives of more than 100 countries. The program looks at why the summit was called, what it hopes to achieve and the role Canadians are playing in the plans. Other programs in the series will look at such Issues as global warming, chemical hazards and modem farming methods. Each program offers viewers suggestions on how they can help. Thursday Adrienn Clarkson: CBC at 8 p.m. A profile of New Brunswick playwright Norm Foster (77e Melville Boys), who also works as a disc jockey at a Fredericton radio station. Columbo: ABC at 8 p.m. A repeat broadcast of a 1990 movie in which the detective investigates a murder of a magazine publisher who has just sold out her partner. This Is David Lander TVO at 10 p.m. The first episode in a six-part British comedy series that parodies shows like 60 Minutes. Each program offers a 30-minute look at a supposed scandal. The show's makers have the form down pat, but the writing is mostly limp and unfunny. Friday The New North: CHRO at 9 p.m. A repeat broadcast of a two-hour 1 989 documentary that looks at changes that have affected the people and the environment of the Earth's Arctic regions. Farley Mowat Is the host Landscape in the Mist TVO at 10 p.m. A slow-moving but powerful film from Greek director Theo Angelopoulos about the search by two young children to find their missing father. Sub-trrJes. - Steven Mazey Farley Mowat hosts show on Arctic

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