The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on January 10, 1955 · Page 2
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 2

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1955
Page 2
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t tndutkf, O., Men., Jan., 10. ItSS I u MEN \Wm \ ON GAMBLE FOR LOST LIMA LOOT Ohtoftn fs Skipper Of Covcrtcd Sub-Chaser Hcadrd For Cocos Island In Quest of Legendary Treasure. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10 (UP) —Fourteen men set forth on a converted subchaser Saturday for Cocos Island off the Costa Mean coast where they hope a S35,00O Ramble will return them SRO-dollars In yold and Jewels, the legendary lost loot of Lima. The treasure seekers—engineers, sailors, businessmen—have pooled 535,000 in money and equipment. They hope to locate the treasure with a 130-year-old map which expedition leader Charles Williams of Manhattan Beach. Cal., says was willed to him by • sea captain. Their ship is the M-I'ool sub- ehnser Isle of Capri, owned and ."kippered by Thomas Clairmont, 30, of Ravenna, O. WILLIAMS SAID the treasure was left on the deserted island in 1821 by Mutinous ere win cm- "bers of a ship taking the glittering hoard to Spain. The treasure— jewels, gold bars, pieces of eight and church ornaments-Mvas ordered sent to Spain to keep it from invaders, Williams said. The isle of Capri carries a wealth of modern equipment to ski the treasure hunt, including two bulldozers, a power dragline, core drill, hydraulic pumps and four electronic metal-locating devices. THE EQUIPMENT was ordered by Williams who has made two exploratory trips to Cocos Island. The Isle of Capri will pick up 10 Costa Rican soldiers as "zguards when she ncars her dcslina- ?ition, Williams said . IS Williams said he planned to stop j £at Puentarenas, Costa Rica, to excavate some Indian graves and ,"»tben continue to Cocos Island. He ^estimated the treasure hunt would 3 take three to four months. It Happened Last Night Bf SAUL WILSON THE BEST LAUGHS OF 1954 NEW YORK—President Kiscn- iiower lost one contest, in l l )f>4 to Liberace, Rubirosa, Marilyn Monroe and Bobo Rockefeller. As I try to list "The Best Laughs of 1954," It's clear the gag-writers considered those people better laugh targets than the President • though Harry Truman was always one of their favorites). Maybe It's a matter of dignity. Anyway—Liberace's success secret Steel Indusiry Keeps High Tempo ; CLEVELAND, Jan. 10 1UP1 — 'iSteel Magazine said today that the —steel industry is •'optimistic'' con- S corning its future and has in- xereased its production capacity as Swell as a continued program of implant modernization. S Steel reported the industry has ^increased net production of in- -£gots and castings 1,497,000 tons over |that of one year ago. "On Jan. 1, £-1954," Steel said, "the annual ingot * capacity was a record 124,330,410 i-tons. Now the record is 125,828,310 'A tons, the American Iron and Steel v Institute reports." ^ Steel said this latest increase • marks the eighth consecutive year "oJ expansion. \ Adult Education Classes To Open ! Here On Tuesday ,~ The following classes are being 'offered as a part of the Sandusky ; public schools adult education program and will start on the dates scheduled: v Beginning typing, Jan. 13. 