The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 3
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jrJIUliSDAY. JANUARY 1G, 19.17 NewConstrucfion Fund Advocated Governor Proposes Separate Ser-u'p Within Stabilization Act r .. . UTTI.E ROCK. Ark.. Jan. 16 <IJ|'J — Tlio joiopo.sed revision of Hie revenue Ftivbnizalioii art of !9« will provide s\ seiniruie fnn- sliiiction fund. Oov. n Pn Lancv .•iiiuuimml today. Ho expressed the o])inioii Hint iifli costs prevent 1111 extensive building prognini now, but tlml LLW limcl piT.'it'i-ly regulated would pillow construction in 11)0 future. L-mcy. however, sni.l IIP favored vital construction a t tlic present nine which he oullincd in liis swonu in:ni(juriil address Tnesduy as im-lim'iiijf ihi-ee .slate Imspiiu! buildings, a governor's mansion nnd an addition at the School for tin; mind in rjulo Horl! "By revising the rtabiliiulion "<•!.. I believi' funds will be avail- t'.ulr f or out, imniccliiite bniltlin- needs, the ijovernor »:al:!. "However under no rircinnstance.s will tlic'.c be sufficient money to j-ri niipad with a wide, expansion plan" L'incy said Unit (lie proposed fund would not interfere ivilli eolk.«cs or instiliilions win" niiead will, conslruction if tlu-y have Uii-ir own money. Steel Strike Threat Delays Bids on Bridge MFMrtns. Tenn., jan IB (UP) -The possibility of a nationwide slcel strike lias delayed renewed rtilvertising lor bids on si»e| sutler-! structure work on ihe Mississippi River Bridge uiK.'.'r construction, i( was disclosed today , Political Le.uler E. H " Crimi'i - find he had been advised in -i telegram frcin Sen. K. D. McKeJ- lar in WaihiniUon thrit advisers there "thought they would wait. ;o see if any steel strike developed and then advertise the birr; for the superstructure." Previous bids were rejected r ; "too high." Hydrant-Parkers, Beware! BLYTIIEVILLK (ARK.) COUUlHR NEWS Negroes Sought In Girl's Murder Victim Assaulted And Choked, Alabama Officers Report TUSOAItOOSA. Ala., Jnii. !«, — <UP)--A small, prclly sodn fount employe WAS I'oin.d ci'lmlnnllv as- snitlted and choked lo death' ln.«l hltjhl In mnrshv woods ni-.\r her liome at Holt, a' mining romm.Vt- ty sis miles northeast of heif. Miss Mnrtha Moseley, an, was Inst seen Tuesdny night gelling oil n bus n quarter of a mile from her home, (he nen rest bus slop. Her body WHS found nbonl 7 p.m. last hlsjht between there and her liome, | M tho woods near the Holl Coroner s. T. llnrdln said th:il someone liml choked \m- with his hniuls and )iii ( | knollcfl a kwhli-l iiniund.ln'r neck. Khe hail been till on Ihe head also. Hardih'-foiid an cxaiu;jiiitlo)i ol Die liudy sliowed she li:ul licen criminally • assnlilled. Dunlin sril" her h'[;.s were scratched linilly ,ljy Illinois Lawmaker to Find ,. „ To Improve Jobholders Morals Laney Doubts That Transfer Would be Legal LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan K 'UP>— T!ic KOMiibilily that none ot (lie. sensacoo Mil-plus now in the State Wnlftive Fund c:ln be used lepilly for an v oilier ijnrrose \vis rxisre.sscrt lortav bv Cm: 'nen Laney. Prior to (be present session of llic SOtli General Assembly the prr-legislaljve budget committee approved a proposal hit roc > -vi liv Ken Ernest Maner of Hjl recommending the IrSns- fer of S2.SflO.000 from the Welfare Fund to the Stain Hosoilai for Nervous Diseases. Tho University of Arkansas also had been reported as seeking si.flOa.CCO of the fund for construction purposes [Aiiry said today that he 'di "ol Uiink the m lMiisferre.