The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1947
Page 2
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TWO tPay Increases For Judges Okay iary • proves gfsfntion Aik., Jan. 22. P'iclically pt) judges In Ar- KBiiiss. including justices of the Suuicme Court. ^\cn!d ""elv * ses in iui under the terms of two C'ils reperteo. ffivorr l>, -' •Tiidl-iais Committee B last night. HB 54. prepared by Rep. Carroll HiH-i;si oft 1 ) Of Dndley County, of circuit Mine Owner Seeks Process To Harness Coal Still in Pits NEWS (U? I JASPER, Ala., Jan. I'l. w.\\;.- Sclcntlsts eagerly tested sa:n|iie aflcr sample of escaping fumes from a burning vein of cool toildy to determine if they hud discovered vast quantities of' fuel Bns to supplement salnrnl nnd • coke-oven goscs now being used. They began the first cxiwijncnt of its kind in the nation yesfenKy by dropping mnBiic-simn incendiary tombs through n metal pipe into a tightly sealed vein of <-oul. T.'n- intense heat from the bombs -,ci the thin Keain of coal on fi-.v, aided by 1111 ;ilr pump ilml pro- Offlee of Synthetic Works :ir.<l Fuels of (he U. S. liurean ofMl.tra. snid that lie hoped to he ueili.ii; wine cai'bon monoxide from tin- test today. He is supervising one phase ol tlio experiment to detcivhJDo n syndic-lie oil rnny be derived from itio' escaping fiinu-.s o.s well ns fuc-l gas. Tho vein of coal ignited Is ex- pccU-d lo .smolder for two v/ee<cfi or tnaw and during this time (ho MKTI-SS of the test will he decided. It is the country's first effort lo put <.o work litcmlly thousands 1,1 Reed, both of Miller County, introduced a bill Unit would -abolish the Workmen's Compensation Commission nnd transfer all pcndiiiB .cases to the circuit, courts. i I Pulaski County Hcj>. Glenn Wai llher proiJosetl raising salaries of! Other measures that drew attention of id,; lower charr.her Jnclud- >asure by Hep. K, cash i>r WEDNESDAY, JANUA] n lo niino. elective Instead of appointive. Also given cwoval 'jy cominittcc wus a moasui-f of .statewide interest by Rep. Claude Carroll of Benton County, advocatinc the repeal •Jl A;l. 107 ul !94j, the law that set up soparow slate mid 1 federal primaries in Aikansas. .SlJlil .Sc«J«ji Illii Defeated Meanwhile, top action in the Eenate centered around an adtnln- ist/fuloii vi'.-tory In (!tc> defeat of stance of a bill 19-17 be rwmireti to tukc blood tests- And a ijieasure that would deny clemency in any form to a i>rlsoner scnu-nccd three limes lo :t penlten- liury term, introdu;eil by 'Reps A vote o! 20 to 8 against the measure brought the first oratori- cnj outburst into I ho Senate chamber. ViKorousI v defending Die bill, Pjj-or Jevc'lec! off at tiie aclminis- Uuir-y In pariicnlar. He EiLir'es of supreme court Justices n r \!, c . £ f roil) 575CO to SIO.CQO. " ' "' l " hc In other action, the committee: Reported faiornbl) on HB 35, by (~~L.. ,,.,-U Rep Rus-el' Rcaerts of Faulkner V_ilUrl,M Countj making it unlawful! to Q i p»tsp« more tlian one gallon of ^/PSCIQI liquor in a dry county; i Returned without recommendation n bin by Rep. •Heartslll Ragon Ihe for repeal from municipal courts; And reported fayois'oly on Senate .Bijl No. 1. b;- L. Weems Trussi-ll of. Fordyce. which would repeal Arkansas' double primary. Students Unleash Ridicule on ia Politico CHAPEL HILL. <N. C,, Jan. 22. (UP)—A group or students of the Usfvcrsity of North Carolina wlio swore each other in as governors of Georela today awaited n reply to| their wire to Merman Tnlmndge, Wlio sits in the governor's office They offered to resign il he would. Altard L--wenstein of New York, 1 Icadpr of the.pranksters, said' they had not •originally planned to resign their governorships. "Bui" when we heard Talmadcc offer to resign if his opponent Lieut. Gov, M. E. Thompson, would we-feit bound to follow the example "of his generosity," Lowenstein Georgia," jit "Georfiin Day" services (Ills Sunday. "As JU oilier Sunday services lor various stales, iho governor's jjami.- will not be mentioned." Dean Join Wallace sntcr said. "Tho con;;iv- galion will havi; to use it.s ov.i linniiination." Kinbarrassl-d IUCHMON'D. va,, jan. 22. <L'IM —Gov. Willinm Tuck politely lur.:- cd down H. D. Adams ot Atlanta today. The Georgian wanted lo become a ti.