The Washington Bee from Washington, District of Columbia on February 23, 1895 · Page 2
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The Washington Bee from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1895
Page 2
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PjgPll mM31?Fr?W&Wv,Ki THESSSaSzfSseSBu 6? I ME JgRjt BEE. Published eve-y Saturday at 1109 I Street Northwest, Washington, U. C. Entered at the Poet Office at Washington as second class mail matter. J W. CALVIX CHASE, Editor. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. One copy per year $1.50 Six months LOO Three mouths 50 City subscribers, monthly 20 ADVERTISING RATES. One inch, one month . $1.00 Quarter column " " 5.00 Half column " " 7.50 One column " " 15.00 One inch, one year 10.00 Quarter column " 55.00 Half column " " 75.00 One column " " 150.00 Special notices 10 cents per line. Ten lines constitute an inch. SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 1895. FREDERICK DOUGLASS DEAD. The sudden death of Hon. Frederick Douglass is, no doubt, a shock to the entire country. It was just last Sabbath morning when he attended the services at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church. Apparently he was in the beBt of health and spirits. As a Negro he was one of the representatives, and a man of peculiar temperament. Mr. Douglass was bold as well as vindictive. He disliked anenemy and was kind to his friends. Rnrlft.roonldoffpn t&2rft his dictiveness for petty jealousy. Like other public men, he had his faults, and would often do things that would appear small in the eyes of the people. The Bee never regarded Mr. Douglass as a leader, but a representative colored man. Thnt he has been of service to his race no oue will deny, and a benefactor to some who have proven their ingratitude to him. He was an eloquent speaker, and was, no doubt, oue of the most distinguished Americans of the present time. OUR LIBEL SUIT.; There is no doubt but that the libel suit instituted by C. H. J. Taylor against the editor of the BEE will be tried in Judge Cole's court next week. It is remarkable to see the character of the agents that haye been employed to induce our witnesses not to testify. It has all been without success, however, as they believe in good government and purity in public officials. The brags that have been made by this man Taylor aud his toasting methods to lead persons to .. believe that he is the injured innocence will all be developed at the trial. His article in the Post, said to hfve been written by Fred. Douglass, whom Taj lor says would testify to h is" good moral character, are but a few of the recent developments. The Bee has often heard of men talking through their hats, but it has never seen it demonstrated. No doubt Taylor's suit against the Bee will show this. DR. FRANCIS. This eminent physician is, no doubt, the most progressive in this city. Having been reared in this community, the people feel proud of him aud the success he is making. The recent enterprise started by him is highly iudorsed by the most eminent physicians in this community. Dr. Francis is to be congratulated, and if the people want to see a great thing let them call at his sanitarium near his office on Pennsylvania avenue, northwest. This sanitarium will be ready in a very few weeks, and then the people will be convinced that they have -a great man doing great good. Let us have suffrage in the Dis strict.-- LAWYEE MOSS. Lawyer John A. Moss, one of the j progressive lawyers before the District bar, in the police court last Wednesday morning called the attention of bis honor to a case that he had m which Col. W. P. Wood was interpsted. Just as the court opened Mr. Moss said that a man ) by the name of Wood had interfered with one of his client". He is a man not a member of the bar and one who has no business in this court. Lawyer Moss wanted to know from the court what right had Colonel Wood to say to him that be would ejive him five dollais for defending his client when he was sent for. Judge Kimball said that he hud nothing to do with what he charged a client. All that he knew was Colonel Wood came to him aud