The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on November 30, 1932 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, November 30, 1932
Page 13
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' I - . V For Bladder Weakness, ' Backache. Irritation o matter what your aaa mar be. 0 long yow. nave neai. hwwn w w many medlernea you bare triad nout suoBesa If Tou sre a elotlm f functional Bladder Weakness and J tatton. caualnf daya of trouble-fie anaoyanoa and ntahta of Broken kt, tou are invited to try the arnsa- k" without risk- of east unless laaea with results. - 1 ik rwtor for oer 40 yean HTra le" ara designed to ewlftly relieve pain and misery pi surnine rttbral Irritations. Backaebaa. fre- Knt aaliy annoyance ana wramj- a nlahta , An )nd drUBWlSt WtD il oa nrsfr box purciieeni u i no wonderfully eatiaiiea wnu ft and positive relief obtained. COUGH? Jue Daadaei It I a-Rtmeve Tlw CAITCX I Voor those! Sad bronchial tubas ara m with Bullions oi pores contmaauy talying moisture to toe rv mm iJiMeail am Ws sccomulaUa, affording daa Msisenns a Draeuina: nan. ixar batleals hot and Bry. TkaJing, aiwt wmiehing art la. ilaay at'mnediei"- enotasa L.u.a arhlk aii air aWdaO jajasasj, aaa aaBtav we aaveaa aa joarvea. but doa't gnt at the root of 1 - - n- . Vmm MHwh will ha milaai U k-. Jm aw f the aatnral flmd increased. tooarMn the phJcgm go FtiteaabeasoeUedT -. 'ertvwsn.- a staeatifio remedy ra, bed br doctors for wrs. Is to Ur of a famotsi herb whtch opr I ejsada. stisjulstos the Cow at I throat's oator! saoiatwe sH U.mKlM. WhM mn lJ t t rmne oUyaeaavtatO Frtnm. ll's VJuteiyaafa. Bold at ail drot ?'rea. .. i,i V..I..-.,. I Imkad tt,i Atlaaw ivs, JfcjcUreJ, I tm tnai bot-at The Diatrict Attorney was apparently paying small attention, until tha Court's kindly, almost fatherly refusal surprised him. and evidently surprised Sonla's lawyer too. ' "Why. I think she'd better stay lot tba ODenlna aaaalana anyway. tha Judge, mildly, with tha easy poet nvenaaa ox tna law. Sonla's lawyer became a Utile more importunate: Sonla herself addraaaaj the Judge; her beautiful, ivory skis flushing, following title anxiously, looking from face to face, Dlna waa aura from tha Judge's expression that ha meant to gtv in. - He listened to Sonla se attentively, so) almost encouragingly, that It waa incredible to have him now merely purse hla lips, give her s lull quiet look, and say. VWhy, I think perhaps you'd better atay here.1' Soma aad turned very pale; aha bowed reproachfully to the Judge, and want to ait down, paying no attention to tha progress of the panelling, wrapping herself la her fun. looking boredly Into space through half -closed lids. Dlna looked at her now and then, but she did not look at Dina stall. Than suddenly, another interruption. William Polk came hurrying in, anxious, weary, hollow-eyed, over-coal careleaaly beneath an arm,- hla bulging brief case dragging at tua hand. With blnv-Dina'a heart jumped waa a hard-faced, handsome young woman, nervous, twitchy. The lawyer glanced at neither Dins nor Monti ha pushed open tha gate which led to the enclosure about tha Judge's desk and spoke In low tones to the Judge. They conferred for sev. era! minutes, tha old Judge nodding, and when BUly Polk turned to hla eat and to smile for tha first time at his client and at Dina, tha Judge mildly observed that tha defense had some new evidence to present and that perns pa ft would expedite matters if the testimony of the new witness or witnesses could be beard at once. The District Attorney was instantly upon his feet but the old Judge mildly overruled his objection with! -1- think well allow this witness, Mr. Lowndes; I think youll agree with me later the circumstances warrant KV From the moment tor Dlna, everything became