The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 16, 1947
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VOL. XUII—NO. 2f>2 Blythevllle Daily Near Blytheville Courier 7,7^- irr-— ™ E J?^^^^ AND so.™, M.SSO* ^ " ^ P ,a. /> Anti-Closed Shop Measure Offered In State Senate k Proposal Puts Teeth In Amendment Okayed By Electorate in 1944 ny HOB mtowN United Press Staff Corresponded 1.1TTLK HOCK, Ark., JH.II. Hi. (U.I'.) — A bill iniUinir teeth into Ai'kjnisiis's heretofore inoperative anti-cloKcil law was introduced Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Cold Weather London Strikers Due to Stage . Early Return Agree to Return To Jobs Saturday Much lower temperatures wc-iv predicted for North Arkansas lu- nlght and Friday by ihe Litlle Rock Weather Bureau In sharp to the balmy weather of the past few days. Robert E. Blavlock. official weal)], er observer .'or Blylhcvillc, this morning reported n low of '14 degrees and .08 of one inch of rain. Paralyzing Walkout Broken With Promise Of Overtime Pay recs and .08 of one inch of rain. LCN'UON, Jan lli ivi't The in The forecast for tonight pointed clnv strike of London ~, ' ,,J nr In liic possibility of ieinpc'.'.-.lurcs ' ' London tiansnoi ranging from 24 to :i2 degrees In I ho North and Nonnwesi uonloDs of Uic Senate (.bis morn in); just before both Mouses art.joimi- f(| at noon for (lie wnok-nntl. The measure was in the form ot an enablin:: act to the anti- closed sho I; amendment passed in I in« by ^ the voters of Arkansas.' It. v.'as introduced by Sen. K J Butler oi Forrest Cily and referred lo Die Libor Committee. A similar bill \va-, bitterly contcstcc? in the 154V General Assembly. Butler's prcposai provides that no person -shall be denied employment because of membership in. ov affiliation with, aiiv labor union." H also holds that no worker shall 'be compelled lo nay union ducus or b? forced lo join a union to set employment in Arkansas •Meanwhile, in the house a joint resolution was introduced by Rep. Sam Crawford of Union ~ Ihc state. Continued cloudy antl occasional rain was predicted for the Has: ami extreme South portions of Arkansas. Friday will lie cloudy .inci continued cold. Socialist Heads French Republic Vincent Auriol Named As Parliament Meets In Historic Palace PARIS, Jan. 10. (UP)—Vincent Auriol. Socialist leader and .sp»iik<T - . .--- ..^ •" /-irxdn.-i^r,. of tile Natioiinl Assemblv \va«; nle^t Meanwhile, in the a jnint c<i president of the flcd'plin.-'foiiith ?;5OhltlO]l wn<r in,i-nrf.,^ n ,i i... n-.. C'..^..-!. ^'M'M^ I Jin in o?or ^' ni VS",!*!* "»™ r ^""'^ceVte™ control of the legislature. ftepsalcr Proprosud Crawford's measure would 1 repeal the 35th Amcntineiit lo the Arkansas Consticution. The t/nion County representative said that he believed the pconlc of Arkansas regretted their decision nnd were ready lo return control of the commission to the Icsislalure. In other Senate action. Sen. L. Wecms Trusscll of Fordyce proposed that the license ices at Oak- lav.'n Park in Hot spring* be raised from the present $500 to $1.000 a clay. The senate also approved a bill bv Rep. Brady Pryor of Port Smith to allow municipal levee districts to condemn property in Fo'l-t Smith tor the erection of a flood- wall. A proposed constitutional amendment was introduced in the -House providing that be introduced cinht days of present limit is A Hcusc bill no bills may last The during the the -session three days. iR it illegal to nosscss more than one gallon of liquor in dry territory was introduced by Rep. Russell Roberts of Conway and referred to Section B of the Judiciary Committee. Roberts alto introduced a bill providing for the appointment of a 16-membnr budget committee composed of private citizens lo consider state department requests before the legislature convenes It calls for the governor to appoint four members at large and other constitutional officers to appoint