said that Lawyer Moss represents an old friend of his, and if he cannot get bond for her he would like to go on her bond himself, as he was an old friend of the family. Lawyer Moss is one of the most active members of the District bar, and a young man who has the respect and confidence of the court. He is alwaj 8 earnest in defending his clients aud untiring in his efforts to clear them. OUR GOVERNMENT. The people of this city tant to control their own affairs. They are being taxed by Congress without their consent, aud regulations passed by the District Commissioners contrary to reason aud inconsistent with custom. What the people want is the elec tive franchise. Washington is the dumping-ground for ev.-ry played-out politician. The people who pay taxes to main tain the government are not allowed to say who shall control their affairs. What this city needs is a good government and people to fill the offices who have honor aud integrity. There was a time in this city when the honor and virtue of our school teachers stood in danger by having corrupt men on the school board of trustees. We want honest men in office, and such men who are above suspicion. THE ARMY CHAPLAIN. The President will, no doubt, mako up his mind to appoint a colored chanlaiu in the army after the auiuuiumeui or V-Uugrcs:5.iL- io &-: likely that he will appoint some broken down and played out political jack-leg preacher. He will appoint a gentleman of high moral character. The President will not appoint a man who is backed up by libertines and corruptionists. There have been names presented that need to be looked at with electric lights. If the President wants the record of souse of the jack-leg ministers that have been presented to him he can be accommodated by addressing a letter to this office. THE HOUSE CHAPLAINCY. There are about two hundred applicants for the chaplaincy of the next Home of Representatives and equally as many for the chaplaincy in the army. The colored applicants for the House chaplaincy will not be considered. It is understood that the Republicans will consider the claims of the race in auother capacity. Iu what way no one will be able to state but the caucus that will fix up the slate of appointments. THE ACROBATIC EDITOR. The all-round editor of the Defender, Astwood, is still iu New York, dodging the libel suit. A man who claims to tell the truth will show his manhood by coming forward and testifying to what he has alleged in his paper. His recent attack on the Freed men's Hospital, because be failed to receive an appointment, is, an evidence of his perfidy. It is the unanimous opinion among the people of this city that Judge Mills ought to be appointed on the bench. " It is not necessary," remarked Judge Mills some time ago, ;to impose a large fine or a long sentence on a person who commits au offense. H. G. C. Astwood, who is now in New York, and it is reported afraid to come to Washington, thinks that the News overestimated the Bee Astwood is a West Indian, and whose record, from what Mr.Chajles R. Douglass says, cannot stand the calcium light. Those eolored men who do the most talking about race pride and race organization are the nersons who employ white men to attend to I their business. V The Kansas porpoise said on Wednesday that he will knock the Bee out in thirty-six hours. Why he will be on the staud six days himself. We certainly cannot go to Liberia aud re' urn and go through the South aud North and back again in thirty-six hours. This wiud-bng must be empty.) Belle Russell, where C- H. J. Txiy lor resides, has manifested a great deal of interest in the witnesses for the defeuse. She vi ill probabh Deed some of thtm before manj days. Perhaps a little reminder ol August, '93, will brighteu her resolution. Perhaps Jt'uhe can better demonstrate bi Jlaliau (?) hand by calling upon the editor of the Bee. A little more respect and consideration for hh estimable wife would be moie manly on his part. He will never go abroad. Mr. M. B. McGee, editor of the Kiutucky Blade, is now in the real estate busiuess, doing well. Eh married one of the prettiest an J most aeompliished ladies in (hi South. There are