The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1947
Page 9
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'WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)COURlEm.- I •'•' ...... I lions.' wlllr balli. I'arliillly fur- ni>lii.,l if tloKlri'il. 1)2 1 X. I'lflh. |,]n>im " II l-lik-ai WlLluiura OliirnJ C0e 2 times par llo» V«r~diii"c 5 times per l(rj« per day 9c 6 tunes «jer line per day II 7c '2 (lines per lltio per clay I 6c Montlr per line III~I_I~ 90c Count five average words to" tli«~llue. Ad ordered for tiiree or B!I times lud •toupcd rjefore expiration will oo cliarg- ta tor tlje HUrnbcr of times tlic ail ay- lieare.l and adjustment of bill made All Classified Adverllslng copy'sot- irilttnl ny persons residing oulsldc ot the city must be accoruiianied by ensli. lutes ".ay be easily comimtett (torn tlio abovu table. Advertising order for irregular Insert—I takes llio one ttino rate. responsibility will foe taken for than one incorrect insertion of auy i-lajilfled ad. '!nsin^ out nl r.'iliuTil [.rlc.'s AH now'. -.i il.-liiM- mitil.'l i-li'L-trii- r.iiif,-o« 'i >lli:ill I'l.-i-ll-iV \v:li.lll'ri Ij.-livo lir llll.'.' r.lnlll nil Il,'at4-r.<. ..lullv'N Miniiliini: Slni|i. Slc.'K'. Mi:.. |. Inn. u •Jic. III.Vpk.lii For Sale Coal! inn T.lis. or Carload. We deliver. Phone :i7W). Wheeler Coal Co. % Coji- podge Gin. l-fi-pk-2-8 C;ife! Doirttf good business. Hi'o H. C. Ciimpliell, 120 S. 2nd.-* l-S-cl;-lf ll bnrrO r»c»«. ij Slion. Dull 2828. 1118ck-tJ fcuj-ar for jronr kouie. II. 0. .iil[ijtil runu 410 — 2U30. Off.iHi 120 r-ouU tivcamd. I0|2-ck-tf li'r.t'i n lip — rar uplioKI.'ry Me: lii-iiiilifiill>. willi llio in.vv r'.iiu rV V.'.'imi MnrnlriK CirriilMnr. ('ill. lie n-i-li SO acre level farm, near I'iiriiyoulil on hiway. Improvements worth price ashed. I'rice §85(10. ,1. C. Chapin. Manila, Ark. 1-10-pk-lM ':!!) Irrilinn Chief nuili.rrycl... (lo.i.l sl7a\ie. ^:'lv:.^... lllrj-rk-17 - UHI I'lyiuniith four donr ili'liixe. mm- niAlur. --L.' i.ii-rc livlnc ronin Miite, 1 ilnvono lie.I' I'l4i.ri.- '.n. Manila. l|ir..|>k-«S In,. Mluul.. C:,fn. n».|ir r ii, ill ], K1 1|I,. >-- W.-«t Ash. I'linm- 073. I'll) pli-M ^.i-c-i! .liniiiR room S "t. Warm Mnrn- H'-- conl lii'.Lli-r. Sniper ficivin-,' m.v • fcinc'. K if linn- t.ll.le ™nd chairs— (JUicr lio,,si-)inl,l I,M,,R. O i,s Clilck l!7-ck-2|7 ril nnny cnrnh^t Kliocs 8fioos xfnr.Is. Hnlforil's Sl.o..' Slinp. ' ^ii!;iir*' fair con.liliin I.. Piiiln Aitilitinn. oom Knporfojc h.vuo =. filliiiKs :n,,l 'i |,nrri'!< a'l'-r 'iv... 121 \V. ('berr :l "in ..... nil heritr-r. ?!in. u?o K. Vinr. Call '2227. l!i:i-i,k-IC Al :i SM-ri(r,.|.. my 100 Am. farm liomr. ivllli .j-i'i/oiji muiK-rii li.,m.i. iif-liiilin- I'.lh !.,,,li in .,.,l.i,,,,, •) ....... 1 ,„,, li'lilillliei. inrliuli'li: 2 l,i- UiiriK anil mid limlii-r. !('( ui-r.-s uiiill ' n|! V»"tnrcv ' . '•.•••'I liy ....... 1 :iml IM-II ilceii M-MIs with I'l.'i'lii,. I.IIIIUK. UN all «i.nth,. r r ,,a,l. 1 >'• in>l<^ If. |.:iv ...... i-Uivoy X,. I »l llriiiikliinil. .Vt..,ui half wjiy liLlu'ci-n .l<>ni<vl,i,ri> ami Parnmml.l. 'Will s:i<- .'ifi.-i' if snlii (liis iii'.iuli r,t .?7r,l)n. ' " _ f. Itnrilrr I'lnri'nrt* oil stove, phnnp .t^ll. l!l.|.|>k-'2l Jiv oni'-yrnr! Xi-iv Itninpsliir,. R...1 Mhni^. I nir.sti-r. .?lT.r,n f. lr if,,. f|,,,.k. ^i.F. I.. Cliu ...... plrni,.. I1-2S, OcreiMa. In ILlls . .-!,-,M-l,. lavaliiries. sliow.