The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 22, 1947
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'.* VOL. XLIH—NO. 257 Blythevllle Dally Newr Blythevllle Courier -"-'- - .-rH^DOMINAN^N^VSPAPKR OP HOUTHMBT ARKANSAS AND 3OUTHEABT MI.SO^ 1^ J-^ * ? O Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Lender Gas Tax Refund Measure Offered To Aid Farmers House Members Get Bill To Benefit Non-Highway Users of Motor Fuel By HOK IWOWN I'nileii 1'ress Staff Correspondent LITTI.1J UOCK. Ark., Jan. 22. — 'Ihe House of nepre«>nl;Hlveis today amplified its Interest in the investigation of the atalc oHxpilal foi Nervou.i Diseases by voting to visit the Demon unit tomorrow. Adoption of a resolution bv Hep. J. A. Gipsou of Saline County lo BO to Benton followed an ' announcement by Sen. Ernest M.-mer of Hot Springs that the Joint House and senate probe would be rcMinieri tonight. " Both the House and Senate re- '•esscd at IO :E O a.m. ,,nd lis tened lo broadcast of ceremonies of the 7ath anniversary qf Ihe Univrm'dv of Arkansas. ~"' ~ Hep. Louis i. watts of Drew contiiy. introduced a resolution proposiiiij n conMItullonnl amend"lent lo lower the voting age in Arkansas from 21 to 18 years TJic House received a hill by «ep file,, Walker uf Hemps(«d County and signed by 37 qlhrr representatives proposing that the slate refund 4 J| except one eent »f '.he (il-2 c( .nl casotlnn tax lo all n<m-hl K |,ivay users of gasoline. The reductinn would hene- ^ fit farmers, sawmill and cotton f- ffm rpirsitors. A motion by Re|>. L. H. Anlrv of Mississippi colllHv lo recall .1 prciions resolution asking Congress to ni'-lurte farmers under the fcd- ernl social .scciiritv nctVns defeated. Auliy coiitcnrlc.; that fanners m Eastern Arkansas were not in favor of participating in social security. Rep. -Hal Moody o! Lawrence County, aiitiior of the original resolution, told the house that the small farmer had a right to expect social security when he reaches retirement age. The Senate passed a concurrent resolution by Sen. Ernest Nicholson of Harrison aulhoriziii" the attorney general to protest the proposed abandonment of the .strike-bound Missouri and Arkansas Railroad. Would Register Lobbyists One of the top developments in a. day full of "surprises "yesterday was-ail 83 to 12 vote of approval in Ihe House for a bill requiring all lobbyists lo register with (he chief See LKG1SLATURE on Page 2 Ark-Mo Deal *' Approved by State Agency Alert Citizen Wins Praise of Peace Officers Mississippi County law enlorec- meiit officers, acting on a tip. Irnm an alert filling Million attendant, did some fast and effective work yesterday after "il was reporied that a man was driving cross country with the bodies cf three women in his car. «r H developed -that the women were only sleepiin but the circumstances were such (hut officers j were deeply appreciallve nf Ihe lip which came from a Blyihcville an who had serviced i>ie car and had, according lo Ihe otliceis, plenty of reason to become suspl- " lous. He notified o.'fleers here, /um reported the ear was headed South on Highway m. officers in l.m \ i nnd Osceola were notified and given a description of the car. The driver \.,as slopped near Osceoln. Then it was found that his passengers were only tirctl and sleepy hitch-hikers. They urn- allowed to continue their journey The officers were pleased u t Ihe alertness of the filling station :LI- tcndant and pointed lo it as sin excellent example or how citizens c:in be very helpful to Inw enlorce- ment office;-.