The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 8
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION seill'ai?* 6 " et !lue ror " n «cutlve i»- 1 time per llu« ,? c 2 limes ji»r Hug iier'dii"" "" ,5? 3 limes per Hue Vr tlj „" ?•• fill" *"" "°° *" **» '-"-I"-". 7c cou"" *'" " nii '—--"-III" noc .£", 9'>""l"<t Advertising copy ' nub- J.'lt',"'!^, 1 '"* 0 " 1 -"' 1 '""* ««l«aeof the cly nusl le Jccomiiuiileii by osii. JUtcs Se " ""'I'uloil (ruin tbo above t% Advertisingorder for Irregular luser- W lions lakes tho one limn rale. > No responsibility will l,e taken Or ... 0(Ie l«currei:l tnficltlou of ally classified ad. For Sale iniii In,-,«,. i,||h I,;,,], ]> ;lf |lally fur. .a. '!"' '' "I" 1 ' 1 "'- a 2-i .s. Kin:.. I.IIOM,. _-"->• l-l-i'k-21 .'!i»;iii; »iil ill rnllKvc! prlri . - ''••'»*•• Ji I .'I.TIii.- rnimvs. small I'U-fii-ir wuslivrs IS—UK, ll.iw ,,.,„„ nil l,,. :1 iors. Jo 1'lcsi.iljini! Ml,,,,,. Sir.,,1,.. Mo For Sale 1 --LHII Tlynuiiitli four I L'Yi.-i-,. li^lui: rmnu s I. I'linm. '17. Miuiiln Coal! inn or Carload. We deliver. Phono 37^0. Wheeler Coal Co. % (;,„, Gin. l-S-nk-;>.s t'AniMin-ii rijiMi,, iic — ayto itttici 121' Houtt Hueo^d. 1U|2 ck-tl ll,>r..'« n lip — car i, |l K»lM.. r y rlrniir lii-iiinifiilly will! III,. ,„.«• l-'iim h',,,,,,, Itf.-lh J'.iilil A: W;,l4,:i|,.-r Cn Wiiriu MurniiiK Cirrnlalnr Can I,,. s.-«-u »i iii i n.-.iru .si. I' :MO:I. SO acre level farm, >ic:jr I'uraK'oiild on hi way. Improvements worUi price asked. Prii-c SS500. .j. C. Chapin, .Manila, Ark. _ l-10-pk-24 ' :; 1:a."'Sr <: 'iM;',!!,'"'T^- 1 "- Co '"' ''"""'• Sali7,V'.'.' """' ''"''' ''i';'lU rk-'l'" (I.,.,.! „»,.,! ,,n,,y r,,,,,!..,, .= ,„ .11,.I ,,^r,,r,l«. I|,,:i,, r ,i-, y, «"' S. .s..i-i.ii.i. Nice i)-roojn house with bath ami .hardwootl floors on 1C; Davis St. This house is vacant now, and worth the money. Cheap IIOUKC on I.nmcratc St. I in mediate possession,^W ill handle for §850.0(1 cash, balance 820.00 per mouth. Nice 5-rooni house on Hroad- way, can jiive imnicdiate possession of (his house. Owner leaving (own. (i-rooin house on Vine Ht. for S32J50.00. Half cash down, balance in monthly pay- ineiits. l-niom house on Soulh 21st Ktrei-l on lar^e lot 78x120.'! Can tfive possession within" •'!0 days. Priced lo sell ;1 t 52,000.00. l! r>-rinmi house with hath n>m- pJelely turnishcd on S.' Lake SI reel on p-ived'-'i slreel. Price S|2f,0.0 PRECISION MADE acetylene work. Co. l'hon« 8-lG-ck-tt Fit Better Last- Longer .rl , "»« -.fn,. "k«r.l|«,. 0 | vine! of roii.lllli.n Al.u " 1 "' '• "''- Vu i' '" J -l»ll«,r, .rkli,, lA,,, 017 l> '.'. !••'«.! kml-ik ..Wl^,, „.„,) ^ [^'"' I nrirnllvi's I., rile M...I..I A good name cannot be bought. It must bo earned. The Ford trademark on parts reflects the soundly engineered, carefully designed and skilffulfy made port that's tested by time proved by performance! That's why thousands of Ford owners are satisfied with genuine Foid parts. , nfn-i. if ,«.il,| ilii^ .lat-l, Arkcri.,.., " klainl. Art:. I. II. Hn'J.klii" 1'lt.i ITV :m .l 'J«r- '['in i'-ii^K L)i-r. \V. 1.. ,«l7:-,ri r,.r |I : ,. ri,,.l:. plK.n.: *••«. Dsr, ril-i'k 17 •it- ' ll.-ntcry. M,l,« Mi.l;^-. .-IMS...S. l:,v:,l,,ri.-«. rl,,,».rs. ^.,il MM'" :.n.l fil1l,,^s. i;.,lvi,J,i/<',l -|.i|,,. n.i.l ril- lull's. r<.,.M>'r «;.!.'r s.'rvin- ,,11.1' :">'! fillin^^. llrsliviru.s I'liiuil.ii^ :in,l H,':il- In?. rliiinc ST.