dreamy and unreal She was tired; the days, the weeks of strain and suspense, had told upon her mora titan aha knew. In the first place, after the brief from the Judge, as tha woman who had coma In with Billy Polk rota from her rather Inconspicuous seat and made har way toward tha witness box, sudden sound from Sonla drew all the eyas In the room to the widow of the murdered man. Sonla had apparently seen this witness Tba hanging gardens of "Babylon wars terrace-like structures underlaid by ssad floors on which ths gardens Fanners' Co-operative Dispenses With Waldron TORONTO, Nov. S. Heated dis cussion snd spirited argument fea tuiwd the United Termers' Co-opers live Company meeting tonight which dispensed with the services of Gor don Waldron, K.C, veteran solicitor for the organization. The original motion before the meeting urged the desirability of auch action on the incoming board of directors, but President W. A. Amos in formed the shareholders the directors might bs hesitant about taking auch action. P. H. Sansster.' of Stouffvllle. Im mediately presented an amendment that "in tha opinion of this body of shareholders the eery loss of Gordon Waldron. KC, as solicitor, ba dis pensed with." - Shouts of support and protest rose from ths meeting Immediately tha amendment was read. A further am endment was put that tha services of sir. waldron be retained st s reduced rata, but when tha matter finally came to a veto, this wss detested snd the aoogster amendment carried by a large majority. Webb Will Hold Unique Position Canadian Press by Direct Wire. WINNIPEG. Nov. TS.-That Win-nlpeg will probably have a "apUl" city council next year, with Mayor Ralph Webb In the unique position of holding the balance of power, la revealed by the final results of tha civic election transfers. The Independent Labor Party has increased its representation from five to seven, snd has tha support of two members elected by the Ukrainian -German element in the north -end. No group would have a majority, and with the Mayor out of town on any occasion and hia pises filled by a non-Labor member, Labor would have the edge In voting. Bankruptcy if Wages Not Cut for 30-Hour Week CHICAGO. Nov. . Bankruntcv. in the opinion of Fred W. Sargent President of the Chicago and North West, era system, would overtake United States railroads if the 90 hour week re adopted with aa reduction ia wages. Commenting today on ths action of ths convention of the Amen- can Federation of Labor at Cincinnati In approving the universal shorts neo week aa an objective of the nation s labor, the railroad executive aald it would strike s fatal financial blow at rail -transportation. " Asks Strength of U.S. 1 Army Be Increased WASHINGTON. Nov. 21-Both the Far Eastern situation and Europe's difficulty in agreeing on disarmament werS cited today in the annual report of General Douglas Mac Arthur, chief of staff, as reasons for avoiding further reductions in the military forces of the United States. America's DreDaratary program for land defence at tha present time is far from adequate. General Mac Arthur contended. His recommendations to tha, Secre tary of War included: That as soon ss Congress considers the state of seders! finances will permit the strength of the regular anav be Increased to ltOOQ officers snd 115.000 enlisted men: That for tha present there be no diminution in the acopr of activity, tha aoale of training or tha strength of any civilian component or of the regular army; That additional funds bs provided for accumulation of reasonable amounts of specialized equipment, particularly lor anti-aircraft units. Touching on tha Sino-Japanesa conflict in Shanghai, General MacArthur aaid: - "The tense situation In tha Far East which, for a acne weeks during the past