-, In enabling them to get a quick start when ,su>'icious circumstances merit investigation. Tiie Arkansas Public Service Commission in Little Rock has granted the Arkansas - Missouri Power Company of Blythcville permission to make tl lc first, major purchase Of surplus government utility properties in Ihe. state. The firm proposed lo buy 02 miles or no-volt transmission line used in serving ihrcc pumping .st The purchase from war Assets GOP Leader Asks Investigation Of Missing Funds Ancient Shortage of House Funds Referred To Justice Department WASHINGTON. Jan. 22. ilj! 1 '-- Juslicc Department Invest iiwtors "day begun stnclyiiiK an audit show- Inn a $l3r,,S(i3 shortage i,, (U i. accounts of former House Seri'«u,l- I :il-Aims Kenneth Romnrv i The report was sent to" A'.l<nii"V Genera! Tom c. Clark by Speaker Joseph w. Merlin, j,-.. '„. .M,,^ with u request for action. House members, confronted by prospects of one uf (he worst financial scandals in the history of c<i»- L?ri**i«i VMS! f\1 I'll I .-, I. " I K 1..°!L^ )tt ™r±?' 1[ L A _ R . KANSA8 _ANDj80OTHEABT MISSOURI WKDNKSDAY, JANUAJiV '22, I'.W New Secretary Wins High Praise Marshall to Follow "Firm but Patient" U. S. Foreign Policy BV it. ii. .SH<H;CI-O--;J> (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.—Secretary of State George C. Marshall today began personal direction ol American foreign policy with a promise lo keep it nonpartisan iiud "firm but patient." He look over his difficult last: amirt high praise from ninny congressmen for his' vogorous no-politics pledge, in which hc unequivocally eliminated himself as a potential presidential candidate. Today- was .Marshall's lull work dey in his new post am! he was expected to begin at once a scries of conference with top state department officials. While yer>te)'day was largely a certiiioliiar day. time was round lor two conferences with President Trn- mftn and retiring Secretary of Stale James'P. Byrnes. Marshall also moved lust to meet two problems confronting him al 'ionic: (1) Speculation about his potentialities as a possible Iai8 Democratic presidential candidate; and (2) Congressional doubts about future American foreign pciiry. By pledging "no politics" and squelching Lilk of any -draft Marshall" movement, he grabbed ;nc initiative for continuing witli Congress the noiipartisan approach lo foreign policy. He read himself noi. only out of the 1948 presidential race but also out ot any kind ol DOlitica] nciivily m- aspiration for any political office. iniougn ;t Inter statement, he pledged himself to eiirry out Ihe "film but patient" foreign policy evolved :»- Byrnes. •• •'- p - !• i""n .->">- "1 n.ssmiic the c.iiljes 1 ' iVf.f'Jnii lions along Ihe Big Inch pipe Lino. said, "will, .1 feeling of great' r'e- 1 IIP nllTrnn qr* fi-nni Mr it- A i-mt ., A r) . r-.,,,.,^::>Li; i _. .. •. Winners of Joycec Awards Ki'ess. wunlrd lo know: 1. Who permitted a former .nco:- her of Congress to draw as III.HM us hank" s I S83.879.22 from (lie House in Ih si-ri!eanl -ill-arms office lo 2. Why former serneaiil-al-: employes of the :irms office were p-r- mlltcd (i, have rcudy aece>s lo ^Hank" funds beloiiRlim lo i.iem- •'. Why the Treasury Deparlnienl, which )uid authority to make lecn- nr audits, has failed lo check Ihe books of (he scr K cant-.U-arms <>f- dce since 1B90. the last lime a ,hwi- age was uncovered. The former con R rcssinan men. lionet! in Hie audit report was ) H Snnlhwick, who served «.v a O.-iiio-' eralie House member from Florid., between 1013 and 1927. SmMhwlek is !iy«- a j'esidciH or Moult rip G'i and in recent years has been !-, po- | hlical o]i]ionenl of Rep EiiKene F •Cox, D., On. " According to the repnrl. a note ann an earnest dcsir- minislrnllon would cost $328,83»."* in carry out (lie loreiRi, poliry o according to the firm's application. "Hie .commission , V!)S [ 0 ] c i t i 1;l t Ihe conipatiy would sliorten Ihe line, using sonic of the material elsewhere, but that the three pumping salions woulti continue to be .served. Tile line runs Irom n point near Wjilnut nidge l o the ^lissouri-ArXansas line. f nginccr at Kennett, Mo., Dies After Heart Attack Finn! rite.s were held Monday at I.CTIU Funeral Home in Kennel t. Mo., for Herbert A. Evans. G!