two each Split Session Sii££csirrl A 'House bill calling for a split „ ... - ....lit , • . "' l " u '"-'ccssary pi>so- was referred to the Judi- . c ma J<"''ty in Ihe joint balloting ciary Committee alter introduction '"'" ' " by. Ren, Ilcarlsill Ra=on or Sebastian County, jr. was similar to one - - ,. ,. ,,, t ,,,, introduced in the Senate yesler- succeed Blum, whose interim day by Snn. pryor of Fort Smith However, ihe administration opposition Gov. Tien L:u,c 3 - told his conference he saw no rca, u divide the session into two di'.v periods a month apart. \vhr prcs 30- another ci that French republic today. The two houses of nce's par- — - .....„,. ul v ui ^iiij]^..^ and elected Auriol to the presidency As president. Auriol will appoint a premier to succeed Leon Blum who accepted the office on an interim basis to tide the nation over a grave economic crisis. Anriol received 452 of the SM voles cast. 10 more than tlic ;'biO- Inlc majority required for H'..:- tion. There were no blank votive slips. Tlie election of Anviol as president of the fourth republic WHS announced lo Parliament, hi the historic Versailles Pala-c 1-y Jacques Duclos. Communist "pa'-iy secretary and vice president of Uie National Assembly. Slahiliznlinn \car The election put France back an the road to a stable constitutional setup for the Hrst time since President Albert Lcbrun and lhc government fled Paris before the onrushing wave of Nazi troops in 1940. •" The-^otiori came soon after Premier Leon Blum returned in sin Tine; mood at noon from Lo ncion W | lt ,,- c he and Prime Minister Af- lec last night announced their iii- tcnlion to negotiate an An"l!i- Frcnch alliance. ° 'T nm returning very much -satisfied and fully confident that our work will be unanimously supported by our two countries. 1 ' Blum said at Orly airport. Surprise Move i Tlic surprise Communist support for Auriol nwd c him the leading presidential candidate. Nevertheless the combined Communist-So- ^....v,,, transport vvo'.ker.s wiis settled today when delegates of the strikers voted to ronirn to work Saturday The back-lo-work vote of the strikers' representatives broke the deadlock b-Hwcen the transport union on the one hand, and Ihe em- ployeis and v.ovcrnmenl negotiators on the other. Today's sudden decision assured an end of the paralyzing walkout nt Hie transport workers and Ihe thousands of \vo'.!:cr.s who struck in sympathy alter Ihe government put troops to work to distribute roodslulls, cialist v voting strength w -as consicl- short of the necessary P bso- - ...ajority in the joint ballotii oy the two houses of Parliament •Ihe first president, of t |, e fourth republic will name a premier to G ov- - - ~.,..,,... nr »»'«it dies automatically with proposals received creation or tlic new republic Results or the maneuvering f o r iS i'lf'?"" 1 antl l"' c " llc r n-ill floclrir Communist will head government. , committee to" sti,dv"'thc re- ^w" 0 ," i " flntio »- Clwe associates orsanlzation of tlic slate's school , was not Particularly anx- system. Criner tnlrl ;im ««,,=„ n, n i IOUs to become president It was believed .however, he might make aa J^fMnal sncririce-'aiid accept if '""'"—' developed between the ^ ^.i,.. ui mu si,,uc s SCI100J system. Criner told the House that the resolution was made at tlic stiRgestion o> the governor. It pro- , „ vides lor a connnittcc of six two' ftcm the • House, two rr, Senstc ai»; t.wo to be a by the governor. Action was machine-like yesterday, and G ov. Ben Lancv "si;ned into law the first bill give'approval in both houses, it was an appropriation for some S104.000 to cover expenses of the current session In lhc House, it was a bill pro- Posing a 33 percent Privilege lax on grow profits or wholesale li- bcc U'lGISLATUKIi on Page z Work Gets Under Way On Downtown Paving Leveling and grading began [his morning for a proposed pavement slrip on lhc w,-st half of