Winter flamed Into open hostilities, emphasized again the un trust worthiness of treaties as complete safeguards of International peace. Despite drives for economy and the (act that a treaty navy bill did not paaa tha United Stales House last session, proponents of a fleet aa big as international agreements allow are going ahead with their campaign. Representative Fred Britten, of Illinois, ranking Republican on the naval committee, ia promoting votes for the cause. He aald today: "With the old world owing us countless millions, we ought to he in s position to protect ourselves. We have a lot . of gold and ara should protect that as well ss our territory.' ' making- GOOD PBOGBESS. DETROIT, Nov. H Henry Ford, a source close to hla family said, waa making "remarkable prugiaaa' tonight aa ha lay la hla hospital bad convalescing from the emergency operation Saturday thet brought him the first serious Ulnaas sf his as years. Keep Intestines Active and Clean, Doctors Say. . , V.:':-. J If JLfy BntrS 7HEI poor digestion a aaiHy starts! WTssa iottstiass are dog ajed,elLwlasrioa is 61sred--isyligestka saUowg beadacaes, dirrintssi Ws very easy to YOU Iumw the symrwrns. Soorness. locU-, gestioa. . Gas.. That doll, bloated feeling after ineals. ' '' " These troubles are very commoc. Yet In ' the vast majority of cases they, are absolutely annacrisary, emineat phjsldans ssjl , . .Foe aWBple; ': V; '' '. ' , .1llmdtb 'cU laswV ' Usrtlan, fud Itrnimt, tte sr mrnslly dM s itsgmswt c-aaatirasai a tht imtcttmtS. i egageaSJaWevaSBBgi aay avearw aaarsaaFSaasi P Thf W sssry A J thit h J aWma y$t.n V la these words the Calsbrated stotnachspe-.dsllrr Dr. Robert Ltael, soms sp the mailt - of a LTstiine of osedical xperieoca' Dr. Latzel A WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1331 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 o Lovers Lane . I ; t V-': By KATHLEEN NORMS. - v ; ! ' . '.'.j Li Moot Brett, a roung artist, la being Ule4 lor muraer-ta Mm ITancleeo. Apparently hla fount wife, plos. la the only on wne believes la nla Innooenoe. Moat ana Dlna toeve been only a tow snonthe sway from tne llttia Call forale town of SquMgott, Dlna weaned dianee there la fear aunt's boarding bouse. Boa and Mont alopad and wara married in Ben rraaclaeo. 'Mont aaowad promlaa aa aa artist. Things looked roay lor tna until Moat laU victim ' to the cherma ol ttonla, the. acu raaa wlla ol Parry Hlckaon,' who had , rente the Svelte their apartment. Mont Uti Utna In tna lurcn and followad Boole to Lea Angelea. Dlna hears a shot In Wesson's studio. Mont cornea out and aaya be baa Quarreled with, wesson ana must away After ha has- diaeppeared, Mds, finds Hlckaon abot dead. Only har atauacb friend. Hi lot Lamp- . on. aharaa Dtna'a belieX thsl Mont la not guilty. Moot a statements during hla trial ara dam-aging. Ha baa lost bopa when tha ease toaa to tna jury. To everybody'a aurprlae, there la a hun Jury. Later, on entering ElUofa living room. Dlna, aware of a atranse, penetrating P"- fuma aaya tba odor la tna aama -that aba noticed In tha room where Perry waa found deed. Smirrad he a. new hooa. Polk. Moct'a lawyer, toes to Los AnnM. PiwDaratlona ara begua for tha aaoond trial, but Pol baa not returned. : pter companion, evidently bar law- r, roae and-epose oeieremiauy ia a Judge. He raprcacnted Mlas anca, ha ax plained; aha had given r testimony at tba first trial, and It d been satisfactory to every one; aha ka at a loss to explain tha new sum-kins to appear. She waa the widow the murdered man. tha attorney yed; it waa extremely painful to hat be catechised regarding the par hilars of Mr. Hickaons death; aha id a twiil raws aoDOtntment of a wary i portent nature , in New York; ft La play; tha production waa wait. r listened to all this