The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 5
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JANUARY 21, 1947 To Investigate 18c Dress Sale Given To Victory Clothing Drive It Shows Up In Sale Ily ANN' HK.'KS (United I'ress Stuff Cm respondent) ', WASHINGTON, Jnn. 21.--N.-.<u,in v I Porinoy, Chicago mail order jniig- | imte, roiitul himself the target of a ! eoiiijressional invest ixation today ISP of a dress ho sold for 1R BLYT'HEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER-NPAVS Pepper Discovers Senators Can Be Lead to a Speech — But HY I-'IIKIWII'.CK 0. OT1IMAN | down comfortably. Orator 1'epl'e.r .. . , . i was beginning to look Imntti'V, hlm- I'nited I'ri'ss Staff Correspondent se | f " WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 _ You ' Why ,,„,„., ,, fe ,, skcd S(m w . iynr wasn't Ilio pi ice that :,l:irled the ruckus. The r ( u<>.s(i<m WIIK: How did Portnoy i;.-t the dress that Mrs. l.nrs Midjaas of Full-dale, N. D., donated to Clip vic:orv clothini; drive for xonu 1 frm'openn woman? Instead of landing in RIU'JJJC, ii;e (sown turned up gunoiu; sonic dr>'3s- that Mrs. Elizabeth OhlhuuNvr t.f '•nil leiul a HPiiiUor to a sprreh. 'but von c-nn't make him listen to it. Not ulifn he's hungry, you can't. So: At 12 o'clock noon Sen. Claude I'eppej- of rl"- spread upon Ills drsk a pile of books, document:;, atid comOTSsional records, with ]>i:ik place marks on every one. Me put (he overlloM- on the desk to his right. He slipped on his Ijlaek-rimmed cyoijhissc's and In courtly fashion lie bejjan n K]ierj!i upon ail imjim-t- iinl matter: The Heoi'ijaiii/.ation of I he Senate. At one p.m. his complexion was crimson; lie was rcil- fai'Pil Pepper. Going .strung. Jusl Kettini; a j'0"<l start. Here and there senators bewail ti> stand up. take quick looks around Morse, of Oregon, jnit his suiws- lion about lunch hours lor .senators in the form of a inolion? su Hie senators could vole on it? An excellent idea, Run. i'cpprr .said. He jusi hadn't thought of it. himself. Yes. agreed Sen. Morn 1 , and nl>y not make It a joint motion? The [' Food-!-'or - Hun;ry Senators resolution? .Sen. Pepper said lie would be honored by eompany so dlstlnt;- . . . Ua/t-Hon, N. D.. bought from I'oit- and disappear ntiielly ouUihe buck noy's Chicago cider emp-irmr.i. door. Al t:'JO p'm. Sen. Pepper had an audience consisting of It rust her it: cents. Tilt: . t if.-ji:(te Committee on KX;TU- tive Expenditures promised to look into UK; mailer bnl Porlnov was slumped as to what lie i-onH KM the senators. "I'd Kive myself $r>0 lo liiul nil where that dress came from, told newsmen in Chicago. "Fiiu'ir.. out how 1 i-ot it would tic like li-.intinf: for a needle in a haystat-'t." Sen. Milton YOIIIIB, R.. N. D.. who represents both Mrs. Midjaas and Miss Ohlhouser in the Senate, ."aid he wanted all the facts, includ-ii;.; whether any other donated di-isst? were sold by mail to American •'•"men on this side of the Atlantic. audience consisting of .seven Demoenus, nine Republicans, three l>:i;:e boys, one stenographer, and Uo reporters in Hie press unllery playing liek-taek-tue. "Mr. president." cried Ren. c.'irl .u, A. Hutch of N. M.. "I suBtresl the he absence of a quorum." ' Sen. pepper surveyed tlie rows of red leather seals and agreed that he didn't have much of a house, lie said he presumed the absent ones were downstairs iit'luncli! "So I iliank the gentleman." lie sold, bowing ( 0 Sen. liatcli. "but if we were to have a <(uorum call now, the Bontlemcn would be forced to leave their lunches. They Young i;ave this account of Mrs.] would rush to the floor wave or Midjaas; dress: signal to n clerk (hat they were I he victory clothing drive was on. I present ond then they would uo and Mrs. Midjnas was glad ID ion- • - - • *> tribute. She took her dress to the Kev. O. J. Bilstad n[ Fail-dale, whose wife was local chairman of the drive. Before she handed il over, Mrs. , Midjaas pinned a liltlc note in thi sleeve, up near the shoulder, wl.ih- Mt"l! "lots of luck" to the next wear- i£\ overseas. ; Next tiling Mis. Midjaa:; knew •. she received an answer lo her nrjle —from Miss Olilhouser. praclic ilJy a next-door neighbor. Miss Ohlhousi'r explained r,hc liad : nnswi-rcd an advertisement. . ! n ili» Farmers Union Herald. l.Mi!i-cl>v picking up mo dresses .