The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE'FOUR Bearden Heads Tax Committee Leachville Senator Heads Important Legislative Group LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jnn. 15. <UP)-Ono of 'the choice committee assignments in the Arkansas Senate today was held by Sen. J. Lee Bcarden of Lcaclivlllc, who •represents Mississippi County in Die upper house of the state's 5Bt!i General Assembly. The assignments were rvmiomiced by Lieut. Gcv. Nathan Gordon, Mqrrlllon, who selected Senator Bsarden to head (lie Important Revenue and Taxation Committee. Other committee chairmen were announced as follows: Lsbar— John S. Moshy of Lc- jxinto. Jndiclsry A--Eric Cavincss ol Danville. Judiciary B— G. \v. Lnokndoo of Arkndel-Jliin. Workmen's Compensation— Brady Pryor of Fort Smith. Education— Lee Reaves of Hpr- mitnRe. •Miiiiia am] aeronautics Ellis F;i- san of Little I!o:'fc. Constitutional rmicrirlmcnts— Jnhn W. Cloer of Springd.ile. Insurance— Walter w. ntmcy <>! McCrory. Elcitions— Ezra Gainer of Magnolia. Rules — LOG Rcavo.s of HiTiviilnse. Tcmperance—Dr. P. c Crow of Hope. Veterans— Herl S. Smith of Joncs- boro. Budget— E. J. Butler of Forrest City. Lsvees and (irainage— E. J. I3ut- ler of Forrest City. Charitable jjist it uiions— Ernest Manor of Hot Springs. » Public pxpcml'iliiros— J. Orville Cheney of Calico Ro:k. SuperintcndriiU of pualic instruction—Ernest Nicholson of Harrison. Slate lands— Byron Goodson o! DcQiieen. Refunding— AH L. Brown of Clarendon. , •Piillio Sen-ice Colorations— Ohmer C. Bjrnsidc' of Lake Villa-e Public printing— Alf iL. Brown of Clarcirdon. ' Public 'Health- Dr. J. E Smith of Royno. Public charities — Russell E|rod of Siloam Springs. Public buildings and capitol — John w. Cloev of Spriiigclnle Mines and mining— nraciv Prvor of Fort Smith. Mcmorinls— Walter W. Rancy of 'AfcCrory. 'Local and special legislation- W M. Jackson of McGehce Journal-Clyd'e E jjjvil of El Dorado. Agriculture- J. Ed Thompson of . Paragonlcl. .-,' Auditor's and treasurer'.-, books— . Ernest Manor of Hot Sprinjjs. <- .-Beautifying highways— G rover C 'fft -Nance' of Newport. Books, commissioner of • . lancls-G. W. Looka<!oo of delphia. Circuit and inferior roiirl' •M. Jackson of McGi-hce. Cities and towns --Ellis F of Little Rock. Claims— L. Wccms Trussell Fordyce. Conservation of natural resour-e; —Byron Goodson of DcQueen. \ County and county lines— J. Or-Ville Cheney of Calico Rock Efficiency-Clyde E. Byrd of 'El Doracro. Engrossed bills— Guy H. Jones of Conway. Enrolled bills — a. Lawrence Blackwcll of pine Bluff. Flood control— James BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Narrow Escape- i'fe. Thin-moil Shelby, ,,r Hipley, Mississippi, examine.'; a rail n-h'c!. Pierced l,ls eoael, d,,rin K the derailment of the Southern Rnilsvay's craek streamliner, "The Tcnnc^m" near Burke, Virginia The rail passe,! through the seal ta front of the r,ne in which Shelby was si.tin- No crew members or passengers were badly injured. (NM Telcp',0^,',' Within Year After Rebirth, KKK Flame Feeble and Burning Low HY irnvuv j,nsESNE NEA Sprcial (;<irrrs[iunil(>iit ATLANTA, On,. Jan. 15, I,\'EA) -The fiery cross of the Ku Klux Klan, ^symbol of Ofpnii/.^cr r.irin! and religious intolerance, still burns in some parts i,r the United Stales but a year after the widely-heralded resiii-Renee of (he hooded order il is a flickering flame. The .stunted comeback of Ihe Klan can br Mtriinitrrt to several thinks. A vailieJ- wide {-iilf exists li.Hween the i.SSO's and the 1920's when the order reaehed the zenith of its Dolitifai terrorism. Too the Kinn \vns n pretty th.