-Vs. Knil pip.- niul filliiiL-s. (ialviMiizi-t! pipe and fil- f!'t1nL-«' 'I'rJ.uni's 'pliln'il'iii'i^ ami" ! i r ;'i t - ini;. riiniii- S7S. - IjM-pk-L'l ^ iiuili.;; tool=: I! A. Se\i-pll. Manila. Harry Krrmtilli.inse. l^l-pk-lO IDEAI/ COMMBRcfAL SI'l'lC! (,'ornci lot, :">00 foil! frontage on Hiijlnvay 01, located jusl north of ISlythcville Compress. Has a dcpfli of •I ni) feel. Owner, F. E. Mack, 2!)57. ]-M-pk-2). Nice 5- room house with bath and hardwood fhmrs on E. Davis St. This house i.s vacant now, ami worth Ihe money. Cheap house on Liimerate SI. linmediuti! possession. Will handle for §850.00 cash, halance S20.00 per nionlh. Nice 5 -room house on Hroatl- way, can give immediate possession of this house. Owner leaving town. 0-i<!<mi house on Vine SI. for S.'J250.00, Half cash down, balance in tnonlhly pay- in en (s. 1-room house on South 21 si Street on lar^c lot 78x120. Can K've possession within .'Ml days. Priced to sell at 92,000.00. iVroom house with hafh completely furnislicd on S. Lake Street on paved street. I' rice $'12r>0.0(l. Terms, 58,000.00 will huy -beautiful new modern two-bedroom home. Attic fun, J?u(;tne heal, checked floors, with all modern features throughout lite house. •1-ljcdi-oom house modern throughout in beautiful location on Chickiisawha S(. Priced to sell. Possession with deed. 10-acre farm with 5-room house and barn located -'i-4 mile East of Highway 'il near Hlylheville. I'riceil $200.00 per acre. SO-acre farm on Highway 01 near liurdcttc for $150.00 per acre. Don't miss seeing this one, it is a bargain. KiO-acrc farm highly improved. Modern (i-roori home with bath, with lights aivd water in the house and barn, with three sel.s of buildings for tenants. Gravel road „„ tuo sides of the farm. Finest land in Pemiseot Count r. 400-aere far on gravel road four miles west of Manila Ark. DA VI!) REAf, ESTATE ,V INVESTMENT CO K. a DAVID F. R. Joyner, Salesman Phone 3(i,'i,'! ___ ___ M-ck-17 1011 Pontinc Scclnn7"To'rTicdo hl.vlc. Custom , built radio and air-concl it Soiling miii. A-l condition, body and niolor. Can be seen at 123 S- Second until 5 p. ,„., alter :> p. m . at 102I W J^'"_ PRECISION MADE FORD PARTS • Fit Better • Last Longer HIM run fl.-l !'• .l.ilill l),,r,. Irarlor anil i ulli'v.ilor — ^'.MifJ roii,[ilii>n. S r,[ — \:in,-i- l)i-\ort. I'hi.n,. 717. HI C!,i.vrr>l<'l Inir-k willr !»•»- motor. l-n ni-i- Ci.rl.-i Irail^r. .,-1 Futtentiat FARM LOANS J Low Interest J Long: Term V Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHJNGTON Serving This Section for 21 Yo.lrs IIS So. 3rd lllyllicvilfe, Aik. Authorised Aforlgagt Loan Soltctloi for &T?>* Prudtrlitl Iniutinct Comfinr «f AmfrkK Tune in PrnrlpnlKil I'rogriim Sunday at 4 p.m. nvnr \VI!KC r-nst ,,f Kmrirtt Jo.. 1'i'vy. at Harris' Sto,-V _ 119-iik-lfl ,„! (lo|l|plo ,,„„ -J 0!i no'sini-l: tinn.l cfitiiiiliiin. riinr,,, ,, i:l) Jlll|.|.Ic-l? 13") Mnslf-r Oliovroli.( r,nr), v,i,h rnili.1 :'".l li-nl-r. Ksrrtlrnt ron.litron. I'l.onf. 277^. l|10.|ik-17 F-.'SO Farmair tractor, reconditioned, good ruljlicr, newly painted. With or without two or four row equipment & power lift. Robert Thompson, Yarbro, Ark. . l-ll-pk-18 A good name cannot be bought. It must be earned. The Ford Trademark on parts reflects the soundly engineered, carefully designed und skillfully made part that's tested by time— proved by performance! That's why thousands of Ford owners arc satisfied with genuine Fold parts. P HILL IPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Wiiluuf at Fifth—lUythcvillc, Arl<— Tel. 45.V5721 Lost sloii hull (nrrli.r. llrliuitn ivltli wliHi- rlir.