The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JANUARY M, 19.17 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rite »ei llae roi consiiculU* IM- Allulunitu Charge - COc 1 tlm« per lluo I ZII'II^ 16c 2 times per Una per day l^c 3 tluies pet lice jier day Oc 0 titties iier Hue per day 7c IU times per line ]HT day Gc Month lier lino 90C Ccninl flvo average worila lo Uie line. Ad otilorcd fot tlirce or six titties autl stopped before exaltation will lio cliarg- ed tor tho number of times tlio a.1 np- - earfil and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by uerKons rosMltig olitsMc of tlie city mm.t be aceoimianted \>'.' casli. Hales may bo casUy compuXeil from the abovo Ailvcitlslng order for Irregular Inscr- lons takus llio UNO lltne rate, mfc re.siionslbllity will tic Ufcen far JH Oian nno Incorrect Inseitlou of ally cl*iiric.l art. For Sale For Sale Coal! 100 Lhs. or Carload. \\'o deliver. Plume 37SU. Wheeler Coal CD. % Cop- pcdgc (Jin. 1-S-pU-l-i-S Cafe! Doing good business. Sec II. C. Campbell, 120 S. 2nd. 1-8-tU-tr rlle<il oil barn.) ri>c*s. IJ eliinu Kbnu. Onll 28'.'8. lKwllle M»- HllH-i-k-ir for koiue. H. (J. Omi.i<«ji 1'ii.jne 4(0 — uwso. ufriru IZf tinutk Hi-coid. 11)12 ck-lf SO ai'ro IcsTl farm, nwir I'ariis'ould on hi\vay. liu- provoiuenfs worth price asked. Price SSfiOO. .1. C. Chapin, Manila, ArU. l-lO-pk-IM 'll'l Imlinn riii,.f ninlor.jil,. sliapn. ^ikHrii -:iin. I'Jiomr ::7K: f U'n.l.' Anl" W' I ill). ok- 17 II,,.. Miimii. c,,f,.. OWIICT in ill li.v.llli. !^ W.'st Ash. rh<.m> 1I7S. j;ill|.l;.:M Cl |.i- ..... linirvir r"'iui set, Warra Mcii-n- iitk- i-'ial licnlrr. SlnfiT wwinu 111.1- ifniio. Kh.-li.-ii li.l.lii nn.l .-h:iirs — Illlii-f ]..iiis.-lii>I.I in-ins. CD.', Chirk ] 7-rl;:l )f 7 ;>nrl <i\ ' Thilfuril's Sim.-' KK.>|.. Kl'i S, K.Ti.n.l. liS-nl-'JlK :i '-r I I S r,-x >,il l... a ti'i-. Willi |iipi". fitrii>j.-s nnil J f.nrrrr-. <';ju f,c s.i-ii nfler five- IU1 \V Cli..rrs- mum i-nMiH'l oil ll.-iitrt- $r>l). I "JO V.. Vim-. Call -JL'^7. 1' r.|.|,l:-lfi >,n,,t..,n inmhry I).™-," -.";,,.!-.., in ,,i . n lid lii.lli.'r. Ill :l'-r,.^ n,, lUMur.'. -I'. IHT.-S ™.ul Inn.I I,, ,-niiiv Nnim ,11. i.i.i, n,- f,.i.,l ,-».].<.-I'liir.-. win.-...I l.y I nn.! Iw,. ,li.,.|. well, will. -I". I if.- innnii- t>', all ., .-,:i: r :..::.!. I ' • n.ilf- ti. finvi'if iri^fi-.v.,y No I at Mr-inl.l.-ui'l .\hi>nl F.alr 'vv/.y ln-t\v 1".lmm am! !',u-:.,_-,™I,l 'Will tav- iifi.-i- if s.,!,l i!.i~ ,,,,i U tK .u *7:.<m. .hn-li .A<-k.-, TIIIIJI. lit. I. IS.ix 1211. lli.«iliNiriil. A ~ Nice 5-room house with balh and hardwood floors on K. Davis SI. This house is vacant now,' and worth the money. Cheap lions-e on Lunieratc St. Immediate- possession. Will luuulle for $850.0(1 cash, halante $20.00 per month. Nice 5-room house on liroad- way, can give immediate possession ol' this house. Owner leaving town, (i-rotini house on Vine Si. for §:J250.(IO. Half cash down, hahmce in monthly payments. l-r(Mim house on South 21st Street on large lot 78x120. Can give possession within .'!() days. Priced lo sell nt 52,0(10.00. 