-.I the iumj, ' price o! $18—or IB cents eaeji. j Young did not. look kindly on tii- '. version <./. dresse.s Donated for rcikl. "11 this is true, it is fraud .nid corruption of the worst kind," lie • said. ; Portnoy said he bought dresses : from junk dealers, institution:! run; ; other sources throughout the co'in- 1 try and could n<jt trace the origin ; of nny of them. back to the dining room. "f am sure in addition that nothing I can say now is so important lo them as their food." Sen. Hatch withdrew his suggestion. Ren. Pepper said this was one of the troubles with being a senator. NO lunch hour. Rush into the chamber at 12 and start, feeling hungry about Die lime you ought to be interested in law-making. There ought to be a la.v providing setiaiors with lunch - hour.s. Maybe, su^ges'ccl Sen. Owen Brewster o! Maine, the Senate. should work at night. After dinner-, (hat is. Now it was 1:45 p.m. and a few Inquiry. Board To Hear Sadler, White Tonight i.rrn.E ROCK, Ark.. Jan. in. UU'i -Invi'sllualion t.t ilu> Stale Hospital for Nervous Disease enioi's the testimonial stinte tonight '.vluxi Hie Hist two of several wilni'Si-.'s have lieen asked to appear before the Joint House-Senate investi'ial- iuu I'onuuittee for (juestlonln^. The two are the Key. liaro',1 Sadler of llison LIIK) L. li. \V'nti' Hellion, members of the bouil .. control mound whom discussion lias ray.ed fur several weeks. They .ue the two nii-mlKTs wlio were th. 1 ob- jecl of seathiny denunciation by th': I'ulaski County Grand Jury end PAGE FIVE Hotel Fires Gel Attention Of Legislators LITTL].; liOCI (UP)—The first legislation prompted by recent disn»lrous hotel fires hit the door of the House ol Representatives yesterday. The measure was dt.siyned to force Hit inslallalion or fire escapes and other .safety devices, and was introduced by Rep. Claude c»f- fel'. of Centon County. 11 would make hotels' responsible for properly or lives lost by fire. Under the measure, hotels could escape responsibility by .setllnf; up adequate e.sciine devices and lurn- isliina niyhtwalchmen in buildings taller than six .stories. Tlie bill was referred to Section A of the Judiciary Committee. The house approved a resolution directing an investigation into the possibility of moving 000 elderly persons now at the Stale Hospital for Nervous Diseases Injo the practically - empty Confederate Home near Little Ktick. The concurrent resolution directed the joint House and Senate Hospital investigating Committee to look into the possible ti-.insfer. It wa s drawn by Rep. Bob Ililey the wards mul buildings at the Lil- lle Rock unit of the institull'i:i Tlie wruup heard Dr. N. T. HolUs, IK linn sMp:-i intendent. dcscrM):? a tour point program whieli the iu- | .'itiiutinn hopes to put into eli'eii. 1 if the Cieneral Assembly approves a reiiue.'.ti'd budtset o( stl.iKIU.Udli an- niuilly. The precession lludgct O.nn- mitU'i' ret (Hiuneiuled an appripi'ia- liou nf $'j.itm.ouo. Tlie |)r«K''nni would dmible Hie Ark., jnn. 21. —- i f ou d allotment lo patients: piovidf "•='"""" -•"•»»'- eiuht.bmir shifts for aliendaiuii; iv- pnir and expand tlie plant; n:ul raise the wage scale of stair members. The new li-fiO. an adaptation of the 11-yy. is bcultf desifcued for service anywhere on the I'Jobe ~- I'Kiin enuator to poles. senators were slrollinu back to ' of 1'ubski"county Rep Hal" Moodv hen- tl e.sks. iookl,, s well-satisfied, of Lawrence Cmml a d ep J A The special lunch consisted of liv- ( -- ' ' Kf and onions, coffee, pie. hot corn bread and butler. 05 cents. The special lunch deltixe was roast :-quab, candied sweet potatoes, and diet's salad. SI.10. The \vcli-fed senators settled Oipson of Benton county. Read Courier News Want Ads. Mcadowlarks are more closely related to starlings than lo larks. NOTICE Notice is hereby given thai Jack Ozment, 124 Dougan has made ai>- plicalkm to operate a tar lor hire i the City of lilythevllie. Any and all protests should be In wilt inn and filed within ten tlnys in llic office of the City Clerk. Frank Wlnhvorth City Cleik. ounr.ii In the. Cham-try Court, t'lilrkasuw- lia District, jMinslssilipi ('(unity, A i ka nsas. Meal Siiivc-i's I'lnlntlff, vs. Nn. DU41 Etta .Shivers nefendant. Tlie delcndiint Kttu Hliivers is hereby warned lo appear within thirty clays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer Uie complaint, of the phiintilf Neal -Shivers. Dated this 13th day of Jan., 1017. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Virgil Green. Atly for plf. P. C. D:un;lilan. Ally, ad Lib. I 14-21-2S-2I4 Italian Premier Visits in U. S. Thompson Takes Oath in Georgia Pi-eniicr Alciclr. cle Gaspcri. Ir-ft. nccoinpanieil liy his daiielur.. Moriii, arrived at the National Airport in Washington on Jan. S. in ; finest of Aniericnn financial and economic; assistance for his country. Greeting Cn<.-|>iu-i and his d.-iiiKhtci i;: Italian Ambassador to Hie 1). s. AllH-ilo Tarciiiont. CNEA 'leleiiliotc.i Just Like Old Times An unidentified reporter stopped M. K. I'hnmpsnn on the .stC]K or tlu- Elate Capitol building in Atlanta, Oeoryin, shortly after Thompson had been sworn in as U. Governor of Georgia." (NEA Tclepliolo.; Cowboy Greenberg Seems like the old days as passenger liners again arrive in New York crammed to the sunn Is with pretly foreign females and colorful male visitors. These three, and many others, were, on the SS. America when she docked the other day. Beryl Davis is an English radio singer. Prof. Ivan Mestrovic, top right, a Yugoslav iculptor, will leach at Syracuse University. Bishop Theophilc Joncsco of tlie 'Romanian Orthodox faith will serve churches oJ that following in the U. S. and Canada. 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