The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT 15 Coal Miners Killed by Blast * Three Men Survive ' Explosion 800 Feet Under River's Bed • PLYMOUTH. p n ., Jan. 16.— (UP) —Ail accumulation of dusl or gas was believed lod.iy lo liai-c caused Ihe explosion which killed 15 ii;in- ers !a Ihe Nottingham Collier}' of :he Gleji Alden Coal Co, Two other miners were injured 111 Ihe blast which occurred 800 left belo\ v Ihe Susquchamu river about 5:30 pirn, ycsterdny. Only one member or the 18-man crew escaped unscathed. Bodies of the dead were removed from 'the shaft about five hours after Ihe explosion. All were believed- lo have been killed instaiuly. Officials of Ihe stfite Bureau of Mines began an immediate investigation. Samuel Reese, 35. nnd Andrew Bolfnko, 54. both of Plymouth, who were injured in the blast, said the men were working in n gangway, or tunnel, which branched off from the main shaft. The three survivors were working in n chamber olf an adjoining gangway. The blast was discovered by n tender working n l Ihe foot of'the shaft. He noticed a cloud of dust creeping through (he iiinuel n iul sounded Ihe alarm. Rescue crews. Iralncd especially lor such emergencies, moved into ncJon immediately. Equipped with [ gas masks, air drills and hand ! shovels, they went dow,, into the . Relatives ami friends of the men working i,i the pit , 00 k up a lone- worrt fi ",' ,"' e " P " ic «<"•""'» word I from below, priests also stood m the throng waiting to admlnls- ° f b ? dl ", of "« ' OSCMier " IC rlvcr ™" were t>olnt Owners of Hotel Face Big Suit as Aftermath of Fire "° Tr , SPRINGS. Ark.. Jan. IB. !yP)-Ownci-s and Operators of the Great. Northern Hotel Jiere, which i? S . d " lroyed ^ "re last Sept. If'-i ??"]' - friccd a S25 ' 030 <5amagc •e'lerda • '" Gntland Cir ""'t Court A 61-year-old watch salesman Louis Barrett, brought the suit'. •if, n " egetJ1 5' wa s permanently disabled when he was forced to drop £4 feet from a second floor window. , Defendants were Hated as C H Williamson, Etna Williamson ' w Powers. Mary Prances Rclyea T -. Ford mid Luther Ford' Three Persons lost their lives in the same Salesman Kills Self MEMPHIS. Twin., Jan. 16 tUP) r Ralph G. TrlppeU. 50, Shrcve- l Death PiloT^ ~i~ — l thrill in Maureen E Rim ' s six years of life is shown aliovc «'l.Tn7n7rjr. GPOI-PC G Dcavcr New York Univcrsuy holds out !,is urn, 5 . the litilc girl walks for the Virst time since s pled by polio. Ihe picture, a good one u, remember when you ccnlribuie lo Ihe March . . __ was lii.icn at recent demonstration cf reliabililalion program for hundic&ppcd Eleanor Sets Fine Example; Doesn't Try to Pull Strings NEW VCP.K, Jan. 1G. (UP)—Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt said' lodav sue would not ask tor ally special" consideration in reinstatement of hrir drivel's license which was revoked Jnsl. nlgjjl Ijy state nuWiorllies. 'Mrs. nraj.sevclt was involved in an automobile n;cid;nt last Aug. 14 when the car slie was driving crossed the wh-s center line three miles norih of the New YOVK City-Wcstchestcr County line Mrs. Roosevelt was shaken up and lost two fronl teeth in n». accident. Four other persons were injured. At a rccenl henring in White Plains, witnesses quoted Airs Roosevelt as saving Hint she doz-d at Ihc wheel, bill she said in a exposition that she was blinded All Independence County Goes Dry In New Election •BATE3VILLE. Ark.. Jan. 1G . (UP1 —All ol Independence countv «".-,•? «rj- ,oday, after a counly-wi'dc local option cleclion yesterday established the new stairs Early returns, with 10 precincts vet to report, showed 1.3CB a B alnsl the legal sale of liquor and 082 in favor of it. The election was prompted bv he fact that Ward 1 in Hates- lillc, as well us nig Bollom township, hart' been wet since tho last option election which was held on precinct-by-prccinct basis •In the City of Batesvllle, the •irl R-J7 ,.. n » < • t | Cll>,^ — by the late arterr.oon sun. Deputy .Motor Vehicle Commissioner Hou-nrd .Miles, who confirmed the revocation of her driver's llreiiEc, said the action was "routine" in such cases. He said Mrs, Roosevelt could apply i or a new license in 3D days. In her column "My Day" Mrs Roosevelt said today, "it will be distinctly awkward lo have to wain everywhere