some great people as well as children who ought to remain u the primer. The moment some people have au idea that they know it all, that moment they butt then brains out. The Kansas porpoise is not doing so much talking and bragging as he did when he wanted to compromise his case. He brought snik and was the first to cry out : Hold ! enough." The Indianapolis World must be a little jealous of Lawyer Manning. It Manning had been training with any one but the Kansas porpoL-e he would, uo doubt, have landed. O H. J. Taylor has promised all the discharged employees frjm his office that he intends to reinstate them after the trial. One lady has made an pffidavit uuder the promise that she win be reinstated. Hope on, hope on. When these poor delu led females are reinstated the Bee will eat cold hash instead of honey. Tue gentleman in the recorJei's office who was present at the conference ot the porpoise should have given better advice. Two can plaj at that game, Henry. The Iadv in the Indian Bureau had better attend to her own affairs before she is called on to explain. I honest witnesses cannot be bribed. 1 OoirWm. B. Webb, ex-Distract Commissioner, is one of the best friends the Negro has. He is a man who believes that a man cannot be dishonest. The people will decide whether they want suffrage iu this city. REV.(?) C. II. J. TAYLOR. It is said that C. II. J. Taylor has joined the Metropolitan A. AI . E. Church of Washington, u. C , which recalls to mind an incident which once happened Taylor when a minister. In conference in this State, while a bishop of the A. M. E. Church was assigning the different minh-ters their posts, hesaid : Kev. C. II. J. Taylor, your post is Quindaro, Kansas." Whereupon laylor, thinking the place too insignificant for his importance, said in reply : 'Quiiuluro, hell ! I'll be damned if I go to Qiundaro!'" Leavenworth Her aid. HERE AND THERE While a man is thinking how T it l.hiiinr ought to be done a woman will do it v u J. 4 i Always let your acts surpass your promises and talk. We should not judge other people's faults by our own. The Xfiguo, in spite of all that might be said of him, is making progress. Uis mark will be made at Atlanta Exposition next fall, Don't expect your husband to remain your sweetheart and pay you the hundred little attentions that make married life a sunshine, except you look your best and wear your sweetest smile when he returns from business. Rev. R. C. O. Benjamin has severed his connection with the Republican Sun on account of ill health. Mr. Ballon also retires from the Sun staff, owing to the large law practice of hi's partner, Rev. R. C. O. Benjamin, which he conducts during his illness. FARROW'S MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA. This Is the Standard Military Encyclopedia of tho world and the only work of its kind in the English language. It has the endorsement of the War Department and the leading military commanders of America and Europe. It is issued in three large octavo volumes of ahout 1000 pages each, printed, on fine paper, from new electrotype plates, profusely illustrated and handsomely hound. It is a complete lihrary of military information hoth for military and non-military people. Every library should have it. Circulars sent on application. Good agents wanted. MILITARY AND NAVAL BOOKS. All the leading, up-to-date military and naval books. Price list furnished, on. application. ) MILITARY-NAVAL PUBLISHING CO., 611621 Broadway, New York City, -!.-. -?-W. 2 1-T itiAWtfJ "' . i-v3 ri Toan one sci dine us Jr.sawithsain-3 1 I. Uldlj a. t Di..ii !. Dark BrffJVn. I a,r Ich is partially or wnony gray 'o Mri D-n.. i will be instantly restoreo K is original j i&PfStniit. J Vt CU. UIUKIII I fnln. nrl Kiit.. A Hcl!t!tTt.' Hann-. color and beautv. "w--l'"'"j" .: i 5.1 Yl Chest. andLastinr. TttnirnLtl mur less. Odorless nfi&finUi CT CDEC 1 EC? 