5-room house with balh completely furnished on S. Lake Sfrcet on pa veil street, ['rice $1250.00. Terms. SS,(100.1)0 will buy beautiful new modern two-bedroom home. Attic fan, liulaiie heal, chocked - hardwood floors, with all built in modern features throiigh- ouI the house. •I-lied room house modern (hruugluuit in beautiful location on Cliickasawba SI. Priced lo sell. Possession with deed. 10-acre farm with 5-roiMo house and barn lucaleil 'i-l mile Hiisl of Highway lil near [iiyfhevilte. Priced 8200.00 per acre. 80-acre farm on Highway 61 near Hurdette for §150.00 ])er iid-o. Don't miss seeing I his one, it is a bargain. IliO-acre farm highly improved. Modern" ii-roon home with hath. wiih lights and water in (he house and barn, with (lute sets of buildings tor tenants. Gravel road on Iwo sides of Hit' farm. Finest land in Pemiscot Conniy. 100-acre far on gi-avel i-rind four miles west of Mnmla Ark. " ' DAVFI) RKALEST.VTE t V:INVESTMENT CO. E. (i. DAVID I'". H. .loyner, Salesman Phono :5G3:j I PRECISION MADE FORD PARTS • Fit Better * Last Longer I II. ltro:il.inu l'ln-,v nnil ii II ll,i<t- ..|> mid 21V • T.IIIII.-III Ilin' all ,!..»•. ....II. •::-• Ili-r. \V. [,. l'n-li. Ht ' •>. Kt.-l,-. HI'"". 1 ! M.,.L-17 :.. unl ..i1~.\-nr.T h.'jil.TS. Hit.-, -if.I;-. :i !:•<: lru,l< II A. Srwi-lt. Mull n.'ar Darly Srlii.nlliuii^f. :'!'-pl< 'iDKAL COMJIERCIAL ilTE! "Jornur lot, 300 fool frontage on Highway (U, located jus! north of Hlylbeville Compress. Ila.s a deplh of -100 feet. Owner, V. AHIack, 2<)57. 1-M-pk- Futbntial FARM LOANS J Low Interest J Long Term l/ Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTON Serving: This frclinn fnr 21 Years 115 So. 3rd lllytlirvillr. Ark. XulAorfleJ Mollsoge J.OOH 5«ftc(for for r.uj.,,li,l Iniurinr. Compin; ol Anxrka une in I'rmlcntKil rrnsriiin Suinluy nl -I p.m. over WISKC A good name cannot be bought. It must be earned. The Ford trademark on parts reflects the soundly engineered, carefully designed urn! skillfully made part that's tested by time— proved by performance! That's why thousands of Ford owners arc satisfied with genuine,Fold parts. P H 8 L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lilythevillc, Arl<.—Tel. 45H-:(72l Help Wanted Inn.I l.nti).' [.Ins -Vl'J.r.K «<.'J;ly K wlii1>' S.-.- (I. S. KolliviHI -IIJ. r , N. iin.a.iw.-i) ..r m :t:;t>!). im-rk-ir. 1911 Ponliac Sedan, Torpedo Style, Custom built radio and air-conditioning nnil. A-l condition, body and molor. Can be seen at 1 2. 'I S. Second until r> p . w .' ; ;ll 'tei- 5 p. m . nt 1!)2I \\' "earn. l-M-pk-l? ^i; , ..... K «-lM»-lri 5 -l, vr»!p|r,,ck: \ II iriiilc fi.r ,: ..... 1 > v ,,rk ..... K. S . [,.,. ,, anil H) liiv,-y. ilt Harris" Sln.-ii ' S r(,.,.i, l, n ,,si- .viil .InuF.I,. Bntaci-. r,or, Cliifk. liT-ult^:; Mnsl.-r ro fl li.'M.'r. i:x..-M.ti »-illi '•(.niHtinu, a ,i,,,,r — li,.ai.. r . lillll Ui.'vpil.-l si-.l.lii — |0 M Clii'V n>l.-l I .[ sfnlan. Otl..'r« I., s.•!.<•! from. All.-n S.Tvifn ]!"] S. F-30 _ Farmall tractor, . .., dilioncd. good rnbher, nc.w- ly uainted. With or willi- oiit two or four row equipment & power lift. Rohtvl Thompson, Yarbro, Ark. 1-11-pk-lS T1HK11IT SAI.AI1V .«:!.-,• ml WKKKI.V :nnl .-\|.rns.-s. Mn.l i.i \\'l.ln;lll .vitll .