The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1947
Page 2
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SATURDAY, JANUARY. 18, 1917 (AUK.) COU1MKR NEWS v Airborn Views Face lest i GOP Spokesman Sees \ Need for Economic ' Federation in Europe UV KOHKKT MANNING i |Jni(r,( 1'ivss Slaff C'ol respondent NEW YORK, Jan. la. •- A pin-j rosal from highly-placed Rppubll-| tans lor the intornationalT/catlon of soniii Ciorman industrial re-sources shaped up today as n new lost of cooperation between Democrats •and Republicans'on foreign policy. The proposal, a revolutionary program which would begin n (gradual economic federation ol Western Europe, was made, last night by John Foster Diiiles, a lending OOP lurelyn policy spokesman. He had udvnnco endorsement of tlio plan from Oov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York and Chairman Arthur II. Vandenberg of the Senate Foreign Relations Commuter, both poic-iu fifcurcs in the newly-dominant Republican Party. Informed sources said Dullss' r.d- dross .was the second of a scries by prominent Republicans differing uith the administration's foreign policy^ Last week' at "CJe'volaml, Vaiidenberg criticized Americt'ii foreign policy in China and Argentina. Dulles suggested in an address to the National Conference of the Magazine Industry that Ihe United Slates steer away from the Ml;; Tin-CD' Potsdam program to make Germany "a single economic unit" under the peace treaty soon to be drafted by the Foreign Ministers- Council at Moscow. Attacks Itussian 1'olicy Dulles linked the proposal with a sharp attack on Russian foreign policy and a plea that the United States attempt to wrest from the Soviet union tho "large measure of leadership" it displayed in world affairs during 194B. He said the Republican-endorsed ideas on the future of the German economy could, if the United States of Europe .similar to that which former British Prime Minis- tor Winston Churchill has proposed. The Soviet Union 1ms assailed this idea ns n plan lo range all of Western Europe against Russia, possibily with aggressive warfare as ( the ultimate goal. ' Dulles made eloar lie speaking for a large clement of the Republican Party and reporters were advised that the switch in our German policy, as proposed by him, probably would bo held out in forceful fashion lo Gen. George.C. Marshall, the now secretary of state. Marshall goes to Moscow in March to. begin nesotialing with, the Soviet; -British and French foreign ministers Oie terms of Ger,- many.s fuiur<r~ '" :< •'•-.'••' •-•*?/v^y Dulles told the magazine executives that adherence to the PotSr dam Agreement could to an unhealthy Europe. "When they plmi the future of Germany." he said of the Big Four foreign ministers, ."they will do well to think more in terms of the economic unity of Europe and loss in terms of the Poisiiam dictum that Germany shall be a 'single ..economic unity.'" he .said. Seeks a "Healthy Ivuropc" "Of course." ho added, "there should be an economic unification or Germany; but the reason for that is also a reason for tho economic unification of Europe. Europe divided into small economic compartments cannot bo a healthy Europe." Dulles said the solution to tiie economic problems of Europe would be to write into the German peace .treaty some arrangement for placing certain areas and facilities —the, vast industrial plant of the Rhino Valley, for e.xamplc— under a form of -international authority. ''If that happens Western Europe, at least, with its 200.000,000 people, could develop into a more prosperous and stable land.' 1 He said to give Germany complete control or its powerful' industrial .facilities would invite a rebirth of German strength. The only alternatives lo this, he said, would be to destroy tho resources completely or sot' ii[> some international control which would diffuse the benefits