>. city eiiRinccr. (Vho died suddenly <.« a lieaii altack last Friday. Mr. Kvnns had been with the government engineering service for several years .and moved (o Kcn- nctt last August to supervise Ihe $80,000 current, sewer and water extension project there. Hc is survived by his wife. M;| Gaytha Evans: a son, Harold A. Evens of Los Angeles; a daughter. Mrs. Iliith Hradctocfc of Denver; and a brother. Walter o. Evans of Cleveland, Ohio. N. Y. Stocks '•!:CO p.m. quotations: A T & T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda copper Beth Steel Chrysler C>cn Electric Cirn Motors Montgomery ward N Y Central . Hit Harvester . North Am Aviation . ... Republic steel Radio Soeony Vacuum Stndebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Steel . ". Ill 5-8 71) 5-8 37.1-2 !U 1-8 89 1-4 36 7-3 51 7-8 57 19 72 1-4 10 26 5-8 9 14 3-4 21 68 56 1-8 G 1-1 70 5-8 Weather ARKANSAS—Pair, warmer to- isiit and Tluirsday; temperature f. lo 32 novlheasi ponton tonight. his govcrmner.l in a manner winch was r.plcntlitlly exemplified by mv predecessor. Mr. -Qynies—u-y old friend." Congressmen of both parties immediately replied to Marshall's no- politics statement with promises ol all-out cooperation. The new secretary i>; going to need thai cooperation. He is about to set out on n .series of international negotiations on pcsicc treaties for Germany. Ausliisi, and Japan which cu'iitusillv must be rit- ificd by the U. S. Senate. Marshall spent his fhst niahl back al ins Lecsbur s , Va. hoine- !-. fernithern colonial mansion nearly •10 miles west of Washington He .mends to commute rrom there ciaily when possible. f ,,i i. L ,t night b C.. his former home. But hc hasn't ' •••"• »'i'"Jueh DiytnGville Girl !n s S3u!L!¥3H5 Takes Position >'« bl ihaVttsT IS! ln Seoul, Korea His heart condition ="»" lie will oc strenuous duties Rites in Hornersyille, Mo. for Win. Johnson, Arbyrd book kept | )V the cashier hi ih- ser- geanl-at-nnns office showed ihal piiymenls tolalliug ns iiiuch as $i',3 870.22 had been made to Siiii;;i- wiek. These payments were made on Smltlnvick's checks, the audit showed, nnd the cheeks were carried in tne sci-Bcnnt-at-nvms records as cash on luincl. Lnlcr. (hc .ttribulcd to Smilhwick's wore rcrtuced to SG4.573.12 Honnicy himself was shown r " " chocks to . . - «• •• ««o ni JU'.Ybi IO Have drawn 522.06-1 on three checks. NewAuloAgency To Open Feb. 15 Modern Building to Be Erected Soon on Walnut Near 2nd St. A Lincoln and Mercury atiloino- 1 ' Ic agency will be opened here ,',,., la '"" E "8 n '"- SHU. former BiytheviUe resident who is relum- ing after an absence of IB years temporary showrooms will be located on. Walnut street between first and Second pending the emi- slnictmn of a new building on ihc southwest corner of F irsl and Wal""' Slreets. Mr. still sa id today. ^ In addilion lo the showroom.'Mr. =I| ll will [ipcn a garage al Die temporary location within the next iwo weeks. Opening <(!1 ic for the showroom hns been ?el for Fob i» because a shipment of Lincoln Hid Mercury ciirs Is expected then, he explained. Construction or the new building »-'l. liegi,, in lh ,. cc or fo , lr WCDi!s nrcorrting- to present plans. Mr '-»» says he plans to build the most modern garage and showroom m this territory Mr. Still will be the dealer for Lincoln ,,nd Mercury cars for Mississippi county. a ,, (l Pcmiscot ami Dnnkhn counties |,, Missouri A temporary home here has been purchased by Mr . sun. who ](ins to build a new residence in the future, fie has se.siclcd In Plymouth. N. C.. for the past 18 years'. When last here, hn w.