\ni;. -,ll I'...,lm- .Mix I.. l':,Ml:.n- ]-:iK. Alf^. t'.i. i::t-l St I i^. lllinnK ' I!M!.1<-1.^ Lost •J.-irl* hnrsi; Illllln anil ntu> inly r.l:iri- mill.. 1' II Ilinilnn', Ci.ll, ri,l:-i- - hull tnriipi. I'.rin.ll.. "illi wl.itn >-'u^l . mill ..trnul . Ivi'l. I'lill . BI-C.WII. .\i!'viin> t.i n Illnu-i- K.-wurd -.III) 'iV. tin-.,: l|l l-|.l;-lT Wanted To Buy Services For >i ami nllorntilluiin. «ro Mr«. '«-!•>• :.l KluiUniUBh'. i,,,!!,-!,,,,,,,,, | " "., l.lioil,. ll'Jin. I!!) [ill '.M Ilil M,, Vl . ,-l,ii,i|n c „,,,( ,.,.|,.,l r . All unrk ' rMin.'» nit.l K«l uj[|, xi.L.i^ mul .ju.hil. Hi^'ri SKrt." _... __ Tractor repalra »rd terrlct. and tcetylrne . BUcksmlth work. Impl«ruent Co. Phone 864. 8-16-ck-tf W<iMci — Wo roimlr »ll lyl'n wnliln »° 'oimlr ill (yi.n wiililnn •xklni.i ron»iH L . M ol klnU o( cuii.llllun. Alio IAS/ PAYMENTS PAQ^E, NIN^.i, RtPAIRJOBi Pnr t.,,,,l u.lnV 1^. .Mi 'II" l.l' llvL-llliv.'^ ' III' Til..' M'n,i.-l '.t 11 Wnki.lii Avi'.. SI. l.iiul.4 IMON'RY TO LOAN Do yon need n lonn to repair ov n-modcVf No down payment, no mortgage, no red (ii|i«. I'HA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone, 203-S. Lynch Hlilg,., Ulythcvlll*. 9-2«-ck-tC llniiio Inuinlry, 'litllt", ni^s, r(o. wnalio.l. l':nnlly wnililni: riiiti;!, .Iry nr rinl.l.n.l. Al.n ,..,„,, f..r .IryliiK . li'llii'A. 1I1U H... I.:,!,„. Wlillo lll-ll (IrCi'ri. Weallit'r strippiiiK. Save fuel hy having doors and windows ripped. C. 10. WiKHins, fil2 N. UlUi. Phone 2Mli. 12-:U-pk-l- Wanted to Rent ,.|il|,li,y,.,l. ,l..|,,., IIMIJ: R.,.l,;l,l t lili-uwiL .l|nvliu,.ul, W.iul.l :r tin ..... ,,,.). linni.hi-,1 ("hi, 11:1110 il-, r In.^lilL-.- ili-lri.l. C-.ll A. A. l-'r.<ilvirk< ..... M i'WM. |ilino.> -111). 111." Ci i'nil Courier News Wunl Ads. OONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS' MOTOK CO. Today. 6-S-ck-tI Cash for wrecked or junU automobiles. \\'e r ll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy <>1, phone 3785. 12-2(>-pk-l-2(i iaaC-pk-1-26 The siiiiUc, known as the blue rncor i.s tnfi'cly a rc])(J](i or the black snake family. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SAN'DW/CH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20(10 W. Main St. Phone 3 , i. lill. linlli nn>v. (•;,„ ;,,rni-li :i !.iM,. r iilnnt.T. n,.,v. I'hrinc '' x - : '- lir "''"' 1- - "• "'"• ••*-''• .'V i n .rk.|S rnnni r.inii^lip.l lion^c nnil U.1 in TVn Inn. >!•>.. :i inil,^ u-<.).| ,,f str.-ln Mo Trii-.' *:!0fnl, ,s,... K:irl Ynrl>r»nu'h lUl-l.k IT. 1', rf*. ctii,ii ,,i| h.-.-iU-r nsi-.I ,, nl . y,., r I r , t"«.l,liii,,n. Cull M,.] v i,, '|i : iK,.]| ••>" or HUT., For Rent iJMri, for rtint. Rnttrfl iir*nrj CIOOT nt 138 E. M«In. I'rl rut en- tr»T]C8. TftnfttiJin blind*. !>fcon» 801. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTFMR Dav or Night 2089 "The Old Rclinhle" ANYTIMB Day or Night G. O. POETZ /• Votir Source of PETROLEUM nrpcncl.tWc Service PHODUCTS Office RU at Cherry NEW U. S, ROYAL TIRES AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK, FARM LARGE QUANTITIES LIBERAL ADJUSTMENT POLICY EASY TERMS NOW you can buy... REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES ••• M «»6MACPUN LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—B«JICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRRCKRK RRRVICK Walnut & Hroathvay Telephone 553 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phon. 354i GATEWAY SERVICE CO. '* Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcnrz Dub Sizemore Let Us Renew Your Car on tSie Budget-Plan' Knsy payments on all auto repair work ... /or cars and tnicks. Pay by the week or month. Payments to fit your pocketbook. No red tape. You can have your car completely overhauled . . . repainteil or any work that you might want to have done. /• roe i-sfimafc. - ) • * COMPLETE MOTOR Our skilled mechanics will put new life in your motor. New rings . . . carburetor overhaul , or motor COMPLETELY overhauled. Instead of paying for the entire job at one time, we will gladly "split up" the hill into small \vcc(dy or monthly payments. Drive your car or truck into our place fov an estimate on what the cost of payments will be on our easy payment plan. AUTOMOBILE PAINT JOB Our expert body men will take the "dents" out of your fenders, and our paint department will re- fjnis!i-your car in late modern colors. We have a fully-equipped shop and know how to repaint your car so that it .will have that "new" looking appear^ ancc. Payments arranged for so much each week or month. . . . • , Every Car Must Be Serviced Regularly! Your car needs the added attention w^ c^u • s«i/i«d mo chanic. • • ,•• give it.' Come in today for better service, • Tfra<,!ia°i° 30 i l p« bigger savings and more driving sattsfac- » ?«1"y ?"%.««• tion. C/tovrolof partt • lody and fender wort WE US£ ONLY FACTORY, ENGINEERED PAKTS w LOT EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 571 Savn Money TuiTuy, Any l>-i y SFOP AND SWAP ITl.KKKT HUFFMAN'S ' K. niiiln I'hnnc 85(l Vtiu Musi lie Hnppy nr Nn I)e:il RADtO' REPAIR SERVKE Any Make or Mode! t lo 2 Days Service We Call For and Dollvci PHONE 2642 Fred Callihanl MOTOROLA Sales and Service 10G South First It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 120 West Main St. Everything You Ne$d! | When you're in donhl a.s to where yon should look for DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Mail" UOVAI,. SMITH, C01IONA nnrt HEMINOTON VOKTAIILB 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3M2 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) for (he home or car, try our well-stocked i store . . . you'll find many things you \vant right at !>onr finger tips. Don't waste time just "shopping" else| where! i i | Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main St. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Tough Lurk BY EDGAR MAR 1 B(MAG(Flctt->Tl-V '. I'M OM (AV Wf\V TO PICK UO ft ByvtR foK pitiOTHUt OMt OF , MiV HOUiStS RIGHT .— ' ^ MOW (—. - ' / i T -\,f": i-\ / LJ-* ,y J — MICE. 6OIKG' V(~ J-, /1 «*r ^ >/ & .kfclV' \v fl^L^ft FRECKLES AND HIS ALL FRECKLES DOES IS W<XK O>0 THfiT CAR OF His i DOESNT HE HAVE ANY SOCIAL LIFF TVIESE DAYS? Dh-ly Hands WHAT BROUGHT YOU ] JU.ME SEN? ME HOME' HOME SO EARLY ? DOMT VOU LK6 „ MORE" BY MERRUL BLOSSEr? rue N'cXT TM&. . MAKE: SURE \ou WASH IHEM . • CLEAN/

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