The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 2
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"PAGE TWO ilish Election » *. Causes Concern • U. S. Authorities Fear ;* Ballot, Will Not ( Be \ free as Promised * BY i VIE c. WIISON TTnit*d Press 'Staff ..Correspondent jNVAaHINGTON, : Jan. 10! — Tlic pfeiti fact nbout the Polish eh>c- tlfii dispute Is that (he United States : fears the outcome of next Sunday's 1 polling already is riggpd isf violation of Big Three agreements ^Scheduled to take place Sunday is' the free and unfettered election t<i tth'eh all hands, Including So- vSct Bremlcr ' Josef ,V. Stalin, yleclg- cd themselves ' In 1945. Bui the United States has reason 'to doubt that; the voting will be Iree and ujtelterfd. as, promised. Russia evidently is. well satisfied with the \vciy "things are going. 'American newspaper reporters wjir fcc" in Poland -^o' tell us here ))ow Die '.. siiridriy voting ROSS and \yhether it-wns a tree ballot, as nd- v'fjitiscd. The -Amerlcnn -public;, In a'.wav.'is thereby invited' to nd,,ns unorfjcial jury,, ..on • l)ie questions: D}d the Aiili-Coininunlst Parly' in Poland fjeta'fatr deal mid dl-i Russia .cqh-y. . 'but . Iiifr ' international ccjmniltnienls.. '' • ', .Tlie' United.' states finds that tlie l*UESinn=(iominntJd Polish ijcivi 11- nfent which!ng the <>lr>c- llpn is not'' giving -the oiiposilion Peasant ' party' a /air deal In Ihe l>rc-electien. campaign. our anibas- s^dor \y. Bedell Smith has asked the' soviet Union' foreign office in Moscow to join tlie United States li) protesting to Poland agnlnst llic conduct of the fortlicominif elections, Russia refused to join tlie protest. . ' . . ' '•* From -Warsaw, comes a dispatch reporting, that- the Polish govcrn- nJcnt.. itself, has rejected American charges -of election Irreiulnrities mid contends that the polling will )-t> free and unfettered, as promised. • . , •• ' ' .that ts the way It stands today There is considerable doubt as to the freedom of the forthcoming election but no douhl as to Stalin's unqualified pledge: that Russia w°»!d Join the united states and real Britain; in Insisting' that the elections actualy be free. Ads. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) -COUttlBR NEWS •;• WARNING -ORDER In (he rctumrary Court, Chick.i- )sawba Uutrict, Mississippi County Arkansas. — Qscar Wallthgsfofd.'. • vs. No,. 9942 ;. ' Annie Waillngsford...... Defendant ). The-defendant. Annie .Wallings- f?rd,- is hereby warned to iun« ur Within thirty 'aayVvinl-the-raurt named in the ,jcapt|0n herbot raid , answer the cBrtlplnlm Brine jilainv -; tl -?I" 9 E ? nr Wall ings ford. ' ' ills 14 day of J:imiflrv HARVEY MORRIS, Clftk By Betly Smith, D. c" l|16-23-3d-2i6 Prices Down following Premier Leon Blum's recent-order for all retail prices to be reduced-five per cent, this Parisian shopkeeper makes sure .-everyone knows he has obeyed Lt.-Gcn. Geoffrey Kcyes, nbovc, coiTimnndcr of the U. S. Third Army, Is no,w chief of American forces in Austria, succeeding Gen. Mark W. Clarlt. General Clark was called homo to' succeed -the Inte Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell os commander of the Sixth Army, with hoadquurlenr in San Francisco. IN MEMOItlAAI In lovln« memory of my darling daughter, Mary Hires, who i>ass«l away 'Jnminry Hi, 1!I38. The l;!o w v,:u-i tireat, thn shock severe, We little tlimifiht the end was near. And only those, who have Josi can tell, '., . The pain of parting without, farewell. Friends mny think the wound Is heated, But they little know the soVrow That lies within our hearts ' concealed. 