The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY M, )0<17 Army Asks Many Planes Each Year Air Forces Officers Seek to Keep Builders Geared for Emergency WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (Uf>>— The Army Air Forces today recommended production ol S.CCO mll- llai'y airplanes a year us the minimum to support' an aircraft industry prepared for wartime cx- The AAP said this was less • Aha., iwu weeks' production at tlic ffeak tt'iiMime rate of 30.0CO planes i> year reached in 1C44. Present production is slightly below the desired y.OCO a year. Tlie i\>.scj)ti.i!s of air industrial preparedness were outlined by responsible officers as: 1. An ailciiuaie research and lie- v program, engineered .so that models could go quickly into muss production. 2. Maintenance of a healthy aircraft industry, callable ol 'rapid expansion and supported by a program of continuing military production. J ' 3. An industrial reserve o( pro- fliiclmn facilities and resources stockpiled and ready to be called i'tlv J- l ' St ' Ul " K n ' st ll " lcat ' ° r 4. Join! preparedness plans bc- Iwcen the air forces and indllstrv lo maintain on,- newest air weapons uy having production ]>- o a- ihir? hr 01 " 1 ! 1 '"«<•««'«. There S3] (in,, -. P''"*s for close eoordina- 01 with other mass production les like the auto industry out o! ! 0 air frames prrj- oucod dui-ins the war were matte by pre-iva, uirerrtft manufacturers. I look ll,e Ford Willow nun plant three years to m ;, Uo ren ,' duciion. but when it reached its peak it exceeded any oihcr air- I''aiiic plant in the country The automobile industry will be called upon to make plans for airplane engine production. In the I'cak year of the war. 1014 the | of °h'" U ^' J ' clelivcrcd e ° P«- cent I The AA.P said every plane and ciijimi* aarfmty used in World War II. without cxiepnon. was designed prior to Pearl Harbor. The averasc cycle from design to production and combat testing, is from five to .seven years. (AliK.) COUK1KH NK Freedom Is Cold Comfort Afier its mate died, peacock in pliotos above escaped and evaded fill pursuit. After it had perched on the snow-covered roof of a downtown bmldmy all nishl, top photo, the tropical bird was rescued from freezing by Willium Sictferl, of ih« A,,lni;i) Welfaie as sc-ei: below. Woodrow Wilson Found Army Men Poor as Peacemakers Lasting Peace Sfill a Dream, General Says MIAiwr. Fia.. Jan. 14. (UP)— Oen. George C. Kcnney, command- nil! 'general of the Strategic 'Air Command warned last night, that today's .peace'* "is--as yet little more liian superficial armistice." In ri pii-a; for) unification of Army and -Navy "while there is time' Ke;mrv said: i '' T1 "', worlti is nominally at peace today for the first time in a decade. But we know that that peace is as yet little more than superficial armistice. I ' ''Conflicting, interests, the stfu«- K'c lor political and economic .spheres- of influence, international -suspicion and mistrust- all these' are discouraging and potentially; dangerous factors manifesting I5V IS. II. SIIACKFUIU) WASHINGTON. Jan. 1-1. - The late Woodvow Wilson thought military men were blunderers as peacemakers. This was disclosed in Slate Department publication of secret minutes of the Bif; Four meetings at the IH19 'Paris Pciitc Conference By coincidence these papers, two more volumes in the peace conference series, were made public a lew rtays after the lirst career military man m history was named to u e the new United Stales Secretary of Siatc-Gen.