The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Wekh-SzaszWin Weekly Tag Bout Matmen Use Variety Of Arena Tricks in Fast, Furious Encounter After being stopped cold In the first fall, Joe Welch and Al Szasz snipped back In two short, fust nibs; to out-battle Billy Vcnnblc ,«nd Stocky Kncilsen (n n tag rn»tch last night a t the Legion Arena. Grappling last night centered about four frequently used maneuvers—stomp hammer-locks, hend- locsk, body slam s nnd monkey- flips. Remainder or thc battle took •the form of slugging and kicking. Only cue free-for-nll, early In the third fall, broke out nnd the match time was spent in consistently hard nnd rough scrapping. Welch and Venable met In opening action and were soon nil over each other. Sznsz reulaccd Welch early in the bout and led off with his first kangaroo-kick. Vcnnblc wns on flic receiving end nnd went soiling across the ring. While Venable recovered. Knell- sen cnme In to punish Szasz with a hammer-lock. Szasz squirmed out i of it with frantic twisting anrt \ng- gcti Welch, who administered a series or body slams to both Vcn- ablc and Kncibsen. Venable recouped with n stomp hiimmc>-Jock. pausing occasionally to lug Welch Into Knellsen's corner for (\vo- agslnst-onc mauling. Szasz Takes Punishment Szasz entered and took n beating from both opponents until Welch was tagged and started revenge. Welch, however, fell heir to a stomp hammer-lock treatment given by both foes until he eapilulnt- _ BLYTHEVILLEJARK.) COURIER NEWS « Hmd-a-Port at Full Power Pretty PMridn McCnllonyh ijoes into a full power left turn in Hie new libcrglnu;. plastic boat at Tulsu's jcscrvior. T)ic l(i and one-half-foot cr;ift with a five. 1 and iinc-half-foot bo;im. carries a 2o- h.p. motor, weighs only 600 pounds, ;ind dots in excess of 2C miles per hour. * ctt. Kncllsen and Szasz exchanged n flurr.v of punches but, the latter was soon stopped by Vcnable with a stomp hammer-lock. Under pressure. Szssz was eliminated, giving the fall to Venable and Kneilscn after 15 minutes of grappling. Szasz took the lead In thc second fall by handing n full-Nelson «nd a hammer-lock to Vcnable before turning him over to Welch who clamped him In a hend-lock Weked and punched him. Knellscn and Szasz battled evenly until Welch entered to body slam the Norwegian. Sznsz cnme back nnd almost immediately floored Kneil- s«n with a high-flying knn ?n roo- «ck. following through with a body pin. Venable made n brief bid for revenge, but Szasz caught hh B in « series of monkey-flips that was continued by Welch, who pinned him. Time was 10 minutes .A brief free-for-all only seconds after the opening fo the final fall I resulted when Referee Mike Mer- f oney became sandwiched between Welch and Viwble. t MInutes later, Welch .squlrmV to {* c °rner to tag his nartncu after both opponents gave him a short workout with head nnd hammcr- IOCKS. Szasz was kneed several times by Kneilsen, then worked Venable before bcine rescued by Welch/ who pounded the mat heavily with Kneilsen. Did For Kcvcnci! Fails :: Aft er- a brief sluufcsl between Sz3sz a n rt Venable, Welch launched more niotikey-flip s against both opponent.';. Szasz continued the treatment until Welch rc-mHcred to.hprty