Railroad Street between Main and Ash Sheets. Laying or concrete which will include curbing, will be done when wcallvr permits. Tlie wor* is being done by the lllyih Slrrct Department through Cily Engineer's oflice. six twoii , '• ui^uiujjcn neiwecn me rom the! , ft m "S Parlies anci the modcr- .npointccl ntc -consfrvnUvc group. There nlso as the possibility that "'"in might be asked to remain a* pretnier of a compromise all- Socialist minority government if a stalemate between the Communists and Popular Republicans conlln- the Three Men Killed When Plane Crashes WAKE FOREST. N. C.. Jan. -.6. (U.P.)—Three persons killed in the crash of a private plane attempting a forced landing in the !ig near here last night were identified today by brothers of one ot the victims. The dead were: Charles Allen sherwin. 39. Washington; Comdr. William Hclvcstiuc, 38. USCOR. Washington: ana Garotte Ci. eve™. 2R. ManrV,<;i.n-. On. Mrs. James Hammock, Former Resident, Dies Services 'tor Mrs. Alice Sirawn Hammock, widow of James fi.nn- mock, ware to be held this aft.>r- noon in Memphis, followin- licr death yesterday morning at Bapti.s' Hospital. She was 7 r i - Hammock resrlod licie 13 years when ne was aw,-.rial- ed with Blytheville Water Com- 1'any. They went to Memphis 20 years ago. ' u She leaves three daughtr-rs Mrs Irene Woods and Mrs. Rot>"t Thomas of Memphis, and Mrs - <V: , . He Mae Todd of Portland. Oiv anci a son, Frank 'Allen MIsho of Dr.- Country Churchyard Used By Moonshiners as Site For Operating Two Stills SMITHPIELD, N. c. Jan ir; <UP>-Shcrllfs deputies today ells- played a moonshine still found In a country churchyard and said a similar still had been moved from directly behind the church just bt>- fore they arrived. "The stills'were close enough for the operators to hear (he nivu'" <•!•," lite (li-pulios mirt. ' " II was understood the de..lands of the workers will ue considered by the newly formed Joint Industrial Council or Kmpioyers and Trade Unions. The employers v.ere understood to have offered the men an eight-hour day and overtime pay for all work over eight hours. The strike originally was called in protest against refusal ol the workers demand ror a 40-hn;;r week. Apprcximatcly f>0,00rj workers had joined the strike and sympathy walkouts before the settlement. Altogether 22.CCO waterfront wo:kmen were on strike along the Thames waterfront. Only a lev: hundred men or Ihc Port of London Authority stuff were woiklnu. Ninety ships carrying lood to London were lying idle in the Thames, without men to unload I hem. The swelling strike force lying i;p truck and river traffic Into London presented the labor government with the worst labor crisis or its 18-month-old existence. Thousands more workers in London and the pvovinces had threatened to strike unless a quick sel- llement was reached. Gubernatorial Contenders ,\XSM, -muusiuy, .IANUAKY 10, 1947 SINGLE COPIES iV Concern Over Georgia Turmoil War and Justice Departments Discuss Governorship Wrangle WASHINGTON, Jan. Mi. Hern,:,:, Talmadgc Ml ,, yln ,, : . •,.,,„„„,.,„„ Here are tlic two contenders In llcorRln's hiMcirlc light lor uic riBht lo occupy the B overin,rT, ehnlr .lunn K the next I wo years llmim i J-..l».n<lec is the son of the fiery aeoici,,, who died lirir ',. ,„„., b ' rleciix to succeed Ellis Oibbs Armill. Armdl seeks lo hoKl Ihc'aliice "inil ins colleague. Melvin E n , c .,i Thompson, who last NovcmV,- y^, elected lieutenant governor, can riuailf.v m id then m ernor's office by reason of the vacanc. v -„ deaih. Young Ta.madge has moved in eonteiuis love lo Ilia , ,'''' James R. Ewart, Pioneer, Dies At Age of James ' Robert Ewart, incni_ a ])ioncer Blytheville family,?, last nielli at his home with his daughter, Mrs. w. K. Buchanan and family, O n Highway 61 North. He was 81. In failing; health several years. Ills condition became serious a month ago. Born March 22. 