- George C •Marshall. .He will start German nn'-l_ Austrian j, e! , tt . . trc . ltjF tialions in March. ° The papers reveal in detail how aVaiost ll " 5llcccssfull y f o n g h I ina,,dT'for n °-?sVr"t (i egi'c''- C1 a' ( '!van; l ae d e 0 " His remarks, about miiitaiv lnc ',, «cre made at a,Big Four'incelin'" i ..k 3 " <lclcfe ' a[c v - E - Orlan- i»2^°S5?l££ ^ 'Military men wllli their stra- . tecic. military, economic arguments were responsible for the treaty ol 1815 (the Treaty of Vienna which ended the Napoleonic wurs)," Wilson said. -'3imilarly. military men were responsible for Alsace - Lorraine < which was Riven to Germany af- ler the Franco-Prussian War of , 187(1). • | "It was military men who have lied Europe to one blunder <!n IjPcaci-niukiny} after another. Hence the flratcel: argument must be | rejected." In the same speech. Wilson said one of Ihc essentials of the "new order" was withdrawal of control of the great powers from the Balkans. "Most of the Intrigues against the peace of the world in the Balkans VfW Asks Bonus CIIATTANCCGA. TciHl., ,1ml. 14. <UP>—Tlic Tcnnesicc legislature will be nskcd ID dish up JS.OOO.UUII in liunnses to f.lve nbout MKi.l'UU World War II veterans $200 each, in ft bill bfiuc prepared by Ihc Vrlenms of FViiciKii Wars. Tills would be I lie first bonus denuind made on tlie stale since World war 11, Metallic, new material in plane construction, consists of Hun .shect.s "I liiiili-Micnslii aluminum nllo.\ .veiraruicd by a thicker, low-drnslij core of wood. BURDETTE Coiitlniu-il fioni !<KI.S of the business mini as well as the .school. In enlerhiK politics a second lime. M,. Ainry („ llsalll rnUIIIIni; a cluMhood mnbttion lo participate in politics, lie once wanted lo become a Lawyer. ThinkinR u,,u (Tern,!-,,! business, iHi'inlns mut sclioolluii are tile llnec problem* In Arkiituii.s, he Plans to Incklo every proprisal with « tlioroiich investiiiallon before voting. rirsl Srrvcil X Years AfO When in ii,,. iculslnlurc eli-ht years aijo, he knew at that time, (ho school problem and spent much tlmo In aiithorlni, and spon- sni-lnn an Important ineii.surc which distributes slai c school funds to local school districts on busis of local mllliiKc. He \vns author of the pro-cnl method of adopting IIIU | dlstribut- iiiR free textbooks and acllvely sponsored the county siipm-lsor law whereby each county has a general supervisor. Members of numerous committees when serving before, he used this experience UK i, c discussed with Mississippi County citizens needed measures he plans to endorse at tins session. Strong in' the belief (lint Icyisla- roynl between 'Hiitisli Prime Minister Davit] l/,oyd GCOI'KC and French Prime Minister Georges Clcinen- ccau over Hie Middle E.isl especially from Berlin." One of the major highlights of the two volumes .... battle MONARCH /Zxe* JUICES AT YOUR DEAtERS anrt its load of atomic bon-bs or Oaclena o r - incendiaries or whatever weapons of mass destruction are in vogue x x .\ >: x "It does not take much imagination lo KCO n;i .