7 i o. m.. Room 27 of the High school. » Silk screen. Jan. II, 7:30 p. in.. r Industrial Arts school. *: Silver jewelry. Jan. U. 7 p. nv. i: Industrial Arts .scuool. Leather, Jan. 13, 7 p. m.. tnclu.s- ' trial Arts school. Persons may register now for the ;' s following classes-. Lip reading, t-painting. ABC shorthand, English gior foreign born, sewing, Spanish, *-women', s auto mechanics, meehani- Scal drawing, welding and blue- f' print reading. £ Anyone interested may register '£ by calling 04:2. FRED ALLEN was "Visit your piano teacher once ?. year and your dentist once a ciay," according to one '54 funny. "Winthrop Rockefeller is going to marry BobO— again for HIS money," was another. Hollywood writer Seaman Jacobs said Rubi­ rosa knew Zsa Zsa so well he called her Zsa. "Every place is air-conditioned now but Kcll." somebody wrote in midsummer. Bob Hope remarked, "Bin!,' Crosby doesn't know whether to fro on television, or buy it" Dennis Day said: "Jack Benny's found a new use for old razor blades, lie shaves with them." "My aunt went to a drive-in liiovie and became the first woman ever run over on the way to the bathroom," Herb Shrincr said. Dior, the Cleveland Indians and Las Vegas were laugh chaff. Asked what hotel Ije'd gone to m Las Vegas, a gambler supposedly replied: "Who needed a room? 1 was only there three nights." Comedian Joe K. Lewis, al'lev so­ il.g on the wagon for 10 days, (,-oni- mcnted, "The audience look- different to me now. Now I can sec em." He added. "I'm just galling over a slight case of whisky " Ed Wynn gave a recipe fur successful farming: "Rise early, work late, strike oil." Tallulah Rnnk- nead, hearing of Marlcne Dietrich's $6,000 dress, cracked: "Any- locly who pays more than So,000 for a dress is nuts." About the most widely printed gag was about a man. trying to locate a friend named John Sexauer, asking a switchboard operator: "Do you have a Sexauer there?" And she snorted: "Sexauer; We don't even iia-c a cot Ice break here!" Art Buchwald told of two Paris photographers talking One said he'd seen a poverty-stricken old woman on a park bench almo.-.l starving. "W'hat'd \ou give her?'' asked the other. "It was kinda sunin." was the reply, "so I gave her 100 at t.ll." New York cheesecake photographers adopted the slogan: ' "Don't shoot till you see the whites of their thl»hs." A Pln- Up Girl was defined as a girl who doesn't pin up anything. Bob Consldine claimed a society lady burst out of Toots Shor's exclaiming: "If Mr. Shor wants to get anywhere, he'll have to get of his fat, loudmouthed hcau- waiter."—TooUs himself. The joke about the Bishop who had files marked "Sacred" and 'Top Sacred" went the night, club rounds and wound up in a snuti. magazine. Another, that fitted in with the McCarthy investigations, concerned a sailor who was asked; whether he had any pornographic literature. He yelled back: "1 don't even have a pornograph!" A newl.v-riclv woman sat in a long limousine, her baby daughter, wearing mink, beside her: "Can she walk?" asked an adoring neighbor, peering in. As Henny Youngman told it, Mama said, "Thank God, she doesn't have to!" Blanche Theboni happened to sing in Louisville the night of the Community Chest fund-raising din- rer. Kvcrybotlj was staring at her very low-cut gown. At intermission, the fund chairman \old an Episcopalian minister: "Well, (lie Chest, went over the top!" "I've been expecting it ali evening," replied the, minister. A psychiatrist, Georgie Kaye .'-aid, "is a man you see when iou're going crazy and he helps you." A stooge asked Mae West, "You know what happens to bad little girls, don't you?"—and she replied, "Yeh—prosperity." George GoblV "I'll be a dirty bird" was TV's big expression. "The biggest things coming from Texas," Robert Clary said "are stories." Jack E, Leonard praised i'n Atlantic City cafe operator for getting him a hotel room lacing Housing Session Nay Gel Definite Slum Proposals By WILLIAM HE RUIN WASHINGTON (INS)—Keep your eye on Chicago this month for some definite proposals from the home building Industry designed to pep-up the government's newly launched battle to combat slums. Industry leaders are determined to make the anti-slum fight succeed and for the first time the men who build America's homes will get their chance to speak out on the