-is associated will, the Chicago Mill am \ U im- bcr Co. Mrs. SHU l t - IK« r~ Mi.s.s Ei Key-Men Named Mercury Here By Blytheville Junior C. of C. SINGLE COPIES Scliedulcd lo receive Ulythcvllle Junior chamber of Commerce awards at the annual dinner nweth,,. • left, to rlt:h!) Top row-J. T. Sudl.ury. Wy,ill; Hot („,„ r,,vv-ja,nes Sunders. Itola nion. K,.y !„ Hotel Noble lonirht -in- Jennln,,.s rjailoy, and nd m ; ;h u p. ,,,, (( .,(,„ 3,,,,,, ,,,,,. Former Floridan Exonerates Self 1 Georgian Admits Using Funds From Friend in Florida Realty Boom MOULTUIK. Gil., .Jan. 22-<U!>l —Former Florida Congressman J. H. Smllhwick denied loday that he o«cs "bank' 'one cent l u the in the scrgeant-at-arms office In Washington niid said he Georgia Senate Backs Thompson Resentment Grows Against Talmadgc Governorship Coup A'l-LANTA, Ga.. Jan. 22.— iUI'1 —'Hie Ocori-la Senate, which halt allowed M. K. Thompson to liiko the oiiih of office ns governor, vol- ed today to let Ihe record eland vestlgalion of the case Smlthwick was « Florida. RCtitnUvc- In Congross from*! 1 Ifi27. During nils period hc lie became associated with Ken-" iicth Romnry who was then cashier In the scrgKinl-al-arin., 'office Ihc .Justice Dcpurlinent bcnan a sillily today ,>[ an audit showing n sliortnec of fniula Jn nccomils of me office. One transaction allegedly showed that Smllhwick drew as , niu-h ,-i.s «83.87B.22 from the "bankv » if ihc House nnd still OVC i\ $C'I.- Smithwick. reached al. his pres- nl home In Moiilliie, said It was lot inic Hint he still owes the loncy. Binlthwirk said he :init Romney •art co!isidernl>lc buslne.-,s dealings Curing the Florida real c:,hite boom nlhc lD20's, They made u lol of iioney and I liny lost a lot during Ins period, iic recalled. Ite snirf Hoinncv name in him nd snid he l;iid $25.000 he would ike |o invest with Hmllhs,lrk in Florida realty cienls. .^nilihwirk uid he did not know wher« Rom- icy seemed his funds. He said (hat during Ihe tips and towns of the boom season in Klor- 'da. he drew drafts on [joinncy >rlor lo ID'27 which he agreed :ip- iroxlmale,] lh c atnouni K reporied i.v the Justice Department. "But every cent i ever got from •nm was paid back In full, and I i.tvc (lie papers to prove il" he "aid. .Smlthwick charged Hint flomnrv came O ul of the boom "betlrv than I did." When money was made, he said, "he got I! nil." $400flOOLoss As Fire Hits Memphis Firm protest meetings . . ... .- t , _ ,, lf ,,,^i , It , [,^ .jj m.^<ii, inrcI lllus nirniiiKl tlir* has papers (o prove it If he b call- election of Keim Trl t » , dge y ^o tesllfy during a ciirrcnU.ii :: | the, legislature were reported from ! 20 cities. ->'r Qov. Ellis Arn'nll led thn iallon-of Tahnadge. dcclav- Miss Hazel Linsmnn iq one bly- thrvillc girl who wanted to see "the other side ol the world" and did something about it. She Iclt Sunday for Korea. She will be employed Korea's capital. in Seoul. at his Arbyrd, Mo. were held y e s t c r d a y ^ „ ----- ,i — » • ^ . r> 11 \ in JjllJU Church near Hoincrsville. Mo Hc was 78. Duria] was In Lulu cemetery. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Cecilia Johnson; five sons Mitchell Johnson or Arbyrd, John Johnson , of Gideon. Mo.. Sam Johnson of Cardwell. Mo., Roy and Newman Johnson, both O f Horncrsvlllc- two daughters. Mrs. Uidie Taylor ot Paragoiild. an,) Mr*. Hatlie HarflR of Hives. Mo.; n sister, Mrs. nelle Parrlsh of P.