1865. at Covington, Tenn., he came here with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. j. R. Ewarl. vhcn 10 years old. He spent the remainder of his ifc here, having long farmed until retirement, bj^ausc of his ago. For the past n years he lint! resided with Mr. and Mrs..Buchanan. He also is survived by four grandchildren. Services will lie. held tomorrow iftcrnnon, 2 o'clock. ;it Holt Kim- :ral Home, with burial at Klmwood Cemetery. Tiic Rev. f). D. Blcdson. assistant pastor or First Baptist Church, will officiate. I'iilhicarcrs will be Monroe Wilson, Ernest Wilson, .1. E. Green. Roy Head. Theodore Logan, Willie Beaslcy. Austrians to Get New Opportunity Big Four Deputies Report Progress on Treaty Discussions LONDON. .Inn. 16, (UPl— Tile Big our Council of Deputies agreed day that Austria would be brought lo consultation on (he treaty lo >c drafted for the Austrians. By unnnimons agreement ot Ihu orciyn ministerial deputies of the Jnitcd Sliites. Great Britain, H\is- vill b in State Hospital Investigation Starts Monday LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 1(5 — (UP)—Sen. Ernest Maner ot Hot Springs today was named chairman or an eight-member j\ it House and Seivale group to investigate the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases, and announced that hearings will begin at 9 a.m. Monday. Other members in addition to Maner are Sens. J. Ori'ille Cheney of calico Rock and G. Lawr'l cc Blackwcll ot pine Blulf; and Reps Eugene Lee or Johnson County. H. B. Colay ot Columbia County. J. R. Hamilton of r?.ard County, J. Forest E. Long of woodrufr Coun- County. and J. R. Steel of Howard Mancr sairt he would not, take part in any, portion of the liearinc concerning the recent Pnlaskl County Grand Jury investigation, and the group elected Lee as vicc- "'"' " to preside in Maner's chairman absence. The grand jury recently condemned the hospital board and recommended the immediate resignation or the Rev. Harold Sadler of Rison and L. B. White or Bon- 'on. Tiic committee. Maner said, will ' " both units at Little Jtock extensive open hearings. N. Y. Cotton Mar. . ^fay . July . Oct. . Die. . open high low 1:3 and Prance the Austrian pact be called the "treaty for rt- labllshment of 1111 Independent d democratic Austria." Gen. Mark W. Clnrk, commander . , er the U. S. Occupation Zone in stria, announced withdrawn! of American draft peace treaty with "- — '-' - • • • - • Judge Will Hear iivil Cases Here Petit Jury Panel Will Report Next Monday Morning When the civil Division ol Circuit Court convenes here Monday. Jurors will report the first day. bc- CHUSC (here will lie no special 'judise as wns during the tenure ol JudRC Waller Klllough. Judge Ziil n. Hiin-lson will preside over the court , lariu, scheduled to be "medium heavy". Although nil cnscs nrc set for tlr; first week. It Is possible the term may he extended into the second" week as IL is not „ light docket. It pointed out by clerk ntirvey S^-™=-: K.V"Sr •ubject tion in some . will be submitted in a"day"'oV two' Applications to be heard on ll-c ^uritrian treaty had been received 'rom YiiRoslavia. Poland Canada Australia nnd South Afrlci 'nii: was Morris, •Jurors selected were: C. W. At- K'k. jop Alexander Si'.. Harry JJo- [•>: H. H.. Brooks, ,1. -g. CriilCon. Hker L. Wilson, Fred Bcniv Mll- iii Hunch, Arthur Vance, II C. 'cathers.- n. F. Fiii-gerald. M E. . ..- Lester uni, Roy Vcach, Chcslei- L. Nn- bers. Harman Taylor, E. o. Ferguson, u. p. Kirshner. p. E. Black, Armoiir Sparks, j. N. BollliiKer, C. It. Diivid, c;. K. Snider, Parker dcpulle.s decided that those coin- ^' Diivld ' °- K- Snider, par trlcs would be heard first nnd Aus- , Os V°. m ' J - •-• Swank, w, G. Dro' tria last. . . C. n. chlldics-s, w. R. Bryant, ^s Fenrlnr Onv^ir »i. n t?