slam and pin Kncllsen A .oriel try at revenge by Vennble failed when he started butting Szasz about the ring. Szasr, intcr- C< t?!, ea a " n ' tcm P' c d body-block with a leaping kangaroo-kick nnd dropped Vcnable. pinning him after 10 minutes of matwo-; Kneilscn appeared to "have everything uiitier control in the first prelim bout 8S he punished Welch for minute, on end with hammer- Jus countless Cleveland funs n>- parage. But despite thc reV-V Strikeout King To Be Highest Paid Player In History Of Game By MII.TON nOI'IttCKIl United I'rcss Hports Writer CLEVELAND. Jan. 21. <U.I' Baseball's strikeout king Bob Fc!-| - ' "~~ — * -• ~*~ ler lodny signed n 1047 contract ''egai'dcd as a shrewd businessman with thc Cleveland Indians for thc greatest earnings gard uob ns a modest, all-Amcili .can boy. i_! Bob isn't the prolotyix; of (ho _ I Iowa "plough hoy" name. lie is „.. of _ player in the game's history. Shortly after the signing, president Bill Vccck of thc Indians .said that Fellers income from n basic salary nnd a bonus on «t- tendnncc 'to my knowledge will l,e the greatest In the history of baseball.' Babe Ruth received a straight salary of $80.000 a year In 1930-3). Feller reportedly received n straight salary of $50,000 last yc:,r phis $22,000 in bonuses and President Bill Vccck of the Into,is agreed recently that thc one-ti:ne Iowa farm lx>y was worth more. Tlie Si'-ycar o!:l hnrlcr who rejoined the Indians after three :IMI one half years In thc Navy wi'.'i his pitching- skill tindlinlnlshod. broke nubc Wiiddcll's 42-3'eni•-( ;<| strike out, vecortl last year. Hob whiffed 348 batters to better \V;v.l- dell's mark by five. , If attendance totals arc ns (jrcai In 1947 ns anticipated, nnd Ff:l- Icr's otticr earnings matcrlali/o he can easily hit thc SlOO.WliJ mark he was expected to rivi.Th last year. •I'm confident the Indians will he popular this year." Feller s:iv, in agreeing lo thc bonus ccntii'ct. Attendance last year hit a record 1,055,283 mark, and this soi- son, with an additional 21 ni-jin games scheduled. Feller coulti make himself a mint ol money. In 1937. when Bob was still a minor, his father signed his !iis: big league contract cnllhiK $10,000. In 10 years, Bob has most parlayed that rigiire to times as much. At the close of last year's sensational season, Feller called himself "thc best pitcher In baseball," » remark few have seen fit to Ois- —borne out by the bonus-altci:'l- ance arrangement In his contraji. ttccently Feller was ineorpor>i'cd in thc state of Ohio a-s "Ro-Fellcr. Inc." With his baseball school, barnstorming, and other arrangements Feller is really big business. locks, bill ended \ip «« the canvas when Welch stopped hLs knee- Ing attempts by erabbliiR a leg and apn'iyinK a halt-Jack-knife to win in 15 minutes. /featcst irick of Hie evening cost Szass; the semi-wlndup. After he went round and round with Venable. the latter ended up outside thc ring. Szasz took to Ihc air like a rocket, threw a head scissors on Venable while in mid-air and with a twist of his body, (lipped his opponent back into thc ring. Vcnable entered the riiiR fnnlail over fo'ca.sllc but got to his feel In time to grasp one or sznsz' legs and apply a haK-crab to win In 10 minutes. State College Wins in Game With Ole Miss JONKSIIORO. Ar:-:.. Jan. 21. (UP' —Arkansas Stale College last ntiiht swamped Memphis State. 