<l legally co ,,( f , . )e Flood Fighting Methods Studied by U. S. Engineers MEAIFHIS, Tenn.. Jan. 16. (UP) —A discussion of floocV-riohtin" methods for 1947 will be held today .it Hie headquarters or the Engineers district in West Memphis, Ark. The conference will outline me course ol action should Hoods loom rerionsiv in u,u Sp.-in" iiv !'ia;t)i:iuc-K c. OTIIMAX I'liili'il 1'ress Staff ('ort-rspniitlrnt WASHINTON. .Jan. 1(5. _ With my own cars I heard him. De)>. n n l|,h K. ClHlrch of Illinois .stood up in meeting and .said llally tii:,l uiaiiy jfedwal cinplovec.s are immoral. Here you must imagine a row of exclamation points; will resemble the congressional ears that perked up when liep. Clnirch, who Iivn s on church Sheet in Er.-mston. made his statement. The more a federal worker sits on his ihen handkerchief with nolhni!; more to tin than manicure her (his) finjjcnmils, the more im- morai Jie i s he) becomes. r m still quoting Rep. Church of Church Street. Ladies and gents of Ihe government. I'm not sayine- one '•void, myself. "Ves." continued Rep. Church, "inny of these employes become immoral, wasting lime, dav alter • lay. You can look at -em iiny place, 'fake the War Assets Administration in Chicago. The workers there set no example for Ihe test ot tlie population;Fire n few hundred thousand Irtleral workers, he continued -.ind (hey won't !,e .*„ jii!m n , Y ir '-rheti he sat down. The eoii-ri-.ssioiial ears ceased looking like c.xcUima- Uon points. Ves sir, agreed Itcp. John W. saber of New York", the chairman or the Appropriations Cnininillee when congress c !)oj). s down (he size «>r the federal jui.-hu|(, m ,, .„ . my. tnc workers who are left' Hill be happier. -riicy won't he sitting there at, iln'ir desks without enough nclivl- (y to mako them alert." he said, The reduction «jj| , llnlt( , 1||( , n , more active and more valuii^' |o uip P nr-' !vCS """ U) thl ' e°'^ rn Then ,-r. cnrne oiil. i{ep. Church Wi.sirt diai-Hini: t ti 0 fcdcra] workers with gninblins. opium smokin:' or drmkinir cl)niiiji3 S ,,e f,« m tlie flipnors of nearly-linked Indies He '"• that the business f o Collect, ng a fcdei.-d paycheck without n If'J'r" ' .'" MI ' n iL '" "n'"<"-nl '" itself, i h nve consulted Webs- ler and .Merrinm. too. and i am forced to agree. That «orcl immoral, covers a lot of ground i The print of all thl s is that Ta- •>er <fc co. don't seem to be foolins ' s;iy tlu '- v are « n »'S to "re a lot ( , r federal Job holders. Tuber! The may-haired, bull- voiced keeper »[ !h|. federal purse, »-e;ii-s- a suit until it's tliicndlKire. When he hns to travel, he rides tlie day conch. .The'.way the gov- 01-111110:11. is sIHMicling money, )ic says.