The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Billy nto (or lint rot cousecutlre |»beriioDs: Mluluiuui Obftrft 500 1 lluie ycr line "" ice 2 limes i>, t Uu» j>, t d 1T __ " ,. jo 3 Uiuea per lln« per day flc 6 times i>er line par day -- 7c 1- Iliues yer line per day 6c Mouth per lice floe Count five average words to the Hue. Ad ordered lor three or six times and toyried before eiplratlou will t* charged lor Hie yuiubcr of tluica tlie ad appeared aud adjustment of bill made All Classified Advertising copy sub- turned uy persons resliUlie oulslde of the eily inii^t bo accompanied by cash. Rates y be easily computed frotu tlje above le. •tkVrtlslDg order for Irregular inser- Mukes tho one thue rale. !><> respou^lblllty will be taken for re than oue Incorrect Insertion of any For Sale Coal! 100 U>s. or Carload. We deliver. Phone 37«!l. Wlieeler Coal Co. % Cnp- (iin. l-S-pk-2-h bteel L!| L.rr, I racil. Il ckine Slop. Cell 2828. kollle M. Il|l8.clr-lf fcuyer tor yorn fcoi^8. II. O. pbell. I'Lone 410 — 2USO. Office iiuutb Hecoad. 10)2 ck-tl 11,-rf's n tip — i-ar 1,r,holsl<Ty cleans ]..»nMlii]lv will, Di,. nl . w Kin« r,,»m. JJ-al.s l';iint X vY:,ll|,F»|,cl Oil. 12l27-ck-ll27,«7 HO iicre love! farm, near I'arasould on hi way. Improvements worth price .isked. Price <?8f>(.0. .]. (.'. Chapin, Manila, Ark. l-]0-pk-'.M For Sa/e BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Two more clcclric ranges are pausing ternporurily a t Blylhevillc Sales Co. A hint to the wise is sufficient. l-18-ck-2ji Cnxo (rnclnr. 1>C mojol \villi cuhl- llon. ini'1,11,' ljro:ikrrs ni,,l lini-roxv. rn? M,j|il,e' volition,/. Ull,> -\ t<HL ' >\'i .i.lK,. iriuli. J,,,.. Si > c.>. Klm.nh •I 111 Oii'Vroli-t Irurk. l,vo Kpned nxle. W. Minimum*.- 1,rakes, new (ires With 1! I f,,,,t I'liner triiil.T, V- 'mil sniini:. I'l '!«, Nleel,.. lllHjik.-!.-! Muliy si,-,,Her + .-r.jli. I'l,n l!,,',,l I .!-ho(fom twelve inch Case h'rciikcr. 1 .^-bottom 11" oil lil't hroaker. 1 1-ll-C two hollom^H" hroaker. 1 Furcl tractor - cultivator middle busier—road sfij), Did) Widner, Yarhro, phony (Hi!). l-21-pk-.M Mot Point Hledric cookitiK stove. A-l condition. Clieap Phone S7S. K. G. Cash. n,>n. C;ill L'Tii.' Mill r,,iiti;ie K, Kx,vllenl rimilllh DANGER! A shaking, wobbling car means danger ro those who drive it- and to the pcdesfrian that crosses its path innocently. Wanted to Kent 'J ,.!.,!• dilli,,- , I.M ,.-:n.-r : rill rliilli-. Kitcli,-! ,itK.-r I -,li.-l mill [bairn — . T"l \V. \Vnt- ,1 ,,!,,-,l :,rni)- coiubnt sho n,\ ,,xf.,rds. IhUford's Sli 'Hl R. Srcorn!. I4fl lul. lo.alo.l in 1000 l,t,,rk i,-Jc:,^aivli:i. I'll,HI,; :i7-IR. JllH-i.k- * It ,nil,j <,[f iiravcl. Sunie in,- |,myeiueiLts. I'iirlly cle:ir,',l. Tljis Ifiml in Dnriklin I'omily. not f:,r from Hlylltevilte. N.rt,-requiem miner says K-tl f,,>- i-hr.'