around n j( i.e park place, instead ,>| driving. However at all limes an,' us Ion;; as one "Ves. hfe administers disciplines and it is in accepting and obeying them that one learns "I recognize fully t'he j, lsllc n( punishment fo,- endan.,erm B other people she said. ;,,idi,, K . - t s ,,ali -citalnly ,,ot ask for any special considerations." Givb Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Old Disease Malaria i s one of the oldest known diseases of mankind It strikes 300.000,000 people annually and causes 3,000,000 deaths, with India alone having about 100000000 cases a year. _ IU ' !ui Courier News Want Ads, GOVERNORS C'anllnucd from 1'agc I. day by the stale legislature, took over the office while Arnall was at Ills home In Non-nan, Ga., Arnall. aflcr unsuccessful attempts to get In to see Talmadge, returned lo the cii])ilol rotunda, adjoining (he offices and set up his own lieatlcniarlerx, H was a move similar to Hint taken by Talmuifge. when he was Jlrst elected, But now, the situation was reversed. Arnall .sets Ul> Office In the center of Uic rotunda, there Is a desk, surrounded by a 20 square foot guard rail. A receptionist usually sits ih c re. Arnall look his desk, laid out some papers, and liccaii busily writing. lASt nlqhl Attorney General Eugene Cook had filed a court suil asklni; Hint Talmaclgc's cleclion by the legislature be voided as an Illegal process, Th c su il was filed at Amnll's direction. State troopers guarded Ihc doors lo (lie executive offices which Tal- madgc had now taken over. "I am now tn full control of Ihe sla.c of Georgia," said the youthful Nnvy veteran. "Georgia now has bill one governor.' 1 The court action. Instigated by Arnnll In an effort to oust Tal- mnclge, followed a lieclic day of maneuvering between the two Georgia governors for control of the stale's mill;ia, Talmadge, the 33-year-old son of the late Gov,-Elect Eugene Tal- niadgc wrosc death precipitated Hie political conflict, apparently won Ihe first round in court. Judge Waller C. Henrtrix declined lo grain a temporary Injunction to remove him from office. Normally in Injunction ligiga- tloiw the courl grants a temporary order until both sides present arguments. Judge Hendrix. who presides over Fiilton county Superior Court, received ArnalVs petition late 'yesterday asking lhat Talmadgc to show cause why he .should not be declared ineligible to serve as cov- crnor. Talmadgc was elected at 2 a.m. Wednesday after a .16-hour joint «|Bljm Of the General Assembly on tlip grounds that he received a majority of write-in vote.s in l c general election last November, His subsequent ci forts to jar Arnall loose from the executive cliam- bcis failed and Talnmdec set up his own quarters sonic 20 feet •J^M £ ovcrn °rs immediately sought Pcc.jral recognition. Tlicy telephoned Secretary of War Patterson In Washington asking support of new appointments of adjutant generals. The war Department, however assumed a "hands off attitude. In a statement from Washington Patterson said thai ho could not give m« r '' ec °S»l'io» to the appointment of an adjutant, .general of " Bolh Try to Control Guard „, , ,',', JV?. d a !'P ol »teci Col. Rob- c t w. Collins, commander of the stale guard, elevating him to the m i° , hrl ea«l!er general, and .madge had appointed Brig. Gen Marvin Griffin. b Disbands Stale Guard TftJmadgc then pulled his first strategy move, issuing an executive order disbanding t|i c stale guard. an action designed to strip Arnall of ins state troops. Collins defied the Ta)mnd°c demobilization order. He claimed double authority over both the National Guard unit and the State Guard, and issued an order of the day calling on members of each, organization to "continue in serv-! ice for the unity of the state." Angrily Collins disclosed that "young Talmadse has notified me THURSDAY, JANUARY 1C, JIM? that I am retired." "But he has no more aulliorily lo do that thnn any niiin on the street," Collins said. 