^1 mill front fi-i'l. Full j;rinvu. Aii^wrrs In nainr: l^liui'r. Hi.vv.-ir.T '^ I rt Wanted Drivin:: to I'linr an.l D.-lniil Mi.'lii^iin W.Jiilil liki> 111..',. |I:,.KI..|. KITS in slinnf rxiii'imr't. IVmrn- :i7liL-. Ill l-i.k 17 Help Wanted \V!iirt. [;irl in tivi-iitii's \vilh |.lr:i*iiiL- [iiTJiHinlilj-. lu-allli rani sin.l wllliriK in «.,,rk liiir.l. You'll fi,,,l ;1 ,,|,. a ,i,iK jt.b or»l titicul |.nj- ai l.ilii-ny Cnsli ( Ap.|il s - rcirily lor wurk. St. Louis police get realistic target practice by shooting al nctoi'S on a moving picture screen. Wonted To Buy OONT TAKK A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tt Qash for wrecked or junk nulomobiles. We'll come nnd K et it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hivvy C!, phone 3785. 12-2ii-pk-l-2<i 13.2G-pk-l-2(J The snnke known as the blue racer is merely rf rp]>til e of Hie black siinko fnmfly. "Eat a Bonnee at BarneyV Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main St. Phone 31547 Services (III Kh.v,. .i,.,,,li, R „„! r ,.|i:il r . All work l-li I'M.'.'', W " " U<> ''"> "''' "',' " IOVl! "- ll»\.1"'r l....»,T~^^7|, u ,, Si .„„' k .,, 1 ,,»| 1 ,,,. .11 I,,. r..|,nln.,| >,H1. B nl.-» ninl liri.|>. I'IIO"M' .I 1 ' 1 '™ 1 " 1 ' Unlfnrrl'n Sln>.. SlMiji. reprtlrn «nd and acetylene . Blacksmith work. »elt» Implement Co. Phon« 8G1 - »-15-ck-tf , n , »»n1c»-~ «» fejHilr III lijxin w»hln« n>okln» rcKtriiirt, o( kin, I o( conJIIlon, Alia , aell»*r. g|Y-(k-ll P..J pi«.l lio.lnli i.lcuir.... I..I1.I your fillip ninl ni-irirlivi". In 'I'l... Moil.-l ^'"'l'" Mil U'iil.n.ln Av.-.. SI. Lou.* )''. Nil.. \S'o t!ii.'.ri<iM<->. r 1 ' 1 -" 1 "! 1 * .'"'r- MONEY TO LOAN Do you need '« lonn to rcpnlr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for detnil.4. MAI I-ogan, Kealtur, phone 203^. Lynch lUdg,, HlyiheTill*. 9-23-ck-tt Ililllio laiimlrr. ,|nllt«. runs. ,.|c, o-nilinil. l-omily wa.liliijj riMIKli illy ,ir rjukh.n). Alsu r [or ilryloi: r l u lln,». ill 1 - 1 I-', l.'.kr U'illlo II,.|| (Ii,.,.,,. Weallii'r si ripping. Save fuel hy having doors and windows weal hers! ripped. C. K, Wiggins, HJ2 N. 10th. Phone 22!>:i. 12-3!-pk-l-111 Wanted to Rent . rnli'sry ..r Ms own mmvl r. \v,,,,l,l lik.. two ,>r Iliri',, roiini fnrnlr.ln'il «r'l'l".-'nr (with linlli) iirrir l..,.l,i.'»i ()!••! i in l!:,ll A. A. I'ri-ilrlrliKitn nl C li-r X..M-B. plMin,. .1111 l.-r. ll....!.;.'.,.! '|,!' s.'.rvicV" Wi'il,." > i l |n!! SUM,. r,iii|ii. r . Hi. >. II. ,1 .Hf Clly. W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 i NEW 1 l " r 'l" l "r.',,-"| V< il"r l 'raV ; '' 1 '. K 7"' ** """" d """'' l! ' J»Xs-m;? " '"''""^•"'•"i'lr^H For Rent,,,,,,!,. ,,rr.f,.rri.,l Ki|.-l,. i-n |.rrvrliv.->. K, Svrnrnnr.- I'li.iii.. _Ji£^_ ».lV. |.k-17 Hr-.lronm — ci-nllrriirn iircfcrrril ,,r \7ri7k ir.K r.,,,,,1... u.11,1,1,. or,tr»,,,.... M7 I in,I „>„,„, ,;,.