.lr jirlri- of .?f,(l per nrr.!. ?Mi aer, * ,,,'tir lilvll.i-vill,: in Missis- M|,|.i (Viimly. lii-Jilv iriH-rfrvoil. On r«,ek r<ra,l. Hr-flri,' "liiii'K :,„,! sol,,>c.l I,us roiil,-. Ihi- II liniiEUt. m M,r.',l for Limits Ihviier \vilL xell :,LI ,',|i,ii>, • inelnilin,.' ','<•'!. »<•<•,I. 1rn,'l,,rf. ele. us 1, Wlllklilll. rrli-,.,1 to .«,• 11. CITY I'HMl'KHTY ,,f liihl. Suil. \Vril.. A .1. l[17.|,k--JI -tit f<ir 2 niiuji f,irr,ish,'fl .ijinrti ni,-,! linty urid :l ye:t r ,i).] il.,u,-li. . Ihisliaiid in K ,. r ,i r o. \v,il,. M,s. i,- <r',ii f j,.. r . Itt. I. llnx -II. Cilj- you yn'nt to sell or Ijliy l.UTIir.H O1IAY fr Huicl; I%YO ilnor l<:,.lin :in.l iilidri IDKAI, COMMRRCIAT, SITU! Corner lot, 300 foot frontJiga on Highway (i!, located jus( north of BlytheviUe Compress. Has a depth of /gents Wanted WAXTKO — HKI.IAI11.K \VtlM\\ In 'I'i'M inir T 1 I'r'HliirK in li<>r liniii.-. and l,il,T lak il.-rs if .«n,,,|,l,-s ,,r.' Silti-fnrli.ry. ItiiT h,>« ,,[ Sal,l|.l.-s I',,-,-. {„.!,. I'lirlni-y \\'ri|,. lll.iir Pi'|>l. IM-'ti. I.ync-Kliiiri:.' Va. I J,)|il.''l Help Wanted :uy. l.iit iiiu-l l )t . in-jit Cfmil s ;1 l :1 ri, •-.,.1 v..,rlillL. .-omliii All.:. in .IT-.,Ml ill D.-ltil r.lf,.. !:•>! ,k'JI If your car wobbles, it may mean that unsuspecting accident is just ahead! Don't take chances. Phillips specializes in body and chassis work. You'll find a skillfully trained man for every bit of work ro be done on your car. Don't leave your car to guess work elsewhere, bring ir to Phillips to be sure! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEADER Walnut .it Fiflh—Hlylheville, Arlt.—Tcl. ,1!>.!-;!721 Services Vat '», ""*'{ M Kliiiliruueli'ii iinrliueul,: - - .J _ A "''' ||K " 11C a ' JOJ ' '" J l' k •"" °'LM;"!!. f '';'"!!"'' "'"' "'|,nlr. All ivarV JJi!"s l;;ii; :! ' ;i ' "»'''>"''' I "K"|"; ^ Tractor rejwlrs and nertlce. Blerlrlc i n il acetylene wckiinu. HUcksmlth wurk. J/cl(» Implement Co. Phone 8fi1 ' 3-15-ck-tf Lcnrni'd I.nlor The New x,oahi:ul nulornis liinl ••as ri'coiistnictccl from fiMsil bones Situation Wanted K. All:. K\i>,ri.-i,.-i',l i,, meal irriiri'ry [in,-. I-:. II. Dnvis. 1 For Rent iffle* jptee for r«nt. KntTre lecorid floor at 138 E. llnm. I'rl'ale BII- traDce. Ttnetiaa kllndi. I'aone 801. 8[B1. i. -If *1,». I'll. 1!P75. 1117 j,k-2l •UK) feet. Owner, F. E. iie.i, 2057. l-M-pk-2). COAI, at Hlylheville (;in Co. 1-20-ck--'-'] ew ^n,,lh>K'ti,l ilunl $'J,in.l,,l. Mrs. Har -If'J I'. II I'.nx 171,, I -Kill rlyinonlli frnir iloor <ldnx<\,,l donlilo cnrnto. (iOr, I17-ck-2i7 Wanted To Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. v 6-3-ck-tl Cash for wrecked nr j\mlt automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Aiilo Salvage. North Hiwv Gl, phone 37S5. 12-2(i-pk-l-2fi 12.26-pk-l-2(i Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—nijfhl 2059. ]-17-ck-2-17 One lale model Molinc tractor with starter, lifi'lils, power lift and road LICHF. 