'Die state Guard has an iiniiory at the Confederate Soldiers' Jlwie in Atlanta, while the National Guard hn.s a supply base at a surplus army air base on the out- tkirts of the city, TiiluiariKe's order in effect demanded that Hie state liuard equipment. Including arm?,, bo removed to the air bose Throui-hoiil the first day of the riual regime officers and enlisted men of bath the Stale and National Guard milled through the corridors between both gubernatorial offices. The United Press saw two armed men entering the Slate Capitol, but before • a reporter t-ould ask them who cal'ed them out, UMn. Gen. oorpc Finc-h of the 54th air wing. National Guard intervened . Armed Men Appear Finch quickly ordered the men —a lieutenant and a master sergeant with a carbine-out.: Kie. "I don't want an v armed men m this building." Fi'icli ordered. The court action iudtiatcd lhal Amall inlendcd lo sit ti-;ht until final clarification of the issue. I Previously he had iniended to re-j sign and 1 linn over the gubernatorial reins to Melvyn B. Thoinp- ' son. Georgia's first 'elccicrl lieute-1 nant governor-, and present state revenue commissioner. "I will not yield the oi[k-c lo a 'pretender'." Arrull said. "The of-1 lice belong, to Hie people. Tiio[ legislature is without any authority I under Ihe slate constitution to tryj to elect a governor." Arnnll raid that the "man (Till-, nrnducl elected by the legislature allegedly and Illegally is a mere pretender and I have no doubr that the constitution of the State, of G.'oi'feiii will bo upheld by Ihc- cotM'ls." "liM' Arnall intltiiclei! Attorney Gen-' ei«i Eiwcne Cook lo seek a declaratory decree on the legality of Tihiin-.tge's claims to office, the; urgumcnl.'i to be heard February "I in Henry County, Herman Till- iiKidge's legal residence. ; Cr.^k dis^toed that lie had bceiij directed by Arnall to flic such' filed was tilled, vs. Herman Tal-i be- be-. The suit ••Oov. -Arnall madge" TalmivJ-.c's coinmcnhs on Ihe court action was not immediately available, but his aides showed iilj.-ccineni in the movement for a peaceable and legal means settlement in view of the t^ siiiiiilion wliich resulted in a ' fight outsicie Arnall's office tween rabid sympathizers. Even '.(bile the briefs were ing i)ic;>.irc(l for court arcumnnl.s on the gubernatorial tangle. Tal- inacigp directed his legislative supporters to initiate his father's white suprcmncv program to ban Negroes from liic |X)lls. Thompson, too, has promised to follow the dictates of the state' Democratic Daily plank on tht' white supremacy issue. ;. Before the week is out Tahtiadgo lieutenants in the state IcBislature' arc expected to introduce measures. implementing the pure white voting plank which young Tahnadge mid iiis father drafted before Die U'Uer's death 53 dsys before hLs .scheduled inauguration. Too Late to Classify Situation Wonted Help Wanted Colored woman' for Ijixhl liinisc keeping worli. Sun(i;iy ofJ'. Hours 10 si. m . (u •'i ]). m.'Phone !I87. '-16-c k-1U port. La., oil salesman. s hot~aiul killed liimsclf as he sal In his car IP. a d:ive-in here -Jolicc r-- portc;! today. Police said Trippett .had been Capl Herbert Tansey. of Tills Church, va., piloted "(he trans 1, Atlantic, airliner which crashed i and exploded near Shannon Eire, killing 12 of the 23 persons'i aboard. Caplain Tansey was among the injured who were rcscneu (NBA Telephoto.) CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costj So Little" WEEKDAY* Box Office Opens 6:15 ji.m. Show otarta 7:M ji.m. Last Time Today "JUNIOR MISS" SHcliacl Dunne, I'aye Mirtow,- bcrial: "Zorro's Black Whin 1 Chapter U Also Shorts dead several hours when his body was discovered by a car-hop. Friday and Saturday SADDLE LEATHER LAW wllh Charles Starrctt and ji-jf," Ta ,, or as "Cannonball" "iManhunl of .Mystery Isluirl" I-asl Chapter Also Cartoon Open 6:30 p.m.; Show BUrta 7 pj LAST TIME TODAY 'Yolanda and the Thief" (In Technicolor) ttilh 1'rcd AMuirr, Lucille Hrcnnor I'rank Alorjr.-iii News of Die ]>,,; atl(1 , S | 10| . (s Friday and Saturday "Devil's Playground" wllh liojuloiis Oissidy crial "Son of Ihe {iuardsnnn- Also Shorls — F New Theater Manila's Finest Hhnws EVERY NIOIIT ar.itinec Saturday £ Sunday Hox Opens Week Hays 7:00 r,.m. Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Sliowim Last Time Today "Home Sweet Homicide" wilh I'cssy An.ii (ixrnrr, Kainlnlph SroII Also Sclcrlcc! Shurls Friday and Saturday "HELDORADO" with Koy Iti.jicrs anil Dale Mvaiis Also Slinrls RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. 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