52 '.o 27, In « basketball game here. The victory was thc second this season for the Arkansas quintet over Memphis State. Thc visitors piled up un -Mily lead, but ASC came from Ijciiind And led. 2S to 21, nt-halflimo. Eich Quint Continues On Victory Road Loy Elcli Independents added another victory to tltcir record last night when they dropped the Stcelc IndeDCndent.s by a 40 to 30 count on the Mlssoiirians' court. Tlie moiornicn took an early ....lead and maintained 'a safe mar- fnr Kin throughout thc iiaine, leading ;il-12!) to 14 at the half. Forward Glenn Bunch led scoring as (he Ipoucil Ihrough 17 (joints for the Chcvro- Icts. KInlcy, Steele. guard, was nmiier-np with 14 tallies. Next :;che<l(Jlc(i tile for the mo- tonnen U next Monday night, when they meet thc Mnn'tl,, Lions in the Blythcville High School court. The box score: Leochville Girls Win Cage Game From Gosnell Lcachvllle Lions clawed Gosncll Pirates 42 to 22 last night on the Gosncll court while thc plratcltes copped a ID to 11 niii over the Lionesses. The Pirates , -led first quarter scoring by „ jinrron- 8 to fi marg:n but the Lions tied thc count H- 14 by halftone. Adams, Lcachvillc center, coppett scoring honors wll'i 13 points, followed by teainmntc forward Scott with 10. caldwcli «nd White got seven each for th- Pirates. The girLs teams battled thro»»h a low-scoring first period Icavhr; thc count standing a t 2-2 The Lionesses pulled" up t o a 10 ( o :i lead by hnlftiuie and held oosncll to a one-point, gain in the Ins; slnnxa while they went to 16 Crimes and Wilson led scorim- »Hh nine points each, followed bv Finch of Leachvllle with five The Piratettes played without the scr- vIces of high-scoring forward Sn- Plna Bcvlll, out O r the line-up h»- causr, O f in ncss _ ' - ID Loy Eicli i.4Q) G. Bunch (171 A. Hunch (7) . Mcharg 10) . Johnson |11> Griffin Slecle (30t . Story "i ... . Potcet Bix/ell in) Kenlcy tu Kieiburk ... Rich—Stewart f2). Golf Tourney Sponsors In N. Carolina Unhappy CHARLOTTE, N. C.. Jan. 21 (UP) —Complaining that they lia.-l -, 0 i eiiai-antce that big-name profes- f'°" nl BO""* «'ould play as '«.,„«_ led loca officials threatened today to call O q the SIO.OOO Chnrlolie i i ' Tournament scheduled for March 27-30 "The club takes all thd "rtmble "'Hi Ihe P.G.A. managers take II the guarantees," charged C. w aet- wick. inanaser of the Myers'Park Country Club. He salt! th,t he cub had lo B i mr!Hltcc „ „„.,,. "^ ' Pops to Play Jonesboro Quint Tonight The Paps face their toughest tilt the season's schedule hus spuing yet when they encounter (.he Jonesboro Junior High whirlwinds tonight on the filythcvillc court, following a 7 o'cliock opener. After dropping a thriller to 'i swift niy five by a single point in their last cage tussle, thc Pans wln-losc balance is slowly swinging the oilier way with their record now standing at three wins and two losses, ' The Whirlwinds arc conceded an edge In tonight's tilt although the Paj;s are capable or putting up a defensive battle. Jonesboro Junior tiigcincn have piled up ten vl-- torles so far this