'faSt FWSflSSSSSStl llLSSSEIS ill THE INCOME TAX. Djjunction Restraining Jts Collection Refused. . Washington, Feb. 18. Chief Justice Alvey has handed down an opinion in the Court of Appeals of the District concurring in the decision of Justice Hagner, in relation to a-petition for an injunction asked for by John G-. Moore, of New York, to restrain Joseph. S. Miller, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, from any collection of the income tax. Justice Hagner refused to grant the petition a short time ago in Equity Court No. 2, and an appeal was at once taken to the higher court. The attorneys for the plaintiff have also filed a petition for. an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States, which has been allowed. Chief Justice Alvey declares that there appears to be no good ground or cause shown for an injunction to restrain the Commissioner of Internal Revenue from proceeding with the work of his bureau in regard to the assessments, and collections of the income tax. MORE ARMS FOR HONOLULU. Hie Authorities There "Watching for tho Schooner Vine. San Francisco, Feb. 18. The steamer Mariposa brings the news from Honolulu that the authorities there are watching for the arrival of the Schooner Vine, Capt. Burns, which sailed from this port several weeks ago, ostensibly in search of a valuable guano island in the South Sea. The Government officials say that the Vine was chartered to carry arms by the same people who sent the first installment on the "Wahlberg. Several persons are now under arrest for supposed participation in the scheme to bring arms into the country. SHOT ON HIS WAY HOME. A Merchant of Southlngton, Conn., Hit by IJullets Fired in Ambush. Southington, Conn., Feb. 18. Chas. Rugg, aged sixty-five, a well-known hardware merchant of this place, was shot and probably mortally Injured at S o'clock Friday night while on his way home from his place of business. Mr. Rugg slosed his store at 7 o'clock and started to walk to his home in Plantsville. "While he was passing through Bristol street some one fired three shots at him. Then the assailant started on a run down the street, firing a fourth shot as he wen All four bullets took effect. fteoiganizing the Shoe and Leather Bank. New York, Feb. 18. A reorganization of the National Shoe and Leather Bank took place Friday as a consequence of the loss sustained by the theft of $354,000 by Samuel C. Seely, which wiped out the bank's surplus and impaired its capital. An assessment of 25per cent, on the stock was levied, and a new surplus was created and all doubtful assets thrown out. The bank is reported in excellent condition and has deposits of about ?4,-000,000. Gobbles Up Chicago Gas. 0faiKjo.grtjraaiijis. yhe representatives of the Standard" OTT" interests have secured control of the Chicago Gaslight and Coke Company, the first step towards securing control of the combined gas properties. Robert T. Lincoln, J. W. Doane, A. A. Sprague, E. M. Phelps, N. B. Ream and George Henry Wheeler were elected directors. The new board did not elect any officers. 4jnt it is understood Mr. Lincoln will be made president. China's American Prisoner. London, Feb. 18. The Shanghai correspondent of the Central News says that the Japanese have made great efforts to save the life of the American, Harvie, who was arrested by the Chinese recently aboard the passenger steamer Sydney, hailing from Sydney, and was held by them on Liu-Kung-Tao, in Wei-Hai-Wei harbor. It is not known whether they have succeeded. TCusspII Siijjc'-, Nest TSjjer- New York, Feb. IS Russell Sage took a hand Friday in determining the gold puzzle. It was of the practical sort. He withdrew $550,000 in gold coin from the Sub-Treasury and locked it up in the Mercantile Trust Company's vaults. He will keep it there until he determines what to do with it again. Mr. Sage is always supposed to have his weather eye open. Itoscuinjj Missionaries. Washington, Feb. 18. The Navy Department has heard from Admiral Carpenter at Chee Foo to the effect that the Charleston had arrived there after having rescued fourteen missionaries and that he had directed the Yorktown to go to the south coast of Shan Tung, China, to the assistance of missionaries in that locality. More of MoKane's Doings. New York, Feb. 18. The decision that John Y. McKane tried to defraud Mrs. Catherine Bauer, of Gravesend, and her infant out of between $15,000 and $300,000 of their estate was filed