Intently. Turn to Hundreds of Gift Bargains await your selection , ; .tomorrow at oIE)oo. iwaweHieMaiSttl taTm) GCett I St Cathsrlaea. Oat -"Tee doctor aid I bad rheoaiatic taut. Uy feet aad aaklea swelled te twice their aormsl aiae aad waea I walked it seenied aa though I were walk, ma on red hot brieae," said lira. Paaf flaraWIaa M KM Pattam Bead. "Finally a friend d ma to tar Dr. Piereee Aaarie bleta, and 1 aooa aotietd a change the hettarv I uaad the ABnrL blets for Beraral weeks and they iapkuty rid ma of the toot aad b swelling disappeared from, aiy Lies aad feet" tiold by drorttata. Lad ia a fee. HanaS tilmury. Pen a.ltv 'Oaa fee a wt jraises Home Treatment OJLBERTSONbn CONTRACT BXXAJUNG tJTJLfcS for correct bidding of bands wU work most of tha time. Tba good Bridge player is one who knows wtten to break the rules and by so doing roach a maksbla contract which ho ordinarily would ba unania to attain, for Instance, one of tha accepted rules Is that a five-card suit should always Taa bid in preference to a four-csrd suit, provided both ara bid-dabs. However, If the holder of the North tarda on the hand below had seen! fit to break this rule, he and his partner would probaoty nave reecnea the maheble Slam contract which they did net do. Booth i pooler. Neither side vulnerable. . a j it e : - o a j t a o S A S 4 ? K O QT4 e QJTS rTT-i 14 Til 9 t i r Ia kiii I.KI4 ' 0 e All t a The bidding (as It aotasBy ')ecarrs4)t . (Tflgaros after bids la tosla tafor to asHSered otplasatory paxsgrspks.) oath Vast North last If7 . , Pass - 0 Pass . I - Pass SNT(l) Pass V Paaa(l)Pass t-North has hid the hand quit nor mally up to uua poun.. vn u - first round of bidding, ho bid his ' five-card diamond suit In pref- - erence to hia four-card spade suit Now that South bid three clubs, v he at on the spot He does not know whether his partners suits are of five-card length or whether they are only foor-card suits. Ho does not know If they are rabid-dable. In fact ho knows very lit-tie about hia partner 'a hand. Ho . faara that if ha bids three apadea. South may. aonoelvsbly pass, or, for want of abetter bid, may raise " his spadas oa only three; or may ' bring him back to four oUamonda, ' and he doss not want toplsy the ' -hand at ftvo diamonds. The three - uo-trump bid seems to be making ' tha bast of a bad situation. a-South has no choice but to pass. His band contains only s i-i honor-tricks, and his partner's bidding has sot been particularly strong. It appears dangerous to toko the hand beyond the arret of three- no-trump Into a douBtful . club fie heart game aa hla part-, aar ssay not hare a As la either ef ths suits. Here was an opportunity for North to break a rule. If he had dona so, he and hia partner would have pretty surely reached a Slam contract tat hearts. It ia my opinion that on tha first round of bidding. North's proper faawpfniM MM awpftdase Taa WaawStt (or this la thet aa hands of this type -that Is. with unbalance diatrftotion, containing a or mere biddable suits -a many rounds of bidding ahoukt bo yiaaanad as paestble. Ths one apade bid, beaidea being $Hk Poretng, wUl keep the bidding coranderabiy lower than the two diamond bid. As-aumina! North to here faarinnitsil with one spado, ths bidding would prob ably have precesasa as ioiiowk (Tlguraa after bids la table refer to numbered explanatory pararspny, Soita Wast , North Pass Pass- 19 Pasa 7f) Pass rasa rfaea l-By a-J 14 Paaa ao Pass rfS knows, ths true nature . I fc- Va kaaeV4a othat i.wo's. tiwt hat heart re . k abl ar1 14 at VrX j.e carda, twuiing a ."ot chib snd caw- ' trl a tJa two suite, be m .".oaad cpnuects for i to haarta. . ' . . Ilo ng a strong "i a as wUh ana ef Nor .a su-ia, ptmS mm bne fne a t'xn aes I. ( JUe.", I t ' ' .' L - ' for the first time now: aha had risen from bar chair, one black-gloved hand oa har heart the other clutching har attorney's sleeve. ' "JUyf Sonla exclaimed agitatedly. Immediately she regained control of herself, subsided In har scat and resumed her air of bored, unwilling participation In what waa going on. Not so tha other woman. While aha gave her laetlmony her oyea were constantly moving to Sonla, and aha spoke nervously, apologetically, almost m terror. "Your name Is Bay Balatonr . . "That is my stage name, yes.'' you know the wife of the lata Hlrkeon. Sonla franca?" "Tea. sir." . "When she was la Los Angeles she used to stay with your .-Yea. sir? ,- Tan you remember the particular Saturday last November when Perry Uiokson was murdered ia his San rranclaco studio?' - - "Yea, sir." "Was Mias Trance staying st your house m Santa Monica then?' "Yes, sir." "She was there In tha house with your -No, air. . She had been aUying there. But aha had gone away early that Saturday morning." ' "She had gone away? That is, to stay with some other friend?- "No, sir. She-took har car and a suitcase" The witness stopped, "Oh, she was going for acme time?" "She told mo oa the Prtday nkjat that aba was going" - -Where?" Billy Polk asked sharply, aa the woman's voice sank kato silence. - "She said she was coming up to see bar husband la San Francisco.", "She was driving upr" ' . "She said so." . Jf "No one knew It but you?" "I doat think anyone did." "And she aid do so. did drive to San Franclaco that night?" "I don't know that." "But you saw har start". . To Bs Ceatiaaed Daily. By ELYCULBERTSON Champion Flajrar and I 1 Card Analyst I f THE KULES. heart bid asks North to bid six on any alight additional values. North ia quite convinced of the solidity of South s hearts, and raleee to alx. He believes that tf a heart trick Is lost there is a good chance no ethers will be, while there ia a faw chance that not even 1 trump trick will be lost and thus a loser in another suit will still permit the Slam to bq Copyright UBS, Ely Culbertson. - To Be Csatsaoad Dally. 300 Are Injured In Anti-Semi tic Riots in Poland -" , Tanks and Armored Can Boll Into Action to Stamp Out Student Disturbances.. ' . Associated Press CaUs. , LWOW, Poland, Nov. 2. Tanks and armored oars equipped with machine guns rolled Into action today to stamp out riots Involving Jaws snd en t Semi We la which about 900 parsons wars injured. Tba funeral of a Polish student who was killed In similar disorders yesterday, was attended by tO.OOQ per sons snd It turned Into a huge anti-Semitic demonetrsUon. Faar New aJotaag. . . A Polish student returning from the funeral was shot by a msrhaman who fired from a window, and a short time later ha died. This second fatality caused the authorities to teat new . disturbances tomorrow when masses will be said for today's victim. Considerable alarm was expressed In Warsaw and the Government sup pressed newspapers that wars Inciting w violence. The rioting spread to other cities. At Vilno University, several students were injured four of them requiring hospital treatment and at Czenstoch-owe. eeverel Jewish citizens were beaten, one of them suffering serioua injuries. -. Peilce Are Reinforced. ' Here In Lwow. there wara -'-- In almost all parts of the city, the enter combatants beins Polish Nation- slists and Jewish Communists. The police were reinforced by all tha men receiving training at tha polios suburban school and tha streets of the city resembled an armed camp. Warsaw University wss closed after clashes In which several persons, in cluding a lew protestor, wars injured. Evict Jewish Srodeaux. WARSAW. Vm At! T l.t. students were evicted from tha Uni versity of Warsaw today by tha anti-Semi tie National Democratic Students Three Jewish students were seriously