-irks. Miss.; four-half sktcrs, Mrs. Mvrllc Wade and Mrs. Mattlc Parrish, hoth of McCool, Miss.. Mrs. Minnie nlack of Ethel. Miss., and Mrs. s\eil[, Parrlsh of Frank's Camp, MUs.: nnd three half-brollH'i'5. Jerry. Ler. >.na Ma- Ihew o.lhnson. -M O f McOonl. Engineering Miss y I section of the Corps. For the past, four venrs Lm.sinan, daughter of' Mrs Zula Linsman. Willow street, has beeli employed at Blythcvillc Army Air Field. J Miss/Linsmnn left Litllc Rock c oc Sunday by train for Falrfield. Calif, upon her arrival there she boarded a plane to continue her inp to Korea, where she will spend al least two years. Infant Phillips Buel Phillips, son of ,\fr. Mrs. Hue) birth tins Phillips, was dead . morning, 9:'!5 o'clock — ..... i...., in./. ILIIIL^, y.'tj UUJUCK ;it Blytheville Hospital, The mother is In satisfactory condition. Fiine :al arrangements hart not beo completed at noon today. Jlolt Funeral Home Is in ehar«e. . Tenn . Jan. 22. ilJPi —Additional loss was ex-peeled lo >e found, icday when invrslie.ilors "heck Ihc ruins of the block-long I'iBcher Lime mitt Cement Compa- i.V Plant I,, ihc ,,-ako of .vestrr- d-nys S300.000 lo $100,000 four- ilarm fire. tiSt lor all America whether ...... melhods can be used lo selxc our Rovcriuneiil by force." The Senate vote, by which Tnl- mnclKC forces .sought t o expunge HIB :TIionip:ion oath from the reo- orcl.'wns a 27 to '11 tic. The lie .sustained lhc motion to leave I lie onlli on record. Actuiilly the vote had little significance. Severn! pro-Talrj>»dge .senators said they voted lo let the oath stand because Thompson is personally popular «nd they did not care to -'affront him." Yesterday Taliiuiagc in n Joint session of the Georgia lr>i;UUturc suggeMed be was willing lo "re- siEii" as govcriior, if Tliompson would relinquish his post us lieutenant governor and let Ihe dispute be willed by the electors in n ...pc- clal election. The suggestion mine as resent- inciil, mounted In (he Cirorgia tap- it:il and as students prepared lo march (o Ihn seat of government They later burned Talmad|!e In effigy on Ihe stale capital grounds Jurors Hear Testimony in Damage Cases Two civil eases Involving a :in- KJr ;iccir!ent wrrr on (rial before n Jury in Mi.vsis.sipp, County Cireuil Conrl today. .Judge 7,;il Fi. Harrison was presiding. In one ease Roy O'n:inncin. taxicab driver, is scexinj; judgmcnl for S.'!.COO against tlie Standard Oil Company of New .lew, as .the result ol nn accident in February !94C. at Sixth ami .Vtltin. I" the other case, which reached the Circuit Court on appeal froi Common p)r;i., Conrl. Ihe oil com pany is seekinc jiidemenl S526.03 Hgalnsl l/iwrrncc Ifn.wJl. operator of the 2100 Cab Company hern in Itlylheville. I" the trial i:. Common I>l"as Court, the oil company's claim was denied aurl the plnintilf appealed the case (o tile higher eotii ' tor Many bags o( cement, stored ini" 1 , 0 ^^ lo lilc hlRhT eotii'f for Ihe plant and wet ihorouphtv by i'. t ' l . rm1 ' I ' al " llir ""<• '':•' Hie en!, water from fire hose were thouKlil I vcr cti '" c;ircl;l1 - f-'ouri as a lo be complete losses i separate action against tlie oil Tli c fire .started ;ircuil i n a mo 'tor from Mioil- ad rop- dly. it. w as fanned |,y slron» -.nnds id red by paints 'and oilier lu- amjii.'ibics. The blaze spread so rapidly that Ihc 16a employes were umb> to •••ivc (heir persona] belongings, More than loo firemen fought Ihe names under the direction of Fire Chief Connie O'Sulltvan. several of them were overcome bv smoke, but recovered. company. The oil company has filed a counter claim in this'sicljon agalnsl O'Banuon seeking $526.63 as damages lo Ihc oil company lomcbile. F'leadinss In the case ind lhat P. j. Ward aiiri B. W. Kinnc'i were in the oil company car which \vas parked when It was hit bv the cab. The cab driver contends the car had not b;cn parked properly. N. Y. Cotton General Leaves Hospital WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. (UP Gen. Uwiphi D. Elsenhower, Ar chief of staff, was released Walter Reed Hospital today Mar. Mas- July Oct. nee. tron ui'<:n hlsh low 1:30 j>letcly recovered from a stomacl SC29 3f»5-l 3022 30J7 j disorder. Aides reported that he 2!)33 2901 20IS1 298S j "felt fine." 2S1.» 