-in|K)rary VirfthiSnn while lhc TiiiinadE« regime ';-, in power in Georgia. Adnms wroU- for permission to claim Virginia as his home stale until the iluul governors of Genr- LEGISUtRE '.'iinlinueil rrum-l'ago I. :lcrk of the House and the sccrc- l:ny ol tlio fjcimlc. T'hc measure \v;i.s introduced by Ouavhila County llcp. A. L. Bruiiibaluw. (iivJn^ an explicit description of ;: "IcUiyist," Ihe bili would i-c<|i)iri> all poisons who received money for iisinn their inllncncc, either directly oj indlroetly, lou'ard^o or riclci.', of U'Kivlnlion, to list the name oi his employer, how mn:-h Jic is paid and what his expense.-; Ai.JontniiiK at a a.m. for u two-hour lour o! lh<- Slate Hospital for Nervous Diseases, iiausc- members ahc» Joiind time to send to the I:oc:j3&r mere than a score of bills. The/ were on subjects riiniihu; from salary increases for Arlcansa.s ^'ui-rejiie Court justi-i' L ; lo :!n)ition ol the Workmen's Corn-: pciisation Cymmistion. «c;>. H. L. Criner uml He]). G. R. ,, Kyser Quiets Rumor f\n PnKtirnl Wn O"' (C C" Office and Store Burn at Mt. Pleasant ' .,„*, Ark., Jan 22 — ')—Officers here today were in- .-.igating a $10,000 fire that swept the post office and a mercantile store yesterday. • i AUhcugh a few O f the post office records were saved, Postmaster Aubrey McSpaddcn s aid that the exclusive of the building. Die store.owne.r, Charles Youm-cr estimated that his loss !„ nfer- chandise .alone WKS $4,000. 141i „,.,,„,. ,, J .(tin 22. CUf*> •—Kay, \viioso cucHt'yccl "JCol- Icgc of M;,:,s!-j;>> KtiowlotUe" tccK liiin l-o the Lcit> in riidfoland. put niniors Lo real Loaity ibnt lir- \voukl run lor governor or North Carolina nnd Milled speculation Uiat half- elntetl, ImlfiUciUUed every clcnUcn of CrpUoi Square. The b2Spot:Uu")oit litllc baudtnns- tcr toUl tlio United Press in Holly- \\ccj the rcpcrt.s 'A'ero "ridiculous" and declared lin \vas "not ninnUiK for uuyihinvj." The utcnor first printed In Variety Magc^liit', the J3i'c'e ol tlu? show tratlo .siioii'ballctl incredibly as unprepared slntehouse i)o!iti- lars lirst (iriiiiicrl. ihen Irov.'nod as they heard IL FARM LOANS <f Low Interest j Long Term / Fair J Prompt S«rvlc« RAY WCflTHINGTON Serving This Srcllon for 21 Vrars 115 So. .Ird Blylhevillc, Ark. n. Kuj.mi.1 l»»™".c.n!',f^'TA'"i,.' Tune in Pruclonlial I'rosriim Sunday at 4 p.m. over WIIEC lie lo the governor- ihal the !e"ism Ule i ' UUL> I'fveiiCB com- had accomplished little In "its week. Other Senate measures Included: A bjll setting a one-year stu- tule «f iimlluMoiu un all suits filed by laborers for Hack pay presented by Sen. !,.« Bcai.lea of Mississippi County; A measure that would force wholesale liquor dealers to p :1 y a privilege lex totaling « per t-em ?,L ^ Bfos3 I >r o«ts, wit), u\e M f s , l ° B ° lo tlle slatl ? "<Wa schools and roads. U was p£>•tea ny sen. Er lltsl Mailcr 01 Hot Springs; abandonment of the slnko-boimd ,,fn 'L, ''"solution directing the Missouri and Arkansas nailroiu-. attorney general of Arkansas lo riie iiio.isuic was introduced l>v lake .steps to protest tormally the £c n. Enu , st Nichokon ol Har 'sou Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, M»r. Z07) 20 «.5 '. Mam WHY* Mountain Valley Water " I« Recommended for Ai'lhritis. Kidney and Madder Conditions This natural mineral»r from Hoi Snrines Ark helps to— 1. Stimuli)* KidAey Time. 3. Neutralize Drlc-Acidity Uv-i *• Dincliarge Ky^teiulc 2. .'-tHillifi BUJJer Irrlta- WasUs [Jon Cjll or Write for Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blylhcville, Ark. IN BOTTLIS AND AT FOUNTAIfiS I'cpti-Cola Company, Una Mind C%, A'. Y. ELECTRO - MITE It's hero! The one and <»i)y KUCCTRO-MITR wash- iiiff machine. It can do your' whole wash without l'ii-;.-» w bother. 