•ii'aiatichc ol devastation launched across the polar )asm to take out our centers of monstry and population at a single Buffer Price Slumps NEW YORK. Jan. M. <UP»Tup i;rac!c b'.itlcr loday dropped ' C 1-2 cents lo 6B cents a ixum-i in the whoiesalc market to the lowest level since fast August. Corning Paul Howard And His Grand 0!e Opry Gang SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM FRIDAY NIGHT January 17, 7:.'!0 1'. M. A dm., ('hil'dren ">nc 12 YI-K. & Older 7r>c, tax ini'l. TICE Due to higher wages and increased cost of supplies we are forced to raise our prices as listed: These Prices in Effect Jan. 14 v Wash Job (aui-omobilc) Lubricate (automobile) Wash Job (trucks) Lubricate (trucks) Wash Job (trucks & trailers). Lubricate (trucks & trailers) . Car Tire Repairs Truck Tire Repairs (outside dual) Truck Tire Repairs (inside dual) Battery Charging Battery Service Trip Towing Service $1.00 1.00 1.50 1.50 2.00 2.00 .75 1.50 & up 2.00 & up 1.00 & up -50 & up .50& up BIylhcville Molor Co. Mart's Auto Service Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Langston-Wroten Co. Modinger Tire Co. Lee Service Station K. M. Larkin Service Sta, Neely Flowers Service T. I. Seay Motor Co. W. S, Allen Service Station Phillips Motor Co. Chapman's Service Station Esso Station Mn. & Div.) City Service Station ' R. Kerbough Groc. & Sta. Shelton Motor Co. Blan Heath Auto Supply Lott Service Station Lion Oil Station Hun is needed lo develop (he i'e- sources of Arkansas, lie pJini.s to spend much time on this project. iiuiu'iiniendeni () | Hie . s chim| at liuidctic. ,,[,.]!, m) | ( . s [()llt|l ((( , (]y . Ihevill,.. )„. ,,|. s( , i h . es .,, ,,„„ ,.„„,. mnnliy when- his farm Is located. I Ueare<] nt fllnlon. Arl;.. in' Clime t" Mi*ixsl[)pi Cnunly II) yrill.s il|-l) "<'«i DWIiiim. In i.onuke County, ftliere Ii,. was Mipi'rintendeiH ol 'In- hh:li school ,.|«h| ypiu-s. Ti'ai'l'cs "I'tilltlcs", Ttm 'li.s rtiildhond spent on un o/ark ii'im, he was :u before lie was uble lo slurl to c"Uc|;i'. llcliiH'inn Dial pDltilcs slimjh! not b>' fnnviirii upmi by some but slimilil be studleil by all. lie U'uebes pulllies iier.snnnlly.' serving ' as In- siiucior of a In '-I'roblenis i'l Ut'iiioenicy' 1 in bis sclwiol. aller lnn'iiiB jicnuiri'd a minor in po- lilir:il science vvlu'n 'in colli'ise. lie ,,tso .sludli-d m:i ic-iilture In '•"Ili'ae. uiilfli caused him lo rral- I'e the value <n liniu lund when he iind an opportunity in lOIHI t/i a Tiircc Klaie.s \. umbel' Company farm for $HHl per ncie. "1 hud ih» down payment mid I hat «:is [ill but Hie limn pulil lor II- fi'lf", he added. l^Taur.e ol his tiircc moiilhs vacation iinnually I rum Ihc school '" id "reaMinable tmuis" sMicn N'iiclilni;, l»> looks after bis (arm iu his spare lime. HR funned hiin- M'll four years but nnw renls pail. "I the land. The fiO-year-old cdtinitof ^-asu't s» Interested In the furiii wi,ni youii!!. hc'vevcr. and when aluinst Brown left his mnmitnln home, de- truiilneil lo oljluin more education. Hi 1 worked and attended 'ervlnii us a JanlUK to earn money, mull World Wur I came Along. Alter Naval service, lie returned lo sclmol, Kiiidiialed from hlnh .school, 1'iid entered Teavhers Collene. Sees Itimleltp Srhiml limw H.v iciicliiin! in | lie Wlnlcr at •mall schools and alleiuiinn colleiii: n iiuininei.s. he obtiilnrd mi A It. :lc!!irr- and since lias finished the rei|iiired wolk (or his Master's dc^<e nt Universil yof Aikansas. When be nniic | 0 Jliinlelli' the school bud 150 pupil;,, four icacb- ers ii ml ,i smidi biiildlii(j. The .chool now hns 10 touchers. (Mi) .Mudcnts ntlendJnx (be 12 j;r,ides mm ini-dern building through coii- M'.idutinn .1 diKi.icts of DoKwocd, New i, bcrly. l)l|>hlow- er mid col« aildne, Ho oriiiinuled Unit Idea. BunScllc lllKli School Is accredited with n. "•IV rating whlclr Is cxpci-lecl to be raised to "A" ncxl year. 