The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 10.17 Communist Bloc To Rule Poland Group Takes Lead As Vores Counted; 23 Killed at Polls WARSAW. Jan. 21 —(UP) — The Polish government bloc piled up a vofliiiiamiiiiir lead today in the count of votes east at Poland's first post-war election, assuring it of overwhelming domination o f Hie iinlion's one-house parliament. ticial returns ;,- Om 394 dis- 5. including -10 in Warsaw, gave Hie government bloc 5G0.27B voles to 53,1-10 for sianisJmv Mikolnje- ?.yk's I'ca.sant Party. Tlic 10 to 1 lead for the Com- »umi»t-(io]ninn(p ( i government bloc apparently assured it O t tlie sweeping victory that had been forecast o.v pre-e!eci|on developments Mikolajcuyk's party made Its bpst reported showing in" HHCC Hs-.csrov.- districts, where it polled 1253 ugulnst the bloc's 2.0:i3. Two American torrcsjjondoiits tourniB the provinces to wr ,tch Sunday's voting reported they fcad iK'cn dntalncd in protective custody by the security police for sis hours. They were Toni Howard of Nowsn-ock Wlt Keil( | :lll F f lh<: New York Post. Miss Howard telephoned from Krakow early today that police halted her a n<| FoSK at Wodzlslaw took their credentials and told them the road to Krakow was full of -bandits." Later they were allowed to proceed with n .soldier escort to Krakow. n . hcrc Ulev W( .|-c questioned by police for an hour before Iliey v,ere released. 'Radio Warsaw reported that 2!i persons were killed throughout Poland on election day <A,, Excliansc Telegraph correspondent reported in a dispatch to London he and two others were asked lo leave a ballot eount- .IIIR room. He said long jincs of |Vu cr. s who had stood outside the lulling places for hours were turned away at closing t i me after watching government g roup s march ».v lo vote en bloc.) MikoJnjcyk announced that he will deiimnd nnlliiicalion o f the entire election on grounds that it was not "free and unfettered" as required i n the Yalta Bi,, Three agreement. A New Look at an Old Friend BLYTHBVILLE (AlilQ COUK1BK NBWS •*V "t Georgia f-unds Face Tangle in Governors Row ATLANTA. On.. Jan. 21. (UP)— Attorney General EU.JJ.IC ConV- snid today there was no .vay in which he could file suits lo protect ftate funds and property durin.' tlic ei'- bernatorial tangle. He raid he could not sue State Treasurer George Hamilton "because under the constitution Hamilton is one of my clients." Lt. Gov, M. E. "Thompson, who is contending for the governorship with Herman Talmadae. had said Saturday he would ask Cook to protect the state's money. }j§j "ft is possible thai suit.-, niav be "Allied by taxpayers." Cook snid. "But I do not know of any paiticular taxpayer planning one." Busck Begins Production of 1947 Models FLINT. Midi,. Jan. :>!, _.. Huict: today iinnoiinml its isn model "•iii's In three series and nine body tv(:cs Icati'.riiH'. m'nvehil modern Mylinf. a new wing-lip' grille, "sl- !< l ni /one" Ijody ninnntiin; ami mimo:r>us mechanical improvements -all i-esi:lllnii in n more outMund- h'u |H'l formaiu'c. Hiirlow II. t:milce. liuiek gene- nil manai-er uiul vice president of Ocncra] Moinix M ,|,| Hdiek's 11MY cars show the distinctive, function:!! styling developed by a staff i>l rir-.iKti e.-igj.Mcers whose 'work Ims ••el the iiiiioniolive industry's .style p.itlern lor y.-ai.s to come. "Over tin- yeurs." Cmtii-e said. "Dui: k has consistently developed I ,, distinctive In appear- ll us dmr.ble In use piiuluctlr.i, of 1917 , (o Buii-k 1,-gtin mode's j.mci .-.Inildmvii [or put averaged daily . •We 1)11 ill model car;,." ouv nrndus'tl :b-,lnn(iii| i Imvniiy. Initial out- mure than I loo car p ' This strange object is an t,lil friend It's the M..108-fool ne:,k of Ml. Unmi ?rnnn" < r mC , lUC n ! ""'-'r 1 "'"'" " V"""* '^ Sviperf,,r'lres v, ., il.OOO feel. Ono of ihe lii.H vcniral acnr.l viev~- of M... 