of. the facilities throughout. Western Europe. Dulles said that the Gorman treaty could "not in ilsci:" sot up the proposed economic program, but he emphasized that it could be the first step. HO argued that sine: tho war "the Soviet challenge" to the United states had become increasingly powerful. "In most of the world,'' he said, "effective popular leadership is in the hands of persons who are sympathetic to Soviet Communist doctrines and who turn to Moscow for moral support."' Ho said the Communists had strong |-,osition.s in India, in China, in most colonial territories, in Latin America, the Arab stales and J in Western Europe. Fir.ppy and her maslnr. Oa)'l. Fran!: Sander, proudly survey Hie remit:; of wiiul .'.tarled out (:, be ; , "ronline" (raining lliyht on a n-25 lien, Fort Worth Army Air Field in Kalllisnake, Field at Pyole. 'ivxn.i. S:-von iitlle Floppy. 1 ; were born on Ihe flisht, throwing the crew intc an uproar. Floppy, a tlop-i'ared, c<.al-black. liulo Cocker Spaniel), ha>flown with Cispt. SandC"- for nearly three years. <NHA Photo.) McMath Starts New Type War In Resort City HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Jan. III.— tUl'l—Liquor stores seHJni; to minors came under tho hammer In- luy of I'i'oscciilinii Attorney Sidney S. McMlltll, (ollOAint; Iho death here yesterday of 15-year-old mili'l Carroll Aboli. , The youth \vns found dead In his bed by Ids mother, Mrs. Gilbert llognboom. A coroner's verdict said tlmt he lind been dead approximately six hours, and tliut the of death was suffocation from food eloped In his windpipe. Three leeu-ajjo companions with whom Young Aboil spent Thursday evening told authorities I hey v nil intoxlcntod. and Hint, they look Abell lionie ami put him to bed without waking his Inmily. They admitted buyinn liquor at-a store here. Prosecutor MeMalh said his program ngnlnsl. future sales to minors would begin Immediately. Was Native of Osoeola 'Ilio youth was born at Osccohi where his mollicr, tho former Miss Mnrlhii jyiorris, was reared, yon of Hie late Charles Abell of Os- ecol.i and chevy Chase, Md., he .inenil sol vires will !>:• hold Monday morning at St. Mitrj.'.i , Chinch In not Springs with burn! there. | I I Maryland Senator Wields Tongue With Sword's Edge hapijeiicd. he added, included Bricker. "The man who the Republicans believed was smart enough and intelligent enough to become the, vice-president of Ihe United SUlc-s al the last election." he eriocl. mittcii, j "The man who Is said now . but I won't go into that. Now the Republicans sny Sen. Bricker has not enough experience to yatc fednval expenditures. How can this bo?" Ncbody answered him. Tydings sut down and wiped his lips on PAGE THREE FHA Tackles Vets Housing Problem Anew LtfTlK UCOK, Ark:, Jan. 18. iUP(— Arknnsus veterans todkiy had n JillBhtly brighter outlook for !-.o:res in IC'17, following an nli- nouni'C'iitent made here yesterday '"• W. a. Dank], director of the u'l Housing Adinlnlslralion of- lire in the eujiltnl city, . . Daniel annoiinied n stale-wide iam IncIiicUng 10 meetings between F.)]-A O fii;i:,is and ixll oriiiiclips of industry In an attempt 'i) tackle veterans' housing ' In ies v;r..vs: i. To nrvmiKo for tlie conversion^ nf cxislhiK structures Into Qyerdue Bill If possible, four-family more jioils- ' in comparison wore badly nicked.. Three Families Buy Homes on N. Thirteenth Ily FKKDF.RICK C. OTilMAN '-rating- committee. United 1'rcss Staff corrcspuiiduiit These insulted gentlemen WASHINGTON. Jan. 18.—It lias been said that if your sword is keen enough you can snick off a man's head without him feeling it. This I did not believe ttnlil today. Sen. Millard li Tydings of !•.!'