2(121 2.VT5 2fil5 The chief of staff was rushed !( 2583 2621 257S 2H15 the hospital yesterday will, ai MM SSfiT SSJi 2.W5 allfick of acute iiidipeslion. Jaycoos Will Stage ^Banquet and Announce Mon-of-Yoar Tonight Six members of (lie lllytlievllle Junior Glmtnher of Coinmera: will ic iire.wnted with "koy-mnn-nu'ni-ds • their pinllclpnlIon in Jnycee •ik dui'liiK 1840 at H banquet lo- nillhl at the Hotel Noble. i'lii'v are James Sunders, William Wyntl. Jim .Siiiollivi'iiion. J. 'f Siidliiu-y. Itnhiiui Dlsiiop and Jen"'nits lialley. These men were Kelecleil by vole fellow meinbrrs of the Junior number el C iiiiiueii'e us Jayciios ii'tlripaltni; irost actively In the. •KiinlHillmrs woik during thn past . "•••<: Tills will r.c the llrst year Unit six siu-h iiwiiidi; havi> Iveii pre:.ented to lilylhe.vllie Jnyeees. O.-irupiiiloniUlj.. Hie kev - Minn award winners rciuesent fields of business, ngrlcultun; an<l radio. Mr. Wy.iti mid Mr. SiiiDlhi'rinon «ro plnnters. Mi 1 . Hnndcrs Is co-o'.Vner u 11 if- Pepsi-Cola iIJolMinK Co. here, Mr. nishcp l s n.s.iar.liitc'd will, the Swift Oil Mil] Co.. Mr. liiilley Is n meal snlcsiniin iim i Insuiance audit, iimt Mr. Sudbtnv Is afflllut- d with radio Million KLCN. Huffman to I'lrsnit «ii>hl Keys They will l,-. prcsenlod wlll> uinlature gold keys by ISI'.ierl Jluff- inin. vli'e-iiieslilenl. of Ihe Junior Clinmlier of Commerce, at the Founder'H Day linnqiiel. tonight •vhlch inurkR Hie 2BII, anniversarv if Ihe United Stales Junior Chamber of Commerce. It will nlso -uiirk the end ol nullonnl .hinlnr C'liinnlinr ol Commerce Week. -liKlillghllng tonight's bunciui-t will be Die unnoiiiHriiionl of Ulv- thevllle'.s Young Ml,, Of the Year, who will be presented with a Distinguished KoiTlw (Award for oiil-slamllng sci-vice lo Ihc eoinmun- lly during 1041!, Tlin invai-d Is given yearly to a . lung man, not necessarily lo n Jrvcce, b3lween Ihe nges of 21 nnd :« who hns contributed I In, most lo the community In advancement, leadership nnd service. The Young Mtiii of (the Year l-i selected by a secret committee, all past 35 years of uge. whose names will lie rcvoalcd tonight following nnnoiiiicoiiient of the Distinguished Service Award winner. Of 22 Degrees Old ,\un Winter dropped » »h»ip rendndor of his continued presence «-•> ho pushed Ihe mercury to a low of 'it dcKiee.i during Insl night, iircorcllni! lo Uobcrt g. Hlayloik, ol- fli'la! weather ohscrver. Only lower Inntionitiiro reached this season w«s n in-dwrc luliiliuuin recorded early this inonlh. Scout Honored Battle in Senate to Oppose Confirmation as Head Of Atom Energy Board WASHINGTON. , Jim. 22. (UP) —Sen. Kenneth M;-Kclliir, D.. Trim., wild today hn would (l«hl ],, lo block Senate confir- r >f David K. Ltllenlhiil ns Atomic f«o of , [onner TennesKee Valley Authority rhiilr- iiiiin wltli "Stahnisl. dortrlnos." He snld he would anpear Monday be chairman of the 1'Vderal nei'iiy Comuiission. MeKellar, a long - H m I.tiienthal, charged the The committee announced yester- <:ay that Mlfertlhnl mid lour other commission members would be callerl Monday for hearing:) on their Appointments to tlie new post. Committee Chairman Tj-oinkc U, Illckenlonpcr. n.. la., said some wauled lo question the appointees on their Intcrpretiillon of the Atomic Energy Act which gives the commission sweeping powers of ownership and control over atomic materials nnd production facilities. MrKcllar was a strong [tie of Milennial',-; TVA policies. In previous congresses, but hi:, post caru- paigiu dif] not draw widespread Senate .support. The senator said Lillenthnl would be "Ihe createst block lhat this country could have" in development of its atomic, program. Other commission members to appear .ire Robert R Boeder. Lewis U Strauss. Sunnier T. Pike and Wiiliam <WcMcy