The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 1;J7,J.931_ HI.YTHKVlM.rc, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS At Red Cross Services in Capital TO am r-p-it Aclucvenienls of Medical Science-Will Be Reported al Convention medical sdeiKisi-: will reveal the m'vr-st weoiwns i'i llio wnr on "Jis- c-tr,»: fit lliD'i 1 fr'nrt ti'i'iuiil coiivcn- iJnn hern. siavlin« ..inn? 8. i Some 800') physicians, the larg- i cit nssetnb'v of doctcrs anywhere in Pie world will attend ihls -r-u's! session of llic ATiicvk-nn Me-lical As.socialio:i 13 discuss everything, from a now mrtliotl of trealin? wliropEng cougli bv u^e of cLhcr to n means of stHdvint; living tissue ttirmigli a "whulow" In a rahbH'.'s «:ar. Gnu ltmx)itniiL .activity will -bo the scientific exhibit, devoted not only'lo new discover:.^, but al?:o lo special demonstrations which serve 1 as a j>cr,t graduate course in lielp- ing "practicing physicians to ktep abreast of modern advances. ! (Here leading pnlhologists v.-ill discuss disease tissues, removed frtu't pttlScnts in Philiu'.?luhla hos- pltnls during the actual course of Ihc meeting. Treatment of fractures int-hidm? use of piaster of ].'sVLs and restoration of function after healing will be ttejnonstrai- rr.v Tom licy Counlrcl Oul 1 Icllin Discovere:! Coming to Barficld Next Week PACE A .s[K?ciul exhibit has l>om ar- r a aged lo .show HIP much- discussed mcthcd of [renting vaiicose veins by injection of material that obliterates the voins. One apparatus lo be shown determines the coloring of the blood to the thousandth cf a ijerm. Tulamnia and jxsittacQsis (parrot, fever) are some or th? extraordinary conditions which w!\l Ix? fully exemplified. An artificial stomach will be exhibited as will n machine for production of high temperatures, or artificial "fever, which bus- been fount! beneficial in certain nervous conditions. Another unique instrument measures the breathing ol new-born infants. Several investigators at the University of Pennsylvania, who have t 1 .? vised n v:fty to study living tissue through a "window" of transparent material inserted in a rabbit's ear, will demonstrate this discovery. Another feature never shown bo- fore will be the raisins cf larvae nf (lies, which recent work has shewn to l>c beneficial iti the rrcntment of osteomyelitis, an in- lent 'on of the bone marrow. . " While tbo specialists will devote much of their tune to cxtraordin- arv conditions, such common con- (lit'nns a.s eruption of the skin unit "athlete's fcoi" will be exhibited Investigators will explain how Lhn-r have tracked down and k^pt check on some 250.000 charlatans. patent medicines and other forms of rimckery in the health held. Almost eve-rv important scientific group in U'rc field of the care of public health will exhibit the progress that it has marie Sn recent vears In overcoming such conditions, as rheiimstism, venereal disease, cancer, di-seara transmitted by animals to man and similar disorders. H,:art disease now the leading cause of dcnth in the United States, will occur [•* a prominent place in the program. C?nccr, the nemesis of middle a^c, will receive attention in some 15 papers from the points of viiw of the surgeon, radiologist, the ophthalmologist nnd the ototaryn- golo^ist. Isolation of the female se.x hormone. announced last ynr, stimulated research in this field, which will bs the subject of a sytnixjsium In the section on obstetrics and BY l!