to-day. McKane, while acting as ex-ocutor, seized the estate and built many houses upon it. "Well-Known Horseman Dead. "Worcester, Mass., Feb. 18. Charles F. Abbott, one of the best known horsemen in America, died at the City Hospital after a brief illness of pneumonia, aged fifty-two years. Last season he was in charge of the eastern stable of John S. Gray, the well-known Kentucky breeder. A Sitor', Fatal Error. Troy, N. T., Feb. 18. Alexander Ronald, of "Wells, Hamilton County, died from the effects of a dose of strychnine administered by his sister dn mistake for quinine. He lived for only an hour after swallowing the poison. Dead IVIinister Gray. Indaanapolis, Ind., Feb. 18. Pierre Gray, son of the dead Minister to Mexico, says that his father's body will be; brought here at once for burial. The body will probably lie in state in the Capitol building. The Legislature has .w -ezixi ' More Honor for Bismarck. Berlin, Feb. 18. The Royal Academy of Arts has elected Prince Bismarck an honorary member. The German colony in Vienna will give him a silver model of St Stephen's Cathedral tower on his birthday. To Die for TVlfe Murder. Cleveland, O., Feb. 18. Lafayette Prince, the wife murderer, has been sentenced to be hanged on May 28 for chopping his wife to pieces with an axe because she refused to live with him. Arch. Dnke Dying:. Vienna, Feb. 17. A dispatch from Arco, in South Tyrol, says that Aroh Duke Albrecht is dying from congestion of the lungs. Families Starving. Hennessey, O. T.. Feb. 18. An appeal has been issued by settlers in the Strip. Hundreds of families are starving. Cattle have been lying in droves as a result of the severe weather. Her Husband's JLife. Whitman, Mass., Feb. 20. Mrs. Alice J. Healy has been indicted "by the Grand Jury for attempt to murder her husband, Aaron A. Healy, by giving him arsenic. Mr. Healy is a prominent citizen and manufacturer. Thirty Students Drowned. Moscow, Feb. 20. While a number of students were skating on the Moskva River the ice gave way and thirty of them were plunged into the water and drowned. None of the bodies has been recovered. Price of a Wife's Virtue. New York, Feb. 20. Henry L. Wei-gele has begun suit against Frederick Bernhardt, the Deputy United States Marshal, for alienating his wife's affections. He wants $25,000 damages. Liberals TVin a Seat. London, Feb. 20. An election held at Colchester to fill the vacancy in the House of Gommone caused by the resignation of Mr. Naylor-Leyland, resulted in a victory for the Liberal candidate, Sir Westman Pearson. GO to Mile Finnie's flairdressifl", MANICURING AND CORSET PARLORS, A Full line of Toilet Articles Always on Hand. There you may have your hair, hands and form made beautiful. Mile FiNJfiB, durlns her two years' absence from this city, has made an extensive lour through the Sou h and West, and has added much to her former store of knowledge of "the human foim divine." She will be more than pleased to give to her former pa trons and the citizens of Washington in general the benefit of her newly acquired art. Among the many new articles brought to Washington this season Is the JEGYl'TTAX JFACIXE," A harmless preparation for the Face an 1 Hands, containing no alkali nor acid. It careful use will beautify and give to the ski 1 that Venus like transparency which excels all former undertakings. 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Newspaper Advertising Bureau (10 Spruce Street), where adver- ftacaiig mrnmip ciaing contracts mav flMJFlM YIIkK 0 EUdw fOT Jt- i-n S w B Si v fl b fl n H r INSERTED in my Ageiit's Lists for 4c. Lots of mail and samples. Lists go everywhere. Jennie Lion, Jforwalk, Q 3H0L' ClA YQURHAM digestion &i;ebiiafc- KAILEOADS. Baltimore & Oliio 11, if, Schedule in effect Jan. 6th, id. 5 .Leave Washington rr- m stat'on corner nr JNew Jersey Avenue and C street f For Chicago and Northwest Wnh.,, Limited express trains 11:25 a. m s- mt " . le" rvi vjjutiuuttbi, Ol, -L.UUlS.and Indtnna..n Vestibuled Limited 3:30. p. m eiStnaQ8a?f; nigjt. For rit'sburs and Cleveland daily 11:25 a. in. andS:35 p.m. "Fress For Lexington and Staunton. 