„, ,,. m1n prflfreil , (||ni| ; • . HIS 2n mie« ap».e» for r«nt. Eotlre .oor at IS8 E. M.l n . |- rlt;lt< , „„. tranca. T«QQh»n kllndi. Phone 801. | U. S. ROYAL TIRES I \ AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK, FARM LARGE QUANTITIES LIBERAL ADJUSTMENT POLICY EASY TERMS NOW you can buy... REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES in. rr.n»lnnt linl KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 : Old Relia G. O. POETZ ANYTIME /I1XU ANYTIME Dny or Night 4.UU7 Day or Night "The Old Reliable" Your Source of PETROLEUM cpenriablc Service PRODUCTS Of/Ice RR al' Clierry GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcntz Dub Sizemore PAGE- EASX PAYMENTS >s> _-- f OR ALL REPAIR JOBS' . ' ^^^^^^^^•"•^•^•^^!^MBrnMHrgrHrBlrgBM^rlrBrB>r?''^r|>j'_^r^r^r^r^B.J Let Us Renew Your Car on the Budget Plan ^ r^°.tfw ^A^xs <* dona. Free Estimate. COMPLETE MOTOR OVERHAUL Our skilled mechanics will put new life In your" motor. New rings . . . carburetor overhaul or motor COMPLETELY overhauled. Instead' of paying for the entire job at one time, we will (Madly split up' the bill into small weekly or monthly payments. Drive your car or truck into our place lor an estimate on what the cost of payments will be on our easy payment plan. AUTOMOBILE PAINT JOB Oil!*-4> Viler t~ Iinrlw rr.r*r* i.Fill +-»Urt 4-V,,. «J . _»» . r ' "» ' . , . ^^^. fe A* . 95 Our expert body men will take the "dents" out of ' As Wile At your fenders, and our paint department will re- ' '" finish your car iri late modern colors. We have a • fully equipped shop and know how to repaint your car so that it will have tliat "new" looking appear- ' gLjm, „,,. ance. Payments arranged for SD much each-week • HE lfi. ** or month.. • - HMONTH Every Car Must Be Serviced Regularly! Your car needs the added attention we can ~ give it. Come in today for better service, bigger savings and more driving satisfao •,«ho/ijc» tlOfrU Clrovro/of parti '• lodr r.rid fonrfw WE USC OHLY. FACrOtr BNGJNfEHED MftTS f. LOY EICH CHEVROLET GO. 301 W. Walnu* Phone 578 Rave Money Today, Airy l),ry STOP .AND SWAP ELBEKT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main rhoiic Rr>» You Must lie Hupny or No Dual REPAIR 151'RVKE Any Make or Mode! 1 ((» 2 Days Service . \Vc Call For and Dcllvfil PHONE 2642 [ Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Snlcs and Service IOC South First ... on our GMAC PLAN LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. U - S - Ti Sales — BJICK — Service Mobilgas and Oil WRECK RR SERVICE Walnut & RroaoVay Telephone 65.1 DON EDWARDS "Tire Typcwrllcr Mnn" SMFTIf, COKOVA anil REMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33B2 (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST DE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You « to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 120 West Mnin St. Everything You Need! When you're in doubt as to where you should look for snnicthiiiK for I he home or car, iry our well-stocked store . . . you'll find many things you want right at your fiiificr lips. Don't waste time just "shopping" elsewhere! Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 •119 West Main St. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Sale LOOK RT THE <5PnC.tOU"i SftWO I CBM'T VOU \T, CDtAt ^*^±:^m «'C'^7'-" ':' •'•T^"^-^T^f BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIR VDS PARTS YOU HAD t-VIWG ,\ROUWO IN VOUE.YARO? Wig Iteni BY MERUII-T, "BLOSSE.T: J v r,- - A / 1 « ;,)[]) d_\ i^\ , '; ^ /' & ••'•- ^^ : *^^ •jfiffi r\ ' /" *' N MRS. KIM&, CAM rqu (.UKB VOUR. DOG- Give ME BACK' wy >M SYSTEfA?

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