<WNi:V HI1TCIIKK XKA Srrvlrr Writer WASHINGTON.—Those stiiitlinp expic.-siuru uf awe linn luuv hitch i b';t>:i MTU on cc:tnlii faces aroiiiu 1 tiie Capitol turn out to be those of . men who know the Nye an'.' j Hastings Senate committee have ! d'H'eviT-.'tl about the elections In A'ali'im.i la.s'.. yi-ar. Alleged disclosures by tnvestlga- j ims in Alabama have been a clili'I | Ionic cf Mib ros:i gossip here un' ' certain Senators who know iiboul ;llum him In ViLsiictl tones of the j ;iMi;'.7nj j . i-hap'.er in the history of j the lialJot that was written before . Jilm Uankhead wns declared th: 1 j winner ever til? famous Senator I Tom lleflin. ! At sis suctions of the state >. com'iiluIHMi mid '1\ .sections of the Is'iitc election co:le were violated, j acccr.iin^ to evidence milled over | by t^.e Nye committee to the Has, lings privilege uiul elections eom- inUtrc sitting on the Ilcfllii-Bank- hrad ountesl. The Nye commlltce s OID-,\- confining itself to a study ol money campaign contributions rc-leclicl as th3 occasion for Ihe dedication ol insofar „., Ahbima is concerned. il-.a;:el ol Walter fired IK-, iuM in Washington. Here you .see Ihej Vrm . c M . ul) . violations .'ecu; duiin.; the ct-reinonie-. attended by distinguished visitors and I A confidential preliminary refit*! CroL. 1 ; iiursi'j. In the lirst irronp indicated by til;- anow at tlieliwrl. which left much to be added, left, a: ; Mabel HDaniunn Mii lirrl'crt Honver wid Mis PiJiicI- J - salcl llir> ' l ' lc lollowlnu violations Hurley, v.ife cf the- S.-crc-tarv ol War The siomd arrow shows UUhop! hn ' ! ^T" BC " C ' R ' " ml ^°" ld ^ proved by coiupL'tent tesilmjny and physical cvldeiKp: I | l/egal linllots rejected, i W. Hfimilt:n ol Jon: sliuro motor d | .flection onicers lakiiit' ballot.'! to Cottuiiwcod Point Sur.duy af- from pollinij places and voting l - ! them elsewhere-. Mr. nnd .Mrs. E. M, l!ullmaii| Walker, Maltle Hughey and Lydta . field* attended Ihc club meeting."- '.'• nl Blythevllte, Satttrday. • •••'••': Mr- and Mrs. Wets Tomllmoiui spent. Wednesday In Blythevil!?. '-; Mlfs Helen Jarrelt of New LI'j- '..' fitv t.ffM SfUui-day night nV.d • Sunday v.lth Allieuu Walkfr." Mrs. 1 A. J. Wicker cf drove wns the enesl of Mrs i:. n Walker, Sunday. • ." ' Virginia Rlch.-.rdson nnd Alma N'ccilltnm were dinner guests i.t Mi's Hurel Wnlker, Sunday. . ,, ' A new diet for tuberculosis 1ms i ! been ntlrnctlng attention In Ger- j mnny. It alms ni llmliim the ; iimount of mineral sa(ts and re, ! ducliig the proportion of sugar aivl . , .starcli-eomaining foods in tlie dii-l ! together wllh the addition of raw.." 1 ', j (cuds conluliilng vllnmlns. .. ." l.i" Mcamer Clly of Memi-hl!, will be al. llarf.rhl lnniUiin We'iiipalny i-wl.l iliuuv iindi'i- tlui Joint auspices of tlie lival Aiiirik-an l.rulon post mid llic' t.isii'in Star. The Clly ol Memphis is MO (V-et lona. hus two promi'inule de do-1 ISO fed Icnx. Tlie vfss.l. a .sldnvheeler. wan m-fclimlly biiill lor u pi, reimxli'le.l niul rcdecoiuled. 