The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 10
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K-' i-our Millions Cut OffHigtiwayDebt I Expenditures for2-Ycar I Period Amounted to ; $36,809.744. * LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 14. — /UP)—Tile Arkansas Highway Department spent a total of $36,809,- Ifl during the blennlum ending ,/une 30, 1946, and ended (lie livo- icar period with a'balance of $15,- JN1.559 In all funds, the depnrt- )n«nt's repoit repealed today. ...That amount, spent included •*14.000,000 for debt service, $4,000,- JX» for aids and grants to local governments, $1,569,000 for collection costs, and $10,650,000 for lileh- .'way appropriations. « The.'report explained that the <1S,000.000 balance is available for highway purposes, but said only »9,800,00o wai available at the end .of the blennlum. Some $4,500,000 Sf this amount was encumbered by contracts as of Dec. 1, 194G. j The report pointed out tlmt the jjnajor portion of the bicnnlum was during war years when construction was curtailed. '{ The department described high •revenues as the most encouraging 3>ote of the past two years, Hlgh- .way income for the bond year end-tag Mar. 31, 1946, was the high- «st of record with gross collections jtotaling $17,699,946. The gross will jbe higher In 19«-47 If the rate of Collections continues, the report jointed out. i Among primary accomplishments ;listed for tlie two-year period: ; 1. Inauguration of the postwar program and awarding contracts ^totaling nearly $6,000,000 between JJan. 21 and June 30, 1946. : 2. Revision of the primary federal aid system of roa'ds and H'duc- ?tlon from 5,100 to 3,183 miles, j 3. Revision of the original post- ; war program to conform with exceptionally high construction costs. ' The report included a break- jdown or maintenance money by ullstricls and revealed that the stnte ;spent $5,164.054 on mnlntennnce Jdurlng the two-year period. i — ' ~— :N ice of Author iTo Place Blame 'Where He Did - PARIS. Jan. 14.—(UP) _ Limn tlay, 'a s intellects, most Americans _O'Flahcrty, Irish novelist, said lo-are 12 years old, n nd it's nil the - ^W.t of Hollywood and New York." -•• The' 'author of "The Informer" -recommended that both cities be destroyed. "It's as simple as thai," he 'said. •"The only man in America whom consider a genius' is Eugene '- °f course f don't think he has done anything worth (toning since "Strange Inter- -r.The greying author said in one breath that he was in Paris because he found it the best place In the worid, and in the next ihat America had more to offer despite Its ''lack of great men." « "I would rather see Bob Feller Pitch than see these second rate French plays," he-said. - "Ireland has certainly conlrlbut- New York Police Kill Al Rocco BLYTJilSVlLLE (AUK.), CQUU1EU NEWS Alphonse ROCCO, luiiilcd since New Year's Eve In connection with the "camera shooting" of his lormcr wife, is exnmlm-d |> } - New York state police alter he was shot dead Monday uiyhl. Rocco'lies half-wrapped in a sleeping bag In which police surprised |,|ni. Left lo right- Corp D. p. Lnng; Corp. E. w. Hllfrank; and Trooper J. A. Salmlcllo' (UFA Tennessee Legislators To Discuss Sales Tax Bill NASHVILLE, Tcniv, Jan. H. (U.P.) Public hearings on Ihc two per cent retail sales tax bill were scheduled for loday nnd Wednesday before Joint sessions of Ihc Sennle nnd House Finance Committees ns legislators returned to Ihe capital lodny. Sen. William A. Buckles, Klnys- |)orl. chairman of Ihe Serrate Finance Committee, announced Uio hearings. Gov. Jim McCorcl will be in- UKimUed lor a second lerm during simple ceremonies at noon lo- niorrow. The Ciovenior has sain :iis "entire program" depends on legislative decision on his sales lux bill. He Is awalllng aclion before; announcing other proposals on. revenues nnd npnropi lallom. Anchor Themselves Seaweeds have no roots In n general sense, only holdfasts or anchors. They absorb air, water, mid sails essential to their prowl 1 .! through the surface of their fronds. WAHNIXG OHDKIl In Ihe CJiaiu'cry Court, UhiC'kasaw- bu District, Mississippi County, Atkiinsiis. •Neul Shivers vs. No. <)04t Etta Shivers .......... Defendant. The defendant Etta Shivers is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint Shivers. Bated this 13th day of ,Ji>n 1947 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. 