-,. Mil ,,l>--l I'J.•>,,'.• :,!>s ..,- ::>iis. j Hi^.l:-^^ 1D10AI, COMMERCIAL Corner lot, .'500 foot frontage on Hijchway (il, located .Hist mirth of lilylheviHe Compress. Has a depth of '100 feet. Owner, K. R. [Slack, 295,7. l-M-pk-2) ?8,000.00 will buy heaiiUfu! , new modern (v, o-bcdniom ! * home. Attic fan, Muianell l'c:i(. diocked - hardwood \ floor;-:, with all built j,, modern features IhroiiKh- ouf (he house. l-hcdrooji, lions* modern (hrou.nhoul in beautiful 1 () - cation on'Cbickasawba SI ' I'riced ( (> sc ||. Po.ssessio;,"' with deed. 10-acre farm with r>-rr,om biiiisc and barn located •'-1 mile ( ,f Highway ''1 near Hlyfheville. Priced 5200.00 per acre. 80-:u-re farm on Hi-invay f,i " "car Hiirdelle for SiriOflO per acre. Don't miss secir-r •I'is on,., it is ; , harsain.'"" l(>0-acrc farm hi^iy im . l>'-ovod. .Modern (|-ro,, rl "'me win, bad,, w ji}, ijfbls and water in the and barn, with three sets of buildings f nr (c ants. Gravel road on two sides of the farm. Fiiicr,! land in Pcmiscol Comiii- fOO-acre f a ,. „„ B1 . avc , n ; • 'our miles west of s MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER > Walnut at Kiflh—lUythcvillc, Arlc.—Tel. .I5 I'.ial r.i.,1, >ti>v,.. L-ilnil I'lUlili- •nall ,liv,,n. „,.«•!>• M..|-.'.l. il':;- - . li'il l.j.kc St. ] ],;-|,k-lil MTM-.-.I. ['I.. i; I 1-i*k-I9 Wonder f til IniNlness opportunity. (Jrocery slock, fi.\- lures and liuildinir toijetli- <H- v.-ilh lieautifiil five-room livinjr (fii.-iHers. Located on large lot one block from Main Street. Entire facilities newly decorated ami doiii-f excellent business. Ifeason for selline;, owner Icaviiiicf town. DAVID "REAL ESTATE *t INVKST.-MENT CO E. ]',. DAVH) !". I!. .loyner, Salesman »AVm ^ IHCALKSTATK & v Jvft I iMICN'l' CO. i'.. i;. «Avn> 11 • IS- .loyner, Salesman I'bono 3(ir|3 l-'l-ck-JV ;1 , . •" built, radio condilioi), hativ 'an,j "•- Can be seen " M ( ']v( h- Second until r, „ "' "'"''• ••> li. m. ;H iiY2.\ w" ''"'"• 1-1/1 *l I'- I!> <" ^f.T^h'rClipyrj " - ' '' ' - .-mil. .Mi.'lilKini lit,- I hr..,. |,.,•-,.,, "il"'u>.'S. I'l,.MI.. :I7I"!. I!M-|||.-I7 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Cuarnntfed Fl"st I'rlrm To Boy DONT TAKK A LOSS. (>t (lie tup jirive for your cur or truck frum t'llIl.I.n'S MOTOK CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or jnnh automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. Norfb Hiwv i.;r, phone ;?78, r >. 12-2(i-pk-l-2(i , '><> yon need n loan <o repair "r remodel? No down pny- ment, no mortKURc, no red '••'IU'. KJIA approved nitu W. Ask for delnilH. Max I .«i;nn. K*alior, phone 203i. l.vncb Kldj,'., HlythcvlHe. . D-2;i-ck-t;f "'"."•• • iinllln. riltm. ,.li-. »-»il^|. __ \Veat lu'r stripping. Save fuel hy havinjr doors and windows \veatbersfripped. ('. Wanted to Rent Thl ' snake known OK l.lin hlno 1 ' 1 "" " r llic "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi W. Main St. ,, hnnc ;i W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Hotel Bldg. Phone 354S PAGE THIRTEEN Why Gamble Old Alan .Winter JUST CM..IJ IMO iiml him- your Cdlll ai']lvi!M'(). Runrnnlccil to finllsfy We Hi™ buy ixmHry nl nil Uini-s. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main "•^""^"^^•"^•^^^^M ruilentiat FARM LOANS • Low Interest J Long Term V Fair Appraisal /.Prompt Sorvlc* RAY WORTHINGTON Scrvlnc Tills Si'iillnn fur 21 Yours In riuiliMil(;i| al •! p.m. i, V i>r WKKO I" (raclor, rccon- .