'i, for u luinu's (n probate judge. Absent ballots mailed fu: nouuy by prob:\lv Jiu. I'oil lasc.s |ialil lifter legal Ihn? ' dlllons found in Illinois anil IVnn fee .syli-anio they expect to lie able to K'TO them mi iinswerliiB shout about Alabama and Tniiginniiy Hull. I I tiie' h? mncl;? I' Blyllu-vill: vi.iittcl y alt.-riicou. . J. \V llijbSn.san frietuls h-'rc j Tcnn.. vi.siled his family here, Suti• ' TJiousnnds of illegal absent ballots counted, of Brucelo'i Absent ballols changed in olllce of probale judge and in transit. Absent knllols ol Arn:cr;l j many years voted. Persons convicted ol a felony vot- jicrsons dead Louise Rooter Sunday night, uith Misses Absent ballots opened by others ASII-.S and ,\!nb;l McKay. | than election oinccis. Go!c'.l-.! Blefcx 1 and Flor- j Minors voting. ente St-Xes were visitors of Mivsl Cci>:litnd. Stinday. : Mis;! Wfiriha had as her : ri-eil Sunday. Miss Mnxtne Cop2- ] Innil. : Mr. ti.t:<l Mrs. Gri:r Mor.r- W.TJ ; i II-.L' s'iestr, of the. letters moihrr. ' r;. Win Ray, .Sunday. Rev. \V. !in!nilto:i conducted f-r- vic«3 at Hie Baptist churdi Sunday .i..r:u'!.g e.nj evening. ?*liss Mjrear-jt Perry ar l-'muls expended but not repwled. Hi Illn Muy ISrllrlll "III some counlles." snlil I'.c same reiwit. "the registration lists' liav; no! been inirgixl since adoiitlon of the coiistldillon In 1301." | All Hits doesn't InUleale llrat Tom Ilellln Is KOlnij to be returned to his seal. But, Tom undoubtedly tlie worst, of U because he linil to run us an Independent with the whole Democratic machine against him. Lately such reports or announcements have been forthcoming as llial all the bnllots of Hlbb and Houston coinuies were burned— anil hence't. be counted by the Has- lini;s committee, IhaL none of Un- boxes in Mobile county were found sealed and that 420 persons vo'.ctl there »ho were not on the tiunHfled list, tliat. ballots were marked In piles and so on. Republicans arc Kreellnu Ihe disclosures with smug satisfaction. Wlv.'ii the Dcmocrnt.i |>ohit lo con- Hifjhtmver News Mr. Ruli'li SinvBon of l.llile Wilson attended the school pro- Brain hcra Priday nlvjil. Mr. 'I 1 . A. Mintln. who Kiiffcrrd stroke of p.unly»L'> Saturday uornlng while nluwliig In (he fields. llwl Suliirday afternoon, He Ims «n n resident, of IhLs community or the [iast 12 years. He Is survived by Ills widow niul two sls- ters ol tills place. I'nnernl services v.cro conducied by Ihe. Ifcv. Htanflelil anil liilrrintnl. \v«s made n the Luxorn cetiielcrv. I Mlai E\'on Mcknlitiit and Mr. linlph Simpson of I.llllo Wlluml vlslled frhnds here. Sundnv. I I'raycr Mcctlui; Ir, held cv;ry I Sunday nielli, at Ihe school bmlit- Invj. Everyone Is invllcd, lo alleml. MLis Miiblo 'Poiulrcn anil Garden Rohcrson visltol frleinls ..I Little Wilson. Sunday. Ilead Courier News wiini nds. river dip '.inci Order of tlie n. lllu) lllls Jllsl b , e;1 Oak Hems Mrs. J. N. Kcberlson is Improv- !ns nfur 11 wesks lllnrM. Mr. and Mrs Ult.sul To:,ilin.son, Mrs. Wcss Tuinliii'xiii, Hazel Walker, Alma Keedlmin and Alberla Walker uitfiidcd Ihe clulivj exer- '[ui-Mliiy nn:l Walnc.s:liiy nlfhls. Mrs. E. i). Walker wns Ihe tiics!. of Mis. j. M. HouiMl.son Tuesday Mrs. Clnronv: Davis, Mrs. E. !i. WEAKNESS TIRED FEELING Ciwjui tiiui holjwJ many wiiiimi, II.H ln / a caftL 1 do- ti-rlU-J liclnw by Mr.