11:25 a in ForWimh stei and way Stations f5:Jo J a For Lur&y.Natural Bridge, Roanoke k r ' vil e, Chattanooga, and Memph s ? v SrSK. lls2' p- m-dal,y; See ? For Lv.ray. 3:30 p. m. dailv o 10. sy.uu X11.0U, auu 11.30 p, m. sun. . ' X12.G0. X'12.05, 1.00, X2 20. (3.00. 43-iuia I 3.25. -1.31. 5.00 45 mlnuu-s, V.5.05. 0.30 4's xO.00, 10:00, xll.SH 11.35. p. m. ' XNa For Annapolis. 7.10 and S.30 a. m r n , 4.28 p. m. Sundays, 8.30 a. m., 4.31 p. m For Frederick, go 00, fll.25 a. mM 21.15 t 5.30 p. no- 1 , For Haserstown, tll.25 a. m. and J5,i0 ,,. n F. r toydand way points, 7,l5 p. m For Gaithersburs and way points' ii fSOO m. in., 12.50. 3.00, 4.335,85 fj g'J 40 11.30 p.m. ' "k For Washington Junction and wav pr, . t 9.t 0, 9 50 a. m, 1:15 p. m. Express trams v l pmjjat principal stations ouJy. t4.33 30 'j ROYAL BLDE LINE FOR NEV AND PHILADELPHIA. YOjIk For Philadelphia, New Yoilr, Boston , n 1 the East, wek days, 4 20, 8 00, (10.0'' a i Uiuinji Car) (12.00 Diuinjr Car). 3.00,(5.h) K, I ing Car), 8,00 (11.30 p. m.. Sleeoiutj Car open at 10.00 'cIock.) uudays, 4.20 y - Dining C-r. I2.0ii Dining Car, 3 10, 5.00 1., ing Car, 8.00,11.30 M.eping Car, open it passengers 10.00 p m, Buffet Parlor Cars on all day trains. For Atlantic City. 4:2') a. m. 10:00 a. m. an J2:00noon. Sundays 4:2'J a. m- 12 00 noon. Except Sunday, Daily. gSunday o'uiy. x Express trains. Baggage called for and checked from loteis and residences by Union Tiansfer Compuuy on orders left nt ticket offices, 019 Pennsvl-vania avenue. Ne York avenue and Kf tee iih street n w. and at depot. R. B. CAMPBELL, Gen. Manager. CHAS.O.SCrLL, Geo. Pass. .Airtit CO Chesapeake axd Ohio Railway. Route. Schedule in eflect May 13th, 1S94 Trains leave daily from Union Station (K & P.). Sixth and b streets. Through the grandest scenery in America with the handsomest and most compile 8,?!ilJ'rain services "West from Washington 2:25 P M. IAILY-'CincJniiati and St. Louis Sp. cial" Solid Vestibuled, Afewlv Equipped Electric lighted, Steam heaUd train, with Pullman's fin st sheping cars Washing on to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, & St. Louis, without change. Dininjr car fiom Wtishlnguiu Arrives Cincinnati S:00 a. m.; Indianapolis, 11:4a a. m.; Chicago 5:30 p.m., aud St. Lotus o;,i5 p. m. 11:10 P. M. DAILY-The famons "F. F. V Limited A Solid Vestibuled irain with dining car and Pullman Sleepers, for Cincinnati, Lexiugton. xouibvJle.and Hot Springs Vh,. without change. Observation car from Hi ton. Arrives Cincinnati 5:50 p. m.; Lexington, ti:U0 p m.; Louisville 9:40 p.m.; ln-.Unnapolis, 11:15 u. m.; Chicagi. 7:3.; a. m ami si. Lou is, 7.30 a. m. Connects in Cuior. Depot for all poinis. 10:57 A. AI. LXCEPT SUNDAYFor Point Comfort and Norfolk, Va. Only rail line. 2 25 P. M. DAILY-Express for Gordonsville Lharlpttesvilltr, Waynesboio, St unton, ami principal Virginia points; dally except, Sunday for Richmond. Pulman locations and tickets at company 's olfcces, 513 and 1421 Pennsylvaeia avenue. H. W.Fuixek, General Passenger Agent. as Established 1S6G. 6 BOfllSTIIE'S LOU OFFIEL 361 Pennsylvania Avenue. 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Ween ir ya with everytiiing that you need, treat ys weilt and help you to earn ten times ordinarv wag. I "Women d3 a3 well as men, and boys arcl giri'j makf fnnrt nnr. A nt enf nTivivhpri' par (2u tnd work. All succeed who inXlo x our plain ar -'Iin- pie directions. Earnest work will surely fcn'n? you a great deal of money. Everything new and in great demand. Write for our pasnphJet circular, and receive full information. tO u done if you conclude not to go on V'ft " Dusiness. UEORCP S7INSQNaUVifi Box 488, PORTLAND, MAINE 'S'Srs - ; Sat a 5 3fe;ro WniKcdoei' BAH CATaL 0 laitramesSk rii.t. t SUodi. D-ain MJ" -' 'jbdom. Epie, For Baltimore weeks days x4:2(i 5-1 -XT.1U, x7.80, t8.t0. 45-minutes) j ' J (10 00 45.mlnutes). a. m. x!2 00, XJ2 ) ',J X2.L0. (3 00 45-mInntes), S.25. xi.28. t7 h 4o minutes. s5 Co, x5.30. 5.3.i -tfi 'ii : ' y , -,, u,m . ,j TO ,5 V5 m lmBH IIH -KC5 - - : adj&urnea out on smjQS. to his mem' lil ' III.' ' M j ,1, fcriMt- ir'MiTT' '! s? - .-. j&tn- HHilKiH CUif&gv- r&iyc!

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