.!.. .the immaculate Democrat with Hie silvery hair and voice used for his razor a tongue ;o sharp iiis victims ddn't reali/.e u:i- li] later they had been stabbed. I suggest you lake careful note ot the ensuing paragraphs and yen, too. can hand out- insults wilhr.'it; • per of getting poked in tne eye: The Senate a while back vo'.ocl lo raise its wages, [;ive itself pensions, and chop off all its •<>!•- traneous committees. This \v;is known as congressional slreaniLUi- ; and a good thing, too. Sou. TydiiiEs said. Only when he ;•<•turned to work what did ho tnul but the republicans trying to organize n Special War TiivesliRalma Committee under Sen. Owen Brcv.-.vter of Maine! i A fine Ihini?. he said, when the lenato already has a standing committee to investigate fraud I'.n-.l chicanery in tho executive dop-ict- mints. Not for one minute. Mi!il Son. Tydincs. grinning until his teeth looked lil;e piano keys, wouldi he want anyone to Ihink thai ho accused Son. Brewsler of political ambitions. "No member nf the Senate has political ambitions," he added. oausint?' ling enough lo look : in tho eve. Scnalors Robert, A. Talt, and John W. Brickor of Ohio. "No.' he cried. "No member ol of Hi's bcdv would servo as President (another- pause) unless tli^t, job was thrust upon him. And then he'd do it onlv (third lu'ig pausel at tremendous personal sacrifice." Sen. Tydings said that he want- nd to (lay further tribute to Sen. Erevrslcr. a gentleman and a, scholar who had no thought in his mind except Hie welfare of the public. "Bv the heavens above," Son. Tydings roared, while he iividc* gestures of pain. "I shudder lo think what would happen lo tins nation if the able senator from Maine would meet witli an acv.i- j —— dent which would put him in the I hospital for three or four inonihs. LOnoy Appoints Two T shudder. I "The very dome of this catjilol , LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Jan 18 would tremble and shake. Justice <UP> —M. E. Goss today had been would flco from this chamber c.nd rcnppcinled state labor commission- tho Senate would stand impotent er. according to an announcement before the grafters and the orim- ' made through the office of Gov. innls because no one else woi'ltl IJen Lancy yesterday. ca»'rv on.'- I Another appointment by Ihe gov- "fien. Hrcwstcr's bald spot was pink: he seemed engrossed in sl'idy of Ihe Congressional Record. Tl-e tjenllomnn from Maryland merely was gct.thiE a good start. llr> listed all the Republic™ members of tho stiinding investigating committee. He said t.hov would feel hurt and insulted if their brothorn were to pass them by in favor or a special invosti- •Many Cases Scheduled for Trial in Court Here A heavy docket for the first day will confront the court Monday when the Civil Division of Circuit Court rpens hero. | Cases slated for the Irial Ihe first day are: John Bom'oolaskl vs. O. K. aillcnwnter; 'Planters Hardware Co... v*. T. L. Lewis rt nl; W. M. Burns vs. S. E. Webb; J. C. Ellis vs. O. S. Hollison; 11. A. Adkins v.s II. C. Land Co.; F. C.I Ryals vs. Pal Henderson: B. (.'. | Hat Springs to Bring Race 1 Track Within City HOT SFR.1N03. Aik.. Jan. 18. iU!"> —Cjunty court lieailniis on 5\ j 17 seemed assured loduy on :i petillnn to ndjain Oukliuvn and ! : i!ii!ii Hut Springs to the City of !!nl Springs. CJurleiid Count,' Julgn Q. Uyrum U:ii'. L t .set the date yesterday, alter nvcivini; a petition from Attorney N'lthun S;'hocufeld bearing names of apprcxlimilcly 70 per cert of the property owners In those two •districts. S'luHMifeld uointod out that the annrxiictlon would Increase the 2 To ei'oi'L, two, three uiii! in 1 ; nulls. To arriuiKe for the luUllllonnl ire duetlon of Inree-scale , rental rcfi. The FHA director F.ftld that It w;-s natural Mint (he plan for struetures woulit be under- Inkni first, end that, the lowest •"MI Is would prtbirbly develti) In ll'"» flelil. , . V T»>n rchodnle lor the mepUii JAM" Het-k. .Inn. •«; Tt. Smllh, .!•". SB: Pn'ettevllln. J'\n. 30;. Tex- nrknna. -pen. .