Injured snd were placed in a hospi- Ottawa's Gift Shoppe of 1001 Gifts We Invito you to come In and see our marvellous values and variety of delightful and useful Gifts. Garneredirom the four quarters of the earth, they represent ffav paralleled values and offer suitable suggestions to suit every mind and nurse, -,' :'l'C;?'i V . :J- ;.V . -.f Pearl Tone Toilet Self Comb, Brush and Mirror, Several shades. $4.95 Phone Us ' Particulars s . Special Values for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. No woman can afford to paaa these begs by, ss they are the most wonderful values we have ever shown. Genuine calf and real English Morocco bags, all colors, sod. fitted with inner frames snd tippers $ Ladles' Umbrellas 811k mixture snd rayon, smart handles snd tips to match. $2.95 Real Leather TV Ul v ea SB .95 In) SALE OF HABTMAN WARDROBE TRUNKS , "I RAO DOMClgTIOrt. atget - ' 1 . . " All 0at i Dainty Ckrtilmts Gift Boxtt irrisat Maw Blanche trass HlU a letasan. Ont. Tbaaas te sMaeaeaaaB'a Toast cakes ear atck ease are seati ne aeaae ... eat aa4 afeap aeraaaBr. Yeast eaaee gave aae eea. I P' ! 1111 1 . i. Jll J3f BRONZE BOOK ENDS $1.00 Several Styles, ' Each has shoe box, dust curtains. laundry bag. locking bar. steel reinforced drawers snd washable lining. Special aele .2 Only SUo I Only Steamer . SUe $39 34 .00. , each .95 each A Few Suggestions . GENTS' FITTED CASES GLADSTONE CASES CIGARETTE CASES-TOBACCO POUCH-PIPE BILLFOLD POKER SETS ROULETTE WHEEL BRIDGE SETS AEROPACKS UMBRELLAS COCKTAIL SHAKES CARDS CARAFE KEY CASE Ottawa Leather Goods Co. 128 SPARKS STREET QUEEN 7S04 Good Cheer and Good Will From now for a few weeks the actuating hiotivc is; good checrjmd good will. It is the period when happiness and friendship prevail. . Assuming that there is nothing that adds more to happiness and good cheer than plenty ol light the Hydro could almost claim this season as its own, because it dispenses light and power and .service. in generous quantities at right prices. - "'. - 'While you have the Christmas spirit on your mind---remernbr the Hydro. 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The akin sooa clears afs rect t 'Sdentific discoveries show fresh yeast tostqmag: improves digestion, increases appetite, builds up health,' explains famous Vienna Physician is rArtldsis-iO-ddef of the dlnle for Internal disesscs in Vtaona'g largest free bospttsl He. adds!- -' -'"ri ' ' : ; Tresh yetst restores normsj bowel action '.. . linprores digestion by iocressing the tvw of tligesdre jolors, gitiflf a healthy appetite' and sweater vitality . y "i.- Made a part of jw'rtpusr diet, ITsisch-mann's Yeast sdinulstes and Inrlgorates your, whole digestive and Intestinal tract. Accumo- lated food wastes axe saoistsoed aad softened, -Your body rooctloos rt-ruUriy again, elimlast-lag polsoo-bresdiog rssidass se at m&rmaJ vmy. 'Aad as your systeea ts gemly deaasiel and "tooed," digesdre secretions revive. Discomfort ao longer follows eating. Yoe really enjoy vour Mrs ooe roore! So get rid of irKligeadoo. Get back apetita, energya nappy ootiook on life. Every dsy, regalarlj, eat three cakes oi ; . -. .. . ' Fleischmson's Yeast Just plain, or dissolved in a third of a glass of water before meals, or between meals and when you go to bed. . , " .:; ' ' ' Aad reaaeaiDer, FUlsckasaJaa's Yeast Is the richest kaowa food soorce of the aroaa ol three iodispes)-aable bealrk-giviag vitasaiss vitasalaa aad G, aad the raaa arks Me ,annshiae"vltanla D. Tbsss eliraaota are oftse lackiag la oar ordisafy diet . Ask for rUbthmmm?$ Yeast st afU - I J grocers, rescaenars, drag stores 7 serf aodafc-arwaias. Try hsodayl iWrWTAWT-rsaWssseaej'r ?J1. h watase? oaaeanjasMe r 3 cakes a day. ? 3

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