The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 6
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-TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARX.) COUKIEK NEWS Secret Pact Due For Early Airing Norse Conservatives Put Pressure on Aide Who Met With Soviets ' CijLO, Jan. 1C.—(UP)—Tlic Norwegian Parliament sought from Foreign Minister Kalvni-d Langc toda'y ah explanation of n t«o- YTOi>old secret understanding In .which, the Russians say. Norway agreed to join Soviet-Norwegian t defeji£e of the ^jleak Spltzbergor Ai-chipeiago. •I.ifnge has promised a full ac- couijt of Hie sylfzbcrgcu Lnlks for tlie .parliament, which opened a nc\v> session Monday. A Laborlle, l'-o ij under pressure from the Con- , scrvatlvos. < A broadcast by Moscow radio,' reported that early in 18-15 "an , understanding was reached about the .necessity of fjoint defense of the Spitsbergen islnnds." it snld (he iiue.stion was-discussed af.-in between lange and' Foreign Minister : V. M. Molotov in New York last "November. The broadcast said Spftzberg^n ivas of cxjcptional importance to Russia for'her'tpcuriti' in the Tar North. Spitzbefgcn lies about 400 miles north of Upper Norway and about CSO miles from the North role. Norway won sole sovereignty ov- '!• fh« glacier-covered group of islands in the Paris Treaty of 1920. It promised never to militarize them. Russia did not sign the treaty In 1920 but adhered (o it n . few .years later. 'iiie Moscow broadcast denounced t,he treaty which, it said, "utterly disregards the Inlere.sts of the security 0 1 the U.SS.R. j n (he Nor(ti as well -as-. Important economic interests bf'Uie Soviet Union.'* ,:•'::• It; added lliat (he treaty cannot ,remain valid because the signatories included some stales which fought against the allied powers in the'recent war. 'Amazed' j Truman Asks ^Protection of t Civil Liberties Favors Long Range e LS RODK, Ark., Jan. 1C. 'UPJ-'.-rcvnion In the legislature Jor p aopimitlcc to study possible- -•connr'-c.ntion of higher educational instj.uticiis- in A-kni>ssxs was advocated today by Gov. Ben L--iey Backtns vn, n proposal made Ecnve time HRO bv l)is Educatioi ..I.egiSlntlnn CDmmittee, the uavur- ndr/sait? he ;lli!i:ks the mova would te pise. /. • :'-;.;:f - TMc group would report balk to lite next session of the louisln- turr? Mncy cxurcssed Iiiinscir r.s op posed t: cutUa.i out t\v,i or thrsr .small r.tafe s'.'r-Dite s-Kii|s <-'i- virsunlv i-cfHriini; to v.->:aliana' -sil-ncis ;•» C'.inton an ; l Htintsvillc c.nd^ n JuniDi- Collrffe at 3i2C':o unless thn move was' in linn will'- r-.n rr--.]i revision of the liislici 1 edu-aticnal system. T^e Rovsrnor ssid lie wanted U .invcEticatjnc gr=un nin^t ii-> •. persbns "who could study the r.trlj'.cnis with -TArkansiis SCUM: ' a:uU return with n" •'comprehensive lirniH-ani for the betterment or education in the stnte. ' Federal Judge Prank A. Pit-aril, ol Detroit, says he is "amn/cd" at tlic curr-Mil swiirni o( union demands f'ir poil;il-tn-poilal pay, based on his ]i)-j2 rlct-i.siiui in tho Ml. Clemens l j ottcry Co. cose. Juri«c Pic.-ird sulrl his ruling wns Ijiiscd on overtime inquired, but not paid, r;ilhpi man on the porUil-lo-porlal prini-iplu. •WASHINGTON. Jan. in. fUI'i-- Prc.siilnit 'fruinnn, "nuu-li p.iaii) 1 .e<l" by iCi-ent tlirrats to CMVH li >- jirtlcs in this counliy, ycatrrdiiy f::ill( j <] lor r;ii'.:n Ui'ainr.t a tnn- dr!i::y to re\!vc ''b'-imrd .^rosiirs." He- voif'.'d ilic plc:i in piT.srmallv wcT; - o'.i'.iiur hi:; rninuiitlcp oj) civil I ilKMs :it us fli-st White House I nicolin-;. . j .\J:'. '!'. un::iu s:nil "v:o arc not 1 i MisiiriiiK Anii'rijan ciljK-ms of their I civrl il(;llt«. Ill an obvious rofernncr- to tho K) IVm: Kk'ii. he i-nr;illt>d his rn'l • dri;,-'; in jae!;-;-in C:>iinty Mti politics. "Iln:f \va;; an oi':;anizallon ill "-v.ini.v that me', nn iijn s arid i.