Waymack. Carroll I... Wilson's appnlntmenl as manager of the federal atomic program also will b; considered. Ffcicher. IS. son of Mr and Mrs, I). M, Fietchev, of O.icc- ola. WHS awarded his Kuglo nndijt; honor In Hoy Scout activities at ih ( . last lucetliiB of the Ecoiils' Coutl, or Honor held in O:;ceo]a. He Is a incmher of Troop f>\ and has hecn a nny Scout for lhrc;> years. Announeeme'nt of (lie uwnrd- liii! of the honor w >s made by Vornon .Ii'iiies. of O.sceoln. nwilstant Hoy Scout executive for tlin Eastern Avkniis»s Hoy Scout Council. Excise Tax Bill Faces Early Test House Rules Group Clears Way for Vote • -To Extend Heovy.Lcyy WABHfNOTON. Jan. 23.—(UP) —The House Rules CoiimiUtca cleared Ihc W ny today for thn llou.ii> to consider the first'major leoislntion of the new session—«.. 300.000,000 bill to continue tho present high excise tmt, rates. Tim leclsiation Ls scheduled lo he laken up next Tuesday or Wednesday. Tlie bill would continue the present excise taxes on tmch Hems as fil", cosmetics, railroad tickets mid telephone, bills. Although Ihero la uomn opposl- Hoii (o Ihc bill, u Is expcclq;! to pass (he House overwhelmingly. The present excise lax rates will revert to their lower oil .July i un- lew continued by Congress. President Trwnnji asked (or tlie con- Ilirufiilon. As for income Uixcii. Clialriinn llaroltl Kmitson. R.. Minn,, ol' the fore Heiiiilc members ot the Atomic J'" loltl Kmitson. R., Minn,, of the Energy Committee, to urRe rcjev.- Wll >' s "'"1 Menus Coninilltee has linn ol Ihe appointment., prepared » bill lo Brain a 20 per Thf> rnininll I n/> in.i^n.,«« j ,.«,i -^i- COIlL r*llt T.t nil rir»r tnn^ ^ n v.ii..n cent cut to all persons earning up lo $302.000 annually, influential Ivcmocrats ;,rc .conslderiiiK propos- ln? hlUher iicrsonal iiicomc Itix exemptions n» a countcrmcnsurc to the Republican denmnd for a W ver cent cut. This would mean Ki-eutcr icllcf for the'lower brack- •'ts. President Gives Herbert Hoover New Assignment WASHINGTON. Jan. 22.— (UP preMdent Herbert Hoo inccd today (hat he ha Lions Club Gets Activity Report On Blytheville 'Y' The Itev. R. Scott llairC raMor ot the First Christian Chiir.'li. discusi- rd activities of the, Hlylhevillc "Y" al of the Lions Club yesterday noon it Hie Hotel Noble. C.irroll Durham, member of the Wynne Lions Club, presented several members of tho local group with honorary mem'ocrshtps and discussed advertising of Arkansas and Mississippi County al the national Lions convention in San Francisco ill July. Honorary memberships in the Paul Bun.van Club of ncmiriji. Minn., were presented severe) members of the local group by Harrv Hoese of Ucinidjl. Other guests at the meeting were the Kev, Robert Jaeger ar.d Dr. C. L. CrnlR. ftuesi jo go u, cjerm.vtiy nnd make n study of (ood conditions willi r view toward relieving "sonic of th- biii'dcn on the Amcrjfaii tn.vpn) Mr. floovrr f nld "(here are 110 iwhllc.-il implications Id (his mission in the remotest degree." ''"he former chief cxecullvc con- By Andei On Farm Front Cabinet Membe/- Wants Production Controls With Price Supports WASHINGTON, 'Jnn, M. (U.P.)—Sccretnrv of Agit- cultiirc Clinton I'. Andeison -onay mgcd Congress to link the fiirm price 'support -rani with some .syslem profliietioii controls to wnrd off wasteful' and'.'ox- pciiMivo ovcrnroductioiv '''? """ Cy C(1 " > m;1C(c t<3 Imig-tlme ,i,te;'c£i5 of bo h fanners and consumers.-"- he- Mid, "or (t cut! lend l'i ,w:ist.' or our faun production, our money ""'I o«r soil, we must choose „„].-• n, T, 0 "' 5 stntclll "»t wn.-. made Iho House A-iiiculture Uoniml!