'i -,„„ " •nounlain. the picture above is a mosaic n! t,,, u • r., ,.,,.,,;,.„:, u .;.'.' Boeing lest pilots regularly use the snowy ,„..,;, ;, ; ; '., ,;j,,', t .i' ; ' „,„,,'; --^jaa^nu^t,. on tiiciv stratosphere lliijli'.s. aiipc.-l frn I that there was r i in her home life." Slayer Insists He's Ready for Fuel R uns ~i ow Electric C/ia/r \ n Snowbound Have Tiavelinsj Eyes Flatfish beein life witli normally placed eyes, but one eye soon travels to one side. In some species, tiie eye progresses over the head, while in others it travels through the head. CAFE MAY COURT HOUSE. N'. J.. Jan. 21. (UP)—Ernest H. Corson. who . confessed strangling his' wife 'because she refused lo reveal . her lover's name, told a jail attendant "i hope 1 R ct the electric chair," it was disclosed today. County Prosecutor Hnrrv Tciicn- unum said the 18-ycar-bld telc- Iihone repairman also said during questioning that he wanted the, I death penalty for Hie slaying of | his wife. Eleanor, 23, mother of four children. "1 wan I the chair to be in s;oo:i shape.'' the attendant quoted Corson as saying, Corson told police he killed hi> wife after he accidentally tapi'ed I a line and head iier talking lo a ! man \viih whom she jhaci been [ keeping company. I However. Tenenhaum said lie was not yet convinced Corson's story was anything but "a figment, of his imagination." "Neighbors tell us Mrs. Corsctn was a »ood ni»ther and wife and BROWNING. Mont.. Jan. 1!1. lUi'l The driver of-nu Army ••weasel" completed a rouhdtrip !o the snowbound town of Biibb, Mont., yesterday a:\ci reported that it;; 3U.1 inhabitant liad plenty hie! food but 7L'S of our 1016 ''lice said, "mill tlan.s CM]] (or n •e In 1041 models ^no (]iiantiiy will lie determined bv "»' uvailii, ;ihiy 1,1 UK, necessary raw nir.iet-lals aii.l lubiieated parjj nnm oiii various sources Only by »ll jjroilm-llvily <-,-i,, ive tueet UK liliijlic '.''"•'n'"' 1 <TOJ ' lr<l ''V I'"' wide '->:terior'y an- Ihe ,?eal, "low- nil; Ilni-.i of ./.lo pine airfoil fnn- "erii. ., manive front end with •' •'<•••-. inni-e liiiiKi.'.omn urille. «.m Mie ,ou. Kioniy. sti-eumliiied boilj (;liaiiu-lcoi;s are noted for their "Duty to chance their colors lo niiiich those „[ ii, nv surroundings lhe v arc as aj-.l [<> ejiiince 'to I'olors 01 ecnira.-il as to ones tlmt match. Jy IJUi:d«Z(!!s. were buot-.inn 1C-fool <<i-ili<i on a road leading to H«|>:> •It) miles northwest of here The lown has been isolated for a month by heaped snows. Actini; Supt. 1C. ,x. Pliidmark of l.-ii-.-it'i- National Park estimated tlie ]-.lows would reacli Babb In five days unless a wind cnmc up. M>.HI that if the wind rose, "we're through," The weasel driver said that the :miation in liabb is "not de.spcr- "No one is sulleriiiK in Buhl)," lie sum. "There is plenty of food... fuel oil is low...and feed for the cattle is practically exhausted." A buMdoittr opened a road to Die town, which has. no railroad, on Dec. 30. The break lasted only ii few hours, however, nncl n bllz- z.ird closed it almost immediately. Fladmark curlier said that the ieside;it.7 ul flabb iccrc running out of fuel and have no doctor. /&* fc?nc-M,ou FOR SALE (u|iii)>mcnl is in ii"»i\ cmidilion :unl iiiij|)cclioii at the Wilson ei Co. SU-n: Ark. All! ;iv;iilal)lc fin :il Arniorcl, IS Court Walking Cnllivalor.s 2 Single How I^crtili/cr Distributors 10 One How Cotton and Corn Planters 2 One Row Stalk CuUcrs( drawn) 2 Two Row Tractor Slalk Cutters I Avcry Two ICow I'lanlcr 1' Oliver Two-How 1'lanfcr 1 Alolinu Two How I'lanlor ~i John Decro Two How I'lanli-r.s 12 1(1" Middle Hiistcrs 5 8" iMiddlc HiiHfcrs 1 Internal ion;!] Tractor Mdwinjr .Machine 1 Intcniational Side Delivery Kukc 1 Tractor Section Harrow 'i Section Harrows •I (loocl Wagons witli 2-hale ticds 1 Oliver .Mule Mowing Machine > > 1 Dunip Hake 12 Turninjf flows (all si/.es) !i() Sets Good Leather Harness v I Shop Outfit Complete 1 Used Combine (good condition)' T 1 Used AC Combine (good condition) 1 New International Combine Number 62. We arc now offering this equipment for the- 1' :imi- and if interested il will pay you lo acl ini- ncdiately. Phone 2088. LEE WiLSON & CO. Armorel, Arkansas /?