season, scorins their last win over previously undefeated -Meniphl.; South Side Dv a 50 to 37 count. Individual obstacles jirovidcd by the Whirlwinds will be center Lewis Abcrnathy and forward, Stuppy Pryor on offense and lor- 1 words Bob Sloan and Vance Brown ' on defensive play. The Pops win m cut thc Whirlwind threat with their three topscorers: Forwards Harold Honey- C ,V U T?"'' Carl W - vatt ail[i «nlcr J m Berry. Rounding out defensive pliiv will be guards Buddy Dormers and Jim Percifi.ll. These five arc listed ns probable game starters As 11 curtain raLscr. two Mirle-i Ic.-uns. recruited from seventh and eighth grade physical education TUESDAY, JANUAJty 21, MD7 \ Old Iron Men classes, o'clock. singe a game a; n promotion without anv lissiirnrce that the top golfers would nn;a-'~ "Unui thc P.G.A. Is ready i/tV" o stage these tonnmmeiUs ,.,-.„ > basis, wc don't, want to Have nnyihlng to do with •],.,," said Oehvick. n c called the ion!- |»nicnt contract a "20- , 8 c A hat loaves practically no a , te :,, ° live about anything except i>, e co'nee 1 "^ Ul " C WC C1U1 to " -he Pos. I'\. F C G. ... Cl. 1'iiniipi-biirV U)lc- r» -.-•.ncu ,Fjre Damage Yesterday Hindman Home Suffers Chapman <3i. Lutes, stccle—Kcl- Icy (S). R. Kctchuin, May, Burden. Kclchtim. • =~ n Too Late To Classify Striking Grooms Fail To Halt Hialcah Racing MIAMI. Phi.. Jan. 21. CUI'i—Ki.i- eah racetrack officials said trwluy hey have replaced two-third.; nf he grooms who are on strike, -.mri hat the track is having a succus'itul Yesterday's parimulutM handle .,,,. , over S 1.000.000 the second lime in ! ' ' 10111 ' ,, w ? he first three days of Ihc '0-c1:.yi ff- rcs " Uctl nceltnq that thc million was a For Saie K.UIMK roil SAI.K Grocery store on Sotilli Franklin, walk-out proposition, imnicdialc loHn i am- 1017. \ ...... Jincxl i:l,|,vovnn,.nli. ,.|,., Iriril'y ",°rVu' nil-, ninil rniit<>. », 1n j|,. j rr ; m \]\,.\ t Tj"-"*' I '"" l: """' <vil1 '"• fivi-n fo S'3 arres. M ;„ rnl!iv»1ion Unn,| 1,'ar Iwl. woil _3.toom IUMIV',. „;,', i." 40 nr r ,E. B u ;„ rll i,l vn |i,,ii. dunT inv rinil. on_ rnrk rn.1,1 i i/iij,^ tr^'nt t-.^n' l^i,^c«si,,n vvij] i,^ ,-i v ,-n f,, r l'.»17. fO nrro'". 70 (n ritltlmtlm,. f»i r | ra ., r ,,,.,.. men!*, rloclriritr. srlt.jol (,„. ,„.,, . T.,^V M, (1 . This i, „ c ,, 0 |- ,„,.„' ', iitilt-" from (,>«-H. 410.0011 I'n-se.iion Will l.c siTcn Jor 1!>17 »<• h.iiv iniitj- fnnn« ,if' ail IV i,r> ;ni For Sale Some 1.100 grooms nnd sxi\-cKr boys nre off thc job. demanding rrs-' .oration of S10 Ixjnus paymciUs lo | handlers of all horses which siait nnd extra bonuses to handles of winning horses. sirin. N'icc 5 room house wilhballi iwo blocks from M;iin Strecl. Owner leaving town. Can give possession within two weeks. Nice 5 room house on Cherry SI. Immediate possession. Owner leaving (own. I'lione :ifi:!3. David Heal Estate am] Inv. Co. l-21-ch-2l -. Ma. mil'' |n» . , J'liou" Offirc 72 rtr^idpnr^ H74 MAI.DEX. MO. ' _ ; V»n Vomun. no^ Srnlor llraW » .1:1 lit. •> innnlhs ol.l. Will »,ll » *•!•« nr r.ll Wilson. Davis. V..""'^ . «>-rti.l>ut(r. Tonn. ri Crnpp ViUlirn ^Tjik — ,!,>, . .lionrd .— HPV. 211 Sonlh Wanted to Rent $* .fl ^1 4 Ji oin &l \r lit n f fin pl I rr rt nil « I, I C'.,, ^ j .Mf* \\ r rn »> J 1 ,-jf <• 1>1 - HSfef l»r,' roiinri-h-,1 !,,"l,« u r,.. «"» I"r.1l a s I "I y.'