-1'rnrd crossrii nnd wnrkcrci hc-hiiul !-'.r'i'\;." hr wild. | '•Tltcrc is a ipmlpjiry in (hi;! country !or that sit lation to ' dc- | velop :u r ain, uiilesii v.n do .somr- i Ihinn t:u|sii)!e to p:r:v?nt It. | "I ro-.rt wniit to ace niiy rare diM-rln-.ination. I ilun't want to ;>i'i> any rrlieiniis bit'.titry brr.ak out in this iTiinlry as it did then." M.- .Ti-iininn s«id he was "inncli alarmed at certain happenings mound the country that go IQ sdo'.v there Is a latent spirit'in some of us thiil Isn't wlial It ought to be." f i He said h« opposed federal Interference In local law enToruc- nviit. ):'.-t IK- said thr>re were con- Mitutional rights whish he thought thr ledei'nl t:ovnrnmont liad n right lo protect. I Tli« i-ojiimlttec. headed &•• Chailrs E Wilson, president of! Oi'iiei-nl Klcttsie. Includes a re|):-e- M'lilativp I'.roup of industrialists ! taboi N'iirlcrs. "dncalors. clerjiymeii i and R'iinklin n. RotKevelt, Jr., as 1 a n>]i:'i'S!.'iit!itive of the American V;-!<Tmi'; Coniniittro. Tile pu:;;osi; of the conniilttec is to !•:•'.icv.- r.uwnl civil rlpliis statute:; and rrcoiuineiid to t.'le Pre.'T- uk'ni. anj (IK; attorney {general iitelhfjd'i of .slrcii;-thci)iiiK thcs" lav.s tliroiigli new h'fjislatlon. Senate Group To Study To Curb WASHINGTON, Jjlll. 1C.— <U!>) — The Senate Coininlltcc decided loday lo.fii'stiM hcarlnijs Jan. 23 on legislation (n reduce Industrial strife. ChnSrinnn Hubert A. Tuft, H., O.. nmicuiiccd HIP hearings would cover nil bills clcnllni; with: 1. Organization nnd ty of 'labor unions. ? v Labor courts nnd compulsory arbitration. 3. Moltnllnn am! conciliation machinery. •I. outlawing Hie closed shop and iiidiiKti-ywldi- barnlninu. 5. Amendments to the Wagner fcor relations net. Taft suid the conimitti'c wanted to conclude hearings aljout M.n-h 1 _ nlar." hearing j-m-erimidit officials, labor relations r.xtit'Tr.;, pvo- IJoucnls of 'various legislative proposals aiui labor .spuki'.iaien in tint order. IIHory f.lvcs the ciiincsc, not I he OciiJi.nis, ,hr crwlil for frt-nt- ni). wnicrkraiil. H -. v ns made by fcnutminij eubbagc with wine. "flK" Aofrl Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, M«r. Pliant 2071 200-08 W. Main India's Peonies India contains "lie-sixth of the r-ccplR of the globe. These are di\13cd among ninny races, speaking £CD languages, and of a dozen iiil:srcnt rtligicns. Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Hobs You of Sleep Here's How You May Help, Whether You Eat 500 Pounds or 2000 Pounds of food In a Year Von c&n't feel cheerful be hapnv and sleca well. It your stomach Is always unset As see advances the "olil atom.ich" needs more help. The reason Is this: Everytlme food enters tho stomach a vital guttle Juice must How normally to SSS m up < ? Italn foort P"«<=l": «ls« the i2S?i,? ay r f rl=l!nt - Sour 'ood. acid inrtl- hfrt t?, n 5? ^ r "<l uen "y cause a raor- r HI,? , y ' frcuul - Peevish, nervous condition loss of appetite, uni ctve!-ht rcrt-css sleep, weakness. ' .JJ'J.K'* «»'. rcllcf J«u must Increase ?l'i ?2R,°'i 1 '." 5 vitrj Bostrlc Juice. Mc,ll- CM authorities. In Independent Inbora- IST*.. t5 °" huraa ° stomnchs. have hy « n -^ crt ?':S5,', 1 !S™.i h «. s _? s . T °"ic >» ,. : digestive Jutce. i,. ua i .un reu- » , i,'.° u Ehou lil eat better, sleep better Icel better, work better, play better Avttd punishing yourself with over?^Sr,l f and olhcT «!X»!lters to counleract gas and bloating when what you so o»ariy need 13 sss Tonic to help sou atgest load for body strength and repair. Don't wait! Join the host of hrmpy people ESS Tonic has helred Mmicins of bottles sold. Gel, a botUcof' SSS ffSnlo hc?S BuuVs'tSd^SaUh!*' fOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. . H. Webb M »»*•", f A^ttaK l f' The pie crust mado it fn- moiis and now Mis' .mile .shows you how (omake that luscious, crispy, rc-al Soutli- ern pastry! Mis' Julio takes ft ccnurou.s measure or rich shortcnlnc. Mends In salt nnd top-duality pastry Hour. All you have to do is add water, mix uiul hake. Get a package of Mis' Julie's Pie Crust today. MIS' JULIE'S Individual Chicken I'iuj ns v.'iut l'li> Crust i-iul tin; unu'i ,, V ir- In Co wl i h v/hj Le of I'Kll. Fill with cluckcil. rro:uiiC'ili:r In liruvy, Covt-r v.-tui n lliln lop tif |ile cmst. mi-is tlovvii rd);f.s iiil'l .-.••->t.'t n r c lop i.Tu'.-t. Iliui- ill liot ov.-n for :;l)(j11L HU inlfin "Ificsc ai'on't sliofs Uii',1 just "linppen" to ::m'o coinl'orl and stylo. Wluil makes llu-ni tlifferenl is llidr .suporl) wovknianship. lop materials and (iiinlity ol' prnducl dial's cs- '.cntial of every product found in our! 226 W. Main St. Phone 2562 T1IUKSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1947 UCT^SSESIKMSaHas ANO LESS THAN 3, Arc you paying up to 47c a pound for coffee? Switch to Spotlight— less than 35c a pound \vhcn yon Inty the .1- pouiid economy INIR. it's the lamoiis flavor-/rcsli coffee Hot-Dated at the roaster and freshly ({round alter you Inty. Try Kroger Spotlight — your best coffee value! Ib. Bag (,'<iunfrv Clnlj 1.1). lifillKls Carloit New Low Prices on Canned Juices! COUNTRY CUJI! gBADECDHIT Hllf»C No. 2 Can 17f -Ki W.. FLORIDA I'ACKKl) No. 2 Can -ITTc 2 IMII- 2 Foi ,17' I'AC'KIOI) THKKSWRPT No. 2 Can No. 2 Can 2 For ,|Tl 40 Ox. Can Prssh Smoked 9 Teasl on Tender Yniins Turk. Small Juicy I'u-liYs corrci-lly i-iircil. (jri Lli. I'UHK WIiri'K HOG LARD I'llKSM MKATY I.I). '" S'l'RKAK-O-I.EAN SILT M 3 *Jt' ..... <5 Size, N. Y. Dressed ,, 55 C . KXTffA SELECT OYSTERS KKOXKN ('RUSH CCD FILLETS n ,39' 'I'ASTY Hill S;EAK,.,,47 e KROGER EGGS Every Kjw IF. S. Inspec-fcd Larcjc F/flj Ex. Lgo. / «J Ct.Ooz.yyQct.Dox.foj Met?. Crt. Doz. 54c STCFI-'i:i> SI'AMSII OLIVES 51/2 oz. jar35c coiiN'rnv ri.rst SWKKT PEAS No. 21/2 can 19c r:oi NTKV (i.i 11 PEANUT BUTTER, 1 Ib. jar 33c SALMON TOMATO SOUP flat can 33c can 10c CLOCK BREAD Lar ge jj^ ii-rcd—Texas Seedless—Juicy drniic I'l-uit—ricli in Vitamin C. Tree ripened to a lai'l sweet tanjrv flavor. Kroner's Crcsli Ib. mesh bag ears SNO-WIUTE 2 Ib 25c Ib 17c FLORIDA SWKKT ^, (•J-t I.V^IV1IJ.\ r»vr/l!il KI'jIJ Cauliflower, hd. 19c Strawberries, PL 35c TEXAS KKESH CURLY ,T. s . NO . 1 I'ORTO KICAN Spinach,. Lb ..... IQc Sweet Yems, Lb. 10c S. NO. 1 YBU.OW GLOHB U. S. NO. I UED TRIUMPH f 10 Lb. . . 45c Potatoes, 10 Lbs, 49c HOUSEHOLD VALUES! 5 r:>.V f.'.AKTON Dicmond Matches .... 29c ;:) <IK c" \VATT Light-'Bulbs '. 12c i filWCK JMCKACIi Cameo Sf-arch 5c Piires Bleach 15c IVAl OX. 1(1 FEKT ItOl'K CEofrhes Lines 35c .iiiKirrv nitAM> Clothes Pins, Doz. .... 7c AVONI>A LI: KRAUT No. 2'/2 can 15c KXTUA HTANOAIH) TOMATOES No. 2 con 19c coiJ.vriiY cunt, c m , n sivic CORN No. 2 can ISc f'OUf.-i'liy CS.lili, l.arsc S-.n-ct PSAS No. 2 can 19c MUSSULMAN'S APPLE SAUCE No. ?. can 20c r.VKRY ASKAf, APPLE BUTTER, 14 02. jar ISc SYRUP No. 10Sb:e $1.19 SPAGHETTI DINK'tR 29c KUOC1KK I'ACKKl) NAVY BEAMS, 2 ib. pky. 43c LA1SGK I-:\'Al'()KATi:i) PRUNES l-!b. pktj. 2Sc .79 Country Club Tomato Kroner's Embassy SALAD DRESSING Country Club SODA CRACKERS Country Club Quick or Regular 14-oz. Bot. 76-oz. Jar 1-lb. fiox 48-oz. Pkg. P S^IIT ilSP/'F f '»»»''•> PI r Hill r <:i "" I IM&. J\Jl\fL, Cream of Tomato Country Club Evaporated M.i:;v.- BUTTER - [J Mott's [\ Cider Spare Stamp No. 53 Valid Now MEAL White Corn California Grated

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