/^5t.fieor^. f! foJ.ilc on >ont c.ilciuMr 13 l!;i; Iwo-picce suit ' llul's doing new lhinja~wilWlnj«r" Tnctc'j ..ilion in llic lilt o( llic iacfccl and "a come-on, ~"^~ •'•• 'glillci in lie e ul>l]e gohl (,-iJ ,Vini7ln"i>'jrm Lcige, ** • iiLlle r^slicll, Jiirl licjvcnly bliicTanJ Tool IIAMI>TON;CORD fabric i^siVcnoRcn. 1 " ;Ei-^79jTl5.j $21.50. "< Serving BlytheyiHe More Than 40 Years 1>h(lllc ;!; W1 22!J West Main St. Has Second Set of Twins at 42 Episcopalian Church Plant 75th Convention HKJjv.VA, Aik. Jan. y.\. (ill') The 75111 inimial ccnveiHIon ol Uic ]--l)l.scoi)i,j Cliurch of Arkansas IN TIIK <'IIAt«-KKV COIIIIT KOIl •fin; CHICK,\.S,UVBA i)ib-ri{fr!T oi' MiKsissirn COUNT v. AH- IVANS AS. PAQE SEVEN, . A/iillne .(ones ll'AltNI The Doffiiti-inl ll'AltNI.Vd (H(I)KK llerciltliilll, A/.lilhle .lolir'i 'i; l lo apjioiiv in the Chune'-iy Omul for tin. chickasawlw Uuiftd <>J MIsslKflnpl County, Arkunnn. within thirty i30i <liiyn and inswer Hie coinpliilnt of the plalnllir r C! Junes. Witness my hanil as clerk .->.' said court and t|,,. ,- l( . n | (hereof |.j ll:i tlu . I'/lli (lay of January, ion. IIAHVKY MOIiHIS. cit'ik "y Miuy i.ce JnrruM. I'2I-HH--J I-H -.. John's . Churoh Wednesday and Thtirj<J«l, it ir.nounccd today. '* will meet at St'. here was nr.noun Ornig* wd Cn^WraM •Mrs. Doris Henson, ecnler, of :\'or|i] I!i,-h' ™ she stands between her two ,' , other FKOM SNIFFLV, STUffy DISTRESS OF •~--~-m -w^ <^ rwf^> I"'' anlly rcl ic f from head cold owtn-ss stnrts to come wh«n you put a lliUc V,vtro-nol in each nostril. What's more -it aciually helps prevent ni.iny colds from developing If used in time I Try itt Follow directions in package. VICKS VA ?RO NOL t t '\>y. v':'i ' -MI''''-' ^ /^S i«l's ft Idl t,f piggy I );U1 U H . . . ,„„. f,,,. ,....„,„ i/i tJie Ufiilod Slides, inul iJit'ii ..oiiic. liold n loi of j)ciinics-l)in ilj ( ..y wouMn'1 pennies lo im y i|,, ; f l;l |cra] l;ix bills of ^.s-iiiiijiHgeil cJcclric coinjiiuiicrt for tlic vcnr 1 '*••' Jl " n"^ JCMl hlulistius nrc dull, l)i,l 8000,000,000 in pcn- nics-or any olliur ciirreuuy-is un inlcrcsling BIIIII. When you tl,i,,k ( ,r il j,, | nn)ll ol'juld.-il c-icclric service, il becomes s!i. BS criii K . 'J'liiil's bca.usc a penny <hcs u> niucli n/r!i:lricni/y —rims tin olertrii; Hock four duys, li K l,| s „ |, mi ,| r(U j. wl , tl [,,,11, lhrcc iioiirs, or viiriiuni clciius KI\ Jjirgo ni"!i. Undc.rsliiiid, wo rn«Ii/i; »o coiinlry run npernlr, witliiiiu in XBS . Wc'ro t ,rn,til In kiiiw our imlnrtry riuilriJitilcR so licuvily In our iiiilional nixinoiny. '•ir itficrnlidiis an virnwfly Itix-jn-f. '•'•y p.njoy oilier li/i,7fK-i;i! <II|V;III|-ICT^ inn — iiiiitiiiiiiJjL?^ \\l\.l ^*~ or no inlrrrst on loitns, govrriun-jnl iihsorjuion uiul wry ofltrr basi wns rstjil>lislicd any for goviirning. Il '•Irt-tricily, misolinr. or even piuwlirrls. Mm, s i,,,. c fi'»v ( -rnn.cnl ,,.^,1 j (s privileges lo rnlcr inio tJie world of ImsincRs, u-c In-licvn ii. ^,,,,,1,1 ofxcralc »s ' do. Il slunild bmr i[ s fiiir share or luxes, jtiiy inirrrsl nn l<,;u, s i-ompek: fairly. Iti-iithrr „:„„/,, if K oi<rrn,,,c,n i., i,, business, il stiouttt. lie bits' <>•<• "nw rticicic now.-;/,, HOUR OF CHARM. ' "" " " " C8S f,'il*o,t.

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