-ft M,.. Ill, nrw r.;^.^"vr:.-,, 1 ^™,-,''^ S, 1 ;'^,"."";'";-'"!"''? £ r ^ r ^ : ^' : l::;"^'^ ','f..''V' "''" "" ''"-"i""-.-. -1-rV nn.l llMnr,., ,, , „ p j k S.-llii,r "'iii i,,, m,. r k,,,,r c ,, y. K 'il''k •:.!,' ,l|7V ^^"'"'ff-^r.iirv.t- ^i.'X.^v.r'-^-'vH; Services 1 -'I r),..'l The home, strove °<£>°L"r C ' ' V ""X'lv.nni 0S2 West Hcarti, was ri,- j-esterday afternoon v,h n fne swrpt through thc attic The blaze was believed to i,,™ oecn started by „„ oven,e'«," fl»e In thc attic which led from »» oil heater i,, „ hallway ,)e ! ,>v the Tr SPrM " rnl>iUly lllr -'"« the alt ic, fancd by yeslcrdpVs sustv wind. The attic was cmply at the time of the fire Firemen kept the bb?.e from spreading to thc rest o f thc "Ithoiigh water and smoke (Iain- in rooms below attic. Barons Dicker With Trippi For Contract BIRMINOHAAf. Ala., Jan. 21. i UP)--The iBiriningiintn Barons today announced the purchase of an outfielder nnd a pitcher fro:n Rochester and a catcher from Savannah. Thc outfielder. Veteran Art neb- el, lilt 25 doubles. 10 triples anrt 12 home runs anrt had an average of .2% for Rochester of thc Inter- lational League last year. He drove in 78 runs. Picther Roy Bruncr was a relief mirier for the last place Rochester club in 1046. winning u ircc nlu i osing 10 games. Catcher Joe Kratzer made thc outh Atlantic's all-star team at Savannah last year, batting .323 n EO games. Baron General Manager Eddie Glennon also announced the out- righl sale of outfielder Jnh,,m- Meanwhile. Glennon said he plan- AU erv? r™ 1 Ch! "' lic TriJ) P' '» A hens, Ga Feb. 5 for a confcr- ohce on playing for the Barons this year. He .sakl (hat Trii>ni p««nlscd not to sign a pro »ase" na,^ conn-act until ,,c had taikec, Babe's Condition Better NEW YORK, J,,,:. 21. (UP>-B.V Riilh. i-ecovcrinB nicely from a "I •m-s neck operation Jan. 6, w s **polled n, B o 0fl condition lodiy'bv ofTiclals at French Hospital w ^ c Iicj,»a been under treatment ^ How Sluggish Folks Get Happy Relief w c buy and sell used tractors nnd equipment. Husscll Phillip's Tractor (' n ., ^ Hiway f>l, phone U171. WHEN COKSTIPATION tn,tkcs you fed I»unk as Ihe dickens, brings on stomnch upset, sour taste, j-nssy dhcomlnrt, take Dr. CaldwcU's (amous medicine to quickly pull the trigger on lary "innards 1 ') end help you fed bright and chipper again. DR. CALOWELL'S is the wonderful sen- na laxative contained in Rood old Syrup Pepsin to mfike it so easy to lake. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin preparations in prescriptions to make the medicine more palatable and agreeable to take. So l>c sure your lamtive is contained in Syrup Pepsin. tNSIST ON DR. CAUDWELL'S—the favorite of millions for 50 years, ami (eel that wholesome relief front constipation. Kven finicky children love it. CAUTION: Use only as directed. DR.CA1DV/EITS SENNA LAXATIVE «•""«»» SYRUP PEPSIN INDUSTRIAL LIFE & HEALTH SINCK I8!1l Offices 1-2-3 nORUM BUILDING Blythcvillc, Arkansas OtHcc Phono 3607 KcMdrncc Phone M8I J. D. FUTCH Representative Investigate (lie Industrial plan ft>r future securifv! r ~ -> Why Gamble «id> Old Man Winter JUST CMLL fl,s and liavc your Coal delivered. Guaranteed lo Satisfy We also buy i, BUUry at all tiJMC , Lewis Poultry 4T9 E. Main Local A i, onjr i )lsl ., nc< , Movlag Q 7 "."