-.., ,^'ood rubber, nnv,-- "y uainted. With or with- ment & power lift. ]{(,[.,.,.) i, Yarbro," Ark 1-H-pk-lS "•" - 1 i r,.,,,... r.,, tl1 .i,.,,i v "T .-ilO.-, llri."-. siii,. r.;.,,.. ,,(,, »•»• \Vi-slinulK, IIC'V,.,. I,,.,.,, ,,.,.,|. K., Mri.- ..f *'>.n :..., p :.'. l!rt..l,ln;iv. •ninnl. ,;' 1)IK " "'Jiv I'll. r.i:i Of IM, 07-,, >vin, \v. M. \ViTii.i,;, i.l'li | KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL . ANYTIME finy or Ni!>lit "The Old Reliable" ANYTIME or Nighl Your Source of nrpcnclablfi Service .POETZ I'ETKOLEUM PRODUCTS ornce RR al Clicrry U. S. ROYAL TIRES AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK, FARM LARGE QUANTITIES LIBERAL ADJUSTMENT POLICY EASY TERMS NOW you can buy.., Gateway Service Sfo. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sisemorc USED Buy From Us and Be Sure of Getting Full Value for You Spend 1!M2 Duiclv Special -I- door, Custom btillf-iji Kadio. uiack finish. I liis car is in perfect condition. See i( today. 1911 Chrysler New l-dooi- ,Scd;m. Ki'een finish. "iMlio and healer. A real buy. ^ 1!)I2 Sliidebnker Commando 1 !> f I Chevrolet Special ncLuxc Town Scdiin. loulio and heater. Runs like new. iicaudful blue finish, iiMl Pontiae 8, <l-door Sedan, n' almost new' tires. Ut-al Clean. A rcui' family ear. I!)'! I !'l.vmo»lli Special Deluxe 2-dnor Sedan. Hadio and heater. Kxtrzi K"<><l riil>ber. 11)11) . Oldsmohile -l-tloor Sedan. You will have l», sie (his one to appre- Viiile it. l!M2 1'ord Special l) t . luxe Sed;ui. Radio -ami: henfer. |,i K [,( blue fin-' ish. Many Other Older Models to Choose from LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut . ». _,_ Phone 571 Tvxaco GUI & Oils awe, li^hi Kie^'n finis!), I.ols of miles I,, n ie K'allon of jjas. IiMl Chrysler Itoyal 2- "oor Si'iliin, Kudio ami lU'ater. r> Kood tires (•'rev finish. A Siivc i\l, )m .y Today, Any |( . |jr STOP AND SWAP »r,D , Musi I! C »„ ,,,,,, ,, r . N(| , )e . t| Any Moke or Mode! 1 lo 2 Days Service . ic Call For and Deliver] PHONE 2642 f Fred Cellihanl MOTOHOLA Sales and Servic*'" 100 South First ACCESSORIES • onour GMACPLAN LANGSTON^WROTEN CO. Sales—BUICK—Service U ' S ' Tircs Mobilgas and Oil WRECKRR SKUVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Exreiil Cjinrcr) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 511 ,-»;,,„. Hlyll.rvlllc. Ark., I'honr DON EDWARDS "The Tyiir-wrilcr Man" ItOVAL, SMITH. OOKONA ami HKMINGTON' FOIITAUI !•' 110 N. SECOND ST. I>MONK (Every Tratir,ac(lon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) leilPayYou to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12(1 West Main St. Everything You Need! i j When you're in doubt as to where you should look for J something for (he home or car, try om- well-stocked ;store . . . V,,,,-!, finf , nmny ^.^ ynu ^^ ^^ ^,r finder tips. Don't wasle lime jnsl "shopping" else' I Bfan Heath Auto & Home Supply 119 Wat Main St. BY ED_GAR_MARTIN FECKI.ISS AND HIS FRIENDS MBRRH.T BLOSSEP L^ DEP - srAwD ir v -' vs OWNED BY ] OAY--. "^TME ^f^^i^^r 6 H^° kinri* KIBITZ/ SMILES: t ac-r f SHE TUCMEO IT "ATMEe. PHOWED. FREC<LFS/ HIS CAR is "TAU.EC5 • CAM VOU To TM5 X OFFICE? I SHOULD HAVE KMOWM BETTER. TH-VM To EViFM ASK.'.'

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