—1~. ., . I son Ilenr\ r . .loini P 1 Honrrin(» Dobyns, Tom A. LiUlci" J. Leech, Robert Henderson. II. Wylie. Karl wildy, Murra'y Sinn Jr.. .1. L. swichnrl, .lames W. -.. , W. R. Bryant. x Nel- Pcodor Ciisev. the Soviet dcmi'v °" I1( '" r ' V ' Joil " p - Bcnrdcn. r r sugRcsted that the Big Pour )-) V '-' W ' n " xlc v. M. n. Heed. r;. 1,. Ed.. :rs and Austria be named -is p-ir • B '"' w - °- Galycon. Willis Hern lies lo the treaty In the preamble. ' tlon Other stales would be glvn 'unity to adhere by a special I'ithin the treaty. No acrccincnt i'as reached on dial point. Tlic deputies agreed lienecfonii ') follow n genci-Hl proce riealim: with Austria in u,. mom -| R. A. Kelson inus and with Germany in the :,'- !ei nouns. The depiiticK received trom YIIIJIJ- ilavia a memorandum demmuli-ip Ihe cession to Ihat counlry cf Hie youthcrn and Central Portion or Carmlhia. Leaving Austria On'v A Small strij) of The Provi-ir.' " —- -.5,,^^, inlu.vtu:i.i .Ji.. .j. ij. hwiennrt, .lames Jen Reneral procedure of J. M. Stevens, Cnlcniini Hlevei Allsirht in lli. inn,-,. I n A i.i n i..~.. Dell Child Shows Progress With Artificial Limbs Jean Martin, the little (;irl barn ilhout leg.s and H ho i, s crttinfT artificial ones because of contributions Riven by sympathetic people, State Control Of Big Hotels Is Considered LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. : 'UP)—A proposal to pl;icr Aika •^as liolels with more tlinn rooms under -supervision nl public service 'to,emission win DC introduced into the Senate in the near future, it was learned today. The proposal was provoked by a charge of *3,OCO made by a Little ! Rock hole] for rental or commit- '£ Ihc Hohort P. I'aiiorson disdoM- Inilny Unit tho \\' m - j (1 .- .Jvistia' Dcpiii'tnionts ), r p IliiiK It) tlotci-inino\vhnt 1 R <1 c r » I KOvcrnmtMit do, if aiiylhinjr, j» inn wilh :)vcriit)r ti'oulilo. II was imderslood Iiiul, officials 'I- pailiniliuly concerned over hat role Hi,. I'ovminuMil would nvi; lo pin v ir the Kiibcrimlorlril •i-HBKlr between Kills Arnnll anil irrmim TultniidRc should develop liowevrr, was All I'lillerson Unit "Wi- am consultIni; wllli Ihc "iistire IJeiiarlinenl* on the entire iiuiiler, 1 ' •1'he Win- Ocpiirtnii-iifs Imiuc- dialo conceni. iippnrcnliy, was over lisposHl df National and stfitp liniiv<i' lorces in Gcorcin. Ainull and TiilumdRe have each I'lipohiletl Ms own ndjulant Ken- ei'nl. Tlie War Department said ycnlerdiiy It W0 ulrt mainlaln a "hands oil" poli<:y for tin- time l>eniK. It siild It could not R lve rccoRiiilion lo any stale adjulnnt Kcni-ral nppoliilinciil "on the sfiitr or the moment.' 1 (.(•CM! Oplnlnn .Snu^lil Pallerson's olrice asked the Justice Depnrlinciit for n lepal opinion covering n!| aspects of the Georgia situation. The Justice Department, however, already had put Its researchers lo work on the lnw and Ihe constitution. Thus fur thcv have found lltlle to suldc them. It was learned, Various ollicinls Imvc privately r.xinesseil fervent hope Hint the Gcoi-Rlnns will bo able to settle their difficulties before violence occurs which would force a decision by the fedcnil rjovevninent :is to whether 'In inlern-ne, At the Justice Department the hope nppenrcd to be that the 'court action started by Arnali would resolve U,c contest pciicc- nbly. Still, there WHS somn' (cai limpm: government officials timl thrt tussle might, become urjly. NewKiwanis Club Formed In Pocahontas The establishment of another club In Division 1C or the Mo- Knn-Ark Kjwnnls organliintlon was celebrutcd Tuesday night at 'a cluirlcr parly nt Pociihonlns. A charier was presented Ihe new AJIcrnalc jurors selected' W A ! cl * 1 "' l .V cllll) h - ( ' Ocor « c M - K »'».>'- obyns, Tom A. LHt e ., £ i'"' 0 ,'' A ^ '%"%"" °\ ° M ~ .Mon It. OrRliam Siidlniry, lleuten- anl-KOvprnor Of Divl.slon 16, acted Georgia Troops Obey Talmadge Orders in Ouster o! Gov. Arnal! ic«,Mn!V,l N !L A i ?"/.' J *"' 1(i - (m '- ] -"^^.Tai.^!