!?,', 101 "," 0 "',' 11111 •1'lpm.nt. AdV " Horns '•?.*'" * Slor.f. Co. *ftunu ^301 • —- ii * f.-*.ns/,,*.cimt fcr^.,, ^ssa-.: -. t ."TV. rn S °- f Mnhc; ' l< ' 11 Wiisliinfilon and Jc-fforson unit wbicli v.-eiil full CO ininutos lioldinc CalifoniUi Wonder Toarn to sc > e- 'V SS i'";,," 1 Pils »'l<- i n" ««se Bowl, Jan. I. 1(122 rcoa ,,lav U "t shook W.v.'ilc nrenkcrl for K.iicluK.wii thai w;,." , '' | |,- ^ J.oft to riKht: Sltcrifr K,, sa Stein, Warron, O.: Al Crook Whooi, „' W. Va.; JudKO IJalp), Vince. Clevclnnd. O.; CharU's Wi-st A o\"' antlna, Va.:.W»ync Brcnl;ort. Detroit, ami Harold (Swede') Erik* Three Missco Basketball Games Are Scheduled Basketball games scheduled to be played In Mississippi County tonight follow: Osccola vs. Mississippi County High School (West Ridge), at Osceola, Shawncc vs. Turrcll. at Joiner Manila vs. Dell, at Dell. Mississippi College Quint Wins From Southwestern MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Jan. 21. rUTi —Mississippi CollCBC look un early lead in a basketball game beic last night to defeat Southwestern Urn- vcrsity, 57 to 39. The visitors piled up an ll-'wUil margin In the first period and ltd Zgharias in Lead TAMPA. Fla.. Jan. 21. IU^I—M.- Babe Didrlckson Zaharias of Denver, Colo., who shot a 77 in Oj>":imrr ' Play, led a field of 100. .Laddie Irwln, an amateur tro--i Montclair. N. J.. was lied for second position by professionals Patty B-re of Port Myers. Fla.. and Kuluvn Hcmphill of Greensboro N C ail had ID. ' ' " at lialftime. 30-23. Jim Parkman, with Jo paced tbe winners. South.v was led by forward Judd Wil who scored H |)omls. What To Do For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling Remember Ihc time when you could cat like n horse. bubb!«l-ovcr n-ltri ciicruy felt hnppy n., a larlt? Was It not bpciui'a you liked to en'^-dicln't, know v;hat In- cllge.suon was. felt, strong as an ox? As age ndyances the "old stomach and the ever-chailRlng blood" need help. Now you may again release vibrant enemy to every muscle. More. cell. 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RIT2 THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today * 'I I IK STORY OF * ' * CVBRY WOMAN'S -*' *r\VO C,RK,\T LOVES * !•> ^^^v.'" 1> "'"" 0< "" lli '>(^y "One o[ Ika mosl eitlhralling piclurei / hove cver'seen.* - Comedy anil UK I) News NOTICE TO ALL AUTOMOBILE OWNERS Join thc Arkonsas Automobile Clufa and enjoy its many benefits. Membership affords you extra protection, savings, convenience, comfort and nation-wide travel service. We also write FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE to our MEMBERS at 20'- discount from Arkansas manual rates. I'UHMC I.IAIJIUTY COLLISION COMI'KKIlKNSIVi; IT PAYS TO BELONG ,v^~ Smart Motorists Drive the ((jf£j$) Way OFFICE NOW OPEN IN JACKSON BLDG. 204 West Ash St. Phone 2341 Wednesday & Thursday "TYPHOON" with Ddrtilhy F.aiimtir News nnil Comrdv CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Ofrlcc Opens 8:45 p.m. Show oUrtJ 7:0* p.m. Last Time Today "Col. 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