'Faculty inembt!rs live In tin at tractive icachcrauo on the cum- ims. Mrs. Autij' was the former Miss I->| 'Ic Sullivan of !/moke. They hiH'c a son. 1,. l|. An try Jr., 17, and a daui:liler, Mt)||| e llix;e, 15. Willie he Is in Lllltc Rock Irylng ;SEVEN to Iron out coinc ol troubles ,the Burdelte Khool Is In ;hsri;c o( M;» Sejm* Morg«n, robopl prhlaifcal'who Ig'sery- IASY-TO-OPEN CAM |Q. ~^^T r 0. •• •"*' PASTE SHOE POLISH j«byri">mok«nc.M»m<w5 a UQUIDDYANSHINE .«m« , |,ccn .cnrcc l.ccni« ol ,rar c.omlilioiM. T<»> r MTHIM CONSTIPATION m.kef roll tttt punk •> the dickens, brinf > on itomach UPMI, ««ur U«te, ( >»y dilcoiafort, lake Dr. Cildwoll'a famous mtdlclno 1 to riulckly pull the triggtr on iiij "ia- nnrds 11 and help you feel bright and chipper iKiin. on. CALDWtlL'S i) (ho wonderful .en- nn lamlive contained In jood old SyrtiD Cepiln lo mike it to cicy lo Uke. MANV DOCTORS use pr«t»r.- tlon»inpreEcripilon»tom«kethi>io»dl- cino aiprc palatable and AK^ae«ble to '"!"• : So ba sure your Ucatire Ii contained In Syrup Pepslo. INSIST.ON DR. CALDWILt'S--the (.- vorllc of mllllciu for 50 ;e<ri, and feel Hint wholesome relief from constipation. Kvcn finicky children lo« It. CAUTION: Use only aj directed. • DR.CAIDWILL'S SENMLAXATIVE ^ fuut ft tU |»o6 " Thr- mannRinpr rtlMor of llio Nr.w York IIrrtili! look a day oft on December 21, 1870. So Ibis headline in his paper bit him williout Warning. EDISON'S LIGHT— IT MftKES ft LIGHT, WITHOUT QAS OR FLftME! Tlic public proiiiplly sbrnilod "honx!" Scien- tisls called Kdi.snn crazy. And oil!' slinckcil, anrjry editor expected to be lircd. I!nl he wasn't. Klcven days later, Thomas ICdison lielil a tinii(iic New Year's party in his laboratory a I, iMcnlo Park, New .Jersey, and invilcit the \vorlc) lo .SCR his "Hamelcss light." Tbousaiuia came and were convinced. The incandescent lamp was real. Soon small companies were bringing thn benefits of Kdison's newfangled lamp to tin: people. Engineers and business men poured in their energy am! time . . . risked their o\\n savings . . . overcame all kinds of obstacle.! . . . broadened and improved the service. (;<n< didn't, do Dir. job. Iinlitu'ilmils did. And in lhe process, th;>y created jobs' for many Ihoiisaiiil.s of Americans, as well as a great new .service for many millions more. When Kdison <i|ii*iind UK: first power-plant in 1882, electricity cost 25c a kilowatt-hour. This year, as vie mark (be lOOIb anniversary of the groat inventor's birth, thu average priie of household electricity across tho counliy is only I{'/)C per kilowatt-hour. Thanks to Kdison's imagination and enterprise -- thanks to the courage and. initiative of niuiiii men and women, working under the American business system—' Ibis country enjoys the most ami the beat electric service in (ho world. And all, our lives arc richer, safer, more productive. • Mlloi tit the Nov l-;icclrlc ir.nn-lftc HOrifOK CHAR34. 6iliitr«y», *.-JO f. .<(.,' KST, CKS. »MOPOWERCO. kf/a OurSttsiness to Sen^'Vou

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