^, ioi?iMi two-elected Governor of •(icoraia- 'c,ni., n ,i-.n^ .AA^'. Laney Launches Polio Fund Drive Arkansans Urged to Contribute Liberally To Combat Paralysis MTTt,K ROCK. Ark.. Jim 10 (UP;- The "March of Dimes" cam- was under way In Aikimvis nflrc It was or/lcinlly opeiu/l Inday. last In a stiite-wldo radio Iclrwis by ciov. Hen Umry. Tlie Kovcrnor made his p|i"i us chief exi-ciillve anil also nR i, n ,i- orary chalviniiii of ihe Arkansas chapter ( ,f the Nation:,! Found i- llon lor Infantile !> He pointed out (hut polio h<«| claimed '20 lives In the slntc'ln 194,1 had crippled MS Arkansas children' iiiul had Involved expenses hist year ulone of some >m,oon In the euro and treatment of polio victim!; "It Is a worthy npjienl Indeed, It Is one Hint sounds in the hear;, or nll-of us," Ihe Kovernor said He concluded, "MS Kovernor ut Arkansas; t\n honorary chiilrnnin of the Arkansas stale Chapter of the NalloiiFil Foundation for Infanlll Puriilysls; and us a father, I com response.' Arnall, who denounced Taimadgo • n pretender, intruder and usur-' Per when he went to work this morn UK and found his offl:es appropriated by . itio new, governor, Tear Gas Released ATIANTA, Ga., Jajv 16~(UP : >— Shortly after n0 on today, a tcar- CTS bomb wns released jh biie of Mir outer offices near TalmadKO's" executive chambers in the, State Cnpltol, The culprit win not Identified Immediately. . . " later went to the cxcciiHvo.'irmn; Jslon In Allnnia's exclusive Anslej P-^.k for -lunch. ' .. . -,' He round four burly .trooper's pustfld ground the door ami. they flatly refused him entry.-". "I uin not 'going to try 'to enter because. T respect law and order nn<1 you mon slnnd for -law flntf order. Arnnll said., "In time, you. ton. will respect those thhiKs" Paul 8m!!h "•-'•' •" ' ' bio • e •r.o bioke all previous records. ,,l J. P. Jonos and director of the state patrol ' said 'in oral order was issued to'him by liilmiulgc keening . Arriall . out or the mansion. '•. , - • ••-. Smith snJcj the order wnT to" tne effect thnl, no one. but Herman Talmaclse could bo allowed to cn- dc'iic Wcrnor's, official resl- As AriiaH turned away from tlic mansion, lie remarked to newsmen who accompanied .him"!there tor lunch that "this completes thi«f,p- tnre of (ho state government." " V ' "••"•"" •". ni.«." iicpuDiican—Hen. Arthur If Vnn ^r^n^r 11 "'°' ""'- I!. 1 !!'**- M *"—"« - Vw.. c p, soon will have completed aiiolhcr ' r tnilcstone in her now-happv life i tcr - roonls - T ' lr measure Is being She will R o lo Memphis >rl) "i ' P/ c P ;ir " 1 hv Hens. John S. Mosby to have lh c two artificial limbs * f teP""*" "» tl •>• Lee ncarden of t ss^&f S B T • -cved" inrrsiirr t:r u; tehcr , s ". wil, rcic.vf.i'^ '-J^U'r,™ "" thevillp nlso ntlcndctl. Approximately wn Klwtinliins rinni ArkniiMLs mid Missouri joined Ihe 14 Pocahontas members In rrirbriilliiB tlir new Kroiip's Inccp- lion, Members or the nlylhcvllle Club held their weekly meeting yesler- dny nnon at the Hotel Noble with l~>r, I., i). Mfisscy of Osccola as prnicipiii speaker. Dr. Ma.sscy discussed responsibilities ol clllxcn.s of towns In the county fnr seclny lliat towns lire kept clean iinil pointed out the necessity ror i, public health ser- vir.-rr. Guests nl the nieelliiK Included John While of Cariithersville, Mo.. A- c;. nrlckey or Osceolu, Phillip "err, A. R . Caldwrli mul rrnnk Watsncr. °' . . legs. After a time she will be able lo w-alk without crutches Lau-ler. costing approximately SflOO, some of the money is being'used for new clothes and the remainder « in the bank toward a possible college fund for the Dell school child. from°ii lU j 'Mayor Jackson Elected -.,!.,.., ,-.._ Jo High Masonic Office — —,\_*i t i^jiio i Store Building On North Sixth An application by J. Cecil Lowr. has been filed in the olfice of Citv Engineer Joe Carney for a pcn:iti to build a r>o by 30 foot concrete and tile structure at 632 North Sixth. •svsui nniv.i (\ v LJI VLIU ^i\.ui;ri TlllS IJUlltJillJJ U'lll 1)0 USOfl riS t\ rl Ben ton Monday and will hold grocery store and will'repine? 