|; El . Domdo. Fe!;. Itiiis rrculv apporenlfy none iiii; '. I ' r '' b U; 1!1 »l'cv!!le. .worjeTiifliis luck; .i'rrlvdrt'lri'a ' ccs' 1 liuftoh', obove, and other employes of n Chieago poultry Ihvn nickt.mtji'eci the 'goose .she. holds "Oui'iole" bet'ouse he wna tiovn wHhotit a solinozzlo.: ;"(5ill- Luxora Society—Personal Laiid Co., vs. H. A. Adkinn. ' r'ruUllon of :Hot A dc/.i:n cases were scheduled fit!3, and would fnrlh for "on call" in an olfort to clean clouts of up (he docket. These are: ,10)111 Henry nolln vs. F. K. Roue; .1. K. Parsili vs. Fannie Wallace; T. I,. Lewis vs. Addio B. Hoiicblns: Russell K. Mi'.rr vs. F. SidornaKcl: J. H. MtCord vs. Hitbcrt Turner: Riissoll Biirluun vs. .Too HoMiber- The' iiieinbcrs of tlic P|dells Class of the First nuptial church" met Jor their monthly social atul business meetliiK In the scclnl center of the, church Monday nltflil with Mrs. C. U. wonil and Mrs. .lohn Thwcntt us hoalesscs. gut^t.s were Mrs. I'nlll Hays of Jollier and Mi's, handkerchicr. some other " el ' : Vcrnon W. Lucas vs. Arkutisns- senalors made speeches, too, biit Missouri Power Conuianv: II C. we can iijnore llicm- their razors CnmpbrH vs. Will Dowell; 'itim • Givons vs. Dixie Greyhound Lines; T. S. Dinican vs. ,f. B. L'imb and K. W. Smith; She! >y Electric Company vs. Soulhoin Manufuvtur- Company; Southern Petroleum Company vs. Southern Manufacturing Company. Judge Zal 11. Ilarrisnu will preside. Hlackwuter Clr.ih .Group ., Sleets Officers for 7947 The Ilhu'kwafcr Home I"K'in:n- stralion Club mot Tuesday a( ih^ liomc of Mi's. Charles Ca>'ry. New Officers were circled ns follows: Mrs. Raymond Scoit, president: Mrs. Bill shockloy, vice president; Mrs. Guy Whitney, secretary; Mrs. Charles Caery,' gaiiK- Icador; Mrs. Jack Uurgctt. reiwit- er. Mrs. Raymond Hcotl was honoicd with n birthday shower. Refreshments were served by the hostess. •.s by 10 (jive resl- Iho t.vo areas lower In-,-o intos and adequate [mllee and lire prolcclion. f>;.l<or bai'kors of tho move assorted (hat |t would IUTI-IIS ndcll- lini'ri ti»:os for the pitv Irom the Oi'kluwn Race Track, which lias " i Hiven uoll:a and tiro protoc- 'i«n l:om Iho city without pnylnu lixes. Three couples have the first home;; of their OA'n in purchase of adjacent houses by Mr. aud Mrs. Toler nuohjinnn. Mr. and f-'rs. Cornelius Modlngcr Jr.. and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hammock. The houses, purchased from the F. and. I.. Builders mndc up of -Dusscil Parr and Max Logan, are tccated in the f>0[) block of North Thirteenth. Each Is of slightly different dt- sign with a. colonial trend in Iho Hammock house. The plans are similiar with tive- louins and bath including livinu room, dinette, kitchen and two bedrooms. Included are hardwood floors, inlaid linoleum in the kitchen where Ihere ore built in unite and n double sink, shee't rock walls and asbcsto^ shingle siding on the exterior walls. All of the new owners have moved in and are busy stavlnig Ilieir yard improvement. CALENDAR WEDNESDAY— Chapter D, PBO Sisterhood, meeting with Mrs. W. C. Gates. NOTICE •lohn !1. Bolin, Kt. No. 1, BOX 'in. has made application to opcnilo n '•or for hire In the City of lllytiic- , vilK Any and all protests should he in writluj: and filed within ten days in 111? dfdce of Ihe Cllv Clerk. Frank Whltw.irth City Clerk. nil-Ill Read Courier News Want Ads. IT Q. C. Driver, Jr. Officers elected for the year were Mrs. Evu Prnv.ler, president: Mrs. James ]"oi\lcr. membership vice-president; Mrs, Cecil WrlKhl, stewardship vice- president; Mrs. Jiilln Owen, elnss ministries vice - president; Mrs. Champ Meadows, fellowship vlve- preslilcnl; Mrs. Jim McCullnr, secretary: Miss Eva George, treasurer and Mrs. C. 13. Wood teacher. Onines were pluycd during the social hour. Refreshments of fruit cake and coffee were served by the hostesses. Mrs. Herman Spiccr was hostess to the Double HrldKCs