'Virgil Qrccn, Ally for plf. I'" 1 . C. Uaughlaii, Ally, ,ul Lib Cof ton Picking ^"- to Enc ! Rationin 9 Machine Irks Union Leader TUKSIMY, . WASHINGTON, Jun. 14, (Up)_ The National Ftirm Labor Union (ATM predicted fiday that the cotlon-pdklng machine will throw H.000.000 people out of work in Southern stiles In a few years. This problem was one of the major Items of business for the union's itimuiil convention beginning loday and continuing through Wednesday. More than 150 delegates will attend, mostly jrom Southern stales. Union President H. L.. Mitchell of Memphis, said the union camo here "to we If we can't get rlKhl under the noses of the 80lh Con- aress and get them to, do sbme- UiliiB about the exclusion of Jarni workers from the benefits of Icg- IshiUon which other workers enjoy —Social Securlly, National Labor Relations, Pair Labor Standards Jtntl other laws." The union includes New Jersey truck farm workers, Florida citrus wirkers, Latin-American 'migrant workers In Texas, an<l cotton sharecroppers and farm hands. ol the plaintiff Neal 1J14-21-28-2M Phone 2882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Owner Of Sugar Introduced WASHINGTON, Jan. H. ill!') — Hep. Prince 11. Preston, D., Ga., loday introduced ji bill (o end BUBar riLlloiilnt;. Rationing would be terminated on the day his bill would become la iv. Rep. Edward 11. Rces, II., Kan., introduced a bill to protect vele- rans and career employes in case Congress curries through its threat to slash federal payrolls. The bill would set up a lour- poiJit priority system to determine which government employes retain their jobs whenever widespread firing is necessary, The same pattern would be followed in demotions. The united states Army built the first railroad In America. J-l,. J!M7 STARTS RELIEF IN JUST 6 SECONDS FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS ' wliicli Imv by o[ nn'Niun Caution: Taku COLD PREPARATION) TABIUS O« IIQUID J. LOUIS CHERRY Beprrsentiuf York Life Insurance Co. Blylhevllle, Ark, CALL " "FOR Local & Long Distance Moving Comment Help ud •nulpmoot. Ada. qutcl; Insured Ccstrmct HiuHng mnl Mlie. SirrlHl. Hone S6r»lc» k Stor«i« Do, I'iono 2801 cd the most geniuses in the field of literature In the last 50 years," ie said. "Look nt W. S. Yents n»d James Joyce." OTIaherly plans lo go 1 0 Southern France to complete n novel "Insurrection." the story of tin Irish village in tlic uprising of ID 18 to be published i" the Spring, [hen write several short stories. Let Us Help You— STOP DRINKING j There is no medical remedy for I drink ... but we can help you ; resist its Influence! No cost to you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous i Box 873—Blythcvtlle, Ark. - Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes Open S a. m. Close 5:30 p. nt. Tuesday and Thursday Nights Open Till 'J o'CluuU 323 North 2nd St. "SAY FELLOW This Is Confidential! With plowlnf season.just around the corner, I'm takinj my Farmall Trader richl down to Delta Implements for a good co- Ing ojer. No use taking a chance on bnakdowra »nd lost.time! DELTA IMPLEMENTS ^everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Ov«r Ounrd jewelry Store A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Buy and Sell GOOD USED CARS WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? When you can simply call 597 anil have your groceries and meats delivered free by our nerr last SCOOTER DELIVER*. We guarantee you must be sails- flea with our selection. 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FLORIDA, Vice-President PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas Phone 2GU TIRE HEADQUARTERS WHY WE CHOSE THE THREE BEST TIRES Dayton Thorobrcrts are dated l.ii-cs and Kuarantml lor lite of lire itself. Goodyear—More pcoplo rido on Goodyear tires and tubes than any other kind. Hood Tires arc {food tires, ask us about the new Hood Custom-BuilL 400. We Mount FREE—Every Tire We Sell * IxiKcrlcs and Hattrry Service. '•Wushins ami lubricating. * Standard Ksso Gas and Oils. AUTO SERVICE Second and Ash Sis. MARR'S FELIX A. CARNEY City ROC//O Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. pf,one 2407 3. vl COHEN Contracto CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS f 0 \ j;< We arc Dealers for uji luclica ~~*^^^V THE FAMOUS V/ATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phcme 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. Yes, We Have New Cars % You Can Get Yours Today! WIU, TKADiC FOR LATIO MOI)KI,S \Vc have on ilisphiy for imincdhUn delivery—Brand ^ tlv: :i 1'oiiliiic Streamliners wilh all Irinimin^s. 1 Kui'ck Suircr I-iloor. 1 Mercury S-I'asscngcr Coupe. 2 Chevrolet 2-cluois.' Also several lale model used cars ami (rucks. Come in or call, we will try u, inule with you. m% AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R, Over ton -- county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years Phone Evenings — Boat House, Big Lake Box S>1, Koscland, BY LESLIE TURNE1 ,^,r WhleN 1SCKEE LEARNS TH' REAL COUNTESS IS IN XEV WEST, HE RUSHES HOME MO FIND'S W PHONY ONE IS I5B- HEV. LOOK.I WE"V FOUND TH'ONEIN TH' CORSET...BUT WHERE'S OLD tKEEi Vi)tl IPIOTS! FURTHERMORE T CftUGUT TH*T 8RMEN HOOPLUW.THO Il'E RESRE COULOK'T IS>.VE C.-XE 1 H^FAli 57 IS' A CORSET! SCOUR THE NEIGHBOR HOOD fOR SCANTILY ISK, Li\ST SEEN PLEEIN'JFROWM RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN WHOP>, GALAPAGOS' Solid Comfort RY V. T. HAML1N lUST'VE BEEN A RUGGED TWR..OUT S'OLTU. FEEL BETTER WHf.M WE GET THESE BOOTS OFFJ .'ou AINT jusr KIDDINV WHY ANVBODY'D INVENT SUCH GOSH-AWFUL *' THINGS IS HORE'N .fc^ NOW HOW •>ABOUT A/AH. HOME GOOD ( SWEET STEAK.' A HOMt. 1 fc^^»i .JU5T THINK. DOC. ..POP SAVS THE ®80.000 ISN'T MORE'N TEN MILES FROM HERE! YCH...BUT IT'LL KEEP TILL TOMORROW

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