-ivmiglil-/ dls- ;rc('.'ited ornanizalion wiirn it' "di;- Samled" a few years a-;o. f^K-tnakers generally recognize stale Arka- of Baker, Jr.. of v/est Helena^ ~~ ,'Forcslry—Peorgr W. Pfeemjin of Cter.k. > Interstate cooperation — Ezra Gnvncr of Magnolia. Roads and hicbways- Jijlin S M -rty of Lepanto. Civi: Sen-ice—Dr. J. E. Smith of Reyno. Old age pensions—AV W Carolan ol Paris. federal relations—Brooks AIoiU- Somery of Garland. Oil and «as—Brooks Montgomery of Garland. Penitentiarv — E. B. Dillon of Little Ro:k. Finance and banking— J J Scicclfln (}f Hazen. Corporations—L. Wrcms Trussell o( Fordyee. Ai;;:oi-tionn,ent— RiiMell Elrod of Siloam Springs. « full resalla liiltlatloii ceremony I iit the base of stone Mountain , nr:ir Atlnntn. 'A 300-foot f) W v -'-risi turned'on the side of Stone Mo'tm- At the ceremony, j- C p gr t,s ol Klan .activity cropped up j n o£ )]er sections (if. i,ic United State. Most ae-tivitv seemed to l;e ccntere I in Cieor^ia. Uiwti llien claimed a mcmber- fhio of 31),CM .11 C;'0>-'i. ' Aflcr I the Georgia pri'n:..iy taji'" t a|i nc /:aid that IK) CM) KlaiwnHjn ' cx- Klunsm™ am. KlAn s.vm.uu'i'i/- e.;.-i heljierl elect tin- ii. c ' U( , liC Jabnadge as ?;avmiur. K O „,». >:wr tried lo .;:'.y T.i,mr.(J:re liim- sell was n Kla.isrimn, but u-i Hie Negro hstie .,„ alul lhe • Jijan Sj.oKe the same language i The K'an appeared on (h v s «m- Llii'in .scene at a time wj.^,, K c- Kiore wore V olin B for - t hi lust lime in llu. Deep South's "real" elections, the "white" Demo-r ,fc p.-jmnilps. and the CIO an, 1 , AW/ were stalling i o organize the feouths u-jrkers. white niul blacK. . •.W RDN PSD AY, JAN IJ A U Y 15, 1947 the slarlt'<| by Gov. . ,, - •' *-'uv. J'-lltS • •ahem C/T 'l tVm . 1C " b> ' UlL> "° mi - isaiitm (j| fauniuife and U»> Jjf I'""" 1 ".' Political situation roli< •*-" mi; I almadKc's death Sonic Southern observers d-mst f!m rcvtklnis the Klnn'.s' ch-irir is a curt for Ku Khi.xurv -| h,- ay the court of public 5 ' ,'"'' !» 1 ," I f"l rD ,'"n', r """" 14 - »>«• Ite h'-en fi-htin,, •'Wiaic-mly 'Cation. ' ' Jl.'STICT DKI'AICJMKNT I'llOKK III Hie Fast year the l-'edc'ral Jvstice Ucjinrlinent has been In- wsllKntlni! Klun iictivily in more than a half ciczen scattered stales and has also probed into reports o! a lif-up \vitn the tJld German- Aiiiericnn HiunU. Kian-Hund i>rcnp<> promoted racial and religious dissension before | the u-ur. Kvidcnce alony tiiis line has been used to revoke Klan cliartcis in California. New Yoik,i K:'iHu;l:y. New Jeisey and WIs- con.sin. Hut Fciieial intervention is lim- il'.d t;i a thin thread of law— whcthor the civil rights of an in- Uividifjil jiav<> /><•«! violated. The same |jiiii::ij>l,- applies to i-'ederal invcsllgation of lynching;;. Broader j."we:s fur the Justice IJepariinenl t(i enaiiiu it to "crack down" on hale o:KHiii?,:ilioiis has been ad- vi:-:atcd in many <|i!artcr.i. U. X. Attorney - Genrcal Tom Clark rcmaikpcl that there is no Held 01 lu-.v in which Ihe Fcdi-rul c'/uTimient is cxnccu-d lo do si- miiL-h v.iih io little. Ihe nii-Ki'si ximt\i of illnosanr tracks ever discovered may be seen in Dinosaur Canyon, 71; n nie. s north 'it J-laj'.sl u f;, Aria VA Finance Officer Seeks Wage Parley Delayed Correct Addresses of Yds' i HTTSh-TJRGH. Jan. 15. (U.I'.I Approximately 253 checks, rani;- — Negotiations between the CIO Read Courier News Want Ails. Inutual agreement" until next