'Us compact, cMTk-icnt, durable You'll (loliyht in doing yol , r waii \, wUh tl) : s mitjo ; , vertisecl washer RLECTHO-MITH is ideal for « mi ili lamihes or c'ldeiency apartments . . . see it today! BIAN Phone 828 3 3 **! r* 5 /S oJ> * f ^ SUPPLY '121 West Alain Street 'IB. Pleasant. >rbo Lote to Classify for Sale ib y"..Chicks! Prohibition Leader Dies GPA'-'lTK FALLS, Minn., .Jan 22-—(UP)—Former Fiep. Andrew J. Volslentt, wliose prohibition net mnde the 18th Amendment effective, died at the age of 81. a 'JC- .'ievcr to Hit- end in the aiiti-i'- tiuor law which mnde the U ."dry" for H years. Volstead, whose .fight ;1B ai alchohol skyrocketed him almost overnight to inlcrnnttoiml fainc, died laic yesterday after he had been serimisly ill for three mun;i:s. R-rf rv.,,,|,* r N( , a . s Wnnt A<K OUT FRONT WITH Ford Redoces • It MOtl THOUIANBi 01 ! GOOD/YEAR 2)^v TIRES Longer lasting, tougher Goodyear Ire-ads grip the road wilh sure traction lor safer driving when the going's »lict. Play ll'sate. Stop In today — wo may have your size in slock • • il nol, we t»n male your driving taler wilh Goodyear Recapping or tnake repairs to tide you over ml . ' f&to new , tiros through. NEW TIRES DUIRVI NtW TOMS — GOOOYCAR OtUIXI TUttS _ 7 V- -«) 4 ?v \'4l 601x18 3.65 PlnsT.ix 600s;18 ^Stf;>;MSl§i£s2-^^ ! I SERVICE STORE ''hone 24!) !W Ciillcd Down Taj nit'iit '1'ovviini Fi^'hl Ajjiiins! lU'ccssioii UETHOIT. Jrn. 15.— (Ul'l- Tiie Ford Mulur Co. Wednesday niglit announced pTIce rf-ductioiis" ->n ils IKK.s^ri^;," 1 ! 1 tins aintmniln^ lo s. r >o on ^olill: mijilfl.s. I-'ord, only major anio muku:' which did nut incri-abi' prices ;>tter decontrol i.. 3 i, • fall, bccaim Ilia first iictnally to tut them. fresldenl, lieiuy Porrt It sat'! the decreases would go inlo effect immediately as, his company's "down payment toward !t continued lil^h lovel of production mid employment in the months ahfad." "Although more th:in 1.001.000 of our cu\lo.neis are waiting li.r delivery ot Iheir earn »t jnvsi'iil price*, we are Immediately rcdiicinij the price of every Ford car—some models as tmich as $50." 1-Vml salt! "We believe thai the 'shock Irea!- mcnf of prompt, action is nced>-l to linll the-insane spiral of mountint; costs mid rlslnn prices and to a sound base for the hopeful prrl-xl ol postwar production we arc r.n-.v entering. "The American economy now stands at the turning point. Mmint- ing costs and rising prices ha-, t warranted caution and hcs:U'iicv. There is even general fear that tlijs dangerous. unAmcrlcnn cycio c.ui- not he corrected without nil eto- nomic recession. "We think this fear can be dispelled by common sense and action. "We lione. as we move forwurl' we will be able to reduce prices fi;.-- thcr, and that we will not be force:! to raise ihcm again to compensate for cost increases," Ford said. OUT FRONT WITH — Commercial Appeal January 16, 1947 OUR POLICY IN THE FUTURE AS IN THE PAST WILL BE TO QUOTE ONLY FACTORY LISTED RETAIL DELIVERED PRICES ON FORD CARS AND TRUCKS. WE CONGRATULATE THE FORD MOTOR CO. ON BEING THE FIRST AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER TO REDUCE PRICES PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifn, Phonc ,, 53 . 3n21 Charles S Furniture Home .furnishings Moderately Priced Many of our customers have been asking when they could get some good furniture. Until one could answer this question. Now the best information available leads one to conclude that, barring strikes and work stoppages, we should be receiving small quantities this coming spring and summer. — Of course we will also be receiving a larger quantity of better-than- the-average furniture rhan that which was produced during the war period, We are glad to report that our Nationally Advertised lines will be available soon! V Armstrong Linoleum and Floor Coverings, Bigelow-Sanford Rugs and Carpets, Bissefl Carpet Sweepers, Colcman Oil Burning Heaters, Cole's Hot Blast and Chafer Oak Stoves and Ranges, Easy Washing Machines, LANE Cedar Chests, Premier Vacuum Cleaners, Sarnsonite Luggage and Table Products, Stromberg-Carlson Radios, KKOKJ1LKK LIVING KOO.M Furniture, we are gUul to report, will be available soon. Tiie Factory is in production, :md those of von who hi»vo been waitin K for a KKOEHUIK Suite w ill sn on be able to ret one at tlVs ol nV/i ' smnl " "CiishionUted" f >u - We now have our regular moderately priced line of 2 piece Living Room Suites in good covers, Tapestry and Velours, priced $99.50, $119.50, SI39.50 and $159.50. These suites compare well with other suites you have been offered in recent years at much highor prices. \ Bed Davenports $49.50, 2 PC. Bod Dav«nport Suites $94.75 to SI 39.50.

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