1 Sadly missed by Mother • Sister Ilrothcr •i . Crime Cost Approximate cost of the admln- 'ratlon- of criminal justice and losses due lo crime Is more than $2,000,000.000 nnnunllv in the United states. ' •'••., LEGISLATURE ' Continued from I'agc 1. quor dealers in Arkansas thai slole Ihe thunder. Introduced hy Rep. Carroll Hollensnru-th or Bradley County,'the measure would divide the revenue collected between the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases, the Highway Department, mid training schools in the state, as well'rig earmark part, of the fund for olt| nge pensions... Tho bill was referred (o tlie jf OICT Committee NOTICE Notice- Is hereby K lvcn that lh" ""'"I 1 f ei r' will within tho time {£"' . 1 *'f V """'y lo ll 'e Commw- sioner of Hevcnues of the Slat* of Arkansas for a permit lo sell beer •' 19H W ' Mnf "' B| y ll «- ississipiji County The undersiijned states that he is a elt,,en of Arkansas, of SOD ,I mo , : i clmractcr, that he has never Lc-rn convicted of a felony or other c-hne involving moral t.irpiindn; 11, .[ , „ licei>.se lo sen , lcc , by (|)c u ; •'" ' c ." h! »s been revoked with!,, f, V e ^ last past; and that HIL- uncitr- e« nas never been com-ieti'd of vinlatme the laws of this-stale or any other state, relating to ihc Vil<> of alcoholic liquors. Siibscribeci and •=«<,,';, /..^h^' me this 14 day of Jan., 1047. " '"•fj 1 ' Notary Public 1949 commi «"on expires Alarch Q, Orange . GrnpefruH Orange ond Grapefruit ['>,«"!;" 'o bike with THE MACIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR! AndyoucOT. us« ,he colored print »ck in rraw,' v-»yl • round Ihe hflus*. W£t:*.-.;,. " • - ; m&t&K'^'''- -• m&^;- ••;•" »:*••>;•>; :>;•'.:.' on revenue taxation. Hospital Train: Voted Another point, in yc-.sterriny' N notion in the lower chamber, wliji'li included the -tiitrftducllou of 20 bills and seven resolutions, was the approval given :i concurrent Senile resolution sponsoring an im- ticdiale jnvcstlgiilloii <>f the .State Hospital for Nemni.s UlxeaSi'.s. Uimi.-lmou.s sujiport IRIS gJvejj tlio measure in the senate, nfter its In- :rodiictlon by Sen. Ernest Manor af Hot springs, Othci- slgniflrant bills and resolutions introduced In the house- yesterday; Recommending u«> cJpi-tloji O l the state Reviiinie Commissioner instead «f appointment |>y Ui c j, ( ,v- ernor, Introduced by R-.-p. Hussej: Roberts of imulkner county; i Requiring Onklnwn Park I,, Hot Springs to pay all of ll'it" brcnks (odd tojius collected In (lie betting) by Rep. A. L. lirumbelow or Oua- (jhlln Cluun^y; BcUlnij up a mental hygiene pro- In the state, by Rep. Dick Wright of Clark County; Requiring ft B House ana Senate In joint session lu confirm a ll members of all stale hoards hy fiep. Claude Coffeli, of Be'mon Cdimty, At present, only Senate confinnallon Is necessary. • : Tavoilng tlie repeal o/ Act 10' jf 194S i Ihe measure that estab- lishe,) sriwrntc st.ite and ferterii prlmnrle:; In Arkansas), by Coffvlt l!e<|iili-iii ( ; ihe.StaU- Higliwav Do- parlmenl lo expend all hlghAaj revenues in co- -Iks whcip they were collected, '.-,;• Coffelt, •In Ihe Ser.alc, 'sen. Brady Pryor of Ft. smith introcViccd a'.i unheralded bill shortly before adjournment yesterday calling for a •.wilt leiflslttUvi! se.sslo,, Instead of the'continuous co days f'ryor as- scrtlng that the extra time would a low t!ie legislators to think out bins properly, asked for a 30-day uuerim between two sessions ol one month each, The measure was /cfcrrcd lo Section "A" of the Judiciary Committee. In another measure that gol lose attention yesterday. Dr. P. C. 