-" 'cired win, Mr . Triimnn ror mlnutcs at the White House. H C ses sald ho would leave Washington I5l ,p} llo » announced today. (TO to Germany nnd way stations u .. an econumic ml^liju directed to food ,ii,cl its collalcral problems" Mr. Hoover said. Oil Burner Causes Fire in Garage; is Slighl An oil burner oul Of control ca I.v this morning sent clouds „. smckc billowing out of the Lo> Eich garage a.1 Walnut and Railroad slreels ai;cl a small bte rlid sllghl damage lo walls and ceiling surrounding Ihc burner. pr •""or"'" l '' C " ! W °'^ "° llnmcdl! " e fiirin prices. But hu said pncu suo' port opcrntloiis durlni; 1947-43 >ii./i . " W MI cost from two.oon.- 010 to $700,000.000 'clBpoiitilUB'- on geneial economic conditions "iinn-t^at 1 ^r "' thljl "jin.j miKiii pe rcclalnicd'latrr • ^hrmit), Ihe rwalc of surplus •< vllnlily Mot'ltl ho heavy lwsrs'.' C ~ 1-.VCH worse. h 0 mid, thn opera- Ion of the price mmmn proLrlim ™™ura C " r 's ' 8 fl "' m °" IW " W ? 1U "' >». thurcby prevent!!^' a ^hu^j n reurn norm,,! farming pattern*, by 'the . Antlcrsoii snlci Ih •rum covered throo oeb r" ° sc . supported on „ permanent MHS. those which must be slip•en ""'V.'l'rbugh tl, e ,948 crop Kfii, nhd those oii-wliich .price, mav or may not be 5 uPliorted; ? He snld Congresis should -give It» '•lof attention to Hie ' «ec6m "grot " Ho M d that irtdudci pot at ^, CB8S. (nxsced and peanut,, All of' f jiese, l,c said, prob»b(y «m C05 i; Iho government money bv th. end ° cra1M8 «•"«"«« of wUt hap- Six in Arkansas Die in Tragedies Plane Accident N Newport Fatal -ft Instructor, Stude A •virplano IBy, fire in UnlSed Press) I,Ht| c Rock and nn crash near Newport yes. • -- — ^n *n.wpu> \f -vua- terdny arc credited with thn violent deaths ot five Arkansas -persons, while capital c |t y officers today continued 1 their search for the slnyor of a SJ-yesr-oid woman. inreo -bjib.v^ daughters --of Romell »-il nnd his wlfD, Utlle -ftock cgrocs, were burned , to death when l|,o family's three-room was destroyed.. The' victims Ceallce. 3. Deborls, 2, »„ hie. 1, ' ' . The crash .of a !| B ],t training piano near Newport took the lives na,;/." 1 ^ "-J J . 0| ". 1S -: <P, :i">d Tert i^nnas, 3,j. Johns was aii' Instructor for the Newport Flying Servic--- Dallas .was a student .pilot. A farmer c al cd state .police after he. savv the plane nntl heard a crash a few infinites later Meanwhile in Little Rock, oifi- cei.-v were questioning 1 a 38-vear-olf* moUier of » lx 0 , U ldren 'in the ,^ °A,,^ rs ' Uine M - Kelley .iimcs. Officers said Mrs. James inrt fh ?" t0 d "" h W|th n btlck and that a nclghtor had heard lo threaten the 64-ycr woman. J WAA 11 . . Machinery Here - At Army Air Base Surplus /iinn machinery and cnri- slrnction equipment will be available to World War II veterans until January 27. tlie Little Rock rc- einnl office of War Assets Adiain- , - — •• ...u .v i ,.M,, I)gK ,n lsl ,|;" ll< '» "nnounced today. late next week to begin his "ceo- n ,? Si " c : whlch <>Pe»ed January uomle. mission." 9 ' wlil conlimio through February 11. • ' '"" '" S ! " >kr<l lnc to «scd. All Is being offered'Tt' nx"d prices, ranging from 26 cents each for .new drill bits to $2,393 fo.- n luetHieavy-dtily tractor. Pumps, air compressors, and vi brntors arc also In the Kstlifs fhe equipment Is located at sov- era aifTerent point* throughout the Mate, iticlitding Jacksonville. Hope Thc fire believed -started when a short circuit in lhc auto malic electric control of the burner Ignited oil leaking from II. The garage interior suftertcl damage from the smoke. Btiitlgart, Camp Mile. Camden, and Moiitl'cello"in- spection, may be made by prospective purchasers at these focastioi,. Chamber of Commerce Directors to Confer The BMvd ot Director? of the Blyl-hrvllle Cliambpr of Coimuerci will hold R business meeting tomorrow afternoon nt 2:30 In tlie. Chamber of Commerce, office .In City Mall, Worth D. Holder, secretary, announced this morning.

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