'iftn. present store now at that ]nc,ui<m. Weather ARKANSAS — Cloudy, rain extreme East and exisvme . «™^ w,* oui-. o™u South portions. Colder todav. cloudy. . 29oO 2908 2930 2985 much .colder temperatures ' 2J lo 32 . 1812 2SSQ 2771 2H27 t™ v^>-i^,,. n ^i 1 ..... -.t .,,»•, in Northwest, and extreme North .. .u.s ^oju ,;ii i i.oi.\ m norinwcst, and extreme No .. 2585 2593 VS40 258U portion tonight. Friday cloudy and . . 2505 25-15 2480 2520 cnnlinuftl ml,I. Officers were elected last night at a mr-cling o; the Royal Arch Masons In the Masonie Hall. Elected were E. R. Jackson, high priest: K. j. Hen ton. king; L. M. Moody, scribe: Victor stllwell. cap- lain of the host: Joe I'llzhugh. Principal sojourncr: W. C. Colston. roynl arch captain: Manning Cowlcs, master of the Ihlrrt vail: T. A. Bourland, masler of Ihe second vail: J. C. Holers, muster of the first vail; Roland Grcrn, treas- ' " " nlaylock. secretary; R. E. ills She and Otis Shepherd, sentinel. Veteran of Confederacy Will Be 10 J Tomorrow BRISTOL, Tenn., Jan. 16.—HJP> —Gen. Julius Frnnlcllii HoivclJ. veteran of the War Iletwcen the Stales, starts his second century of birthdays tomorrow. The former chief of the Un 1 -cl Confederate Veterans will be 1C' years old tomorrow. The untied Daughters of the Confederacy will Two Killed, 10 Hurt by Blast In Fire Station DETROIT. Jan. ](j— (UP) .— An explosion wrecked a city fire sla- lion today, killing two men and Injuring lo others, one or whom was not expected 1 0 llvo. The <Jcafl n-crc Identified as Paul - Klner and Charles Parish, hilled outright when the blast ripped through the two-story brick fire station NO. 12. An unidentified Negro I ruck driver, caught in the blast as he drove Info the fire, station lot, wns hurt critically. He was placed In an iron lung 10 aid his breathing. l-'irc Capt. Ixircn o. Farrcl). acl- iiR fire mnrshal. said lhat the blast wrecked the two-story brick station. Only a small fire flared up . in the basement but uished. exting- Punchboard Operators Warned at Lake City LAKE CITY, Ark.. Jan. 16.— Montgomery Ward ..cpuly Sheriff Lee Baker or East- Inl Harvester ern Cratghcnd County has Issued North Am Aviation a warning here that operations ol Republic Steel punchboards in any form miisl, Radio slop In this area. He said sc^ernl Studpbakcr reports have been received that Standard of NJ punchboards are being operated m Texas Corp this section with clgnrcts and other Pncknrd : ' '' II R filoci Truman Holds Parley With Congressmen WASHINGTON. Jan. is—IUP>— President Truman heid his first conference today with Republican and Dcmncrnllc leaders of the new OOP-ruled Congress In whnt was described as a "very nleti.iant" meeting. It WHS Mr. Truman's llrsl bipartisan conference with legislative 'ctidcrs. Before the Republicans von control of congress In lust No- •embci's elections, the conferences were 'nil-Democratic. Todfiy the oongrcF.s-lonnl floni- icrnls meeting nt lhc While House .vere outnumbered 4 to ?, And n Republican—Sen; Arthur If. Vnn- nan. Vandcnbcrg snld the 50-mlnulc ucctliig was confined "lo what "!i p v mflniteiv can <hc culled vin- ,>artisan problems." Political Issues were tuboo. And there wns no discussion of foreign policy. "We Iind » very pleasant talk with the President nbout Hie possibilities of cooperatlrjn | t i regard to legislative problems as differentiated from polltlcnl Issues." White House Press Secretary Charles Ross said laler that Mr. Truman felt that the meeting was "very saltsfiiclory." Tennesseans Favor Levy of Stiff Sales Tax NASHVILLE. 'r;rnn..' Jan. lli. -- UPi— A rural hloc today pushed through the Tennessee House.' -vi Representatives an amendment that would raise the proposed re- tall sales tax levy from two the three percent today. Tlic vote was !is to 40 on the er rcpre.scntalivcs. It provided fo , 1JI43 naturopalhic. physicians law. Stocks -----. swueriot-officer, ac.ting oii Talinudgo's orders, to use-force if necessary to bar Arnali- fro In .the mansion.'" '"•" '"•':> ••:'-:,•- .'