program enacted by Congress last summer. More than 20.000 members of the National Association of Home Builders are expected tin the Windy City Jan. 16 for a five-day, top-to- bottom review of the entire housing picture. New Techniques It will be the biggest NAHB convention ever, and the spotlight- outwardly, at least—will be on the latest techniques in planning, building and selling the houses you buy in 1955. Behind the scenes, top NAHB officials are planning a complete run-down on the government's urban renewal program—the opera- lion Congress approved to clean up slums and prevent their spread. NAHB President Richard G. Hughes of Pampa. Tex. has already- appointed a resolutions committee to begin work on recommendations to be included in a national policy statement to be submitted to the convention. And top government officials- including housing administrator Albert M. Cole and Federal Housing Administration chief Norman P. Mason, will be on hand to bring the builders up to date on latest Washington developments. Urban Renewal "We want to get Ihe ball rolling on urban renewal" says one industry official. "The housing agencies aren't moving fast enough, but that's because this is a new and complicated field. "You can't be too impatient about it. But we want to see if we was the Pacific the ocean. "Of course, it Ocean." he said. Joey Ada in * mentioned a fellow's asking a lovelorn adviser if it was O. K. to marry an octopus. Told it wasn't, the gent said, "And me stuck with eight engagement rings!" It was Peter Donald who suggested that James Roosevelt be given an honorary degree—Doctor of Letters. Georgie Jessel was the Friars' Club guest of honor at its annual testimonial. There. Fred Allen twitted Jack Benny this way. "There is a saying 'You can't take it with you.' but if you see a ."uneral procession -with a urmorcd car behind ttfe you'll know Mr. Benny is having a try at it." can make some sound recommendations to expedite things. We'd like to get some jobs started so we can show them to Congress. 1 ' The interest of builders of new homes in cleaning out slums and repairing and modernizing rundown property is unprecedented but it represents a recognition that urban renewal will provide tremendous social and economic gains to the country. May Provide Answer Industry leaders feel that the anti-slum program may provide the answer to the problem of improving the country's housing inventory and simultaneously help maintain a high building volume over the next few years by stimulating the need for more new housing. Some officials believe the operation may knock out any chance of a let-down in housing output be- Rrink's•'tween now and the 1960's when hearse, 'demand for homes is expected to skyrocket as the postwar baby crop reaches the marriageable age. WHAT »S NEW? — Looking much the same. Marilyn Monroe wears a white satin gown and a "subdued platinum" hairdo as she announces at a press conference in New York City that she has organized her own company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. She says she'd like to produce "good musicals" and play ".serious parts." tNEA Telepholoi. George Hill Is Named By Jaycee To State Chamber Robert Hughes, president of the local chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, lias announced the election by the Sandusky Jay- BOal'Cl Ex-Dancer Held In Child Abduction LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19 (UP) — A former burlesque dancer, whose motherly Instinct prompted her to abduct two children in 1953, was to be arraigned today on charges of kidnaping a Ihreeyearold Florida boy and hitchhiking with him across country. The ex-dancer, Barbara Lee Collins, 27. was arretted Saturday in a trailer near Baldwin Park where she was living with the child, Dexel Raymond Brock