week. It was announced today. Neither the union nor the ir>m- pany gave any reason for the rle- .... f»m"«ute»lc"n vc * < 'w7^,,« 11 ta ^^'"^0^"^^ "s ' Ki rtoucsS. I ttmmtllneA wh "'" sabinty compensation, a'e return- sterl Con... scheduled to bc K hi to-'i ' — reViS ^ ^f^h^'^tenns m01TOW ' "' 1V<! """ "° S """*" "" y ' Administration bacKisse of in:-o;- rect addresses, accoi-cline lo W Pi- nance Offl-or c. A. •B!MCkbavn. Veterans siiou,c( immciuatdy not- ill- the Little Hod: V\ offi - e V!KT j "jnanglnf. aclrcsses. to sivold delays in icceivlng tlic-Ji- gomnii.-cm checks. When writin l; to the Vete- ians Adniliilsti-ntlun, a vrtei-m snotlld always give his fujl ,,- t n< f l»s "C" nuir.'ocr, aiitt his •om'-te't-i i^'nnm"^^'"^'!,^."'.' 1 " 1 - 1 '^ il "-- lil.i'thrviJle. Clnn-;!i denomination.-;, n need for ] att - s to deal with "hate orKanlzations. aiut DVCII without lufff ijuvs (he reliorn Klan has .RW In piorred under constant attack from the press nnd a "crnck down- -policy on lhe prut of Federal and state authorities N'OT Till: SASIK The pustMir Ku Khix Klan asserts it is not the same ornanixa- tion :is the old Knights or the Ku Klux Klan, inc. Dr. Samuel oreen. the Atlanta physician who is grand dragon of the revived', calls i£ '-The Association of Georpln Klaus." Vet, Dr. Green has issued so- called charters to Klans in other stales nnd i) lc Association or Georgia Klans operates under Ihe inme state-granted charter in Gent-Kin ar, the old "Invisible Km- 1 •;irr." The $10 initiation fee. ritual,j ic^alia. consliuition and muinhn-' jumbo arc the same. The Federal yovermnonl. since the so-called "rebirth" of the or-i tier, has filed a $7CC.BOa lien ro-,- 'an:k taxes against the Knights 01 the Ku Khix Klan, Inc. ilia iliel mire valuable nrojiertv- holdings and lavish nnlionnl li«ulc|Unrtcrs' or the Klan here in the 20's seem lo have i.'isappcarcd. Government attorneys were about to take this same action a tew years ngo when Hie liiernrchy ol the Ku Kli:x Klan announced it was disi.-aiHhii!;. At that lime ll»> Kian was at its lowest ebj in! membership and finances. Revival of the Klnn was brought, to piihil; notice last winter with clo" ••'*'• '".''"'•"" «reas, Is the [ ;;one :m fnf ns t() oj) ]>osc sc( ,,. c .ljl FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizei 12 in. to 36 in. A, H. Webb Hwy. fil nt Stale Line Vhone lilytlieville 714 c£/e<tciomi-S ORANCf•IEMOM 1IME ASSORTED You'll Go For THE NEW NO EXTRA METERS OR WIRING! 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Yo.rrxj men v/f,o can measure up fo high Rognlar Arrny standards a..a-w;io pnlut 1or t.irec years, now have an opportunity to ioin Ihi' !r'o n U iG S ' °" ^ y '" illC Orient ' follow '"g iniiial training jn There's no finer life anywhere for a soldier. E«:tHenr living condi- »,on S aB rf recroahor, foc,l,Ko s . SighlMoing and sports are encouraged The work , 5 mtcrostmg, educational and of vital importance to world peace. Overseas pay starts at $-J 0 a mo,,,,, f or a Private, plu, food clofhmg, quarters, medical and dental care and other benefits. rlotaiU ot U. S. Army Recruiting Station— '*"' U ^JS N. 2nd Street, Jr. Chamber of Commerce lfeaiaaiBJMgg>««i»f?««ian>i-Fw~i'jCT. "^•ft~f l * rt ^^^ GIVK !JS THIS DAY OITK I>AII,V KREAO For bread the merchant labors long and late; For bread the beggar goes irajn Bate to {jate. For bread the sailor loses hearth and nome, . A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. 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