Homo Eco- | nomlcs Club In her homo Tuesday afternoon with 12 members present. Mrs. Archie Norman, president, was n, cluirjio of the program. The project for the niter-] noon was niessform Makhif;. The lnu-t.ess nerved a salad plute. Mrs. L. O. Toild and daughter rtUBlista. Ou.. are visiting Mrs.' Id's mother. Mrs. Ellxnbclh sin- b Mot r. l.'onesi Clly and Helena, |>ini! liluff. Fcii. 20; lin'd ' - More, limn .'M.OOO.niO vehicles have passed throuKh Hie /lolland luiinel, entering New York. City, luce Its completion in 1021. Ilium, nnd (ji'iindmother. Mrs El- Molt Williams. , . Miss Florence Rush mul Mrs. Delhi S]:ann returned Monday Irom Amnrlllo, Texas, whero • thev ylsllnl for three n-ei'lts with their brolher. Avery Rush, n nd Mrs. Rush, seaman first elii !IR Poroy S. stniifleld, ,ir,, nrrlvcd Monday for dny fuvlminh ,vlth his i)nr- tliljjfnent'of Keesc from a Dysert, , 'Iowa, larni. ,' " ' ' Riadio"Se(pice : ' '.CO.; i I. W. Aiu'ms, M|r IV. Main,' a ^ii *nls, Mr. and Mrs. p. '•"til! Distance Mnvlnir . Onnlr.r,l ll.nltnr Let Us HcTp You— STOP PRINKING There Is tio medical remedy for i drink . . . but w c can help you !'•" I resist Its Inlluencel No cost to you! " —only co-opernlion.' -' - .• JUST CONTACT J Alcoholics Anonymous \ Box 873— niythci-iltc. Ark ; J Uf|lVf Mountnin Valley Water •••••• rs Uecommthdctl M- ArUifitis, Kiclr.oy nnd HhuldeV' CpiiiHlions ' This mineral water fnim Hot Springs, 'Ark., 1. SUimdato KMncy ft. footho tll(\ilitrr J tlou 3. KolltrMIn XIrtc-Acldlty •I. lll'cbarao Ssatumtc Wnstos - '. Call at Writ: for Booklet / CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln nnd'Dl'vIsIoii . BIytltcvUIc, Ark. Only n Arkansas counties ha^-e loss than 50 per cent of their land area covered with timber. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Utiy and Sell GOOD USED CARS Atizona'.s vast de. c crt areas contain more than 100 species of cae- Uts. CALL" everything in INSURANCE'' UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 9v*r Guard J^wtlry Store A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? When yon can simplj call 597 anrt have your groceries and meats delivered free by our new fast SCOOTER REI.IVnUF. We guarantee you must tic satisfied with our selection. Krnsh Dressed Poultry ilaily . . . iMcadowbrnok Milk. * 61 Highway N'ortli— Frmne 507 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats crnor yc-stprday was O. E. Wcstfuil. to ho a moniber of Uie Public Service Coniniis-sion. Both iippoiiitnioiits must have Senate confirmation. BHI Chamlilln — I. cx Chnmliltn Railroad & Ash Phnne 2IP5 J. LOUIS CHERRY Rfprcwntlnf New York Life Insurance Co. BIythcvlllf, Ark. BABY BEAR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 31/z Gal. - 5 Gal. - 7Gal. AIVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 Kasl Main Phone 2302 Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes Open 8 a. m. Close 5:30 p. m. Tuesday and Thursday Nights Open Till 9' o'Clock 323 North 2nd St. LA TEST EQUIPMENT for Rendering Service to Y6ur Car We hove recently installed the latest equipment for rendering the finest service possible for your car. We have also obtained the services of Mr. Paul Driver, a factory-trained mechanic. We now have a staff of eight mechanics to assure you speedy service. There will be no unnecessary delay when you bring your car to us for repair. . 1 • A Complete Line of Parts and Auto Accessories We Have Ihe ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES! Wcstinghousc & K. M. Electric Irons Combination Record Players Eureka Vacuum Cleaners Electric Record Players at 25^ off Motorola & Stewart-Warner Radios Electric Heaters and Electric Radia- Silex Electric Steam Irons ' tors at 25^ discount. Watch For Our Big Formal Opening At A Later Date Phone 555 .-- 556 Oseeola, Arkansas

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