'fo'K or Hope Introduced in the •enatc niornlni/ session a joim ct.olullnn fiivoring u tunstltullona. imeiKlmeiik thai would iiiiitiiuratt- a registration system for all vot- eis. lie cxplftlneil thnl the. amciid- THURSDAY.. JANUARY JO, 19-1? f»«n( v.oulu be placed before tlie People at the., next general elcllon, the resolution was referred to the Senate Co.nniltlce on ConstTtulion- al aincndments, At Juiuit two champions of labor made (heir bid., yesterday, one In each chamber. Rep.Coffcltlaunch- r,m n ro , s<)lutfo " l"nt labor unions funcllonlng In Arkansas hire only Arkansas residents as Ihelr leaders. Although Sen. E. J. Butler of Forrest City didn't get off to such c!u«toacold..,|cta Uttle time-tested VapoRub inelt {* ' ^ " — in your mouth ... worM fine) ,a fast start, he announced his Intention yesterday of bringing the first labor legislation before the Semite today. He plans to Introduce an cnabl- i"U act to the Arkansas anti-closed shop law, ii proposal that, gives cir- coil couH authority to enforce the amendment, and provide fines Men, Women Over 40 Don't Be Weak, Old Feel Peppy, Years Younger ' l " ranging from $100 to $5,000. Stop Scratching! — Try This Distress of ugly iiiinpU-s, ranbf jtckiing, IxirnEtiK sl;i,i di-surdi-rs )-, uftc-ii be tiulckly rx-lit-vt-il l,y ih sinnile lnox|)i'r,siv,j *ti-e;unn-nt. (;r;t a small bottle ol .Murinc lOmcrald Oil sit thu ni-arest ilri Kloro. t/xe ns direrU-O f< x-llon „ Stainless—£ 9 JACK SPRAT — No. 2 CAN 8 Ib. ctn. 4(b. ctn - - - $2.45 style - - p. Sunmaid, 15 01. Pkg. RAISINS 29c Spick & Span, Box CLEANER 23c Pure Leaf, 50 Ib. can LARD $13,75 PEARS, Bartiett No, 2Haii43c JACK SPRAT — 46 oz. can TOMATO JUICE - - - 25c SCOTT KITCHEH TOWELS - rblMSc 1000 SHEET ROLL CHARMIM TISSUES - 4 for 39c DERBY NO. 2 CAN HOTTANALES - - - 25c BIG JIM LAUNDRY SOAP - - barlBc I OCEAN GARDEN PIMENTOES - - 7oz.can37c BORpEN'S 9 OZ. PKG MINCEMEAT - - - 22c PALMOLIVE or CASHMERE BOUQUET HAND SOAP - - bar lie NABISCO LlNTIN llfilTAT I - J •> HEINZ— 14 Or. BOTTLE HUNT'S SLICED or HALVES PEACHES in heavy C JOAN of ARC ilow (350" I-'.). Grcais a quart baking disJi. Cm bread slices ituo qunr- reft; arrnii|;c in dish in layers' wiih [neac and cheese, havniir. a layer of bread in botloin mid t-Ju-pse on lap. Pour over n mixture of beaten egg, mj'Ifc, water, salt and pepper. Tup-with bits ,jf slioiceniiifr. Iial:u nbout 25 minutes, or until firm, ivlnl:es 4 servings. . . , Yan Will Need: Pet Milk 13c Limch Meat . . 49c AMERICAN Cheese 63c Eggs 55c SHREDDED WHEAT - box 1J M'CORMICK'S ^ BLACK PEPPER - - box 15c NO. 2'/2 CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL - - - 42c SWANSDQWN CAKE FLOUR - - - box35c FOR LIGHTER BISCUITS BISOUICK m. size 25c; Ig. 45c TEXAS GREEN MARSH SKRDI.KSS 10 UJ. 1!A(; CRISPY HI.KACHEI) HTAI.KS CELERY - - - CRISPY HEADS LETTUCE - - FANCY QUALITY CARDKN I.;RKSH ,T\ A fitC'SS *",{•> ' tADISHES - - .llirSTARI) OR TIfRNll' GREENS - - - COCOlfHITS . . CAI'K GOD CRANBERRIES - RKI) TRUIMIMI POTATOES . . OKAfSl? YORK OR DIOI.ICIOKS - doz. 15c pound 12c 6RAPEFRUIL large 64 size - - eachSc :- - 39c - each12c each 12c . lb.23c T " w "» r . T-S- bch. 5e bunch lOc . Ib.t2c - lb.29c bag $1.89 - lb.15c 2for15c 100 Ib. KICK BANANAS - * - I'INK i\I!CAT I.AUGK (il SIXK GRAPEFRUIT . . TRY OUR FROZEN FRESH Frosted Foods! Choice Mecsts PURE WHITE SLICED RJNDLESS -•Ib. FRESH MEATY — Lb. R!B or BRISKET END SLICES— Pound CHUCK PURE COUNTRY STYLE PORK TENDER CLUB BeefSfeakib4 MEATY CUTS — Pound Pork Roasl LIBERTY CASH GROCER

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