-Is unconsclonalilc and intolerable. Today he expects to announce where some heaw firings will do (he most good, but in the meantime he has no objection to mcii- llon as .sumplp.s ,-r f Plv thousand federal workers he intends to snip off (he ijuyroll. There are too many jobholders at Ilic Federal 0011111111- nication.; Commission, | n( . interstate Commerce Commission (.no National Archives, the National Labiu- Relatt»i) S Dourd and 'hi particular) the Coinmerce Department, he said. "And i havo a memordiidum Iicre that shows something else they (the administration) are doing to us (the taxpayers!." he snld. "Their a I* 15.500 people on the payroll of tlie OPA today and | nine-tenths of them have iiolhii)i> to do. At the ijiali) office there arc •22 publicity agents with nothing to i advertise. ThiU's just a small example of the way the administra- tinn is trcatiiij; us.''- 'iis mid brlnvs. lie said lln'it iii-miy siic hail , wnlked from • b »-. slop t,> the phice where »• ''y was found;.'' '!"', bllll "-liiili-ed |,lrl had n ol .Kni Tuesday because new iiiniifM( W ii.s beinj. Inslulled In • 'in'ii store where she was eiu- >"! Kiiemls sulil .she had BOIK- MI "ealoosa that adernoon. runny (ifHrers W. R WrlRhl and line Sunders inn! stale piitrol- wt>n- InvcsllBnlliiB the report a wrunnn who said she saw Mjss •' '"'. v l' 1 ' 1 off lh,. bus near where • «• 's kilicil, she also said four - 1'i'iict Courier News Want Ads. FALSE TEETH Tlidl Loosen Need Not Embarass Miiny wearers of raise Icclh have mtlerwl renl enibarnissmont be- ;l "-<- Ibclr ulute dropped, sU|ipcd " »:ibblei| ul j,,st the wron l: time. ;'<• "ol Ive In (ear of this happim- ;',';'.<>/<",'• '"'»l sprinkle n llltls l-AMI-.KHI, the alkallnv (nou- "i-ili iMwder. on your plates. Holds hits,, teeth more firmly so they "••el more comforlable. Does not •""»'. t.'hecks "plale odor" Kleiituro ';''eiilh). (let l-'AiS'l-EliTH at any •ni'! More. TORKISH BATHS U IKK' Us N< u i rm-kisli hallis! You've asked lor lliem and lioi-e llu-y nn: mutv lo linrvc you Plioro for iin iiDDoindni'iii: (dday :nul Wiili-h (lu- |SotiiulM nu-'p' away, as you ivlax 'inulrr I in. warm stcnni of a roiil Turki.sli |{ : ,ili. Phone for npiiointiDi'nl today! ARIIE'S a IALLMARK On Volentine Day as always, a Hallmark Card will best express your perfect losfe your IhouglilMness, DHEIFUS Pus . . . Wrar ilinmnnri-' til.i UE'iTMAlX ST 1 •"*•«» »* MTTMtVIUrT, MlMfHaAMO OTEKS«Uia Across the Street from Grahcrs * NEW COTTON DRESSES Wonrfcrful huya-tlit cr •» f • f r * ^ • , collections .j /in aiiper-qiialitics thai; ' and clicckji^ Seersucker j.'rhiimhraa! THREE ONE AdORF WEEK JO SAVE AT FEINBERG'S JANUARY CLEARANCE Every winter garment must go to make room for our new $p r jng lines of merchandise now arriving daily . ". .>4 o t one garmenr w i|J be carried ovci I Everything must go! COATS VALUES TP 57.50 . VALUES TO 39.95 . VALUES Tbi9.95... VALUES TO 19.95 .. NOW NOW NOW $15.00 NOW $ VALUES TO 49.95 . VALUES TO 39.95 .. VALUES TO 34.50 .. VALUES TO 24.50 . NOW ... NOW . NOW . NOW VALUES TO 29.95 NOW VALUES TO 24.50 NOW VALUES TO 16.95 NOW VALUES TO 12.95 NOW VALUES TO 7.99 NOW SWEATERS All 100',-; Wool Values to $7.99 Now Values to $5.99 Now Values to $4.99 Now PURSES ''' '.Values to $4.99 \ I Now . . J J: \Values to $4.99 ' Now • Values to $2.99 ! Now ,: 3-PC. SUITS The perfect .veiir-rounil enscmMe! Every thrw>- piece suit in tiie liniisc must be cleared, regardless of price. ReRular values to §90.50 now only $50 NO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS ALL SALES FINAL FEINBERG'S

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