-i. B. "I uurrc'rcil^ u tri-at ik-^i fnmi weukni.-!i.t nnil a very llrwl f^llllfc-. I wax nfr- VOUH nnJ uiy l>ai:l( nulin], I cllO not tjU-c-i} at ull well, HO .11,1 not I\K.| tiiuu! lo my wurk Vi'lu-n niorulnic came. My slater toM mo llml sho fll mu, und ndcr I bi'Utin t.iklliB It I coulil tdl l hit H ill.I h«lp me'. J ronlcj much Letter, and kit bettor In every way, 1 toijk Elx bottled und it WU9 qulto a benefit to me." , »« CARDUI Sold at Druf) ' Sttirt MILCH COWS For Sale or Trade 2(1 hem] fresh mik-h cows. Will sell on full pay- ni«nl \vilh upprovcd security. Harris & Highfill Mule Co. tind lu v.-!i! llr. Ed\vard Starr Judcl, above. zt iiociisiter. Minn., ukei offio : »s president at the lonhcominu meeting of the American Medical < ; .s£ocial;on. He \sas rlected last r^. \V. Jc-:.osl), Mcnd^y, \vhcr? sue : J .\'-', n:l <-.ui!!!!!er .school. Mr. n::ri Mrs. W. A. Parham vis- led Mrs. Stu-y Msrritt, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cassiday, Jr., nio;orfd lo Jotusboro. SuiKlav. lucsls of Mrsdamcs Cecil •^. l-\ Moore, and H. H. Co:ne strange names \vliich luve j been plven to*ns am! cilies In ths I'cr.TOns not. registered voting. Persons who paid no poll tax voting. Persons voting more than once. Electioneering on eiccllun day. Buying an:l selling voles. Ty!! inxes paid (or another. Liquor Sn polling places. Heetion officers under the influence of liquor. Probate judges certifying to false po:i list. Faili.ii' nf registrars to purge rej- istralion lists. Notary public making false Etnia- iiiL-ni in absent ballots. AbFtiH ballols delivered to pre- cinru nther Ihan v.-here registered. False afli:lavits made by voters. Certificates of Iransfer from one Savr.'. Dniled States arc: Horse Thief. ', prccin = [ lo another used more than Gr:£n. Ariz.: Tombstone, Ariz.; Breezy HiP.'one lime. Kan.: Promptness, Pa.; Smoke Or- | Duplicate use of poll u\x re- and Mrs. Smith Bracken anrl dinary. Va.; Cicod Water. Ala., and \ ccl]>ls. Mrs. Axe. Mich. Tax collector certifying false for go Years. Bynccolosy. Tvo' Nev,- Ycrk physicians xvill j uisr.uss the effect that milk from • cows fed on irradiated 5V«-,t or ergc.'.terol hns on children with rirApts. i Nutrition, application of succialj diets, ami the association's newly organized committee to pass judg-! ire!it on foods thai are advcrliivd , :s having health-giving • prcperlies, j will come in for discussion. : ... , Motion pictures, increasingly rec- j ognizcd as a valuable mcthcd of presenting medical education, will be used in n number of exhibits. This convention, which attracts world-wide interest include* a rep- j rrsentatlvc body of 173 felcgale' who define the policies of tiv? cr- and elect officers of IS scientific sections devoted to various specialties. fjj:iie 200 manufacturers of l:oiiks. drujs and devices used in the practice of medicine will ox- hihit specimens of their handiwork. Dr. Edward Starr Jurld of the Mayo Clinic In Rcchcstfr. Minn., will' present h!s presidential address Ihe evening of June 0. following greetings by Governor