of Live Oak, Fla.. and two other unidentified persons who were not held. Officers quoted Mrs. Collins as saying she took the child "because I could give him better care." Meanwhile, the child's mother, Mrs. Selden Gill, said she wasn't "exactly mad" at Mrs. Collins, but was naturally anxious for the child's safe return. Mrs. Gill Is just out of a hospital after giving birth to her third child. Officers took the child to juvenile hall and said he was in good condition. They prepared to return him to his mother. IT IS THE SECOND time In 19 months that Mrs. Collins has faced an abduction charge. In May, 1953, she was accused in New York of kidnaping two Washington, D. C, children, a charge later reduced to endangering the life of a child. The children belonged to Clifton Bradford. The FBI said Mrs. Collins admitted taking Dexel last November because she thought she could take better care of him. Thtttor Schedule! OHIO—"A Star Is Born" — 1:05, 3:50. 6:30, 9:20. STATE—"Sea Around Us"— 1:05, 3:40. 8:15. 8:45. "Fire Over Africa"—2:05. 4:40, 7:15, 9:50. shed her famed symphony conductor husband for a stage career, was fcheduled to meet, with hifll today to discuss a divorce and eustod* of their children. She took the boy from home on the pretense of going to a carnival at Jacksonville, but never returned. She drifted across the country with/ the child, covering most of the distance by hitchhiking, the FBI said. DISCUSS DIVORCE NEW YORK, Jan. 10 (UP) — Gloria Vanderbilt Stokowski, 30- year-old heiress who decided to NOW OHIO EVE. After 5:00 MAT. Till 5:00 CHILD (under 12) . tJlfOT 75c 60c 35c Star Bom •NO*. 3-7 mum IT IN TECHNICOLOR fTKMtOPHONIC SOUND •LOT m*m\*4 JACK CARSON CHARLES eiCKFORD SCOOP ORANGE, SUGAR & ROSE BOWL GAMES STATE TODAY and TUESDAY AMWRMFMM H0WHMt-*HD A ITOP-HT-WOTWW* GUV I MiHfttn MaeetflaM v VMM • CAREY IWf CTgRAfWOL| AND "THE SEA AROUND US" IN TECHNICOLOR STARTS WEDNESDAY ' MARLON Ml MARLON BRANDO JEAN SIMMONS MERLE OBERON , MICHAEL L RENNIE ^CINKMASCOPE: •^Bw ctMttrOtluxc > Jll«WH0»C 7Jcv~Boniu tif^tJeorge TTnTT^Jr., to the position of state trustee. Election to this office makesji Hill the local Jaycee representative to the State Junior Chamber. Hill was elected to the Jaycee by the voting members at eee business meeting to vacancy left by board Doug Willetl who moved com m unity. Willctt had also held the position of state trustee now*held by Hill. The action of the Jaycee board making Hill state took place at (he board's monthly meeting. board the Jay- fill the member from the I rustee regular Pass Temporary Operating Bill FREMONT, Jan. 10 — Sandusky-co Commissioners have passed temporary appropriations to carry the county government through March. The appropriations totaled $506.279.63. Included were S301,129.63 for the general fund, .VidJ.lOO for tlic road fund. $5,500 for the clog and kennel fund and S6.000 for bond retirement. Beilevue Pool Question May Go On Ballot BELLEVUE. Jan. 10—There is ('very possibility Bellevuean- will liavp a chance to vote fcr or r.gainsl a proposal for an outdoor >,wiininina pool in I he i\Ia\ primary elections. It will probably be on Ibe hallo! in the form of a bond issue or a • levy. Legislation for the pool is being prepared for submission to city council. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS KAY LUTES DANCE STUDIO Ballet — Acrobatic — Tap — Acrobatic Ballroom TOOTS SHOR The anon is a small, wild ox, a .