•»:•.•-. >• .,.Talmnctgo admitted\that- ho had hislruqted 'tliD trooper's • "lo -.'kqcp nil. pfrsons out of' the executive njBnslon until' the .governor; and his Jamily aaw ,(11 .to moye In." from ni» n ,i,.Wit\stlll look riieiJs inert:' • • .Here were tfic' ; labst •d'eVelop- nients In' the state . gbveriimeni crisis precipitated 'when twoi'gov^' ernors tried to hold office atHhe same tjmc: ' •- i "•-, 1. YcunR tclma^w, clecUd SI) hours affo, had taken. ow.'-Ari . null's offices lock, stocli arrl bir^ rcl wiille Arnali was away for the nirhl fn Newiran, •••• •- • 2. Arnali hurl filed lecal action .secklnn lo In'ralWati :T»I- mr-:lE«V cjulms to the office on the grounds that he was. not elr.ctcd hv -the people. • -r- : 3. In Wishlngtnn.- Hecretarj of War iRoberl P. Patfcrjoii' riis- cJos«d th*t the War »nd. Jastice ll^parlmcnli were cannoning to rlclermlne whether the Fed-' rral Gnvernmcnt l sri'on)d i|6\any^ thing In ronnectioiVr.H'iUi Ittfc (Icorpi^ political crisis. • ; .' ;'• 4. Arnali warnrd statt finance officers that ric -will brin({''siilt against them II tiicrj; ;'rtffjif').Ht) law" anrt ohry - the' orders-, if Talmadgr. s iw ; k,^. Tnlmadgc took over* thn'-'offIce's more than an hour before' Arnali arrived nl, the copitoj. Whc'n c &r- nall appealed. Talmadge ..reCused' to sec him and .blurttly Bdvlst> him "he'would .have lo AWiiif.his turn In sec the .governor''"of Georgia." ' ' In » Hslilln? statement spoil af- lerward. Arnali salfl: : .: ..,'.'"..',.. "1 came Lo tho capitoi alone to so to my office. When I got there the door was locked. 1 was finally admitted to the ante room ot my office anil I round that th<S door to the governor's office had been barred against me. Tlie sccre- lury o( tho pretender,' the Intruder, the usurper, said I could not go '"Hie inference was that it had been taken by force or arms. Apparently in the darkness of niyht in a pincers movement storm troop- n a pncers movemen sorm roop- amcndmcnl offered by Damon cr s and locksmiths look over the Headdcn. Tiplonville. nnd 27 oth- office ami changed the locks. "I have no desire to get -. ,vj'i(.••...M^.VV.I. u, I'luvmL-n 101 i nave no oesirc to get «i exlra one per cent to go to coun- cd in a situation like this. ,. ._ tics on a basts of iioptilalicfA and unpleasant to me in every way. arc "' Tlie pretender has never been vot- Tlic admlnlslralioiv tought. Ihc cu on by the people ot Georgia amendment In a lengthy floor dc- Relirs on Court ,tiion bil ^''- "The pretender is usurping the i.lennwhilc. the stale senate pass- governorship which he claims by ed 24-0. wllh five senators present n '~ '— "*" '•-'— :| " anrt not voting, a bill lo repeal the the law of inheritance." A T 2:00 r-.M. Quotations: & T .......... ..... .. HO .......... ..... .. - Amcr Tobacco ............ Rt 1-8 Anaconda Copper ........ 37 1-3 Belli Steel Coca Cola General Electric Gen Motors Arnali said he was conMde!) 1 courts would settle Inc matter in liis ravor. A court suit lesting legality of Talmadge's election was filed Ule yesterday. Arnali seeks lo turn tho office over to the Ileu- tcnant-govcrnor. M. E. Thompson. ArtTnll said he had notified department heads that they were acting, "in peril", if they accept orders from TSlmactge, Hundred!, of persons jammed the oi capllols halls when Arnali dra- 55 7-8 iimtically arrived, at the slate cap- on i I ilnl Hit.- i»rM-i\ltt a - . I g;i 5.3 143 1.3 3Sl-t 70 3-4 « 5-3 25 1-2 S 3-4 10 1-8 G6 1-8 57 f!8 3-4 , »ol this morning. Talmarlge, seated In 'Arnall's pri- vale otricc In,and sur- rouijdect by his own advisors, said ha would be giar, to receive Arnal! bill that he would have to await his turn. . - , Tiilmadgc, elected early rWedne See GOVERNORS »n W|rr 8

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