Glf- tcrcl Plnchol nnd Mayor Harry A. Mnckey. ^•^ -^«^- anatke ^ \ yacation Paradise at Us Door Huffman Miss Mililrftl Ray sncn!. Saturday night wllh Musses Agnes and Mab-l "McKay. Miss OoWi; Ulrd^oe vas the gucs', of Miss Florence Slckcs. tirciay night Mr. ami Mrs.'B. H. Williamson had ns their dinner guests 'Sun- c!ny, Mr. anJ Mr-'. A. L. Boulds of Tyler, Mo. and Mr. and Mis ' Eugeno Brown of Memphis. Mr. Sidney Miller and son were. All llic iilc.iiiircs i sliorc varaiion-lioMi, plus ihc lure of a grcal u^rU center, makr Chicago The Vjcation Cil)-. I : -imrJ Michigan anj W.'scomfn rcsom arc nc.uby. Splendid ilcamcri plj- the G-<MI Lakes on liiMirions rotind trip cruises. Ar- r.i»BC to gj. No travel worries, t'vcrj- Jrlail of the trip can he pbminl in advance for you by oiir Ptrsonal Travel Service. Uic ihc coupon below. Plan a 2-WEEK All Eipeme VACATION Gntrat for Details Summer Fares Low excursion faecs, " f i-fqucntly nlfcred in a-J- dition to rfdiicril daily summer rates, save money for vacationists. 'I fail, csifflioaal smite from Memfliii Iv CVi/cujo, Ltiitir.-illc jutf Cincinnati, OJ'J St. I.otirt 10 Cllicagtl. J. I'. WAT.SII. Trirdlr.,: l'.inin;tr Atinl. A. A. ttll.l.:A.<|.<. Trjrellnx I'aii.njfr AMI, «. J. CARMH HAUL. Aul. irm. I'au. A|l. ucjr.j r,i.-ni s:.n;v,a. I'h-jtit c-rj:e MtMI'lllS. 1F.XN. M mois G THE KOAL) OI : TRAVEL l.UXUKY Malt this Coupon for Information 1 H T i. Ask for vacation | ffil1 " literature ami your PI ^ ' top) >>f "Chii-ijo for i TluToimH." I Itolrt I lnfi,TT.i:l: l^l All ItT rull.n "ii tlie [nlVnlTuf Mrallnn rt"t:<: I D !-W. il. All KM'fi-rnii.lf-, Vj,-ili:,n ' ii i" ' 'n .1 l...l.«r:i NH "JNt'i X-i;' -n.l I ^| „ „ „ I Main Street Goes Rio Cebolla! You may have a flair for, forma' attire, flannels or Palm Beach togs . .. You may want to dine a la Slianleys, Rectors or Delmonicos . . . Your home may have been appointed by the New York Galleries . . . In other words—your tastes run to the really better things of life . . . But you'll never know what a real vacation is 'till you come to Rancho Real It's a Park Avenue Club transplanted to the wilds of Rio Cebolla I Well-groomed in all things. • "Forget Business! Lay off go 1 .) for one vacation—The ticker can wait until you come back!" Your vacation from business worries and a high-altitude physical build-up will treble your punch when you get back to your desk. The Ladies love it—and the young folks—and the young old folks too. It's paradise in the mountains with a million acres for just our folks to play in—no outsiders. "Let's go fishing—riding—hunting—poloing—swimming." Choose your own amusements morning, noon or night on your own time schedule at luxurious Rancho Rea—most glorious mountain resort playground in the southwest. ' Even the most elite hotels of this country can't give you finer luxury nor better service. It is only natural that charming people come to Rancho Rea! Eight thousand feet itp in the cool, green Jemcz Mountains of New Mexico , . . Season—May 1st toThanks- 6ivin$ Day .. . Reservations (oinf rapidly. Jeine/, Springs, New Mexico P/M<f Adiirtn Cbi(ei%r, 0/l'ct 155 E. Superior Slreet,; Chicago,-!!!.

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