-ort of forest bulfalo, found on tho island of Celebes. | Kelps Heal And fleer I hchySkin Rash! V Zemo, a doctor's antiseptic, j* promptly relieves itching, stops 0T eeratching- and so helps heal and gf clear surface rashes. Buy Extra £ StrengthZemo for ^W£3kit\yd\ *< stubborn cases! ftlVllil V It's* remarkable how a nrw chair changes everything for the better. We have a nice selection of better chairs to rhoo-t! from. SWINGS II' TO >5' ( because of our outljjng location. The IIJGIt STANDARD which we maintain for Quality Furniture is your assurance of satisfaction. C. A. Coed Furniture Co. 529 Putnam St. Ph. 1745 FREE PARKING {Congress Today j .McCAKTIIV: Sen. Joseph U .McCarthy iR-Wisi apparently loM h,s chance to beat I he Democrat to the punch in reopening the celebrated I'eress case. .MANPOWER: Sen. Mike M.ais- 'lelcl (D-Mont.i expressed fcai tiiat Ihe administration is weakening .tne nation's defenses by hea\\ cuts !in Arim manpower, lie --aid il jmay find the Army no lou^c.- abl. 1 ;lo li^lH so-called "-.mail war.-.'' At ilie same time, an atomic .^lali aiau ina> be reached. Maiislicid -aid, tilling out all-out global conllirK Sen. Francis Case Mi- S.L). 1 ottered an opposing view, lie s,:id be thinks the administration can yet the most for its jnonej from air| power. \ DIRKSEN: Sen. EvereU M. iDirksen iR-lll.) said he will buck I the administration a^ain in supporting the Rrickcr amendment to curl) tile president's treaty making i power. But lie pledged support to ii -resident Eisenhower's legulaliw program. NATl'KAl, <;.-VS: Hep. F r a u k ikard i |)-Te\ > said federal ivuila- j Hon of the independent naiural '.as producers means the Federal i-owei- Coinmis.-ion can "inou in and takeover the oil indu.sti> " lie; -aid in a prepared House pecciij liiat he will ask Congress to amend I •Ihe Natural Gas Act to ni.'ke it ; lear Congress never intended for 'the KPC to regulate production land gathering of natural gao The (authority was established in a re; cent Supreme Court decision. Obe *"^n St"*' 0 * 1 '* To Address Rotary lloiarifljis at Hie meetin-; Ibis !'hui>-(';:y noon will hear two Obor- bn College students discuss "Mow 'an Wo Improve American Education - ."' The program conies llirough the courtesy of the Obcr- 'm Forensic Union. The student speakers w i Richard Tboiii|eon. a senior Ainarillo, Texas, and ,lerr> > a junior tioni liosion. The t'enls will be accompanied b^ lessor Charles l.eistner oi Obeilin department of spec I be i ruin lson, .slll- !>'o- the STARTING TONIGHT The Tune Spinners Duo Pantomime & Comedy Acted Out At Its Best. Stop in and See Our New Stage Bar Lowor Prices Durinq Entertainment. E ANNEX Bar & Lounge In tht Hear! of Downtown Sandusky Warmed Drinking Water Aids Hogs WASHINGTON <IMS• — The Agriculture Department, reporting on experiments in Iowa, says hogs appear to gain weight faster when given heated drinking water. Due lot of hogs given watei healed to a temperature of 4a to •>•> degrees gained 51) pounds in in iia.\ v A second loi which had onl,\ unhealed walcr gained onl\ t: ; pounds in the same length oi Mine. 'IT > Iowa experts claim thai the 19* ANNUAL lOITIONf #6 CLEVELAND ARENA JAN. 18th thru 30th same sheep. The States an Act lie el" happens cattle and w it h cow s poull ry First Bank of was chartered oi Congress. the in United 1791 b\ A ^.' I'JUH inu-t have been a citizen of the United State- lo be elected to the Hall oi Fame lor Great Americans. The Book Shop 115 W. MONROE ST. Jusi oil Columbus Ave, IK FOLLIES ADVANCE TICKET SALE! ONE DAY ONLY! PRICES: (III IKI) Motv thru Thurt. Fri. A. Sdt. Nltil k V>S NIU» 4 Sat Mats Sun. 1:30 & 6:30 P.M. $3.00 • $2.50• $2.00 $3.75-$3.5Q-$3.00-}2.QQ CHOICE SCATS SOLD fOR ALL PERFORMANCES TICKETS ON SALE AT SANDUSKY SATURDAY- JANUARY 15 (10 A. M. to 5:30 P. M.* WM. S. FRANKS CO. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO WAREHOUSE SLEEPERS CLEANERS Floor Models and Demonstrators Reduced, All Fully Guaranteed No. to Sell Modtl Regular Price SALE 1 160-95 Desk 214.95 182.95 1 161-49 Desk 229.95 195.60 1 343-58 Console 169.95 157.46 1 349-49 Console 184.95 171.76 1 140-49 Comb. 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