2 row cuKivaltir with ruh- her (ire K ; 'iigc wheels, two hottoni slaf wine; hreakins; plow, and tandem disc. One two-bottom M.issey-UiU'- ris breaker. One two-bottom 12" .John Deere bro:!l(- er. See I'aul Abbott, Yarbro road, phone (in!). J-2!-pk-2'l Nice •! room plastered resilience and bath, in Rixxl neighborhood, on Holly Hired. Owner moving lo California. Price SI.200. Shown by appointment. Have exclusive listing. II'. ^ Campbell, Realtor, 110 T-2ml. l-l?-ck-2l Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY «3 MISSOUK! ST. PH. 3GJ7 LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 4il CIIKV. 4? DKSOTO •II CHEV. :is CHEV. 31 I1UICK OTIIEKS TO SELECT TKOM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION I'hone !)2S 110 K. Main bi'foi-f iL was found a.s n livini; bird. Srii.'iili.sts hud t]H,ui;lit il w: exliucL. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Host Price* Kirby Drug Stores rtBrirJI,,., o! kfiul'ti""Joi"llil"n r A"IO til) n,,l ,,11. Hi,.),,,,, ,,,,| ,|,,||»,> r , »l/l-t.lllo Mrirhllio |s|,<!i,. Oll-ok-lt CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We liny nmt Sell (iOOl) USI01) OAKS Hill Cli.ui.bllti — I.Ci {iliiinilillii film- !,,,,! net.illv,-, I,, -I'll,, M,,,l,,| Sln,l,.< '.III NV,a.»,l;i Av,-. SI, LinilH 12. Me. We 1:1,111 nlllrl. |,'l,nil|,t M'l" J'"'. |;i pi..217 "' i" 1 - " •< i'lrr.'lliulis Mr, H,.y Snilll, t-l,' 1 ", 1 i:' I Ilirllt. l,. 1 ! |,k 21 iMONKY TO LOAN Do you need n loim to repnlr or remodel? No down pny- nient, no mortgage, no rod Inpe. F11A npprovcd rate r.%. Ask for dctaila. Max I-ognn, Kei.Hor, phone 2031. Lynch Hldj;., lilytlicviite. 9-23-ck-tC \\'i'a(l)t'i- slrippiiifr. Save fuel by having doors and windows wealherslrippvd. C. 10. Wights, 512 N. 10th. SAI.KSMAN WAN'I'Kl) Railroad & Ash Sts. I'll one 21S.5 "I'll- *ma Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. AV. AllllDLH, MX I". rhoiin '^071 XOI1-OK W. Mnln WASHER SERVICE riilllip Frcl «cil» CUabcfs, fAaa, ITODB alt R ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 1. W A JAMS Mir. oil' 1071 SOO-UH W. H»13 "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main St. I'hone 3(M7 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 l!,il Ulnlor. (lo,,,[ l\rff. I,if.IV. :Ulu M. 1'nil .^1. fri -I i.'ni. Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME Day or Night 2089 "The Old Reliable" ANY'JiMR Day or Night G. O. POETZ Ywr Source of PETROLEUM I»f|.o.i..3l>l<! Service PRODUCTS Of nee RH »l Cherry NOW'S THE TIME! Bod weather and constant driving arc the two things that contribute most to the wearing out of your car. It's a good habit to have your car checked more often now, during bad weather than at any other time. Have the hose connections to the radiator checked, transmission grease for proper level and oil for proper weight or mileage change. You'll enjoy a smoother running car in return for the little time spent on this check. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Satos—BdICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRF.OKKR RKRVICH Walnut & Itrondwny Telephone 553 Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. 0. Lcnrz Dub Siscmorc nutrntial FARM LOANS / Low Interact J Long Term V Fair Appraisal / Prompt Servlc* RAY WORTHINGTON SiTvliiB This Srclliin for IM Vi'iirs Iiri_S:i. Uril llbllicvlllo, Arli. n. i',.j,,,it.i !„,„,.„,'. <?",?,,;„,'.i \"^ t 'I'niiu In I'l'iitlcnlliil I'rilKrmu Sinicliiy i\( -I over WlttX) Snvo Money Today, Any Da STOP AND SWAP liMJKUT HUFFMAN'S •101 K. Mnln I'llunc 8S!) Van Musi lie IIiipjij- or No Heal '**;•/> RADIO Any Make or Mode! 1 (o 2 Days fiorvice We Call For rind Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan! MOTOKOlrA Sales and Service inii South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Types Eicnjil Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 511 M.iln, ill>•Ihrvllle, Ark,, I'hone DON EDWARDS "The Typrwrllcr Jlan" TiOVAL, SMITH. COKONA ami KI'MIXfiTO.N I'OKTAHJ.K 110 N. SKCONb ST. PHONK 3382 (Every Tr.insnctlon MUST I3E SATISFACTORY) PAGE NINE DEPENDABLE Buy From Us and Be Sure of Getting ft/// Value for Every $ You Spend 11)12 tinick Special •!door. Custom .mill-ln HiHliii. Hlack finish. This ear is in [lerl'ect, coiidilion. .See it today. 1(111 Chrysler Now Yorker -I -door Redan. lieiiiilil'ul jjreen finish. Undio and healer. A real liny. I!) 12 Stmlt'l.aher Com- iniindo Skyway Ti-pass. Coupe. Unilh), low mile- HKV, liiihl jjreen riiiisli. Lots of miles to the of HNS. l!)ll Chry.sler Itoyal 2- <loor Sedan. Itudio and healer. 5 K om| (ires. (•'i'ey finish. A heanly. lilt! Chevrolet Special l)i.'l,uxc Town Sedan, liadio anil heater. Ktms like new. lieaiiliful hlno finish. 1!)11 1'onfiac 8, 4-door Sediin. 5 almost new (ires. Heal Clean. A real family car. 1iMl' 1'lymoiith Special Deluxe 2-door Sedan. IJadio ami heater. Kxtra Kiiod rnhhor. 10-10 O.dsmohile 4-iIoor Sedan. You will havu lo sec thi.s one to, aiiprc- ciate it. • ' !!IW l''ord Special I)e': Inve Sedan. Kadio and heater. Unlit lihi'c finish. ' . . --' Many Other Older Models to Choose from LO Y EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut p hon . 57, Texaco Go* & Oils , It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. m, West Main St. Everything You Need! When yiiu're in dinilil JIR to wlierc you shnnhl look for Ki)inclliiii{,' for (he home or car, try our well-stocked store . . . you'll find many (hin^s you want right at your fiiiK<T lips. Don't waste lime jnsl ".shoppine" elsewhere! Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main St.. BOOTS AND HER BUDDTB8 FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS POP, YOU Olk'MT* S^ET ' ' ^^v CAR. SINCK ITXVAS , p.Ufj-£D.' lr5 r-ORSALE,J YOU KI-JGW/ Chiiinp Cliisolcr THIS is I'LL TrVKE TMM'CMl 11= THE OVVMER. WILL cur HIS PRICE TO - BY MERRII I, BLOSSEP THAT MY BOY, I' VVAY TO DO BUSl.N

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